Ebo: Brewers are huge in Madison!

Brewers Coverage
Wednesday, July 11th
Ebo, Co-host of the “Joe and Ebo Show” on 96.7 FM/1670 AM The Zone in Madison, weighs in on the Brewers trade chatter. Plus, does he think the Badgers are bound for the CFP?

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From the zone in Madison. It is. The red jacket and they know what some and let me like I'm glad funny talk yeah. Yeah thing thanks I appreciate that hey we were talking in I don't know if you caught some of them discussion we're having about the brewers excitement level throughout the state of Wisconsin I can only go to control group around these southeast corner of the state Milwaukee were seeing Kenosha. What's gone on in Madison you walk through a bar restaurant are the games on the Burr games on and our people into. Will try to do that and they're talking about voting earlier so let's call up tomorrow like we're a little. I got to and got three foot then they don't all shorted out here are some beer pong you'll be my guest. Well. I'll tell you a man I would love to do that I've got to what six more games you get to you before I go before daybreak and. You like it and but yeah no doubt an attitude I mean. The brutal turn an upbeat kind of answered by the temperatures that lowers people really eye on right now. On track so much so he'll hate is regular we're trying to get the all star. Odd that ship bronco that morning show here from yeah to 10 this morning I got in and Nightline 2000 votes in four hours. It was a got another liked leaked out and I got a giggle in terms just according to their fingers all right now sort of get a net whenever Lombardo adamantly excitable group. Yeah and now. One of our guys cheered just mentioned that Luis Ortiz at Biloxi was. Take another game after 49 pitches three innings not at all much we read into this was since were all this just. Giddy about in trade any little trade piece we can get. I don't know if there's anything to that it could be prompted him for a bullpen usage who knows what's Kona on the Arabic. There's a guy that's been out thrown out there and in terms of trade talks. Yeah I mean elected packed up or an apartment shop there but I'm pretty sure we don't stop and respond on oh yeah oh. In the quarter discussed moving into dog chew these last two laps and it was my actually and shot out not confirmed. Yeah if you do it and indeed a done deal who knows though ye you you heard you heard us talking about Jim Bolden and in his report I gas report it's probably more opinion well John here in just came out Johnny Damon he says don't like to shoot down every rumor out there. But rest easy Milwaukee ends brewers are not sending a package of burns Broxton and Garcia for much shot oh. Not all three no way that just came from journeyman. I wrote about at the retreat in the favorites that I get to got to sort out there but we shall go. Yeah so I don't know man did not want to eat pork and burn possibly injured for much. Com I would have and again I would have to have something coming back with much out of the package would include Machado and someone else or burns no ago. Now I'm not just given up burns from a shot though neither my its. I'll add to burns I got no problem adding to decorum burns. But I want something in return whether or not that's higher end prospect with in the Baltimore organization. Or certainly guys that can help this team win a World Series this year. Yeah I outside and out out of a sense on the Machado sang an ugly. Cold burns you know could be electorate is some last night in new rockets and so on its by. The good the last what four times in the French senate victory on steadily around him into the future act on a woman now. I've kind of moved on the line though you know if we do get you know so no burns I'm guilty or that they're bloggers and the return that set. I wanna live man. I would not. I know that in an amen brother because there's not a lot of broadcasters writers and analysts that are that are going to say it that way and and it really does come dot. And we shouldn't blame. The general manager David Stern's or mark got announced yell for the ineptitude of disorganization in terms of making the playoffs winning World Series. We shouldn't blame those two individuals for that. But nonetheless you're right on the money men same with a box save what the brewers. Art should just sick of waiting and there's some people that are way too patient. I would do patient and that the literally going to impatient but I'm get being patient is gonna start winning big or how long it would look I'm terribly real couple. Play out but the play out throughout the World Series road 110 near little. That I can't outs and nobody yet articulate. Second I don't know of no but when you put it into perspective and I I love the team everybody knows that I'd I'd just I'd love that baseball team the entire organization. When you put it into this broad perspective of you've been around since 1970. How in the world have you own he hit the post season. For Franken times. Art is unbelievable that some unbelievable events are you let me about you know how medical device but on the brewers. What Milwaukee perception of Madison becomes the brewers tomorrow I'll put them over here obviously come looked up that we have bet on. The big Lan party turn it into my hangover cure for August 31. The what you