On Deck: Brewers-Diamondbacks, Game 2

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Tuesday, May 15th
05/15/18: The Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin On Deck Show built by Ozinga - together building better. The Crew has a chance to clinch, and Ramie Makhlouf gets you set for Game 2 between the Brewers and Diamondbacks. Hear from Craig Counsell and insider Adam McCalvy. Plus, Bill Michaels and Anthony Mandella join the roundtable.

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This game day brew crew fans and we'll get you ready before first pitch coming up. Today's starting lineups we'll debate the hot topics in Milwaukee. You'll hear the scope for the skipper now live from the national Hyundai Greenfield and on. Hyundai west Alice studios. This is the Pella windows and doors baseball on deck show built by nosing got together building better boy 057. Yesterday isn't welcome in birds fans Robin Mack off. Live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Dallas studios get ready for game two between the brewers and the demon team. Now and then in just a few minutes I'll get to the lineups for tonight's game and then will lie here and from the skipper get the scoop from the skipper Craig Counsell coming up. In just a few minutes as well in the roundtable this evening I'll talk with bill Michaels and Anthony Mandela AKA Clark Kent about all the day's. Brewers issues that's coming up at about 745. Go inside the club bouts with Milwaukee baseball insider at a McKelvey. Just after 8 o'clock and Tim Allen the franchise makes his. Daily visit to the on deck show coming up at about 815 Craig Counsell said he could use a nice long start. Out of his starter junior Gary yesterday and he got just that six innings. Giving up just two runs on three hits he struck out three. And walked four batters that was good enough that this single by Christian you know which would have been enough trade crews saw he gets a lot of ground balls. The. They've come through. Courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin that made it three to tune the brewers can stop the scoring there but they didn't. It's not those. Feel. Tyler salad Dino got one of those long balls but it with a league style. Salad do you notice center field how like a. Well. It's. Ernst runs in the ninth inning made for a seven to two final. Josh hater came in he worked too humid innings he only did he give up to Ritz only struck out. Two. On this road trip to try to make it 56 in just over an hour from right now. From Chase Field. You're listening to the Pella windows and doors on deck show bill bio Zynga on the leading off the coast batting cleanup here's today's look around the diamond. What don't Waukesha sports car starting lineup do you have an upcoming charity event to fund raiser. Waukesha sports cards has a great selection of authentic autographed sports memorabilia and call them. Until 625440959. Always start with the visitors tonight that is the or brewers Lorenzo Cain. Is leading off he'll be in center field Christian theology is in left field he'll bat second batting third at first base hasty Sagal are Travis Shaw's at third base. He'll be cleaning up Domingo Santana is in right field batting fifth batting six the second baseman. Jonathan BR many PDF he'll be behind the plate batting seventh batting eighth the shortstop. Orlando Garcia on the mound batting ninth to Jolie's shot scene he comes in three and one. When a fat a flat four ERA brewers have won each a shot scenes last five starts including an outing against his former club in Colorado. During this road trip meanwhile for the Diamondbacks LB David brawl in left field and leading off batting second center fielder. Chris Owings Daniel the sky also is that third and batting third Paul Goldschmidt cleaning up he'll be over. At first base Steven Souza is in right field hill bad fifth batting 62 baseman. Kettle marte. Batting seventh to shortstop. Nick Ahmed. The on the plate batting eighth Jeff Mathis on the modern batting ninth is former birth Zack Greinke comes in three in two with a 370. ERA. Got a no decision his last time out against the nationals despite giving up just one run. Over seven innings he also drove in the in the game and stole his sixth. Career based civil science Fauria again one more time quickly for the brewers it's Caine yeah coach as you are Shaw Santana VR Pena Garcia. And shot scene for the Marc de Ahmed. Mathis now lost a place there and Zack Greinke on the mound and banning knives. What's Craig Counsell have planned for today's game let's find out with today's scoop from the skipper exists is up hello when. Windows and doors on that show. Built by Jose got. On 1057 FM the fan. If Torre move ahead completely to tonight's game let's take one more look back in here for manager Craig Counsell after the 72 win over the. He's not so we're good at bats you know these guys scoring position on the blogs tonight he's learning and all the way back in the second inning when I was VR and on and ourselves to greater faster goes Tuesday. A two run lead so. They don't then. No yelling shoot. Not a citizen as a really nice and that's suited to get the runner had canes got a great event along and then Domingo and nice to strike Paula. No sex body goes to runways so. Ponson UConn quality at bats timeline. Then. I was a different. Yeah. Yeah no I was is there was really really needed it's he's. Then you know I look like it was them coming on the script is those and Albany into some Josh and I and then Korea was gonna close it out and they don't. Tyler isn't Vincent Parker. Luckily were only gets a Taylor and it's. There was there was a lot of fastball and I for surety you know point. That was a good fastballs very good fastball