Ep. 8 - Does U.S. Soccer Care About Winning a World Cup?

Bart Winkler
Tuesday, June 5th
Still furious that the United States Men's National Team did not qualify for a World Cup, Bart looks ahead to soccer's biggest event and wonders how much he'll be invested this time around. His brother and fellow soccer diehard Brock Winkler joins Bart at the 04:30 minute mark. And two coaches from Milwaukee Lutheran, Bryan Oechsner and Oswald Bwechwa Jr. join Bart at the 14:45 minute to have a conversation about their upcoming camp and other ways that youth can get involved in the game without their parents breaking the bank.

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Don't be too bowled by it. I fear that October 10 of Tony seventeen as the day that soccer dad in America. If there really ever was. Born to begin with I noted. If you're not a soccer guy feels like we've been telling soccer down your throat. Disaffected I'm. Putting this into the ether I know there's Tebow come across and save us sap is down not a real spore what is this. You know soccer is a lot of mine I love this game. I love how many leagues are in the world I love the different levels of leagues I'd love tolerance. Game they can be played on the most beautiful of a fields or pitches which I think is another reason people get upset what's spiritual I just got a field. But he can also be played on a dirt patch can be played in. In the living room. It's doing things podcast it's the soccer episode as the World Cup is coming up. I hear in the middle of June recording us about a week out for the World Cup's ours in Russia. Which I was you know sold eager for. For the longest time but along the way the qualifying process it was determined or starting to be realized that. Well USA might now make this a World Cup. Which actually is unfathomable they've you know made every World Cup since I've. Had the capability of remembering. What soccer is US in the World Cup long time in the 60s80s. You're saving come close to qualifying but. Once they start qualifying consistently they were always there I mean you look at the region there and it's USA in the Mexico which should always be in. One of these Honduras or Panama desert Costa Rica as in. Eat at sixteen and you think well okay the US at least should be in the top five. Unable. To get there this year and it was realize that fate on October 10 Tony seventeen when they lost to Trinidad to buy on the road. At that point Bruce Arena. Filled back in freer in Klinsmann who was fired as team. Whether they weren't listening or competed together. I hope to find out more on chuck and wink or on Monday June 18 around 9:15 AM Bruce Arena will be on the show. So the former coach I'm gonna have the opportunity to talk to him I'm right now I want to go to that interview eager man and yelling am he wrote a book about. His reasoning why the USA miss the rock outside will read that book and fold fright talked to Bruce because I don't think that's fair. If I'm gonna really come Adam I'm mad at the USA's on the World Cup because it's. You know I think it's a problem for the game in this country. And I think that's a problem for farming is a soccer fan I am is I'm not feeling. The level of excitement. With the World Cup being weak wage is it just doesn't feel like it in 2002. I just graduated high school. The World Cup was played in Korea and Japan and the gains around like 3 in the morning. I then knew you know there's. Not a not a huge house my parents is a two story house. Job. In other rooms are pretty tidy. The first floor is like one room that was a kitchen dining room. I'm living room in our rec room all kind of in wonders like a rectangle square. May I yet barely bigger than it in the studio here. We Philly thirty in my friends in there because it was such a great. Did together soccer was something that brought us together and it happens once every four years. Last World Cup cycle. I would go to the bar three lions a bar in Charlotte. Go there all the time. Our place is packed due to get their hours early if you wanted to seed and I was happy to do so I love the communal aspect of it that's all been taken away. Because there's no USA in the World Cup now wants a World Cup starts I do imagine I'll get into it a little more. And I think able right now not having the US there is a huge huge huge detriment I wanted to throw my brother Brock went for. I'm he was there with me. In Charlotte. And I wanna talk to him about. How we're feeling because. If there's one guy can't think of that relates to how much I was into the World Cup it's my brother Brock. And I'd if there's one guy that can sympathize with how little I'm seemingly caring about the World Cup. It's my brother Brock who lives in Las Vegas. Tom do you feel like there's a buzz for the World Cup like gates in a week do you even know that. I haven't been much better than a couple commercials but it took the lead bill payment. And port he. I'd how different do they would be if the USA was in it like. I'd I don't know I just remembered. Digits there's nothing there's nothing. I even I'm like I have a radio show or I'm allowed to talk about any thing and I am not even bringing up the World Cup I did there's is no signs of it. But no there's really not and it is being in lock legacy you'd think that there be watch party urgent but everything. And I haven't seen anything they're not an out