Do draft leaks ruin the draft for you?

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, June 22nd
Sparky is mad over a leaked report from ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski that caused the Atlanta Hawks to nix a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks that would have moved the Bucks down in the draft to the 19th pick and would have given them an additional first round pick at 30. 

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4 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big show. It's marquis piper to my left. Mike Clemens on the other side of the blast enjoying some stupid thing your suit by. Common. Current. Governor of late could sour. We'll talk with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary woeful I take issue with his compares in his cop. Four bucks first round pick Dante deep intends though we'll talk about that. Coming up add up for 48 it wasn't nearly as wild. A a draft night as Gary thought that it might be how many trades where their last that I didn't see our whole bunch of sixers are probably really that many okay at a county just that wasn't following that closely I want to see who the Bucs took a went to see who the bulls took. But I wasn't following like pick I pick move by move so few of a Midas slipped past me it seemed like a relatively. Quiet night there were though. There were leaks which should the NBA has tried to stop in the NBA's partners have tried to stop like ESPN admitted watt. There reporters leaking any information before the draft picks are made so Ager gorge droughts heat got out that this that this or that is here. And our brought some headphones at friends that I hang in our host of the show last night rhyme or Reynolds the show yes with an eight had calls from the same group yeah he would win maybe a couch. And Mike Max Morse was uncovered has shown normally I do what Mike every year and I was sick yesterday. Specifically yesterday morning and is having issues. So they were nice enough to fill in for me last night I wanna be a part of the story since he was on the nationalist go ahead run. Well he got up the open so artists that Ager in order out yeah are not closely guys were following this other show yesterday but he was. You're zig every possible term that he could use without actually saying it. The Milwaukee Bucks are going to pick right Donta bright and chat though it's an error targeted pinata leading towards their target being zooming in non. OK so. Not he said that I Corvette. Just got yours are here as an I don't think he's reminder rush however the question that I've done it no I've heard the jet fuel for you for my buck trash him and get. So what is my number one rule on that bucked rational when I do the draft shall concerning this this very. This very notion of social media. What do I do on my show you'll like the spoilers to you right. He's also allows you really has a lot of meat right so what I do as you're on the show me computers all the loss cellphones could put away you have access to nothing. And Mike Max you guys might Maxi crazy but he laughs as I want what will future wife yet so that way the only person that knows what's going on the person back in the studio right. And if there's a trade. Then he'll tell us OK guys I divorce house he said this is a trick coming up involves the box well not right that he tells us all back. And I wanna know what's going on a TV screens now and RB IQ club is anticipating and waiting to endorse crazy about the Lola. So how did you all make it work last night and your show. Lol OK so I was torn because I want the spoilers almost because I was looking for a big deal to happen like acquire actually got package which I knew there is slim chance of that happening. Billy didn't want any spoilers and I think Mike was kind of sneak in his phone out and kind of chicken updates throughout the night. But at the bar they want an absolutely. No no are there to skew clock right so there is a guy honest phone on Twitter. Yell out picks and everybody Hamlet once at the bar was just screaming at him no spoilers put your phone elect say is just throw in the hold usually the purpose of anyone agrees and Allen really bad. So I kind of just explains the CI patrol and has data daylight is the easiest yet users there to right well. But did you guys see this ended up costs in the box just accidentally plant flower donut dads this was Travis shank it's like excuse me. The hawks GM on our sister station in state this is on our sister station at. Down in Atlanta. Simulate that he's from Golden State before 2 o'clock PM jobless single parent I thought I had I had the completely wrong information there he is the hawks G Abbott. And this is live on our sister station down in Atlanta. And how leaks may have cost your Milwaukee Bucks. Well. I think that they. That speaks to society they have more gentlemanly thing I mean especially in our business line. They're sometimes that'll have a conversation in three minutes later it's up whether it's debate. How fast information travels he. And make things conflict some of these conversations were trying to you know eclectic confidential but it seems like it's extremely hard DB days. On put it can also be beneficial when you talk about being in a world and trying to project. Last night princess you