tonight. Dollars a month to nine to size up there. So probably his best basketball and nine and you know don't just didn't feel gray was this woods at times so you can start with a fastball and I challenged. We want it seems likes. These yeah I mean it's it's so it's the most I think we're getting hopefully are also are Smart guys going Dario aren't big night is clearly immunity going to. On the mailing sex lies and I said that my opinions are never really nice and that's okay. Some guys that you don't really as a model lineup tonight was the guys it's gonna do the damage zone that's it's good to see those guys are going. Yeah I'm I'm looking back on its I was Colorado series and I think everyplace we go we're going to be. Talking about big series and on this is a very good baseball team. Tough to beat him were read their place so. Good start in the series. Where we. You know we we did we do the job. Rehearsed sound. Royce Harry's. He's stung a ball that seems like probably six city times is one out there is she said the ball right on the screws so he's. He's doing a nice job this season and your impression as a defender. Said she's handled the pinch hit role very well. So they're useful player very useful player. It's kind. Well eventually I'll. Oh yeah. Fashion and an era join us a sense. Now it's yeah I mean it. Yeah well I think they did two things one driving the ball left handed. That is something that we need from them. Iran and he's you struggle a little right handed but when yesterday that bond Colorado on us like. Right for him the way it up on the base and none in the seventh was not the same ball just a little line around the right field. I mean and it's caught it best I really am not exist but the second inning with a word we hung on a lot of sliders it's finally got one up. Nobody gave RCA good kind of tutorial on on pars on what he was gonna see in a lot arsenic can get a breaking ball to get the base has its own. He was he uses. You know in big game tonight we're sure. Yeah I mean that's he's got a very good slider prom and you know it was always we as we had trouble wasn't you know first time around. You know we had solid all night really it's a good slider bugs. He he doesn't source for strikes a lot so if you can if she can identify. You know look all Obama. Do you think you can get no better account situation where he's got to throw strikes. Yeah no I mean it's just kind of functions or unknown. Nose to save Cortes bolts firfer Conan. Compare it's it's so it's difference. Yeah. Plus it's just a bad thing again so mom. You know this morning and they weren't. Baseball is 90% mental. And the other half is physical. So who's injured on the crew appears today's injury report on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by Jose got. On 1057 FM. Figured this was a good place to go the way Craig Counsell closed out that post game press conference yesterday the latest on Ryan brawn. He is David de they're saying with that Wright made back tightness. They hear our Milwaukee baseball insider Adam McKelvey tell it though this sounds a little bit different than what Ryan Braun has dealt with. In the past first and foremost right on last night some back issues what do we know now that it's not the exact same issue that I like him before it comes from a little bit church that maybe a little more concerning then it's a new ailment and the you know we know that this is just going to be our go you the truth where he's that in his career. I don't expect it to go away if leaders are going to be days birdies and no I don't amount of funny enough. That's not in news that this is going to be an ongoing issue it sounds like but you can't say that is necessarily. Surprising news so obviously we'll keep an eye. On that meanwhile yesterday they updated chase Anderson status and said they're looking for him to come back may 21 is placed on the ten day DL. On May thirteenth as retroactive to the tent though with an illness and also something that kind of flew under the radar yesterday. It changed Zach Davies possible return date to possibly may. Where he was supposed to miss just one start he's already missed two. And now they're saying that he may not be back this month that would be at least another two starts missed with that right rotator cuff. Inflammation if that timetable holds he was placed on the ten day deal may third. Retroactive to April 30 last week Garrity played catch. Back just a couple days ago on the thirteenth so that was on Sunday and he is set free bullpen session tomorrow. We'll see how that goes sec clip you heard there was adamant calvary with bill Michael's earlier today you'll hear the full interview and we take you inside the clubhouse. Just after 8 o'clock to hear from bill Michaels himself. As part of the round table right after a short break here on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck joke. Built by Jose go I'm the only station burst fans need sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. It's time to debate the big issues surrounding the crew get ready for. Roundtable sponsored by McCormick law office the back injury attorneys. This is the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show billed by no Zynga on 1057 FM. The man. Yesterday is and we sit just the clouds. 