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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, July 29th
Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern joined this week by David Cooks.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and face and how that to come together inline speed. Right now discover how people once boards walking face the host Mike we get burned and pastor can kill her. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome defeat in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan I'm Mike we gearan alongside my friend. He is David Cook she's the former. Mark can I passed a coach and assistant coach if you corps university. And author. That's right David cooks and the author of getting Entrust from paralysis to purpose coach Horry did Acer. I am doing great Mike it's always good CU and Beckham's studio menu looked but thank German mark and on had a new book I gotta tell you must be other these books signings coming up you wanna look your best. Have to look the best managed to have a book face I don't know what they mean I don't know either and I've been you know the old radio fears have been told I've had that for years I have the best I've seen so from and I appreciate that idea and just gathers studio veco guys. Anyway I'm not to hold the humpback go America. He adds we talk about this book can and it's a perfect book for faith in the zone and there's a number of reasons one. Coach obviously basketball has been big party your life and to. I it more important to bask was when your feet to really get into that the second segment I am and ask you for your testimony. And and some of the things that that surround your testimony that I am really interested in but I wanna talk a little bit about writing this book again. Getting interest from pro system purpose you go to David Cook speaks to our top. One more David cook's speaks. Dot com in order the book. 882 it hits the stands August 1 there is correct whispers. And are just some about a team yeah I've yeah and you should be used to be really proud of this because it's a really good book. And you wanna talk about a book that's got a chance to impact a lot of lives. Influence a lot of business and and basically change in the narrative. To to some it may be that the mindset that people might have about people that. That are in wheelchairs yeah absolutely I think his is allowed Americans that we can change in this book and in one of them I think it's just that. You know everybody has the story and everybody has something that they're dealing with and hopefully this book will help them to know that they can make it and others that they can overcome that they can go. From paralysis to purpose. He can we talk about to the I know that you had thought about writing a book awhile ago. But there was there's a point that that came maybe a year and a half ago two years ago. In in Boston yet that would have been knocked in the last time I was here we have we we talked about that'll that I was. I'm aware of Boston was December. Six of 2016. Okay and I was on the way to give a speech and I ended up. In Massachusetts General Hospital instead with massive blood clots in my lungs and during Mets stay at the hospital. It was one miraculously go after the other. That that got me out of there healthy hold him back on my feet so to speak but also while I was there. Was encouraged and prodded by those positions. To write a book mirror asking the quarters your books and I didn't know these people when I took that as you know something. I thought that was part of my assignment but I better do this right now. Begins at ten now and end apart I think he got it you know coach I've known you want time. I may have known years and we try to figure it out a little bit before we started. Certain of the show here today and it's been a really long time and I've read most of the book. I I misled the couple pages were my name was on there as appreciate that but I read most of the book and I have learned more about you. I I thought I knew he. But I didn't know you. I knew you as a man and you use a man who's strong and his faith in a really good basketball coach and a good husband and and just a good guy and our community. When I didn't know was the background story. And you don't she Iran meet for maybe not asking you. But she in my view for that it looked GW people coach cooks. Would keep jumping up and down saying hey don't you know that I was you know on the staff who coached Kay. Don't you know that I did this did this in this war worked. And I decide to leave that company may coach here at discounted. And you know what I always said you're on the senior more care and you went to Marquette high in your coach him mark can I everything in between there. I didn't know and it's it's you know what that's about the first fifteen chapters. So I I appreciate your willingness. To open up your life and share it would us. Absolutely you know and I think for me that was part of the challenge of writing a book one and two. Knowing how to share my story and you know by nature being a guy who doesn't like to talk much about himself. This was a stretch for me in addition to not liking to read or write. So when you and the other than half I don't know him but I just put books ago sure column but it was it was a challenge but I'm glad that I did it because. I wanna reach as transparent as I can and. And as I think people I think people like yourself knew more about leaving and you actually did. I geno I may have but I'm telling