Ep. 10 - Inside Mini Golf, Fistball, and Kickball

Bart Winkler
Friday, July 6th
0:01 Mister Mini Golf of MiniGolfReviews.com talks about taking over the MUSA Putt Putt league, the best courses in the Milwaukee area, and plans for a future indoor facility

25:50 Keith Schweda of MKE Fistball tells us about the hidden sport right in our backyard

36:27 Producer Dave of 99.1 WMYX and Chuck Freimund of 105.7 FM The FAN talk about what they hate about kickball and kickball players

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When things podcast are right here's the plan for today's show we're gonna toxin mini golf or anti some fist ball. Now we're gonna talk some kick ball. I do to with a three. And kick ball to talk to my friend producer Dave a little later if I do not do fizz ball I barely even know what it is. But it's legit some talk that and a little bit I Karl Barth Singh here mr. mini golf is what you can call him. Words are many golf obviously so were in the same league right now. Moos I'm USA mini golf league. I got and it four years ago. When when did you get in it. I started last year so apparent command. Tied for co champion. This year yea you know what happened. I was wire to wire. And then I choked. A Mulligan and we're seeing you know that's a good course and it's tough on. Turns out I think no is. One over par. Apparently that record is popped on average score under our that is are really tough course and and I and our time and then Connell is the champion but you deserved it so congratulations. And you kind of taken over. Yeah the senator. I mean Dan glass from moose he went to explore some. Other sports league sides leave he wanted to do start a soccer league in Milwaukee on. On things like man that you know I started my website for many call and he basically said it would you wanted it to so referring and then I jumped on the opportunity as any fan can do with mini golf is something I'd like to do. So okay let's Sunderland then how did mini golf becomes something that. You like so much to reappoint or your mr. mini golf chair yet this many off dot com to while many golf reviews act that yeah we got. Mr. mini golf on Twitter. Whom many golf reviews Yucca Mountain yeah awarded this love come for. Chair so. You know as a kid. My fear activity was to go claiming golf. If it was managed. Kind achieve something to do. I mean that's always wanna pick to the point where my siblings are like really we're going again so. I mean it was. Oh he's like doing that and I was lucky that I'm growing up in no annoying. We are relatively close to one of the best courses in the country. Part king in Lincolnshire Illinois Taka and that's actually the one that I'm posting about or have been posting about the last few weeks and going into the next couple weeks. I'm on my side and posted different hole every day. I seeking Tennessee what's that what's that all about. And get some tips you like you know I'm a really do the best shot. And on I try to keep it and it's nice pieces right is. I mean I can read for hours on mini golf there but neither you know average readers are really gonna wanna do that they wanna see some visuals. I do have some video clips out there and then. Notes to bite sized portion of it okay this is the whole this is you know best routes and stuff. Do you like real gulf. Yeah or I do I do I'm saved many girls not real golf I do I'm not very good about it. I can't second home around you so even during the Yeltsin's. Ever for a museum mini golf now putt putt. Well so that's that's a thing has kind of interesting I'm not changing the league named because it's the fifteen year yeah and it's you know that's what it's been gone by. Putt putt putt is actually a corporation. It's it's a franchise Kleenex yeah it's a franchise of mini golf I mean miniature golf mini golf is really. You know the category and then it's got tons of different names that mean Uga carpet golf peca. Crazy golf adventure golf goofy golf. I mean there's there's so many different names the that they have foreign missions. And a lot of it's based on region so wherever you go on the country may have a different name. I'm always like that too I I don't know why. As it's always have senior year of high is our group and fondle act on an hour north from Milwaukee. And there was this place called putt and stuff and it was like oh. Airport hangar turned into a school app pizza on one side and and didn't really. Just there's nothing extravagant about any of the holes. But there was a starting spot and there was a ten and so was eighteen holes side cut in it was indoor he has a dark so we did in the wintertime comedy relief. I got eighteen people from school. To do this league. And we did I think we didn't. This road of storing your on your own I can like what we do know. And then there was so much interest in the we did it again we default and then we did a winter and we got 36 people we did teams are three and you come with your own team and you'd. Panel each week and again this website on geocities. The second week of the league we show up there on Wednesday night 'cause they had. It was five bucks to golf but if you had more than eight people was to say we can bring everybody an app is part of our group. Well they closed so I had this great league and his great web site. And it closed we did one time in the summer then do like a tour of Wisconsin warm and couple buddies. It then I've always wanted something again like that's on the four years ago I was on Twitter. And I saw one of the most of tweets a great first outing first week. As animal I don't know I tweeted Adam what is this gives me end. And then we've been doing it I ever since that think this is our fourth year the site how did you discover it and you just looked it up. Well yeah I mean and pretty much just gotten my words can't say kicked off I hadn't really gone my with the jets this is back in April last year. On its hands there's got to be something. Any golf related for more Unionists. Is that about ten courses are so in the