Ep. 3 - Brian Kelly Plays... Your Music

Bart Winkler
Thursday, April 19th
Prior to my time in sports radio, I worked as a morning show host and music/program director at a small market radio station. How would my music programming strategy work in a larger market? Entercom Top 40 Captain and 103.7 KISS FM / 99.1 THE MIX Program Director Brian Kelly enlightens me on how a radio station should sound and if my techniques would fly in Milwaukee. This one is a good listen for radio nerds!!!

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Wings things podcast as you guys know I am on any sports. Talk station. It was never my dream. I don't know how I ended up here. But here I am and I love it it's it's actually great it's not my first stop. In radio my first step in radio really. My first real job seven radio isn't from the lack. Two stations of their campsite Z which is in new stock. And then cable a seven point one. Which went through various music changes including when I was there and is now country stations zone about three weeks after I left. They played a little. Sound effect and a stampede and then switched completely to. Country a guy that knows a lot about a lot of different music formats Brian Kelly. Who not only runs the TD job program director for kiss and make here in Milwaukee all in the same building. But is also the top forty. What is it called gallery and format captains for mad cap then that gas for for Entercom which is a big companies that's a for an account Brian thank you for I think I agree here. Since Greg this should be interesting to them and take you through. What happened or what my station did it finally because Kodak we did a lot of different things but before I tell you about all of those mistakes yes. You radio how did that start. When I was a kid. I. Group on a farm. Way for everybody. And my closest neighbor was about a mile away so the radio kept me. Company. And I listen to a little radio station on the game I'll call WLS. And I a so. I started listening to that radio station immediately fell in love with the the music and how it sounded now hiring was and I just and I I. I got to work there someday. And I did cloud and a half of the kids jags actually. When we went 1600. We have lay out we have occurred at schools and more what are you gonna do you grow up and how you get there and so I had radler Lou Jack's book called super job which is Gregory by the way. And saw their analog books okay. Well I don't think they have an audio book but I would make one for you seriously address Howard just real give a tear and can I put it on. A left thumb drive united anywhere so it's up to it's it's a quick read. But anyway. So I learned how how you go from small markets like a final act or whatever and you work yourself up so I grew up in a town called portage Wisconsin portage area familiar with the north begins you know is your sign says you know as you drive through to where I go and I detour on my way to the Dell's very ago yeah. So. So I wrote in the sixth grade paper I wrote I'm gonna work at W awesome day animate and do so by. Working in portage which is my hometown. Wisconsin Dells which was that that was the big time when he went from portage to what's so I'd tell us Tania if that's why you only get deported to the 39 close yeah that's right right NN Madison and Milwaukee and in Chicago and the funny thing is. This is this is a lesson everybody. Write down your goals because everywhere worked for me you in debt as I do mirror exact same mortar. Saying it was really weird. And I wish I still have that piece of paper from six gray by now you can have a sticker on kids do it right make it look like make it look like mine so then you've got to Chicago. Jack. Music director music director. Now. Because I was music director here at a station called WZUU. Okay. And I you know when when I first start becoming a music director I thought all the records just came delivered to you like a big box. And they just like the UPS guy just dropped him on your doorstep. And I've I didn't realize there were like. Full time jobs of people that action would really actually comments say. Hey can you please play this song right that's a whole other business that I don't think a lot of people know about. Right turn on the radio. You hear certain song. You wanna request disarm any there is that Baghdad is a job yes to program caller radio stations should sound absolutely which you have been doing for a long time awhile awhile. I get that the big question that I would have is. How do you know what a radio station said should sound like you've gut. Kiss here via which is top forty yes you've got the mix. How IDC hot hot though contemporary right out of LC temporary gap. With that we don't like just copying. Another station right how do you know Lloyd. You want your stations the sound like. Well fortunately a company like Anaconda is a great deal of research out in the field. So what you do is you find a proper representation of the population. And