Disney World vs Disney Land

The World According To Sparky
Thursday, June 28th
Andy attempts to sell Disney Land experience to Sparky and Kay who are "lifers" of Disney World!! Can he convince them to make the trip? Tune in!

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Well commands or another world according to Sparky all things Disney related and more Steve Sparky Pfeiffer K bourse and Spitzer here. Now we are going to get into a debate over the next couple of podcast amateur will be debate we're gonna try and educate ourselves. And Disney World verse Disney land before we get to that so much news out of Disney world in Orlando and that they are now going to have in new enhancements to the Disney epic. Now you can check box times at the Disney resorts and you're not it's hanging out waiting wondering. Now this is what I like about it now we haven't said Disney resort we will be coming up we take our vacations so this is good timing for us actually something that works tar benefit right. But this from what I can tell reading the story a typical dot com is something where it will tell you know when it leads the resort. And we'll give you the estimated title one it will a rise. At the park that you are at Andy. I don't think that really helps any thing more than just a tell you how longer than you waiting in line because. It's not like it's an hour leeway where you're like OK you know what more riding and I can get there before the boss gets there you're not to have that much leeway to yes I agree with him. Right and it's all it's nice to what airline going okay little Jackson whose two years old. He's just being here in five minutes and mean K are just trying to hold it together for five more minutes until we. Are depending on resort here saying and it says the difference of may be. Though mode of transportation maybe you don't want and politics a fairy may be your Seattle words from a hammer and walking distance maybe just want to lock it and see I'm always for watching it now I don't know if I'll be for watching it on we go 120 degree heat necessarily. But I I'm all for watching it especially where where were saying kind of off off by the board want you can walk their from a a couple of firms are right at Scott and Hollywood studios you can have different modes of transportation other than bus to get back right now meaning those scenarios if it's looking like the bus time is longer and you say okay we're gonna skip it I'm looking for to see when this bustling is all out with a stroller. Because we're gonna have with the strollers we're gonna have a ladies I just got date because we're timeout a stroller. Bags of what ever we made I is that theme park that day or whatever else. Plus you know an eleven year old a thirteen year old in the mature girls all of those getting onto law of bus shuttle on the way to and from that the park or even went driving. In parking and we just skip the tram because of an annual wanna deal with the stroller Ghulam. Mr. you can ship whatever he buys to your room you know that's all that's last forgot about that Yasser that is a good point right it takes them so the deal is with that is that if you buy in of one of their stores you just tellem. What resort you're staying and give them your name. And you don't have to take you back on the bus they just delivered to your room and it's not relationship to the front and part two run on the way out you know that's easy that's a beautiful thank OK so. Here we go and outlook this is gonna take your Kabul podcasters we're not gonna have time to get all this year corn I know hall gas authority it is already ego 42 patrons of Yeltsin and this is good and he cares more about this he has real job okay so our district now the Celtics how LT and diesel thoughts are your Disney World -- Disneyland. It's all you McCain I will interject as we see fit is and it ugly probably have to. Probably yes it's a the first thing. It's again remember about Disneyland is that you can died in earthquake. You've got doesn't happen in Disney World you can then mr. but the hurricanes hurricanes or take you that's true is that I think it was like neither spot so Disneyland. Canadian exploration and if in my view it differently though it was to realize. That when he computers. And number. That's not a good doors are attributable. I'm sure it'll put us right up on the web satisfy cast of OK god. The first thing I remember about Disneyland is continuing caters to you to California locals were raised his eroded. Caters Smart about it town people. So what that means is there's the world's batter that's why cater to out of town people as as more people coming from out of town the seat does not necessarily not necessarily so you might have he knows the park hours fluctuated Disney in quite a bit so it's Wednesday. Maybe they close at 7 o'clock it's maybe there's no fireworks every. They're not selling as well at all. Thought GAAP and overworked or go to Disneyland he started to earth and yeah. It's caters more to local people so they kind of tweak things based and the local audience more. This this is the fifth seed maybe opening later in the day but close. Yeah I don't final temper and I am usually on the weekends during the slow period right and I am al-Qaeda aren't. I think it's the only thing I mean. How could that could. The only thing. Comes across at Disneyland as we knew it through the gates there is a sense of history you know Walt Disney's stated that prosperity while he was building. Com and like you know for use guns and people Lambeau Field field Bradstreet when you step on it's very similar to do is anyway so I ask you this so when you're at Disneyland. Can you go Selig where he used to live on the property in the hole they'll yet again he had an apartment ran main street is to keep the lamp on. Stewards hearing yeah yeah and it if you and a feet and get anywhere in any Disney she felt. That's what he just sat and I pay enough budget for I have to fight for it yet now is that a thing like. That's have a two words that setup like a fast pass where you have to book it so far in advance Andy or is that something you can get the day out it is pretty pricey so we're really much I don't think you really need to book I mean if fiercer you're gonna do it absolutely book it and it right. I don't think it sells out for him aka -- it's not. Are acts of Disneyland pros. He compared it to magic kingdom style parts there's actually more rides at Disneyland. Compared to the magic kingdom in Florida even now Disneyland smaller. So that means is he in the last miles on your legs right lands a closer together. There's also a bunch of unique grads that are on the Disneyland there's no cute are cried. On you can tell you dork brides are Kyra what does that mean our cried as radicalism side. And it's not like space mountain yet they've gone dark rides on the theme park industry. I thought he said dork is on the door still I never heard of it Erica they really culled a dork ride and it's going to be a long line OK Sony bribed gently takes place majority in and build in his college are cry okay theme park when good. I'm deals no way bride is still open interest of tea and town if you remember that both those closed at Disney World. Probably my fear ride is no matter who earn. Roller coaster it's actually. In the roller coaster golf