Ep. 13 - Futbol Insider Michael Cohen

Bart Winkler
Thursday, July 19th
Our Green and Gold Football Insider breaks down a different football with Bart Winkler. Michael Cohen talks about changes that can be made in America to make their national team a world power, his background in soccer, and the things that Jurgen Klinsmann did right for the USMNT. Plus, Michael has moved to The Athletic and explains what Packers fans can expect from him on the new site.

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When things podcast I'm borrowing color or gonna talk with someone who we talked quite a bit with during the off football season. Our green angle insider we call Michael Cohen. Now with the athletic so this is pretty recent news. The athletic of course it's popping up in cities all throughout the the country and not coming to Wisconsin Sig is of the brewers writer you know the badgers writer and you're on board for the Packers. How did this come about Michael and what kind of coverage. Can people expect now that you're over there. Well the athletic I think news is they're really excited enterprise in that you know they're sort of trying do what is the past year. You know the newspaper industry. Continued it's a struggle cost the country you know her reasons are good but now and so what they're really trying to do. Is go back to focusing on good stories that writers one. The vocal arts. You know working. These papers that Ayers there's such a demand for. Every piece of content related to the eve and it and so I think that. There be times where your craft produce so much. Maybe you don't have as much are you would like to focus on court in depth stories or. Something you know maybe they expect those are. Kill the curtain back a little bit more. Because you have art to. Sport reporter opened or only so. That's really the design. Of their coverage. Be athletic so I'll be covering the Packers beat all the all the practices and all that. But they're really stressing quality over quantity and so. Have opportunities. Right longer stories. Or reported stories. Hopefully things that are really really interesting because of course it is a subscription service so. You know for about 350 a month. Our girls that use you access the probably almost constant comfort but all the coverage in other cities. As you mentioned the cross country so that got New York Chicago. Boston. Now they've got Los Angeles they've got. Pretty much every metres to the big and so for you know a few months you get to greet really good quality journalism that. Advertisements go pop up videos about this but we secret order so I'm excited about what should be hopefully. People follow on. We also. There is but it's historic that like it. Not to get like two inside the business but you have I guess that. Still even with the quality over quantity is there a set amount or a how many times need to write a week. Or you're you're you're looking for good stories and when there's a good story that's when you published. Yet so I'm definitely going to be writing sucks there's a doubt about that the could be more one week it could be a little bit less heat is sort of about. How things are coming along with the particular story Mort so I need an extra thereto or something. You know they're OK with that because at the end product is something that really get people's attention. Or perhaps the but he enters the baby it it you know commit a few people signed up secretive because. You'll be obliterated what are out there but not really looked for saw that would be your arms that we ought to be writing epic in. I'm ironing out the bill now due to start up a new art jets also have a Packers by. It just all be exactly in the order that was you're where. Overstock but the journals and also all the same touched up I would do or just. Hopefully. Like that the the level and really give people something they wanna read. No love Michael Cohen on again fur and believe. Paul even in house of the fourth season third or fourth. Yeah I've been in response. For years of the start of our sport is greatly about the. So Levy in the morning show here on the fan for the fourth year and we'll talk to Michael. I'll Mondays Fridays and then another time during the week depending on. Now what time of the year it is you how did you get into I don't think we've ever and ask you this how did you get into covering. Football at the NFL as we've talked a little bit about other sports and we'll talk about soccer here which is why I wanted to have you on little longer. I know we've Tony paid baseball. I want you must you must have a general like for football in some way or. Are you some and that looks that it sort of how someone would cover City Council our news beat that this is the thing funny this is what you cover. Or do you have a genuine like and love for football. I'm like oh well I do I think my appreciation for football is a little bit different. Then that maybe a lot of other people because the sound macro and did. Our hearts that at the heat now oh I was there that an apple. And so. You don't need to get into football it was more because that was Alex and Brett like we had a useful. A group vote on the beset Peter era. And we played. Every Saturday or on respond they want. That's what we're. You know the split or hold down and we actually plays or whomever the fact number I've lost track of so you're up by. Oh we played every single. Weekends like straight years without this weekend regardless of other so elated I stick by it note like under treatment went here decree. You can't touch it was coed who await yet. Everybody together so we get so I think that was where I appreciation for football in the and then promote a journalism standpoint. 