Ep. 12 - Big Brother Season 20 Early Thoughts

Bart Winkler
Wednesday, July 18th
If you like Big Brother, this is the podcast for you! If you don't, then check back again later! It's all Big Brother 20 as Bart and Jeff "Polish Pipebomb" Orloski break down the new twists on the new season, the houseguests they like and can't stand, and how the challenge to win the game is tougher than ever.

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When things podcasts. This is a Big Brother addition. So if you don't like Big Brother. You have no reason to listen I am going to tell you. Then you can go find a different podcast go to find a podcast. Here on the radio dot com. Our website with with Jeff Orlovsky made you when you talk to Anthony Mandela. What are you calling them on the professor and pipe bomb packed Q is she could listen in the final inspection show our share or the always them most famous by accused of mall says links things as chicken wing of the ad download the show I'm actually and second Wrangler. On the fan among make you move your Mike up a little closer to your face you should know they hear radio with pop up I'll give up on that. Time the blacks my view view the fat. So all of the a couple of these as the Big Brother season gets going. And again if you don't like Big Brother this is your last chance to exit 'cause we're into a lot of Big Brother. If you for some reason like me so much that you gonna stay anyway and had no idea or going to be talking about. Let me tell you that later this week they'll be another it's a tomb. Wearing things podcasts week off on my get out of his went from six to midnight broad we have an insider. Our show Michael Colin covers the Packers now for the Atlantic. And I'm gonna talk to him about soccer. Cell. This podcast is delved in the two things. Big brother and soccer Lisa money good portion of the lesser attacks southern charm. We talked to Craig I don't care do any selling lately rather deal I southern terms of and a no ordinary her eyes that there's a Savannah and in New Orleans. Isn't the one in Charleston. The mainland and talk into the Mike man isn't a main wanna Charleston. Yeah on the mainland in Charleston I'll get as the only one I've seen yet and now there's two spinoffs that I had a Big Brother. Season Tawny. One huge pro for Big Brother season Tony is. Nobody from seasons one through 1990. No returning veterans it's like the first time in my nine or ten years no returnees no five returning is no one returning no secret returning no coaches. It's brand new I suppose the celebrity edition. They were on the new bid that was sort of unique which I do like and that was good and looking forward to again. Now Big Brother is always weird because these sixteen house has gone Hollis and you have no attachment to him annually who are these people. And then within two episodes you have your entire decisions made. On what you think of these guys. I think as far as the start of the season's gone. You know it's gone okay. The twist is always a new twists. With the innovative DV app stuff some of the prizes they're giving up for that our soul. Good the prize at Bailey just capture the identity theft was just you know she gets hijacked somebody's HO aged dad basically what the coup d'etat was would Jeff and Jordan which was. Like the biggest prize that they've ever given on a Big Brother completely change the season. And a lot of those guys lives because again what I always say what I told you last year is not only do you have to. Compete against the for fifteen other house gets you gotta competing and production yep yes you do debt is such a big part of it it. It's a game show that's not fair expected expected as their way of saying. Where is gonna make a shape as we gul and we're gonna teacher asks if we have to do to make this season insisting for the viewers then that because it at the end today it is a shell. It is entertainment and they have no problem. They have no problem. Sort of telling you that without telling you that so. The one thing that day has been bothering me about this season Najaf is. It to say it seems very familiar. A lot of these people that are on it seem like gorgeous type casting a role. The big Brothers that there's sixteen house guess there's sixteen types of people we want on the shell. We're gonna find those sixteen. And we're gonna make the show. We're gonna find the southern guy. Are gonna find a black guy ain't gonna find a gay guy. Are gonna fine hunky guy gonna find. Exotic crazy and pink haired girl. Are gonna sign down home southern girl gonna find a big city girl it just seems like it's the same every time and Soledad. That has sort of cheap end the season to me as Tony years later realized that yes indeed it does. And yes it is typecasting you pretty much could the same guys every single season. But I you and thrilled with the way it's gone so far I'm glad Steve he was the first eviction he was the quote unquote you know old guy. And I always go first Alia they're always out because you know they can't compete with the 22 year olds and and they're kind of reliability and Steve was freaky weird and so Scion are up. And then this wag he sees Jesus yet now I can understand why he left to the hell was a little deck for three months. And an ailing once he got an act out okay first of all if you give yourself and your Euro nickname you're an ass hole. But the people that sit there and you know one at all and not give yourself polish prime Obama I pray that I didn't that was Tim Allen Aaron but does so now. Now because of the whole thing I just said I can't wait for a quote unquote rock star to get the hell out how she doesn't bring anything. So you know. We'll