area and depending how far out you go but they can't agree would be to do the league so. I was thinking islet Siegel Q&A decline and moves so is the only one that had done that sounds like I gotta give in on this you know. It's in for prizes I mean who doesn't wanna win stuff too you know sun they're really mated and pacing to wanna join and you know the rest is history played every week and and and their winning which mean and even a little bit more fun to put that I don't know necessarily fit if if we've worked at a time for you know and and this season at second and and a tie there's going to be. Definitive winner per share of these so you tie last year yes and so I end up coming back from fourth place. Eating out you one other guy and then tying for first. On that last course which honestly you know really hard so. I was pretty impressed that I had to come back. Mervyn it was my friend Joey yeah joint and knowing he had Joseph is not in this year. I 'cause it it's its final months and then one at a kid moved or seen another can. Move and then the other guys in a bowling league now I think I'm teen sports Piaf and not terrorists so it's me it's my brother and I. That and in doing in. The last few years so yeah we love in its many golf it's like eight courses around the city we do. From our date would you think that these hundred courses some are better than others yeah. I mean I kind of ring to it based on my favorite so the first song we played that tear in Brookfield. Simply my favorite course I mean. It does not really allowed a novelty into relate when people think in many off they think you know when mills clowns you know that kind of stuff. There's nothing really like that there there's just a good mix of easier holes and very difficult ones. So I mean everyone scores really while there are so it's getting to that point where think men can score. Under forty can score under 35 can even get under 38. That's really impressive to do so. I mean that's that's definitely in favor in the area on the on the swing time German time which is with the one we played last week on. I mean that nemesis again it's got a lot of different and I America and endowments feels more like. The classic mini golf again they're still not really that your windmill type obstacles but. It's still got years you're kind of classic type calls he got the ones that follow the terms he got here. Tiered level holes he cannot. Some pipe play in there are so many had that skills shy and and you're either in the hauler earlier or very close. Feel like a good course and there should be at some point. You should be walking up the stairs. Yeah at some point yea gotta have some elevation in the right and then there should be water to. Yes it's all especially for an outside court and it's a good play slaughter of yeah that's always fun and injuring him and usually in usually those moderate ones I mean you get really close of the hall on or you do give all one is usually batters then. You know playing on the carpet in trying to plan a percent that way. I'm in it's it's interesting retirement elevation though because I mean a lot of indoor courses. They're no elevation so I mean that's why you see a lot of you know the glow glow in the dark ones are or some kind of catch in there and that. Pass to drop people in any. So. You know it's it's I think that's one of the challenges with having. Indoor ones is you need need that thing that will draw people and but I mean for Wisconsin being in the market area we have the only thing we have for in dorm any golf as we're having our and the season party in nine below. And that is I mean it's more about being in the bar atmosphere than is the mini golf. But I mean it does fill that void but they need and I think there needs to be something else they used to be. An indoor glow golf in Hartford. That on closed down who's right next to them and check to an okay area area so. Now there's really nothing in there. And I've not been and I'm blow united Ewing and you're gonna you're gonna like it and sponsor yeah I mean. At that I'd I'd been there half dozen times or so I don't actually build your own course that he and you build your own com. That's good and bad drapes it brings out your creative side but then it is impart to some people entering kin and and honestly thinking the best for design I mean. Typically you know. A hall would be like a par 34. I mean last times there I think they had a par nine. And and its image because you creating our naming your designing completely than this room. That as a bunch of different obstacles in there it's kind of free for all brawl and I don't think there's been any dancer. Earning incarcerations or anything like that but. Around you just grab what you you each handing you design hole from that that some people design. After nineteen to completed just like how crazy can we make this and sometimes it's a little frustrating Hank does. You still wanna be able to do it you know a lot of the times on people. Put way too much into and sometimes a simple one with an interesting twist in the way to go there see I would like. You'd think there'd be one good indoor. Well that's something that's actually I think probably one of my earliest memories of mini golf was. It was his place in our result Illinois. Has called the four seasons as. Are run by this old guy. This week. Next to like a bank and things like that and ages each hole is designed after like a landmark in the last so late. There was SP. Ira Glass concrete. How boy that was probably fifteen feet tall and has. That'll start soon opening clothes okay that's who make the still sent there they had to climb mount Rushmore. I just remember this big stuffed. Buffalo. And for some reason they decide to put a motor incited it in the tail would whip back and forth. As they taxidermy buffalo in the tail and move. And probably in the vast parts to us that the last hole was like a riverboat and not panel Leo it's been around and depending on where you headed into the panel bill. Could win a free