Ep. 14 - Sober Summer

Bart Winkler
Friday, August 3rd
Bart took 28 days off from alcohol and think he's a hero. Riggs at KISS FM hasn't drank all summer. The two explore how different their daily lives are without drinking, especially in a town where it's a large part of the culture.

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We think podcast I'm going to talk about booze and I'm gonna do it with a guy who's been up I guess before. But who has not had booze in a couple of months. I just win Tony eight days sober and I think I'm the greatest do you ever 28 days I gave up on rigs from kiss FM I also host of rigs off the radio now brings up the radio podcast for a how's that going. Our rights I've consistently put one every week since me eighteenth hole can sometimes still wake. Let's just get on this sounds pretty happy as there. I'd put out at about noon. Outta one day couple weeks ago today that same sentiment but I'm completely forgetting. You know there a way to do this so my icann's latest talk about other stuff yeah and I want it I I've alluded to it on the air a little bit and I think most people now I don't I don't come off as a drunk but I I have talked and a couple of drinks each night yeah I think everybody does everybody it is. It started with me when my trainer at that where I work ascent what's the longest you've gone with the drinking. And I said. You can no I don't and there's 48 hours maybe that's the end of it doesn't I don't drip for three days and I think that's a lie is I haven't done it since. Ever. Yeah I don't know now so I went Tony eight days share I did it for no reason really we just sentinel events coming up and my wife on the fourth of July said. I am and an odd drink for a month. She works on a lot yes she takes great care or south. And she wanted to not drink without the calories and then I say you know what. Amen to that too. The tardy it was 31 days but I did have been you know going. Can make it the full time but Tony day's night. I bargains myself let them right so I had a drink on Wednesday of this week and it was fine. I think that the biggest thing for me was one does is prove to myself that I'm not addicted sighing I know that now yeah I'm managing more on a routine. I'm hints. Because I have barely any change. And now you're someone as injuring since. April 20 April Polonia via your and the whole summer till Labor Day Labor Day and a okay come over Saturday's and I wanna talk to you more about that after retire while me yeah. I felt no change nine I do not lose any weight and I did not sleep any better and I didn't it. Feel any better in the morning yeah there was there was really there's no change from my mood and there was no change now when I did notice the last night is Diana. Drink and like the dishes or put away and I are some more work taken down and I felt that it wanna do so that's the one thing that I notice is that. When I'm Jauron cannot sober. That's really I didn't lose anyway but I didn't feel any better nothing changed. And I didn't change any other habits I still drink soda and still lazy instantly too much fast food I iPod just cutting out two to three nights of boos a week. On the week nights and then whenever I drink on the weekends ago that would lose some weight but I haven't lost any. What changes have you seen Fannie. Okay he didn't change your diet now nobody I don't a huge part of adult. Drinking life. Captain Morgan and soda. Okay here's Stiller is you still have been drinking soda for 28 days let's badgering six sodas a day because of the boos than I was down to three. So I cut out half my soda intake today and I count all alcohol and I lost no weight that blows my mind which are dialect. While trying to lose weight. On my wife cooked healthy now paying an ant like you know Ali subway or talk about something at lunch and a you like garbage that's okay. I mean I eat fast food that's why you know losing weight I eat out of windows. Campaign has an idea that way to lose anyway did you did you cats now but if you could take a big party guy out. Was it that they give your diet though alcohol. I drink a lot man OK but I don't think it was contributing that much T will gaining any weight. He died when I it would eliminate alcohol from my diet I always eat pretty well my license type one diabetics who we have to by nature eats lament healthier. It's better for her lectures I can't vigilance and and sicker the whole thing cabbage is playing cabbage shared with you guys fighters shooting day with bacon bits. Okay and is really good up and cabbage is get a ticket to the right way. Yeah it was really I felt better I felt like I if I haven't really lost a lot of weight doesn't have a lot of weight to lose but it slim that trimmed down a little that the like 185 now. I feel that there. I sleep play better man memory is way better. My memory is not my. I still. Early times or wall coverings for aside I look at my phone and see stuff retreated last night you know. Moderate between them must have been drunk away. You where where warned that wasn't sure you weren't the ones and this is in the last month I send my memory to get any better well okay -- thirty day trial and error 28 day trial and then drink that's fine as I don't think it's gonna affect everybody the same way. It's that in my mind it's it's like him he's due to drinking. Me too I would think you would have seen some change you would feel better like I do legitimately feel way better without drinking on the weekends I woke up. And panic yeah watch when drinking I don't know. Tonight my wife says well maybe slept better. He's trying to get a good night's sleep may be but I woke up and it was a weekend some assuming I should have headaches in my hand I don't have an answer as to why it affected you that that it I was it did I think I imagine I easier. But not you if you thought I was a doctor and yes I never give reasons and clinical explanation is why. You're. You're not drinking didn't do anything in mind did so you injury since April Tony do you have not lost a lot of weight that your