year that even suggest that going on. And usually they take sporting event that are major and make him a huge deal there is. Oh yeah you think with the batting out there and though the weird time dollars you give you know sports bettors another. Sort of window frame and there's still there's still nothing for you so. I mean. It's gonna be out about ten. You build line here I'll be go watch some games during the shell. Other than man I mean I think I am going do like to watch the games because in my weird hours. I'd you'd just whenever I does Ali you're gonna. The good thing that I remember to turn it on I'll watch it but there's. There's not mean that I am really excited or partners don't seem that I'm excited or. That can make me think I need to turn that banner and eat away at age. If I wake up in the might make Europe and there's not a huge interest right now. Soul what do American soccer fans. People that love the United States soccer team. What are they who they root for rat they've been trying to title. Mexico has paid there are neighbors so root for them I know that Iceland's an underdog sirens gonna lighten pretend to care about them. I know some of these. DNA web sites are trying to say I'll find out what yarn or for that team did any team that you even remotely care about one way or the other. Not really. If I do a lot from my one big game and other map there's no eating at a time. Typically thinking it is the team that I wanna win their habit that he I want that the ego are. And he obviously with ice and being the underdog Erin in the app because that the way people are but. Other than that then you know even now he. Yeah I just I don't care I don't care and I think a lot of people. Agree now once the tournament starts will we do you know get injured team. Well find out what part of you know what I think bag today Dade Brock October 10 or whatever was in the United States plus the Trinidad. I thought okay this is gonna set back American soccer. Quite a bit unless. There can be changes they can change their structure they can change their system if they can change how they develop these kids. I don't see that happening you've seen a couple of friendlies over the last week or so were the United States soccer team is. Like trotting out these 1819 Tony year old guys. But if you're gonna leg that's not where you develop the guys you develop the guys I think. In youth programs and in clubs as kids. In the United States or sale throw these eighteen year olds against Ireland and that'll be their development meanwhile these kids from Ireland. Have been training their whole life do you think. And brought the brought the problem is that as I'm now I'm fighting with myself but the problem is the United States what. They're just stubborn all think summer because. Odds are they will make the World Cup and Tony Tony to again and then it's gonna expand and Tony Tony six which they may host so now they have no incentive. To fix this horrendous mistake. And I think they're just gonna look at it like our it happened oh well let's move on to the next on and I think brackets a huge mistake. But better that you mistake and that also going to be the problem is that there and the World Cup cycle comes around again. People are going to remember that we can make it but if we make that nobody can remember that. It's it's going to be a blip in the road nobody's gonna remember that it's not match. We have the opportunity to change something with a leadership and you're there. And we just went back to the all the way it is not something that's gonna get changed because there's no desire to get a change and that is just. There's just no desire or anybody's change anything in my opinion the way. I think that the United States soccer program is content with qualifying for the World Cup and seeing what happens. By not making the World Cup they could've really taken a look at the program inside. What do we have to do to wean the World Cup there's some of us out there in this in this country. That want to see the day saints win a World Cup and not just may get and they didn't take advantage of that. And that's a missed opportunity and I wanted to talk to you before we got into the coaches because. The year apathy your voice I mean Brack you are. You learn as much of a World Cup guy as I know all and you don't seem to care at all all and it's. It's a bill of goods because the United States losing and going to trend then divide well and just you know. Half you know playing a game that they should've easily won and it's it's Sox rockets sex to hear the nothingness in your voice. If god and that it frustrates me that I just don't care much and with a major sporting event I should there actually soccer I've loved my entire life. And it's frustrating. That there is that there's not mean that is driving mean you wanna watch the game I don't. I don't know really you know all the teams that are in it like. Yeah I don't know Zambrano isn't it's. I don't know the group's. I don't know anything that I now and I hate to be able to rattle off the groups like company and now I might know lightly than it I know Russia and it. Pretty sure England but that and I'm not sure. Leg we Brock and iron. We're not like fringe guys that like soccer every four years we are. Die hards into the into the whole thing and I I have now wants any United States games I keep taping him. With