game. And you know lights and sirens or go off and it was really exciting. Dior mini golf skills translate to the real golf course. Com. As I noticed but when I know the real golf course and I. Atlanta the pod nine minutes like damn man I think that I should have super human skills. Because of many golfers should translate depriving. Actually I think probably many golf might have hurt me a little bit because usually I'm playing like banks and down and a bit more extreme lies so. I'm in on the golf course sometimes it might OK I know our economy golf course empowering and have to you know go a little left or right. And up a shoots it straight and I'm. Yemen reading greens as leadership and yes for sure playing the bank. That's for sure. So would you ever I mean at some point in your life you're gonna all remaining golf course right and I mean that's the gene I mean that's that's a goal in the next five years is to have. One course here in the more here I'm thinking you know like. Neckline and seat of heard craft an area somewhere along America's that's its various sparse there not only for any golf causes only one course in cedar berg. Just general entertainment type things and I mean the only thing I can think of out in that area. Other than going like the festivals and fairs is like this the movie theater. Yeah I'd live on the east side of Milwaukee so I wish there was something kind of more or identical or Waukesha. And after all the Brooke feel I am a mini golf. I'd be cool to have you minority pre designed it yet this the stop look I have here as alcohol is that's. Called master plan it definitely has master plan in their cell. I'm just working on trying to no figure out how to finance this in the it going because. I think indoor needs to be the first part I'd like to do an indoor and outdoor course but indoor really needs to be the first part because. With Wisconsin are c.s are you know outside season is so short. So starting with the indoor one of Lincoln drama more people coming to the course and then on you know expand outside afterwards 'cause. And it is outside season everybody wants to be outside sure it is as is definitely a very nice to live in Wisconsin. And then the you know the Puerto. Ten sleep eight months out of the year right. Not gonna be outside so you can afford Adobe to retractable roofs Miller Park and you share right in Germany of course rate in half. Do you think many golf has a good first day. I am mixed opinions comments yeah I mean depends rate so that one time I took a girl. She there was no second date it has the courage to be here. Or did you beat her in and Scott mad and I remember I just know there was never a second data and she never talked to me. Name's Catherine. I mean it's kind of an tallied a movie theater day very. You know they say maybe that's on the best first eight because you know interacting whole time. You're watching the movie again movies a bad first grade I mean and if and if the movie isn't a good one and the associate that with you in an era in the second date right. But it's it's should be something fun easy and exciting and I think many golf has that I think. Noam mini golf is for people of all ages. All races. All genders. I mean do you really. No reason not to claiming. It is what the first day part of it. Not my thing with first days as I don't think there should be. There should be set ending. Chair at it like a first day should be all walker picnic. There have some continuation and yet if if there's a set ending. But most things that people would do have a movie set and many consent ending a bowling. Sent ending meaning church so that yes lie a and maybe go one better experience. And it was a good data I don't know what happened at I mean yeah you mini golf and eat ice cream yeah even if you and or illusory so. If you win out here when you treat. And if if some and if you lose it like let's get the mice can fit on that right they got batting cages depending on. On where you are I Billy Miller and those scores seem to be better than they were last year. I mean as I feel like. At least for the first two courses we've. Pretty much people have either been. On par or better for the most part I mean is probably in third to it's probably a third is definitely kicking everybody's butt. And the other third of the second there it is on par and unless there is. They're an effort just fun. You bring your own putter I did actually had a one made. From the golf expo this year I can't do it. Well for me since I have a business I can rent that as a business expense you know potter and in you know in news it was big actually really good posts for me. So and in my higher on. Do you posts for my website itself. And instantly unique I mean it's it's it's a wooden putter with different woods and then it's double sided so he can hit left or right. And had. Gold trophy golf ball in late in the car and a club so. I'd like fusion. House fires. Yeah I mean I think it depends though as those proper ones and sometimes fools can get a bit long Q but the metal ones are cool but. A lot of courses don't like using the metal ones because. People and either damaged the course Saddam's supporters opposed Akamai on the ground and I Don Murray have. Thrown plenty of many gulf. What is it what's the official scoring at the ball comes in the company comes. I think pitching count if it's not in there and sitting in there it's it's meant. That's rare packet I mean I even had one Monday yet but here again it also depends on the course too so. Found some courses definitely he's very shallow cups and some news very deep ones so. Com you just got a cannon no notice that when your plane and into tender count I played with ones that had less than half inch apps to them. And now to I don't know that says if that's legal play but. I mean I'd seen many a golf balls bounce on a course like that while some have real deep ones and you can. Basically chip that ball in there and Dan Ronan you're. A pillowcase to see the mini golf championships on TV and I don't