you go okay so who who'd wanna appeal to who you know what advertisers mean that's how we all make make money is we run ads on the air. Advertisements and then. You know you determined kind of right off the bat are you going to be a female landing station mailing station are you going to be maybe a little bit of him or both which were probably country is. Is 5050. But so for we you know. Top forty and hot adult contemporary generally are female leaning radio stations so you go out and you find yourself some females yeah and you ask them questions. And you say hey do you like. This group of songs to like that group of songs and these studies I mean hostile a lot of money. But you need to get that right he need to find out what the need is before you just go ahead try and felons. So when I when I signed on kiss in 1998. There was no top forty station in the market. Now and it's hard to believe that is hard to believe. Leah now three yeah yeah. So. But. And that was an example. Where my boss. Said. What are you wanna do with one of three point seven because it wasn't working what are you doing what it while it was that if that there was like a back then it was called rhythmic AC so it was like. Rhythmic music but soft and very very wide like everything from fort tops. Luther Vandross sent that you know I kind of stuff Saro. That format was big in a lot of markets for like a second and and it just kind of went away. So anyway source and I wanna make it a top forty and wanna call at the all new all have 13 point seven kiss FM. And he said well and that's what we're gonna do. And I went. This is 300 camera at our women know no research no nothing we're not gonna go out man field against. We have to do that we don't belong in the business. So that's how big that particular hole in the market was it was like and to give you an example of that. Will Smith to get jiggy with the up. Nobody was playing it. It was like a top five song in the market and nobody is playing with a playing it because there was no radio station whose format it's fit. So we decided to go in that direction right away and so hit it today is why I stuff of getting did you rewritten the fact that nobody is playing it. Actually. Our very first song that was back streets back. By the Backstreet OK so. But. So yeah and the station took off became wildly successful right away and and it filled that need where you know a lot of people just went while. This radio station makes a lot of sense that plays a lot of my favorite music and you know but you don't know what it what you've got until I guess it appears that I did you do a stunt like standing before we. If you wanna call it a stunt to strings are are hard to do these days any gas at. You know standing right you know a stunt too much because then somebody else goes what are they going to be and then they usually you have. We knew so let's get the greatest one that I remember was I think. I specifies that they were never out. A stations switch to all these so they did a Louie Louie weekend yes they played Louie Louie. Was it BVL maybe than the entire weekend guests any gains huge buzz right and then on Monday so they did for the weekend or Monday they played all these him. It's been a really dominant station gas since. His people would always go back and say. Do you know why are they still playing Louie lol yeah so it. In invited to and an overall it was like hey why is different version right and they wouldn't stay but they would they would Leona and come back and leave and come back to buy all or here they are here's what it is. Problem now is with a so much. Intense competition now if you were to play Louie Louie now for a weekend so other station would be used to all these by the time you signed on on Monday morning right and so now you lose a lot to a lot of people don't stop anymore they Disco they just go from a bulls fan clicked you have to go you are just go from whatever we were the only single and reached -- did was we played 101000 songs in a row without any commercials that was. Which I don't think it ever congratulating bet here I appreciating that life yet so I can thinks that's a big deal excited I am enjoying my age government slam about a 150 days and Gooden having a blast. By. The the we played 101000 songs in a row in the station took off and that and that was that so. We were super happy that we've made that change and nobody else stood for a long time we were unchallenged for a wanna say close to. Ten or twelve years. Before another top forty signed on here in the market. It's hard for I navy to grasp right away but there is a formula. To what you hear guests on the radio edit and you've I mean made a good point that with all the studies that you do in in the research. When I he started as a program director. And I'll use that in quotes because it's a success when I got the final act I was in TV I quit and moved home final like any of the job I get a job. Doing the board op for high school on our AM sports time we deserve high school games. So than they realize that you talked to him so then how does your halftime update you can now borrowing barriers and stores. In the FM guy needed a weekend guys just to fill in the shifting or watch a board do that's right side covered that's how a lot of a scholar start. Saw I I had this sort of opening and the job I want it was the afternoon jam. 