you I eat it for me. And alta and I can tell you David Cook stirs all day long but they are from the time you got that job but more que bark cat ten now. And and our lives look who. First for me and I think I'm probably see a few we were friends really good friends who we don't need to talk every debt. Right absolutely and you know what when we talk we just jump into fresh quipped we were. You rip I mean he ripped into you know that kind of stuff and get right back into some of the stuff. That that we that we both have police and yet that we that we really love and that's a game of basketball we love the lord. Love our wives love again or basketball so we have a lot in common I'm way better looking. Alou maybe got are good I can hit a jump shot you know Merrill being mentally tough but I figured I could probably post you up right now. I give you that okay I'll take it that's all I got out I'll take it but so that part of it. He come as again we continue to speak the name of the book is getting in trust from pro system purpose. David cook's speaks dot com can we talk about the name of the book where that came from yet the the idea of getting. I'm dressed really was part of one in my personal experiences. In October 9 and October of 1979. When I experienced a spine and terrorism was at a reached rehabilitation center and there they teach you how to unum. Get dressed and dollar kind of stuff and there was there was a day when I learned how to finally get dressed again and and it was a night that was I was in the Roman. No one came to help me get undressed. And I was at a point where I knew if I didn't learn how to do that. It was gonna get to go home as soon as I would have liked to. And so I had to learn how to get undressed. And from that there came the title that I did begin to think about how. Common getting undressed is for everybody in the entire world I don't know anyone who doesn't get undressed and his re dressed. Where you take something off and you put something knocked. Console. Getting undressed I went from paralysis and took off the pain and the and the difficulty of that input on uncles of purpose along the way. And so we talk about in the book and with one of these talk about is not necessarily. About what you taken off. Which you put on indicates where you're going. And so that's really what the book. Kind of talks about is I had to figure out where I was going. And I was gonna have to dress myself appropriately and I had to get undressed repeatedly. Throughout the book this is a book about re branding this is book about leveraging endings into beginnings this is a book about. How do you put what happens when it when it doesn't go your way. How do you respond to that and how do you stay focused on purpose and for me my purpose was to impact lives I couldn't let my situation. Not have a positive impact on people's lives. We could have I could yet you could have and if it's okay with you I wanna go back to attend you were soft for a high school yes or Marquette high. And your your. Yeah yeah I I have literally and you're good fastball that was OK you know those oh regular aisles even better yet don't older we get the better we were there's no doubt but as EU had dreams yes flame from play beating Hilltop want to I want to play from my high school morning we were. A very good program. You know and so that was the goal and soils that player and com I had had a physical the week before and everything came up roses and a week later approximately. Has some back pain in the morning and guy that evening. I was over an emergency room a saint Michael's hospital. Trying to get evaluated to see what happens. Music quick never walk again. Not to not yet not yet not yet they met the idea do you think you for that not yet yup not yet. Boy an as a fifteen year old. Look I got a grandson is now 86 and four asked to adult children. On the so I know what it's like to be around a fifteen year old I was in media packed and so if for me to see normal carrots and nor at fifteenth I don't know how old. And Andy in May have been more difficult. For it and then I think but how difficult of a time was that now only for you but for your parents. You know it's as. Interest in an act as our begin to write this book. Ire was given the newspaper article. That was written about me at the high school in the spring when I returned to school in Oregon and read through the article. And the things that I was saying amend article. We're way beyond my years in terms of dealing with this situation. As there you know look at that in a diesel things I'm saying now. As of 54 year old man while and soul. Whatever. My parents and the safe that was instilled in me was what came out. There wasn't a lot of time for doubt you know we we if you Everett and if it doesn't have faith in and we didn't speak. And so I didn't know anything else other than to believe I was going to be OK I don't know anything else in the believe that it was going to work out that's all I knew. I speaking of your parents and again I I didn't know until I've I had read that part of the book. You've really strong. Christian parents. I love the good news story about about your dad any great musician and and you don't like he he was one of the best musicians though is serious that's me midwest. And he was. He said is being look we've got two more weeks at the crown plaza I'll play up close you guys. But then I'm done. I I I am I'm only here to play music. For the war and I I thought while that you talk about and we talked to guys at faith zone