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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, February 11th
Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern joined by Dr. Ed Uzinski

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Welcome defeat in the zone show not sports and face and held it to come together in widescreen touch. Right now discover how people once boards walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor kin Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. We'll welcome the faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up in the fainting steel. Oh yeah I might whichever club it's just my co host each. And every week he is the head pastor at brook side Baptist Church. Pastor Ken tell their pastor you do today Mike I'm doing great I think people are there going to be wonder I mean every time you go introduce me you're cracked and a which you know I just like that you get your headset out there. Gundy it was awesome yeah who came right on non magnet you know your radio saturate the oil for weeks that I'm excited about today show I gotta tell you I had a chance to talk to our guests. For awhile and he's to a really good work. And he is. He's got a very dedicated. And in I like that he's not afraid to get up on the mountaintop he's doctor Ed used Hinske with athletes in action actor and how you doing today. I'm doing pretty good here in is 800. And that news in the middle of February and it not go on and yet be. Right. Answer we are residences where were we. Where where in we can't really bad knee he doesn't say Wisconsin to wait until Wisconsin and Wisconsin. Man was 800 used to throw him off. He's for Oklahoma Oklahoma and oh yeah in other members that are bad guys to sit boomer sooner. You excuse that's great he is all about the sooners doctorate so you know we can bypass any friends relatives that you from Oklahoma it seems like as a show distant cousins to cut drove through Oklahoma one of a Ouattara domestically and abroad it. Let's let's talk a little bit about what you do for athletes in action what so what is your job to. Well for the for the last year old bird mean the development of a new web site ideas. Brett the next social or about that. A completely read. That web platform that we had to move it from being ordered online brochure organization. More content written. Like. I like start a business and everything attic Soledad. And that's been doing very well. Hit let's if we can't throughout the show let's flood the website. Is it ai eight dot org. That's actually athletes in action dot org. That's little more complicated than that athletes in action about the war. And yet but to have people come check it out at it's really taken. You at a billion. Visitors in and folks that are coming back or more to see what's going on here each week that's our goal was from the from the get go with that. And I I I've been on their last couple of days and that changes is really remarkable. It's hard to go on that website in this is a true complement. It it'd make sure that you have 1520 minutes put aside. Because once you get on the website and you start looking at different things it it's harder to walk away from so congratulations with that. Appreciate then MI that was really the goal right that quote you think that in a brochure because. That's really that they are we hope we be able to get from people that it would become a destination site. And that it would be that it would and you're thinking about sports. I'm glad you had a panic there. You know do you need him to repeat that in. Yeah I hope I hope he says. I would not vote that they have. Trust me the bill is covered up. Did nothing for freon feces on a table and it gets opted for free after a zone would you give for free pastor. What do I get for frail when it oh yeah Albert let's brook side bad to surveil answer ovation are absolutely that's as. Stolen land and lied about you liar you are on fire today that it affects them. And fire. He let's talk if we keep an eye doctor a little bit about where you grew up in doubt where you went to school stuff like that. Yet. About. What the lead in Ohio Obama did what. Art. And grew up very much sport and my dad was a school wacko. Use the big schools. In western Cleveland. That scuttle out of the locker room. Friday Night Lights. That political football coaches light but the sport a lot of actually. Selling that basket. All Smart. Yeah. On the shipment ever fluid that about it that is that could be good of a baseball. It is group and sports gambling kind of back and bad days weird. It still actually pretty forward on their own and his pick up game all over the place adamantly that. I do now mind you I miss those days I Aaron. There's some. He'd be in being the son of high school football coach in the state of Ohio. Meant that that's big time high school football there. It really is in north of the goal god haven't had to travel and read and realize that Ohio area. The mega State's first of all in the country. That's that's sort of what I it has grew up experiencing. You know big school football that you can expect. One is plant and every every week and though it it's always a fun on Friday that out. Pay and what position did you play for ball. Well what I'd get played football life you know what I should have been you know and by day. Until our sensor in in our cynic indeed count right. And so he was abruptly removed from that position and I'll get or. Won that