anymore I think they were kind of big. In the early ninety's and let. Again early ninety's that's when I was born so. There are you to see that but I have watched them are new to it's it's pretty interesting in those are definitely putt putt. A couple of rounds because. That's the signature yes thing with putt putt is. Every hole should be able to be made whole and on and you can see that at some of the courses that we've played during the league pennant. They're like yeah there's no engine hole and one on this other than having to chip the ball. Over something like on the plane at the swan called home and driving range phenomenon meatballs. Balance is really really difficult I again. If you can figure about the right angles and their chats. You'll definitely government has not comment on. Do you like that. That a hole should be made to get all in one responsible I think it I think everyone should should have that opportunity at feeling defeated. It's not possible it's like on the one what. Grand achievement may turn to get on that holds us. I think also our I have very. Danger on a par five illusion and you can add and that's actually not too many of those have been recorded but that's actually called a Condo or. Hole on a par five yeah. Or a hole and two on a par six which there are very few of those par six. Yet and I and my notes here is. Looking at it to see what that classifies for in regular golf and that's. 691. Yards or more. You've got to manifesto and for me yeah and the merrier designs are designs and got information and business plans all that so I'm. Keep track of you know who in leagues getting Lotto tickets for the home morons. I want to yeah I didn't win it and when odds of that. Ireland. And anger you of one maholm won the new brother I do speaking of you and your brother your beating him by one stroke right now. I know but it wearily and attack like the middle. Yea about middle have been see I do. Last year at this time we are in the fifth top five. Yeah I'm tied for second and now they're a lot of new people. I'm anxious probably half and half probably. They must of found out about it's why I I definitely wouldn't tranda broadcast about the leak of MR I mean we got that. Airtime on CBS 58. I'm speaking of that you think you had interview and that tune that airs on. That is and Sunday at 7 am. Did you mean gulf fix early in the morning yeah that a refiner does that school. It's cool. Odd side tickets and you say sports. That comes slash prod cut by you have it on your website and get up closing in on there at and that's a mini golf reviews come back count. And you can check that out for a meek courses you can give up there. On this point who I haven't really really thought about actually. How many. Entire courses has kind of changed my format because. It was taking so long to write you know everything for each course and such change to the whole day so manic and I'm more content to share on a regular basis and and really seeing. Any of my colleagues in the in the field do that kinda things that's not a lot on the this my own thing creating a lot of traction. On gas means. My best month so far was last month. And the month prior army and I'm growing but. Not deceit you know after this first year. How that's doing it's it's really more of a couple things on why got the website started one I wanted an outlet to share meaning golf with people. Too I can't get started with brown course just yet been around just in stern and I'm getting married hundred days from today actually. And she misses and you know. She she has got her shirt to its us future mrs. many but she she will be missed as many dollar gas. And downs. And also to that kind of archive mini golf as a sport so. The others the courses they can easily find rights of the prairie fill in Waukesha did you see there off the highway group. Arm but how many people know about the swing time and hawkish which. Is pretty close by bad. I mean it's worth buying T hear me now yes adding that the its lead on the outskirts very so you mean erode. How do you eject can't take the right right turn to get on it and they're in the in the construction area. So it's archive those because unfortunately a lot of though. Older courses that were family run businesses I mean they're discern closely either kids don't want now on the business anymore or. Owners passed away on it's it's it's really unfortunate because this again it's something that's fun for people to do but. People can't keep up with it maintenance is like my biggest pet peeve mentally. Running a business but you're not producing a product that you're proud of so. Eventually it's gonna shut down because other people. Are either gonna take care of the course really well or other courses are gonna open up or something with some new innovation. Which stats like when I wanna do on. I wanted to I can't make a classic course Terry has I haven't had the course around for twenty plus years so I need to come up with something new. And I think that's why nine below is is killing hearing now because they're completely different concept. They're you know they're eSATA depth of downtown so we got the crowds and all that and a bright are you are you Debbie am more rocky so. At the college kids there. And then it's kind of it's a new concept so create your own course so every time you go in there it's at least a little bit different experience. And there actually at summer festering now all I'm doing a hole in one contest. And if you get on line yet front row tickets to the Miller stage and in in the renewing that every day for the pro summer paso. I mean it's up there are definitely ain't. Pushing themselves in the right direction. Open of their courses Susie Kansas Summers ago yeah for sure every great mr. mini golf. Many governor he's act found. Thanks dude there console from our sport I play in mini golf to a sport I'd known nothing of Boller to but Nike China joins us. Here on the wing things podcast. Keith is with Milwaukee fizz ball and I'm a key there was a US open