1000 colleges are you. Newspaper covered the poppy there are a couple of years in addition to. The basketball that. And then after my second job which was on earth. ID or call for underdog was of course our predecessor Doug on the go and also. We're betrayal oh and while analysis will I was eager are you out of fresh. And when he departed the girls all look back on buffalo yet I would be it and that is the burial. It's pick your spot at the journal that what was pitchers there'd be and so that record it sort of went from there aren't. I like covering you know well now is because I think fair's. Not so many games like a baseball or basketball. Feel like. All you're doing is covering in market you know those scheduled related to his opportunity other big throughout the year. Built football related divert our story. And I also think there are two of the challenge ever because. The sport and I've never played. Obviously x.s and those like I had everything to learn what are are covered it and that is the big challenge for me because it's so foreign or different. I like back there really aren't aren't out there that in the early come easily. Your I didn't know that connection with Tyler. That makes sense but it's also interesting so you get here to Wisconsin. And then I think there's I've grown up in Wisconsin and I feel like. Even if you don't enjoy even if you're. It was dozens injured two weeks old you were born in Illinois hospital. There's always that little you're not from Wisconsin and do you get a lot of that kernel. No not really. You know I mean obviously I don't have it expects. That by. And you're now shareholder like me of the Packers know. That was going to be my and I think the biggest thing. Help me in terms of our coverage is that I have note guys that area. Oh lead into Wisconsin once prior to moving here. I have though. The Packers had a proper soft spot for the great art actually drop. Here a New York Giants etiquette and split between I would say it's probably like. 45% giants' 45%. Patriots wouldn't it be 10% jets slash other. Happy. You know it was where. You know I've spread around me are giants fan art droplet that I think early outs of virtualized. It you know just I was separated from the Packers as these if they lose unions and it doesn't matter. And I don't have any sort of promote how big it is to win the Super Bowl. It's great act right good story about it if they go oh you know that there's going to be two stories about actors bill. Yorker and the result battered you know I think the battle out for the best. Most accurate air covered if you don't have a bet. Going on a field. Well I appreciate the coverage not just because you're on with us a few times a week but I think you do a great job however when it comes to. Like rooting for sports are watching sports at the fan interest. You're much more of a soccer guy would you say soccer your first love. Yeah absolutely no order for a dollar goes order order app. And I've ordered ever since so trying to play more and more difficult now. I get older parties they'll cooperate by yeah that part but bars there are urged or watch the play and where. I've watched I've played I've coached I've raft and to me say that thing about the x.s and alls with full ball that then I mean that's a big part of it I talk about football I talk about baseball talk about basketball. Obviously. I've played those things at some degree but I'm not as. Versed in the x.s and noses somebody that would be a professional and big on the broadcasting like some of the guys we have here at the fan. I'd like the soccer part where I can just sit back and watch some thing. And not have delight worry about breaking it down. But also the hindrance of that is soccer is the thing that probably I mean I know the most about I can understand the tactics I get what they're doing so. I'd like to talk about it more but I also don't want to that makes cents. I understand it bank I think that. You know course look doctor ever bird fine without it but I didn't really begin to appreciate. The tactical part until I was there the last. Maybe five or six years. But what we're certain that you like I fooled by. Really with the broadening the powers urged the United States and the ability to watch. Ever could merely match if you want to or it'll box as the others are the big league about their their. European championships the World Cup so I get tons of a coverage but I think that now that I've been able to piece doctor you know several times a week. I think that. Our ability to understand that our players want certain situations so why are. You know the particular body art the better you're not fair. I mean war proceeded forward already. Within the last five or six years like I was saying oh. I would definitely spare a though. Learning about the Internet regard just because. Or it was televised so frequently the only way you could really see it was BP usually occur to return that that was televised border. You know it really took the that our coaches are coaching books like that. And I used to do those things. You know before. When I was younger and now it's really drastic you that you could have some soccer at your disposal here in the United States. If you really want. Isn't it the more high school level or club level when you get into that age in Connecticut. Our own. Well so. I could have I guess I wanna. Accurately I don't. Where they at the same time or was it like a summer spring fall time. All. It's got into Medicare like everybody played rec soccer order or by right after the bad. Learning like maybe eight or nine you get to travel there is wary of buying that he'd surround view. And then what the above that would be a soccer at three or regionally so if you're going to their bastion security York accuracy or. Even regular across the country about what I like. Year. Play outside soccer I didn't. Oh or are they as well thought I was quite a few other regional well. But no it's not call. Delightful. And then when it's four years in high school and and maybe in college. You know blanks a girl stop with the guys go. Higher levels agree. I start to appreciate big political orbit are the clock watching. Of the announcers from other countries that you don't really really. Don't get that up because they probably played critics are levels that are really start. Understand the deeper. People ask me which which you teams as your favor unity you're tied with