see how it goes but I am happy with the season so far and I it little Jaycee you know little midget. He's funny. Which I guess you can say we're Taiwan's on the air the other day. To aegis image or not I don't know or locate the little guy. We won. I think that could have got half a man you know what do you call at all Tony the minute yes I guess there's always the yeah like you analyze. Like you know a good chunk of the people there Steve I don't like. Breton Winston on the blog this week. They can leave I'm not a big fan of them there they don't really didn't do a whole lot for the show in in in general. I think one thing though that I do like about this season may be compared to the others is. They seem to. I don't know if they're playing a better. Yeah they're playing better. Tyler. Is a guy who's playing the game very well. He's in this alliance level six and and the other side of the house doesn't know he's in their alliance right they have no idea. They know that he's being Kate Lindsay here and there is something there but they have no idea that Tyler's in this alliance at least up to this point that I know of and I think he's been playing the game very well and he went to Scotty. The eight joys in week three. And he tried to lay out his plan. And Scotty said Nona now instead of pressing and really over selling its hand talents that it sometimes is gonna take a loss. And you don't Siena lots I think he's playing it very well and I think Scott is good to put up Breton Winston. 'cause sometimes you gotta make these big moves and they don't make on my guess you could consider Caitlin during the same. And another problem a Big Brother a lot is that one side of the house gets the power and then they just pick off but I feel like at least with Scotty winning. They can at least make this somewhat of a competitive game how many seasons have you seen where it's. Seven people on one side for on the other and then it's a month of picking off therefore it's a fun read if they didn't try to stay even as possible. That would be great for a season although now Jeff. A lot of these great powers have gone to that one side of the house so typically what I do is that root for the underdog sized red but now the underdogs side. With these powers being used of I don't know aside Sam's dime but with these part of being used they may be the actual favorites at the sports. Yeah you know it's gonna be interesting Tyler. You know I think he's playing a little too fast too quick. But he doesn't sound idea but he doesn't have the power but he backed off he did back off and that was a very Smart move which usually doesn't happen in this game. So. You know but he's got the power where's he's gonna get nominated he sits in a cloud scheerer something and then he can't go on the block. So he's got protection in his back pocket and he knows. Sam. You know. Who knows what's what side she's on she seems like the most real. Nicest person in that house you know like somebody who you wouldn't mind going out for beer list. She seems the most normal so you know it. It's going to be interesting and yes it is better win win the teams are are more equally a line numbers wise. Scott he's a complete wildcard and you know now it seems like he's getting closer and closer with Haley. So it's going to be interesting to see how he says yeah if the 26 year old version actually gets his first kiss on national TV. Now like haley's cute anyway but at least at some conferred again I'd yet now pay a kid the united. Would look pales Q. Yahoo!. Palin. A long time and a nerdy student check. And Ernie should get too late season. They're teacher too big. And now now she would pride be one of the last. Jeff rusty red Horry is an actual model I am but I am he has tried to lay criticism he hinted at that. It's. Check out polish Playgirl this month if you wanna see the by dominos are high gas there you go that takes a three pages think that there that there U because just my stomach affect that. Lorie that wants daddy. Okay that's interesting out to watch for that do you when you consumer you boxing after dark are you watching the feeds them now I don't want to fees IE. I'll watch. Probably about three hours after dark week. And so no I'm not watching that crap every night you know we'd say that. Yeah I've got to on the DVR and you know if I'm sitting there doing stuff and I'm clean and you know though the living room I'll throw it on and it's in the background but to watch. Say you have to keep up with what's going out and Hollis. Because it's alive and CBS blinked and on Wednesday. You'll see stuff that happened on Sunday. Well that's what's winner you know I've follow all the all the spoiler counts and stuff on Twitter and I do read read that pretty religiously so that's kind of how I keep up with. What's happened and Iranians. My wife does two. And I get an editor. When she looks ahead. This last three guy got into and I had to look ahead and this is that this is nine to see who goes off magazine who when homer to get on the block. Because I'd you know two weeks ago I was telling you. In the hallway. Not the season socked and then two weeks later and desperately chime in on invested now need to care about these guys she's also made the mistake one of our friends this text or. And said that you need to stop liking the tweets because then they sharpen my feed. Some. CNN travel which is like mild. Mild this week when it comes to things give him trouble on Twitter for so I think should be OK I think shall serve you. Does nothing like this season that's still I think she got over it but Sam being a robot in week one was temples Sheehan. It wasn't oh what a huge disadvantage that put her out. And