thing I think last year of the Charles who's going around somewhere. And it's so new that the yellow Lexus. The dealership on over springer. Yeah and you tell me about respondents that I wanna have Vienna podcast Sunday and then it took me years to get the podcast going. But key it's like our ninth or tenth episode you were actually the first guest I've booked so we can finally have you on here. And here with this ball now I was telling baby tell share about this ball and immediately is mine goes to the DOK. So where does that tell us what. What is fist ball I barely know what is this ball. Well you like everybody else in America on Bart I'm never heard of that. It's hugely popular in Europe and America on very similar to volleyball volleyball actually created from this ball. So all preceded our ball by a longshot our same concepts get three hits returned the ball the other team. At what point are you can only use arms that are too. Repeat setting and you strike the colts that that have an open hand like volleyball. Just that alone I think that'd be hard to. Yeah okay well to get the parts you know and you don't have to aren't the only guy one. As you can you can make a fast but it's got to be fully closed is their way to restrict better use. He's got closure fist. Yes it is quoted sir what we do all the new kid whose talk ten year old daughter our ability to do that let ago. Yes there are big Chris field fifteen meters about forty meters which is recorder was soccer field group of about forty. And there are fired men or women on each side while a lot of cloud cover by people. And the main differences between Karbala that ball has said he only one arm. And the Balkans all Swanson between each hit but he can imagine volleyball but backing up and let involved ball first before you play it. So how did you find out about this. And how hot. I'm sad to say there's some of the questions I got to try to figure or going. You do I would try to get global. How do how did you find out about fiscal specifically. I'm I was kind of poured into it Negroponte German solved our Corbett and Jackson just not the Germans now and now my friends my parents friends all played. And their parents actually help solve the club back in the weeks if you are believed. That all of them played in no doubt them for quite awhile. And so our group appeared about in our play it all the regular sport I played baseball football bat both kind of but they kept out of me about this ball. Probably leaders and finally I went home played all nineteen at first our plan and followed that immediately is much on the planet. Just so much fun to watch as well. So. Who who are you. Weary playing against is that like. Are you traveling because I don't hear a fist colleague or do you or Chicago or do you go internationally Asians go to a bar. When you've got to fizz ball team there's a club in Milwaukee who are you playing against. We have that we play against. Other club team here in Wisconsin we have both got them at all association in our league. There's currently Forman means and pretty women in. Billy played in locally for our regular clubs even. We also are compete against the other quote something you call. And not term and so responsible while. That would be via a woman's sport club and Roxbury New Jersey and the Phoenix a ballclub and Philadelphia. Is there like a national team where he could play in the Olympics there's they're an international competition so there. I also played for senior let's say we've 23 world championships. Sir you it's such a blast over every four years just like defeat a World Cup. And where have you gone where have you gone for that. Let's see 2007. We're in Germany are senator all the bird Germany. 2011 what went Austria. Then 2015. We're down in Argentina. How did you guys do in the all man we've progressively got better and you stand there and has a and is eleven back in 2007. Footers nine. And 2000. Eleven and then we made the quarterfinals but lost in the first round to go in court that it quite. When you show up for teen USA do these other countries take you seriously. Are starting to that's you know that's our main goal. Earned respect internationally but got. Also are really good teams they've played their second and third string players against an Oprah book. Man that's tough gadgets like that the World Cup England crisis Panama. In our son taken a little similar to that you're there. But I'd you know. They can Wear. Where were murdered took the bump in the road and is now goal block from now trying to find out exactly. So that's our goal at Milwaukee the ballclub and to our depth and all that young kids dumber Milwaukee. It's an athlete on the game. So I don't know if you can answer this I don't even know if there's a way to read. How do I not know fizz ball before I ran into you would have been a parking lot. I'll they have that's that is a tough question and answer mom really just a matter exporter right now. You know and the name doesn't help you know first thing people. Acquitted if they all have. Not safe for work material. Yeah. Now yeah I mean. Your I although it should just be like. Fist bonds that fit hand Boller and Boller could figure that out football is football are gonna figure that out. Then fist buyer like Lou. What do you tell him about there. There. So it's very similar to volley ball there's how many of you. Make up these clubs in the now busy you are born into it which. Added I don't know I'd season the only way at this point and tell you guys sent to expand. Yeah right right sand. We haven't played so there's fourteen of our. Exercise of players each and our club. We're trying to we're trying to gain court's order door bars of about. When do you guys lane we use it. Summer spore or spring fall. Yeah we have play for two months in the summer play every Sunday in June and artists that to live off of the two of them are. And so we have four. Of regular season dates and at a tournament each month. Okay so we're guarding June here and then you an example August