all the time that have those transformations. Of their life. And eve that was our huge transformation. Apps. Absolutely from me you know I had given my life to Christ I was thirteen years old and I didn't know quite what that meant. But what I do know was that I saw that my parents lives were transformed. In a way that I couldn't explain and they seemed to be joyous. They seem to love people. Mom and I was like you know something. I don't know much about just Jesus thing but I think I need to get in on its news find out to find out about CR prod you would be oh absolutely. He be so probably spoke you know it's interesting David and I told you this before it came meant that. A much discs are calling Six Flags I think because the book itself. Eight you're laughing with you and catch you at some of it and then your crime and at other parts. Because as some of the difficulties that that you've gone through yet it they had doesn't seem to affect fewer but it seems to affect. Other people armory Ned and I've got tears in and you're like yeah I just got through it isn't what that big a deal for me. But I did this book is innate its interest to do that tried to figure out. Who's the best person to read the book and I can't figured out because it's coaches. And then I get you know that I get to the fifty chapter that we're gonna talk about in its pastures. And it's Christians and then you look and you see you all by teachers and business people and paratroop really learned tons from this book. So we're gonna get to break I'm gonna ask you that and I want to ask for your testimony. On the other side of break and we'll talk more about this book I would highly encouraged. You guys David cook's speaks dot com. David Cook speaks out top go again the name of the book is getting an address from paralysis to purpose. And I'll tell you this by the book. If you don't like gets you. Of your money back about that that's a guarantee your right there. That's a guarantee I guarantee a dad has to do you do it if you read it and you don't like it. You call me ma'am I'll take it off your hands nugget David decided than ten years now be worth it by half and twice that moves could prove great this is faith in the zone. I'm sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Faith in the zone is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church. That the host Mike and give Vernon. And pastor came Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. And welcome back to feed the zone on sports for you 1057 effort and I'm Mike we purified so this week pastor can tell there will be back next week. In studio three news David cook's former more can mark that. High school basketball coach assistant coach can corps university he's been a bass boat coached in gyms pretty much his whole life. An author that's Thomas stirred next segment author David cook's getting undressed from paralysis to purpose. And again go to David cook's speaks dot com. That's the best place to get this book David cook's speaks dot com and also if your company looking for motivational speaker. If your church looking for your men's group looking for I guess speaker that's for you reach out to David Cox. And he's he travels all over the country and he's a guest speaker and a lot of different places from churches to businesses. Ted Ted gymnasiums. And again David Cook speaks dot com is where you'd reach out to him for that. He coach we. Who let's talk a little bit we talked about your parents and and we talked about you know a little bit and I know when you were soft porn high school when. When when you boss that the use your legs in and in again you you pointed out quickly to me that. It's not over till it's over man you you don't know. Q we talked. A little bit about your testimony that I wanna talk about some of the chapters in the book but normally in the second segment of faith in the zone. We talk who will butt about you know people's testimony and and everybody has the story we never get such charity here and I'm. Right I column I came mineral Chrysler when I was a young man I was thirteen years old. And as you mentioned before mom you know I. I saw my mom and dad's lives transformed literally before my eyes that they almost out of Damascus road type experience what I call. And all of a sudden things became about god and and about his kingdom and about doing things for him and and you know I as a kid as I whatever you know this is got a pass and as shuttles are passing fancy and he'll go back to do whatever used on and should that was seized on and wasn't on it never happened. They were converted for real at that point. And I became convinced. That. It was too risky for me. To not consider serving Christ I did not want the risk of of spending eternity without him. And so I didn't understand the magnitude of the fullness of what it meant to receive Christ in my life as aids at that young days but I knew once I did it. And do something different it happened for me. And so I begin to do what I some parents to I'd read the Bible and that was a big Christian music fan and I start to do these things because I I saw them doing it. A little that I know that as I was reading the word of god and study the word of god it was it was changed in me from the inside now. And all of a sudden my interest begin the change things I like being in the same place that would go begin the change and that was all be forced brown and right while I was raised thirteen. He ate in the book I'm UAU had a cold words says that he match you were you work. And