Dennis Michelsen and Lori Munro join The Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, May 19th
Dennis Michelsen and Lori Munro join The Final Inspection Show

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Welcome back to apocalypse backs it but it's evident them the man that is odd thousand Lori Monroe and it's done ready or not count that's means it's time to go in depth. You're asking her to our. It Lowery Munro. Saturday night Kansas Speedway. And Kevin Harvick again getting that were there any doubt in the sky just gonna win every race for the rest of the year from a look at that. How can one Ford T piece owed dominant. In the hero we're all the cars are supposed to be so equal. Well obviously Ford has an advantage everybody knows that but it and you got another vantage of having Kevin Hart the whale so yet got a double whammy a look at it. Here's the scary part is her ex been able to do this despite his pit crew. Operating about at about 80% like they always do could you imagine if they ever to finish pit stops. Get all right this guy would never lose again. Well they could work on Madden and just keep go like where's it gonna end. The problem that I find here in the early frustrates the hell lot of meat. Is the fact that Kevin Harvick and go out there and win. All these races what is the yacht race number five or something. And then the stupid. Chase playoffs whatever reset formula comes a lot. And say they sort of a bit of splatter in their step towards the end of the year. And basically erases all of that good that they done again another issue I have NASCAR sock. I don't know IE. NASCAR thing in an on I think we talked about it last week its wholesale sang a NASCAR it just. It just looks like they're not even serious about it and they start changing things so again you've got a guy who should be consistent and go out there. Win accumulate all these points. Out it's wonderful and then. By some weird stroke of bad luck ends up not getting championship because of some student. We keep hearing the rumors about the sale of NASCAR at what I first heard this I thought. Well this is some sort of a ploy. To get up value. On the sport or some other reason I really. Think it was serious that they'd be selling but the more I think about it and the more I think about that name Goldman Sachs being involved. The more I think it's really real deal that we're going to see it sold. If we Doocy asked are sold to another entity. Is that possible that we could do you all the crap that we don't like it NASCAR get back to the best racing on the planet. It just depends who that entity units and it's that entity is somebody who actually. Understands. Racing stock car racing the history of the sport and all that so I don't know it'll be interesting to see what happens if it does happen. One thing that I've found area resting this year is it's sort of all the people in the sport sorted in murdered over the last. Five years or so. Where there are very reluctant. To speak ill of the sport in any way. And once again this past week with cold hurt in the 78 team bringing the knicks are out. He makes some adjustments they're after a crash damaged it get the car back on the track it masters right now. I don't know all league battery operated things can be used. Call hurt lit them up on Twitter. Really amazed at how outspoken. Some of the people with it NASCAR. Have gotten over all these rules that keep being put in place. It's about time there's got to be a tipping point here that whole deal affect huge cut off soft I think is just. You know where where's it in the end I don't understand NASCAR I mean have control over every single. Rich it's being used at the racetrack and that eight cut off Sox. I don't know it just it's something that every junkyard it's it's it's it's something that gets the job done but now known NASCAR asked to speak up. Use that. And they're gonna have sole or operated jump extent their picture. It's something we've seen. At NASCAR races for ever it was like to think there wasn't like this was something do that a team invented I just. It's so funny the things that ask are hit this. To enforce and the stuff that they don't force it it's just. I wonder who's in charge right now. It's back to my point by accident last week is well it just like they're not serious. They're not serious about what's going on major ski they tweak this a little patent. Well. Maybe that didn't solve the problem just tweak it but now they're just sort of Willy Nilly or you can't use that if you bring an orange site eighties and orange -- asked to be. Has to be official NASCAR collars. It's just crazy. It fitted bit monster energy green I think they would have gotten the probably unbelievable but again NASCAR tweaking a rule because the teams figuring out that. Hey if I don't make it through. Pre qualifying inspection and I have to start from the rear. Get to start up brand new tires so NASCAR has now changed that rule. Now everybody starts the race aren't brand new tires. It is so funny to watch these NASCAR crew chiefs constantly outsmart. NASCAR. SB stick it. Because this whole deal load starting at the back. Missed. Qualifying. Sneak east fresh tires. Is that the starter race don't want fresh tires towards endeavor race this is what I don't get why is that such a big it managed. And I understand probably one RT tracks that might make some. Some certain percentage. Of difference but to me it's nothing. Nothing that anybody should be getting all crazy about because. To meet the started her racy got fresh tires for your packet that act. So. It's a 400 mile race for prime d.s sakes it's not a sprint. Very weird. Also mascara Bali to get tougher on the rules is that they get any tougher because yet. At another rear window collapsed this type hunt Tyler's scarf. You have Hampshire death penalties coming around a corner for whatever happens next you know they'd. They say time and time again all the next a next round penalties will be very severe and then nothing really happens. It out just sort of like raising kids I suppose it's just don't do this. Spill in Nina ever disciplined kid so he just keeps going. This is what NASCAR Stein and I truly don't know what the next step it is I guess she just send everybody home. To the point or NASCAR private look to send everybody home and not even have a sport to have to worry about because that seems to be the rent that they're going. You know we're gonna