53 minutes away from first pitch during the brewers and the 83 game set from Chase Field in Arizona Ryan Mack off getting you ready for coming up. Just after 8 o'clock we'll hear from Milwaukee baseball insider Adam McKelvey. For Amber's dot com and mlb.com his conversation with Phil Michael's. Who is my first guest joining me here. On the roundtable on the great midwest backed bank allied can hear him weekdays ten to two right here on the fence statewide on the bill Michael sports talk network. Bill how are you this evening there. All right nor are also joining me on the other side of the last season eight producer here at the Fannie also hosts is trying to show on the weekends he has. Anthony Mandela Anthony how are you this evening. I already know that I should I don't know why I'm asking and that we talked before two in the might yeah we did but yeah yeah that's part of the running Mac loft charm right. It's supposed to be like where I'm pretending like oh hey how you do right that's yeah that's yeah thing. I meant it when I magic of rating. I meant it when asked bill that they haven't seen bill since 2 o'clock the set although all that time ago. Bill let me start with you a conversation that we had on the big show this afternoon. Brewers 25 and seventeen. At about the quarter mark of the season. They're pacing for a hundred wins I'm not necessarily asking about the wins but just the level played do you think that they can keep this up for the other three quarters of the season. Well the biggest number to look at right now is TRA is their top ten at all baseball there's seven as a matter of fact it was going over the numbers today you know the cub who bear the cardinal there. Pittsburgh there you get those teams all in the National League central ball team right now are thrown the ball extremely well on the the brewers are really relied upon their bullpen more than anything quite. I can no longer gonna win a lot of games that they can score go for a half fourth quarter runs a game on average for the season. But nobody expected they're pitching staff specifically the bullpen to be this good we're all worried about an extra starter and it turns out. It hasn't been the starters it's actually been at bats that kind of let them down so. I assume the once the weather beat up playing in the National League central more games are reaping more games agreed American more games at Miller Park. I often is gonna come around and as long as you're getting good pitching and maybe get a decent Jimmy Nelson back an accord can enable it to remain healthy I mean who knows with the team can do so. To say they're pacing and a hundred or think they're gonna end up there are no but I would say at this at this rate the way they're playing in the get a little Little Rock alongside. They can end up with close to ninety wins and really be in the wild card and by the time it's also not. Yeah I thought the bullpen would be good bill that but not this guy that I mean it's it's it's the best in baseball really them in the this week Anthony do you think that that bullpen then and the rest of the spurs squad can can keep up this level play. I think when you say a hundred wins it kind of puts people on notice because that's something that has never happened. With the Milwaukee Brewers right but. I don't think we've really seen this team firing on all cylinders yet the bullpen has been better than expected the bats have been. I think less productive orbit frustrating at times than expected. All things considered you're getting what you may be overall expected in terms of eight team outcome. And with that in mind they're still I don't think performing at the level that people hoped or expected for so it's scary to think that. If everything does get going guys get healthy that they could absolutely achieve that. It's just over the course of a 162 game season if that's actually doable and yeah and you guys both bring me to my next point you're both pointing out that that really this offense hasn't clicked yet and the starting pitching has has been good but they certainly could could go a little deeper in games from time to time. Could receive better baseball from the spurs team this season Anthony Amanda. I've I think absolutely yes you can especially as you see guys like chase Anderson. Get right I think he'll settle in later in the season. I Zach Davies gets healthy hopefully he's always better down the stretch than he is to start the season. You get Jimmy Nelson back if he's even close to what he was last year that helps you make a move at the deadline possibly for starting pitching. That helps so there's really no way unless he just continued to be riddled with injuries. The pace Theron can really slow down I don't think bill do you think there's there's another level up for the spurs team that they could be playing at even even a higher level when when things are clicking on all cylinders. Well let's put it this way you're gonna get there are things back you go to threaten the line company makes a lineup better. It Garcia who didn't start really getting into laughter may repeat of last year begins to hit the you know you've got to make us in kind of struggling a little bit could you assume that he's going to only get better stay a little bit above average and then Christian yell at her Kane and LH. Both of those guys have been guide says if you get Trevor shoddy upon PP your back straight team to prepare the American the second have a seat in the could have. Yeah you're gonna to better baseball on one thing that you guys didn't mention was. The character of speaker Richard looking after the earthquake this season's been really good choke if those guys continue to throw the ball well you may not need to get another starting pitcher which you may just know what to do. They just continue to bolster your bullpen to make sure that Yuri injury free if you go right back and all the sudden. You've got dealt the played with I mean I think that was the goal. From David Stern is going into the season would he cut its outlook Wheeling up it's so many outs. We don't have to do with the starter we can do with a numerous guys coming out of the pen. And they're getting it done with haters gonna guts