Ep. 11 - Soccer at Miller Park, Year Three

Bart Winkler
Thursday, July 12th
Liga MX sides C.F. Pachuca and Club Leon battle in the third ever soccer game played at Miller Park. Bart takes you through the week of the event which includes an interview with Milwaukee Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger, Miller Park Head Groundskeeper Michael Boettcher, and select fans that attended the match. 

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Wings things podcast hello everybody thank you for listening if you haven't already I have to say this. I don't have to run. I'm veins so I'm going to. Op pleases graphics. Subscribe. To this on radio dot com favored at subscribe and also on iTunes. I'm trying to put these out once a week as I told the I'm doing and all cage out there right now sold try to continue. All that while Miller Park today a little bit and we're gonna go down a Miller Park and for soccer team. Club to chew god is that even CF which Uga. I've seep which took a pitch you can see one of their team certainly. And Max the Mexican soccer league. Took on globally known. Two Mexican sides. Who are competitive but they're not like it's not she this it's not one of the top clubs. Cycle America it's not one of these clubs or two clubs that. Played at Miller Park on Wednesday of this week it's the third time in four years at Miller Park is at a soccer game. The last couple years there's been an English Premier League side and then a Mexican side. But the series is two Mexican teams say you wonder. Are right now what's that gonna draw. First you were some 31000 the second year in the mid twenties this one ended a drive about 181000 packed club that you got. CF to chew chew could be Leon three to one more it was a fun game 00 halftime and then 31. The final and I went this time 181000 people then Alec this time as a member of the working media which essentially meant. I wanted to go to the game you wanna buy a ticket wanted to sit in the AC also meant some of the people that I went with in years past. We were able to go or moved away so I didn't have anybody to go at this time they started in 20s15. Well in my family and very drunk. When he sixteen. That's in the five a Long Island challenge was born right tread drink five Long Island in one sitting I did that I don't remember going home I did have a designated driver. So no worries about that. But the semite is on a cell gonna soccer experience and I really did that I just think it's so cool. You can have. Sort of Mexico this is what it was like is like Mexico came to Miller Park for the night. Two Mexican sides there's a strong Mexican population in Milwaukee. Some of these guys the law of these two teams. We'll talk to one of those guys in a moment. I decide it was so cool. I know it's kind of involvement. Or some to do not want anyone from any other country to ever lived here ever I just think that's wrong. It's it's it's so cool to see another culture. Really take over Miller Park. This week so hopefully they can continue to do stuff like this it did appear to be a success. Big sort of elephant in the room wit this game was that Landon Donovan was actually I'm probably don't win the teams were announced. And then for whether it was his signer club Leona or a little both. He's no longer on the team so that was the draw Landon Donovan if you weren't a fan of these league and vaccines. That was the dry heat income. But it was still a great night. And I'm just disinterested in the game itself as I am seeing Miller Park look like something else. Look like a soccer field on a baseball diamond there's so much they have to do. They added extra grass they took the mound the way they did the pitching mound away. Which is so cool to see adding that is worth. The price of admission alone. So this is kind of the week that was at Miller Park out or a start or habits are to Rick's lessing jerk he's the CO all. Of the Milwaukee Brewers he's had a hand in putting these games together well talked to him. Before the game started. Michael Boettcher is the grounds keeper of the had a guy M Miller Park he's responsible for all this. We'll get his thoughts on what it's like in the challenges. That are presented when you do put together a game like this where you have to take a baseball. Diamond and turning to a soccer field it's one thing to do it in my gun. Rex an error an elementary school this is from Major League Baseball. Would then professional teams flying so that was fascinating to talk to him and then the night of the game. I walked around the stadium a little bit and just stuck a microphone and a few people's faces some that were there just because they like soccer. One kid at this kid blew me away. Loves club Leone. And what do treaty was for him to see. His team so we'll go talk to Rick's lesson journal talked to Michael Boettcher and they all talked to some of the kids. And people that I talk to. The night of the game and that will make up podcast. I just think it was a really cool game and I hope they continue to keep doing stuff like this. I think anytime you can take a park and make it something else. That's why at a high hockey winter classic is so successful. That's island college even if college football team's plane pro stadiums that's why that's a successful. I just think the novelty of it not on all of them go away. I would still pay to see. Miller part Prius soccer field any time it happened. Although this hero did not pay because I got him as a member of the working media so some of the people I talked to throughout the week of very fun week. And a very