memory is better memories better sleep is way better. Sleep is way way better and you you know brilliant idea idea. Evil pill morning show now with and you wake up in the morning Manila. On today was. 510. Jesus and I showered and got here. Started washing for an hour and I still annoy you is coming as Malaysia do I get up at three. And then I'm usually out the door by four as my rule and I like to get Ehrlich. Ten after 4415. But your music show there's a five yes. That I have it's crap that have to do after the show that I hate having to fight for a production room afterwards. I don't like heaven a warrior out after a get off the air. Hunting down to try to get my work done scramble it because. When we get off the air everybody's here and everybody wants a piece of my time like Hakan a touchy for five minutes take images are you for a minute. And kind of being here until like noon and I'm sick of that so. Yeah I tell me if I come in earlier I can leave at 10151030. And beat them with my day it's okay I thought you were coming in the prep for shell I do that too. As I prep for my show the entire day before. I did attend a press the night before and after the damp with the morning. I don't really prepped the morning if you don't I do it on nine I want to regain an argument to wrap learn. Now I would be drinking during that in the past Porsche and for the last month but the guy did drinking and it sounds like drinking not drinking has done nothing for you. And you have a shady attitude about its imminent and I don't think you want anything to change. I think he wanted I think you are trying to prove. That it wouldn't do anything. I know that's why aren't that bad deeds I think is that he now I think he really enjoyed drinking that much and you just wanted to be back to drinking so bad. This not a guy and I were they got a happy and I haven't figured out not that at the monitor that event like a very Bart thing to do not even a little bit. Let's watch usher go month they would do anything a shape because even before he would stop drinking like two days near exe nothing but immensely. And I feel worse well that week I did I did take a legal right injuring in April or some thing and it's a week but I was also taking melatonin pills at night to help sleep okay in that (%expletive) me out yeah and then I was like this is there's there's got to be side effects are generally charges are now. There are no side effects the melatonin no apparent tennis about it but the premiere I was crabby or worse in the morning to get up. Will he try just finally sleeping. So I didn't take those pills this time around and I did get I feel like I had good sleep I just didn't. I felt more we chatted on I don't know what to do any exercise at all I never download slides you don't do anything you don't go for walks field only for a couple walks. If you lift any weights or anything like that adults. Doesn't count in Hank and and if you're carrying clubs were you driving on I'm on the card parkinson's and exercising. And you know laws eighteen holes yeah. Doesn't get a workout that is walking eighteen holes have been like 3000 calories. Walking eighteen holes that's terrible that says that's not Terrell what will do you. I saw last week and you are with the givens. The brew fest. It is so you go to brew fest and did enter into the dude your way it is pounding Beers is an easy can you do injuring. No year around that in your Wisconsin so yeah. You know I've gone Newbury gains of the last thirty month we're in right away it's like you have to have a beer. And I don't know and there's been times term one of my buddies in the final Lexus tailored to come down of the casino and and lamb and I down and I said well we can and enact and injuring. And you know not coming. So there's a lot. I just think booze is ingrained socially Wisconsin Malia were all familiar with especially in the summertime. How have you gotten around that. I just don't you have to get it once I get I think now the people know that I'm not drinking people know that have committed to it they're not as bad about it. Anymore it's more just getting made fun of here and there. Boy your drinking that's stupid way which can lead to enter in the summer like just up drinking during the winter. Both of whom would suck would you agree no drinking during that with the winter would be terrible there's nothing else to do but drink in the winter nothing. And the summer all you do is go outside and trinkets everywhere. And I've guide to how to get around and it just don't drink. I deal and find the DD tent at brew fest. Where I got my free soda chips and abroad and had a ticket for it. Yeah offer free. Songs that movement ticket. If one of these authority or go to bars they charge you personas like (%expletive) off. Yes font I get charged for lemonade and iced teas they get Arnold Palmer that's my thing now the Arnold Palmer. In what it pisses me off even more is when they bring me my lemonade or man Ice-T in a plastic cup that pisses me off. I won the glass like a normal person. If you look at kids when everybody gets their beer and a nice glass kind. Culture gap and I get a plastic cup with a straw. I am a child (%expletive) off on an adult in yet cops. So I it would have to ask you why you're doing that's why I am not drinking tea because. I don't like the pressures of drinking. I make a way to many bad decisions when I drink I was driving all the time drinking. Not when you're willing to admit that area and percent not drinking while I was driving but I would drink and then I would drive my car all the time. Like all the time but there it is sometimes and I would do merlot and irresponsible that they were way too many times he would have been drained. You know what I mean is he would driver who were in last half of a cancer that has. And I just a tyrant on their pet happen now that I would there were times I would get an over or left but I was doing that way too much in the fourth kill. Myself for somebody else did he lie. Ozzie impregnated Eli going to be fine and in yet did I think