Dennis Michelsen and Lori Munro join The Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, November 11th
Dennis Michelsen and Lori Munro from Race Talk Radio join The Final Inspection Show

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Welcome back to violence but shed what 057. I had. Then as I Gholston Laurie gros race dot radio hour. That stopped on I you know what that means that it's time for you ask our next. Lori met Ro can leave you that there's only two more races left in the basket Pepsi's. I can't. And I can't I don't know where that your Wentz and I just generally savoring these last races because this. The way the system is now this is when things are really really getting ramp up and Nancy Otto organ seat Phoenix it's going to be first cut second just about guarantee. Mr. Capps. What a crazy race at Texas this new reconfiguration. The cars were cool what about 400 miles an hour. Diana into turn one nobody could hang out during a restart it was just all made him but then. After a restart. It was clean air that was all that mattered clean air trump to. New tires again. And we ended up with single file racing. It's pretty asked Garrett and realize. That they've got to make major changes. To the aero package. Maybe get rid of that front splitter may be get rid of those sites Turks try something new. Site skirts. Confused me because they seem to vary from cart car or maybe for manufactured manufacturer like some arches soul. They stick it out so far on some. And and they don't appear to want some other cars unless it's just the way the pain is too like that the color of the car and and whatnot I. Maybe it's an optical illusion have you noticed that. Yeah I hear. You know they seem to be pulling them out to the maximum amount of hole on the driver's side which I don't understand. I'm not sure get the aero this obviously it's not illegal it's not illegal hit a track like that but not all not all the cars in the same town. No they. All look like there's. It's almost like NASCAR is allowing some kind of a variants and teams have figured out that. This much site speaker polling. Gives us better. Control with our front and it's maybe it is manufactured. Thing with the nose is being slightly different I don't know it. I've just click and rip it off altogether this reminds me of when NASCAR was so stubborn. That they wanted to stay with their rear wing instead of a spoiler. Yeah wet. Everything. Your eyes were shelling you. Were telling you that way with a bad idea and they still stuck with that wait too long a panel wondering you know. Is it time for the splitter to go is that what's really causing. All of this aero tight as is the fact that he got too much nose down force. Too much of this site sister thing. Yanked off right I would just like to see them make a change into a test and see if it's a matter. Well good luck on that I think the whole thing is NASCAR probably has. A new sponsor called clean air and they have to really you know just abide by whatever contract they have with clean air or clean air comes from ever owns. Bones clean air I. Not sure but that's Ali here's clean air clean air clean errors leading the way and I thought it was. It was Kyle Busch and clean errors at the eighteen now expects the front. Just a product got it all figured out that. Anyway getting back to the craziness of these last few races we've got three guys locked the end. For the championship. Before. At Miami just like I liked the state chases that playoffs I think I'm gonna sit idle for that championship or just be renegade. We'll weeks he may house. To get clip last. Coveted position. Or weakening the outlet to back let out on Monday. I don't see how we can not have made him because. This entire system. Is. Designed so that these guys are desperate we'd seen what happens and we we so would happily Denny Hamlin and chase Elliott. I cannot. Believe that we will see something that you know just leaves us screaming me either until late because it was such a show. Or why did this guy do this and then have some other driver being the most hated guy on the face of the years. I expect there's going to be something crazy going on I Celtic it's gonna be paid back by eight. You know one driver against another I just think it's going to be it it's it's gonna be musical chairs type thing it's gonna be every man for himself to get that final spot. And god knows what they're gonna do to get it but it'll be fun to watch. And EF. Somebody has to do something really nasty to get in do you think that they're going to get a payback at Miami in some sort of way. To sort of nullify. The nastiness that Phoenix or is this just more of the drama that we. Accesses the chance this is the chance you have to take is it worse driving with one eye in the back you're head. I think it probably is because what's the chill this year either you make the chase AF chaser on the chase too but it is the chase atop. You make the chase doing what every it can't. And then possibly get to look at buys some sort of guy coming back action at homestead or you just lay back and Janice in Iran drive in circles. I would prefer to be the driver that takes the chance got to knock someone out of my way to get in their so be it. At least you will be one of the final four. You know if you're not in the final bore you do not have a chance of when in the championships so you gotta do whatever he can. You know just throw caution to the wind if there's going to