'cause I it was a little afternoon ask family is slow afternoon AM I thought it was a good plan for media there was some Internet word I just I thought it was a good fit here but there was a guy in there who. Was going to get out of the business season. Oh wasn't like. Not even a foot out the door guy who's looking at the door from across the road here so why it worked at some other jobs being final I just waiting for this one jab they'll open. It opens on the afternoon guy nights. Three months then I give Paul an in my boss's office. She says. So we're gonna fire the morning guy who is also and the two bands station via. And you'll do the morning show tomorrow via of that OK obviously saw some potential there. Wolf thank you end I was the only resort yes I come and I do the morning show which are basically doing. The other morning shows called John Mary in the morning. Because they fired Jain and then Mary's like an out and from that image I'm that she that was the team yeah. So it was just me the next day journey and tell anybody. And I don't know what the rules are for that I mean do you say goodbye to someone do you let listeners know now we did we never did just. That just didn't acknowledge and it didn't like it would never have had very didn't exist so it's just me yeah so here I am and and things come up I'm doing the morning show that's my focus but. Like program director things come out and there's nobody to do right. So I don't know are they gonna hire someone. Life so then I just started signing my emails program director share. And they never hire anyone else. Side of the program director. Cited figure out how to schedule the music via that was addicting because big fan of music is scheduled through Friday to seven on a Thursday we had nothing to come on on Saturday Bryant. Cite you it's gathering is scheduled. Got the weekend yes then I listen to a station I think while. We were at the time. You want a seven at the time was. Late eighty's and ninety's best of today sort of thing okay. Don't lie at least around at night track. So it was kind of soft soft soft world we would call a soft receiving a soft a soft adult contemporary. And I I didn't like Katy Perry's the person that I use and as an example items like waiting. She's been right here in the studio look at that can area where rate or death or Emerson closure don't choose. Choose what order the owners can liners nuts yeah yeah which I am I want tot do about it. How we didn't fare so anyways and hard Kenny Perry's writes OK so Katie do you use Katy Perry for example. Because I wanted it. I didn't wanna play like. I wanted to play the new Katy Perry yeah not the one that was five singles ago right and that's all we were doing sure so overtime I decide to put in these new sons and newer songs and I've kind of landed it in two. What the mix would be a hot dirty yeah. Which was good but then I didn't know like how much do you program the new TV how much right but fireworks down right. I was big and because final act not great and yes we get feedback from people yelling do you win in your when your final act it's a town of 50000. You listen for five minutes on your way to work five minutes home. And that true listeners of that station via our people that work yes and so what I would hear from people. Is I don't wanna hear the same song twice is Paris I hear that all the time yeah. So I'd put in the formula. Don't play for eight hours right but now I've learned over time when you have a hit yes. Sorry you might hear it once in my. Remarks saying yeah I always says if it's their favorite song you can never plan enough that if they hate him once today is too much right basically. You wouldn't scheduled a song that's hot just once a day now how much should it be flying. We players every seventy minutes so you have they're called powers are hours now these are the cops on top five sons is 55 of them. Now every seven minutes yes. That's a formulaic time tested there is absolutely almost every top forty station doesn't because I think our I was just here for people that work. There's a lot more turn over in a bigger city yes and if you hear twice to anyone who care right right it's a song you like. Right exactly. Well and now part is you know we have got a lot of researcher at our disposal and we know that people consume radio. You know. It's more of a smacked. That is a male. Yeah become men they listen for ten minutes they leave they go someplace else spread and they come back and snack for another ten minutes and then they go away and do supply routes. Or and that's and it's in believe or not. Unless your what I call