and so I think the offense gets better and take a little bit of pressure off this sort of starting rotation and not depend. Yeah I think you could see a lot better baseball really really exciting baseball long win streaks. Surround table here at bill Michaels and Anthony Mandela on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin. On deck showed the flip side of that though bill is that it they could slip a little bit they could come back down to earth a little bit. What do you see on this Burris team what facet of their game or maybe even a specific player you look at ago yes I don't know if he can keep that up if there's a drop off it's probably gonna come from. Fill in the blank. Well he if you Christian college but nobody expects that it took Lorenzo Cain certainly goes out and Warren you have an injury and then Brian Barnes nicked up in any corporate culture struggled they bring him back up and so we've got another kind of hole your lineup yet haven't thinks he goes self saying goes out and all the yet but CPU doesn't come back and he continues to stay right around 20220. Let's say things comes back and he just that they have the same power and he doesn't really protect you in the lineup but he Mormon there's a lot of things go wrong. Or hurt straight Garrett start to have the seat he had last year. Are you look at a guy election season didn't pitch well early on really is kind of doubt in the uses it again but did you mean open comes back into it doesn't look like Jimmy knows and we saw electorate like Jimmy Nelson a three years ago. All those things can happen and gather the wheels could certainly come off the train good. I don't I don't perceive that happening right now I democracy if you put it this way guys. This teams in first place and they complete their best baseball and they've been shut out they cannot. Our first place right now so I mean if you're a look at their the grab typical example. And that's why I'm looking at right now the team hasn't played a best based on their first place. Now absolutely I think I think that's got to be the way that you look at it but Anthony is there any thing that's going well for the spurs team that you question as to whether or not it can continue to go that way. Yeah I think we get a little caught up in Josh hater because he's kind of the shiny new toying he's got the long blond locks and all that but unless my memories failing me or I miss something over the weekend. Yeah the guy and Jeremy Jeffers has given up one run earned or otherwise guys all season. All season he's by far been the most effective bullpen pitcher you're talking about keeping run off the board. And he's always pitched better in Milwaukee and yet anywhere else but. I don't think that for JJ just because that's such an impressive run. Out of the bullpen that hall of famers all stars like to simply don't maintain over the course of an all MLB season. I don't know if JJ can keep that going in if you lose him in the bullpen you maybe lose another god injury in the apple and and I say you lose JJ I mean you lose the JJ they have right now. I don't know that that bullpen is going to be as nasty as it's been because he's been a guy the Craig council's been able to turn to. When basically the whole everything is on fire bases loaded or runners at the corners one may be no outs and he's been able to work a lot of jams and that's an invaluable part. Of this team especially when you're winning games only by one or two runs a night. I wanna talk about brought it does it that way yes we're real quick and you go back to the late eighties threats and Anderson what I can occur equated to. When you got hater Jefferies. I do jury Jeffers there when you got core cable all locked in. Does now reminder what rob W company brought to the table with a nasty voice. They decode decode two innings they could go one out they could but the last three legal ball game if you got to do them you were done. And that's what they've got right now on those three if all three remain healthy and all remain on the ball well. Yes somebody made that comparison. Last week on the Wendy's big charter member of the best we had her our caller but somebody's somebody did bring up that comparison. To note too that reds' bullpen I want to bring up Brian brought real quick before we wrap this up yesterday our our national baseball insider Seth Everett. Joins us on the big show every week though I know he joins you on your show every week he brought up the possibility of this of of this ride brought situation going the way. That the Ryan Howard's situation went with Philly Rihanna guy who had a big contract and is his his production dropped off dramatically. Yet consistent injury issues and eventually. They came to a settlement where they they paid Ryan Howard a certain amount of money and remember what it was but certainly wasn't. The full value that was remaining on his contract and they agreed. To part ways now as effectively the end. A Ryan Howard's career built to June 2 JC that going this way here in Milwaukee with Ryan brought in and would would you be OK with that if they decided to cut ties with them and and that fashion. Well I would say you would have to have the remainder this seat in the beginning of next where it just wasn't working out and he was just mired in. In sub mediocrity I mean I think right now you've got an owner that really like some genuinely likes and I think that from all accounts we've heard that he's got this this leadership presence in the clubhouse something that we don't see but certainly our guys do. I think they're gonna give him every opportunity kind of straighten it out. I personally I think he's better when he played more. I think they've baby in so much that you're almost giving