fun game and I can't wait for them to do it again which I presume they will 181000 people of 181000 people. Per club Leona. And it Schuch. I don't Wednesday night. In summer when the brewers are also playing. I think that is incredible at a Milwaukee did a great job and you designed if you win you should be proud of that sole candidate chronicle the week. And that's slowing things podcast. Iron Percy all bricks less injured now as far as this game is in that third. House three. In four years there was not a game I certainly missed it. This all started so I think the idea to bring soccer to Miller Park. Plano are always looking dead. Did bringing different activities and events more power you know it's of the people paid for this ballpark and obviously their primary reason it series because of the brewers. Yeah there's a lot of dates available to us saying so whether it's a conserved or bullying or. Weddings or other export cements this does mean that sense of a soccer obviously very popular. You know we we are received to stay within the schedules of these teams that are touring in the United States. And aligning the matches and obviously you have to make the economics work and you know the fact we don't twice before successfully. Makes it easier frankly and you know so just a lot of hard work side by her vice president of business development into Paulson his folks. Then figure out the schedule fear into economics and Mickey Sherman gets talk. I was in the stands for the first two. And I remember the buildup for both from what I heard from people as. I'm not gonna soccer Miller Park idea here and it's tax so clearly there's an appetite for it. Do you expect that we the year off with no Landon Donovan who never collected asked you as an unstated. Do you expect that appetite distill these and it. I think there's question that you can use different factors ruled seek punitive you know we'll take into consideration about attendance and search teams have appealed the fact that we have to do you know top. A Mexican teams I think has a lot of appeal. We're expecting across immoral we had for the doubtless Newcastle match Beckett when he fifteen. It's only it's it tends to be a late buying crowd so well obviously in the last two times you do this we had a lot of people buying in the last 48 hours before the match. We'll see that trend continue I suspect. So we you know we're very pleased with what we're gonna see India and again. It's a great atmosphere and it's also good place to showcase Miller car to fans who often are not coming here for baseball game sort. If you're a diehard soccer fan but you're a baseball fan you come tomorrow park. You're gonna hopefully have a good experience and saying you know me welcome to game so it's a good marketing vehicle for us not only for Miller Park but also for respect. I think for me a lot of you Leuer is a soccer fan is watching a soccer game in Milwaukee by just. Just seen a baseball stadium where you are. Dozens of times a year as a soccer field that that the huge it's it's cool it's a huge feature yet knowing it people are always surprised because you know they're used to seeing a baseball diamond obviously in the end. So when we repositioned for something else. Yeah people people get a kick out of it and the you know literal as much work goes into making sure that a looks good but the reality is is suits. The end of the day it's because your good grass. And maegashira great grounds crew team to put it together and we have both. Can ask personal questions via soccer guy yourself yeah I'm I haven't been enough follow the PL I have my team is Newcastle United. So I solve our solve you know soccer I've done following the World Cup obviously and it's that's a great sport. It's a great sport to watch life it's much better lives in the design television in my view and you you realize how athletic these guys are how much is going on without the ball. And I saw Tyson about baseball so there's a lot going on baseball without the without the balding and played the people realize it soccer scene things a lot of strategy and in the past when mrs. and that goes on and you know it's not just when I touched the ball. I was having that conversation before this started this press conference a 10 game in baseball he's drilling if you know why. Same with soccer won a game of soccer. Is trailing by deep kind of got to know Y thing yeah I think you know with the the more you know about this word the more you appreciate. Is that you know the cadence the strategy. It is a low scoring game. It's but it's incredible activity. And it's fun but you're right a one nothing game baseball can be won most exciting games of baseball seemed English soccer match so it's only goes to score what goes on to get to those goals. A body cast can ask when and why that started freer my son is so and Kessel CNN we don't know we're not really sure why but he's been in Newcastle have ten years so I kind of adopted them and he's. He's fell down through sickened Sammy got relegated years ago they came back in there and so I just adopted them and and he's happy when he wins so you always want your kids be happy. Got in the west ham myself I lost I want I want I want a poker tournament in Vegas against against seemingly nice and who do you like you said. Whenever you were never van where I was in the middle west and has said. Okay works for me. So we were only that. Break things and excited for Wednesday to thank you revenue sterling got to the outfield and our preparations are under way Michael venture here. I'm grounds keeper at Miller Park