the goal of watching on some of these friendlies I just I delete them I can't can't do it at least into the World Cup's over. And I don't know it's ruined my desire to watch MLS I know I'm a timbers guy in your sounder is guy I don't think either of us are watching analysis here. I haven't watched much on the last. I know that the founders are not that ultimately. But other than that any it. Don't watch as much as I did the years prior. Hide. Don't watch any of the US army after the and I don't need another. It is not. And desire right now it is because. I'm so distraught over not making World Cup it really everything. It frustrate you that I'm not into it. But there is. There's nothing you drive means nothing that makes me want to watch it because I'd done to others. It's probably Clair he's on Twitter at Cutler one Tony I believe is still his handily doesn't treat march but if you wanna follow one of my. Three Brothers. Brett Brach and Brent aunt and my name's Bard that's. That's another podcast area start my parents and all that on. At some time so did it doesn't seem like in talking to bracket and he's right there is there doesn't seem to be. That level of change now after the World Cup. Dream was realized to be over. That October 10 day that I referenced. I came on the air the next stand chuck and went 157 FM the fan and for about ten minutes I talked about all the things that I wanna see change in US soccer. And in the coming weeks I wanna talk about promotion relegation. In MLS how the MLS is and the United States soccer pyramid needs to be. More of one. So that I'll do another time this summer but there's one thing that stood out that that resonated with a couple guys a coach in Milwaukee Lutheran is that. The kids. Need to be. Given better opportunities. To advance as far as they can go in soccer. Kids that don't have money specifically. Which gives left out of this. Happy if they even know that this path exist. This is a portion of my. I ran that I blacked out during. October 11. We're not going to convince people that don't like soccer like soccer what we need to do is give kids the option to play it. Young it's not hard to throw a soccer ball in apart and kids play soccer soccer is the easiest sport to just. Create we go to the parking lot right now we could set up goals we've got a big enough field. We don't have a ball we'll find something that can be a ball will make a ball on the duct tape like they do in other countries soccer is the easiest sport to just pick up. And play yet we know our entire populations of people where there might be some of our best soccer is viewed as some. As a sport in America that only rich kids can play because there's so much money invested in these academies. But it needs to be at a club level where it's cheap and open to everybody. Don't let a guy might not get into the American sacker pipeline. Because he's not. Rich enough if he's got talent you find a way to get him in it shouldn't cost thousands of dollars just to these kids can have five different uniforms in a tournament Blaine Minnesota. So after that I got an email from some of the coaches who I'll bring in now. From Milwaukee Lutheran they're offering camp coming up the camp. Is June 18 through the 22. From 830 to twelve at Milwaukee Lutheran high school is for young kids that are looking to play soccer in the complaint and get instruction for free. So we'll get some more details. On that by debt rants are resonating with these guys and we bring him in here Oswald boy chula. Close enough charisma and what is it. Where to a well I guess I can bring it. I'm. UN message rewrite after that. Then you Kennesaw. The similar things that I was seeing I think the biggest complaint while there's so many of them. When you say do not make this summer's World Cup and I do think one of them fundamentally is. It's soccer in America has become a game for kids that have money. And if you don't have money. It's it's hard for you to to to get in that any with soccer that blows my mind. Because. All you need is a ball. And two goals and some grass and there's people all over the world playing with a even less than that they're playing with. Rolla duct tape. I don't feel the stands. And they find two designated markers you can play the game without having to spend tons of money. And you've Canada puzzle run into that problem too when you first. You know we're here in America minister of I've been here for him truly is no. Mike I'm from Tanzania East Africa and I brokering soccer wrestler as my right to life at the school before school reservist voted for soccer in as you say we put you. On the sand we just to rocks of doubles. And deductible. So I thought I grew up wearing. But when I came here to to America and 05. Compare soccer goes too expensive and improve what it's so happy combustible it's still active but I didn't play. Soccer through high school such unions who strayed. So I went to wield opening competitive soccer. So for many it has the system we upgrade secondly in a while since W the second America. So debt situation are laid out is liked how you play and yeah. And then. You came to America and you can't afford to play begins and you are just picking out. It you're just playing and Alexander he says the ball was you know ball. You know so we'll go to vulnerable sometime real around like a bunch are now numbered eggs. And up. Paper and