the same thing with. With Zach Casey and with that thing when it's spawned she had to stay in the same room but at least she was always in the house. And I thought it was kinda lame how a lot of her houseguest Wynette thing was spinning. Just up and under there and just totally total cost. You know you could a sad to hear in just stayed in their room an extra ten minutes and you could head your are Ryder die. And she is a tough chick she's Smart species and you know she's got to build it looks like she would be you know a beast in competitions and stuff. Why is everybody abandoned in this girl dissent there and go hangout with you know. Twelve other nerds you know hang out there and build a relationship in a writer Diane Wood this girl. I am what I read and correct me if I'm wrong but when Sam had to be a robot she was action rollout for like 8090%. Yeah of the week. Shoes at a real disadvantage and you can make an house. And you know people would feel we're talking to I think she has gotten over that. What also worried me about that is that there were some scenes that they showed in you know and the music. They were emotional. Like Tyler talking there like that that was emotional. And if I'm feeling emotions for robots. We had descended down path as humans were picked it if it is you know. All of them and yeah scare the hell out of me again don't worry about you know Bard but yes they scare me to rely scare me. Quite a bit right there's some people that we haven't named which shows you where today's stand in the show. I'm disgusted to cast here and G delicious. She's a rock star. She's one. I not think Angela I'm saying and solve rock star yeah lame rock star she reminds me as someone that I know all and I can not figure it out. And that is then it's in three weeks. Half the time. I wish that she was subtitled as I can understand the blue blue there blather that's coming out of her freak and mouth I I'm not sure I know the differences in gene Rachel. Old Rachel top racers got the dark hair yeah. Yeah she's the Brunette smoke and body they even show Angel. Now much she hasn't gotten a whole lot of air time yet and she needs more. Dalia like the weird thing with her was when they in charter she's like I'm a flight attendant and I make sure Mike. My customers have a miserable time and they're gonna have a miserable time in his house now that I held a good move good luck you know after this but I. Like daily she she seems you know she seems like she's gonna be tough man and the idea I don't think Bailey's going anywhere anytime soon. We have a mention says he. They saw him whatever. You know he seems okay you would think that he would be a better competitor than what he's shown so far. You know whatever. He had like cam. Haley JC. He had a little that day I mean he's gonna he's a breakout star the I like that they that they subtitled him. Yuri got to spark your freaking yeah two's. And I loved it on the last episode you know dale wall that you could write stuff in there it's at JC is a yacht Tuesday. Those funny because we're the go like that up and then. Then Tyler and his parents and all I guy aid that things could get up at bat CIA today is Gary. Bought my wife and I. Republican each other now wanting to be the first under actually looking up an online when he had to loses is if it we've got to do that for not knowing. Cable and the life coach thing is weird for me I've got. The and a us to teach their own she loses her shift this week to man so she she flips out and goes goes lanky and you know it would figure that that he appreciate the life coach Steve. Oh essential oils and I need almighty hippie crystals and all this ship is the first one a loser mind. And win things didn't go her way late last week she's MF and people in talking behind people's backs all. Will what is it or use this life coach supposed to teach people how to live the right way or you just two faced in an astle. Yeah itself. Are you rooting for anyone. Not yet. You know I am rooting for Sam I'm rooting for Angela come written for the and the Brunette howdy I am really found. A guy that I like yet you know that I wanna sit there and and hope he does well all the guys seem you know you get the bros which you know. Okay. Take them leave them who cares says seize whatever. Scotty no way. Jaycee maybe. You know this just. I'm a man's on the men's side it seems a little lacking in personality this year Tyler just looks weird those eyes are freaking scary. There's some some Larry it's a frank. We Tyler. Yeah and Hayden kinda yes or zero as the hair. Is out of Curley now. There's some similarity so he armor on for the hot chicks and maybe little guy who are you. Had six. Yeah I don't know all I mean and that it's right now I'm not rooting for a more rooting against. We room again I don't like Brenner Winston could. And we rooted for Sam we want because she got five new but I don't I don't know where she can analyze right now. I do kind of like Jeff says the he seems like a legit guy he seems like he's good hearted person and all that. My problem with says he was when he gets the least trending and he picked Amazon. While he's Muslim and he can't eat pork so why in the hell would you pick the one punishment. That has (%expletive) pork in me. And now they got around them that he had been on Hitler had something to it am I know which is why they should the center Inman library Getty ham. Sewed it maybe that questions how Smart he is a little better as the Amazon. Wonder what that is yeah it's a delivery of ham I think you could. Most people can put two and two together him being good word game for a third grade class. When he goes next says deet deet I had a likes away he