him the ability to break down at times just by not using the body so much so. But yeah I'd keep it if he breaks down and doesn't it say about 242 tricky this season. I mean remember guys indices and he was finally giving it some of that flair for the dramatic. What in the hell out of a ball but he was giving you pick it at big times we hadn't seen that at all that he's in Topeka got back he gave you that. They're gonna hang on him because they're gonna need stuff like that so. I think he can I see it yes but it would take as a whole lot for them to finally come to that conclusion. Anthony out how much or take for Utica today conclusion if you're running and I just. I don't think it's doable I think because the Phillies have so much more money available to them as like a top five market in Major League Baseball I would say. And also Ryan Howard to play one position. Ryan brawn maybe he can't play them well but he can play more than one at least share if you follow me on Twitter or listening on the station you know I have very strong feelings about not playing grind on. At first base ever again. But I think with his position versatility what he means to you as a franchise we're talking about a Phillies organization to that. When they had Ryan Howard as a big name also had Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley their Ryan bronze really the face of this franchise for the past. 101520. Years he's the biggest name that we've had in town and so unless you can get someone to pick up that contract I just don't see. Whether it's David Stern's pulling the strings Marquette inacio pulling the strings does don't see any sort of deal where they just cut bait with them for nothing in return. Even if it's just part of that contract pack you can follow him on Twitter at. Anthony Mandela and Ketchum. Frequently on the weekends hosting this very on deck show thank you for stepping in. At the last minute to do the round table Anthony Els appreciate it and bill Michael's near him of course weekdays ten to two right here. On the fan and on statewide on the bill Michael sports talk network bill also appreciate it thanks a lot. Our group bill Michaels joins us on the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for is simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction. Or renovation loan called great mid West Bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 1935. Adamant Cali has the latest on Ryan brought as we take you inside the clubhouse next on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin. On deck show built by using a together building better on the only station brewers fans need sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes info as we take you inside the clubhouse. Brought you my coach is totally grill myself thirteenth street. Good food and good drinks. People and great fun that this is the Pella windows and doors on deck show billed by dosing gotten on 1057 FM the fan. 36 minutes from first pitch between the brewers and the game two of this three game set running Mac cloth. Get you ready for live from the international Hyundai Greenfield and Hyundai west Alice studios. It is time to go inside the clubhouse who better to take a send their. And our Milwaukee baseball insider at a McKelvey a brewers dot com and mlb.com. He during the bill Michael's show today bill started things up by asking him do we know anything you. About Ryan brawn. And his injured back. And here was Adams. Answer. That it's not big the exact same issue that. And before I'm a little different. That maybe a little more concerning medical news ailment. And you know we know that this is going to be Argo uses the suit where he's at his career. On this slide out the basically for guy retreat spot. I'd I don't expect it to go away it produces and read the histories in the lineup a little uneasy because these guys. You're kind of typical thing going is just the new normal. And last night we had questions. We have we have a couple of callers had talked about it seated on third base with. That quick ground bought in the third which event Pena took off. And got thrown around town where it was that a go on contact type of player was that something that was delayed or our talk about that a little bit. That look like contact. Which. Always makes everybody that we had to work and then. Certainly doesn't stand out as much when it does work and it's you know when when it doesn't work it's a run scoring ground out in a talk about the third great. I don't know to me. We got out about this before he Hughes said they're going to be aggressive. That ends Peter's been instructed the debts and and it here last night but just talking generally. And Jeter have been instructed to be. And you know we are going at an offense so far. It makes a little bit of sense to be aggressive and spot because you're not getting a lot of (%expletive) I'll say it one of the things about this trip that's happening is their scoring ground. It's at least five they've won 45 dates or at least five runs and all those victories they got shut out that in the other and that was against the lefty. Kyle three though I think it was you know to score some morons think we got a couple around awful Patrick Corbin was really good. An idea that's about it winning game against a lefty starter. I think as big if not for that that's when things quietly going on this jury consultants. Is there not producing gets left eastern near the bottom of baseball and PS. Against Lecce and the pitchers and and when you look around this line up it makes sense right bronze not done. Merely what's been expected Domingo and channel com on. You don't even before this road trip probably on the last homestand. But his numbers are way down Garcia's numbers are