we will Landry Jones on last week and Landry Jones quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And he you know Oklahoma quarterback he's back it up and rocks Peru right now and and we talked about when he gave his testimony he said look guys. I was I was born a Christian home mom and dad strong Christians went to school one went to church Wednesday night's. Sunday morning it's Sunday nights went to youth group. He said but I was the guy in our town in New Mexico. And then take a needy guy I didn't think I needed them because I was. All state football I was I was that got big time basketball player and then I go to Oklahoma. And see hamper efforts. Form and all of a sudden I'm not that guy. And you sit them in my dorm room with my cousin and end we bullets relate what. What's corner how were those spent so I had you know why are we sit and were ill oriented screen diversity. A semi cousins started talking about we need to start thinking about what we learn and youth group. One and they had that conversation is cousin left. And he said I I was in my dorm room by myself and I picked up my Bible and he said that he said the board met me exactly. Or was he did say look if you want you wanna get Sonoma you gotta come over here. You want me to come to you or you gotta come over here he said he met you exactly. Were a wise and and and he said look. We do Dicey rainbows and butterflies and all I didn't but I can tell you that it transformed my life figures now. And your boy there's a wind the bush this is what he he met me exactly where I was and for me it made me think the Landry Jones. And I think that that's important of people understand that where you know bestseller Lobo god is that he will meet you where you off. And you can you can be in a bar right now listen it is you can be anywhere and got to meet you right there. At that spot and change of life are you use invited all you have to do. It and it's free it's tricky it's free it's free whosoever will and eat it David I envy you. And I told this before in hand. You know right and you can skis you made that decision early. And it took me I was bull headed Irish guy that it took me a long time and I missed out on a lot of things. Because I didn't I only thought about me you know and even sometimes when I had a wife and kids we thought about many. And that that's a difficult thing to attempt to look back at when you're going through it your think it won like everybody else. And I envy the guys have figured it out as early as you worry. You know it's the battle always talks about. Amendment remember the lord in your youth. And I don't know what that meant to him I understand it now. I think I think what makes what makes my testimony. Special. And there are many who have it's a similar testimony. Things that things are rosy. And peachy keen after. Demolished Jesus Christ's own don't know I don't know if it was just beginning the journey was just beginning to know what I and I was told this and I believe it. And that is that that when you turn it over. This is Satan then gets below sense is no we need to get him back. We need to get him back and soaked Inkster two goal. A little bit there are some things are happening your life that. They're loud and all of a sudden you go there's a lot of temptation is less self corn and and for me you know here we are you know. Two years later. And I'm in a wheelchair. No you last had a sign up for that. There wasn't I wasn't part of what I brand of why I signed up for the pearly gates and all that. And to him witnessed of people in the and to be prosperous and to be in good health and and all the things that the scriptures say that we can have. And so. From this day going through. And being sustained so god can usually for others. I think has skipped over right here. But. I am so grateful that god has graced me over the years to make it difficult situation with the easy. To make a tough situation. Look triumphant and and that's what he's done playing you do deep Joerg. Aided date from what I see as your friend. Makes me EU EU do make it look easy but. I don't know what it's like when you go home. I'd I don't know what it's like when you get out of bed. When you QE2 K Sharif in all of the things that that that guys like Regis totally take for granted. Just taken for granite you are moloch that's my car step Carlin and go home and what do you know throw the fire they grow up and unitarian AMOCO denied brown no hit a few things and stuff like that but we take that for granted. Andy to look you do make things look easy because every time I see your smile and and tock in the somebody and chicken so he. Could run for mayor you know that could I did notice some things in the ordinary and not. Maybe that maybe I'm. But you know it's he'd say you do make it didn't make it look easy and again as we're talking with David coach David cook's speaks dot com. And the name of the book is getting in and threats from paralysis. To purpose that that part of you making it easy at least make it look easy I got to believe that that's Santos been the case. You know it's it's some. You know thanks me and the guy who always causes just trying to you know and so from it is sometimes you don't get to see. Everything you know. And this is a battle it's it's a struggle as a fight it's hard sometime is not easy but. The Bible declares that no weapons that is formed against you shall prosper and men of god is for you. He's more than world against you and greater is he that is in you the news in the world so you if