I can murder somebody here and I would get fires. Are you for real I think you could do I think anybody can get away with anything in this building what is tweets came knowledge ash hater culture got a Iceland about. What would happen. Do you get fired. If you do if you had something I think unless something down the tweeted fifteen years ago. The totally forgot about that somebody dug up and found showed your boss I think it'll aria really. That's a satin and I don't think it would for a DUI because I think as long as you don't harm anyone. I think in Wisconsin it's an unwritten rule that. First he lies like yeah hey everyone gets along if ever going to be a time line don't do that. He champion from its one. Should be any. Shouldn't be any now that's something I won't do I won't drink while driving I want Green Bay drink and then drove I've had many drank and drove. I would do and have a two and only too much man what I did I did do one time college then in. The dumb reason I wanted to eat through window and a Taco Bell is. Close in the Russian envoy the drive through his open so I like every other cows came across then have manually on drove in which they know now. I wanted it because I wanted to lock up he can do that because they don't wanna be. On they don't have to the responsible for you last capturing gimmick as the society thing I was driving too much. And Iowa NC how would affect my body and just how it would affect me in general so are you excited to drink again or do you not want to. Alan little excited I know it's going to be a quick thing is I have like two drinks I'll be done. And is going to be a mess. This I haven't drank themselves oh yeah I think so I think my first beer and have a really good balance. Now going to be hammered a gonna come demand Labor Day drinking party. What day is that Labor Day for the and I vehemently that weekends. Now somewhere around there and you have probably not but maybe ball I think at the end of the day if you wanna drink drink if you don't drink and don't you do it you've already determined is not a problem with you. Not a big no no I'm not addicted but like I have my behaviors now is the best and I drank like anybody ranked. I do get drunk and I tweet and I can give myself internal drama between. Am I think you're insane thing racist or homophobic I will violate Israeli DNA and listeners are doing right team all big back who cares just twist what it's for. That's an aside and you can't spell Twitter at patrol. When us now on Nancy another thing Ol we're going to. The only way we've had someone on Maryland that we're on a conference. I am radio conference we had to talk about it because we're not going to be there. You gazes to a fake live show known as she hits we did. If the fifth at the economy and ending up. Yeah via conference that mine is mine is barred its time I'm talking I'm injuring for Tony eight days. Well it is now just as damaging on Wednesday death is checked between days have really come over a hundred days. Someone asked him. Why he didn't I'm Tess 'cause I didn't lose anyway why do you like to entertain. Did you go home injectable rum and Coke skull that tonight is trying to figure out am I addicted. Well you have to cautionary drinking at an advertiser. Every night to reduce CO NT without the during. That's why I tried not to journalists today that it was it affecting your work or your relationships at all and you find. You're probably just you just able to give it or you're able to give it up pretty easily. First as a tough talk on drink and the second as the manic golfers drank and then. And then drink anything about it I think as part united alcoholic you're drunk in the top ten. I feel like if you felt like you're really really needed it that's here out on that point yeah security able to go a couple days like altered in any efforts brat about it. Hey if I think your fine. And I'm I'm mad because like I haven't seen any change in sleep any better. Still go on weekends with candidates I didn't notice that you're drinking I thought I was this time it was and via the same that are astle and lose anyway now. Well did you do anything out but I stop residential intervene if a huge (%expletive) thing is I guess that your English and Israel played like crap and from exercise or that there during that happier does not. Of beer to look as though I feel you be during a time beer that's one thing that Broncos pretty lightly it's. Not a tonic calories and that. And our man. Did you do you need to amenities coming Americans does say has an island which shows us it's and ours are getting today in them. I have have to let them useless to him watching him it's been really meant Lance does blow it to say goodbye to you to all that I natives and Larry Ezra and I and I didn't move for a month. Your economy has now. If it is starting gun has had to part I know they've been checked that two weeks ago but second scalable and ten how many folks do you against the for his second three and a half four and mainly out of necessity to you it's not that really adds rise to some visas after he got a really big job he's going to Detroit that's against that's a huge lead to go from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Detroit yet he's been in and in a promotion with that yes it was bilaterally and now he's he's like running the station NASA he's Nathan now as a whole staff underneath that is kitten like red you know cells if you as you know if you lose jobs here. Yeah my uncle uncle yes that's right he's like the David brewer Detroit's long. And asks. I wonder like Gruber dim vinik made three does that why does he do radio like he does you see him everywhere he has it now because it doesn't the things he's done he does radio he just doesn't in his radio. Yeah he sponsors a studio across town in which one. I don't wanna talk about and is the play sports talk of sports suns but there's a lot of play on a bus for highlight design and force as Travis down the and we can knock him and his ability. Yeah more sports station that would be top forty stations