aren't given the duct paper nuclear knowing that's insane ending you can't afford to play here. Because there's so many youth soccer organizations that do. I mean they charge you budgets for the uniforms as a be certain way. You gotta you gotta travel that's a part of it you gotta get coaching and nobody will just call what you mean you've got to give a coach and I've run into a lot of coaches that overcharge and you can overcharge because. Team these dads don't know what to pain forming you get one guy. Throwing English accent on on he can charged fifteen honor box for 45 minute session nobody's any of the wiser. Which it it just eight. And he gives Jack Keeney has complete sentences I get so mad about the Canada the racquet behind some of it. You're here at Bryant. Brian oxen are. I coached the varsity boy's add more due to high school and houses than my assistant for the past few years on houses and alarm. Of Milwaukee Lutheran I'm an advisor there at school he wasn't there when I was there but. Now when I came back on board a coach and as the night to the team for the last two years I'm and a local product from here and back in. I guess it would be the mid eighties and I was playing. It was it was a wreck was was kind of the thing and you had better record players and other rec players and if there was. Really good players you heard the word of the initials Cody. PE the Olympic development program and we're sort of like an a you for basketball out of yeah OK yeah you know you never even saw these kids you just heard of them Sherron played on Iraq team and there are some players are better than others and then you just one played high school ball with. Those players. For the most part no one was playing pain. Exorbitant amounts of money again a team in fact it was the Hartford for me it was the Hartford rec program the sides miners' strike cost us nothing. Right and what I think what bothers me is that that it's it's it's shifted so much to the certain. Direction youth soccer has specifically. It shifted towards look at your travel any need uniforms. Yeah yeah but that's gonna cost something right but it feels like there's not really an option for. People they you know don't wanna spend every weekend in a tournament or. You know play. With the refereed three referees you know it's it I just feel like there's so much there could be some much untapped potential. And you're not seeing these kids make it to soccer because they just they don't know soccer in the Israeli. Nobody there to to help on. Now you guys kind of started something Oswald to help out and I know there's camp coming out of you could tell some of that in June. Was at a club program full form. Accusing though Milwaukee or anywhere really. We McCann coming up in Nam June a few extra seconds it could be two opium. Our sights he's. JR red knights SE dot com. Much written to announce an awful. Put cans and also for more commission on a club. So sort of program promotes. Seeing if we can. Go to the potential keeps you in the city where they can put great club soccer in had a boatload of opportunity. So a high school records we haven't accused who come on first time playing soccer. Which gives you that aren't on there. Much is there but did you can see you didn't have experience of playing you subgroup when growing up. So in hats we're gonna bring nick who bunting a year so that I can rip a political inducing a who's who seemed at times people okay well this cued. It's great when when they're younger that would be really good. So like we had trouble at two players one play electric about his junior year. Is that was about it. He pleasing near. When javy. And then Nam DC here his own Bossidy. Anti middle conference from just one year opens up new not for profits who is one of toughest constant state in soccer. So I can see that there is one woman one year they might be paid like 456 years before commend to our school. The some can't do putting out in June. Is for attend marquee Luther high school and don't and it's free boys and girls for you rate to you fourteen. To come around 830 to noon. Every day that week. That's for it every day they can just come out there and some skills and play. Referring insulin and you guys are doing that is our coaches and the guys the two of you. Yeah we will have. That to us will be there will be three to four other adults just coach gene. I'm some of our high school athletes will be on hand to help as well as parent volunteers to make everything run smooth. So I'm somebody that wants to see more kids have the opportunity to play for free. In years are offering this camp for free every day of for a week during a two mornings. And now that you're telling me this I'm thinking. Why you do it for free there's there's so many options that kids can do that they do cause in a couple of bucks for the week. Why do you think it's important to give these kids the opportunity. To do it for free I mean that's what I want you to do and I'm glad you're doing it but it's still sort of hard to believe you're actually doing and I think that's awesome. Yeah and think it's it's this interest in dynamic when you offer something for free. You if you run a risk. Truth be told in terms of your numbers because there's there's no by Ian. It's right to club knowing just gave you 200 dollars and other going to be I'll be sure to be there every day because of my money