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Saturday, July 21st
07/21/18: LAD 2, MIL 4 - The Blain's Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game Show presented by Milwaukee Admirals Hockey...we are #MILHockey. Tim Allen and Bill Schmid celebrate the win that snapped a seven-game losing streak, discuss Josh Hader's return to the mound and take your calls. 

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Brewers fans you've made the switch after the last pitch to this show for twelve seasons welcome. The blame as far as league baseball post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals who we are. Hash tag male hockey now. Live from the Internet. National Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios' gears the franchise Tim Allen and bill baby town Schmidt. A final big game and the losing straight Ken thank goodness of brewers four to two victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers and welcome everybody. It is the blades farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are. Hash tag mill hockey Tim Allen baby taos bills from at and Anthony Mandela and how much Saturday of field. Now after just one single win you feel really good this was a playoff game folks this this is what it was all about this is what you gonna see in the post season. Given the fact of Pope these two teams make it. All I just going tick for tack all might law. Pitching change on the left side and Dave Roberts comes around and out of the dodgers' dugout he wants to get in on the action what do you make two or three in one inning he was going nuts. Yeah it was it was a big time game for the crew and and I'll tell you what this team. Battled tonight yup that's what they did and not to sound like Ned Yost man I don't mean to do that I don't mean to bring up those years. But the but it's fact this team battle they did in in every area all facets of the game mandate did not give up. It was it was called generally wise you can tell ways than one you could tell there was a sense of urgency in their today and I was in the clubhouse today its annual talk about a little bit more. There wasn't any panic but there was a sense of urgency we need to get some down. And they got it done. And it was it wasn't looking good early now have six at a nice way to put it. Out. Now 43. Pitches in that first inning for chasing Anderson in all sorts of trouble. Couple runs given up and lucky to get out of that top after the first inning which just the two he was. He was an eyelash away from haven't maybe the shortest start of his career while you're you're. That one batter away from seeing Clayton Kershaw hit before even took pitchers out. You're going up against one of the greatest in in a generation. You can't let him before he even takes them on your home tours. I don't know what it is with chase Anderson if you guys configured out let us know will let him now because. First innings are not kind of chasing Anderson it's just I think he just. Struggles for finding the feel of that change up and in this says this dodger team I will say this. It's not the team to struggle with command because they are fairy. Really kind of patient. Offensive team they really are they don't go day in and holds they don't. They don't swat flies. There really patient and their methodical about it in if you're not if your command isn't on that you've got to challenge. And you just do when I mean if you if you're gonna try and able in the united corners. You're gonna get yourself and into some trouble and that's what tasted just. Pricey now just two runs but at the time goes like are you kidding me. You're spot and curse shot two run lead. And the brewers avenue come up via and it was was not looking good for awhile there the bottom half. It didn't look any better the brewers strike out in order king Alex and shoes. I'm curious about some what did you think when he saw that line up this afternoon. May not necessarily stunned but I eight was a little bit surprised to see that it was. It was it was going to be brought at first I thought they would Yzerman Perlman left and analog yellowish to go in the right. And have you know you'd you'd go was shot there and I when I talked to a lead dog that he was going to be O line a little bit I had made some sense but 123. Well you've been asking for firsts for too long Timmy has used its he had bad the first inning he. He does and it didn't work out right there are three days later it was to the second inning. Chase starts to settle in there after he records the final out of that first inning he really started to settle down down to zip the brewers get on the board. How about Keon Broxton puts the brewers on the board nets' second. That was some kind of play five minutes ago. You have really was but it did score a run two to one into the third chase as I said settled then. Brewers had runners at the corners in the bottom half of that third inning for zoos you want him up there in that situation Yang inning ending double play in the fourth. Two to one LA and neither team scores in that fourth inning chase. 123 in the top half their since that final out in that first inning a disastrous first inning. He sets down ten in order right there given that really settled this game down there and that's what chase has been doing guys. Their Brian Anderson bill Schroeder on the broadcast today sand. You know this is really sort of a play off match up if this was a game one Dodgers brewers. It would be Clayton Kershaw on chasing an exam would it not that's who would slate up to be. You know what yeah. Lot of people might be thinking in ulee's shot scene but again ominous stick with what we had talked about a couple months ago it's Jason Anderson starting game one. If indeed it gets of that now chase all sorts of trouble in that fifth inning and it never gets out a four pitch walk to curse you off. Next to reads nobody out bases Jews. And that the bullpen opens up the door opens up and in walks Corbin burns Billy Corbin burns. Talk about boys and talk about some moxie. Talk about some big time swagger. Quietly. He gets out of that thing there was a play at the played on a ball that job by crafts and and Kershaw. Is gone down at the plate first out of the ad at home plate man that's cardinal sin cardinal sin in this game. He does that the Dodgers do it. And and burns really look good to eat eat it it would dynamite a strikeout to camp after that fly out to Muncie to probe preserved. The brewers just being down. By one at two Dejuan burns a scoreless top of the sixth inning. Brewers get it tied it was a one man rally in the bottom half. Christian yell it's he owns Clayton Kershaw despite the lefty lefty matchup than those of you following along at home. If you could hear think and lefties don't hit or can hit lefties. But there's two examples Iowa gave you that that'll hit home and that's Kristen yeah Alex is one of them seven for fourteen. Head to head against Clayton Kershaw. It was dynamite eat kill them he talked about a couple of days ago killed when they use in Miami and got again today. He did and the other example I would use would be scooter Jeanette there's a guy that once said he could hit lefties well. Jeanette Steele and an ally certainly you quiet that talk if he did you know it certainly doing it against. Clayton Kershaw. So the game tied there in the sixth inning Miller Park going crazy this a playoff type atmosphere the brewers a seven game losing streak but despite that guys. Still festive atmosphere at Miller Park then and a team that job battles. Battles their asses off they'd they'd do they'd just do they're not there was some. Will say this though. There was some sort of bad body language. Prior to the all star break with a couple of these brewers ball. Players and