way down senior government and now he's he's just got to help back. Arm but somebody's right handed hitters who produced offered free last year or not this year. And it is. You know asleep at control against lefties so that was another thing that. Happened yesterday apple problems you know a little bit notable as you try to look forward. But the electorate so things are going to be aggressive in certain guys and it's gonna lead up to the plate plaque because Jeter's bat third base coach because that's what we're trying to do. The does the the other injuries or whatever Jameel stroke quickest he's on target in the month of beginning in next month. I don't know I mean I've never I don't think that is a hard I don't know I mean he's still in the background honored to keep the every now than I do an update and it's kind of the same and they needed it this. Final stage or lack arms going to be a long one the next state is getting up and mom and want to get a mob that you can always gonna. Bet you you can Matt. You can't map right now because Annika Amal so we every time you know we asked him. There's no setback there's no he's are used they say he's the head of what the scheduled should've been when he went into the com there's no you know personal problems going on easy cure and there are about Jameer Nelson is like. You know based in sweats every day working out. It's kind of like a running joke that vote Jamie's working out again shocker. So he's doing the things you need to do but he just he's cleared that hurdle where. You know he's got an arm strength to get back mob and it's it's not bears argued armistice secretly app yesterday. Made all the dot org. It hasn't happened yet but but I think he's getting there and every week or two week asking just. Make sure we're missing anything Betty is that getting past the backgrounds. So with this team may offensively speaking we know that the only some guys we won over the numbers a little while coming you know got some geysers start to have. Pretty amazing years when you start to look at the numbers if they get all the way through the end of and the main. Some of the guys that you thought no matter what they need a questionable seasons coming and that they're gonna be a little bit better. Guy like we are starting to hit the ball things are looking good Cain obviously is is having good seasons so is so was a guy like yellowish. What concerns you right now offensively just Pena's still conferring things concern you and all of this does. Does do you know and Domingo Santana who was not hitting the cover off the ball for awhile that he's finally starting to come back a little bit is he feeling good I mean. Wolf what concerns you right now. I'm. You don't let keeping him out right now is that numbers are gonna have true. But that's gonna come in forming better. Are you can get some that would help that. You know I I think I I don't and agreed dual alarm about what's happening offensively I think they've had viewed it. If given time this book from around I mean at second base. There's a former U wanna add that the spot where you have because you just don't have when interest rates there. We are here to bar on a prospect now. A real tribute impact prospect very karma. I I don't sense that they're alarmed about. About the options. I think they'd think that give it time. Get the warm we've all seen the park. Once it starts to get nicer out let that sort of happened. And some of these guys who are opt to start has been coming individual positions off slow starts. In a lot of guys have been at the bottom line give them time and they'll get going and we. You know we've kind of seen that on the road trip in Colorado. The first game they got a lot of production at the bottom of the order Garcia and those guys. And then laughed again about it or produced their their first rally. Track and daughter Allie of the Diamondbacks had the Arctic documented let him go to second base because it was third in the RCA cash and the double with respect open and the pitcher comes. So you have that kind of thing that they're probably talking about Europe were radioed vinik the Smart yet but it for the brewers turned in it because. You are contribution for it in RC a guy not the purity with comparable. He's not aggressive at eight. It was you know sort of imaging after him to do little bit that the average and I think getting offered at the bottom of the order which would answer that so. You know the concern is is over urgent need to score more rock. You know others would bottom. Out last night for the game bottom four immediately before it runs per game. Bad memories to come up for sure because that opens gonna go through a stretch. It's not that Pia and they're gonna give some late rounds and the opposite you have to win some games by it. And you know yesterday. She didn't give up utterance but those late run by the brewers offense. Is really encouraging Urquhart. Thumb when you talk about encouraging. Look at your has played extremely well things is eventually gonna come back what are you gonna do. When things comes back and you buried deep yeah. The argument here I mean more than Ebola talking hoses trying to move Ryan brought out of three hole moving down lineup. But what are you gonna do win when things ready to come back and I varsity 313 you've got to Erik Ainge whose even though he's 250 he's a legitimate power threat. And then you've got a guy that's struggling it's making twenty million dollars you what what are we gonna do you know. Well I mean actually need to deal with that we get to it because we've heard anything about. This team coached that need that your best laid plans can go to waste and injuries popped up I mean how many times as it happened that we sweated these