inning crushed. Level that I did that in Italy that probably earned a basketball player. Of all. What what what your size how tolerant. Well up 6262. And a half but it. I was a anyone back in all I know that there was going to pretty you've got lined up and that'll let. Me you've been pretty quick he's got all the good guys aren't meant. The right. Pretty. I want to do his dirty get the snap count wrong political. And you know it just that other guy with a Smart when. Yeah. Joked about the there public ever. You really want it and let it go purpose. And so what what did you dead have to say much playing center. You know I don't emblem you. Gotta take it well like that that ushered in the basketball. And focus in ninth grade I Beckwith everything. I remember asking my that would think the best. It between baseball football basketball and in that basketball. In as is often the case in other words mean but. The strongest sitting around in life basically let go everything spoke. All right school. So you never played football for your dad them. I didn't crazy thing is he all holes got hired. At school. You know get into all that you know that there was a number of things happen kept that happening wound up coaching. My school's rival. Yeah. For four years or about where I would with they in they it happened in that year. Now I I would stay in the middle and that might mean it's normal root for them. Emma my dad no ma'am root for you now ideally these guys go to school with that. I was sitting. I was seen all over that they. Could we play may hear there was evidence that a vote. You know and we had Bobby Bowden on and then we had a son Tommy on. And what time it was commissioning Clemson. In the war one year they did beat a Florida State. I think it's Torres scored 2017. And we asked him what what did you did have to say tee at midfield he said. Good game son that you're now out the world's. It was awesome so hey let's say if we can't with a time we have left and in in this segment. On talk will be about the bats well why you pretty good high school player in the new and on the college. Outlook and it. I was at about a matter of rapper fighters in hustled. My way into fitness if you will allow that to guard and at mortgage. Back in the day but I. But they've the bottom. If that makes. It and so you would what I gradually. That. Programs this is another create diversions in my in my life although Italy every year. After school. And while I was. With approaching that was the the theory being that got an eight level a level you level I was it was. You you'd be. Basically pretty minor league ball although there. The year after I graduated. Word got back he is coach Kent State that I villages that play at that but he missed in that is gonna. Basketball back. Forward back and get the bug to play again. One out of state as a preferred walk and to the team there 1987. All night in Atlantic and they'd walk. And we did we had a conversation. In off the or buy it. What happened at Kent State but if we get to keep going to that I'll wasn't exactly what you'd expect it. Not you know it wasn't our eloquent blow hot at the time. Completely committed myself as sports that are completely. What basketball simply in the Indian bird out there about intimacy you know like it that I got the bug and and it and traction to Mike gain. When I got. Though. I really are again rock waited. I guess existential questions beard so questions I guess in. It was really struggle that no one of my year. And what will happen is I'd die you know those questions that everybody thinks. Places were you can safely bring a much ice. And it was a really struggled with them well not. Invited the realist walk firm that they will be. In the middle of those three I was. Just and the guy that was the bat and then I was certainly Adam it was probably the worst. But I would struggle in. I remember and in mayors and we run. These different group where you're disprove it in the outline in the jump stop and added we can't use the LA for a quart. And it. And there you want in the you know. What what am I doing here again if it is what my leg is going to be. You know what what is what is true. It's gotta create and I think back about it. But the question that nobody knew about it and I didn't have inning ago went. Thought that Gordon and talk of that assistant coach called. About coming. And I don't really know what I backed. Free basketball coach. He's. To quit. Angela sequestered they get out. In certainly weapons and equipment that you vote so. A global outlook rate Monday. It would happen it would you'd oh this charitably and make. I wanted to get a scholarship that was my goal old. And ending in that they needed that out after that thing about. It that pursue the question though. Well hold it in need to have my leg broke they called. Me. And it turned out they rolling and keep whose misery to be gently. And having the space to pursue those questions. Boy that's. You know you don't know and at that time. I'll doctor Blake obviously billboard had a plan for you. And I you there are things that it happened in in everybody's passage. When it's happening you're think Kent. Black either I didn't see this commoner I don't understand why this happened and and then Elvis and you're two down the road Ugoh OK I now acknowledge it understand. Why why this effect do you know why this happened in my life. It might well walk back. Partners and pictures. From here like some snaps as it's clear