we're gonna out obliterate all of our starters speak it's because we say so well that's the reason. People are showing up to attract the few that still aren't going. Is because they wanna see their stars that are their sports heroes but NASCAR again is still going back to the old. The old adage that. You need the sport more than the sport EG two that's certainly changed. While folks it is time to take quick break. Will be back with our NASCAR talk elicit the final inspection went 057 app that stuff I. Welcome back to the final inspection what a pot 7UP spam doesn't lowering. On Saturday afternoon target. Ask Jared. Lorena grow big ball we get to the all star race yet this is sort of half way point of the NASCAR season. Sort of you know little early but. The same idea with got enough races under our belt out to know who'll is do it well who is doing. Poorly obviously Kevin Harvick opening. This 2018. Season but is that. Biggest surprise. To seize. I the surprises. In my opinion are not at it surprises the one good surprise I would say probably would be Erica on a roll up. But I expected him to use pretty darn good met ten car what is surprising me are the guys who are having. What I would say exceptionally eight years. You know you got chased Eliot once again not getting a win. And just surely not doing much at then again all Chevrolet is having issues all of Hendrick is having issues. So you know it's it's just unfortunate for them by. But if you wanna say just 11 bright spot would have to meet. I would have to be here all my role lights. Who's the biggest disappointment for the 2008. Season so far. Biggest disappointments. Gosh I don't know I probably because the expectation was so high. And that would be chase sell it because everybody assumed he'd win they had all these statistics out there well. His father finished second eight times for god is win. And then they start pump that up. It's again they're they're following that same bad script. That came along with Dale Senior and Dale Junior. All these suns have to Mir or exceed what their father did and that's just so unrealistic. And it gay you're seeing that placed upon chase Elliott. I almost don't feel as much this year is like a last year course but. The hype around him being in the nine that has sort of faded away twos so hopefully that given it some space so let him just. Just develop on its own. His own pace. Sits it's just been a little bit crazy with him. I pedal little surprised how good for it's been this year because they were doing a good job whining before the season. That eight there were you know second team that it that Toyota teams and all this. And my biggest disappointment. This year has been Hendrick Motorsports I just have not but we help add the whole team is BN. Relative to where you expect that be accurate in Europe. Well the loss of Jeff Gordon behind the wheel and in Dale Junior. And then bringing in the young kids you know we've got Byron which you know still should be running XP entity in my opinion. It's just. It just doesn't seem a strong. Driver wise as they have been in the in the last. How long last two decades out. It I guess stands to reason it's like they're almost growing their there they're just like in a growing phase right now or a standstill maybe. The other big surprise for me this year is in the lack of caution flags throughout the race. We suck and we started getting cancer is where it was just about eight the only cautions early on. Were for the end of the stages. Well we don't need all these fake cautions anymore we don't need to debris cautions that. Everybody was screaming about it because we have all these stages now so they don't have to have these fabricated. Koch at such a sort of tells you how many were. But ice is the leaked out each other and cause wrecks that today. How did you know necessarily to millions watched the Rex eat at like the race we see in the heart racing. Lee you but he cautions late. I'd like to really get in touch with a statistician because I truly believe that the state to precautions to really outnumber legitimate. Hard. You know door to door bang in wrecks as cautions I really. Now we turn our sites to you that the fund race of the year this is always in the race that I said. If you're introducing somebody in NASCAR get up to watch the old Winston. That was the that was the race to get somebody but because it was just. All exciting wreck for the getting. This year for the all star race all kinds of new rules. Listening to Kevin Harvick talked about this out happy hours. This week. But he understands what these rules are gonna do for the race. Does that really matter for this race so all it is is entertainment. This is all we really have with the all star race it just comes down to just pure entertainment so. You know sit down have your popcorn and as a driver just go to there and and turns some laps right. You know idea maybe the get a handout flyers before the race and let everybody know. Team 45 minute practices. Are all these guys will get a chance of having these cars on the track because there's no no testing. They take it the cars wind tunnel that'll tell you so much. They can only do so much with computer programming so it's such a lack of preparation. Time for this race I'm not censure any but he understands how these cars going race. Does that affect who you would hit for the big race this this evening. I'm really because I kind of feel a lot of this year's been very unpredictable anyway to a certain degree. And in Elvis this whole deal about these guys not really known what's gonna happen isn't that again. Come back to what NASCAR wants they want everybody sort of haven't the paint on their fee in not really know low land and all that and their probably and a you know we had happy Wheeler he probably in the field. Cart wants everybody show up sort of not know on what's gonna happen and just to throw the dice and. And water out it's going to beat mania and opened his can alert a single thing for how these cars getting him deal. On the Charlotte track with a 600 so that goes way. All there is is to win this thing. Lori Munro who is your pick to win the 2018. Star race Ryan Laney. Ryan Clady is a solid. Solid thick. I go out on the limb. I'm going to take a guy who's really good in the short segment tight races I'm going to take. Mr. Kyle Busch well folks is gonna wrap it up for the ask our segment elicit a final inspection went 057 up well. Up plan.