you began to rehearse. And read repeat the things that god says about you and your situation. It helps you get through the situation. There's no we're in a scripture where is says it's you won't have to go through. Right there's nowhere in there. And so you need to be you need to be prepared. For your life to be a testimony. To the powerful guard. And do well and and I tell you what when you talk about the example that your parents worked for you. We have that conversations a wide and and and you know as as it church family sometimes. Their churches that are lacking that that male leadership and and who. You noted in the mail fi only in DeFeo leads may now have them mail that's leading them and we talked a lot about. As Christian men we have to be examples. First and foremost for our kids. And and your father and and you and your mother were great examples. Of how. That FX. Did you did affected you always your way in your walk because you saw first hand with they were too saw firsthand and there's no. You know it's if there's there's no bomb substitute for real authentic faith. This post because manifests itself and you can't deny it when it's real amended that. He found one in my theory we're getting no break with one of my fear lines in this is and he knows imminent it's satire about every time I have Monty. But I asked to warn time. IC coach gene you get nervous coach and and David looked Meese and home Maggie I get nervous preach and and that's it what he goes coats and big hero basketball mellow but when I have to give the word of god went on trying to feed the fire. And I get up in front of people and an aunt and open up my Bible then regular little bit nervous. And I thought man amen to that he is David cooks and and again the name of the book. I an Inco on pick it up it's getting an address for pro from paralysis to purpose David Cook speaks dot com and again I'll say it. I don't know. Who the book is perfect for because it's perfect for so many different parts of our society from pastors to coaches and teachers to parents. On active businessman. EG when you wrote it did you think this is who are right before you know I I I didn't go into the into writing the book with an audience in mind. I went into Ryan the boat with a purpose and and my purpose of of writing the book was to help people. And to tell them stories that can help in the persevere. And and to have purpose in those types of things and so as I was doing it I begin to understand. Wait a minute I've had quite a divorce back. Q you did you say never have been a banker to the basket blocked off a cult you know and so. It was who I was and I think that's why this book has the ability to be so far reaching. Because I've had my hands and so many to ask if people can relate to and I'll and I'll say it again if you pick up a book that David could David cook's speaks dot com. And you read the book and and and you don't gaining out of Leonard don't like it call me here at the station I'll buy from. You know what do it and and if you can look mean the eyes to look I read that book and it wasn't for me there wasn't anything in there for me. I'll I'll pay the money back cannot keep the book the other part that I love is that the the scenes as the chapter each starts in my favorite. I chapter seventeen this prayer faith matters. And this is what the scene says hope drives us from despair and to achievement against all odds we have to believe. We have to hope that when there's no hope because if we don't want overcome. Will be overcome buyer circumstances. I mean that's hatchery and all over so all of these I asked you were you got up front words get a front. They are just came as I was writing and you know there's terrorists undermine Bono I had a page quotes of some point and and and Knowles both symbols quote show me get through a thing about having hope. In admissible in despair when you're hoping is hold. New Year's fifty years ago and Yelena and hospital bed and there they're telling you all these things and I'd never do again you can hope against you hope against hope. And leave somehow right. No doubt guys ringgit to break out aside break again will continue our conversation. He is David cook's name of the book getting addressed from paralysis to purpose. This is Satan zone on sports Radio One 057 Ab fab. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee faith faith in. Is brought to you Bonnie Sorensen Fordham Brookfield. Here's host Mike may get burned and pastor Tim Keller. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Yeah. Welcome back to feed the zone on sports pretty 1057 at the end. It might we get replied so this week pastor can tell there. From brook side Baptist Church group back next week. Our guest he's been crooks out he's David cook's author. David cook's good David Cook speaks to account you burger that time edge over their the stake out absolutely there was. It wasn't. As long to get an angular UA right at stake was gonna whenever Obama back ago will want to stick out. Yet it's so easy showed up a little bit later I got here on guides to the table. We relate to less guys the need that we knew I had to use a plastic fork and a way to eat and it's and did snapped. I got up I mean you've been cut my steak yet. Got up to go to another fork. Came back Detrick to play. It's this dry Daytona and you're Eden and you're sharing traffic in a crowded tourist Mecca. I'm sure there are 10 Mo was vessels talk about it and I don't I still I still ask the pastor can I get that stake back no no it's it's