Ep. 17 - Breaking into the Hot Take Business

Bart Winkler
Wednesday, September 5th
Bart talks with Grant Bilse, a 20-year-old student at UW-La Crosse that has broken into the sports talk business by already having his own drive-time show on WKTY. Bart recalls his efforts getting into the business and chats with Grant about making the most of your opportunities, no matter the profession. The two also talk about their time in Western Wisconsin and how that affects their feelings on the other teams in the NFC North. But before all that, Dave Stein from 99.1 WMYX is back to be the sounding board for a story Bart has about a handyman who risked his life to repair Bart's house! 

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Things podcast episode seventeen. We're protecting grand bills in a moment he is a like super young kid. And I think Keystone College actually. And he's got his own brain you're shown across round from someone tied him of that and rooting for sports on that side of the state. Which is interesting since the Packers vikings not this week but the week after. Salt not to grant about that grand actually drove from across Milwaukee one day to shadow the bill Michael's show which is insane. But that's kind of commitment it takes some time to grant him a little bit op Dave Stein. Yo Dave as a frequent friend of show. Your podcast dish would Dave. Do you like an opening that I don't have an opening the guy goes. It is the speed. Did you make that yes it's very easy. Go find any sort of music bed and I thought we can use music and podcasts now we got that website now that. Has podcast ready music news Australia about it. A digital is the warrior what abided sending in an old station and wanted to add on this podcasts. I'm sure. Nobody cares I think you view that left them twice and that's the motive the married you know I think it's a ten minute segment. And there's a music that under. What I always tell you I should be fine but I thought you. Do it and ask questions later positive later OK I guess I mart is the best advice I love it I know I'm kind of amateur. Don't senator beckon me. I'm kind of I just before a doctor grant I had to tell someone the story and an Intel and I'm here today. I got a talent that's labor Armenia and so I had the really story listen to this tolerated. I have I had this face showed your faces. A facial. And a facie. It's part of your house. So. Our own houses are renter we're not time facials. I don't official is either but it's it's again the good side paneling on the new rule if we're overpaying it's. There is handling that's like you're citing but it's. On your raw. Just call it fell off. As a whole going to now know it's it's you can see the wood. It's wide into what house. And it's covered up so fell off saying you got to fix it. I got detaining and my guess favors for it don't last. At all because I'm a ladder to get that high entanglement there. So he comes out yesterday. And it's pretty easy job for him. General latter and uses mail it up. That was the facial his band so restrained in any. Use white males and white cock and he got all this stuff that I can adapt all the plastic surgery it did cost double our box. That's us they're caution for the event. So. He's. Sets up and out of nowhere. It starts the economy. I think your thunder. It was thundering and lightning before sort Iranian and yet but we are so I look over at him and he's biased car. Taking my fascia. In straightening out and hear thunder and I think if it starts raining. Once you do because it took me awhile to get this guy here we play a little phone today. And I've got to you know punish and after situations. We gave each other stations. That played with each other stations yeah that was the tea. Arm. Non tenure on four. Regularly Tim the only two people that I don't doubt or did you think that you could have done anyway I think. He did tip them know how could you couldn't do it I can do get up aka. So it starts honoring. Hand he. Keeps getting whatever done. And then it starts to rain a little bit and it starts to rain a little bit you take thrillers there's walked the back of my house to get it done. It would dude I check the radar because when I heard thunder it's just a little showers and author in ten minutes. A dude you OK can come inside for a segment does pass I got it I got it. He said that the latter it starts pouring. This third the lightning. Annual amount is dedicated to his craft man so he is on the latter era lightning storm. Pounding away at my house. My neighbor to the right to me and I'm in back surgery can only see everything. My neighbors and their enemy gets caught discarding the rainstorms and he's just sitting there watching. My other neighbor she gets home. Tells her husband I saw this guy and the latter. Mean this guy almost. Diet and Niko did you and you didn't give him a tip your hat who argue. That person are you may call your house in the rain. The opportunity drink at least outcome liner that he take the Atmel. I guess I would like. Handyman service people I always opera and opera who relatively I don't like I don't know if listeners make food I don't need. Mean that's different that's like listener making it breeds you bet someone's coming to my house to fix and I'd estimate in my fridge and he can say it means same reason you giving the poisoned yeah I guess the problem. Over the got to fix my roof just like at poison them. Mean at buddies are die yeah you need to poison them I