yet you could see that it was certainly gets on you could see that they seem like they were they were ready to tell it to get a couple days off and they needed to regroup a little bit but. Though energy has been no question especially in this. Later on in that sixth inning Ryan brawn with a double. And it set the stage for Manny Kenya here's what happens when you trying cut down on his strikeouts and get balls in play. Brian Anderson a fox sports Wisconsin it's OK to use the word air it doesn't offend anybody. No noise no one's parents are gonna call and complain to fox sports Wisconsin. I gonna get harassment charge if that's that's right he's he's not gonna go crazy because he would you use the term error that's all right. There is by the way in the line scored an. And that stands for air it's not missed play Baylor and has given him grease that agree though via the brewers weren't done yet as they take the lead there. And doubt what the piano on his back as many Pena's first and rocks and at the play. Soon to now Broxton. It's. Ford to a little cushion merits they put up three in the sixth. And here is what happens as you open up the seventh inning check it out. Really much anticipated. How they give Josh hitter. In the all star lefthander. Crews in turmoil. During the all star break in his first appearance. It wasn't and all out crazy fast when it was announced Billy I know that I'd I went back and I listened to them both the radio broadcasts as well as the TV broadcasts. And it wasn't. It wasn't necessarily a full house night and it was packed it was loudly said it was fast it pretty much the whole night. They're they're definitely worse some people I think Tim that adds some some to withhold their also were quite dodger fans and the war. And but I did it surprise you and that might be something that that you guys can comment on it and surprise you that reception there. For the brewers lefthander. I don't know if I was surprised I didn't know what to expect men the study right now I had no idea. And he just don't know it's it's is so unpredictable you never know it's it's rather on. Uncomfortable when when you look at things that we've seen here in Milwaukee obvious you have brought situation but they're they're two totally different. Issues going on with two dots. It is an and it scares you as a brewers span when things like that happen. And it does it does it did you you know. You wanna support. Guys that are brewers uniform but then again you understand that. And guys can be dome and and they can make mistakes and and it's this really tests you it does and that's just thought it was interest and and it's interesting reception. Four job skater and I'd again I didn't know what to expect disposed of by the put my finger on it. Guess that's. What I would have Beck's expected right there but how about Josh cater. Outline about been sent out. He did seventh and eight thinning and hero I thought it was going to be chase. Burns. Jeff threats of sari chase. Barnes. Hater Jeff Frist can naval. By. But that wasn't the case it was Josh cater for a couple of innings striking out four. I didn't give up a double in that up performance tonight. And that it was up the court can naval who's always gonna make things and singers always got a passport on Wright doubled it's it's wanna Cory Lewis enemy dude listen. I yeah spent forty years trying to stop biting my nails okay how's that I was a fingernail biter I'm not kidding it. And I finally I I've kicked the habit except for one nail I've decided you know one is better than ten. So the other look out nine look good and the one. Because of quarry tonight I've peeled off the rest of that name. Thank you Corey. You always got to make things interesting but he gets it done any locks it down a brewers victory for to final. You guys wanna get your reaction here on this ball game tonight eight playoff type baseball games this. Is a microcosm of what a playoff baseball game he has. A lot of us brewer fans you don't watch playoff baseball now because you view carted off for. Outside of but since 1970 outside of four years you've said uh oh now and he I'm done with baseball because the brewers are done I. The other way I watched oil base volume when my team isn't in it. And I'm not saying it's right or wrong I'm saying what I do and that is a microcosm of what you see in the playoffs right there tonight. Your reaction at 4147991250. On all of the above as brewers get a victory much needed to stab the snap the skid. At seven your listening to the boys partly post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey tournaments out here on the fan. Where did things go right horror well not so much this game turn. Time for today's turning point of the game brought to my first Centennial mortgage talked a mortgage probe Peter read Jenna bench and go at CM dot com this is the blames farm and lead baseball post game show. Present by Milwaukee admirals hockey. And welcome back. It is the blaze farm and fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals a huge brewers' victory the biggest one of the year wouldn't you agree though it's the biggest. Now as the brewers victory they had one of like two and a half weeks and two weeks but still not. Are anxious it is that rises will be two weeks tomorrow. An active and that is the last final the last time it won was the fire and the second game of Marlins series. Would be OK so that would be Tuesday to Tuesday was two weeks I've that it was go back to the final game against the Braves okay who. OK still bad week and worse. I feel bad. It was going to be. Horrible went when you just look at that first inning for Jason Anderson and all sorts of trouble. Down 92 zip. Bases loaded in just one swing of the bat but you know what this he battled he did an again I hate to sound like Nicholas Shea here. This was the epitome of a battle for the crew tonight at wise and it will they take advantage of it with a victory tomorrow what we're gonna find out. But. What a huge game it sets up for tomorrow. Biggest game of the year today sets up now potentially the biggest game of the year tomorrow which is this the way it works and that's way it has the war. 4147991250. What's a turning point this ball game when it. I mean it's a turning point ball games or burns duke was electric as he comes in bases loaded nobody out. Yeah I'll take that you Needham and and what he's brought up the moxie that the swagger Barrow we talked to a woman in spring training or India tape. But you called and said he was not cool as cucumbers as we're talking you know fired all of these different questions enemies now it's up. Yeah if you US finals that he had he had no problems with about the work I mean that the toughest interview in the world Billy I mean let's face it. What bright idea but but we can't we basically have that's. But I mean you compare a courtroom burns a tight moxie to opt to score reverse personality. To casting here in which we talked to within a day of each other up a couple of months ago and cast and here is like. Yeah I mean the elders don't acknowledge or and or burn center in and Corbin Bernsen up answered every single question we have. Nodded said thanks in and walked a guy like it was no big deal you've been doing it for ten years. That is your turning point to pick up the pieces in that fifth inning four plus innings for chase Anderson a couple of runs on six hits. Couple of walks in six strikeouts in a brewers four to two victory let's go to Chris Chris you're on the fan what's on your mind tonight. Hey and don't forget that that are going and eat peaches to warm up well. Went in and did his job. Bright he had been up though went on the panacea via. It was a phenomenal short. You know what was most impressive about this victory in you