gone. He can we talk a little bit about. They went once you started writing the book. First time author. What was the most difficult part of it for you the the most difficult part of writing this book was probably. Of the two after that dealt with my biggest disappointment as a basketball coach and when I was fired as a head coach a market eyes grew. And how was I going to. Right in this book in a way. That would provide inspiration and guidance and leadership. Of the people reading it that was by far. That that chapter. Probably took 23 weeks to right whereas in another and in many of the other ones. Be about. You know couple days and to get through. On that one of the best chapters and focus fountain for a couple of reasons. Yeah well you know it's bomb. What this is my name is Erica cut. Page YA if you pick of the book page 1921 ID three is just in case. If you if you need media sign the book that's ready to join a credit to them according to ID three. Run. Would it during that that party and and again we've. We are really really good friends during that part and yeah that that had a huge. That was hard for you to get all. Work that was difficult. I didn't I didn't see it coming. I thought I had done a good job and was excited about the future and I thought I had a few more years to coach and all of a sudden it's it's done. And it's it's finished and I'm sitting there. Wondering what's going on you know OK guys know this is again had to sign up for this part. I have represented you out in the market place I've told people about your try to live the good life so that people know that I am a believer. And I did all of that. One a bunch of games and still gonna fire. And soul what do you do. When that happens what you how do you respond to that it. Number give your calls saying hey man you know admiral you went through little coaching situation. And we talked and a severe his Christian yet if you and I call you you're my second call he felt and I collagen and we just talked about it and one of the things you say it was. You know what the quicker you move on the better you're going to be. And that's stuck with me calm because I was the one stuck in a place of pain. I was a when that was stuck in a place of confusion. Whereas. My former. Coach employed a rather they had moved on. Right and it was up to me to figure out how to move on and how to reflect and you know what I think I have a course on a book that says this there was no way. And I could say. Angry angry full at the same time. I was gonna have to be one of the mass appreciate and that prevents us in the right Sunnis that I was given right and see what was next you know. Rearview mirrors are great for driving with a not so good for life. And so he remembers go to you can see behind you just in case you need to invest that how you drive. I needed to get out of the review Mir and look ahead. And see what was next for me in that annual instrument and that because god has something else for me to do. Why I don't. Is you that I do in and I remember that that conversation. That we had. And it in I found when the wind and when you know that happened I was praying before. Before after that that you're editors Christian myself disclaimer at about his final college and he was a freshman. And I miss some of his games. And I was trained to alert you want me to go watch him play. Or you want to continue coaching is is if this is truly the ministry that ousting coach. But even if you can just gently tapped me on the shoulder and let we feel which you're will list. And then I got fired. Add we had a good year yes we did good here yet and I get fired and it turns out I got fired because I did name the schools began a school boards on the captain. And so the border was dealing with you with a couple ways with test I had a pride issue Newton. I and so now I got fired it hurt his Christian after one year Scoble board dealt with the pride issue. And he also said look at wants to watch someplace. What he did gently tapped me on the shoulder he hit me with a snot locker read between M I because then I'm getting calls from other coach is going. You what they do you think you got fired in pairs Christian and I'm like yeah they're like why. And I didn't know until I found out so I had to. Whitney you would the funny part about that is the Catholic churches there I told him look haven't prayed about it so is he he had tears coming down when he when he hit homers and and he said he wanted to leave. My office and come back in just come your retiree. And I said now this is a way better story like I've really never been fired him for I wanna find out why and how went and they didn't tell you. So it was a little easier for me is one year wasn't fully and it wasn't teach him like you work he I didn't these kids were part of my being only like your kids for. And I certainly didn't have the success there that you yet. Yeah and bush you know doesn't make it any easier for anybody you know I think that's again another one of the messages in the book is that sometimes my son will be fair. Sometimes I'm going to be the way you think but but. Does just still live by faith and the outcome is always greener than which are going through. You don't want and great words if the colts. Different colts 4872. Hours after absolutely I mean when you when you when you get when you rolled out of Marquette that today and got your car. She tells the lonely place so it is so lonely I was likened shot. Zones like this can't be real. And liking certain part of it was meant. They