so this is a little bit different. Then what you're typically accustomed to when you first obvious I'm a couple years ago that you were going users and a soccer field. Was that like cool or was that the opposite of that. You know I think it was a bag next. He knows and I'm now one you I love baseball I love preparing a baseball field for our baseball team. By you know as the stadium that we are you know we did we turn into a multi use facility. And you know I think it was a challenge that we are willing to take down. And as we as we get face of these and I think you know this is similar says his previous we take on the challenges we need to and transform the field and as needed in the. Situations over to a soccer dad because sometimes. Be a soccer fans. I can't watch too much soccer but can't there not a fan either. I love soccer you can got to feel it's okay people like I SH heads. He Garfield. You know. Burton bill Naylor soccer match you've got game. You guys feel. I think Gary this is your fear a fellow fellow soccer. Grounds keepers would make probably maybe prefer me to come out of the pit side there obnoxious. As. Have any idea that. But it is I mean you guys do different events here's my concert specifically here when people come in. Throw tens down and sleep overnight. And I think some of that is all right well laid down you know it's to protect the field but the field still there this is unique because you actually have to change. The field and look at home plate AV is not only its grasp the mounds is. It's down it's gone which I'm sure the pitchers alike but it's it's it's down how different is this event compared to the other ones shifted to prepare for. You know I think each event has its different impacts this one obviously very impacts on our infield surface clay surfaces are especially. And so he had the excavation on the mound definitely. A stress says they've put a lot of blood sweat and tears into that he's a Kleber a lot for a lot of hours throughout the season. But you know I think each event has its different stresses and challenges associated with the and what does that play being disturbed and it's like they're definitely will provide its challenges bringing it back to based on the backside here and so. You know but we were through we try to do our best to make sure that they're zero impact. That the players are gonna notice when they return here from all star break and in about ten days. I could there be any situation and there's liner to shorten it bounces funny and make you think that's because of the soccer games. Gosh I hope that. You know we're gonna do as many other debt adversity fires yeah. We're gonna generally not have a that's sort of situation occurred. And obviously presents its challenges greatly. And good probability for that to happen but we've got a lot of safety checks in place. From now until when we the players step back on the field next week. To make sure it doesn't happen. Michael would you say is the more challenging process making it into the soccer field. A car making it back in a baseball field. I think. Bringing him back to baseball is gonna have ideas most challenging. Aspect just because we're going to be shaping that six and a half tons of play on the mound as a comeback candidate in loads. That happens on an attack and you know we're we're gonna have to mold that impacted shape beds. And then bringing the playback and honor and field services making sure transitions. Are within a fraction dominates the way they were when we left. I think so coming back to baseball and molding the field back to where we needed to be able haven't found his biggest challenge. Vs Aaron. Front side where does Griffin and you know. That the backside deadly hazards more into disease. To bring it back to the right. How is it throughout the season and they play serious here against the Braves okay as they did last weekend and then they're off for three days maybe they come back. Column on how hard is it to keep the field. As good as it was and its series started in between those days throughout the season what what's the process. Throughout the season I think you know the dailies that you've seen the conditioning of the play is that. Constant leveling the grooming of the clay is and obviously see them following the patterns and stuff on the grass. The things he had jealousy from homestand homestand is the constant cultivation. You know just nurturing of the turf surface. Manmade effects laser business get a little bit out of whack than what we like you know we're we're ready for re gauging where were calculating what we need to adjust. An answer that's ongoing throughout the entire season so running in the background while this all things going Iraq. Byrd doing steps to make sure baseball field is ready for this next homestand so the big days there's a lot of stuff happening in the background always in terms of hitting that turf for a bad properly cultivated properly so it's ready to handle the Wear and there. Continues throughout. Seized. By the birth injuries from a channel. That's a great question for somebody else. That that's fine. Fifty and up here what's that app that feel ready Barnes. But I think that's a great question for somebody else at this point I'm literally asking every person networks here thank you so much for your thank you thanks for coming. So those interviews or John I should mention on Monday those are done on Monday of the week two days before the game was to be playing. The really interesting part about this from a press perspective too was that none of the players our coaches