Packers bucks per is badgers and I say hey. Say it's the US soccer team I mean it's soccer is my sport as a team I follow. And then they don't make the World Cup. And an absolutely. Devastated and heartbroken and I was trying to. As trying to talk about that on the air and our audience. Here. Now I mean not a lot of soccer people at least not the ones that we hear from size trying to tell them the US not making a World Cup. And not being able to explain. Really with a good sense why. Is like giving Aaron Rodgers is healthy for a season and they still went on sixteen. That level of confusion. And frustration. That's what I tried to equated to. Do reserve disappointment for you when they think get in or how much do you followed them at a national level. Yeah I owe them a lot when I was an artful. My summer job as part of a stock company that camp at the travel you clearly are appropriately and so. He got laid out regional and national level I was just offered at it's the first summer but. But they're owned by eco. Who used to coach or rational and all that upset you are a lot of prayers well and so artery other. National peep at that level because you know what year when you're locked. Thoughtful battled into the World Cup the it's pretty neat. And so I don't believe violence and I was crushed it well but. I'd devote a lot of art was just as would be. Idol finals soccer around the World Cup this year we like to go on certain occasions because like that I was on watch at all after four years. You've got to be accurate but I watched as the green probably. You know of people you Michael got outside of the so weird but you know lovers and so I would definitely didn't qualify. Especially given the financial resources that we have here both the training facilities. You know the back that we actually do. A very stable you know color. Association whereas you know other countries Italy out of college sports is about well or that level it. Oh it is of course catastrophic in devastating. You know what you wish. You would like heck that they're they're the United States are art but I was always been a lot are part though. What as archer great disappointment media perhaps be the casual soccer and that without any local. This comes up every four years whether the US makes it. And loses it comes up or if they don't make it in this case. It comes up while they're not winning because our best athletes are playing. Which is basically an argument saying the US could win the World Cup if they wanted to but LeBron James is playing. Basketball. I don't know if that's true I mean there's some skills that would translate for some of these guys sure but I also think it was as big as the country is. And all the different procedures in place should be able to find 43 guys. In that age bracket they can compete on a world class level yet for whatever reason we're not able to do that here. So I keep going back in order on the population are. You know you look at this year's World Cup. Look at what you know reply and Belgian population. Ego under and and then you look at some of the larger countries of the world like wire to wire China. Or. And you're 10 and the US ports be right up there with them there that read you know most populous. Countries in the world and yet all three were not part of and so I really don't know where our population. What it force a larger sample size like you said it should be able five point three guys. Make a World Cup squad actually you know compete and Utley shall Welker out. On the flip side of it. I think that is there's a smaller country. It becomes easier on all a larger percentage of young players into the sport and we look at when I was. You know I remember the exact numbers but there was cart owners want to watch votes. Wanna beat you he would act could be the Sports Illustrated order call it talked about I'll. You know that percentage of young kids for its data on all of soccer. Like astronomically higher relative to you know just about any country that that you can compared to her the World Cup point. And so that I think is the benefit of having spot population that it really is. Small population they were all crazy country. Well Albany doctor. That you can of course really really hold him on the training commitment and beat although I think we're at. Here's a country at large as China or united expert India it's gonna have so many different nature and it's just so typical new. You know I get them into one particular sport when they're so many different socioeconomic classes and not mention just the fact that. There's other sports but they each student so I don't record or Arctic. I wanna I wanna what bothers me is when people say well Ohio is however there driver honesty kids playing soccer. In all the time and that. Five girls six your kids play soccer is not. Mean in America it's you you're taking your kid there and there are not that not doing anything to dad's a football coach. Or you know some teenager from the local school does know what they're doing. Would that there's not. It's just there's it's a mess here and I thought when the USA didn't make the World Cup there'd be some incentive to. Try to figure out the system tally would Germany and Italy Germany when they're disappointed at this point 45 cycles ago. I thought there and hopefully be some beginning of a restructuring here but you either have kids that. Played just to run around and in some kids if they're good they'll go with in the football coach thinks they can be the quarterback so they'll pry him away. Or than you have kids and then have to go and play club and then it's too expensive. Or maybe some kids. Like College Soccer which I don't with College Soccer I don't know where that's gonna get too long term. As a kind of wanna send under the academies that the there's a good academies here it is the model there's so many directions here. Which you should still be able to find Tony three guys. Which is still you still can't sell I was hoping for some sort of structural change but the problem with me hoping that Michael as I don't know. I don't