know we had the nineteenth pick in it would come down and you know we're talking actually to Milwaukee on the seventeenth pick talking about traded up to get a guy we like their a couple of guys we felt really good about. On the Nike stick arsenic that was one of oak. And it leaks. What to Milwaukee was gonna take so all of sudden we were able to pull back got a good feel it keep keep the truck they consider packages pick people up could we do two guys. On the board we felt really good about only one team in between and so. You know that would. Or are so they're ready to pull the trigger on a trade with the box but laden over any future one and pulled out. Because they saw that the Bucs were gonna take their guy it was not canceling 22 slot well I did get a portion of the information run that was not on our sister station in Atlanta it was on our sister station in San Francisco. 957 game because that he said he came from Golden State so they honestly nice to like it or Larry Harris right exactly so thing. Does. Do draft leaks Roy in the draft for you as a as a fan from a viewing experience from an entertainment. Experience for 147991250. Can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan if I. Where the books through. I would be. I'm looking for who led this but I'm going all Donald Trump Bonham and I'm doing everything I can find that leak well like I I I got one pretty announcing it on the air I bet Jack moved guarantee on who it is you do. Probably sabres in which everything else mentally but I prefer for me and told her for me. Just look at our audience. First for me aren't you have yet to same person you just lost me for the did that for me it it it's it's it's one big thing okay. You'll tend not to have teams getting screwed because a social media. He just can't have a big is not ruining the integrity of the draft OK it was fun before right. On a Georgian house diablo to try and show everybody how cool Miami tight next five days before they happen and they're gonna call it bodes Bob's they're all gonna love me share at a Georgia now speak. Good I'm unhappy you are and you are the best at what you do sir. You are by far you are the basket inside of all of the NBA without question you might be the best in Saturn all sports and may be yet. That's your practicing and actual production of these drafts both NFL NBA OK I mean the call comes in they got to make up a card. It's going up to the podium or a commissioners gonna read it and halfway between their these networks can get a guy can tweet it plus that or sound like a 32 away. That's why this stuff is coming out. On social media. I'm minutes two minutes before I mean it's it's literally right there from a Villa before they have a you know on digital delay gets less of the nation. Not if you're gonna have social media don't board that's. And IC a tweet from anybody that covers hardly. During our draft we're pulling her credentials were comes over the now Jordan no I alt com well Goodell lord doesn't know. All higher nature of the Nadia are you trying new stuff for must re try and find out what it really showed watch watch it. Find all your information or warts now he's got to be anyhow what regular. Breaking aren't you look has got it. I don't want any your crap in social media gold for if you'd like you're done. That's the candidate because. If you say. All just oh cool so it's sort of penetrate lined up for all ought to know number two overall senate number one. It was gonna go down there early to know to what we set out what that we're not doing anymore. And that guy attitudes I was gonna get out a huge package but it got leeches they want it and Alexander and backed out. They did do that the only Milwaukee who cares about the blocked it just want you cares you'll be 50 I don't know about a dozen are still there are a funny thing is this trade. For example the Atlanta maverick straight if Dow positive that trade from happening. How how Mark Cuban event he would have been on every TV show network. Blasting the NBA blast in Georgian house geek blasting everybody if little Milwaukee. Nobody cares about that nobody's gonna talk about Els at one store those are two different things that we're talking about. Units. You have triple not happening right budget competition coming back what was. And now they got nothing that he's not that's not social media told the general manager what was happening before it was happened yes okay so. Exact school that's integrity of a Glenn. That's the nature of the media things get screwed up all the time and fall through because somebody somewhere leak something to the media happens in sports. Happens in politics happens across the board in anything that's being covered by the press in any way shape or form that's the nature of the whole thing man that's the whole deal and I'm not. I'm not talking about. Whether or not it's sucks that the Bucs had a draft pick ruined for them. By Adrian motion or praise leaked out there a slice I had a trade route for them I misspoke by major mode drown skis leak. I'm talking about it from the the the view point of view sitting at home. As a fan and if you were or as a listener to the fan draft broke for. The fan pro basketball draft show last night he around these airwaves does it ruin it for you from an entertainment standpoint. While you're watching