DiComo-The Mets have been very inconsistent

Brewers Coverage
Thursday, May 24th
Anthony Dicomo from MLB.com talks about the Mets shaky start, injuries and helps preview the upcoming series between the Mets and Brewers.

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Can't be too Como Mets beat writer for mlb.com now joining us on the Schneider orange outline as much Anthony's I wanna get into the brewers in the Mets. Major League Baseball making some news it all bridges saying sure we reducing baseball's I mean I just came out I mean which is pretty. I I guess for lack of a better term that's that's kind of earth shattering in the sense that they've always said other baseballs are normal right. Yeah out there that are now being and I can honestly thought that's about it five minutes before Iran you so evident I'm very early. The report that a note you are released but. My initial take it was. Yes stumping with different yes. GE or run an apartment with different but we don't know why go public period there expect big guy. That they're called typically because they're cranking it out there want to do what I've been than 25. Yeah it's I'm sure there's going to be a lot of discussion about this but the one thing that everybody's been talking about is obviously. Stadiums the way they've been billed to the newer stadiums some of the shorter porch used. Things like that and then obviously the one common denominator is a baseball everybody's always said the baseball has a spring to it that we haven't seen a long long time so. We'll see what else they happen to say about it until about this Mets team because it was a Mets team that brought that to purposes was supposed to be battling near the top. And today they they looked good at times other times they have not. They've had some injuries to go along with its aware are the Mets right now. They're extremely. Good that they about had a nine game winning streak earlier this year. They worked for a time but human baseball record wise then and they look apart and look like a in that it you know if you're a baseball that could certainly. Continued sort way throughout the summer well. That sort of stay at it than they've just been wildly it's been one of public sector gain. In fact one or straight. And an extra two or tomorrow precluding it really bad on last night where Robert Corliss and they lose. Anyway. He often had not yet been problem. Are you or looking at but they keep and it. Our boot of whatever or help appears solid and Atlanta but I'm at a lot of run every at bat. So they've moved a lot or nothing game two to one game been like that. Rotation beyond it the common note in the cart has been particularly consistent the Mets haven't found. Anyone can rely on whether. He Nat Eric Wheeler Jason Vargas. So bad that the amount of rotation for our. Are they have had nothing of consequence yeah that's a starter. And alternate system. You ever been on that looked really really good. Look on some interest in arm there and Robert elements Lugo. But they're close merger it's been consistent people that they last night and opened down I just haven't had that eagle on that they've needed. Take control. Division I nationals are struggling and repeat it and upgrade our our public coming. They look really really good but really look pretty good so it's not just Blake. When the Mets slats on the agent when he kicked he made it all over much of that team they're as curious complicit in the east now and the Mets are struggling kind of show that they're both class. Flat here. You had mentioned coming up this evening you've got to Stephen match the left he's going to be on the hill tonight a 442 ERA zag Davies. Part of this group brand and zagged Davies coming back over the ten day DL. So I'm not quite sure what to expect Fran this evening when you mentioned Stephen Madsen is in Kansas he won the bit above a boost for him has been. At least the way I see is there's times work. He just look lazy a mole people down also and it is control he just doesn't depend on control resource to get behind in the count they either hitting he's given up some and untimely walks. His dad in his season in a nutshell. Yeah absolutely perfect time nipple or you really struggled to get ahead in counts as a result he he has recorder now the expending one. In tired he would go back to not and apply. You know that they would you can Matt if you look at him and actually. Or 95 on the left side and throughout his career. Towards and I'd buy her way he's been healthy NiSource stretch like you that helped a pretty good. All right Erica outdated not you documents that you. They don't really know what did you already go. He still has that Allen who wrote. Low to mid nineties from the left side like I said while the longest stretch he's ever had. In the career were actually has big group helping the extent has it been that throws strikes he got out the way. But he just a minute. Odds are right now I have the call moments be ready for mlb.com. And meanwhile the rest of the Murrah the rest of the Mets. Cabrera is having a solid season SS that is say diggers in the season 28 RBIs you some of the guys are supposed produced. There they are what what else has been the bugaboo with his team. Well kindred again but the offense you're at that but it's on the equipment right now. Art Frazier that are there whether bigger our students are on the table where. Michael couldn't afford though with all our last year has really ought to only because of picking it up. So Alastair welcome Brett that it might be that you kind of you'll want done with any consistency. Adrian dolls that are being has been to do that I