spoke English. Regina and I wanna learn Spanish that's an ongoing I want to and it's an ongoing New Year's resolution have for myself every year in and never do it. But I have to get motivated to do that I have to do it. I think it would be so invaluable in so many different areas especially I want to do this since I was soccer referee. There's sometimes I raft games and speaking another language of like to know what they're saying about me so that'll be so they are still trying to do at some point. I would call but none of the coaches all one coach the pitcher could coach actually did speak. English. You know hard to understand a little through the accent. So while we interviewed them and went to the translator in the bruises a good job to make sure we have that available. If it's it's kind of hard and understand what they're saying they did like the field. They said Dan aiming at the baseball feel we could Talbott they did a good job and they were impressed at the fans. Were impressive fans showed up for. The practices. They didn't think there was going to be a huge crowd and the fact that there were 181000 did kind of taken by surprise public on a club to joke I mean if you. They don't. I didn't think they had that big of a following but there are of people here that do like those teams specifically. And we'll talk to one of those guys. Coming up so. The so now be Wednesday erect for the game and on any game action furry and call play by play and in doing that kind of stuff. By just to get military analysts in the some of the fans that went there. And now is good to meet people when you walk around the ballpark. I saw the game is about an hour from not kicking job and people are trickling and I'm not sure exactly what attendance will be event. Adding to Landon Donovan thing might have heard a little bit out will sit in the sun Chandler. Will. Big soccer and is absolutely. Have you gone the other two games there were rare bendable that's against good he's good seats. Higher so this season we've. Willis right buys three seeds out the worst Sophia sits during the actual baseball games they've got a good view of one of the goals. The last time I came here as a fan lasted times and I sat in the two hundreds which is a good view but I think. If Davis and they like this I think it's cool to come and see this field. You must feel the same way. No I have to I think this is great and be in this close being able to us you know see the actions talent gently here got to pay attention balls may be commons can't keep that he's got to throw back. On that now today either I examiner what's your story how old are you. Eight years old that. I don't feel elementary. Soccer match ups and yeah see. You you're wearing a Jersey and what position area I playing defense and midfield. Area. Better defense that sounds like. It's like defense I've played goalie but wanna employ golly I've played defense and I like being able to see everything. So and then I like being meg the last guy to stop him have you ever score a goal though yes. Yes what was that like for you. The other do you guys have a favorite scene I mean how much soccer do you watch yeah. Outside of flying. It's. I don't mind. I need. Think it's anger and oh yeah. So this Nigerians have been saying that we're. About not even four hours and they lost in the war America. Have you been watching your a lot of orca. Science. Lots of all time. Bring guns. Yet did her thing and it's like having a root for someone else. It did state that you know the US didn't make a good. My grandmother came over from England so we got ties to England so it's easy for us for them in the United States. Clearing in the final France are Croatian. And Evian. I mean friends say they're probably gonna win the whole thing itself. Out as far as the club teams are caught stimulate death ever since my team. I have no idea. Once. They started showing he'd yell and now Fox Sports Net there fox soccer whatever. I just started watching it and dad just kind of fell in love with that team and and fans them since they had power there was either and they had another American or two for awhile. So it was like this is America's. PPL team and having all those guys laughter. Her for a west sands. Well they're never bad but they're never. This is an average him. Yeah they're out there like. And I wish they would do what they do in England here a promotion relegation. Do you watch tonight analyzer no. Some. I try to watch in the evenings on Sundays if they have evidently game is sold some gone around. It's good you know he yells this Saturday mornings get now watching it you know you hear John deer in the NFL football season's. You soccer games Sunday morning. It felt best thing. And the last I got into an rooted for Portland but once the US didn't make the World Cup. I think a lot of that is because BMO last hitting some of those guys staying here. Byrd's old unveiling an MLS completely. Unless they ever get promotion relegation. I supported the battery life. Don't want him. I'm way and we don't fire game ones it was snowblower. Visit Chicago team. All right good luck help you catch a ball dude yeah. And give it back. Betsy dad says if you can't have honestly take it run up the stairs and just leave get out of here. Think even look at it have funded. Homer here near midfield tiger in a ball and Paul Sawyer here we hear all the IE says. You've been the last soon. This there was there was last year but there's a Gainer Miller Park again this year I do feel like there's a little less buzz this time around. I would agree with that which is