coming up. What's after that just an off season to next year. Yeah we we train went along indoors we also if you indoor term and well will be getting into arts scene USA Chang cycle pretty hard coroner coming up after the season. The next world championships aren't in Switzerland. Summer. All okay. Now are you get to qualify for that are you guys Zander would suppresses there. Yeah we go and arm. Not exactly sure what the processors were all fine. On the descent to meet certain criteria which it's not that hard. But it is not an age limit with the guys. Our ball is no limit what they do have a masters league. Well once you get. So slow process player is probably similar to like football want to start in the third your little over the bill which is where get into right now. Do you want more championship venue though. Basically out and now I've down that makes sense how what's a web site server people can find more. Others. Well what sites you have. I have say it best it's all back how much is the the other day in international that awful base in the governing body of international it's all going down. And and he has grown outside of the Bianchi with all the outcome. The Wisconsin has also conditioned and more vocal about FaceBook pages. Those tiny tiny resources so look up. Rather atomic good videos on YouTube as well starting urged everybody was still wondering what that extra ball and go check out the video. Because I may you in the parking lot I didn't. You know I don't know lol and hopefully you know the Soviet good avenue for at least one person to find out more about it but. Just all these there's all these did pass a quirky or weird. Although I'm talking mini golf to kick ball today but you know. You know what those army you've heard among you've heard of alternate frisbee if part of the I assist I just you completely blew my mind when you're trying to tell me for the first time. What it is and mean it makes sense of getting history to resist I'd never come across that. Tell our career normal human beings. And and yeah it's it's weird to meet Cuba that such a foreign sport to play. But yeah it's really popular in Europe and South America maybe that's why it. Americans have an urgent to it as a company knew all about football based in all. Interesting sub do that I don't know I mean this is this'll be like the parking lot way to get at least some more people interest since you are you guys are about. I can join in Switzerland next year but good luck. In that and was a touchy is that it's closer to all. Maybe you jam on the air and stuff. Yeah so good. I am first all have a band that put it all players you can double its pick up all the bad part in up on my blog at every article. You Pulaski CO2 ballplayers you know you're. Okay aren't the you know that happens. We have we have several of them coming up through all people a chance to comment Vietnam I have. That that is the volleyball our player out on second national particular by about that mobile. Up to catch the final vote heard you're at its term and that could be August 18 and nineteenth overtaking about what people up from the bar. That's sponsored with Jenks and talk all the way up and back. Plenty of beer available for purchase set apart so that's an opportunity comes at it though. And we're also doing you know little event German that your arm and he in the sports are about is can do little demonstration of space element that. That's another good opportunity come check it out you know a better idea what it's all about. Dad cool a couple of opportunities. May she'd take advantage. Keith I appreciate it man nice to talk with the again. Yeah I think you saw what are they took the opportunity rent. Many gulf of fist ball. The producer Dave friend the tide. Big fan of the pod big thread time and I feel about pod. The cast of the cast and apathy cassis and any other like meanings you know as the capital play you Wear a cast the caste system. Eight days at 9 AM when the mix icy and hard guy Dave. Our pod today. Is that I don't know man this I don't know Brooke the man that's too bad. They are tied. It's like to make you think of the top people like a you know those moving company of that one like pods. Now I don't know it's time pitched it with the times. Must now remove. Burn. Dave plays kick Mo never been in the same league we play I played with brew town rack. Which I play off double on different days always. Yeah and we're Italian do about Tata with Moussa. Midwest unconventional sports association they have their team ball too but I've always I've always island return Iraq. And I think we actually maybe down. We really thank you buffer off for years. Spring and fall. And our team this year babies were born. And people moves. And we sort of he's ran those. To me I didn't know they were. And they just they're the team is really disintegrated. Went out into gaming whenever we get enough girls there's a rugby girl's team practicing we made her players are doing which is our best player. Really rarely had enough girls I honestly don't we just play with a person down and still Dominic. Yeah they're doing my my team and your team either. A couple years don't let me yours aren't families my friend and I started famine gripping yet so I sentinel friendly to your knot of people in your team clearly were read the babies are born in the head when they come to the game and Sanjay by us you know that's like we look forward to it every Wednesday night we knew her play kick ball and Mike. No matter what rain or shine we're gonna show up we had so many games do it rained out the season. And we don't show up anyway as they want us the plane so no one we we played it literally one game. There was there was no. That possible way to really run without falling the puddle that we moved the plate back. We moved the mound back the base is warning beware of the visitors was ago that we play in the fun did you go play health fair we did for the championship we lost. Our first Boston. A year. Those time embarrassing and unfortunately