offered him a towel. At that. Reluctantly. Offered much art to not Lola. Now that anything was done exaggerating. So it took a ten minute thing did in the hail storm that lightens. But he is on the latter dedicated to weather channel letter what letter metal Osce that cash. You left that part out of the door and make it Edward interest. It doubled in danger nets we know you can get struck by lightning to the you know bill Michaels and Danny mastered by enlightening golf course. It happened. So while the story of the I don't ever come back and picture out there did he take you off. Or did you take him off you know I think and again. As a guy I mean this guy. That in a lightning storm is that why did you stay up there is that you know it took me awhile ago here and Marty had them. Already had a bag a runaway seller dissent argued done as a heavyweight guy that he can come inside. He knew he had a jab at you you heard it for certain jobs and higher and hang out you you're tired of the fix your roof is fixed roof. Do you ever get missed called a name Dave. The deal all the time on yet he kept coming brat. Of the key in the B in this and are you name DNA and David and Daniel guests nibbled Jewish sounding names though. That it relied on the time. It's an all my name's David on the star. These that if no I'd say about his data or normally look at me like Aaron David I get it. I'm Jewish I understand. I'd normally say you know popular comic Daniel on today's day and Vegas will keep on going anyways you know I'd done. I don't care for the I don't mean at that act. I like talking to you Dan. I talking to you ready. That's all I wanna that it needs them to tell a story didn't get started because the way that guys that we have a plot gets the feud that has been the hardest worker probably in Wisconsin right now. You can be like my. As we learn it radio blue canyon second might can pad can. Yes. What's up Mike number two. Lou and Steve be removing the podcast. But talk like that you know people Buick republic. It was in online. And so calm because there's Shia that is one of the world. You watch America's Got Talent judge better call solved yes I caught up on the unit. Is getting it is dead it's. I don't know does better than it is it makes me when I watch very if I'm gonna watch breaking and now I'm gonna skip the Walter parts. The first episode of breaking battles that one of the best episodes of TV had ever seen that and the first episode of Fargo lost. The first episode a lot I don't think it was like off on time I think lost as a whole news. One of the greatest. And you know a problem with that clearly didn't actually watch the show because a lot of the plot holes did get resolved. This is not completely different route but yet on the ten minute dvd post game show yanked did you ever watch that. Now I didn't actually because I'd. Did other research on my own not do everything amount or come mile conclusions. But the polar bears there's a reason for OK let's all want that. I am an attack to some kid nobody is life. Re making me feel bad indicating it's on radio show you out here I am. Just both you Bart and I think are. It's only like. The thing you know it's funny to. 26 and he's hosting a sports talk show and drive time in that that's different and and I candy I scheduled that time to talk to him. After class. I think there was a lot of math class. Thank goodness and agencies in its own school. Good summit kicked you out and Colin for god date announced on producer Dave and then named Dave Stein Mart Brett whatever your Internet manly things that. Granted that's. Days Stan. Now so grant bills that I've talked about he hosts the show on WKT. At the BK TY. She did that right I should know and it's. I come across smiled stomping grounds. Went to college there Woertz. In TV they're a little bit and actually never. War to dedicate T wire or in any you guys are in the cluster grant right downtown like and second Streeter third or some. We'll let that bit about Stanley broadcasting I would be up I started out of the 93 which is our top forty station and now I'm the nice guy they're not trying to. Slowly but surely. I'll annoyed everyone into giving up that you hate you I think it probably the best way to put it. It is that that building that think announced. They're all in the building by US bank. Okay yeah I did a missile crisis even talking to you about the US bank building. I'm missile crisis so. Hot out K I've got to go got a couple things wrong array of value how old are you a they're not here to Lonnie. I'm not when he won yet and that it now lately I'll only point. A cat CF I here like 22 and then I thought you were out of schoolboy. You tell me what do you do this reuniting class. Yeah that through I clap of the priority we just started the week though Lott that that was. Somewhat sarcastic but I do you happy that clot that is one day scheduled that you can you expect. And you ran out here a lot like two years ago you came all the oil rare. Added it was wild it was my press in your work. I'm he had a good job I don't I'm pretty sure one point everybody that either in high school or college you're you're forced to do the job shadow on I would actually letting it. But I doubt one of my friend and old acquired and cap burden on middle apparently a player or Asian or put me up with with radio Kjell and I was able to come out there and do the job shadow. And that you would shopped in and night and Mike Leavitt does bobbled around you all