kind of an usual concern a rogue cops here. This time a year but the last spies I bet that's tough to. They're out there is being alive for that by looking at the parking lot. Getting the vibe today I think that that could change reminding them that because. Fifty of them getting a little bit bigger of a buzz from players and former coaches and former. Players that I know grown up in zone as I was at the last two that they had and for me. The guys that I was aware. Have either removed. Or have kids and it on a console like gaming I really tiny circle. There was no buzz but I do see is people start the game here yeah I can be convinced that that. I think the Landon Donovan thing about playing with started to bite. And that's tying another barrel here. Businesses is soccer or baseball field should be I think that's really cool. No I I a 100% agree it's kind of I mean you look at the first two years they had kind of majored clubs that have more worldwide recognition from this once these cheap lies in all those clubs I think it's good getting different clubs in here from. Around the world I would say I mean you can tell the fans there. That's why it's world's most popular sport I mean they're they're following their teams wherever you go whatever that team is so it's good again active environment and here. Now imagine being a club Leon Panetta and having them in Milwaukee. I think that is very cool who's your team. You won a Major League guys I support by in Munich. So I've I've. It LT coming here but they usually do chip says it Chicago but come up to Milwaukee would be completely alert here against man united years ago. I went today game but it was like both of their sees god. Severe even when they bring their PNC's why it's cool to see the environment you guys stand by and that they train and that coach gene. It's it's all the same it's just like players that are around like Boozer scored a pair got to Germany. I was there in 2006 that I hope legacy and his family. I was there and oats through on a senior trip and go to a game but I believe. Bayern and Manchester played in champions league game I think. Because. I think go I didn't go to the game but this seedy environment on the street. I want to street there are Munich grandstanding on the other side there were man U fan and I was eighteen at the time and I thought that was amazing. I would look to see an environment here but. I guys that and I get there because the MLS is trash and back I had that are they're trying to bats pretty professional teams over here and it's. It's it's tough it's tough especially Milwaukee. And when he got Chicago right down the road game it's tough to do next they got or stadium second hole of the bigger atmosphere that's more exciting soccer atmosphere. Mean they're trying to do their best here but it's. Just the environment different to enjoy the match thank you appreciate it a thousand guys are probably don't events which are named therein. Where do you live near lucky. Okay how long have you been following loved Leo it. Been a lot of lovers advocates are watching television that president wants the games and we've. It's daylight this clutter that if you just got into. Well founded well deceive this dog died donating blood visited. In the wild. So you find out probably known of all teams is gonna blame Miller Park. And add that you guys and had to get bigots within. There's there's event we got biggest opening day the agree as to have that another us Soviet as you know they'll really good that you know. I did they gonna go at most there and the premier guys there again I can't see that could be game. Nicer well hopefully we get a C. Some of our affiliate there is. How good is Leon they get a competed today. I think I think bill may hold. That having an Ivo David anecdotally. Hi how you support at that flag out. Have fun and Baghdad base. I get away from those guys. On my dad's. It's done right a joy and I can say is I was I was interviewing him. Like in between me in the field say is sitting down and then I was I kind of lock in its field. And then the club Leo and it goes on the field and these guys that are. You do have fancier. Court called Leo Ryan could you guys. You've got you've got fans of these teams and they're able to see in his leg view. I don't know lives in Denmark. And you thought of the Packers are gonna play there in an exhibition you would go in saying. Just just to see your Jimmie had his game doesn't count for anything in. He is standing Wiseman. The in Baghdad will have. I don't know how many feel like come here casually like the first couple Levi attacks are organized B club Leon fans I don't know if that happens. Over the guys that are what will fans having man. Beck Anna is a good response. I can pick it really does Kenny is accused of this game now he has left this the right doctor and he is down. He's almost on the field. He's done the last step they're waving at the players that that's really cool that's really good looking forward to it I hope Miller Park to keep doing games like this. I'm glad for these two families as it BC teams are allowed to see west stand here Sunday. And I intend to my boy Eric's lesson here. And ill say this is fun the school. And AB. Worn out a year ago you really are missing now. There's another likes things I guess borrowing that things guys that listening makes or to subscribe to our radio that cannot hide June's. On that chance please help my numbers I don't care we don't listen do it but died just. Press plays that I can beat him in Dallas and get real tired of those guys. Tied. Bill Croatia.