probably. Yeah it's you have us you have. ESPN and in the what's the other he's had Kiki get the ticket opposed prop locate. Oh yeah that he had the big day. And what do they do sports yeah like Brazil like nationals is it locals it was 1 has the morning shows on Amanda. San and then they have one local show in the day the other 1 the morning shows national in they have. Another mile search to local shows 1 in the morning late one in the afternoon. The F kick their ass. I would like to say so. Not always. Sore subject of ordering. You really limits on bloodiest day since I can check that was cameras and why did I like delegates who cares mind. That's a barn is man you are an idea I had drunk Goldman doesn't like bar stool sports because. As he can the ain't them on the that has been down. You're exactly they know because if you admit it usually like you are still sports I'm not. You're gonna get there will be a mob got all of a sudden somebody had three big cat hey this (%expletive) guy Milwaukee and like you left around here and all the Stewart he's coming after me you're nineteen and half minutes in his I think we must do please. But now I don't I don't it's that time in your pocket size and I'll finally gone I don't he had I don't accept reach it once once it had some anti bar stools boards. And I got (%expletive) hammered. So does this mean bar still sport you don't know it is you noticed Iowa now I don't care and out to come after I. A gag imaginable inside basically what it is is like you know a dead Dennis yes. It's it's it's it's by a better version of that spent resorts for sports it like it is right. Like clever. Kind of funny. It's slanted articles. There's an informative they actually have good access the stuff. They have great jobs which I'm jealous of Libya they just talk like how 25 girls dock like we don't we can't talk and the FT count and their. Let him know that I'm just jealous of them and I don't yet that it doesn't really hate them he hates them because the gain them. That's what it is so like it. Bart is a very big. Love the one year with Canon guy like he writes for his team well I will not like not acknowledge if anybody else is doing need to work right now in the Long Island say that's true. Now now IE. No I would consider that a right now are enough. Tuning in to get Johnson and you have to get them holding up you know I long member when I kinda thing on a volume. You did tacked on c'mon you can now. When we did decades I cancel and he's like man I'm not going to be that law I think I live from Milwaukee I gotta get out here. And he's like actually give you got that this definitely did nothing. And I thought he's gonna this year I validly headline news that might try to get a Beers about delayed for Saturday by the sort Anil employ up. Ads on his dialogue that's long gone. I've always seen us in the years. Minutes. So he's not part of our having anybody's in the boot camp I designers say that about boot camp because what about the camps were you drunk there. You are that's sad that everybody's gonna deterrent there I'll be the only one not drinking a boot camp. Problem here I'll take on more thing that where I notice a change in drinking. Is that I have saved money. Dude so much money on I'd say as an app I saved 12100 dollars of are you trying to keep track Evan app it's called summertime. Basically Led Zeppelin and how much money am I averaged how much Shelley how much it was spending on blues. So I average out to about twelve dollars a day is needed a daily expenditure on alcohol so the days I don't drink. May be cuddled his afterwards that would have four or five drinks or two or three drinks and that would make up for the evidence that didn't you guys. Well that's not that (%expletive) up how is that (%expletive) up and AJ like it's like it's. Power pack in her video game well how much they do think he's been an alcoholic. So not an American let's say drinking and I'm on a golf today. So all that's right two drinks yeah so there's maybe twelve to fifteen box this time and then I usually go through one handle captain a week which is 30 and then tomorrow morning go to a place in Mumbai. I know I got to drive exercises by six pack cast to relieve the other format that state parks. By another handle because then I'll DM my in laws and they had stacked the captain there's 1030. I don't know at least on her and. And that's a hundred bucks in a week and then that's fourteen by today. And for fourteen bucks a day you his eyes are really Pacific he constructs a but that's life figure conservatively public today figured. On average day when you do surgery any anything you're an aura back in the old habits or do you think they've now learned I've learned the iPod better than I. I had two drinks on Wednesday our time I'm not entering Thursday and I made a drink less money. And a summary bag in my I don't have anything wrong with drinking isn't as I guess I'm the bad drinker. I'm not a good drink here sort of play astounds him. So once here one year six knowledge is what types I don't know how to control us from drunk I get out of control on it invincible and these stupid (%expletive) I I've passed that I just worry though when I'm black count two I don't like that I don't like not remembering things of being out of control. While that line can mean he's hockey again and in October I'll (%expletive) and much of a mess you are the maybe a bit Imus again and I don't think that I think I've learned a lot feel better. Do you have a message to anyone that is going through similar things anything you want Tom similar things about what's struggling with drinking yeah anything you wanna tell those people. The day you don't have to drink it's okay. There's other things you can do. There's other beverages you can drink. And it's nobody's gonna judge you that hard every just gonna give you crap for not drinking for the first like six weeks and then you get past that. This is rigs. Sober boring (%expletive) national. Who Jesus who are you alleys except that I but is he all right I'll see you later bye.