large. And then. Here it comes and as something that completely answer the questions are bigger things injury. That one goes in opening regular bank robbery cases saying so. I don't think it does any good just let what can happen down the line when you don't know what they're cute generation of this Jean and beat they they tell. A lot of injuries so it was an adult let you do you think about it they're junior here go down in the third inning on opening data loss or brawn early. But we can't think about this year you know able. They've lost their top two their Manama on starting pitcher ouster lead shot speed pitches and I. Because jaded and Anderson. They have between injuries and illness and little weird thing they've got a tremendous number of little hurdles to overcome and cover and you know here they are. Quarter of this in the book actions and that person. The Atlanta Braves all. Of the best record in the National League so I don't know I think you're the first six weeks to talk to anything that. Don't make don't let visions like definitely got to make. Obama well I and I agree with that because they've said this before we heard on spring training sometimes in these things take care of themselves and don't have to worry about it. Blight you know again you know I know it's a day by day thing with prime brawn on that back and resist it this this or else bothering him to sit in the back is in there have been other things bothering in the caesar's you struggle. Well but then I think the big ones that he's right captains and Phnom bothering them. All you know the fact is an issue yet that yet surgery. Like. Too he's 03. Seasons ago so ever since that it get that worked on such a domain and com. Look at both think equation for right brightest diplomats said the Cuba or bill Jim or Brian Brohm at any other player ever. When he's healthy he's good he's that healthy he's now. And you know to some extent that your for everybody. To me just. Not I say that is true your Brian Brohm and anybody else. And he's been banged up again. And you know it's not throw back the preparations. You know people blame the training Stapp and pictures all these injuries now they're looking at it. The soft tissues you know he to a capturing the little preventable of that preparation. I know for the prime brought it is not preparation. Com. It's just that he's thirty or your result. And this happens the armed baseball players who are 34 years old I don't know that you're going to be able to. Get around it. Or at least planned or not being an issue I think you just have to. I've been here that he is gonna mr. Putin emit some gains in you try to get help as many games you can bet I'm actually. Don't think they're to commit. I'd that the I mean I think is gonna be a part of this team just not as big apartment he mentioned in the you know where it's in the order. That that is something that. Think about at some point or should we can't get healthy. Armed but you know I don't I don't know when the right point is is to do that because then I'll have a great game. And the fact Ryan brought again and anything you want him in Israel so it's it. It's really the whole situation is very very tricky for Craig Counsell. Given our bronze history in the organization he's produced in his Al. We still looks capable of producing the way opposing genes you know approached him in a way that makes it you know obvious that debuts in this still dangerous. It's just that this is this is worker council are currently at fox. Because uses for our diseases they looked on him drop program in the order your release him all that well. And and that's that's an oversimplification. Here actually making those decisions to little more Dutch. There is adamant Cali are Milwaukee baseball insider joining bill Michael's earlier today on the bill Michaels shows you miss any portion of that fan on demand. Is that 1057 FM the fan dot com present by John Paul's Buick GMC hi we 100. And Greenfield or. If you listen to an on demand on the radio dot comment the knew that for sports Radio One 057 FM the fan had a quick break on the other side. My daily visit on the Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on dyke show with Tim Allen the host of the plane's progress league baseball post game show you're listening to the only station birds fans need sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. On that show bill bios singer Robbie Mac life get you ready for game two Big Three game set between the brewers. And the Diamondbacks just about seventeen minutes before first pitch. You know what that music means how we don't have to tell you can hang up the thought. Here is the still the glades farm fleet baseball folks gave show. Presented by at Rostock it is a valid franchise that worries there. I'm good to go hot dogs in my backpack here relished. I didn't show just wanted to go on sir I was. I'm getting better. Not over Dieter dollar scholarship that I got a chocolate shake and a couple of hot dogs. That but the doctor prescribes called god now. A cholesterol levels that one pro bowler it and I didn't know if that's good as they they don't you concerned too about 200 all your good that mission ahead of third I. Okay. Tim the birds are 45 in 78 at the quarter mark of the season can they keep up this pace if not wins which could get them to a hundred can they keep up this level of play. For the other three quarters of the season. It could it be too off I mean that's a hundred plants right that would be tough that would be challenging but. Knew what they're Dylan. Is build a little bit of a cushion here. Because there and Craig Counsell would admit this that this you'll hit a funk at some point at which they did I mean they've they've lost former Ronald. You