Disney Brian joins the Show to talk Toy Story Land

The World According To Sparky
Saturday, July 21st
One of our faithful listners to the podcast Disney Brian as Sparky calls him joins the podcast and tells us his experience of being at Opening Day of Toy Story Land. Brian also tried out the new ticketed after hours summer event at Magic Kingdom and gives us the low down on that too!! Great stuff from Brian!! 

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Welcome to another addition of the world according to spark his we talk about Disney World and Disney related items evening on to little Disneyland stuff with Google and he Spitzer over there Jay Boris here as well and our first got our first guest ever on the podcast. I hear it wanna fight seven FM the fan dot cop. I and that is Disney Brian as we call him from Racine and he's more over the top dizzy than probably any of us are goes way more than. Probably we do on a given year and I dizzy Brian joins us 'cause he was the bearer for the all opening all of Toy Story line and you actually there the day before on June 29 two right how did that all play out. Actually we were there the day before what had happened was we were very excited for the thirtieth we've made shirts we were ready to go. And then the 29. We were up get memorable part we are at first but we went over to studios. And I noticed on the app that Toy Story mania had a weight tied. So intrigued. So we went over there we walked back protects our place took the heart rate words Toy Story land and everybody's just locking in and Al. So we won and we were confused we got a couple of cast members say what's going on in the aid. Second all the Purdue each year it does surprise opening for everybody. Hi hello I. Very soft opening as they would say in another business. I'm ready so we were I was going OK you're leader listing the wait time couldn't they'd been out with the wait times first slinky dog Daschle or on. Billion Sorrell and sponsors sell. I'm going to locate seems to be a soft opening but they capped. They were all on the same page of surprise openings now keeping in mind that day it was on media event. And that probably pyrite after that media event and did. The skies opened up in it rained horribly. It's. Sold one we got over there all kind of made sense we figured the crowds were very small so the price figured open it up. And let's do this soft opening and really kind of moved people group and. So awesome so. So was the roller coaster that open a saucer ride open in they were all opening going at that point. Everything was open wouldn't want to box was opened. Everything was going slinky dog had a three hour wait at that point. We got us on a soft open on our side that didn't didn't know about and man. You get there the next day and talk about Baghran experience. All about what an experience spark we thought. We figured. You were to get to the Parker as early as we can't department listed open at 8 o'clock. So we got there at six. Much to our dismay it was packed with people waiting to get bitten by six A by 6 AM north comic healed there. And it. They're there were some people we've heard they're saying they are there at midnight I can attest to it if that's true. But at 630. They came out they announced the crowd that they're gonna open up and we can just get back to Toy Story and that's what they did. I'm sure the gusts were happy on the 8 o'clock in the park open but there was so many people that they did eventually just opened up and let us at 630. Did they start the ride at 630 or did you deviate just like to install land without actually starting anything okay started right hole yeah. I see you would have been one thing and it brought everybody back there out away from everybody from the entrance that's on appeal can sit back here what we're not starting anything into the spot we don't get Delilah ride you wanna go line. But we're not gonna start the rise but instead they they opened the whole thing out. That is crease and they must and fully staffed ready for that now. If date it was ironic point that you say that because we were we were a little bit confused because we were hoping that all. Ceremony in this grand opening was going to happen that date so we're pretty prepared for that. So probably Iran loan to pick our first best test was for Toy Story mania for opening day like turned fifteen. So after that we went to the front of the part we went to get service is we just want to talk for a minute just trying to get the feel local going time. Because they did the big grand opening with Tim Allen and stuff. But he before for the back which. Bombed us self beyond belief around. The spirit of asking some questions about you know you're fully staffed and what you opened up so early and apparently that was just a spur of the moment but they were fully staffed for 630 so make of that which. Tax free to sit so the right times. On that Sunday we saw what like 400 minutes or something like that can I mean it was