it's. The importance it's not like that and I'm but we're okay with that that's a risk for us that's worth it because there's there's so many students. Young kids in the city that. I just don't have that opportunity I mean if I can go pick them up and Abbas I would do that I'm just just to get him there that because there's there's very tangible obstacles to participation. I'm in some city activities. And cost is one of them transportation is another of those are probably at the top of the list so we can. We get one of those out of the picture just have them focus someone other when a tight end users can get them there. Does get him there and then we'll take it from there. I guess the am honored to design a mop and and its Wednesday morning in you know. I you know we didn't pay for anyway Iraq and taking today and hopefully especially that first day. I you know I give him continue at least even if they come for one day and acting to give him acclimated to the game and maybe. You know realize that it exists. And spread it around a little bit. I think that that goes a long way even for kids that aren't you know going to find out about this particular week or doing and I just. I'm glad that there is it this at least get the word out because there's so many I just think kids that. And they have no idea I mean. United soccer field kids for basketball and to play football. Dinner so much. So many people it live here. There's so many people that are at Atlantic. And there's so many people that could be good at soccer and if he's give you go I'm not saying delight sacrament of full on UV golfer sacking all like it. Okay now turn but they should at least. Get some sort of taste to it to make that termination for themselves second that the free week. It's the junior and ninth soccer camp June 18 June 22. 8:30 AM to twelve it's free it's and Joaquin Lutheran high school. It's it's it's in the kinds of that you guys are doing now the junior red knights I see the club that you guys put on all year. There's a cost associated with that but not anywhere mere. What some of these other places might might charge you for. This is a great tool to review its only a little bit about tennis. Energy here read night. SC so Jenner and at soccer club. Is our. That's our version of club soccer and and his club soccer and it's rec soccer to it's it's an opportunity for. I'm for city kids to come out and play soccer at a dramatically discounted rate if you if you went out and shopped around. I'm local club teams some of the best teams in the scene actually are from from here and and and there's quite a few in the Madison area as well. Those clubs are all in excess of thousand dollars. To join especially when you throw in like you mentioned earlier in the uniforms and and things like that just a bit of equipment. Our our club opportunity here Jason in the opposite direction in fact we will we will have games and WYSA. Matched up against some rec teams will also have some games since scrimmage games because direction out of part of the WGA and which is a big development academy was in Wisconsin top clubs play in this this organization. I'm with those clubs are open to scrimmage games against us back. And in and I got confirmation and so said these kids. In in a very entry level price I'm for soccer year round it's it's a fall it's spring it's a winter session. I'm just like every other club out there. You know lived as got such a shallow. Entry point for them to get in and play really. They can against it's kind of tailored to the player really Q could play erect level and that will be fine if that's for your skill puts you so that you can grow. But if you're still would also put you on more of a club kind of caliber team so that you can grow there we have that opportunity as well playing against some. The better kids in the state the website for this is. The region eerie nights. My junior and right. It's free dot com okay Jared type a junior notes JR JR read night SC got count yet Jared Knight to C deck out. Now this isn't these kids it's not just Cusick go to Milwaukee Lutheran you guys that are. Opened to the entire city that's right and trying to fine I mean whoever wants to play. Comply and I just think that. You know we have from final act. So we yeah while it's smiles it's nothing new and I knew that. I love final acts at this hour from soccer powerhouse of the guys used to have some really powerful teams up there goes my dad's coached. These aren't my dad a great way clatter of the coach. He had some really good teams and in the state a couple of times after I left OK I was a goalie. And became going to that it wanna run. I had good days and I am very not good days. But what happened was we. If he's also the president association of their for awhile and then. He got out folks on the high school stuff. After that. The you know association kind of went away a little bit. Less concern playing. So we got back in I involved myself I volunteered. I was in charge of the referees. Poll we also did was before the games 53635. Before that. At 430 he cannot or another coach Kamal we do. Just free hour. Or you want to come out you can scrimmage you can practice you complain. And I do think there needs to be more that that's on some courage and see this camp that you guys have. On the eighteenth. Has really one day can really change everything and to collect are saying if