that ought to remember walking back door. And dark gains. Part of me felt the very disappointed obviously. And basketball. But I also on the freedom. Room you'd expect the public. What necessarily appropriate for men and that we group and a very religious almost a seemingly Kurtz on Sunday and it was really kind of place or some sort of brown. It. So. We have a rule that as an adamant dark in. In my mind that if it guys. If you're out there. It's time now they show me what this at all and if you I need some answers to my question. And you know nothing happened in that moment but I active member. Trying to get the that night and sure enough within the next couple weeks ended meet. At this ministers really what they were. Bad guys that want to have been in there. Who did a little column in our school newspaper in gasoline it's. And I started in his name and it started in the questions that people were asked what happens. You know is there god I would know how do you know what true there's and is not in the let me. Well then he. Handers. Explaining. Really with the surprise it. And explain cadillacs are a lot about. That I was my first exposure Rudy. It into the Bible somebody actually knew his way around there. And and he wasn't the only one I've met here and it worked in different organizations. That. Just sort of patiently to you know they're weighing. And building began to explain mean this was I came here at the light. All I heard the. What that is about. Practical. Well yeah every element in my own life and now than it was like it all coming together. If there. That the old you'll YouTube song that had only been out for a couple years that I have are looking for that then that this is. This is it I'm pretty sure this is exactly what look what this person Jesus. Not probably the most surprise congress can update your February. From my own life and figure things out. It really will walk it. Walks in and just see what happens. That's awesome Specter we need to get to break other separate will continue our conversation. As we talk with doctor reddy's Hinske. Do yourself a favor athletes in action athletes in action dot org is the website there were gonna talk about a lot later in the show. But I would I would really recommend that you go there because if you were there you're go or a maybe even to eleven months ago it's changed. And it's changed the point that puts up 1520 minutes society. Go to it you're gonna really joyous time she spent in athletes in action dot org or get your break 'cause said the break or continue with doctor Ed he's Hinske. This is faith in his own. I'm sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan. Worn out of faith in his own discovering people of sports in there walking me. Faith in the zone is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to faith in the zone aunts portrait you won a 57 FM the fan. I'm Mike Gilbert wants that pastor Ken Calhoun from port side Baptist Church. Our special guest this week doctor Ted Kaczynski with athletes in action after. Yeah unlike a money as you might see because we always talk about how we love to hear how a journey began. With a faith in Christ and Ed is like right there you know with what was going on can't stay at had to go to break at large happy yeah. Well I'm I'm already so edge is just take Kevin tells a little more what happens here. Well I could say that it's I had some questions double and if Morgan inquisitive tight I felt like is hate things the way they come on get civil legal of those guys that looked why. And have people and their position and things you know it though like that burden meet guys accidentally where we're okay yeah beards and question. And and actually had some sense of answers and inside it continued down that. That I remember once the island in this. A lot of it. Freshman year. And you know and every class with this thing you know they want to talk about it. He. You really did you can't get away from your. Current streak yeah. But of course most of the time the waited for. As a negative thing. And I can remember meet with a gallons saga that are. Being. That about. There's. Is that we're actually. Oh. He was the way it got. That that he really was. Something different than what other religious leaders. Have reused it. Elderly black. Elder Carter Gilbert Carter wins name. Still remember him slowly pulled out anchor of out of his pocket white and war and it went in Hayward start slip over the Bible. The book. That we're argues that on the way and on the true. And on the light and no one comes to the father except me. And. Peter yeah yeah you know and so what do that mean I guess that wasn't true and anything in that moment but idiot certain requests they ease. Did in fact saying that and so. You know in my classes where where it was all being inserted it there are religions teachers were pretty much same the same thing I knew well enough from lead by both. Would you believe did not use that as a pretty radically different day. About themselves and they and so that was just becoming more more clear to me at all or not. So. I ended in its demise. Despair getting confident Margaret. As a question of course got a girlfriend. Prisons they use aryan and the correlate it turned out all the vote and they. Back. Which I've never heard before like this oh Christian subculture thing was ruling new enemy. Nancy let me come to treatment there and everywhere. Eight. I don't think that the I want it. In pack as well and met more