cooks right. We once as an intern a man yeah named coach of the year blah blah blah blah and David Cook and David cook's and I class my classes are the you know where respective kids love playing for the Atlanta all those things that are supposed to support you. Did not right and movie have you phoned. This is going to be an odd question but cupid I think I think the board puts us through some things teach you feel like you found out why. You know what I believe. That. When something gets fired some four from gone it projection forward. And this firing was a projection points from me because. I had only a few years left to do that there anyway in my mine right. I think he won it three more I want like three more down and then withstand the concordia situation will never come. The USA East Coast basketball thing would have never come. And this book wouldn't be here right. That's for I was on Wednesday and this is rise so we we talk about from paralysis to purpose. This is that journey and if I had stayed in I'm grateful. I I think it says in the book. I was grateful for the opportunity and grateful that that happened because it calls me the full field event which which which I was supposed to do right. It wasn't fun at the time now those first few days you know house could you trying to figure out you know as interest and the older I get now I am married to Matt and in a recognized or something I'm giving this to you ask you to help me now I think that's. That works and networks meant to have. I've got to try that I have the duke had to try to hey I thought look we only one segment left to that thought that we got a full hour to talk about this stuff I've. Al we're gonna get two breaks that we have a longer for a segment. We haven't talked about coach K we have an tarts but duke we given tarts what some of the things you've done outside his city Milwaukee. I'm with you with basketball and it's true loses sport that that you love absolutely and you know what we have to do that. Look key he is David cooks and I would highly recommend David cook's speech dot com what is the and Heidi getting invites this time party figures show what a legacy we have a signing party. On August 6 from five to 8 PM here in Milwaukee. That discovery world downtown and in the basement there now we're we're in the pilot house the pilot house is that if so I have officially given him my nickname he is now big time David Cook asked if he's a good excuse kind of house you have to put you both figure at the pilot house mad okay anytime five to eight and August 6. The other part August 6 it's his birthday is going to be your really good day and I look forward to being part of that August 6 at the pilot us. Easier formation up on the west says yes yes David cook's speaks dot com. Again if you look at verse speaker youth group church group. Business group. Team any of that reach out to him and every man for an hour and trust me he has the the people your brigade every amid. The people that are listened to him are gonna get a ton from a whether he talks basketball talks helped talks faith. Whatever whatever direction that that you think he needs to go there's a lot of directions he can go. But trust me that his faith is going to be through all of that capsule and that two years and he's now locked in a way he's getting up on the mound tie up with this and talking about it. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 app found. The fans. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Faith in the zone has brought T by hello windows and doors it was constant. Here's host might mean giver. And pastor can help turn on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057. And I might give regular flights so this week. My special guests and I can't believe how quick this is gone unused David cook's author David cook's former market high basketball coach. Cystic coaching according university. Near the book getting undressed. From paralysis to purpose. David Cook speaks to outcomes could website by the way to David Cook speaks dot com is the website give all the information by the book. Me figure out August 6 if you get over tip to why his sub book signing party. It's a birthday party excited parties not just an awesome day for him. Coach we we did not get into the hold duke. You know coach K all of that in and trust me you're gonna want to make sure that that you go to chapter nine chat to tent. But that was a big party your wife and and you when you tell people you look at some of the pictures in the book were you coach K units Ewing and in dean Smith and that kind of stuff. On the EU had a chance to get a sidelines in a really high level. Yeah I look back to that as I as I think about you know. How fortunate I literally have began to soon have this game. But I love so much have that passion the drive take me to these high levels is amazing to unite when I when I left for duke I. To get my MBA yeah I didn't know coach K or anyone down there for that matter and you know I just believe that I wanted to help I went there to help and and I did and I helped out by. And of some water bottles and do some laundry and Yang ya think you know and those kind of short but. But it is let to let two biggest things you know in the U description talks about spies that small beginning spread you know and so. Obama I I embraced all those moments and learned so much about. Communication about teamwork about preparation you know four competition. At that level. He went. Not to give up that subject and people are gonna