at healthcare front all our fans that night with the lights and go satellite. Spun I split out there once before the kid her like Little League we did a Little League candidates tournament there. Playing as an adult doing kick ball and not like baseball there it goes but it licked again political environment specially for all of us who work. Athletes and high school and stuff there's a lot to be said for that one time in. I ran track error and the two mile. Good for you ultimately to all our meats were like 4 o'clock. Then one time we had the county meet. All the schools in the county. And my race is like the last race of by the time I was racing was under the lights. Like me it was the best race have ever had because it was a different environment in malevolent as pumpkin yes just for the lights. Sad because I wish our team and soc we didn't win a game this year. So our team normally Davis for four. First child playoff wins second round loss every year but this year we're only ain't so that's what the book our third season in the league. In the first year. We are not married the first season we have we generally know all the rules of the Republicans see. We didn't realize so many people want spin kick yeah yeah you should bonds and cash so she dropped ten nothing bright in the public. No one's sprinting once a teammate with the team their UNAIDS. It's Mandalay industry and on and on and on names to you there's a team that goes and plays professionally. Are they go to like tournaments all over the god dammit shock. Every time got a podcast lately and this framing comes and it's. Swear words are fun. I'm trying to do podcast and Dave about why do you own an act out estimated god duplicate well. 879. CNN any new news that courtesy turn your mind can sit and incidentally the ball. We'll go and the easiest that I mean it was a joke well what meg I'm glad you're here because what I did is on his way to hold your name is that GD. William didn't hit it into your Mike on because any time there were here the last three times had recorded a podcast took his walks then. A great job. And we're AR. Does anybody who has some of these things anyway I don't think so I hope so the sum due to acknowledge some news. Maybe like ten people a candy dish recruit this one up them on show here so what they want. OK so what I since your in your want to ask you because David I've placate buzz adults you know and a lot of times our listeners. Well. Use that against media as a way to commie like that I'm not. A real man you know these losers are playing softball four nights a week because they think they're eighteen real man's sport so I'll. It's a real man sort of point the highway 400 pounds of play first base third place off Dalton which you're out there running play kick ball but you're not as much as a man of me could you use your feet. Now so what's wrong with that our kick. Poster kids of the kick balls are okay Colin relaxed if you'll Elizabeth Cohen with the wife of girlfriends and we do this league color and that's fine. I'm insensitive I acres that it's like news and your team if you like to do something I'll. I was always a Mike McCann mentally kicking kicking is not I'm gonna sports. By ticking is not the the numbers stuff the claim to good at sports and here beyond you know coming to attack the Czech who Dick west. While their quest. I would utilized com Dick west I was com Dick. West. Hi has said check from find the Arab played softball there he told he said. Man the way chuck would behave I did tellem once don't you know you're on the radio. Ultimately you got legacy got some manner like through bats Alia. That's just passion and was that way whenever you want to well I think the public golf course just his soul well I'll take it doesn't think that's becoming of someone who is on the radio on the bed. And did you did you ask Dick about I'd be the son who was the star running back bottle like a school Emmy was an old man be human running race you bring in family and that's not chuck Allen is going to help them I want suggested that. It but when agrees our eyes for dad that came off I didn't would have brought them. That was given to potential brigade. You're talking to him. So you coming here when word busy or you're gonna level we want that I use thinner paratroop aperture. So chuckling askew and viewer watching it muggings and you don't play such a bad kicking in now how do you feel someone Bunton. Idolized the bar opens today I had the real unusual move. I really dig as deep move why what why would they month why would he pick all you want to know is gonna which are already there out like walking assault walking walking to all yes. You can tell people hey did you look at people take walks a circus you as a separate activity. Exactly there's a team that practices they do tournaments all over the country and then they do warmup line we had to wait and delay game wants to visual warm up line. And we wanted to go home where he would kill bottom line with a kick yeah. On and we're like can we are very up and wanna go on like. What are you wanna watch Thursday night football you know I want Bill Hall. I don't wanna lose the fifteen an update and just delay the inevitable his beat us money golf. The county zoning batting practice and supple. Yeah but like delaying the game for ten minutes could Jimmy got his swings and all now says that o'clock you start at seven exactly. See you guys want you guys will hear more about Stein would you Borg who wanted to come in and now world since reasonable that role France of that. Friend the friend each reiterated that it that it. Bomb. And amounts that. Your time and following your lead. Well you clearly had some say he came in here what I was going to the result experience you. I was curious you want reporters according roads. And a lot of good guy good guy. Yeah we view you and I he wrote to ask a recited in new breed guys that we wrote to you as one big guest. Am I don't know he took users. Or he's going to that was me ask you. Public serious