people there and I can. Think about sink at the was aptly. Like oh Berkshire. You know what your two questions would never be. Oh in sport and sure that there's there's 200 other people if they're thinking about these thing. And let them play stated so 3:4 in the morning to talk in guys all the guys guys appreciate this. I'd forgotten that could use this weekend because this thing retreat actually our property. One of the guys that immediately mean it's a question that we can't. Was Tony Dungy. Who at that time. It backs coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Was actually Elin beaver all and being here. Coach bill before anybody knew who work for. The coaching there was making himself available to college students by myself that question about stay. Any patiently that talked years old glory. He took to the scriptures. Any it was just a powerful. What what a lot of hoopla about it it was very matter fact. That funding. Went too little service sun king at this is the preacher and this time about it and the back and they have and date. They will train about to get out there except. I have my heart beat them access. It. Will bring about a year. Tell me and got. Oh. But on audio play games got more is ready. Again my elected as it is not even language don't ultimately. Surrendered in I don't wanna I don't wanna eat fight scene now and a red and in the Bible. This is confirmed inside it there's something right about this. In outlook qualities. But we prayed that like remember in Baghdad in my. If you Ridley. A little bit scared you know you never know quite what to get into it. What you start surrendering your life stories rate right. But I can never sit down and think in this is this. This is what tire life as torts did this moment. And if in fact this is true which are believed it to be true outlook for the rest of light truck and other people who are like. Finding the same thing that I found which. 25 years later are still about what action. Amen to that he is doctor Ed uses key athletes in action again. Athletes in action dot org a website and I would recommend. You know why that that was so powerful for me pastor. Because of the amount of coaches and guys that that I know that listen this show. That's that'll that'll come up quietly. You know in in that GM or supermarket. If they see me they'll be like you know bill yell at blood that high school basketball show you do look. But it fits faith is only can they walk up close and whisper. Gary Anderson that that that religion show you do ago. I don't to a religion so yeah you've got relationship I don't I. I do a show called faith in the zone. And these guys. Are exactly were you work can't answer guy seen him look. I have questions I keep humor about this thing on the little scared to take that step. I'd listen to this faith in resulting in its interest in to me. But I'm not sure that that's directional Monaco. And and so we're you work it what thank goodness for that curly and invited you I'll tell you that. Yeah. Yeah. Many times in in in you know. I guess who we would cost some in the book where incidences that broader. But from. Theological view the world it was got. Its moment or just kind of eating off to a place. You know I always refer to those is divine appointments. And a guy got you know god brings people into your life. I guess is I was listening to the army is often element to you know you're giving your life so. To helping others find the answer because people really truly arts are searching humming. The young guy god but within man this consciousness of himself so that's why EC religion this. Is rampant I mean 300000 religions is one last figures that I saw. And so intelligent people or our look and and and or it is the truth you know I mean pilot asked Jesus that himself you know what is true people are looking for the truth. And at what was the elders name that that red T John 146. It was Gilbert Carter. Volunteers. And it is actually. Part of lacks that department and state. Campus at timer too weak as that would do that. That what if any are you aura ironic animal might happen. At the opinion that in that department and that's Rogge that Gilbert that would have crop. But I mean that their gender and are. There again another time employment and and knew we had the privilege of heaven that coach dungy on faith in the zone and and and you know what you know likened you to you and you could bring it above and he he would talk with the platform yeah got a dinner until nine. And the even before he was really human well moaned. He's using that platform as a defensive backs coach for Pittsburgh Steelers you know to talk to guys like did she know it doesn't surprise when he said limited that you of this this football coach is there and it didn't surprise me once I wouldn't say Tony Dungy yeah and it just didn't because. With this that when we had him on and he talked about and he does it not pro rightfully. He he doesn't pat himself on the back but he just said look I believe in this somewhat said. I need to utilize this platform any chance I get. I want to utilize a platform lord's given. And meanwhile I'm bottom line is this what we've been called to do. Right you know I mean and I mean jesus' last command wasn't we're gonna be a witness a pain that oddity want them. You know kind of focus on someone said a man's last words are lasting words on me now is jesus' last words to this is believers. To go out and get a gust and so. No matter what your