named the boy did not report that would come to. Back side and you that would only for a couple of minutes and I got back it up if you last year I would actually blown away with. Either how much you were a lot about remembering the order of how how would the app it will ultimately is really really cool. Now I'm ally think they'll cross Cano back connection I think I remember when I was just fascinated you drove. You drove that far I succumb not that I think that's one of the things that you don't see see a lot of people that. I mean we've gotten interns in part timers and you know to get him to do good shift on the radio sometimes can be pulling teeth. And at that I just concede that you drew about here will may quite an impression and now. You're twenty years old. And you've got like you're part time job is a is a sports talk show on the radio it's not. You are on your mind at W KG lie from five to six. Every night the Wisconsin there was a sports show. It's drive time in all however long that is not cross but it's in now yeah I guess a derived from home and Don. The cross. Optically ten minute. With instruction and would erode the power and flooding here you hit it hate it department lawyer gone but it can be any number or any amount at aperture. But I mean your on the radio and drive time five to six in the crossing your twenty. And when I was 21 mile cross. My part time job was that. Casey EG ET. I was putting commercials into VHS apes. Missiles and even that like vehicle I say VHS tapes. Yet there are old but the station the station's older in this situation and I am VHS passer because. Stationed in and affording quality equipment but I I did I mean I tried to work in my way into Devi KP TTV and across the CBS affiliate that I did that after college but. I'd. You're in class near parts and every decision. That is a huge. Compliment any huge honor to you how did you make sure that that like tell me your story from getting sued. Driving here and then getting bad job I do is very impressive. That that. Josh outburst while driving over the Milwaukee I love coming to Milwaukee and actually you cannot understand how excited I want. Not only meet them the people were there but also the that in. And watch for hours the bill Michael I took that we argue that without the black to me about it not a I was very excited that was promptly at all what I what I've written down here I got a job waiting able to how we. Absolutely yeah which I thought that I'm a great people person but it I would overwhelm. Waiting czar. I got fired from the island girl blow out one summer there. Well I guess all that fired from out of the job. A lot working early. I did you and me about the Eddie Lee just just one chip on Sunday eventually turn into Saturday's. On the and eventually luck earlier this spring after doing app for just over a year are nice guy. And moved on you went into the military is that there are the space they're not not live every night of course I don't tell people back. On the putt I I boy track myself avenue midnight I have been doing that had displaying. All the while I've been more shopping you know we were dated packer game a lot of Asian automate I don't know I. I know you but I don't think here sports programming but hitting airport dropping like virtual packer game. Putting and hurt for our our news shelled in the morning when I mean I've I've learned every board in the building I just try to they would do whatever. And I and I would you podcast that I would you feel and work for David radio morning show just trying to. Did you at any kind of sport well and I are doing a podcast they're using the studio you. And I think it got to the point where we're always going while I was trying to do you think I was I was trying to be a part of think whether they were gonna need you to do it or not. Bet my Bopp said well you know you haven't happening until we don't anymore. Give that a shot and and I felt very lucky that they could just what we do whatever I want because they had heard my podcast work incurred by Philip work they were pretty competent to just. Really let me go without too much guidance which allowed me to put together they shelled and I want. It generally often that a lot easier for me if I'm doing a shell. To be able to do what I wanted it only an hour long putt on the net a lot thing that I can decide and have a lot of freedom that is pretty cool. Yeah I didn't have borne out things kind of high were beckoned the radio I did TV and then. I was not a game for awhile just completely out got back in. I must have banned toying for Torii five. Kinda the same thing voice tracking a music station. Out winding up on a sports station. The game here though and then and at the fan Milwaukee to get here and then I produced the morning show for a year and then took over as host. And today before we left so now I'm thirty. I'm 32. And I'm thirty polymer. 