even order begin. What I've always wondered about her and perhaps that come across really naive if there's anybody knows more about. The practical side there's the business mortis that your article Arctic or just kind of wondered why. What do the United States oh you know the best you straining or soccer players is not our country we have to understand we app do. No grass back there. Be in one of the world of the Brazil a world that Germany or Spain world. Whatever they're doing here that you level is clearly more effective than what we are doing so. Would you about a financial backing that United States act as a very well well beat a country I wanted to like that out. Academies but do it in other countries I don't mean go there to recruit other I mean if you can find a group. And 111213. Year old that are willing. You don't really commit themselves soccer because they're a cute they're doing the other orbits country. It find Becker and maybe you can set up their USA academy in the Ager but you're into an inward where there's American kids playing as a team on foreign soil against for a year. Maybe they can at least be associated with polite style but things do. Go certain ways or become professional soccer players epic one of the things that. I didn't really understand when I was younger it a lot of these U cheered. Our certificate by these guys in the World Cup you know there's a large number of don't have college degrees at a fairly large number of their ability to have quite well. All because a lot of them are going to you can attribute. Where it's a soccer. Education hybrid design just focus on those two things. Many of them were turning pro at 1617. EE book or it might even complete. Oh well now you could argue that that's not advantageous because what happened soccer and I will Obama. Really really hard to get a job that absolutely accurate absolutely absurd criticism by. I think that for people expect the United States to compete with these are a nation without a similar infrastructure. They used programmer at least similar pattern in your program I don't know how reasonable it is we get out well. Bobbled and then at the money too if you're gonna sentiment to kids over there mustard and scholarships. I does I don't wanna see kids having to play. Having to page to get the best sort of training and you look at some of these other countries to where there's kids that oldest pick up. A ball and and that's not even a ball like a soft rock or. The and you can make go I mean that's a that's the thing when it comes back to me for soccer soccer is the easiest game to just play. When you have none of the equipment to play with. You can figure it out and you can sign a feeling you can you can do something and I don't know. I have some guys in about a month or two ago and they put on a free can count and Milwaukee Lutheran which god bless him for doing that because. You and your getting the game to more kids that may be otherwise when Mel it I don't think the US is gonna win the World Cup in four years but. You gotta change an entire sort of system and structure I stood and distinct that there should be enough ways for that to happen so if you look at. If you look at the guys who have gotten that far. All right so that's where the next step is there's guys this. Fight all the messes. In soccer and all the different avenues and all the different politics all the way down to youth you six leagues there are guys that get. Throw it at a world class level and this happens. This have then what was it eight maybe in twelve years ago. Nominee eight maybe before I just remember I was watching TV and it was grams doozy and it was. These are mad these are and they just had a nice World Cup and then they have his big announcement were signing with sporting KC. And I was pumped at the time because I'm trying to root for the MLS and on the MLS to be good. And I'm pump that Michael Bradley stays at Toronto on impounded Jozy stays and impulse to seek Klan come and play with Seattle. And then I you know you watch this World Cup and this is it's hurting I think MLS. Boy it was not designed to but it has indirectly. Hurt the United States soccer program. Meanwhile strengthening. Some of the other teams in CONCACAF because that's where they send their young guys. And that's where we send our top guys so at least at the pro level if the guy can get through all that way I would much rather now. They play in Europe and then stay here. Well that's the one Spain. I think you're in an. Doesn't get enough credit or obviously there were being. Pick apart the way you managed Ebert used charts but at the two big things that stand out about is approach I think happened but he. Warren is exactly what you I think that if you want United States national compete. And you bummed about maybe they don't win but maybe they're getting around you or the quarterfinals. In the next major terror. I think your best players have to be overseas I think it's a problem one that the majority of the starters out here. Are playing well. I mean you look at. Just Cameron being over Stoke City in the Premier League were you Austria where like for you got short. Prior to that you have to our page united efforts Brett that the bill of those were some our our better players. In the last. Our six years or you know at Howard is going back to our other. And you know what do they dog arbiter that they are playing here you know you ballistic on you look at John Brooks thank you are pretty you'll get out he would like future. I think that you have to find a way. To nurture your best. Allen in the past week and Christian Olympic get the latest example that in fact it's badly eat. And eat it yet there's straining at the it experts Isa bit. Sort of indoctrination. In the world game could be your age and obviously as we mentioned all worked for a everything and people are practicality. Or you know more likely are. I just think that the best players have declined about week so I agree with you that. You don't want in the most recognizable older players they all of the game. I think that that