because it doesn't to meet. It sucks that they it's sucks that they they they they ruined that trade for the box yes and upsets me is somebody who routes where the wild watched the show but. That's my question like why are you watching TV show we know what's coming in and I agree I feel like why does the radio quite know what's coming up quite excellent Erica because nobody goes and sees the movie and then gives everybody spoilers like what are you really get out of it now because we're now yeah what are you get out it gets to tell everybody he's a Smart guy has contacts I was the reason he's doing it I was to watch the NBA draft or any other draft they're not necessarily. My cup of tea from an entertainment stand why doesn't like the dress from the thing that is interesting to me about it is not the guy walking up to the podium and saying a name. That's the most boring part about it is that the reason that I'll watch is for the analysis that ride or button bill Schmidt and and Mike Max you're giving on the fan last night. Or that you know Jalen Rose and Jay bell and guys so that are given on the TV's. You're totally different than me again no shocker we're toll differed in every day of life in every facet of life I enjoy. Dean on the radio and meet Mike Maxi or port got a big Josh last night how the conversation of this. Are meant we take your meeting to take I think they're they disconnect and I take this guy dies that it they take this guy will lose my. On the air right now. And then we are good this. And everybody goes current what does it matter if you go right over between Terry go crazy every guy walking up to a podium and saying hey there's just. So yeah this tour that lets you what do won't go to. All all about winner eulogized today. This so much different now back then like ten years ago when I used to watch it because I kinda knew the first ten picks are gonna because most guys are playing 34 years in this college program. European guys were coming over the next year. You know you'd have to stash them and hope that they cauldron three to four years. So I can only to surprise element because now these guys are all one and done they're coming over from Europe and they're gonna play next year C don't know what the hell anybody's going to Wear is. You know back in the day you got a new one through ten where these guys are going you know IRS has gone one bio Carmel outdoor bronze going line you like to draft right. All of that jet fuel in the draft yeah so for you what's it about for you for the draft is about what I just talked about. Or what is it about three Alec surprise element I mean I just like scene where some big Kalish you stand college football fan Alex scene where these guys are gonna go because I've been watching them for the last year two years and and how they fit and that -- that roster and that whole thing well exactly yes but see with the bucks I mean you kind of knew where there hadn't they needed to shooter so you start playing out scenarios in your hat and might put together different lineups who's going to be where is Jabari coming back so that's what I like about it than breaking it down after a work in this guy fit in is the NBA ready is it gonna take another year and who is the pick that you were most flabbergasted I like I don't get why they took this guy in that spot us. Bagley junior go and number till Alec Luka out of the glue guy think he got to know you're gonna gala Bagley junior I've never watched them. I watch a lot of deal colliding ACC basketball I think he's a great basketball player. But the problem is when they double team on what you can't pass out of the double team he falls asleep defensively he doesn't really around the floor as hard as I'd like to see. I feel with like Luka. You don't really know what you're again like we watch these highlights I seen him hit a game winning floater from three point land just on one like one leg. You see him do all these things is court vision is ridiculously thick of termed a Ginobili but he six foot eight he's like in the bronze by but the compare in the sky to Ginobili. It saw I feel like his ceiling. Is so high or is Bagley you know your bed locator mines are you gonna Gillick and Elton Brand type player and I still it's corny ten guy he's safe. That's what Dallas did last night Dallas. You know get sacked yet you sealing the sand I think that the may be the smartest pick everybody looked back Ayman missile thing is that it done and won't have an impact on the route thirteen this year. Now as a brother picked last in a draft Dallas takes on is bright for two reasons. Want to be do you think he's got a high ceiling you develop them at your rate exam workplace. In two. If he honest does every two free agency and his Brothers playing and your team yet I got to draw now. I just for me at vows bully them argument I I love would ousted last night a public did well. Do draft leagues throw in the draft for you 4147991250. Can treat us. At 1057 FM the fan spoiler alert everything from Robert specialty meats as delicious to team from Saint Louis. That we love to beat is in town this weekend for a huge series and if you're heading out to Miller Park make sure. Your tailgate party is first place worthy with quality fruits. 