occupation as you know that's what you do who you are Europe your child of god wanting to. Show someone else how they can find the truce and end up all of hear from the man has also. Well and talk about coats. And maybe other athletes who might miss so light is now. Coach dungy wouldn't it be invaded so available I mean it was a I didn't even know we want to. You have any other name and you played for the Steelers I didn't bill back but he was a fellow pretty. Who was not afraid elect question. And didn't try at all. But it is made himself available that we we go. You know he could take me a little further down on the road more than. Able support. It will in the go get. You know it's just the question that he didn't have it as to what anybody can do that that's the beautiful thing about it. If you make that available. In you're willing to reach in and grab on to. That are eking it and look at that there are certain. Reached forward. A little bit edit it that you answered well I'm really powerful beautiful things can happen. You know Ed you says some of their right there and I don't know I've ever sit on the air and ever since you might but I want you know if there are people out there and they're saying hey. Is there someone available disheartening. You got my number all right Michael Powell wanna talk to all wanna help them because I don't this this this is what's was so important and. And you know what shall I like this stage show is right up your Alley pastor because. I it doesn't matter were you wore what to what day it is what time it is a worry you war I've watched you and action. I've watched you when anybody has a question or anybody wants to talk or you're just corpus or target new home. Because you eat this is what you eat this we are in this what you believe. Before getting to break doctrine that we had a guy on Aggies shot but this satellite news at division three college basketball coach from the state of Indiana. And he said look I was really good at talking about my faith. And decidedly not players in the locker room but I struggled. Outside a lot Crump I've really struggled in it in Indy in the grocery store. In you know in the supermarket in the gas station. And he said I read a book call one not a fan. And I spent an extra three bucks to get a pre slit one of these rubber bracelets that says I'm not a fan. He says they're wearing that bracelet and I'd be in the supermarket so you'd see they say that porch to a fair enough. NEC I'm not a fan of Jesus Christ. And people would be like watch. NEC and not a fan just fiesta on the sidelines. On the follow work and I talked about it. He should act you don't work he's hit I was able to talk to more people because that three dollar bracelet that anything else I've done ever so I you know there's always there's always awake guys we have yet to break. Other side of break we'll continue our conversation. With doctor Ed he's Hinske I did athletes in action. Good athletes in action dot org for more information if you haven't seen that website in the last eleven months or so go to it now. There's some great articles in fact we're gonna talk to. A doctor at about one that Bechtel was written a couple years ago but they put back up here recently does god care who wins. Sounds like Aaron Rodgers and Seattle Cora a Russell Wilson's William Russell Wilson's argument that idea and we'll find out willow we'll talk to director Bob that. Along with a lot of other things he's been a great guest this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 Ab fab. The fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor came Kilmer. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back defeated zone I scored 31057. Of them. Finally we cure itself treatment work faster and killed at London nightclubs I Baptist Church our special guest actor since he. He's with athletes in action. And to be honest with you guys who I've got about seventeen more segments like you do with accurate this I really do appreciate your time. And trust and I tell you. We need to get to get you back on the show. On soon because we're neck and get to it nearly as much stuff is I'd hoped. Specter let's talk a little bit about you start with athletes next you've been with him how one. Why aren't here this summer meant congratulations. On that you went to where it's a great organization. Yeah I can't believe that it Erica might say that it. Is built by so fast certainly. In plant and being an app that he's highlight but it. Everything that. Bought they've got. And it needed do you have been able to do to this organization. And at different roles and opportunities. Minister spoke in different ways so it's it's been great promote growth and a great place or. He before we get more and athletes in action I talked to a little bit about you getting your doctor and on and how impressive that is in congratulations on on that end and I said to him you pastor said should I call you know died doctor to Gusinsky your. He said well he goes up you and I said look you were and a man I'm I'm go with doctor ideas that's a difficult thing to do or did you go to school for that. I want to Bowling Green right here in Ohio so that the couple hours of the road from Iraq a year that it Dayton. I commuted up there for years so would that the mood family around and and it worked out good or. Well congratulations. On that I know that so what do what do great accomplishment. They are now I'm on the website athletes in action dot org. I I