34. I wanna take over at 32 some 32 and a hosting a morning show on a top forty market. And I think that's a big deal and but I never host I never hosted a true sport show before. Idea host other show is and a music show and found alive for a while and I've done and enough hosting and I knew what I want in my radio show to be. When you're at age twenties. Do you like what do you drop back down for experiences do you find yourself. Emulating people do you find yourself copping people to the point like come and I as sound too much like this guy. How do you like new role I guess my question is how do you know what you want to sound like. Is that that now one of the things that I do for blog on the huge sports fan and I love getting emotional watching it and and yelling and swearing off rap and all of that I think there's a part of that. Appealing it you can if you can connect yourself with listeners and show that you are the same in a lot of ways and you're not. Trying to put yourself on a pedestal and taking yourself more seriously than you actually are I think appealing the listener I would like to delete. I was the Q a on a sports talk radio and I think that I started giving high school does it I like it that I iconic figure that something about when it do you. I just try to look at it that many people like and try to take away things that I like not necessarily copied segment. Or actions I mean expressing here or there like when I was in your shell. Every morning when I get up whatever I'm Natalie yeah he's still obviously I'm I'm a duck and littler guy like let people that would morning. On the I like looked into our programming here in McCraw and yet up at night it looked in sheltered at about every team I think that the great way are you watching game. Maybe start to think about hatred the next day or something like that I think taking it as much. The other that you can it doesn't necessarily have to mean you're copying them. A great way to make you think about a game that you that already watched in a different way we get a different perspective that you don't already have entered the turn out like. I don't know what I felt like I don't know I only ecology and I don't know what kind of out of my shell and let something that I'm trying to work on. And as long as I look I don't think it. I wanna be on and I looked in your showing your I got the ball in the back of the that you're big on I want it to myself spiritually I'm just the college kid. People talk about you not qualified to be a Sports Radio well I don't know period. And knowing how to run a board and in the production of I don't really know there are all occasions is that now part of victory self. Try to build my own sound like that definitely trying to Aiken at many other shows that. Many other personality to the iPad. Try to move forward with things that I like in and try to build on she'll make them. You're the only thing it's just you write you maybe some collars and gas but this is you. Yeah I'm trying to build what are your action is not something I really wanted to do yesterday I got a couple all of bird of the band they were getting people fired up. And calling in but it just me I try to have a gap on it and I'll I cannot overdo it gap because my shell is only how long I want people to get your unique. Not because they didn't use. And wondering what's going on out there trying to read the novel little bit these first couple weeks to try to build a routine but. There are definitely coupled got sit idly podcast that I try to make it actually looked at and that an app on the first couple weeks here. I just one thing I've I've learned about me I don't like doing it alone and all I need. I do not like doing it alone I eat I listen to some of these national guys anything there's. There's a certain leg when we're doing in the morning boom boom boom boom fast fast fast there's Alyssa some of the national guys and it's like. LeBron James. The thing about the king. You know. And and rolled and rolled it like that. Outward like not one thing that I I don't like. The do you have you'll have to deal with Demi they do it for a reason. But I need X. I I hate it doesn't sound preachy and when you're by yourself you won't be the common with a specific Aiken at the that they. Maybe an analogy you wanna cover and power and role in all of these guys were on by the hope that common with a prepared grant. Am prepared each and that kind of weird outfit because it hard not apology about what your on the tigers it. You can't be put yourself get free help with your help there's nothing about. But definitely I mean balances something that that I'm trying to do you like last week or do we know Urban Meyer that you hear the company grant about. Because there's a definite opinion I could have without it necessarily mean preachy but it the birthday to read it you. There's really not an angle there's really no bigger and opinion. I don't want equality just running down a box or in recapping gay people to read articles that they can look look look in show that I was finding a balance of having a going in the direction. But not the point where you sound preachy and you sound like you're I don't know like Alberto Romer any of them I respect those guys went. But it not necessarily the sound that I wanna have not open every day. So your show that you had. Five to six. At night then KTY and you can stream meant. How would you like your fourth week. The invite thirdly and we put. I think as well because you know the period of mercy and and are so I was not on Thursday because I was their border hopping but packer game I I. I'm one greatly app what I'm eagle. It's a wide open bar. Public course that of the UW all the all seen. Thousands. Did the eagle. Eagle and I get the board opera that the open because they don't want available because it's not like either running right shelf and how he picked up. About a roundtable show on Friday only in a perfect world if nothing else is going I'm. For the all of the on Monday Tuesday Thursday. I'm a product because it is media ability