a captive listener meaning you don't have control the radio working which is being piped through the building. That. Long term listening just doesn't exist that much anymore. Right and we had a lot of people and like factories or shop. Or offices. That didn't have controller radio and that's I heard from had phones have become the new wall. Yeah when you really think about it yeah people put on their headphones in these cubicles situations. To isolate themselves from everybody else. But you know may be then they have the headphones on for ten or fifteen minutes and then they have to talk to somebody so than they're not listening Bryant and maybe they missed. The big Taylor Swift song or some data so then they put him back on if you don't plan that Taylor Swift son again soon they're gonna go. We're in hell's that Terrence push Fung dialects so popular right now. So that was my initial I guess resurgent. That's I heard from now when I started I think he and its set up where there or. May be fifteen to Swanee power songs right. No such thing by the way. There's there there's only about five songs. Okay 'cause then when I took over I made it up to sixty yes the that was I took the top of Florida and show our ops these are high power Hamas. I'm inside that I thought held over from its a good thing here and an unrated market at that point that my whole career has benefited from being an underrated market and I do tell people. That that that they should do that they know for sure in our morning show. I did a morning show again there's people five minutes and five minutes out yeah but I wouldn't bring in like these. Awful guest. From that are that are from a public service or whatever and I out of a music station attendant for ten minutes right which is way too long way too long and I knew it yes but it. It was sharpening my skill salute as an interviewer yes and then we did these statements. I listened to a lot of Howard Stern sure so like I do these long statement yeah. Ten minutes which. They weren't good yeah. I but the radio was not trying to the right place place for poor worry at the right spot now right do this kind of long form programming. But I this was what I had and I did this based on what I did as a kid. When I would listen in my a room to W I exec had a dream day. And do my own radio shows and cassettes yeah which I eventually. Taped overtures and attend a teenager and eliminate that to a Jewish you're gonna have some of that stuff background it was also a much stuff I taped over that couldn't afford you know cassettes or what I era that are really wish I would have embarrassed and a well. I taped up I had a whole station I was meet I always liked it in charge of the station yes and a morning show that was based off. Bob and Tom OK so there cult like Jim and bill. I had a weatherman. And I did other voices of course of course via the weatherman is actually human. Sheep OK they were sheep sheep be nice. One time the story line I died. As I got a car accident and realize allow so then why I and yet her shoes you have this. That didn't have had a mean Diana died yes I've played fields of gold awhile. Or like our treasury a terrible thing that artifacts I did I wish they could hear that it has right it's so stupid and now it's our ridiculous man in the morning side have the set this long form. And I know that it was. Wrong but I still that in any way for practice practice one there's no ratings around the gruesome and wrong and that we lose any advertisers or anything right. Now because you advertise a completely different way right. In a smaller market in the small market yeah but I the music standpoint I wanted to make sure that people. Didn't hear the same song every day orcas answer as being Thai share and and also I wanted to make sure that when you heard a song like I. How many songs do you have a guess in your rotation total. That would play that could even have the chance of playing today I'm kiss I'm kiss it's about a hundred tan an anonymous us. About a 160. And it was like 800 Bryant that's way too much so I guess I looked at it as people wanna hear different things yeah. All right so then this is going OK we decided if we're gonna do this so hot AC yeah. Let's do it let's focus up via we have we worked with a guy from having music master server. And we we figured out okay we're gonna I think we got a two 'cause my boss the owner. Would do the music and with me now concede I mean anything else to do you right doesn't passes I don't wanna. Hey I think he also plays is nothing to do right. So you want that you like the music so sure so we did like twelve powers. Act. Maybe our current album currency up eighteen recurrence yes. And then categories for ninety's and Greg thousands because thriller stuff kind of keeping our Brian K 107 identity whatever that meant sure. We are more and Heidi CBS station. And our big sweeping change was. We play your music yes 101010. And how did you demonstrate that I mean how did you prove how would you