guys think of Madison. None at all what I'm thinking that that would be the cut off to where I've always said draw a line from Madison to the to the valley Appleton and in Green Bay and then straight down to the corner of the state. This and that sort of is the hub of sort of the non. Bob well they have a heavily populated area let's let's just say that C you do get more of the excitement value and in that big Triad if you will you go north I'm not real familiar with that I I just don't know and that's why we're discussing it. Madison is gonna go with where who's who's ever rock in a rocket right there with him that's that would be my perception. I guess again and I think we get a final out entry you guys do to help them and and that I can't stand the ones that are born in looked up but I guess the old guys and outrage well it regret it or someone I don't doubt EG. Gotta go cubbies but. But I'm thirty so the people my age or younger Mike why in the hell are you concepts. I get it broke right to be a packer backer grew work but sent pitcher Bert right own book called stuff here Camara. It is an and so you have the the box doing their thing they made a few signing C of the of the brewers on the upswing here. You're still a little ways away from packer football but. You get a lot of that on your morning show army Packers a year round thing. Well yeah yeah we had actually it Jim Miller former Chicago bear. Quarterback on the day he's you know he's been our studios for a serious let them do stuff. And we talked packer football kinda like I can't believe that you're talking to a former bears quarterback. But the man we got nothing but you know what what are you guys 'cause you are easily beat I mean I would ever not yours no problem so their target stores about art or whatnot. Funny packet knowledge of the view throughout this just that are that are green and gold from the tropics to. And years and years were on Matty go with this evo from the zone in Madison. Joe's headed to Vegas tomorrow so I've got a little money tucked away in my wallet here for him. Believe it or not you mentioned bears there. Packers bears Sunday night week one. I'm land some money on the Packers minus the points that. So that's one of the bad script that ominous and would gel and I'm also I don't know I don't know feisty cover my flank on the National League representative. In the World Series I've already got the brewers at fifteen to one. I that I did a couple months ago. And so what to win other NL teams that I flank that bat with third do I press the brewer about. I hope I do know press the group that you know I'm feeling fine out there and I loved by the that would argue they are not actors and then just. And bring to bear that's going to be huge crowd has come back. It's going to be so Lynn I can't wait to see that smackdown. I think go for the brewer and why not put up just right there. A very un general reader so I guess I are right so I've got fifty bucks a year Joseph. Should I go. 45 dollar power late Packers. Minus the nine. Against the bears look at I can't believe I'm talking like this in July lover. Canola and so Packers minus roughly nine points against the bears do I go over under par allay those two together 25 bucks should give me back about a hundred. I say do it. Over on a good. Over. Short but the under all the baby. Then I almost wanna goalie under week one assault on too predictable B two I wanna go like a 2410. Packer win. 477. Packer win. Yeah I hate that under coming over kind of gagged and I like the oil out there. It's true then press the brew him seek evil does this more than ninety so maybe maybe teaches at about the best eyes ears and out liar badgers football to make the final four. Thought you know yeah I'm on board and that I'm Artie on and that the badgers are gonna have a very special either and I'm a big article archive. At stake occupant on the books wide receivers are going to be just insane to Lilly never seen before you have you know chartered air and I didn't hear that he sent going to be next feet. And then I'm off. None in all seriousness you surely believe they convict him because I really haven't a great year last year are they didn't get a yen but nonetheless they. They did have a good year can they can they do that again I'm they'd legit. That they are legit and what's gotten so good to be loading the wide receiver like at other lives before and in memory and brought. Is that game against Miami and you look at particularly the intersection. Expect big things from Wisconsin Badgers I mean that let you expect I can pull some testy. Put out of that although it IE up. I did like the swagger that the actress than that team had that game that's one of the things that I was like. 10 OK you just want to play with the big boys Manny got some swagger to you. What would what one of the best anchor leg game at the end there and I'm not gonna sicker yes. You cannot turn over changed my bleep yeah keep that out that it was incredible. And that Saddam that's I'm talking about right there evil always a pleasure we gotta get you we gotta get you on the post game show all right. Made it out of one and a lot of guys all right thanks a lot evo mornings on the zone in Madison joining us here in the Schneider orange outline. She Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done called on the 844 pride or go to Schneider Jack stack up.