why out of control I can't imagine everybody was too happy by the way that whole thing played out in the morning. New people seem to radio upset about it and when we were walking. Back towards the front of the park addict you don't much content thirty maybe quarter to eleven lying to get in the Toy Story land. Was wrapped all the way around the route the great movie right Q. On the outside part of that Q all the way through there it was an enormous line they walked people down the steps down the Pixar place. Wrapped people around that way it was. It was a very long wait to get and like if you like fast passes. Yes you they had cast members and blocking the way he could get down those steps to pick our place and then if you at a fast pass. They would like to go. All right so what we're obviously heading found indication July 31 hour heading down there until August 8. So it is far as the slinky dog rollercoaster what is a compare able to. And you get to play appreciate that compares and it took us until the second or third time we wrote it. I turn to my wife and I think in with describe it is it's a miniature version of raging bull at six likes. Hole I like raging animal all right honey did you it's called. I don't give that is the whole it's a roller coaster is legit. Now there's no big clientele and and a big drop. Right. When you're going on raging ball towards the end of that right at at Six Flags. You have some nice bank turns and some little dips a little hill surgical around. And that's kind of what's slinky targeted for being. Aid more tame rollercoaster. It definitely has not rolled in and out on that. Kids that just nicked her requirement. Teenagers in grownups are all over the candlelight kitty I liked it better than seven or my entry and an animal elected this time. Howls out huddle concerns me very skittish and we're gonna gonna want to really go out came Jackson like with a lot for him out of infidels like it but. After hearing that means there's enough giddy up in his ride took to make it worth that that he's missing it by human genitals. Yeah Jackson is which is going to be is my sounds admitted it's like what he's saying Dyson will be stare on his mind to be put on that rye grass. What about the saucer eyed as he is time for the Sox. So. Also ride. On. It is practically a clone of meters John Kerry jamboree at California adventure at times and soul. I think. Commentators little bit more fun because there are some original music detonators things. It's it's a nice little ride that I think it is all light kit and it's enough on their grownups you can't try to smile when you gonna go that was a lot of fun little ride it's not nearly as spinning at the teacup. Good for. Earlier in America's I get sick man not a lot that basket. Yet you don't have to worry about that. That being set probably wouldn't wait more than twenty minutes for it. Okay are we got past NASA's camera NASA Hammond recount. All we don't have best practice we figured we could do is Dina now all of the extra magic hours of the morning yeah I would definitely go to that first rise and get away yup aren't cut. Now let's get to know. Let's see what else anything else and twister left me the money to India can I went in on food is solid food for markets backs. It on the first tip for what is lunch box used mobile ordering you might as an experience that. On there was. Trying to remember if it was opening day or the know what it was a soft opening day the day before there was a 45 minute wait order. And elegant rain. That bill for opening day. We figured we have to eat here soul we looked at the line into crazy and we thought use the apt over to the mobile ordering happ went off without a hitch. On the it took me be a total looked Altman it's our food was ready there was no problem walking up to the window pick it up. Not a big deal. We ordered. The Groce is what we at. And it was phenomenal it was very very good. C'mon man escrow cheese Tice group grilled cheese for a. You could screw it up they do not they have a task from sort of an term. Border saw that they put on the record first. And then there's also like not just once she's on their there's a couple of different she uses it. It's very hard to explain boy you'll eat it and say okay I've been doing wrong. All of hilly is our bread soggy or is it toasty no vote doesn't count that's. There's not a fan soggy bread and so that's good enough I'm actually really bad in the kitchen so I ask her approach he's over time come on man I can't currency burns zillion and does not think it all right we'll you'll appreciate that OK so we got that what he's lunch box obviously is worth than anything else. Now I was hoping he was. Had tried to pack chose is that when it's complicated cabinet are. And yet their potential barrels we had you get those as a side we did not get the loaded ones leading to the ones that are in public nachos but we paid. And get down at our side think you can get Apple's place's. Potato barrels or