I'm serious day I can be against all joking about that she surges of once you yes I guess they hear producer. It lagged Waylon getting gets in my own ship oh yeah and my own ship like this the one bomb big guest. Week and I also giving that test of our producer Cody Rhodes but. I don't know I own a piece post surgery on over there whatever define big what is big mean I don't meet Z said. Alex Rodriguez at a meet A-Rod. Okay I'm we're talking about all you mean. You mean like. Bring Towne place on many different times and hurt during the commercials man didn't do it would be nice place sect simply sickness and LB network. Oscar Robertson. As the GM that I can I'm Dan O'Dowd. Bin brocail and mammal mid level C Eric burns is on TV us giving somebody you know wanting it's a unique noticeably without a public think right now the summer months we get some relative aura that you wrote one tails. Hughes. These and they Starbucks now who tell you this. I mean I'll tell you that in Britain or. Now boy balks. McCain gets a fear because she's locked in. She is an exclusive right deal now which is slowed down but it was on a station before that. Yeah but I just wish she would be. Arm is overseas people into exclusive rights deals in Milwaukee. This the way are you excited baby. We were exclusive our station. Now again Collins bounce around other stations and I mean guys you and I am oh yeah I'm gonna do it but to. The report our guests. Our sport as well but the team Eric but they're getting extra money. Sarah weekly Cohen. If he's going to be signed if he's gonna be irks exclusive guy should be on a radio stations always not an exclusive track. Okay well being should be. For a Xavier European Ryder Cody to write a contract first before he goes and gets destiny and show them that contract or pretend they're gonna come on Earth Day here's the contract. Over no we don't wanna pay anyone that's nonsense let's discuss and the cat that we're not paying you and this is not exclusive so come join us. Oh yeah who's probably email that you ions and meet with all yet but in all right in a contract he's gonna show guests what time you'll if o'clock. Perfect call me myself. They don't I date. Opium show just pure hell and whose texting I just text is being. Commercial orbital cortex value these data and emails really easy now back nearly as we have to get guests on you you goaded what do. This or do they already feel that real loud and it wealth I'm gonna radio you when you when you had to get when you what gives you one regular a big time yes that's it from somebody Entertainment Tonight. You have to fax them a request on the facts and yet when they're number in the phone book first you find the fax number in the football publicist hope acts as a request. And you would never hear back from. Like the wealthiest piano or anybody else MLB network give effect to request the Nile through email somehow networks. What are you gonna certified cancer coming you've got a lot to say that we don't cover on the home push recline. Three freaky frames. Screams I don't know. I collective. I forget to walk in here and you had Cassie is Republican are on the match against American intruder. If you I've read a studio in your face slides out I guess smiling never sees the end there you you it's as good as the world our show. I really did come here to talk to him won't part of mode. You know. Giving him. Major guest once a week for our producer doing Siva you saw we are on there are so clearly wanted to say that I'm on the podcast I don't look at it some parents and ultimately works and some of those. Trust the late John well Jack I mean thanks Dave. Odom and I'll continue line no this is we're done. At the end of our five days. Nadal in Florida as you guys goalie towers podcasts. And this is the final say Manama on our podcast is you would you want accomplished. I'll little bit of that also we covered many golf and many golf gas and Fister Molly Greer fist ball in fifteen minutes since we've been off the year. Well I regard away any secrets and I started this fortune before the other two rocket but I LA got out separately. If you must now not out of the park yes unthinkable to have practiced yeah you said that I'm thinking about the imminent but now. You'd have to be to a podcast cypriots on Friday and Saturday nights to which slower the norm via products and rights aren't old Reagan. Usually get I. I even got a podcast in three weeks and if I don't like a month apartment and I figured do one of the one you do whatever night after every game. The 162 games in the us a lot one of them Sam. Well people well understand that the key is don't set rules for yourself or just don't miss the daily brewers podcast. It doesn't barks one. And he does one after re. Does so after for Boris and do that it would have artery and he gonna do do good a good. Well thanks all my guests in a thinks about me now. Specially shock and really good genetic equality if you're out there listening just it's fun stuff by any surface below yeah desire best. On Monday gaga made in Canada on that really hot day and I was like what a hundred countries that the YouTube and then narrow it down to six of safari exactly data it was a Saturday. Saturday Pelosi. Def Leppard or journey for him and bomb journey is not the same without. Steve Perry and I always promote with murder for thirty years you haven't seen journey without the jury the stats aren't like them. The toolbar earlier in my show partial. I wasn't buying what it was zone. Last active and so I think if for group. Analysis of anti or pro group of lead singer goes leaves. Corruption despair. But what about like queen goes on to what Paul Rogers in all the love that no. And that's Paul Rogers yes but for it he's gone he's dead as you know the source that the same do you see the movie you know go watch the queen movie and I was I don't know I've put my might the mark are you you all eyes are recorded at all the other side only a bit -- you guys another time the only thing is podcasts on the fan.