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Sorties big show I'm running Mac cloth along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer will talk with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wall full coming up. At 448. I don't like his cup for Dante di Vincenzo we'll get his thoughts. On the pick and I'll take issue with that when Gary joins us set for 48 in a very polite respectful manner because. I do like Gary wealth over right now we're asking you do draft week's rule in the draft for you 414. 7991250. Horry can tweet us at 1057. At them the fans Sparky hates it. I don't really see how it affects your enjoyment or entertainment value watching that thing because to me the least entertaining thing. About watching a draft as a commissioner walking up to a podium. And saying a name that that's just started it if I'm gonna watch or listen to any sort of draft coverage from watching or listening for the analysis after. That guy's name is announced audio about the hug on the commissioner hugs the cool great. Actually that in the NFL I kind of pisses me off because. Because of the relationship that the commissioner's office has what the players that is the most disingenuous Tug. In all of sports here Gannett is the last when you're gonna get you're gonna hate that guy as soon as you signed that contract. Why are you hugging him. You literally will hate that guy as soon decide that contract to become part of the players association debt that's just the nature of its so why the hell. Are you hugging image doesn't make any sense to be at its very disingenuous I don't like that at all Adam silver is a very good relationship with the players you did so that. That I understand but the Roger Goodell hug that that pisses me off each and every time but. Dude do draft leaks Roy in the draft for you 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the famous go to Brandon and Franklin you're on the Wendy's big show it's a brand of. I'm doing good W guys do lawless. Huge fan of the show. I approach I agree with you Sparky I cannot stand it I am livid. At the box and bad that happened. I'd talk stems from. Couple more draft picks maybe do we even know what trait well all of to a number. Oh well. Yeah I I don't understand is that really that much to ask order for him to wait until after work. Talk about it or what is the deal with. Why won't Joseph needs to do it it's just just to tell everybody a gradient that's all it says he just loves he loves the praise and all the others Alice Lee. No reason to do it whatsoever especially when you're on TV all the time on ESPN. This isn't like he's on Yahoo! had nobody cared about now he's on ESPN. Which everybody sees any out a year you're not competing against anybody you're not trying to steal viewers you're the only show in town there's nobody else. Yes and I hit it on the key it was even seeing it on TV to some of the draft picks. And I I don't know it just really has me all about it so that's like to say about it. Now it's actually pointless thanks for the call again and the only way it's going to stop is if these teams. Or Adam silver and say you need a shot a mop and just have to shut mop we we cannot have this I'm glad that he no yeah that that's another way to fix this. Either that. Or there's two other ways to fix it one. Everybody gets to got to decide just get on false information. Just just to be done with us. Or being Arab descent into the says that's it we're done talking and is due on draft day no more talking about any type draft picks who we want or anything else. That that's dangerous precedent so you figure I wanna hear handle it if you do and that in the end and that venue of the draft. You're ears setting a precedent of of of limiting the media and how much access they can have its Metavante out of the year Ron your acting like I'm talking about doing us all year you're mad. Because I don't want the draft show ruined for everybody watching. Yeah I want everybody through and for you and people like you there. Like really don't care that's like you don't want to draft I don't actually think it's not talking about the people that live and die for the draft and want to distract every you're done Weisel unless invest in the draft that you're about when I'd again when I do watch that I do watch the draft a turnabout last night after I got compromise show. And and when I was watching I wasn't watching to see a guy in the suit walk up to a podium and say a name right and that's the that's how you view the draft and that's how you're viewed at drive on toll that people are different there are a lot of people out there who were like me who are watching for the analysis and not the actual announcement that did a trade now now that sex gone too far that sucks but guess what the White House is unhappy because things are getting leaked out there that there there are people all over the world. All over the country a country I don't agree I should I should just say this country because we're we have free press and not everybody does but their people in this country. Who are or are pissed off that there are leaks about them. But guess what that's the nature of the media the people in power try and keep stuff from us and we try and dig and find it. This is not the White House I don't care about sports media is the city is a much of individual teams to teams got a trade screwed up because of this