know whoever it was like I can't remember who was. But they did lose four world Aaron and and and I wouldn't be surprised at some point they'd lose four row again share this or that its average it it does yeah it does and so you built a little cushion to allow that to where doesn't kill yet. And in on the team has got to have some sort of better lock in terms of hell. And no vote would his season is now officially over and Zach Davies will find out more on him tomorrow chase sneeze or get better and you know Jimmy Nelson. Still no timeline there but. You would assume that those two things would offset each other. Seoul to keep all 100 game pace that's going to be a tough challenge but when there is a little bit of a letdown maybe the offsetting. Is the guys getting healthier. And so that may help does it feel like they've been that good it doesn't. That's the thing. I I wake up every morning saying now how the hell are they do in this or use a different word and now but. Seriously sometimes I even think that. Shouldn't really be doing minutes. There really shouldn't that so in that regard we we'd talked about how unlucky at times this team can be but. You know there is some luck factor here. And that is facing the Diamondbacks at this exact time. Another scuffle and over the weekend and then they get on an and then they get a an injury by yesterday with Pollack on down and and they've got two games left for the nymex this week and then three again next week at Miller Park so there's a little locked factor there government. Replete if you look at the numbers offensively. They shouldn't be doing it. Tony five wins most in the National League if you look at it with splash value name recognition in the rotation. It really should redo in this now if you look at their defense of numbers. They shouldn't be doing this reason I think we could point to and say yeah I could see that miserable. Yet the bullpen has been lights out now. And it's that that is the one part that maybe they crack too little bit of a code of baseball's leaning in that direction. I think that's the way that baseball's had it yet. With with these you know it that the art of ball pending which is one of those new baseball terms you don't do you like the the direction that is all that because some people. Are being dragged kicking and screaming all along the way. No I'd like just because this is strategy gases chest that's what I like there's a lot of movement s.'s splits in this is lefty righty righty and lefties this is off all of those things. And this is a pitching change that absolutely have to be docked last night the the Diamondbacks used four pitchers in the one inning to four consecutive different batters. That's that's a Metheny Metheny did it was six straight couple years ago. As so. Maybe this is it's probably not a popular thing because we all want the guys is taken off that she eaten and you know go that route but I love it. Who on this team do you wonder stale if veiled take add a diver or a turn for the worse and and maybe that would be what brings a spurs team back down to earth and off their hundredth game pace. I think collectively if the bullpen Hedman do what they're doing. And they probably have three or four less wins and now it's a different dynamic. In an ideal look at that. Don't few games over 500 rather than. Eight and in this they're high walk high water mark right now so that and we all know that the bullpen is gonna come down to earth a little bit. They well but the staggered effect of that is. Where some of the guys will come down a little bit Corey can naval mate pick things back up as his health gets a little bit better so that fact could. Even things off a little bit. I don't. It causes talking ability baby it's house. On the way Yemen and it was Ellis and the the Ellis came up and we are talking about. Well would you sign long term and things like Patton and that's what you need to do as you as you continue this build here. You know it's repaid be the most fleeced deal that it's curtains is done yet that guy. That kid. And tell us what their paying him it's just the contract yet the style of play media check in all honesty it is a box orient. He he really as he's one hell of a beat you wanted to find a baseball player at a position player. As Christian said when the season started Christian you know it was the best player on the spurs roster I think he has tonight I would agree with that Romney's the best all around baseball player on the stage speaking of a building and rebuilding the DC the everybody's been posting and everybody who who covers the spurs team that the pictures from Maryville baseball park yachts they re they raise the whole thing down the only thing that still standing is the press box they need to get our off. Is in there and then again is Brian for that I'm broadcast Booth at a USA the fan I can't wait for that I'm sure that I'm sure that's part of the construction plan I bet you that was the first blueprint that was laid down in front in front market to Nazi where's the fans up and offices. Yet did you see you know Debbie right. Debbie from the front on that meadow. Yesterday's game as a follow pop up about four rows deep a half X ball landed right her lap. That's a little bit of an inside job at W to have your name is Debbie Dunleavy yet she's she's ahead of the job right right as you walk into the offices a lot of club house via analog she's the receptionist on concerns that is Tim Allen catch him and bill baby attachment you just walked in Mike Kramer from sites who took the it. But this I'm regulate how are hopefully this baseball post game show presented by add rules not his suit. As this game is over Robin back lots and thanks for listening. During the game everybody.