know ever since Mario would recognize that. That he had in his that the work and do it every game. I IC it going out further in the wells do. All right I thanks for the call 100 games in the books here in the 2018 championship season what was the most impressive thing about this ball game. You're probably gonna have to point out a couple of things you you just aren't that of the fact that chase. Muscled up and did what did when he did not get a gets in trouble bookends that the first and fifth. But in the middle there or he did settle down he settled down this ball game dead 43 pitches that first inning Jimmy that's hearing the a situation where you might have to go get. That's nearing the point where you're gonna have to Megan decision. You're a couple of pitches away from going to get them in a very very short stars so I mean that's that's most impressive you could say that the Corbin burns. They'll get out of a bases loaded nobody out jam is is not the easiest thing in the world and you could say that was most impressive. You could say Josh hater with all the surroundings. In in all the issues around him. That Jack could have been most impressive to you the brewers' offense to say hey man. We know you're the Dodgers you know we know that that we lost out on the Machado deal. You guys got him OK you're stacked you guys are patient as hitters you guys don'ts do don't strike got a lot you draw a lot of walks hit a lot of home runs. More docket of back down you're gonna continue to value that could be most impressive to us that's a big big showing for the brewers you're gonna point back of this game. Really it's. I I think it's unfortunate that you might have to go back and point out the return of Josh hater considering what happened. As highlight of this game it's unfortunate. I don't look at it that way I look at it as this was a team picking itself up off the map no doubt every isn't a concern that you can you can rub elbows with the big boy. And every single one of those guys Tim I mean they're not going through exactly what Josh is going through but they're going through something that that's it that's a situation. That everybody in the 45 man roster in that clubhouse is affected by and it's interstate bench weeded out as. And he says that he was listening to the Dodgers broadcast as he strikes out the side in the eight there was not one mention. A holds we'd just how tough he is on hitters because I think the rest of the league. Quickly if he pitches like he did today is gonna forget about that very very quickly he's gonna go back to be what he watts. You know it's unfortunate and I think these ball players and managers over the years have told me that. I think that you have to write in adversity. With the baseball season you have to automatically at the beginning of the year just your argument will weather comes through slumps. Whether it comes through off the field activities. Weather comes losing streaks when it comes to injuries when it comes all these things they all. Metal lead they they knowing Craig Counsell knows this that this that this season at some point every season at some point. Is gonna have some adversity yet we plan on haven't adversity no doubt doubt and yet when it gets here when your going through it it's still sucks. A brigade Russia cut does it take it any. Easier no because you yeah what ever you can play him for you still have to put into action so so you can. Plan to have adversity you can have an idea where you're gonna go and and what move your gonna make one you know your closer goes down against the cubs in the first week of the season or you Ryan brought it's 235. Those are things that adverse situations that you have backup plans for. This is one that you did you probably didn't foresee coming. You go foresee coming. Yet you don't know that the someone's gonna you know jam a shoulder. At Wrigley Field and be gone for almost a year of potentially a year. You didn't know that someone's gonna blow an ACL out at Wrigley Field at the same base MB gone a couple of years ago didn't know that that same guy I was going to be flying and down 94. Blown a point 29 alcohol level. You don't we. You plan on things. But that doesn't mean when they get here there any easier to accept maybe it is for them. I mean maybe it is for them I don't know maybe it made its relative to their situation and we who. Us fans we we don't get it we just think how can this happen jobs. And there's there's always that kind of response immediately but when when your in the clubhouse you're exactly right there's those guys and can. At two point shrug off and say we knew this was gonna come we knew subject was going to to hamper us on the way due to where we wanna beat. And it's how you handle that adversity or when you know it's common it's still socks we all get that and they know what we know it it to that level it does. But maybe they just handle it a little bit better. Then and then we'd do it also Tim it helps when you have 44 other views it helps when he got guys that your your goal with every single day. And you see more than your family eats it to go through adversity will. That's true they that's true I I'd just. Every team has that I don't care what sport you're in. You're gonna find is some bumps in the road here. It was and it's it's it's crazy it was cool to hear Craig Counsell earlier today when I was down there and and he was talking in the media somebody asked a question about it about the guys. Coming in during. The press conference that Josh had yesterday and saying what what does that speak to you seeing the guys every single day that they were there for him and he said hey. It it was all on their own accord dale decided they wanted to be there because this is the kind of group they have those of the kind of friendships that they have the bonds that they have together. And that's something that I think we're fans of ads started to rock took to really understand. These first hundred games. 100 in the books and a pretty impressive victory for the brewers let's go to Rick what's going on up there and honest jobs. Think advocate that Michael can you know I'm a realist and compassion and saint. A large group are okay apart table Baylor as opposed the last two and a week. I'm players are. The same time. City. And I are almost pillage short sentence intention. And also it still have elected in trick or starter. But. Idea. Agency ya Portland Oregon trip is stretched so. We've seen our location nastier why not do it now start at number when extra strike. And style that brought to. Be against our future our starter. Matt and then you have chasing that. Particular. It was then. Where's junior Garrett and Wallace. I. Now now now now he's been one of the better pitchers. Guerra shop seeing chasing Anderson and that they're starting pitching is not the issue wreckage that's not the problem here at their offenses the problem here. Bet and that's why you have to have wanted Qaeda in March right. Don't want trigger. Better product but the pictures which what I areas they don't buy it started about that can be open to everybody wants department urged. And well well did they didn't get them yeah yeah I've gone into. So what you don't I have to you'll. As if they're no occasion of red blob while bird and company. And there's some Altman. By trading. Epilepsy and don't let it go all potential are set to catch while on behalf track trade one year veteran. But like why did you sign Jason Anderson and and then you're gonna trade him if you say you have to get rid of them and you'll want somebody else like hatred that. I have team control they'll have a team control. One's done at the Major League level as the model of having a conversation about starting parsing words yet or don't think streak appreciated. I