back that up. Because we played every single request they came in there ago Emery. Single didn't matter what a wise line I mean within reason right mean. If somebody called up instead. I wanna hear you know from the clarinet poke out by Lawrence Welker something you'd play that if you haven't. I took a screen shot of this I don't know what day it was. Here's three songs in a row that played I'm probably a Monday afternoon and sickle like if you could just read Dutch Shell Oil. Talking body told low that's a pretty good song that's like they'll turn negative right but I mean we played that and can't send mix here can. Honey I'm good Andy grammar big hit dead still. And up and now you have a call coming even from Orlando Florida. Well that's that's a thought that end up someone trying to scam me well. Hello I'm busy. Yet no okay. Where's the picture and the last on his wheel in the sky bijur sits it's on to. But that doesn't mean we're gonna sky still want out of format threes we'll discuss a case so if you're listening standing grammar might think oh good I fractures are on that yeah. But you're never gonna hear on the mix any Grammer and then we'll in the sky now. But that's what we did it. On the floor mat and sometimes having the same person at eight Tawny would request live seven Angel by her every day yes. And I'd eventually I would play it yes. Whether it was 930 or 1030 or whatever you out now some songs were so off. The board that we did have a limit yeah but for the most part we prided ourselves on. If you if you don't like what you're hearing Telus will play your son Max right. What do you think of that idea in a small mark well. Mean rule. Radio is is. Communication of the masses right there in the more people you have listening right the more success we are and the and you know advertisers who depend on the radio to get their rest across the more their cash register is gonna ring with a more listeners a variety. So it's very important to. Which is why you see a lot of what we would call playlist so and so short. Is that. At any given time there are only about five songs that people are really excited about. Everything else is just a bridge to get to that song again right. So if you can cut down the number of what we would call tune out opportunities. And you know between those pets. Tenured you do pretty good so that would be my only reservation on a song written on on a station that plays all requests because. Why you're satisfying. One listener in era likes will in the sky. Is that same person that stuck around for told blow for and Andy grammar going to be around for we'll on this guy. Probably in final act OK there's not a lot of choice well so that is our role in us then may be as long as you're not playing you know Lawrence Welk or Metallica. Maybe you're doing I'll carry I don't know. Yeah I did that did not claimant out I mean I try to keep that within yeah within boundaries so really this guy broke the skies coloring outside the lines justice goes yeah it is but I that I really wanted to make sure I don't know we did their ratings Zia. And I just felt like. Our station was. Behind the eight ball here or there is another station in town and there was a guy Heidi see him. Nash cash. I just felt like we. We really had to get every person we can and be as loyal as we could today right. So some of that I still try to do on the sports station today sure. Including listeners into the show oh sure you're just as much of a part of it is is we are Bryant so there's some methods that I I think is still do good. I believe we went overboard with the require. Yeah myriad Big Ten do you find yourself doing that now has a talk show person do you find that. Pete do you find yourself playing to that small crowd that calls and vs the the big crowd that is listening. It's different now the small crowd that. There's that but then there's the other thing that distracts me which is Twitter yeah soul. I'm it's high it's hard. It's hard to be in sort of a discussion on Twitter. An argument suggests it may not talk about it on the air right even though it's entirely separate yes and there's a lot of listeners that tweet us Bryant. So we get a good instant feedback if something's working or not and a but there's also a lot of people that don't have Twitter prank or are not checking their phone right now so that. That's been something I do work through but if you have Twitter and here like wow this is a very interesting point that this right just made. Why not sure it was all of your audience. You know. Right. And I zoo but I got Monday this one guy on Twitter. Who a lot of bucks fans follow all via was talking bad about Jabari Parker how he shouldn't play in this. I don't know sir that is the Milwaukee Bucks hot stuff. At the time and is podcast the boxer in the playoffs in them they're not doing well here at the time this podcast they should say Jabari Parker is a block guy because that probably won't happen. Much longer parent but I was just so incensed