a kid comes on Monday. Bills the rest of the week. At least he might pick up a soccer ball again and they might just play it again I just. You know I has only come over to America a year and a a place for soccer is it's all over the place it was your life. When you come here and it's like nonexistent I mean. It's got to be such a shock for you. For show so it was a shock. Progress are we were so into I ask for The Hague because of sixteen here but I no moment basilica and all we just possible and sometimes quibble. So. So how it went bust broke back that is couldn't play soccer at all in the summer nobody played soccer in the summer which is based supplement that well for us done. When as well my oats. The canoe and is collect recruit results when when I came here yet so. North sort of like the whole year it was a great I cut from the unit while it is surprising I assume. Is it more or less surprising in the winters in. We've both on and on yeah that now the man that's not during it there I adjusted. When we bring a saccharine tablets on the fan. You we if I'm just I'm even I want to but the world couple little bit I still will want to play as soon as we do it. Or if we pull something on our FaceBook page. And cares. And cares and I feel like. Is this. And I know there's been a lot of times or OK this is it now soccer's going to America this that. Get ready guys this is the takeover and diva Oprah like I don't buy into this you know whatever whatever. But I feel like there's also are a really strong resistance for whatever reason to soccer than there is any other sport. You know we start tunnel volleyball for ten minutes OK whatever and we search item of golf for ten minutes whatever. We serve time on USC but as soon as it is on what sacker phones ring. You know I just aids it's hard to. I don't know how would you and he would he break that. I was about to ask you why you thought it existed. That sort of yeah because you're right. I think it's something to do it it's not American. It's not an American. Born gain or dominant or dominant he competes head to head with football. It does. What size time you'll my dad. There was a real good kid. That played soccer and use a forward. But he is also recorder back. And he was gonna come off for soccer. The football coach. Fumed. And what this kid has started a Corvette there's actually two kids are really good hitting did coaching care. He wanted that kid to be one and number I can play football. Doesn't matter that the kids better off playing soccer. In L can gates and collegiate looks playing soccer. This kid may not have ever played a quarter he did go for soccer I I don't know how. And he was able again they offer Sacramento on how. But it. Just there there is that and I see that a lot in I do see that alive and high schools I think that. I think they got I mean you got to watch big eyed kids have to play more than one sports I'll answer I'm not trying to say plays soccer only soccer and you know played tons and stuff. But the kids got to decide what they like and when you've got adults trying to. Pretend like it's the 1950s in the whole town goes out for Friday night for football game and that's the world. I think we gotta let go of that sort of philosophy. And make sense. Yet and I'm preaching to acquire. One yeah I think you know which is not okay isn't it I'm not expecting a lot of push back today. Rae is well I think to be one thing if if people were wearing different pay up to this like eight. Now that's that's very it it doesn't register all that much at me because I don't feel that visceral about I can't think of the sport if you visceral about. What what purpose would that serve and I'll and don't just heat better and it has its badminton I wouldn't you hate badminton with. The register with me right so but for people to be so. I'm just diametrically opposed to soccer in certain kind of circumstances. In this unwilling to have a five minute back and forth. That's cordial abolished you know and who's got the best chance in the World Cup even Nene states is out of it right set them apart is that a soccer discussion about I don't know the biggest soccer event that only happens once. For years I mean you disease is part of and I mean you can share the Olympics is more sports student. But I mean the the World Cup is more watched in anything. I mean other countries stop. What they're doing. Even if they're not payments or to watch the World Cup that's right you know thing you know thankfully Milwaukee there's like. I've bars now that all you know matters sort of soccer specific and I guess in the city of about a million people and it's good. I did an analyst is very. Very puzzling that there is it's it's less indifference at the good thing to say it doesn't difference and is an actual sort of visceral hatred may because it came on Newark. I think part of it is. Part of it is. Soccer's fault whoever said life. It's come to America. I don't know all the it's. He's British and and her language. Sometimes I sucker guys will try to. Alerts worked together EA here sometimes it's like we're forcing it or. We're just trying to help the kids and then. You know there's not enough kids playing it to the World Cup and you can't even get to the World Cup and then that I think is a big. The problem because now the outside guy. Who certain might know Landon Donovan and Ayman are right now logic and