I don't understand what where what's the starting pitching problem here because it's been put in the mine that did this team needs a new another starting pitcher this team needs an eighty's the winning form a baseball as the baseball I've been saying and you could do it five years ago it's the same argument on the same show that having. Arguing with. With callers and broadcasters. Time and time again. It's just that I was a little ahead of the curve. I was why can't you win with five twos and threes instead of 11. And then the rest of Omar fours and fives. Now you're seeing it with the advent of the new bullpen. Now you're seeing and it. You can't win with that the brewers have had the best record in the NL throughout almost the entire run of a hundred games. At this season doing it with what they've got and with two all star relievers that we're not there close. It close or was gone for alive in the just it's. Craig Counsell said yesterday after the game they need offense. That's where it's got to come from. Four runs or more. And there are now. 42 a nine. When you get to for. Your 42 and nine. Just chew on that a little bit. That's where the issues are right now now have the injuries played part of their problem yes they have. What is wrong with a veteran presence thrown at three point eight ERA in chasing Anderson. How in the world that you're gonna go to war you tell me the last time a playoff team had. Two years or less experience in all five of their starters. Doesn't happen. You've got to have those guys. Those guys on the rocks in there I'm not saying they're Jacob the grounds Max Scherzer is that match servicers or I'd Justin Verlander is. I'm not saying that you gotta have that bad veteran presence in their you do. You're not going with Woodruff. Rawle burns. Ortiz and throw in Brent suitor. That ain't gonna get it dot L Weaver Zach brown he almost threw a no hitter this year he should be a starting rotation. It's a new form of baseball guys on trying to adapt to it in now I almost in in a manner of speaking up and ahead of the curve. You can win. With a plethora. Of twos and threes yes you can. As long as their bullpen is lights out in you have a legitimate offense of their we can have some debate. With the offense and in the only question mark that's what's album back the last two weeks you wanna say that exposed. On it at a game in which is quite impressive to it to get off the snide year in and snapped this seven game losing streak. It a little different attitude on it will come back and have about a one of them plan. Who shot or a big line drives let's get today's driver. That gave. Driven by Acura Brookfield check out the all new redesigned RDX models in Brookfield at a 191 in blue mound. Crew get a big win today for two in game two of this three game set over the LA Dodgers welcome back it's the planes farm fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey. As Bill Smith my name is Tim Allen and a big way and impressive and in a number of different ways. Still the offense now again your battle and look at giving that need to get some offense. Can I ask you one thing since Rick got me on his a year you can ask me anything it's him you. Now let's go to the offense a little bit you got zoos right arguably. Well all sorry yeah yeah oh yeah all star. Debatable that he's your best hitter our best player offensively on the team why does he was a debatable MVP candidate in half pressure for a third baseman possibly the future via. Indian amounts of that if normal there at third base he. I mean. And when I saw that line like okay really come on I get versatility and I guess I get. Do you wanna throw it brought over there I can tell you that much. Well doesn't it come down to than it. Broxton and Perez in a weird way then because you could move Pryor has over to third. Then he goes moves who's the first and then brawn to the outfield Broxton the bench. And then Nate both boys and there's NATO or for its second because BR sir so. Okay I get trying to there's been the combination spin the dials to get the best offense so if you're going to do that if you gonna put guys like Gary things liability defensively. In the outfield. If you're going to do that daisy Sagal are not a care what anybody says. He would be a liability defensively at third base. Then why aren't you at least tinkering with the idea of what brawn at second base. And Nolan might have a little sticker shock Tonya. But I can't rule that out this year if you can't get a deal done that is instill some more offense into this team. Via trade in either non waiver trade deadline or after. Then you're and you're gonna have to think about that. Because then you're you're gambling with names in the outfield we've already proven that your gambling with Zeus at third base your prove that you prove that. Twice now proven that twice now this year. And now so brawn when he made that made those comments was at this year's conduct. Yeah this is an act yep when he mentioned play at second base there might be some validity to that. I'm all for. We played V are out there who's arguably the best batting average out of all the second mate and who has got an opportunity to play every single day who also if however you want and do it you know if you wanna go left right you wanna make sure the no match ups. Gee it would be cool thing I was a switch hitter await he has. Indeed so I just keep that the bay and in your back pocket there because I don't think it's that far fat staff. Now and think about it you get all your big boys in unique offense that's your best shot it off as I get to give up a little defense in the meantime. That's your best shot an offense. Maggie allied first. Brought its second Shaw at third. Famed yellow it's in Cain in the outfield all the big boys Iran. All in ready to go. It is Brad Miller still play for the Burris. Yes I'm and there are a number of number ten just just jacked up okay our our drive of the game Acura of Brookfield drive of the game. It was a big one and it was a lefty lefty matchup and Kristen yeah Alex is one hell of a baseball player. This is the drive of the game. There was on fox sports Wisconsin that tied the ball game up in the sixth inning the brewers go on to score a couple more runs. In that sixth take four to lead and it was Josh rader and Corey can navel in the seventh. And the eighth and the ninth at a brewers' victory 55. But should say 56 and 44 through 100 games thus far. In the two when he team championship season just in your next here on the fan most impressive about this for two victory. Man I dislike the resiliency of the team and I like the collective wins armed you know obviously Delhi was key. Forest night. And just really taking capitalized at all from the air that you know the debate up in the air and they were gonna find a way to score I just felt like after Arabic Allah you you know. Duma will work out trying to get much as recruit pool party date house and then I was. Like love and got to Datsyuk. Only his wins I I don't I don't know America player screening must not be a lot of people out in about get rid of articulate literally kill it. Well we I think honestly I think this. So. And they because I think panel for panel we're about one through eight plus the couple kept admired and partly right but one through eight with the start that we had. I think argued then we got the best articulate all the based. The Albany. Including no go like you're that investment grade point and you you are adapting very progressive which ought. That all these things are focused with a one and a half by two crap behind the these two and three that we have been you don't create a half or four out of the market right now. That's thrilling it was built to win. And in the future that's what are