with something he said I did kind of make a topic out of it on Monday Pia. But I kept referring to this guy that may be a lot of people then no sure so Twitter is is is where I'd do that her. It's great to have somebody tweet me hear your name oh yeah on the radio that charm never goes away I I agree I think that's and that's important so we do do that at school. A lot now with the music then too we at we incorporated the show on Friday night's created six yeah. None of it was the best time for or the worse I seasonal we didn't want to do it sure. The show is called because remember became yes we play your music we play your music we play your music that's nonsense happened. Sudden we'd fly you are your music so the show is called you play. Your musical voice. You've got to pick twelve songs yeah. I'd come bring him in just like we're doing now yes I have them tell me it's okay why do you like journey will in the Scania. They'd say a story yeah I'd say I lost my virginity yeah backseat of a Chrysler up during week on the sky and their minds and Sandra who ran stock but never talk to yes seniors now so we played for them yes. Sometimes they were format and acceptable yes sometimes it was like an hour of Scott via. And dazzle like an hour of so we really broke format sure that during national via. Which. I like that we did out on off Friday at six is the background Brian. I don't know when you do that. Brian I think Friday is a good time for me I think Friday's you know like with. On the mix we do what's called the all night party Max where. We kind of put the balance away and we're just kind of ball up tempo between seven and midnight because we figure you know what. These people are less thing in my piece second shift whoever they wanna you know stay up stay awake state Dolan I mean there's a reason why. You're listening to the radio at night and we figured. Now is kind of had a shift in that way and that. It used to be if you wanted to be listened to a lot of work you were soft. Or if you wanted to be listened to an extended periods of time your soft. Now I find just the opposite I find you know what people want something snappy something copy yet to keep go on while there are work or while they're you know working second shift or whatever so. You know you don't you don't hear that many super soft slow. Adult contemporary stations like when I was a kid. There is a huge radio station which we now on it's now W all lax in Madison but it was called love stereo when I was a kid. There was a lot of classical music and you know very soft but it was on like. Everywhere. Sure yes and I was competing against the softer stationed there would be on a dentist off yeah. And silent always made jazz a dentist office music share and I wanted to be a little more upbeat you really wonder if you really want to cut it down because Allen's muse Allah veterans are mad Eisley elevations so okay this thing and the mix deaths. Gets a little hotter blotter at night yes. I had that exact same idea I wanted to be like mix in the day yup and then maybe like kiss and I share at that that would make sense sure that begin. We had guys come to the station. And present this an idea yes this was I was very early in the program director days yup. Then in a lot of like confidence vols going and the ownership and management structure was a complete disaster area. Says guy comes and says I wanna play it was all like it was like perfect timing via a wanna bring out hotter vibe to it final yeah. OK he's like I'll get paid just you know some my own ads deaths of salespeople on that yeah 'cause I gonna cost us anything right user or like. 90% commission via. Well at night we're not running and there's no tracking there's nothing going on right. As an alright here's what just songs that we want and I spent the whole weekend. Albanian songs and I say that I mean I recorded the song in its entirety offering you two. Ryan or music master zero out rhapsody discerning I wish we saw action and the records so we have a news. This fancy stuff you know I mean we saw when you save records did you or I it is our songs nobody like courted us just play right I don't know what I'm doing is legal right I'm just really running tracks off YouTube right. Editing this wears out myself yup. Amy and calling in a radio station yes take on Zandi says we wanna make some hotter music's I've put in the modern music yes. The first third and second night whenever driving around it's 830. In final lac Wisconsin yeah very conservative town. The town I think feels like it's still 1989 and that is where the frame of mind on driving the army thirty. Turn our station via. I took my rubber odd and then I'd see again why I dig in idea. The artist is to row oak turn I found out. And a better day this was not a song that you put them know he had been changed these sites like 615 I see it be your body is a wonderland half. And then at seven flights. Throughout the condoms then let's ads and mouse. It isn't that okay with your