I guess I'll watch in any game sure now you can say we Austin country of 300000 and it's smaller than Milwaukee. You know what are we doing so I do think that it was very damaging. For them not to go to the World Cup and I don't see them change I don't see US soccer. At the top changing much. Date MLS needs change. Soccer needs is changed be there maintaining status quo as so it is going to be things like this. That and making a difference it's going to be camps that kids who were never expose of the game and come for free to be exposed and again I'm really believe there. It's going to be a talent issue doesn't it because that England. Can have I mean how many soccer teams are housed in the city of London alone desperate you can throw Iraq from one rival stadium to another. So that's small country is producing. Now a lot of people are flocking to the EPO because it's the PR right but the just homegrown talents and England loaned her so many kids because all these clubs are aligned with. You know arsenal and in every big club has the junior club as well but. It's a small population sizes producing great talent and soccer. How many times diggers are populations so if we if we can just squeeze a little bit more out of vogue we've got we're going to be better off than we are now. This series they also brought Jesus sign soccer you know how good would he be if he came up as a soccer player we can say all that but there's so many people on America. That this should not be a problem. I think a country and I'm not I'm not like you run around America right now I just think the country this size. Should be able to produce. Top athletes in basketball top athletes in baseball football and then yes. Soccer so. It's about do I I am I think at this point it's going to be a vol reaching kids that would not have otherwise playing. And finding that untapped potential in there because I do think. I don't know high Plano but if you replay the last 3040 years. You just find the right eighteen kids you've got a team that could not only qualify for the World Cup. Possibly win it they just never. Had an avenue and they may not have ever even played different sport than just my it is gone with their lives. Even sometimes I think well starting Q split with the sports like I think Basil players would do well a sudden players we're looking those two sports. Cuddle him enhance their soul similar yet to sink the defense is sort of philosophies. There and you don't even think that you don't realize it yet but it's. Going one way. On the other hand you make a change in our man is behind me it's it's a similar new off to one of the other have been doing that car according Russell pleasant thing to them hey. He US soccer hooligans who want to defense people who work with your endurance so he should be putting cited about school where are you should be with the north moved stay in shape. Yes to the stage shaped yeah right well thing. But getting things. Is bust bottled up is about what was mostly it's like maybe hate if you do something host the deal helps you to have about women the into the NBA record and that's the dashed the soccer. We could join the people at soccer but he sees movement of that put look. The soccer and so I mean such beer good for you as a you know the ball player what do you guys up personally. As far as soccer fans. Do you club you root for you what do you what do you like this summer I'm not up general offend but I do have a good pub like the sizzled like. How his old when their dog or model has done their receivables guys know about today annulled but that's what grew up watching. So Madrid is my bulletin. Roy you. Are gonna sound like a bunch of bandwagon jumpers here among Munich gamma Byron Munich guy so I've I've followed Bundesliga and answer my ancestors came from then that's Ivan Fallon for years. I like Munich I I visited there as and a high school. For a trip. And I think there must have been I didn't know what the time but it must have been a champions. League game against menu may be because I remember. This event in 2001. But I remember there was one side of the street there was muted fans there's the other citizen and you fans they're distinct chance they won't cross and industries they're never gonna fight. But they were just like during chance back and forth and I was like almost in tears to see what soccer could do. Like what how people can relate to soccer so MLS at that time when event and its fifth year. Which I need analysts started when baseball went on strike. Or base are shedding 94 analysts in 96 or aren't but I. Baseball was my first bike love as a sport. I quit on it because I destroyed bother me so much. Soul and I like soccer guy played in my whole life so I really wanted to get into the MLS and I've followed it for so long. I just. And so discouraged with the league. Because I think Dave sort of reached a status quo nine million laughter but I don't care I think with the MLS is done. They're making their money based on expansion teams that's gonna dry out at some point you look at these game nobody's going nobody's watching. They're not even like a top ten watch leak in the country Lolita. Is tied the EP LSI the Bundesliga is higher in the MLS. And I think they need to step up to adding there a big problem as to why the USA did not qualify. Well when do we need talking in circles amongst friends that don't like to