rebuilt is coming along a lot after the other three. Well let's talk about the real traipsing I would like to see them what you gotta go man because you know a lot and I can be picked out of that date that he's glad that I'm not a bad. At salon tonight how a. No luck Ben Affleck on the last night let the speed of documentary scenario that you guys know a lot better part of what prospect that they. So I'm looking at the Kansas City Royals and I'm looking at this guy wit I can forget it blasts and Merrill deal. Merit and it's greater becoming active on the record book with mayor hip and we Rhode Salvador Perez because the world can be cracked. And export but you're hitting it good. We go state by date year so what are we willing to give up. I don't know capital to god answer but they're not my other one. Go to plan. So we get I liked I liked Norton with. At the bar in broad Iran like bring erratic our bullpen because it surely can make you gain is better for a indicated they start with the pro corporate Bert and they're up like back in really critique yes you think it's possible. Indeed don't or Escobar in writing from the. Well all right Justin thanks meant the take it easy at the pool party and that's an eighth on. Which goes on. Yeah well that's all everyone's got their price everything running group everything's got the price. And there's going that would have to vehicle art collective package Jergen both of those middle infielders. And Fernando Rodney easier Slavin they're they're trade pieces off the mat. Yes. Yeah I I would say that Escobar and Rodney would be the most affordable. Package. That you could put together here and I don't take you know all the prospectors. It you know those people didn't. I don't think even they would be upset with what she would have to give up four ask a bar and Rodney ball go get him bulk it would hurt. One guy would hurt. The rest I think even the prospect collectors would say okay where are. We're we're over our right right I didn't like to lose. Luis Ortiz or ID like to lose Freddie Peralta. Would you go Freddie brawl on a deal like that. I I would maybe have to buddy would it like I guess I'd have to see the deal I have see what else are given up. I I'm not gonna give them anybody else on the Biloxi seemed and that's. Kill on the Southern League bridge the gap to the blocks the group common and I I do with you but 42 and nine when you score four runs or more. Speaks allow owed it to me loud its agreement in my year. Guys offense get to four baby come on man do whatever you need to do. It by the way and you know set Max Muncie. A rough one that night. That was tough day that is enough I I don't know really tough day and despite. My hatred of the opponent. I still feel bad when when the ball picks on a guy I do because it's relentless before at this ball. You're having a night like that man and it will be made some good plays tonight to you don't get your it was a complete disaster but. Bald just seems to find you when you're having a night like that. Let's get to a real quick some of the numbers here we'll get back to you guys 7991250. As the most impressive thing in the sports you brewers' victory inside the box score brought divide Dave and buster's in wallets OC eat during player wants. Awards one for four from Lorenzo Cain with a strike outs of four Christian Ellis the solo shot cited a two. Over four from zoos today he was that a couple strikeouts is well. Ryan brawl on the first baseman today back to the starting lineup one for three couple run score from brawny forty was moved out to left field. Tay Tyler salad Dino not Taylor Williams it's Tyler's Paladino and Filipino phenom. He was one for for the strikeout or non pairs over to. Cayman a place second or got taken out played second base many Pena's pension result for water. Travis sharp came in later on over one as well Keon Broxton 14. Three when he fielder's choice it was scored earlier on in the game. He had a couple of RBIs as well there and then Brad Phillips was a defensive replacement later on in the game your boy he also got into the game at. Aircraft was on for three today. And may fourth. Over you with the strike out 053 chase Sanderson for plus six hits two runs there earned double walks and six k's and honored for pages. Burns gets the win Corbin burns two innings pitched gets out of a bases loaded nobody out jam give them just one walk one hit strikes out three. Four strikeouts for Josh later across two innings of work scoreless for just one ahead Cory can able gets his twelfth save of the year makes an interest thing. The double bass it's 22 pitches for court to get through. The ninth they win it on four runs seven hits no errors for the group and for the Dodgers two runs on ten hits and three errors thanks Max Muncie. 56 and 44 through 100 games of the 28 team championship season 36000. Plus at Miller Park as the brewers. Even up the series at a game apiece let's go to Tom Tom in next here on the fan. Elk peculiar problem in input afternoon game today. Welcome this sort of metronome did especially with Doug could help it's you know I mean. Why would you do this during the summer months instead of all night game I mean that's literary never recovered it to adapt. Around that and no light. And now outer you what is it any I don't know. What we're gonna take a break and regroup after that I I clients idea. Now they they. Yeah I don't know they decided to play that night yeah. That'd. Every abrupt and why was that and a new. Yeah I mean we we could have been drinking 9 out 10 o'clock it was a new game. That's true we have been going into the west of here are ten owner. Was that our genders ally he was asked him why it was an afternoon game and that is always in some money tonight no that's Tommy's been called for years and years. I like him I do like him but that was a clone it. Those of us like we'll be back on the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes post game update as we take you inside the clubhouse brought to buy at a Adam deputy dot com ready to get inside a new. House. Deputy dot com. Guess deals done that others can't or won't. 42 final brewers get it running game to this three games sat. And it was. It was a myriad of things in this game myriad of emotions in this the playoff baseball game. That's what this was. Wow. I don't know if you guys were on the edge you're seeing in this one but if it didn't look good at first no we're gonna get to us some reaction from the brewers club house. Here in just a couple of minutes of sit tight for that. And that your better than that he coined the phrase. Dead. His name is Jim and he has an open invite on a Sunday show to be in studio right here in studio. International Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai was the west Dallas studios it's jamming graft and Jim. You're better than that Mathisen Golan if you've been coming down there and Sunday work at a repeat well. All the way from. Marty patent. I. You're gonna throw it Dave Bristol hammy commodity patent give Lockwood Bobby Dellucci overboard rope yeah. We're gonna bottom that Billy sharp but it Danny dar win in a Bobby Darwin about him. Period goals there one that talked about. What is that when they got to pull up. Pull a trigger on a trade. You know robots and we got about ten days left in. We got we got to shore up their middle infield. You know why they should gym and and here's why they said I'm not saying that any trade is gonna. Put him over the top on paper to beat anybody that's now what I'm saying I I am gonna say this though they've had a the best or at least one of the best records in the national league for a hundred games here now and I don't I worlds are also stopped short of saying he owes it to the team. But it's getting close man come on