only pulled one and I read a number of them but the but this just great out because we've had this conversation. And the article that you'd that you wrote does god care who wins. Let's talk a little bit about that because it's funny you know you're you're talking the talk to people that might not have much of a faith based in their life. And they'll they'll always make comments about would you really think our tears of Tim Tebow its claim footballer. You know this team talks about pray in you're for the game and after the game. You go to these players really think god cares who wins a football game or basketball game. And then this article that that you wrote a couple years ago meant he made some great points. What's your feeling on that doctrine how do you I do you approach shot that question. One of the reasons why we even started to keep that question around is because there's so many layers. Of an like we'll let. So let's go to our culture that. That program called American culture that. Which is exactly what it is betting Eric. In the moment that we did it. And one of the things it's true right now for. That we don't look very good job thinking well. About issues and about questions were very much needs your reaction there and whatever comes to question him back but better control. And we sort of learn to take. On. Oh thanks so much about it. And this is one of those questions with them within the state realm of will that come. You'd done it year. Round. Gain that got scared about this game. And ultimately the incident of course the because he cared about it. It looked like it doesn't matter who we're going to get what we buy here. And that you mentioned a bit. You know it'd a number of Christians that you have are that would cause here or the number is affiliated people are. Is it trained for a gain the car care you know she's aware and alert. And it will become so silly about the reality it. In other guys on both sides there for him before. There's there's. You know. There's men and women that have done a horrible saying this has been a little bit of the order. Both sides for. Well those are the criteria that. Determined. How god you about the game and ultimately is this is really mean it sound like a punch but we don't know. Exactly how it is that he cares about the gains or Y ears but he certainly working out his purposes and is end. Through every single thing that happens in life including the game. I'll stop there that you that you guys are. I'm. Now on his son take it then IA I totally agree with you he does scare. I think Floyd. Boy you're doing. And others. Around the country are doing. That claimed to be a that would call themselves a Christian is what they care about is what god cares about my god cares about ultimately. Is when we die that will that was him eternally. And in and night in the process you know you have jobs if games you have and different things like like that that your. You're you're going through life doing. And whether or win or lose my dad always there when asked me this question. Will you be able to to say to the lord you do your best. You know if you did your best. Used to always tell me it's no disgrace to fail or even to lose but it's a sand. If you do less than your best. And so that was kind of you know my father just my own vehicle or on Thanksgiving Day in and that's not a great day to go home on Thanksgiving Day to be with the war at. But he really. A he had a principal he used to always hit me with the principle of dual indeed do you do little for the glory of god or not. And I know you wrote on here you know so and because some guys do come on afterward you know in the post game interview. And you know wanna thank the lord and and I know. Usually when that happens you know believers are their ears are perking up you know when especially when they say something that the lord Jesus Christ I heard broke far. INS. Acceptance of being in the football hall fame and Stanton. I'm heroes right and is now president because I just was like allergies is crises my savior I mean it is. You know kind of floored me meant they Kangas back to. Somewhat Tony Dungy was saying and if guys giving you platform to say some things and say it but. It in this article if I can't what would I thought dude what jumped off the page you mean it was really well written. I doctorate Boe in the paragraph yes he cares. But god most certainly does care who wins not in the way we deal and is currently not in the way implied by most post game interviews. He cares about everything that happens in the universe. I I like to that paragraph the most for me when when you talk but to suggest he doesn't care who wins. Is repressed in the corner. Opposite but it just is ridiculous of the idea that he remains vested like a Vegas gambler. Indeed his concern regarding game extends far beyond our own fit ideas of fig tree defeat profit loss. Success and failure. Yet I look. As we talked about early on with with your arm journey. Out doctored we do we talked about things happen for a reason I like that the paragraph that talks about. Look what what is winning gonna do to somebody's life from what is he losing you due to some he's like. And and I think that's what god cares about. I think you just care about it you know that that we are competing in and what you can do to somebody's life if they are on the mountaintop. Or they just lost out last second you know what what's gonna happen Howard the inner react and world what what