mil I'll OK I was furious. Theriot yeah. Imagine being in a small town a guy thirty and turning and robbers are now probably not a good thing I did an act like I didn't hire him yeah I didn't. Fighter him rest kind of waited for it to go away to go away what happened. He. Was gonna get fired yeah. Mine had a feeling now so he came in and day. And he sat down with the boss and owner and a boss for awhile the boss into Lhasa the owner was the Bosnia the bosses like. Tenuous. Hold on peoples and a lot of 500 blocks out of his pocket. That I just made a sale. It's a she kept the lot and as they gather another six months holy cow and I just I kind of just gave up I said fine I'll be the station till seven but I don't wanna be responsible for this right. And nagged I'm sure that killed us or if you look at your own presets yes. And people do. Eventually you get off the priests out of fear you know that's that's the big thing to nowadays is like are you say to listen to my kids in the car. You know people make right some bad mistakes sometimes saying stupid things. During school transportation. Time right I think it's kind of important to be aware of that especially on a female in the radio station mix and that's. Right but when I look back we were listener driven. I talked wait too long in the morning Jill. All of our liners and we have a we were able leg to dig up pays is Katy Perry and then you keep can edit yeah. But we did listeners for a lot of that minor tea I'd walk around the park yeah pace say I give machine it's yeah its say. Hi playing up. I'm blank you're listening to Q&A simpler one they make it ago. Did his job at the part because of my favorite and it sailed out of that wrote we you know we that was are so you hurt yourself through the day is listed last month I think that's a good thing very listener had a very requests have yes. And then I was so proud yes a lot IE turn that station into yup. Three weeks later flip the country oh boy I was so tests on death. I have mimic there's some sense right. And Todd dealer once they ran into him for a game we pretend that it wasn't terrible right mail left on my terms outcome merely a yeah. There's some hand while I thought I had thought you'd be more horrified by the all request angle. You know I mean these days. There are so many I mean look at look. Look ordering right now Puerto podcast. It's a very specialized. Varies there's Mitch yeah and and the thing is. In this day and age that's okay yeah it's OK to have Mitch so I guess. I'm a lot. I'm a lot more. Positive on what you were talking about now than say would have been twenty years ago when I was like one of those militant. He d.s that would like hotline. You know call people on the phone the minute they do just waiting for them to do something wrong here. That guy didn't say this word at this time summon a column up and chew him out yeah you know because program directors can be not very nice people at times I don't know if you noticed that map. Eight that is who around the billowing out fantastic. Especially mine my bus time Mario quick shot out for Tom especially the colonel we talent kernel colonel Parker. So you guys just to kind of wrap Bosnia years. Programming your stations yet you're going off formulas yeah. How much does. How much is like your opinion and come into a sunken I know. There was a good success with kissing to me cabello if that's that's there name ya can hit Avaya can bail me a cabana. The Havana solve and a cast starting here it did how did how does that have. My music director Nathan Graham pulled that song out of midair when the album came out and said. You know then they were in the record label was working some other single that we just thought it was horrible and so. Weed goes listen to Havana and we both agree that that was a pretty good song and Lisa we should put on the air should we should put it on the air. So we started playing yet and just thought let's see if we get any reaction from a we have the tools now or we can. Find out of that song is doing well and not doing well I mean there are so many things so many metrics to look at now. That you know we didn't have twenty years ago we don't have options am. You know we've we didn't keep track of people that it's streams we are no such thing as streams right so. So now that we know. That he more reacting to what we want warm everywhere on this something maybe we should continue to plant and and sooner or later. You know other radio stations started hopping on and it's now on number one song wasn't number one song is the first unborn son this year was number inflicts on the week's hero. So. Real hips can cut a start right here in Milwaukee. Well that I mean she puts on a record the record label. Put it to you guys they can attorney in two ahead it's true that's a huge failure on their parts. Well I think they're happy now with. I'm shutter cut up and isn't she coming to Milwaukee geoscience shoes she's part of our she should be almost summer show which. You