buy the book and an in you're gonna wanna read. Those chapters is there great chapters whole book is a really good book ago. When somebody asks you if I pick up your book what you think I'm pointy tip from that what would your answer being. Inspired. I think that you will pick up the books. And it will speak to what is to speak to you at a place of need in your I mean I know exactly what that is. But is gonna cost you two wanna continues gonna cost you wanna continue to move forward. And do the best she can and what you have is gonna causes it to be appreciative of the things that god has blessed you. Are there are times in your life fed that you turn on the TV your your talking to a friend. Who is completely irate over something that you would consider minor. And how hard is it not for you to say are you hitting me. Look and me just. And I eat but he's a wise I've known you I've never heard shoot even tried to attempt to say here look at me it's always David can we talk about this now. No idea if so that's why you wrote the book I was wondering what you big you really did open your life up to people site I appreciate that. But there are other times in your life that she's just shake your head and think you've got three kids. I absolutely do I mean. Tom I don't want to a lot of detail but I mean there are people that I know that really our concern and struggle with mosquito bites. For in presidents and and ask her if it's gonna click and they really do I mean prevent them it's a very threatening thing. And for me. I'm like really. It's a mosquito bites and mosquito bite but two of them is paralysis right and I have to learn. How to appreciate. Where. They yarn whip their experience is so like in trying to help him to gold from paralysis. On to purpose. He wouldn't what did you learn about yourself write the book. That. Any use. I could achieve something that I didn't think I could I until June. Awhile back I I don't like to write or read. Okay therein lies a problem for right renewable a big promise of a problem. But when I found out was when you just open yourself folks at the possibility of doing something that you've never done before. You have to go route that's never been before. There are some unknown things there that you conquer. And on the other side of the assignment. His confidence. There is evidence that you've learned. And and you actually have something in your hand. And that's what I got out this book a who has Eric Wallace Waller store a look at Zurich's instead it will resort wolf there you go to their first Erica Erica I'm sorry Erica all fur store there is a young man I met when I was speaking at a local high school. And I he's turned out to via a young man met. Hum I cut from the JV team that's cost us there's always. And he comes up after I was speaking Johnson servant leadership in. And offered to help me with the book. And I said we've normally tight budget I don't think I can pay you he's on now I I would like to do this for you or office a few down for so many people. And that was the beginning Novo a writing mayors that really helped me. With the book and in the book for Pia has stories and stuff put that in Ottawa. Eric thank you because you know what. You bet and there's a lot of people than in the book the chief thing throughout it but he was a guy that. It held July and I see his name meant and hard time pronounce that last name but we've got I think care can and pretty good job and I'm that. He was so we've got about two minutes left and and add to tell you David. I tell you this when when I get the chance and and again we are guys who we are friends that we don't have to talk every day. But we get together meant we we come right back to where we work. I told the story. And to some people I work with here the first time you came meant. To do my high school basketball coaches show we knew each other a little bit but not a ton. And he was the wintertime and it was bad their Perkin that was batted in and you struggle and we came on how to. And my producer was a young guy back then and and doubt we're in that the building here for under two minutes and use the F. And you stopped in his tracks NC menu unite use that kind of language around media understand that. He kind of looked and I kind of looked and he Sid and yes series set in you said. I don't like to echo lane instead prefer if you don't use around me OK and then we just moved on and you white. I'll never forget that moment as long as I live I'll never forget the moment of going. While. Okay now. Down by okay I got it I got it and that kid I don't think you ever swore around me again right so. You know you impacted his life and in the my allies as you've impacted throughout years. I can't see enough of and I we've we've got to get output could look. August 6 happy birthday thank you book signing and go to David cook's speaks dot com daily cook speaks dot com. Picked up the book and as I've said throughout if you pick of the book read it. And you don't get anything out of it call me Al buy for me get this his feet David thank you very much thank you Mike has always put our brother faith in the zone. I'd Sports Radio want a 57 FM the fan key. Been listening defeat in the zone with post might mean give burn and pastor can help her. Here's feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find pat show's exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in face join us again next Sunday her feet in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well yeah. The games. Our service. Noted.