put to some than just give a little mode Joseph into the second half and maybe a deep run. I'm open he'd. He doesn't sooner rather than later because the cubs cubs certainly. Aren't going away and we we got to stay we got to face somewhat cool. And I I got a looking at the numbers and if we go 31 and 31 we play five runner based forty think that put. It basics. X 87 am Mayo wild card situation I think if you're better at a man cup comes ago. Cubs aren't they mean they they are all tired of the practically every prediction. I don't think you're gonna kept the cubs unfortunately. One game wild card and not worry I'd like to be. Last year that I and that's and and we were outside looking in by one game. How much. A more valuable would that have been to make a move get in get that experience for for this group of players said that's really my. That's my only regret is that that did not get an opportunity to. To at least play a post season game just at least one game Indianapolis here have that that those tense situations throughout talk about guys haven't you odds and to not up Evan it to perform. That's a timely apps via. Yet he might seat warm up be done area accordion the year. I ultimatum Uga Uga. Boy. That's that's going to be fun I thought it was I thought it was coming out with they we're gonna talk brewers baseball from white fish basic how to pay. I thought that's where used only I don't know we are going to be naming off obscure brewers because I mean if I knew rule of Tim. That that's what we were thinking. Muted dropped to Paul Bako on me while Null what I would of done something that we should have done a long time ago. Okay. It's time. He's version. And show that sweeping the nation and my favorite. Today is urgent and our friends and how Clinton who fails from the beautiful city of Kenosha Wisconsin. Likes to Iraq out of sync six strain on knocked him back up back as six and a Miller high life Tim Allen steps up to the podium Tim Allen who is your favorite. Obscure tour. My goal at the reliever in the 1970s. Bill. Covenant take that for 400 is Davis Eduardo Rodriguez. Number. That'll play that'll play all right you get one more as you can name the category. Underneath. 500. Either my favorite obscure reliever. Or my favorite obscure. Bench player. I'm gonna go away a bench player for four. All right. Tim Allen on the clock. Ramon Flores. Oh yeah. Doctor said it exited the club yeah. But yeah. Brad Nelson. Okay. Brewer career. I think we need. And wow. Hate who wants Eric's old guard back. Now I do you do I do I do worry it's OK you wouldn't take a UN takes OV over Nate north right now I'd. Wasn't thinking that was an option but maybe in a second I would and in a second maybe that was a little premature a premature release. For the brewers but heck. It happens it happens all right. AEI insisting scenario shook out tonight ethic a much anticipated. In a weird way moment. For the Milwaukee Brewers considering what happened over the all star break with the brewers lefty. Josh hater and first Billy let's play at least on fox sports Wisconsin. I don't know if you can get the full scope of the reception at Miller Park tonight for Josh hater goal play that there will hear from Josh it. Really much anticipated. How they give Josh cater. We all star lefthander. During the all star break in his first appearance. But so much. Anything in the past you know company and can't be a distraction. Was important to just get them. Yeah pitcher I mean it definitely news. And helps me clear my. And in it's that's really what it did today just put yeah. And stands on the line no you know having Milwaukee Milwaukee support and you know it is known that they knew much your character and you know just forgive me for my past has. And it's it's not let. It's not who Ryan today. Was our focus was often feel that. Nowadays so naturally you know it's it's something that he's my monologues and this is my relaxation. You're actually looking forward. You Americans registered please yes. Felt great. You nervous or what it was going to be an analogous and I'm not gonna let this. You know distract me from my job. Any concern on her right there and that reaction of the images of overwhelmingly positive reaction that that kind of maybe in other parts of the country that competitiveness that these little minister. For sure I mean I'm I'm not expect another buzz gonna forgive me early but you know I just. I hope that people see my true character today and I can. So than that that's not who levels movements. That it's nice you know finally get you know get a winner of bone and then we're gonna keep rolling with us. Pretty decent attitude considering doubts that I really knew. Arm when when I saw him earlier today in the clubhouse Tim I mean he you know you see Josh and he's usually. Very upbeat always excited and it wasn't necessarily different. But you could tell that there is some way on the mind and offer for him to get out there and and and pitch the way he did. That was a very very professional answer that he gave when he said. I I know that they're going to be people other parts of the country are gonna forgive me. But I'm gonna have to go out there and do my job because this is my job is to pitch well. It is his job and and it's amazing to me that part of his relaxation. Is the throne and nasty slider and 96 open in. Audit dodgers' lineup and that's his relaxation. Right now yet is dominating the big leagues on the all star game 124. It's usually how I like to meditate later on and I did. At that really relaxing moment here on taking grandpa naps in the afternoon he's out there throwing. Do you sliders that challenge there. That that's may have puts in for your relaxation I the next man up here and I think is making a lot of brewers fans. Really really happy is the emerging star if you will of Corbin burns and oh boy what a way to get here. Brewers and in big league career off to a start like court burns as has got to make him feel good here's Corbin after this win. Yeah I know and it's a situation like that use command do their commitment and minimize damage. There was no outs you tell get a quick one or two and hopefully Steve quickly enough and maybe one there. It cuts Medicaid heads up play on the ball got by men. Dickerson played and they expect camp and then and Muncie tell what you did pitches off pentagon well. Or. It's getting. Yes I think teams in the first on. And then. Democrats. Who knew exactly over how we attacked him months ago. And and if I think you know I've got to get the first mile away have on his face on camp and in Muncie. To every get that I think they momentum shifts and you know imagine over there that's. For the of these situations. One man is they teach you in better if you. You gotta be present in the you know those kind of things you counting him about. You know be able thing guy now switching from a starting role. Need you want to let the ball up there and if you can't help him win you know those big situations for center in the skid we're on and hopefully crimson. You know castle street can feel the momentum shift when you my group. Ladies these men and obviously you're probably roared it is yet knows days straight at the fans you know fans behind this. Yet justice David bases loaded jam like that. Was of no outs it's a period turning point in any game really. You know we are willing to come back in and scored a run there and you know definitely different element. That guy right there is a potential superstar don't go to thank you mean there is no doubt this is stuff but yeah I mean you hear it in him there's this a certain guys and bit I have now been doing this for. You know forty years or anything like that as some of the hard core beats would. Probably get a better gauge than me but based