to go on to split Utley color because you have a lot of local coverage of WAT why your opponent that he got. And happened for a weekend herbal hold back at election time you said that I'd better show that we view. I don't mind especially these first couple weeks lab still getting in when Democrat trying to figure out how I'm gonna. But give my time to preparing for sure well. And doing all work that normally talk by the wayside but it is tonight. They opt you're in their development but but that that yep it a daily show Monday through Friday it hit me a lot of random program in ball. I remember NASDAQ in lacrosse idea I mean I just I didn't listen to the radio that much I guess my. I live near the station where it work cited have really amused at all. On the radio I would listen to is against the brewers this summer than an MTV which don't recommend ever doing. I'm well. I now but with Debbie KTY sometimes he sent that isn't in Milwaukee even. I'll be doing a show and for whatever reason. I just have this feeling and I know it's not true. I just have this feeling like. There's not a single person listening to me right now. And with Milwaukee how big it is. That's never true and that's never true. I want were building a product here and name held on us and Ed. As an arduous and as it feels like that in a smaller town I mean I felt that in finding out of your feeling that lacrosse. I don't know I don't have anything you the compared again when I'm on the 93 at night eight. No it Alcatel. I'm not really putting out our I'm a lot and he got eatery on weekends and not really putting out our hotline or anything like that actually now envoy extracting obviously put. And got involve and until it was nice but I was talking to our. 93 and you you know just reiterating it might opulent and all the people. There's been you never know who is hoping it pollen. Even if there's only three people were saying you know it's got to be Michael build out of something bigger. As as I continued to shell and adopted need to convince those three people that have been somebody else the Lipitor can become a listener everyday though. If I can definitely have that feeling I still not been shelled I. I don't really feel it was exactly I don't know that the experience you have what are you look at probably all radio people get on the the shell when you like at. Pentagon batter today I didn't really communicate something people clearly like I wanted. Like apple who shows that time I get like can't stay after. Oh yeah it currently gets thirty yelling chalked off the year at at many yet not yet it's mapped. Out. What I'm doing I rundown how picture in mind that I want you to take something all the into the great news we're going to be here and that they get equality it has great perspective they're gonna think that. And I think that the commercial whenever I really didn't come across like I wanna like cut funding that that happens all the time. And that is something that I need it to do you do you admit that what the war path sure. Yeah you never perfected I mean you can always strive and that's part of it when IE I would do shows that the the TV station on on the campus. And I'd be crazy because we we knew nobody was watching. I am not a guy got recognize it's good that up our. I just some random ass dude that was not in college in little Milicic showed Tuesday as of 430 you know its interest in. That's insane so you never know. We just started up the school TV station I do that I've been doing it a couple doctors to get. You get credited EU working at all but what I'm I'm running the camera I'm a lazy. If I'm not or are one of the sports talk show it to be upping with a guy I normally just like stand behind the camera. It the media on time but here we a girl who was doing nude app engine got a letter from someone in that watches every week. On oh yeah yeah the president yeah yeah yeah yeah asked the prison people watched yes well. Then add that I do remember how one what do we are girl gets a letter I know it's annoying now is what. Yeah and so yeah it's it's. Okay when they graduate that's stupid twelve years ago. Still Debbie MC hammer of those still the call letters. Yeah W and the evidence we have our our school radio station Ari you which I can cope program director of the ball we're going to be. Pain in the but I took that out last year before I kind of got a couple of these other responsibility but it that nothing about the I'll that you work on our. First Lady at Asia's long you're on our podcast last year. And then we get that that three guys one odd odd at underway tomorrow though came up with three got one top. Yeah did he has a good time. Come on anytime. Aren't you you. People going out sweater in the crock you might not know but people or we. Resonate with people and I get beyond like look at the party that thing on clay you know of Spanish somebody that I thought that the like all of man that you're we reached. Are there that you you may even think and I know you're pretty happy about your quarter out of you should be. I haven't bought then put it gently I am. But you never know it is funny when when I what I've he would weep like Hillary we did not somebody I know. Because I'm like I looked the bar every morning that funny that you getting somebody over and co all riled up about it I'll say they're. On ice they wrinkled golf for two years I. Wit the OK so I'm just cares what the TV stations resilient. Pony shows Diaz do week now. Oh man well