club. That's what happened that sucks there's an addition of bishop of contain their info batter they exactly the so you told a while now we shouldn't conspire to know what they know the media everything I'm saying the Bucs should contain their info better and I and not let leaks out everybody crosses lake district judge not disallow it disallow oral orders from from from reporting information that they on that they've obtained through the means. They didn't seem opposed against the oh yeah right. Another quick thinking what they want right I'm telling you and I NBA I'm telling you not having trade rule and I'm telling you. To pressure OK with getting your affairs Rick how bad it. If I'm running the elite nobody is reporting on the fantasy league correct and I. The NBA I'm not having trade in my league run by one dude it's just not happening I'm not gonna allow an above the box I'd be absolutely furious. Yes doctor and you're right part of it is their fault thriving during which the organization telling everybody that wants the big kid making it there haven't talked to about what Dick they're gonna make. That's partly their fault for shore without a shadow of doubt. But another problem here is you have one guy it's continuously doing what he wants to deal. It's OK fine so to a certain degree Ronnie you're right then team shouldn't talk to right that's all the problem. That's the problem is these teams aren't our containing their confidential info the way that they should be yeah it's not that the reporters are digging now now reporter there's almost a big one insider there's a post today as one guy while he's just beating everybody else to nobody else was doing it because the NBA said not to do he was the only guy decided. Bigger than the NB acting what I want they can massive meat on it Georgia rusty. So he did it is like. Okay and now my response to that can be about the NBA I edit ESP I look this is how I look at it. We either can be done this or we're just can be done dealing with him in general going forward and then you can pan am all that money for nothing figured out. It's one out of the year and I think each airport today after the dropped the day before the draft before the traps are what ever do what you wanna do. All I'm saying is when that TV show starts. I'm Don with this dude I don't want my TV timer depicts their come in before the comment I want any of this crap I want it clean that's what I want. And the story noble and about us over that's what I'd include earlier if Riley was in charge whatever don't matter meat which is it's just the difference of opinion. On how you care to watch a draft and if you enter the draft and I don't want to which way you enjoy a. I just don't want to stifle the media in net and and I know it's just sports I get that it's not as serious says the White House or anything like that. But one person I was talking about it doesn't mean he does he's better at than anybody. No because he didn't listen everybody else was told the same thing he was told anyone above and beyond belief of some bigger than you well do what I want that's what he get everybody else was. We're good oh problems one day war fine. Not him though he's bigger than the only okay and you had to respond and at least they'll know you're not and this lord gonna do. I've on if I'm the box I don't know what lights I would go to buy I would be furious. On the bucks and trying to find that guy who's letting out confidential info that bats. If you look at it from that perspective OK I understand that the Bucs need to can be tour rare bright guys in that organization leaking you need to clean up your own house but to just shut down the media and say you can't report on things that your digging up I think is kinda ridiculous man and again. I went out a year dangerous precedent to set. It is one day out of the year that I thought as I SN FL does it to them to look that's that's a day were that he got a ruining our show for Monday that today were that guy. Adds a lot of credibility to his name every year. That's critically gave his name at the trade deadline is a black guy doesn't have credibility to be questioned at this point we're not talking and but the young one year old has tried Apollo solidarity so stop trying all stop he's making millions of dollars Ronnie tries as some guys and education try to be the best that his job anymore he's already there you're right he's already there or you're right now and how they are because of stuff like this you can be rising copy now and beat that guy talk about your sources that you knew that this pick what's coming six months ago focus your agent wards and I'll ski all that have added you really bad it would I'm furious. So what he's speaks up we'll could. The grip after that it's so what is big show I'm Robbie they're Sparky will reset the big topics discussed on today's big show give you the final say out of with Great Lakes dragway pickle line. Coming up at 5 o'clock joining us right now on the great midwest bank hotline. Is our Milwaukee basketball insider find his work and waffles press box dot com on Twitter at Garry. With an. And I am murdering two Poland. Or the appeal. Yeah he's still ambassador to the ice got the DO. Amen I sent an audio podcast nicely done and you don't lead guy on his podcasts and really trust lost here in the