would say forget it really give you that. Punched you in the middle of the lineup though they haven't had a lot of guys who have what kind of taken over it and dominated for a stretch. In the lineup and and that's kind of what you eat he brought America relied for years now. I join a desperate to beat Jack I haven't been. Spent all off season try Q. Work on ways to or eight leg injuries that have kept him out for the much of the past few years then all of ulterior he may yet. On the civil and it's really don't have a great idea or you write you back so they're looking always cracked hitter off red but the way it's built. That you made. Even the president batting average is that the power to. Whenever you're home run they're gonna win games they have been in all brought and that's a pretty big issue furcal but that really have a lot of utterly score. Yeah I go through some of the year's statistics on this team you look at the guys it is they have 100 plus had bags. The fact that Cabrera is is hitting the hell out of the ball. It's like everybody else is having it it just a tick below that what you would expect out of them kind of year you know Gonzales is it to 6576. Is 76 OBS. Some of the numbers are down assessed this like to sit on the idea Al. You've got Frazier only hitting to 37769. OPIC just you know I didn't enough offensively out of his team right now. Yeah it'd get really it up but I'm auto auto I mentioned earlier. That was their guy who could beat out others go to a lineup better you eat overeat has done next he offered her back shoulder surgery about Oprah. That's the reason why. Are on that regard air bag are the most of this season and it could be done prospect. Last year in the bowl you know on our reality Derrek Lee record these guys to work related to get on fire right now and other cities he really has done. You know statement Mets offensively so that it haven't had a guy who they can rely Frazier were pretty good but never really get the PK and barely. I think it to nobody it at the state it's a big RBIs. Justice got a couple of big it's big RBIs they could have not had one guy today put the offense on the back. And carry them until that happens that you wonder how the court. This my question do they have that capability. Think duke is a talent there and you know we're talking about this the other day if you look at ways to prove that he there's a lot of places they go with AK. Replace someone in the lineup with a trader of them like pat. And get markedly better they go have a lot of talent here with desperate with Frazier with Draper we have nurtured. Well below what it looked dark. Brit career you know hopeful ballot that Dario become a dollar short I'm very hopeful that oil up. Get back on track being one of the that there are nationally though. Not a lot they can look outside of sit back. And I hope that they are because most of these guys track record it is or so are the better lineup most of these guys have had. What do you expect basically. Except be. Realized yet. So guys they have on a miner's town tucked hero quick about say guy like Dominic Smith thirteen year Evans and you know they've got a couple of decent pitchers down there and then you know because I don't think it's a team that's bereft in the minor league system of talent. As soon if this team does need to make a deal and they believe. Some of the guys coming out Las Vegas are capable of helping this franchise by being dealt would they deal them are they still in that were trying to gather as much as we can mode. No they would deal some of those guys the problem and a lot of the guys you mentioned. You know well outdo our layer. Prouder of the sort had agreed bid by and large have not seen that among the thickly comic and I thought well it's quiet here. When he got that big league our league has been an issue and that he put ought to wait. Overlap summary cent drop there but it's been kind of recurring theme. Our average. You heard there are now part of this summer and executed let's wait there and try to prove that it is that the injury if you. They don't how. Hasn't really getting more apparent Dodd prospect that and it got a day they're pretty involved it could go good. But for a couple years the credit Gator shirt all period on. Equity fifteen so reportedly looking to add pieces. And I think it's bad anything during the trait that art. It will be pitching our hitting. But I think art pieces that are engaged you in return they're guys who will want Doug prospects that are at a recruit and sell. And that's generally not coaching DN look forward to trade they want they want you know called. Aren't you don't want guys to. Oodles of potential value they can't get all I think it's. There's a pretty good chance that on the net. Does that and every key note about the that are not look at prospect. The bench are basically what was so it's the nature think our Democrat Al lowered down at our paper. It's the bottom half of the league farm system just because they don't have a ton of depth. A triple it all the power of the double right now dark out there you go out. Yeah well it's not yeah I'd been picked out but it could not. He passed away but I have. Kerr Anthony great stuff we certainly appreciate you look for the four game series with the Mets coming up tonight okay. Reject judges and they are edited Como the Mets beat writer for mlb.com. And amidst I count. You can read his stuff there and you joined us on the Schneider Warren challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now you work hard and he will treat you fit that simple eighty pleasures immediate done. Column 844 predatory Schneider jobs downtown.