it's funny. That it in and around the yesterday you'd be you'd go about doing a while I'll work on in public shows up and then the people we're beginning the not to we do in sport until the week. Do you weekly new cap obviously and then everything else right now on the air they want to lead our. Everyone of you like being social hour comedy show that there's a lot of the cop and did he review. We you probably like five or six production to meet. Along pet do the sports shows did they move past the rip off of PTI. He had that. When I first started there they have I don't know they rip up he yacht but the one beauty you let you do get into what I am not you'd like you got to build a bit. Op not part near opt in what are the other sport nation. And other field like that. Right hitting it that whatever happens happens you know I don't know yet to be in the map. But yes I think that was kind of the goal it kind of shifted away from that now that the people in charge of kind of switched through that debate yet again and the well PTI. Has this show that I did were there it was to get it was called sports talk live. Yeah and so called that and we just ripped off PTI graphics and Meno and we basically did PTI. I accounts for stock lives. Wow I cattle videos to I gotta get some back. Up online sometimes open a screen shot up with a face it's like twice as bad as it is now. And down and no beard and I look like immediate OK so the one thing I've also on touchy about grand being in cross. He's got pairs league this week and then vikings league next week and now I've moved back over here. I still feel like. I said the like I personally hate the vikings more because I think better about my time in lacrosse in when I was there. Odd the twins were in the playoffs. And I I didn't see anywhere between stuff except for two weeks in October. Wild made it I didn't see anyone wearing wild stuff except for one week in April. And in those vikings games. Especially living in the dorms. I mean they were the worst the bears were aide who was at the bit playing and living across Packers bears is like. Hackers rams or who cared but Packers might terrorists man nets that just rile me up. And I grew up in the nominee would I'll acquire a lot of viking fans up there than are bare and put up. Something that I'm not necessarily YouTube but definitely being down here. And and I found myself although final without the big problem with those what I try to have relevant welcome biking and I am I trying to be overly Omer because I know we reach. I would Minnesota. And down the aisle and I don't and so when the battle was there even though it may not be my number one target but being in the dorm and being out and can span. I don't know I think would relax your art and maybe he'll put as well. Viking fans got. Hurt a pulpit Eagles game. And about how their laps looked span and about how they they don't know how to handle winning and yet you know just brute you signaling that a back. He'll fans and I'm sitting here like Biden and you have been going all in a lot of writing about how you would want to injure their routers. You wouldn't know ran into our you don't put it that you're about Iran getting a little media. And making that you're rallying cry and all of a sudden you're gonna turn around and complain about the eagle eye and because they got dropped the street to their home city like that was one thing with the viking Lackey that bothered me. Watch right now I'm not gonna lie I'm like hatred at 100% dedicated to the and their fans but it looked up either of our. The biking and will probably get a not to expand at a bad bad. There aren't that many and the bears have been patent but they really have no reason to be obnoxious but the vikings and definitely are aware on the and I always a couple adamant though that. The Chicago I get to something I've always been hearing about. CN iPod like them growing up. On this side of the state. The bears the bears for the arrival you know. But they were it was. It was like. Wasn't it sucks when you lose somebody it was like it was Allison friendly but it wasn't wasn't unfriendly and then when I went to college. Yes yeah respect and I went to college in the viking thing was like. Boys and more bribery and there's like some heat underline here and I still feel that to this day soul. I just if you if you put a gun in my hand and said Bart you need to root for the Chicago Bears you can never liked the Packers again I tonight. Hey that's great OK but it he said vikings I'd say. I am a nice life and a CO NS I can't I can't I just can't understand I can root for that team I don't I don't I don't get it do not get it. I it's the update is he bothers me I think out of Illinois I heard like that I've been looking at a public vote every day. Or the batter probably over a year now I mean I know the war of words that you had with the vikings. Calling him overrated and and they didn't seem like they got lucky a lot last year. I don't think there are big as amazing as ever on May amount to be I think Adam Hewlett wildly overrated but you need a few. Had to that there are certain that there are certain player that he does it bother me. And it that they all the apps that make all I want again ultimately cripple all the I would read it don't want it. Become like apple wallet there's a couple things declined by years. And it's just adding to be around that and he's a big securities and all the stuff if I. I can lead it that's for sure I definitely