know one week we called the C almost summer show a couple months ago we thought it would be. Almost summer. And and as you can see us really in I am not a question for yeah. How do you. Feel like. A three stations in this building should ever acknowledge that we exist at the other ones yes. While away. I think. If you guys had like the huge franchise like if you had them Milwaukee Bucks for the Milwaukee Brewers are an. I think it would behoove. Our I had three stations. For now yes wink wink. Our item on our I mean either. There are our radio stations would say hey if you're brewer fan we have you know. We you know the brewers are coming up on you know sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. Yes that's go to. There should be or should be some of that as we basically an ad in the morning show I had no co host yeah. So I would tape or record a lot of sameness to play or I would order alcohol. See with the aim guy is doing now. I'd say can you commit for five minutes and BS's main if Syria or Israel and farm A Brian Gay music is so he. The people in the building became the color space right from camp I ZU you are seven. You know if we do podcasts now with with kids. Dave wouldn't even when mix up. And I do I liked and I like that mean we are one in some way even now I've seen our target demo of. What's funny is too magical and I think people I I think people get along more as different radio stations in this building. And probably other had any other building in town because I hear stories yes yes. This one doesn't go this one doesn't get along without 1 this morning show does get along without a morning show its centrum centrum like. We don't have any of that here to say a lot fantastic why me. You down there I'm now on the cure you Haaretz. And the bridge here the conduit to everybody everybody was different what might bruising but like mix isn't gonna say hey I'm kiss right that there's an elective. Yeah although every once in awhile they're doing maturity you know if you Altoona area within an area so. You know I think I think consider it that's important. Because. You know everybody knows Pepsi Mountain Dew or related. So. Because you see their logos on the same things in certain parts of the country in certain areas so. I think a lot of people know that mix and KS and to a certain extent the fan too. The fan is just the kind of out liar of the three in that it's not a music tri nations so. It's like you know we have this music station Mir of that music station and we also have a sports station. Right south. I don't know what my point was saying that but I thought I'd mention. Out of neither hotspots sell stocks if this is a jetliner burst podcast by the way I ever the guy Powell. Well think some old nun and Elizabeth has long been I don't do these contacting you. Yeah if this is a job interview for me to be a program director would you give me a second interview I would because you were very honest and I think as long as people are honest with me I don't really have a problem. With them. Because you talked about how I knew it was wrong. But they did it anyway doesn't want to become a better interviewer and clearly I can tell demonstrated that and today you talking to me that. You are good interviewer your greatness I was fishing for example yes. Thank you up a very adult time I've ever my program and tell them the kernel at all I'd like to be a program director again Sunday he says no you don't. Now you don't. Tim Allen and alleys joked that word two former program during the we have that. Over everybody I think it takes a certain temperament to be your program director don't you. I like that job. I like that I was 4 hours of the morning show and then now I'm doing like program register highlight that. I never truly had a fighter anyone. I can do that. I've done that it's not fun it's never fun and you never used it. Never he stood. I can any idea it's tough. So that would be the area where I'm like stuff in the especially if they don't have a common especially if it's in the in the in in the light and say a financial cut back or. It's something that's that's what it's really hard. Well I tried once I'm done I'm blaming you. This is over financial contract just like how when I was in high school wanted to break up the someone. It's stuff you don't you wanna make emirate government heroes right right I actually like a horrible person yeah they're gonna put your video theoretically they're gonna quit and make him play yup. Whatever well Taylor seven is dead K it's not country it's now the bowl the bowl 17 the ball down. And no ties to them down. I mean the guy that works there I'd talk to you now he's that's and it's tell what it was I thought I have a legacy there Dana. Now matches at a pretty are they I don't know how do you notice that the ratings right nobody knows right. Nobody knows who renounce PK Brian Kelly thanks I appreciate your time repeating Herbert thank you to pick your brain waves things podcast thank you so much.