play soccer and in coach soccer and things like that it's. It's not uncommon to hear that the MLS is kind of the GV team to the varsity teams which are all overseas. Which terms of league delete comparisons. Right and I think that you know I think that the analysts is problem was is there trying to be number one anyway. And you can I think the MLS is a great tool for. Well let's say king goes in this camp. June 18 since Tony second memoir he Lutheran but did go to this camp they develop again on a club team they play high school. Darren. You know if if they can get into the Chicago fire whatever they've got going. You play it did and I should develop right now young American talent and really young. I think I think one of the other reasons USA struggling county campus because. They've do they've done a better job developing the other CONCACAF nations talent and they've done their own and in the best American players. Won't play overseas anymore 'cause they can get any easier easier route here I think all that together has sort of ruins. The United States national team at this point. In talking about this discuss and he can. It's the loser club team okay so. West ham. Just that they random club. And went to Vegas. And I played a poker tournament. I want the ball five years ago but the guy he was from England and I said do not need any PL team and he says while. You don't want 9 July. Whenever you're never bad result stuck in the middle what was it Ida I 'cause I didn't wanna be Liverpool arsenal man you man city. In our ever of Iran I know Liverpool arsenal OK I want something. So he's a wily less technical OK here we do our New Jersey I watch our games. And I think every year since they started they finished eleventh seventh twelfth thirteenth and thirteenth at exactly like he's really well managed and they finish straight there. I do for MLS I follow Portland's. They want a couple years ago. And then not telling after the World Cup after they didn't make the World Cup I've now watched analysts gain since. I just I'm so disgusted. With the whole setup of American soccer that it that it puts me off so if I can. Will will get the word out I mean I'm barely doing anything but does so hopefully we'll get a couple people who come here and and you never know. It just I just I want more kids to have the opportunity to play and I think their need to be more people link the two are you. To just give up one week I mean that's a lot these days. But it just give up one week to do the camp again the junior red knights soccer camp June 18 of the 22. 830 to noon Milwaukee Lutheran high school boys and girls from UA TU fourteen. So like seven year multi year olds we're talking and severe like seven of fourteen networks you know come on by that costs nothing. On that at the Lutheran campus marquis was nice Bolton Kirk campus. On and in the club. Which is also. Separate thing that they can do you can do year round it's JR red knights SE down accountant. You can check out more. Information on that tip be happy to talking about the club. When you show up for the campus well the problem that's that's awesome so. If you got kids and it did you know just I just wish there and if I could be Santa Claus and drop a soccer ball and reach him you know and and I think this is a good started that's all I appreciate your time. I think you never know when the USA wins a World Cup and twenty years it'll be because of us that he can invite us back but I think if so where to go at this point I don't know I know that in a week I'll watch the World Cup. Because it's competitive soccer. But the United States won't be there again. Unimaginable. That the United States for his big is the country is as much talent is here as much talent should be here. They're not in the World Cup I don't know who Emery for. Top probably and abetting fig you know. Try to Jews might interest a little bit but in the meantime. Giving kids involved in the game. Is the way to go. And these two guys that we just talked to. Are you re more of the guys like that we knew we mean more people. That. Give back to the game because they know all the positive impacts it can have. And now people like how I view the United States sort of soccer conglomerate to be. Which is about the bottom line. And if we qualified that's great if we don't ask ruled him back there in four years and then they're gonna expand a World Cup. By 226 I believe anyway to 48 teams so there's almost no way the United States a mess and let's host a couple on the will be. Automatically and diving it's although bottom line. As the USA. Want to qualify for the World Cup. Or does he USA want to win a World Cup. I've not seen any science. Eddie wanted the United States is committed to winning a World Cup and even after they missed and Tony eighteen year. It's in very discouraging. That when this is the best opportunity to change things and make things right. And there's been no change. So enjoy your World Cup wherever you may were four. It doesn't matter to me because it's not the United States because. They're not NN I'm borrowing goes and other wings things podcast subscribe on iTunes. And stitcher which I just learned is a saying. Also you can always get these are horrified seven FM the fan back com. Other Twitter account for this page is at winks. Podcast. And and myself Imad winks banks will see next time on the links thinks podcast.