be paid back there's going to be paid back east about a. Action unless something bad happens to Brad Kozlowski in this race one of the outside for. Denny Hamlin Ryan Bellini chase Elliott or Jimmie Johnson has to pull off the win it year in that thing at Phoenix. Of those four which would you put the most money out who's more likely. To win to getting in of those organizer. Will we see Brad Kozlowski. Is go out there with the race and say see I can do that too. Well hopefully big guy he goes trance Herby you know you mr. Breck has laws is hopefully he does do it that way. I think that would be great thanks for him but. The other four guys you know Jimmie Johnson eat and sit here and say oh they're gonna just they're gonna act crank it up and go to Phoenix and dispute that snooze Jimmie Johnson. Just grab it well my god we would have seen that by now I just don't think it's gonna happen and chase Elliott my god he's been second how many times I just don't know. I look at Denny Hamlin the slick guy who got this killer instinct. I just think he's the guy that can go out there and get the job done. If I could pick. And pick who I would like to get in I would look Ryan blini you know this guy is he's brought them all back he's brought cool back. He reminds me Tim Richmond just the way he has yeah swagger going up this kid at this kid can drive any you know it's just it would be the best story on her to see wood Brothers back. There that would be a great story because now so they've been really good at the mile and A half tracks with the exception of a couple here in the playoffs. So I think it would have a chance. To package on win I would love to see the wood Brothers and again. Absolutely you know that would be that the feel good story but I agree with via of those four guys the one guy who is shell. He's got shot put a bumper on somebody. To get the job done would be and have him. So I'll let you know what's gonna happen now it's gonna be one of these deals it's gonna come down to the guy who does not have bad luck yup. Because you know bad luck easily serve all and it just circling in the black cloud you got to just keep your nose clean don't have bad luck as well are. Right side note neither one of us have been big aficionados. Of this chase last playoff thing in the past. This is the first year of this new system with carrying over playoff points now. I certainly will ever go back to the old fashion way of doing it because they love this chase format they seem to love this that at this. Getting it down to four with one race making it all you know all that outlined for one race type of format. The first year of this system do you like it. Overall I like it better the fact that you can have some sort of prize in your back pocket to carry for a few. This cleaning up the Slaton everybody being equal. That sent me with such a disservice to the guys who actually had some global consistency. This brings it back is close to the old system as we've seen in many many years to have these bonus points. Been able to carry them all over I think is a great thing and it is a great incentive I think these guys this while. I like it here well folks it is time to step back take quick break. When we come back would it be low lit up some mascara stills. You'll listen to the final inspection 1057. Ab fab. Up bad. Welcome back. The pilots back ship went 057 they have nabbed them man. It doesn't worry about Saturday afternoon. LA values he's. It's time to get out the only flags bags respects Atlantans. Battered image Ellis Ellis. That's. The calls. The blow up some masters. Coming does this does is that we got. Great turkeys in mind for you to blow well. Yeah I am I all the like that I'd like to blow up people that are already playing Christmas music now stop Obama. And a that's its early gallery yells at that one bird are right non. NASCAR showed during the off season and so Lari better. Rode out the get folks at Milwaukee Wisconsin and around the world that the interwebs outfield still blowing works. At the. Has that say you're me here anyone around the world in the in the week at NASCAR wicker to blow it up for you to just like. Patrick who wrote in a couple weeks ago. He sets that. NASCAR. Is really. It thinks it has gone wrong here. The TV broadcasters. Dumbing down. The broadcast to get the new fancy haven't watched NASCAR much he just doesn't like the way Jeff Burton's the tart they say it explain things. Everybody knows sovereignty. So heat and he understands that NBC your foxy trying to get the need fans but just don't dumb down or over explained things. And I agree with him sort of gets old I'm not really. Yeah a big fan of all that type of stuff now my still blowing this week. Pass to do with Matt Kenseth. And Carl Edwards and what I don't understand is this whole similar phrasing. In the departure. Though Matt Kenseth just like Carl Edwards is saying that Matt Kenseth. Stepping away from the sport. So basically I really think there's a room somewhere that somebody has Carl Edwards tied up. And they're and it grabbed candidate the next time not put the stepping away. Stepped away from the sport NASCAR is sad to say that Matt can sort of stepping which stepping away eat this ice for. Eric Jones says his right now nobody seems to be coming forward wanting neck cancer I don't know stepping. Is being forced out for the love of god. Yep that are in drivers stepping away up lawyers. You know Kelly. Kale Yarborough is still