is a very short term and Errol coach of what to do the United States demeanor. The American. Mediocre but Major League soccer. Who will happen and the United States. Is a real player of the global stage in order to do that I think we need to be. Back here but not great Arctic. Which is finding players that maybe never spent you know more than a week in the United States are eligible. A group. Citizens the rule wouldn't think about the guys you brought it whether it. Maybe enjoy our country our priority coach. John Brooks Bobby woods these are guys that you'll have a lot of experience in other countries you know maybe they were our military here. Or whatever the case may be only be finding these players. You know are a perfect example or. On the England World Cup squad guy who played only as a substitute in one of the gains I think or perhaps started there. The group stage game against Belgium by church Alexander Arnold starter or liver all right back where it started champions league final. As a unitary ninety years so he's emerging as one of the best young fullbacks in the world. Well I'll think that record placed the United States but you know there was an article in the York does that based on the news and a bogey his grandmother. You're a local. It or he would have been eligible by the United States or you outlook chapped by England and I mean it just. So jarring because. It has a player that is a world stage every single we get a starter at all. And yet bella but first article that I ever read about him having any potential connection the United States it's about the problem we need to identify these players. I have an opportunity to play for it they shouldn't be and what he could have. In electric Alexander Arnold you've always got to play for England but why are pitching these guys why are we not trying to get to the plate for a sort have been beaten. England is fine of one of the bill something you know for a country at Alder resources or maybe just not the expects so. Over the things we do you to send our best player brought now. Because once the national team gets good and I think the interest the drastically will pick up I don't think we can still. The interest domestically and expect the national team because it because I think an act be the other way around. Where do you stand and bringing pro Rel to America. Our. I 'cause I was and diet for awhile because I. Michael I was such an analyst homer when it started it started when baseball went on strike. And her I was so mad at baseball and I said I I love soccer on this league to grow. And bounced around on some different favorite teams got into Portland a little bit. I bought DM molest direct kick package. And then once they've you know missed out on the World Cup I realized. Art this league is going this league is hurting and for ways to improve setting your guys as we talked about overseas but also you got these teens. I just I think the MLS and some marketing and the US soccer association adding they're all working against the goal. And I would like to see pro rally here I know it's gonna take time yet convince these people. But I just yeah not going to be good unless you do and I think now. I totally agree I think that. The biggest reason why way promotion and relegation would be huge or. You know the United States in terms of the goalie we the pro leagues where all that we have here is that it it. Prevents people from becoming complacent about people that it's a club. You know it is that the benefit anybody if there's EU that finish in the middle of the pack every year are fine finish in the middle of the pack. You know you need to find a way. You get up the top four at least the parade of producing at the bottom and I think that when you look at the Premier League that are big O sighting. Every year that seven actually AT IE twentieth place he'd. It's totally inept put down the order than in the second year the pop he'd bet automatically event he or are. Are in semifinals and finals well. It orchestra but I'll and I think that. I had so much. And they're so much. You know a simpler thanks these scenes that they got to spend the money to compete to win and so it that was the case your date and there was an incentive. Oh you bet I'll leave. Well then maybe owners open up their pocketbooks orbit more maybe they'll make the stadiums a little bit better maybe they spend the extra dollars. You know player from another eve. Or another country that can draw a little bit more interest so I think that it's really difficult for you personally. Get into. Abdullah without promotion relegation going to all the other elderly but I love. I have he because it doesn't feel like the offer soccer experience. Well like them all Milwaukee there's a team called the torrent here and they play I don't know I don't even know what they are there like uneven fourth fifth division. If they had at least. Not a realistic shot but a shot to maybe someday be in the MO lasts okay well now people around here are more interested. In that Lee in the next league in a league above it may be in them last. I just think it would raise the attention level. Of the sport as a whole that we talk about how many people are playing the game in this country there's a lot playing the game and then there's people that are desperately trying to play the game. It just it's not a their world class level but there's enough people. Or you can go club teams get them you can have six club teams in Milwaukee I mean if you wanted and there are some club teams here Bavaria in the Croatian Eagles. And you could give these teams at least an outside shot I just think it would cultivate the sport better as a whole the problem now is going to it. After it didn't start that way send off you're an owner. You know DC united why the hell are you ever gonna agree to this isn't that something there to get over. Ed where there is that the I doubt watched Oprah really what you got it would I would be restored the stock. It the most popular league oil. You'll look at what the app be. For a few more great. Oh who have now. Beautiful