something else as your side with pierce and which is. We added I think the dollar more you can get age she's dipping sauce for them and that was very good we recommend that it's more but chili cheese dipping so it is just net you know regular. Point she's got very good. How far along is that Star Wars line common. It looks awesome you get a great view. From Toy Story land. Yet I it. It's going to be something you can really see Iraq work is going up now when you release and you walk in the Toy Story and you can get. A great you look it. In that park is in a golf from a party that now a lot of people want to climb mainly for two rides in all right Carl roller coaster in the probably. Tower of terror right in any Toy Story mania because that's obviously a fun ride. But now that really is gonna put itself on the map just like I think apps Kyle once they get their guardians of the gutsy ride. You'll see an uptick in people on their team are let's not talk about the special event they -- they're doing this summer yeah after hours for Disney which is kind of like the trick or treat thing they did daily to do in the fall. Yes it did in the after hours they do it's select Thursday and Saturday nights through the summer we did. 28. Unit was first one for the summer. We actually had to switch like that day we were supposed to arrive in the evening. And we are not one not so we had crooks which our flight to a morning flight so we tried this thing now because we've been wanting. Through Disney Alex. Hi I love it gives up. It affects so. That and the prices 119. Without an annual pass in the annual past president of 84 dollars. Even the 119 price this event as well worth it absolutely it runs from 8 PM. Until allowed then it. And eleven until one and I believe that night we went it was from 11 PM until one depending on what date you go those time ship that was from Lebanon one. Just 10110. To one as opposed to attend. Yeah yeah yeah tend to like I just don't go in at 78. Tell me about this what as far as wait times in the free ice cream the free pizza and all of that how many people are we talking our popcorn. People are we talking about having to deal with here. Around the world surprise going more people than we were expecting so we thought. There's more people than me but once you got into. The queues for the attractions. All of that just disappeared it just walked on yet talked. Actually herd to oil lawyers confirming everything that we've been seeing one otherwise the typhoon lagoon. What is it they each to local Lowell after party that they have there what's that life. And go to that right further up food a little tip for the snacks for the after hour all right. You get bottled drinks there was Coke Diet Coke. Sprite and water and then you could also will pick popcorn. And a screen so was Mickey premium bombers and at some of the frozen juice buyers perjury. Porphyry and you could walk up and say hey can I have. To coax two waters and two straight please. No problem. By the end of the evening they were kind of just setting the bottles a top Tokyo coming by Ukraine grab them. The tip. For that would be. Don't go to the first perch UC. An adventure land or moral and because those were literally be longer lines we stood in for that he was waiting at those parts adjust you move. Just keep moving because once you get the fantasy land and liberty square there was nobody in line I think people relieve. Ran to the first one they saw and we thought boy it dances along line and that that was literally the longest Hewitt referred for the goodies. And what's his name prices like a couple sodas and ice cream by that's like eighty dollars. I don't. We were trying to calculate OK how can we eat drink here it was to be get back now offer our ticket because of that yeah we were playing that game ducks. Yeah that's crazy I went along with an eleven year old and a thirteen year old bargaining unit monies are and I for sure about typhoon lagoon and that after political party. Okay yet VIH two local party a typhoon would do and I think they do that the same night it's Thursday and Saturdays. That one of will be cheaper I think it's maybe 55 dollars without an annual pass will be cheaper wet on that party. Think it ran from eight in two goal. Eleven yet that's Andre what they told Levin that party ran from. And that was and the same thing as. Disney after hours normally when we go to water parks we just kind of hang out by the wave pool and just gonna chill out for a little bit. We were able to ride. Every slide with no it again it it was just it as long as it took you to walk the Q go up those stairs doesn't long accurately. Pats lost and answers cooler in the have in the water parks open after you know and 98 season the closet sized right but now there's no sudden now. How to get a suntan. Very at this point but you're gonna have a problem fought as hard ass and it's hot and oh don't be warmer saying roles do I go there during the day like Brian is he like the lists