Don't spoil the magic of Disney World!

The World According To Sparky
Thursday, August 23rd
Andy tells Sparky and Kay about how the family vacation was pretty much ruined before they even leave for it in October! Sparky and Kay are floored by what they hear!! You will be too!!

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Another edition of the world according to Sparky here all by seven FM the fan die cast he Sparky Pfeiffer. Along with anti Spitzer and came Boris last week. Well I rented a little bit to Abraham today as well about this whole writer switch. Fiasco at the magic kingdom down in Florida and how that was and we get in here before the shell starts and Andy Spitzer. So our soccer on how he's got a rant that he wants to talk about so all right Andy what do you OK so I got together with my brother and I am leaving this stat. That I tell terror. Isn't it my task passes I gotta put him on Saturday it ranks as my sixty game all out this coming Saturday and I said you're gonna resort right. So I'm not I said yesterday. On the field trip field. So I said hey guys improbably run by a it is these are the three rides for parked and I'm thinking and make sure it's good with everyone you know I don't want a situation where we get there it's like I don't think the kids are gonna do right is he wasting fast passes. Now. And on and on and stop him time out okay me giant. We have this tower Terrmel we just went down and Dublin Logan. Thirteen eleven scared to death of tower chair only Britain that hated it don't ever wanna do it again I'm so they just took off the wrist bands. Dimmed Ozzie put in our pocket we walked off took arbor spans all put theirs on a walk back out there fast pass you know until that necessarily does not. Mean if you get there in those desire they don't want to do it and you and somebody else's take their fast basses and you go. I would do that except I'm an intentional bunch of slack coastal community talk to us about it so I said oh. Head our planet at a time. We ordered pizza everything Ameren and by what I'm thinking in pay I think we should log on space mountain that usually fills up pretty fast okay. Some might five be on the says. You my sister and mom who was on the show couple weeks I very nicely yes when he says tour. Mommy are we really didn't go in the space. It real and she says no. Nothing at Disney World Israel at all I said okay. That's fine I'm not the approach I would have taken right you know let them kind of figure it out. Thompson Ryo again as I yeah. It's not let them if they want I think it's real it's Rio hotel fine. If she would have stopped there. And then she says any princess he meat is not their real prince. And zero have been ruined. That's and I all of the data business lags its that's all you just ruined the whole experience like. That is it. It is ridiculous why. Give a five year old what's the main photo you won again. Your daughter is Cinderella and you Randy about pretty redress of exactly it the picture taking time and we don't have a girl by. So what are we are worried yeah. We have a girl at some point he has happened since I promise you that will be having our house now. Sites are two days later. Tankan like you know it's a little kid maybe seeing retain that information. Via Aaliyah Aaliyah. Says Hank react so anti retains a whole lot she's actually. Remember that Ratner to ID now it is they're adding I can do now and now I have. Meantime it's go for the rides but I mean it ruin the whole out of the magic kingdom all fake she pretty much ruined the whole thing now pretty much saying ultimately I had to wait mine are so against Utah not sure after this simulate what the heck are you know that's what I did I was like don't you want and that's the whole thing like she sees the princess is on she sees mix you know she sees Donald I'd take all of the big deal get your pictures taken while -- I've taken them take inherited Disney and I as the source she itself fight when the princesses I was gone. Out the window when their mom said she's a sec while I do knowing how to keep it real with the cure. It yeah. You keep it real fourteen year old a fifteen year old ruled out far here. I said there's literally a land called sand and sea lions saw a marvelous thing I question a follow up. So it is this is keeping it real that means their original Santa Anna house. No Easter Bunny and I think the San I think stability and I know he's I don't know how and how about let's tell the saddest are really going to rural childhood he just didn't forget Wilson mission and now he's nearby I mean yeah that's. Horrible. I was so upset like did. Do her parents keep that real or that I don't know why I don't think they went to those uses old. As dear urges like who Andy's gonna just Monaco and I did I was like how could you say that sound. Ever run into somebody how to parent by any mean to read and then that's a fine line a mocking. Too many kids have their in this instance