stadium on their board the premier re air in other in our country there are night and people want order because. It's let them whether wired or are offered and you ought to air it out to their bases in the band or belittle it back. Hillary burger or walk or. Is never going to be your Manchester United orbit for the year so York opera but all the sudden they don't eat and those scenes like to mention ought to come to your stadium ought to be. It's a whole different level like that and community it is an and I completely agree with you is it all of these small he even in the US well I don't know how that people. Which analysts and promote growth is under an aerial art. If you're seen Michael if you an example in the market are going to review US open I think next year our final state of the call Hartford athletic and you know he. I had the ability to won their sense you. Coker ever nationally televised. Court you know at least in the like. I think it helps build the community interest because you can actually get on board or something over a longer period under and I couldn't be more we ought. Of all four years ago I was in Vegas I wanna poker tournament thank you and I beat this guy from England. And so we went and bought him a shot after and I said. Look man I I love soccer but I don't have any PL team saw whatever team you like sir. I'm going to root for yours ago you don't wanna do that angle and I because they're never there never bad in the girls never good. Always right in the middle and since then Michael I've been west ham fan. La La will who'd you root for. Elements just to expand on the and that goes back to waive or they were good weight forward. But it looks capitol orders every car like that. As operator are are tiny little bit by year I was. I won five. And down but they had this winter disparity on right well it's been beat you only like art stolen in the 840. I'll be lucky. And I just love the fact that there was somebody playing our. You know the top flight that was the size of the papers in the year and I just like the fact there was a little guys the order. Fortunately for art as the bad they have their major. Capital with new order police. And now court said the younger that's one of the best you know or buy outs in the world has obviously changed the Carter of Mars. Reading experience but I lower. Are the American. Her last year 100 you'd bring. I don't know we're what authorities are nearly all the did you eat at lest there. And that. They're out there what they're doing with the club of course everybody knows the story and be a quick shots aren't out. With the league and they did it. That's the big sort of Mike. I expect it because I've I've been their experience the media that neighborhood and everything. Those that he's done it better or are sure it. Five our paper. I know you're in the press box a lot for the game and how would you compare. The neighborhood situation over the EP Elton what you see in Green Bay. Well I think their arm. You know her luster or are they in the sort of like rated residential neighborhoods but not unlike rebel field regard. But the experience is very different. You know of course American fans article. Well all electric really loud on third down or course they go to your big weather big interception or whatever it could be. But the thing about being in the game is that the hearing that could stop. On the topic is all the players that are you know it is on by everyone here. Elderly people and I just you know I remember talking to. Which shall all there was do there reporter actors. Remember who has but anyway you're just gone on a trip to Spain to watch it I think it was. And I expect him you know what do you think he and partner cause they be exciting and Unita are big New. Yorkers are. And he says it was close you watch soccer game and the bad experiences like not a you've ever been a part of their record not that it will probably ever be in it though I do encourage people go on the record that he thought the track Arctic. Something in our country but you look soccer at one period that it's absolutely where there. Oh into our bodies it's three games over the course seven days and it was like oracle or wherever we went to a game record as the united. It would you know what the idiot reluctant if they want. They were all back. While the Packers have the GeForce. Soul and down cheerleader so that's. Had to pay we all do this again sometime when it comes up because it's always good to talk soccer and I think it's good to 22. You know people that listen to the show they know another thing about you that your big soccer guy and I did say earlier. You hate baseball and that's okay say could you tell me that wants. Yeah voters there baseball at one sport that I never could really break the I think. I think my mom's idea for baseball inspections. Weeks at it like it though I appreciate it for soccer or basketball because those are our primary with baseball. I never had that. It was never became my love very hot plate growing up is all I never got into it rhetoric period. And I don't really like baseball. Do I'm generally kind of aware of what's going on. Or I will go. Parker got all. Those of you want but. Baseball discussion I would be much. It Twitter at Michael underscore Cohen thirteen and then how do people go sign up for the Atlantic. Yet so firm the athletic dot com. Weeks ago and their vote compared to work convert on. What I think what we have right now is. 49ers streaks are you on street dollars and fifty cents on and that you access to not only almost constantly brokerage but it gives you access. Everything across country. And you'll get preachy so where you know about forty bucks a year. Are you could have you know some of the best sports are out there comes an early leader everywhere at. They'll pop up that no auto where you're not ordered word. I'm about writers are so hopefully you guys will follow on and looked at. And historical writings but everybody in Wisconsin and outside of console. Michael appreciate it we'll talk very soon. Aren't out of court.