Dining Reservations

The World According To Sparky
Wednesday, May 16th
Do you need reservations for Disney World? Should you make them? How do you do it? How early do you make them? Get your answer on Episode 2!!

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Episode two of the world according to spark ST Sparky Pfeiffer along with anti Spitzer and K Boris says that we get in soups restaurant reservations at Disney World and fast passes we'll start off first with restaurant reservations and how this whole thing works so many people. Make a mistake a huge mistake of just going to dizzy roll out any. Restaurant reservations a man thinking. There's gonna walk into any restaurant they wanna walked into cells to make reservations and apricot and decide you know we wanted to lead in France that sounds a good idea. And then you walked up and you get told the our remarks. Pulled seven down at a time and likes fifth and like two months if you wanna come back and you Regis he found ways demoralized walking away because they had no idea. But there's a science to it and. Yes there is so six months in advance so when you're playing indigo books that's insanity about who they send you an email and say hey. Time to think about your reservations. I just did it for were taken my niece and nephew down to Florida in October with my parents and my brother. And we just both the new Addison restaurant that Disney springs after the thrilling again. So. Yet we actually ran into a staff truth is you can usually do it online right. And we had a party of eight and actually said because it's not Disney owned we had to call the place to Rackley. For a is that you broker but then we're okay so you're also yet sometimes there's a little bit of us we are looking at. Eleanor just for dessert one night we go because we're going. Its fortieth birthday yeah you do it to the dessert menu McCain are liked you know just go there for dessert we'll just don't get dessert there look at desserts first yes. And that's the way to do it any restaurant that the kidding about this. How much do you know about where you wanna eat in six months vs even tonight. Yeah just like negated yeah. And we don't even Nauru one ago today today for lunch or tonight for dinner but did he said he need to know six months in advance if you wanna go where you wanna go to eat. It is way too far out to me I think. What a lot of people missed the boat on that I think some people realize like two or three months up all. Democrats are patients as probably getting filled up I don't know how many people. Are actually doing it six months so what do I we've never done that six months. Well now that's a month not six months today fast that's is war on that to the day right let. Not much restaurant reservations no but it there's certain things that we know we wanna have. And read. Earlier but any six months to the data yeah I've planned everything in advance and I think six months in advance you know ordinary thing you'd want to go to it'd be our guest roster doesn't. We knew we were going six month old not necessarily we get the first time now yeah I'll but this is the other thing about this. Is. The difference between fast passes a restaurant reservations is that so you don't even have to have a Disney ticket. You don't have to have anything booked you can gauger Disney. Reservations on line. Six months out before you got anything paid for or booked into two reservations dot different answer to pass passes where you have to have your tickets purchased. Obviously before you can get a fast pass so. Even let's say you know we know we're going in six months we haven't actually technically bought the tickets yet or what are the case may be and we're staying off property. You can still make your reservations. You don't have to wait to actually pay for anything to make the reservations and the best way to do it folks is how. Disney hamper a brain dead that that is a no brainer the Disney app allows you to do everything now the other thing that goes along. With this is there are some that are tougher than others write to get reservations at. I mean the plays were going to dial we screw up the name of an inside the magic kingdom has one or BR guest we have lunch and dinner currently current. So the same day yeah times I get a solo blast well we're not doing balls fit but the deal is is they're rolling out a new menu. Just before we get there like a couple days before we get their they're rolling out a new menu upgrading everything from and for the dinner. You don't really get a lot of choices is this is what it is. For every step of the way four course meal or whatever they're like really well right kind of like the Lou while the Polynesian which was awesome by the way. But that is something where we've been there three times in the last year we've never been able to get into this thing as a hot ticket yet right so this time. We got lunch and we got dinner lunch. We got an eleven year old a thirteen year old and a two girl once seems a lot safer place as far as food goes. Canty to beat the peace is only their dinner itself. And it's k.'s birthday so who's going to win out k.'s birthday thanks for the boys so they got something they want to eat we haven't decided that yet. So we're doing fine but that is one that six months out you media right because my friend went from acre ranch hand they could name and apparently it's. Don't wish could get a reservation at Samsung that tells you up top that places to book for you any edge you find that a restaurant or two was really tough to book. Yes I just kind of go by what's new I like to check out I was at planet Hollywood it'd planetarium that opened up in the last year last year I was there at. And I had to grilled cheese. The most flavor have ever had in my mouth problem now this video vault that claims that the planet Hollywood thank. Armed the burgers are fun guy fear and who does diners drive ins and dives so menu is. It is OK so they're like twenty bucks apiece. It to you'll agree they're huge burgers act you're kicked it share it if you have like small market can definitely share. Outlook and the reason we were going and well. It was an all figured adult on top of the saint Dallas and the reason we're going in cape why did you decide you wanted to go and as we are walking past. Pictures say the picture of the checks dried up tax the only reason we even let dead we didn't know anything about anything other that she wanted out for dessert so that's where we are going and the shakes are unbelievable I mean there in. Kind of glasses are those called. Mason Mason jar or glass. And you get whatever flavor you want so it was my birthday we can last Memorial Day weekend who and they put a piece of birthday cake on top of that stock in the first all kinds Kahne coming out the chocolate has done. Outside of it is clobbered in chocolate frosting to actually show all I am amused Hungary's like Eminem stuff cat and just that's all star Janet I'll accurate test. Ed is if you have kids is a believable and then at. The other aspect of it is like I said that like the dome part of it. They have music videos cartoons all type of stuff going there. And then debt no rights we found this out my someone in October they didn't habits of it has to be in season I guess weekend or weekend. On day out there hitting cameras all over this place and the reveals zoom in on you just eating your burger in watcher table and see what happens. Or the zoom in on you if you're lip syncing back I ended up on the big screen. Lip syncing