to Rex does that push their life that. Yeah in other that well at all. But all the word. Connection that I think we've made over time and because it is the only time your real thing mogul David Wright that girl when it. Pakistan in that. You know what coach Quinn can argue work. We're in Queens state. Journey and that at this point but what does that you're exactly. You know when they put the Mike in front of him without wanting my ward figured some guys that. But we don't usually bill Mayer but that would have been it is true that they eat it up if you could accept that. But we don't ever hear that wouldn't that news of the weird. Association that sort outlook for me between god and the winning. Out and I think that people. Oil again I think that was backing it but you can. As manipulate god you you know the code via your. You got them. Theater which can. That they can't go to low how we and the thing. Eric in ways that it got may be a war with the subway it would sure what painted. Don't see that in the way you interact with the marginalized people. It go or. The people that were being paid attention and it would have even been considered present society. And really. You know the people who had power and the people it. Again let me go to would have been considered winners. And again that doesn't these against waiting. It is means that we awarded. Winning and losing with an idea that god but outside the winner. Yeah I I create yup here's doctor reddy's its key with athletes and actually go to athletes in action dot org. Up for more information on what they're doing guys are gonna get to break this his faith in zone on sports pretty 1057 FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Faith in the zone has brought T by hello windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver. And pastor came counter punch sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Yeah. Welcome back to fake his own odd sports Radio One 057 have been a fan I'm like you were wants our pastor can throw their. For brook side Baptist Church. Our special guest doctor Ed used in ski with athletes in action guys we got just a couple of minutes here. In in our last segment. Doctorate I can't think Q enough for your time. I wish I had a great conversation with you a couple of times. Off your kitty ready for the show. And done this this has been a really good show which could it reach a lot of people let a jury in trusted I think you what you have to say. And trust me I'm gonna be bugging you to come back on the show you know we just didn't get to as much as I'd hoped. Because it's always trust Jeanne the journey that you had and the amount of people that pitcher reach you with athletes in action. Is incredible. I'm I wish you the best man I wish you good luck hearing in. In the near future with everything you guys are trying to accomplish hate the podcast that you were doing is that no longer up for awhile. You know we we stop that you months ago I was. Right there. And bright. Sports show not a light yours but he doesn't liner caught on acting. And I mean North Carolina in for a couple years. We did this so called moderate view. Where we would take this sport issues that we're been talked about during the week similar what part in eruption and yet in the optics. And Italy would put them under review each day each vote once a week rather. And look at it from more theological perspective both about equal respect and a little bit eaten them. Maybe what some analysis would be or at least it that Bieber is a different directions. And then at the end now officially in a typical sport shows which is really what. There's an athlete an action that award. It's really what we're trying to do on that site. Take them very relevant thing that people were talking about are on the water there are about a Sports Radio in looking at a from a different direction. They perspective from. From a Christian perspective really what would it look like. To take any particular incident. And ask how to say in respect this moment coupled with some adjusting. Pieces that you mentioned. Paid the next to next time we have you want we're gonna start with what what you think about signing day in college football so. We we discussed that before and were on the same page and that I I I don't see anything good coming from that. To be honest with you but we will next time we have doctor exit ski from athletes in action on. We'll ask him about that the other thing when asked about past of that one advocates who didn't he played reverend athletes in action teams move and yeah he'll play colleges who. At peace plan that and to guard probably right now yeah. Q well you could shoot it do you still share. I got my legs a little messy but I try to put the mob whatever it. You sound young to me is sounds like you can use the dribble dribble penetration and kick yeah maybe he can a guy like yeah. Went into this to you go to his legs are right if there jolly voice he's not going to press some guys but I mean he by the end it's not guys got it yet doctorate that you somewhat Cirque. Thank you got out early in my can teleport talk with. You've got to pass they are skewed to send it to say listen this is faith in the zone. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with post might mean give Ernie and pastor can help her. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find Pashos. Exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well yeah. The games. Our service. Noted.