stepping away from the sport east and giddy days. Now keep on the calendar I don't seek jail anymore. David paerson picked him back Evernote Bryant late egos somewhere else the lip Brothers Mike Peterson out of retirement he just stepped away from mascara for silver fox returns. That's. That's really stepping away it's so lame stepping way step step away as the phrase that should be blown up to it. A pirate ship they have a plank in your forcing summoned a locked up like you say auto stepped. It makes the day he stipulated that the auto oceans could be eaten by a by sharks. Probably they got away from now. At least they're not stress release and not stepping. It before others stepping away. Well but that's on another story. All righty I've got to still apply in this guy's been getting a lot of attention on the still blowing so this year but not gonna give them one more time. In the spotlight because he irritated it this past week on now. I used to love this guy. It was that might eat it now sisters in effect what is calling the truck races. And the arc races. I want to set this guy is the best in the business right now at that includes Mike generally like that the world. Rick Allen you deserve it again because last week at Texas Motor Speedway. It's okay they have a race that is not exactly. The real stopper. Lap by lap for 500 miles up 500 mile race. Is not going to. Eight drills stopper. From the first lap that last lap they're going to be somewhat dull opens the race were Isaac is trying to serve body. But Ray Allen keeps you haven't asked for commercials they show like the battle for sixteenth place. And he's making it sound like it's the championship rod. Step outs on our side. Stepping past fifth. Eat sensational. It's a place for god sakes meanwhile are. Out right into it the Hubble space telescope to see first and second place at saint screen. And he's getting excited about something back in the pack look at district three all right. Everytime he's so great why. It's to yield pillars that are currently eight god they hit drive the order straight to light a about it and that one. Borg that it comes up Bonderman has asked about the same. Yeah I'd pick out what I went 200 miles an hour the other guys that point 160. It was three wide for Miller sack yet. Yet make it sound like it's the most exciting thing that's ever happened at the sport. Rick you know what you call embrace. Paths as it it's the rate as well while trying. It stops being important to have a great pass for all time because they also say that it pollutes the big grilling. Final lap call. Is eight whip its stay twit for now note. I did in the race at Daytona 500 win the championship wanna stick gets eight this pact with overture. Enix. Stop. Over dramatics. Here yourself Michael now I'd like my willingness to stun the accurate. I eat while myself. You need to step away. Robert. Are right you can't still just on theatrics I bite might throw my hands in the air ice stepped away. I've always been a repellent and I'm learning from the master. Right. Asking is the worst kept secret. In the NASCAR garage areas out. Lori but row Eric Albert row look at drive the number ten car first -- at Stewart Haas racing. Gone that's incredible. I like Ernie missed what happened. 00. I was all says when man now that. An announcement that they have a big announcement and it's going to sponsored by some of in now. Geez. It was that late Larry the Cable Guy Ayers now Willard that was getting ranking ball may get fans that. That it got the job is well. Kermit the Frog he spent around pork for a long time. Also asked our news having to do it Tony Stewart racing how about to vote still work. That we race the mixed race next year on the road courses. Premonition. Months ago that we'd be seen Tony Stewart back racing again because he's he's he stepped to me NASCAR. Instead his other stuff I think he's got to be get a bit of an inch I probably is getting bored just sort of watching stuff he's tracking it. It's a seat on the guy. In an extent IndyCar madame let him do some laps I I think he'd be great other. Let them have some fun. And let him have some fun in the broad courses that's Tony's place man he'll be great there that we'd a couple of races next year. Well how can. Also ask our news NASCAR of all the possible. Former champions they could have for honorary starter. To help their championship race at homestead Miami speedway they've picked. Abby Douglas. To. Yep Douglas. Beat former Olympic star. Is going to be the honorary starter homestead. Miami speedway again. You know hopes to promote the Olympics for an BC in this year and animals Olympics I think it's crazy between the spread terror. Who's there aren't surprised that Jamaican bobsled team isn't doing NASCAR analysis right now. I'm tied to the Jamaican bobsled team would be a lot more. Fitting the back it. The whole Jeff boat dine bobsled. Bode dying slight thing has a connection. Get a point there makes more sense than any thank you got to really get that are well Laura met groping for a week wrap things up. Who is your pick that weekend at the politics. Well I'm just gonna go ahead with what we discussed and I'm gonna pick Wright and Bellini golf it. Air app it picked him. For the he's gonna rip he's gimmick out she's gonna knock somebody out of the way to win. And that he's gonna say. Art is crime and buddy this trend. Expert to get to that NASCAR's segment out but inspection what 057 app dial up bad.