a pair of them might. My hat take today was that. I live back Cody and chat about them 25 dollars each five to one odds that the vikings have taken last in the nor. Oh. Yeah I actually think they'll take I'm I've been kind of bears a fork oil Mac side and I was gonna go. As gonna go Packers bears vikings Biden we've got this guy is in his name is Logan. And he is a big lions guy. And he has lines blog and he's got you know 310s in my Twitter filers and I do. But he lives in Milwaukee listens to our shell in any time a time battled the lions eat tweets me so I was saying today dissing cases guys listening. I'm gonna put the lines at third annualized he tweeting me after and I cinema ticket vikings' fourth. A bad second Cody but I said my true I'd take is. I think case Ki Nam was wildly undervalued. And I think that. I think that he made Stephon digs at Palin more than. It is I am so down on Kirk cousins and I still think I'd ask is this hatred in me or is this me. Me having some. Real analysis I think it's a little of both. Did the vikings are overrated but the fact that I'm verdict in the before it is that's that's the hatred are trying to. I think that's what make it did he mean you have a little bit of emotion and a little bit of a now that look I don't think it you know we're talking about. This my roommate and I that the the popular actors take people wanna down play how good how opal Kirk cousins are going to be. I don't think this year Kirk opened in getting any better than your KP now I don't know eight India continue to play like last year but it actually paid a lot of money. You don't fully get continuity and pretty similar way to look at last year maybe Kirk cousins Baghdad I don't know but I didn't think it on big. He's not. You to work actor Bieber is not true that actually I I don't know. Quite an atom he would ride the apple all they think they're geniuses because they nag him. Naked and you can't connect it ignored and it didn't look like division one at least that they would object. But the reason he got don't local division one and are drafted so. I just hope that you wouldn't be right about the vikings this year than not it could I definitely don't wanna live with. A Super Bowl contending viking team. And play top. We know link rapid that they gave me a pat while I was at the Asian for that and all the vikings and what they are seeing. And I was doing my show on 93 and they came running through like all the awful. I do not wanna see that again you got me all riled up but you know you'd probably agree with government that. So what we're saying is basically here's what we're saying. Stood on digs is Trevor Davis. And the Palin's coomer all. And key him is essentially Rogers because he made those guys rate. I think our but now the leopard. Yeah if you say that I'm yourself. I you'll find it very quickly that there are people listening over and across the you find out how it all very quickly. That's I am working at the TV season there's like all right here's our here's a story and the Packers and now here's a story in the vikings like he got a placate old geezer and on the border. You've always got to be open during a shell of the border. It I did I picked and it has been griping story in the top of that and I do my way to read about the vikings did a lot of biking I cannot look into the viking. I despite all Alan I don't know personally but is. They keep all the football game that thumping I despite more than just about anything else and look at. Adams by the day but the writing about another thing but if I I can go look like and topic and it's the listeners interacting if I if I need to. Call I I hated him to. But he is my absolute favorite guests. Have wanted to give up he he's such a homer he dialed it up. He knows what he's doing and then I went to Vegas for the Super Bowl. Monica as the action went there for my niece's birthday party but the super oval is going on in the packers' ornaments oh well as alien out there. I'm down at the lobby of the link casino all. And I see Paul and Al blackjack ball. So I talked our Saint Paul and Barr guy attacked here in Milwaukee goes. Eight I liked here's a Minneapolis miracle good luck calling gimme a dollar chip any like he got away from me as soon as possible. But I kept the chin but I don't know. The door yeah I I don't know I've never met him I had people who have not in the day they all of the interesting things to say about the guy. You know what that you gain. Yeah well thankfully. I don't have to so it's the West Coast ports our. Bill 4 o'clock ANW eight lie I'm sorry about Bobby get into an area on. You can stream live on mount WP you luck with our commonwealth club mobile app that is really what if you want to look now by the area compared to probably the only one that looked about. It's pretty slick if you're out if you're on the don't you wanna look on your own. It's a WK TY mobile app. That he gave you my mobile happened and myself. It's posted on the web site it while you can look dew that iPod apps like all of our shows you. I've done all we got an interview. We doubt you know a specific segment that I thought really it happened and I wanna put that are on the on the web site individually as well. I'm downloading it right now. Well I know that I great lover and Houston do the afternoon Saturday Michigan him and I could connect. There you go we have we have have a lot of turnover when I started working there might turn you just retiring now the only. Called