had that I panel likes away. It looked like he was gonna bring drama he was gonna keep everything interesting. You know so is the show overall goodness gonna miss him probably. But he didn't do not inform users egotism allowed off yeah I'm really not sure who to root for. There's no I flat out hates. Like. Cody. One of color out and about Cody and I hated Cody and I had they they are funny when I came here. But does funny when they showed him in there or make you look the robot noises instead of ten you know there's nothing to this guy eight pre conceived through. And the way he delivered the delay he delivered the DV houseguest that our whenever I mean. Some like that actually was I think they made do you think that was his business venture out that it's not that it can be self dry. That's a good summer like who's the girl. Amanda. Yeah Amanda and encourage Craig now. I just an allied commander or McRae for that matter. I didn't like Jesse in that season and really despised Jesse. I liked him I just hate to say to to bring them out every single year yeah you know stuff that guy in a box somewhere and let him be. But other than that I mean at this season there's not. I had a lot of doubts I still think they typecast way too hard. But. They clearly know what they want and I'm still watching and it's. Outside of America's Got Talent it's the top rated network show on the Somerset. Odds say I am rooting against rock star you know she bores me in the hole give yourself a nickname thing bugs me. I'm rooting against Caitlin because a whole life coach but you turn around and you talk smack about everybody behind their back. So your free can Hibbert trip. I love it when a bird lands on offense so there's my uncle Leo and your (%expletive) crazy man Jesus Christ. So you know I'm rooting against her her. Via that's about it you know a lot of these guys are just in the middle. You know they're kind of but I admit I guarantee you within two weeks from now we're both gonna have these are our guys and these are the people that we hate which is what's so good about to show. I'm more excited for the next celebrity one and I hope bigger celebrities come. Like George Clooney. I mean if he'll do it. I think you'll be sweet if they had like a celebrity. Big Brother like I wanna bulk and then and ends like the perfect storm so. I don't you know he had Celebrity Apprentice was are a Big Brother was a lot better. Then I thought it was going to be turned out to be very entertaining show and it was a a dose of Big Brother during the winner which was fantastic I loved. Yeah and they called it off because they are up against the Olympics but it's there I'm handles our ratings though. They should absolutely bring him back I just there's been guys that said they love to do it. Kobe Bryant's been one of those guys. Lance Bass. You sank. But then they don't do it Bobby mowing hand formally MS and now says he loved to do over the they want to do it. You know it's a big time commitment even those Celebrity Apprentice his way shrunken down it's a brother you do that tries. You know he says apprentice again Odom veteran. The health. But yet it's you know it's way condensed version which is what made an awesome because it just kept moving in moving so fast is great. And it's true. But I hope you know there was some people like Mark McGrath who was on there you know there's nothing today caddies Franken Vanilla ice cream and he's boring as hell like a Vanilla Ice like almost Vanilla Ice. Yeah but at least I realized I was started a fighter to McGrath was stupid well that's different celebrities is that they don't wanna. There's only worried about their brain yet there are a loser she is much I don't know but for some I mean the brand it helped mean we know more about. Marisa I never knew her before so right yeah I know are now. Ross and then in like Ross before he went in. Denial of the dude. I followed her us on Twitter. And then I got to follow back. But I realize that found him from the fan accounts. Outgunned but Ross does follow the fan account as well as a check today to reject right now. Hit hit hit and I'm sure he still does odd that he still does may be weekend. Knew we can book Ross. I'll say that I'm not gonna try. Now now being interviewed that chuck would leave the building floor. Now you and me all hell yeah men are still follow us at Coors. And all that info 7000 people we're one on. That's awesome at the fan. Type bomb all right so you can find pipe bomb. How often needed the tide has a Mandela. Just you know. Once a month once every couple weeks you know it's not as set thing it will be. And be a lot more regular once football season starts were kind of taking a summer off to get hammered and take the summer off bang chicks. Yeah now but if he said there are girlfriend via. We don't evasion. No old chicks are value. Made so he isn't banging multiple to fish if it does so it give more often enough. Oh yeah Saturday night taking the summer off even though you are never okay. Yes I guess that makes cents. Opposed by Tom Jeff our last he also on the final inspection. Which you don't catch it live you can check the podcast. And this is the wing thinks podcasts and if you listen this far. We will reward you with another Big Brother one. But again there's no set schedule than either. Seed so my top guess this week it's related to this week. And then. And who knows. Good luck and a soccer when I'm sure is going to be sucked into growing. Let me know our goes I seem like the numbers for some of these and let me just say. Nosy that analysts and I'd really really really appreciate. You Tyler. That that at that and thank you for listening. My policy of odd letter rather.