shattered to tune because you eights are exposed to add the right Disney toy get into that rants. Yeah eleven year old that we have is in an eleven year old eleven year although we have acts like he's way older than eleven your video games huge you all that crap has a rule in kids even at that age from being just their age because. No more they watch more their minds poisoned easier and more is soul men ever before or video games and counselors are what you talent as it is past five years old people don't steer kids high eight. I just let them figure it out now would be in my approach now. Snow on lighting she's playing the character. Cinderella that cinder block yeah you get excited because that's a tall he little hero to so it's not real are you serious. I'm if the fact your can't figure out that an animation is different than the character she's meeting her I liked in her head and she doesn't need to know. Thanks. So area. To stand now I think my fear is now. But fears now as of this five year old is a chat chatterbox thing. I'd be just here telling other kids well you know this isn't real none of this is real this is all fake your parents live India and she is you know it's an art and when to get back from her occasions in enemy like. And we Disney type none of its real now sometimes. Despite you know as you can all the body go to Disney World and and you rooted for the kids. They believe they're in space let him. And then. We care about this. That writing cherub like that doesn't bother me it's a roller coaster so okay you're not going to Speights it's kind of relieved that if anything it's dry and rental when you to the princess' wants that was ridiculous. Even brought up what they're not the president was real follows you permit concerned if you're actually in Steve's going missions could make you feel like yeah missions days you really do feel like Terrence a senior about to be sick that's different I don't think that if you know they think they're in space whatever. Anyway. More about your vacation back to you on want to I've learned his lesson and I are fake vacation. House and what's this all. Tony hosting magic and you and it's kind of settled that magic. So parents live listening to this podcast don't do with the justice please don't do what they do is dead if you're spending thousands of dollars to go to Disney World. Your kids believe in the magic of Disney World the magic of the magic kingdom like the fireworks shell. Ticker dot com's Don is usually zip line from a castle slides all the way down. All glued open glowing right. At using it he's ruined that team I'm sure because she's been I don't know that is a planned honey you're actually how to do it. Hiring dude like in the playground eggs yeah. It's not a proponent apparent change in managing. It. He had does not write an engineer back on mean toxin Mac. With. Sarah is now happy and marry and we now have you she's now have because I really letter handed over this show. There have been and it's and I've got to do. I don't get to which this putt cash all about does mean going on and there's two dollars a head and looking so forward to it and then you just take your kid a gulf. You bet to Internet. Descend upon you not know how on the. So when I was thinking if any Spitzer. Since they're bars on his party's fight for a five year olds. Polled vision of dizzy was that ruined. I just need the needed to see your kids Stephen me if I run into goofy like I know that's you know not realize part of do you think it's goofy yen. And I'm 33 sides. And I've had a last. 1618 arson and very good. For the most Nikkei and I just made it worse that's good. Things I insist that's a film out of the day it's for the what's the 5 girls and am. Let's Barbara Olson on Avery. Does Avery go to school. The I think she's in floor K going into kindergarten yet. Going into kindergarten I think so yeah I am into that September riots sorry what we should do is we should us set it up. How like flowers. Delivered to her like the week before she goes to Disney World from. Wanna little princesses. At Disney. Food. Allowance. Now whoever may be brought flowers or rubber duck and that habit like a week before. A heard it may become and the magic kingdom can't wait to meet you bubble rock. Use these votes apart five to secure ordering you know whatever may be yet I just couldn't put. Just absorb it all there sub anywhere you can try to tide has been. That's a good idea is I got to figure out away to salvage this thing and if mommy dearest rooms that again and then hugest. Yeah is bound and determined to make sure her daughter doesn't have any fun zag in time I don't understand. Is that entire tour I want but it since you know that's the whole point is taking the kids in its and its feels like home and are gone just get to Six Flags you're gonna do that when the anti Spitzer came Morrissey Sparky Pfeiffer. Brett for any Stanley hanky talk next time or according sparking thing.