game you know hope all you WL gains of local GameStop. Target in a little bit out of Friday night. I'm not gonna have a Friday night at least until and I guess but not really a problem but on the it'll be cool did you and color commentary and and that kind of stuff as well. Bald dude I mean good luck you don't sound Tawny and I say that as a compliment I know that. I don't know I just I'm impressed. At twenty years old man. You I was older. Yeah. That thing when when I came over that they are the only reason I know who I knew we work that you deny you your old 1057 and apple lit into the box and shell. And I would watch. The commercial would come up with you wouldn't shock and you get these little bit to promote your morning shell. And it is your idea I don't know there's still I don't I don't use the absolute minority radio dot com but yeah it would be like you know check out our show. The pan am we say yes and shot eight something like you don't app they AM URT that morning and that it would be scored and that would be your little bit don't act in into the Asian. The only reason I do you work at it that I like I struck and I know look guys I'm adapter and like I know what got out of that. Look I shall I say I'm glad those words because we did go to different apps and we don't have became really do that anymore. So who knows what listeners were not. Reaching. Because you have no. Yeah I ever know the radio that count mavs get a more on it right now I just I missed I missed just missed the station on I think I'm okay at the same Imus that are stationed. I don't know I still use station after looking at this stuff on demand are elected you got a still excited. Open the hot and exactly where I feel like I'm creepy and dirty personal adding and telling you could argue that elected you guys have regular not economic. After the interview I wanna hear all of you the on demand are now a look at of that interview after the back. Some on the man on our apple app works. Yeah I just open it I got service unavailable. Dude don't ever update your phone. I won't I will I vote. And apple lap working 10 7UP on the and now there. Hey keep up the go to work need anything let me know and I might have to do the same duty had good stuff and Rania. Happening now I appreciate the ultimate con were apart. Cramp bill's. Judas tour money. That's impressive. I mean different hammer I'd you know when you're young and you got talent. The it's just all about finding your opportunity to get in and we've got some guys here at the fan. Who's been young as Billy's Tony three you know. GE got talent here to find a way honest just about finding. Your way on and sometimes the the road can be full of getting fired from island girl her Ali is or wherever but. Whether this is good for any business specifically Sports Radio. Radio. Seattle I don't look at myself as a Sports Radio guy Obama's of the radio guy. Grant us is they held a lot more sources I've got I do. But what he got talent in in your your work hard and I kept referencing the fact that he drove from across Milwaukee which is which impressed me because you don't you don't. Not to be all kids these days but. You don't see a lot of that effort and energy got a you gotta do whatever takes a stand out of one little thing that he did stuck with me just like a stupid videos that we did before the box post game show. I status not to hand so you never know he's right you never know who's listening and true for really anything you do brother's always watching. That is the case that is true so I did talk earlier data or some old stuff from one mile stations I want to play I don't. Again the clearance to do that because. Dinners. Music behind it it's it's a whole thing and so at some point one of these podcast they do want to share some of the stuff I did a K 17. In find the lack now when I was program director there I did do a podcast with Brian Kelly who is the program director for kissing mixed in this building. I he checked out that's episode three I believe. Where we talked about my days as a radio program director for music station but there's a sub that I did on their some bits that I think would be worth playing especially listening back to. Now and maybe if I can find those old sports talk shows that I did. I know I could find him I just got a transfer them over from VHS to this technology. From the WM CM TV station and you'll find that to resides goodness. Go back in and final itself and see. How you sounded for the most part I think I sound like a day when I was maybe grants aids. Despite that's tomorrow again in my hey it's a hand you know. Our stuff like that when things podcast next couple weeks rent talked to Silas young. He's a wrestler. In the Milwaukee area they do a lot of stuff around here in west Dallas. This has spent time in the Debbie divvy RO eights that kind of stuff so tucked him in a couple of weeks. Also was some other stuff planned to and down I didn't ask the people that I want tees so I won't. I'll put their name out there quite yet but we'll talk to a few more other people wings things podcast comes every one to four we're geeks. I'm radioed back Connie Gaza subscribe iTunes and do subscribe if you made it this far. Please subscribe. If you mated this for. If you're listening right now. Did you eat Khalili are OK with what's going on here so please subscribe. And and help me out that way it is the way things podcast episode seventeen will be back in another wonderful hour weeks.