disloyal by the wave pool and hang out Amazon's and that. Those days are done if you you're going at night Brian thanks so much for coming out and I really appreciate it absolutely you'd like to take care there is Disney Bryant. A faithful listener call of the podcast. Throughout the start of the podcast relate. Going back and forth and I just realized that I let India off the hook begins. He had then he all your game whichever you have that key is he had told me that he's he took. He had some issues with any description of Disney Lansing he cut to really did Disneyland wrong and didn't really give everybody the real ops to Disneyland that it deserved. He wanted to address it with handy that I'm I'm Henry at our time I'm happy about that has now. I think ever arrived as a radio professional that they have an angry my first seeing green collar. I think I'm in now I lay me may be right so again thanks does he brought for joining us next week. Special investigation to. Yes especially doesn't actually and my sister and mom Morgan and just rip her to shreds probably just not know that this is discuss on a podcasts already. She I don't know I'm keeping that information summer right now just so we your parents now Yemen parents listen all the time what do they think. They relate to absolutely and that the blood their take my parents are taking their. My brother and my sister in law's side that. I concede just at the kids up north and they're like just you know nap at passing this time mapping history and Michael find just bring him back you know later in the afternoon like I don't know that's a lot of locking them like well then why are we doing for parks and Ford days reflect the window you gave us for this trip at. Sometimes you the first time we took the boys. They were what nine and eleven or whatever and Ellis right yup we oval skills. And ourselves mean we were just all Spence. Physically remote viewing show where everything all right because. I didn't know we'd ever get back again. Right so say you know I'm only they don't whining about busy world we got to gulp so what Boston Buffy the parks are ready to disregard that ride. With a newborn rat with the new war without it really care about Jackson that points for months but you gotta keep ball obviously with the stroller and go from right arrive. Sold the farm aspect of it we probably each. Took out a little little bit these words such a hurry to get everything cover of the boys begin on everything case we weren't able. Now out of no longer legal back 34 times next two years after this I would not have been such a hurry to have to get them on everything so this travel we golf. I'm not gonna really can't they've been out pretty much everything other than Toy Story land. And animal kingdom but other than I sent. I had the pandora but other than that they've done everything sub build a more relaxed. Mobile we learned was. You kind of almost have to have an off stay here to kind of somewhere in there yet. Or somewhere where you don't go first thing in the morning let them sleeping it's pool time and then goal in the afternoon. And kind of balance it out a little that sold this time. We. Kinda haven't set up that way where if we're staying later magic kingdom one night. The next day when I go to the park to the afternoon. Or whatever we were trying to avoid the midnight 1 AM deal I mean being back to the park by helium we we try to cut that off before that's what we were Dylan what are their all day. And then getting up the next morning to their old day in export out there all day for 55 is a reward ever was. We get ourselves no break this time got a cup off days couple other things in where they can do whatever they want to thirteen year old man one vote on some fishing adventure something down there. On the Sunday where there are so cool going to fishing adventure and other will complain poor do whatever that's is going to be hard for me to do a stark and my dad about. What's the best way to structure this easily close the kids to see the highlights will will consider them money well spent and I'm like no on that theme park command or fanatic every side that's not seen everything that's Silas house the senate he's don't know if they're gonna get back. Yeah just the amount of money you're spending like I know that's paying for the bar political parties and his dad who's got. But you have to have a cares somebody here that's just say hey we're gummery Ambac next to Reseda resident next year OK what changed is a little bit. If I were you I'd be like he can come whenever you want and I'm still do like god do I yet. I'm going all on Miami new your parents are still do your thing and take common goals they want to deliver wanton then whatever but we do have to tell your sister in law. Awesome heads up Tyler rob. I'm to have leaders so what are what I did at least that's what she is K Boris he Sparky fiber thanks for tuning into another. World according to Sparky talking to Disney here on offense or else.