fame opened in the park did in 1955. This would. I think it's steel dumping as well that's good friend. Nikki for the American Eagle a great fly her six flies out they always wanted to team and I gave us. It's a thought rod I did dollar bid but it is Lola these don't know what's going to happen out there right amount of like yes cracked apart and that's what they vibrating changed so much that's exactly correct that's like your boxes from side disciples what running and be worried about the snow writing it all of that to start right not in California now you've got an earthquake you just shaken to its core. Yeah. Earthquake and then Arthel is built of steel built ST in the 191950s. And they keep an instant tickets of before they promoted it when apart first opened assessed 81 to go through the snow covered mountain. And then handed Yemeni witches can it was a static figure for about twenty years is always around that we're animal kingdom took their ride was based off of the writing business experience never write yet and then they just cremated a couple of years ago where it's really animate trying to figure re come line. Within a few feet of it as eco line and Thomas in LA so. It's really cool and exciting like. Expedition Everest is there a backwards drop honor no no I mean like they keep they've kept the ride basically the same. Practiced yet so it's kind of reaffirm old school roller coaster ride is our guys drop to that idea he's not some drops it's now like a thrilling splash mountain right drive by that time is it superstar like Disney world of that on roller coasters so you take witching yet so as I mean your writing a piece of history Brett. So it's one of my favorite things to unity Sosa Indiana Jones ride which is pretty similar to the dinosaurs. I arrived I know you never win and I'm striding and Jones though Max that mania don't show lol yes I love. He doesn't it of the movies well summer has not seen the movies ones. I. She doesn't feel a lot and it says it has personalized never seen in Greece. Analyzed is. Continuing and now. So there's a lot of exclusive Brad says Disneyland has and then there's also twist that the Disneyland rides even nasty do exist in Disney World have been to Disneyland so. Pirates of the Caribbean basis to water falls well it's actually doubled the length of the ride so. What they did was. When Disney World opened reverend was complaining he wears pirates of the Caribbean. Disney World executives from like we don't have the space for that has kept complaining so they basically just a condensed or died. So you've actually been writing. Poor man's version of pirates of the Caribbean I'm not a big fan that right I think it's not all migrants maybe the Disneyland ride his daughter hump on here. I sorry I've not tried just the opposite if you would does all the earlier finding god yeah I had to help disease and no waiting for Winnie the hooters because like where the location is in that park so that would save you at least like two dollars over Disney World -- Space mountain actually has a couple of different versions there so for Halloween they run something called space down goes galaxy word coast chases you through the galaxy all the transmission drops out yeah. CN like our eyes out one thing at Kendall and also ahead hyper space mountain which a Star Wars we've blow up the deaths to. For awhile Haskell to Sony yeah I don't understand about teen Star Wars he did so yeah if I hit a connects to load. Let's go latest look Akon. Moderate foreign this I don't get like so for. Birdied the eagle ride in like der triggered whoever I don't know they still do had been years ago they use it said that sucker. Courts yet I a lot of space Monica gold. Courts. I don't know what that be cool if you go backwards like. Kind of like re winding timer you know all type deal champion than you do I think would be awesome since the JB nozzle backwards you look scary already I just brought it up. Nat sound. And now or thunder mountain railroad outside have data soccer go backwards around the around now would be cool like that. Are now raptors on roller coaster I would records the dal won all straight back right that's not an and the loop laughter that is in the effect it. Yeah value it at the CN all right Dallas yet. IE can actually want to sleeping beauty castle earlier there that's full. You just kind of stuck with the does Cinderella castle and no restaurants. Paris on that frustrating. There's better food in my opinion at Disneyland again blew by you witches. Restaurant inside pirates of the Caribbean and they launched the boats right in front you know. And actually had a decorated like you're sitting in Louisiana by you like about its. Food is probably one the best meals ever I've ever had about desserts. Talked not to cook the what are you what are you prefer for dessert anything. Chocolate they get man they had talked and everywhere. Everywhere you look. And probably one of the good disordered desert people places it's called storytellers witches in one of the hotels they have out there it's very similar to. Whispering canyon OK so that always retaining used to being used to be nicer quieter version. This one's a lot better pressures so it is clear chock so whatever you want those at the UI today go to Disneyland verse is Disney World the comparison you have more for the next five cast blame Maury and way more complex projects just. That's our wild he's got a lot of notes at opal but he could ages it right in south never going to win and never gonna win it. Don't know why I'm doing this never gonna let a net very well maybe true but will listen next week deuce again this annual vs Disneyland they spitz are Disney facts and what he got. Again. I felt I had. Home now and work and a of that yet of show floor makes him a question sorry why have a fact. So I ran into. My niece and nephews for now and going to October right and I said. You will be on time the morning of magic kingdom because we needed it. All the rides when the park open dress fancy. And the didn't seem very excited about that I'm wondering just as someone who has never gone with kids when it's icy to have ever been there now. And had no idea what to they're getting themselves into this is what I want our most fun I had no idea when we get two for Christmas there was no rational cool and want play video and that was it. Then the next day I'm pumping gas and the oldest one goes to realists like what do it does he relate what's there to do his or anything fun to do what are there. Like you have no idea about minus nine had no idea and then. The whole time leading up to it they wanted to compared to the delta Mike is nothing like adults looks like six likes a know what something like six rifle what's it like it's like Disney World but there's no way to explain it. Don't get too worried about it okay just let them experience of what we did was. We winning order of excitement kind of sort of rain so we started at at cal. We left after they were loving it like Appel is the best thing ever and there we just built it up these did you started magic kingdom they're gonna hate aka. So interest you've got to start slow and work your way up to the crescendo okay that's what I tell any Spitzer. Came Boris he sparked a five or they soliciting another world according to Sparky here on offense to adults.