on what I've done. In terms of talking to these players and he hearing these players and their mannerisms and what they say in how they say it how they sound saying at bad dude looks like his. It is ceiling is sky high ability that it is I don't know if you read it the right way that that's the same way but it sky high for me. Totally out when when we listen to on down there and Mary Vail we got a chance talks on biggest brain I thought the same thing I thought the guy has the make open and count of that. That aura around you that you need Sid said be able pitch and pitched for a long time in the big leagues not just pitch well but pitch for a long time that's really super stardom comes. Unlike a lot of broadcasters that do cover the brewers either locally here on the national scene. That they don't they don't touch the minor league invites they'd they'd just now did that there's no and there are a lot of times there alone that. Hack they see Lotta times the room sometimes joining in cedar locker. And and a lot of times they'd that they don't even know that there of them I'm talking about the broad the mere idea that sometimes they don't have another back there at Lauren. No as they'd probably don't even care and and it's not that we do for a living do that we have to do it because of our job. It's because I want to. Just do because I'm a nerve with brewers baseball you know that new. So we go after these guys and Lucas are set in in east on Diaz I mean. You and I were having a blast at those guys over on the minor league side it was Monta Harrison one year and it was. Cody but there rose one year and in this past a few months said at merry go score from burns and Kasten herein and the likes and Corbin did in process at that time we mentioned at that time we have factor during his Major League debut this year we played that interview. From spring training I'm sure you can find it somewhere but. He had the same type of delivery than. That he did right there and you know we walked away looked us in the nine man and he stood up stood proud and answer questions stock baseball. You can tell. As this guy is is he potentially could be solid gold for sheer loses no doubt all right we're gonna hear from Craig Counsell he's got to be relieved. The warmest turned in a manner of speaking as the brewers seven game losing streak is over they pick up a half game today the cubs split the double header against the St. Louis Cardinals. And how about holy Matt carpenter what happened to you my friend. Six straight games he has homered and what he hit three yesterday at two today. Throughout the double header at five in the lasts. What 2.4 48 hours. Guys just lighting up the cubs and he could come at a better time I mean when you when your face the culture five straight games I'll be homers every single time. Yeah and and maybe letting go added again tomorrow give Mac carpenter and the cardinals a victory over the cubs to the brewers a little bit closer but. They do pick up I have to in the brewers two and a half out. Greg councils got to be pleased about that gonna hear from Craig Counsell next we're live here in the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Dallas studios. Tim Allen bill Schmidt it's the boys are mentally post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag mill hockey. Brewers win tonight for two final were back after this on the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's get the scoop from the skipper. Brought you by Brian Stratton college athletics offering athletic scholarships and nine junior college sports learn more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans need. Before and after the game. 1057 FM the fan. Yeah you get your. Fix of brewers conversation after every game here on the post game show thirteen years to do in this in the championship season rolls on its support to brewers' victory Tim Allen. Baby house bill Schmidt and there's a number of things Hampshire Craig Counsell hit on a bunch of room. But a programming note of regarding Brent suitor dug about numbers on this stage and he's going to be with bill Michaels on a regular basis is that right liggett's Tuesday since he's given you bill Michael's every week he's going to be in there. Sounds good talk with bill. The good dude they're gonna go on you know Brentson mean. In interesting character. To say the least. But mothers will also like their sons listening to brand Souter. Oh yeah would you agree with that well for sure yeah you're a parent. And and your kid really like sports and also really really like seven a good time was an aberrant suitor. Brent suitor that is a very very good time but also had a very very good time doing his school work and went to Harvard so you if you. Bottles on me and look at Brent senator. Those sports and academics there's your ballots right there is name is Brent suitor first year of let's hear from Greg council after the brewers. Beat the Dodgers to even up the series at a game apiece. Up. For serving game had a chance alien bases loaded nobody out and then there are ago the they got a definite chance to. You know to create a little space in the game and non. Corbin Jones was outstanding men and many actors and the in the strike up the count. You know he gets. You're Muncie and unknown. The pop ups who's pop also went up outpost and months and so it's months as well also was. It was just have been brilliant any Mets and that's a tough inning to come into it's his third big league outing from the accident happened. Jefferson's coming up to him option that spot as Jeffers is not getting us there. There. Craig Parry an old guys he was ice skating is he was much as well. There you know. Great great great. Are you willing to burn us. Places perfectly. So obviously his statement what you guys they it's. Yeah I mean well I mean we put him in the in his first outing negotiate sending him. Game Europe to round saudis you know we've we've we decided that a while ago that he was gonna have to pitch these innings. And I think it's. You know that there's like a so we don't know on bottom but no as as it. Player that's. Drafted not long ago. Gone facet of minor leagues. He's handled a lot already. And shown he can handle a lot of fear if you're in the big leagues at this point are ready. And so there's there's a little trust there. That's the name ends curse honestly they were just got back. Now it's hair. Yeah I mean it was that was a nice inning at a CLA. You know jump on good and then. You know we got a rag on and we took a chance of Manning hit narron and we caught a break really. And and then and Nikki announced it you know I think it's probably gets lost a little bit but the double was was. Was a big deal to share. A big issue for chase early. Lot I thought chased I thought they did an excellent job on Jason and I thought. That was a great 45 pitch inning for chasers it really wasn't in. Had to leave it at two runs at that point. I don't there was no issue there those are really good at bats. I thought he kept making pitches. Maybe they kept in foul balls. I thought it was an outstanding any. To get through it. Showed a lot and he he kept this you know like that game got you know that quickly so I don't think there was any issue came back and add. At some good innings and three good innings. You know we missed the ball on the that really shouldn't have cleared up that inning frankly. So but he outstanding yeah. You said that. You know there's a long road ahead for Josh. But just from purely a baseball or have you on board wasn't for that must get out there but. Sort of beat himself today. Yeah I mean I think we had all the confidence in world jobs are gonna pitch well I think. He's he's pitched. Very well all year he was an all star he's. He's a really good pitcher