shell out about that. Well our deputy. Note no question about it that Jose it was fun to listen to those viewers. Listeners now I'm not cheap but I'll join any time Gary in. Order. For you. I've never seen up hey hi Gary a first things first I'm not I don't. Know where you want a necessary to tighten wasn't really listening to the radio station yesterday while being sick. But that is who I wanted to bus to take who they took the kid out of Villanova. Accorded you want them to take. You know what. You better read it and really zero legal entry by troops were out you look around your chip that went good defender. So the wizards will be solely seen in the ball like oh you. They'd be able Barroso it's Khartoum. Two occasions. We have here. In. I thought those good fit for the would insert. You know I think the bore little light to a got control Robinson. I'm gonna really rewarding him a couple of like thirteen that the clippers. But yeah I don't have any problem with Stephen and so in order. We talked about Yemen and how he fits into this roster going forward in you talk about Tony's now amount of money you're paying him in. Is very much a flop last year in all honesty of how he did but. Without being set you then fit as a bench guys you can't give into have a scoring off the bench so his roles stills better serve probably as that. Defender on that first unit they're shooting our position and then let this kid still come off the bench is tied for sixth man. Yeah I mean you know Tories now well there don't go under in the attic somewhere and defend them. You know what sort of and you know little tentative spirit edit Yahoo! and different to be great and wants to people don't always want a billion. So. Especially in perimeter guys in the don't condone it but once you Korean or at times so you've got important you can be pretty clear that the he's in the right mindset you know course news that it could be a great point. Talking with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary willful here on the Wendy's big show this morning on the chuck and weekly show I think is odd check in when they're ready bill Michael's. I saw on Twitter that you said his comp in the NBA as far as players who were in the league now or have been in the league before. Is Kyle Korver don't you think he's a little bit more. Athletic and explosive than a Kyle Korver who really is just a spot up shooter who waits for the ball to get pass to amend their neat he shoots it at I think. You tell me if I'm wrong deep contends are brings a little bit more to the table than that. Yeah I mean that that's kind of misconstrued or the Lewis and who's gonna post a player like corporal. I think you plug communities and great compliment creepy. So the people around you. It started again except near him want it yet again. I think computer him somewhat so Rex shipment. I don't know you guys even know there are we watching a channel I absolutely corporate. Yeah but I IC a little Rex Chapman and you know the army. On Egypt we're ready keep in chic look are you can dig the hole. Up from dirty and actually. The only thing it's Rex Chapman's confidence level. We disguise every game you know I'm not sure that it is you and advocate and you shall. I I like Jim because I think he pledged to some slide. That goes along with who he years I don't think he's afraid to take. So party's lead sort of you know rookie but it talked to a go Yasuda. And that's the first when the team ought to be worksheet goes their way. Right underlie and I said I'm bill show earlier this week and that was one of the things I really liked about me a look he's he's gonna take threes she's not afraid take a big shot no matter where it is on the floor. He's gonna defending give you every needs gotten outside the floor replaced for really really good coach and in Jay Wright but there are so many positives and end. I said earlier in the show always a little Joseph Alexander a little Marvin Williams in a the Joseph Alexander clearly not but it sure though I mean you can't hide the fact of the matter is like Joseph Alexander he didn't really pop and the first round it's doubled so the chart that's kind of when he made his run to get into the first round. Otherwise he probably is going to be a second round pick it wasn't for the tournament he's got Marvin Williams he's got Marvin Williams and I'm. Because you start menu is pretty much got it came off the bench and that's what kind of go went so bold. Yet you don't you go that far better fees could BT DJ well that's even worse. I don't compare anybody to him yet and I'll buy it yet. I mean if you're gonna beat their comparisons because each we will. Know urban school until the potential. He was on nobody's radar at that time they picked the media except the box right are pretty brutal group or the way and I don't controlling shocked. The books are kind of trade. Trade group. The Gerri welcome. Getting credit by. Obviously since he's bright and become seriously got here just attach him to attach them to sort of grip for one year because they know it's not all. Work it work for some other team in three years or something but at this point in time. We set when they drab from last year that was a bad pick it's clearly a bad pick up we watch what he did this year. And find so you would slow to move up from DJ Wilson in