assigned to Greece was literally be I don't know what it was by comparison out of fighting care how I was doing it. I did it look like dude you're mama I don't I thought without the continued singing. So I continue to sink so. That is really fun without the camera it's still fun but it's not as well now as Eric daddy order Barbeque wings and actually delivered in time like this miniature picnic table oh yeah we found audio Soledad and yes so I think that places great right and it's the new going side. It's multiple levels it's like tour through levels high enough where you can set yet. I prefer not sitting on the bottom and looking up yeah I prefer sitting on the second or the third level alt and looking straight up the screen. And that we did that the first time and in the last summing up my brother Sam in my mom. We sat on the bottom. Man mean it's still fun we still had a good time but it's much better when you're up in the air looking straight at awarded you said you sit on the bottom is on the bottom and that they tanning at the tables pretty close together and there on the binary so it's you did you are gone I'm one of the tables and had a TV in on. Now now that there are those boots on the bottom that actually have what's on the Jumbotron above you or them the roof whatever skull. With that actually on your table is your eating you can watch it treasury Siri able to just my mark in there eating we walked right in the Al we are like right in in the afternoon. And Arnold's 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon Memorial Day weekend. Walked right in and fell down no issues the last time we went this last October we did make reservations we amassed around. So I think the story is if there's something you really Weiner one and a lot of restaurants like beard gestured it's a brand new place he's Italian reservation and and the countries adapt cut yet I skied fast I think that's the other one now maybe they're not all as popular on we've did Japan highly recommend Japan that's how botching grill. It's awesome. I know a lot of different ones and I know which ones you Vince you are really popular in Michigan mad at France is another one that. It's typically sold out all the time was specially cents a cat cats basically running back to back festivals of a darn fast on the spring and then. I'm food mind fast on the phone here there was a lot. That would want festivals awesome no question about that so give any tips as far as places where people's ago he can. On the back nine at the kids yes that's it that's at Hollywood students say it right it's the face style leading entity shaft Miki is Jack says I. That it that way it's now a contemporary. And that's another one that you can do to sell many character. Experiences. You're gonna have to do that much research on it on the app to find different character expert right this time we're doing a practice because Disney junior characters spouse. Where is that in the buying and certainly studios Hollywood studios Dimon we went. The last time it was how mean sell all the characters were dressed up like goofy was a cowboy Mickey was a vampire. Everybody was something different now. Our our our young child screamed as head off and hated every minute of it but that doesn't mean your kid will scream their hat off they may actually likening it picture taken with them I still seemed on myself. So that's how good the dining reservations were to miss anything. I just found to use censor talk about Hollywood since I was looking at dining reservations or this past weekend for our trip. Hollywood seems to really fill up his 'cause there's only like three main restaurants and just snack messiah again. So it's like the signs trying to momma Melrose in the brown derby year. Just kind of put I just 'cause there's nothing really to do in that park right now right now and enough right and decide file we've done that that's one of my favorites as well that is. In indoor movie theater so you want to worry about rain or anything like dance during you go in there and it's like all like Ball State cars are what the boots are. I'm that great burger straight shakes and play like these old horrible side five flakes that are so over the top commanders Dari that's Gary don't know kits toll can go. But you'll laugh as an adult and they just play those over and over on the big screen and how did seem like. You old enough to remember the real Germans. Movie theaters. For sure earth all they have like the old drive in movie theaters in my old enough I'm not happen all the Gupta for that I that absolutely right. I don't go to dotted reservations. We are still in the dining reservations ranking gets a fast pass us a lot to put out the fast passes to episode three to be quite honest if you we need that time because case still doesn't understand is new to this new way of doing the fast passes that we found on line. Andy I think also might be a little bit confused by hand and I'm Jack I'm excited even though I think it's completely roll of the dice. Of what this is for those Vietnam a fast passes you mean get three. And then after those three are done you can get another one and those you don't wanna fast pass as you have a week to do your homework shall we talk about the next week you're a better idea of what it's all about but. There's a way to really manipulate this once you go on your first ride that none of us and mr. McGovern down we've all been to Disney a time. But we're gonna try next time we don't even know what scares KG doesn't understand until talk about that coming up an episode three we'll talk to again next week it's. The world according to Sparky and don't forget. I know Kate told me that helps forgot against organ and every episode with the Disney fact. With a guy any stats aren't any which yeah so the Polynesian hotel obviously one of the more popular hotels are we going to Alou out there. Highly recommend a lower that you have terrorists it's duke because that sells out super Kuwait so what do you think when someone says Polynesian what do you expect to find there. Pineapples pineapples may be some surfing sure yeah RI. So it would in 1971 when the Polynesian opened the general manager of the hotel said hey we wanna have some surge seen in seven seas lagoon. This is back when you could actually swim in seventh season far they closed it down. So they spent a couple million dollars installing no wave machine couple million in 1971 think about how much that would be in today's money and wanna the heat as Jason islands that would send waves in the beach area at the Polynesian. And it works so well that the ways are so strong that it was eroding the beach now so they had to unplug it. And once they decided it wasn't it you know they weren't could use it anymore. Paid is looked at the costs of having it removed and it was so just ridiculous the cost of having it removed they said we're just gonna leave it there. So it's been decomposing in on this adjacent islands. From colonies and I personally want a couple of years go on rented a boat into acted out. Lives there so assist a hunk of metal Russ Steen and it's. Million dollar yeah just an asterisk to sleep that care denied in this fat les yeah that is pretty. See I think the crazy pressuring everybody for Mandy you want to do this the fact of the week every week in providing I don't forget Fatah will have a busy fact every reason he's any Spitzer came Boris he Sparky fiber thanks for tuning in to the world according to spark Carol inside look at Disney each week. Here on the fact.