and and and coming in the second half is going to be really important for us. On knees he's in the unit for spots like that tonight mom. And so. I don't think had there there's no there's no questions there from here. They are. Different kind of external pressure on time these things or mean he's been thoughtful. I think you know look I mean. I'm sure there's a lot going through Josh is. Just as head. But I think also. The best thing for him also is. You know get back on the mound in and start throwing hard start thrown on the ball but it. PO box fan response straightened surprise you. Yeah I mean did did the fans definitely. They show their support per share and then. You know iron it. Now that your catcher. Seems like. Or is hitting yes. It is safe and and so on and all this man who would. I don't I don't think is coming I mean I think the location and times is a little bit off and you know. But need some times the elevations not quite there and in the right spot but dumb. You know if you threw some good curve balls in the end. That kind of got through the inning mom so. When those good good stuff right there for sure. They just don't let critics hale has been a tough week on and off the field. Well we need to win. Danone and it's good it's good to get away and you know master you know an all star break and you know all those streak forehands it's been awhile since got to win so. We needed it for Sharon and there was a great team wins with with contributions and opened on the roster announced those the best con. Right on Craig Counsell right on they did need a win and they got it and they can take the series as so how quickly this can change within eight from one single victory tomorrow Billy would you look good. 11 game and edit the biggest game of the year tomorrow and I think that's a way got to look at an I've always looked at it that way but. Maybe bigger and a number of ways number of different avenues here. Little forward thinking where their friends that Ford financial partners moving forward together at FF PW buy dot com as Korman burns you mentioned Corbin burns at the beginning of that. Presser right there. As we've been talking about what the future holds for this dude. He's in the rotation and and that may be a little different than Josh hater how whenever. And that always set about Josh cater that now this is this bullpen easy easing his way into the right open and then get his Major League feat when I had X that are. It was pretty much pencil then that we thought. Nader would go to the rotation after one year and in the pan. But he has so dominated then it kind of made everybody take a second look and and want him. Maybe a stake in their but it's it appears all intents purposes orbit burns in the starting rotation next year there they're pretty much dialed in. To get this guy an opportunity to stretch him out. Yeah it seems as if they've made up their decision now when you look forward. That is Corbin burns going to be and be cool Watson his career move along here will take a break. And come back and preview tomorrow's game a big one as we talked about a Savoy is farm fleet post game show presented by the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag male hockey here on the fan. When you're hot you're hot player Laats. They're not so when it comes to the crew who's hot and who's not. Brought it buys steel horse realtor com. Opening your road hole begins at steel horse I final couple of minutes here as the brewers get a 42 victory much needed much needed I mean that's that's a no brainer. I mean that's that's like some tweets that you read this. The brewers needed this win. Awesome thanks for the cutting edge analysis you have and they did but that's that's the obvious thing now whether they do that that's that's really the more important thing. You're going to. You gonna have an opportunity to turn things around short term at least again and get this straps off again guys were looking at. Teams the likes of some challenges and Dodgers and nationals and given the giants at their place top place to play here on the West Coast and then back to. Back to the Dodgers again do you use this dodger team man of BC you know for awhile and so it's it be good to get the victory tomorrow. Take the series and then didn't see what happens because last time the brewers would embarked on a journey it was a tough road trip. It was it's a Colorado Arizona. And Minnesota's face the twins that was a tough tough ten gamer. And now they come on OK and that it's. It's to some people surprised they come on eight and two and I'm not saying they're gonna get on that kind of run against the Dodgers and in nationals. But as some types baseball team canoes surprise here and it's it would start with tomorrow would be huge heavy huge huge huge. I'd who's not who's not. We go this baseball team and we all know that the offense. In the losing streak alone coming into today's David didn't improve the average of much better there are averaging 3.3. Runs a game through the seven game losing streak they score four to win tonight. So that may have and raise that average so I don't know three point 73 point six. Somewhere in there so not good they're gonna have to find ways. Score runs down and coming ended did tonight Timmy when you look at the last you know week and a hat week that these two teams have gone through. The the brewers are. Towards the last the latter five are in the bottom third in and runs scored hits. X sure base hits and and total bases they were still up into the top five though when you look at the teams that they're going up against. It was Saint Louis a huge Liggett you know total bases and action resets cardinals pirates cubs top three teams in the National League so you've seen. But the pirates and they are put have a lot of them against the brewers so that makes a lot of sense that you had a slide and everybody that you're seeing and seem to get. Hot. That. That's it that was a crazy five gamer losing two of three in Miami didn't didn't hurt all that much to me and maybe it did others. They get swept in a five gamer. That analysts. Outs especially the way Israel especially the way that the last one went down especially the way Sunday's one down. That's the one when new when he cut yourself and like who am I right let me put abandoned honesty put a band aid on it niches it does nothing. Now you can see it just seeping out you can still see there's Brett my eyes my band aid rat. This way that's what it was and and it's. That cut it was a little deeper than than I thought but they got turned things around after the loss yesterday get a back even. Go back gather tomorrow Brent suitor he may be a guy that. Challenges these guys we all know weight it's as quick but he pitches. He's on the attack when he pitches and maybe that's a way to go at this dodger team spirit Greg council talk about Jason Anderson's outing the it was a great 43 pitch inning. I wouldn't go that far. Yeah current ones. He would know he was and Evelyn a little bit too much maybe it was command I think he was Evelyn just a bit of that too much that's a very patient dodger team. Maybe Brent suitor. Fits well head to head against the Dodgers in that regard so we'll have the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show did you ready for game three that's at noon. And after the last bit to make the switch will be too right here in the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Dallas studios. For the planes farm fleet post game show presented. By our friends at the Milwaukee admirals we are hash tag real hockey thanks to our crew at Miller Park. Airport Anthony Mandela bay beach house Bill Smith my name is Tim Allen we'll talk to tomorrow and remember smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.