eagle full. But he but he didn't make mistakes like that you know I mean three years go to Russia on you know actually I like the were shot on tech Allison animal. Yep but I mean bottom line is it even in an idol looks like. DJ welcome quite pupil. In you know that your credentials like the policies so it may look. I may want to know the deal or shot ball that's what I wanna know there's. I heard different things I'm on like I've heard that. One Vaughn was here he thought he was betting he was and kind of didn't even wrote a book some people in the organization the wrong way in the coaches the wrong way. That kid is very very talented not I don't know what does work ethic his life in everything else that goes along with that. But he isn't NBA player based on the god given talent that he passed. And if he doesn't figured out is another one of many players. That you know should have been in the league should have been playing a high level and did indeed is cared about everything else too much. You know I mean it is maturity level was not certain script that was entertaining go on Nancy Graham. Well of course you know pick six pretty good it was that bad singer. Unfortunately you will never been in on the floor you know so. But now I mean after it was before she went to the other and eighteen you know and year been like a couple it would and a couple site thing. They went away and one of those scenes looks and Tibet yup. When it sprint up to explain and it would've broken so rob yes sir Ian but that would be GM job. What GM job. The assembly systems are looking for a Jamal. Well there should only be once we David Griffin and call of the day I don't know why would be anybody else out there. They he used to when the front runner but they might hurt last year to. John Hammond. Hey I California. Going to have gone that route to Jon Hamm is generally the right. Right but rocky. President of the operation and so. She'll. A that's important yeah well if you don't believe it well I doubt be amazing if he got that job. But I think your encrypt and when we're gone so that didn't. Well my point is Obama who they took. At five they gave him dirt they gave him about what I picked up their right they gave him Jersey number 50 okay. So they had a press conference today. Not even in the picture. It's it's it's well. But the ankle or for those are the guys taking the pictures with the press not Hammond. Well you know I mean. Literal or won't you but we will. You know jokes. Well that is John Hammond. Got to win. In game or go around deserves a little tension. Always tension holds John why is. I have no idea I mean into isn't very good to yeah I got along with Pam you don't round. You know I com object. Yeah you're weird or yeah some people that. Are so well in that. You know perhaps it's rally you to learn that. You know bigger help explain you don't want it wouldn't. Harry get a job like Sacramento a give them on the east I don't wanna deal with him in the east. I had no interest in that whatsoever Gulbis president of the king's Lynn your real body are I don't he will be present a Philadelphia's can get himself in a position to go unwritten. They've had to wait did I hear you crack was not yet official early in the day and you bet. If you have Milwaukee Bucks he would've picked Michael Porter. I would have moved up to get Michael Porter once he got close was once he got close scary budget I don't know the extent of how bad is back is through through the medical's eased into Edmonton's I'm no idea. But as far as short talent he might be the most talented player in the draft. Totally agree totally agree I mean you know what you're dealt. He was just we was gonna be right. You know I mean you don't record couple weeks governors parks circle that went liquid to now right but what I hear is that they had this. They act is bad. And I mean it's pretty obvious what vote the way with you always do what you end up again. Think Ortiz out I was in saint fifteen yeah fourteen for fourteen the number in you know you get. Sorority Juan so that it did you know that recent. Crazy thing today as one Jarrett told you so that. He thinks the F Michael Porter went you know it's been POMR page. He won't be shocked if he didn't worry at all it's like as a whole lot of adverse were. That's. Non Null wiped out what is what he felt past Philly because that was. A potential diver filly that could have made silly. Whole league crazy dude two or three years this in a position where they've got all this cap space anyhow. They go to the red shorted it this year not I don't what do lost anything added a star player in free agency. And now and added him into the mix next year with what they already had apparently are trying to move mark health faults so big to meet out of made all the sense liberals feel. What about the clippers in Terry Porter you know he wanted to achieve its actual rights scene. And when they came out on. Omar are a bit that this could be a sweet little but yeah I think you apply insect attack you. Q does the player with the bought I don't know we could to dodi's they've got the swine. Again you are Peter you know talks to me and yet people where workers there are school. You know how much political play at all. That's why slipped obviously didn't. That is our Milwaukee basketball inside Iraq Gary well plea.