Ep. 9 - Baseball and The White House, Who to Root for in the World Cup?

Bart Winkler
Wednesday, June 13th
Former speechwriter for George H.W. Bush as well as one-time Milwaukee radio host Curt Smith talks about his new book "The President and the Pastime" (begins 4:59 mark) Ignoring the cries to #StickToSports, Bart and Curt talk about the connection that baseball has had with the White House throughout America's history. Plus, the line he wrote for Bush 41 that still resonates with Bart to this day as well as his thoughts on championship teams declining invitations to Washington, D.C.. And with the World Cup upon us and the Americans at home, who should we root for? Bart's brother Brock Winkler has narrowed down the list and the two come up with the team they will support (begins 30:11 mark). 

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He's six podcast episode McCain and anachronistic sports in this one. I love I love politics. I do move. I really do I've minor in political science. But I'm also not going to. Politico the tactic Kurtz meant to actually used to be on the radio in Milwaukee in the nineties. I don't know again remember him or not. I did not know him and this and that you wrote this book well president's. And baseball and the connections other sports guy which I love. There's. President's tie which I love the history of presidents. So what agree book in order phenomenal book so we're gonna attack occurred at. About that and I will ask him some stuff about the National Anthem and and trump and stuff like that. But I wanna get is used to right. Speeches for George. Hw butch butch which when I find out here in this interview you aren't very iconic line. That eat eggs still affects the way that the world today so. Act it was a fascinating interview now. I'm talking about politics is that OK honestly. Can that be okay. You're not gonna hear a lot of me preaching. That unity here none of meat preaching I'm doing an interview. With the guy. In the topic is politics. Now his politics will be clear. Okay. But that's not. I don't give mine I mean that's not the point in the interview. Thought I can separate that to the I. I would love to be more political I would love to save the things that I want to say about the ones. That what you gonna do for me. Even if I just mention. President Donald Trump. Don't alienate half the audience. I alienate every one. Because if you're on one side. You hated so much that the mere mention of his name bothers you and it here on the other side. It think that anytime anyone mentioned Donald Trump doing it in negative ways to hate that reverence feelings get hurt quickly. Guys wants it there call me a beta mail all the time. A couple overreacting every time I mention. Under whose story. Imagine un whose story on the air with new poll. With no opinion I mentioned. The name of guys and politics. You write letters that my boss. Got a chill well man. You got that she el Al. So don't be offended there's nothing in this interview to offend you. It's an interview with the guy who wrote a book. And you know if you wanna guess which way you lean injury can't. But it's a fascinating book and a fascinating topic. Presidents in baseball the connection between that view it used to be much stronger back in the day. But it still carries late today the current issues though. I really hope you listen to it through I think it is a really good interview the subject matters breakers Kurtz meant as a wonderful and it's not too. And this is one of the benefits of not sticking to sports. Because I would not have uncovered an interview like this. And I done but again. I am not going to do it on the air America and the podcasts that you know you don't want your borrowing of political thoughts. If you ever duty Indian mean we'll talk. Fine. I just want highlighted cool book and and net interest ignited talk to organize new year. Then after that I'm gonna go right to my brother again Brock. Lives in Vegas last week we talked about our and I interest in the World Cup. But the World Cup is this week's an hour and a good return of interest and so we're gonna take a team he text me a little bit before. I actually was talking to Kirk. Is he text me. I'll list of eleven teams he whittled down to from the 32 in the World Cup sowell. I'm on a column and we're gonna pick a team to root for the World Cup and an obvious though. Interviewed Kurtz and it again I think it's her I think it's a good one because an anchor good doctor. And then I'll talk to my brother for a little bit about the World Cup. On this week's winks things odd cats may shirt to subscribe to stop. I don't know I hate that part of pockets in the subscribe on iTunes and follow us on stitcher and you can find us. At the radio dot com maps and Google play in iTunes. So that's what I would do it and as things please subscribe it helps. May continue to do these podcasts. Which again is this can. South I won't be able to do on the on the radio show so thank you subscribe. And now bring herdsman. The president's in the past time the book by curt Smith the history of baseball on the White House to things which. There's a connection there baseball being America's pastime obviously. You can think of for iconic first pitches in just a lot of other moments were the White House has been tied to baseball. And curt Smith has been tied to both hurt you wrote more speeches than anybody else from president George H. W. Bush. Yes in fact it is vs they only turned from 1998 united 93. It buys speechwriters and s.'s general norm for sale for a president. I was assigned. Liar please just pieces of values in politics philosophy. And evidence for example might be a fiftieth anniversary of the Japanese attacked at Pearl Harbor bush said that in the last seven years old when an event occurred. President had been killed there. There's very emotional speech and and a emotional when he gave it. People mayor remember that speech or his eulogy to Ronald Reagan wants they will have left office or is just force the so. On the other great honor. And particularly up to someone of such up enormous character as bush. I also wrote speeches for four years. I had a speech step at the present popular where I got an element as a human being in this great the person he has. So a lot of polished but it's in the present to you since I was little he had and of course I insisted baseball. I I cannot remember moment. When I was not so enamored of the national pastime got. You've got to interest which I think a lot of people have an excellent game baseball and the national office the presidency. Before database thought big did you read the speech very compared the Simpsons to the Walter Jones. I did. I read. Again leading the nation closer than the to the walls of the Simpsons. In fact if you go to the aisle agree or Egypt. From the Simpson regarding this show. But if you go to the bush library. As to College Station in taxes. They have that I described. One of the walls so they're quite proud of that I think or at least do as senses but so ballot. Ballot say yeah. A controversial speech. But as one who has idly. And he did it well. And you know that's the kind displeased that I guess which would fall under the rubric of other values. And I did a great deal goes. Because that my name's Bard's so I am you don't have a connection with the Simpsons and I like the Simpson's at the time my parents. You know it was a little different fur that time so they really let us watch the Simpsons. I think maybe that might have had some to do with why I had to watch the Simpsons after they went to bed and now if you look at what the Simpsons was backed and tune like what did did we can get away with now. It's insane. Process that's one reason I certainly needed nation's most of the Walt. We wouldn't have oh we have to object and I think it's income battle unless you have the OSS set of standards say this far no farther you're going to have the kind of degradation of culture we have today you know. Is so much harder to be apparent today that was let's say thirty years ago not to mention fifty years ago and so what. I tell yeah I cable television if areas Cassel walks the walk. They had much life. But they were rich in the kind of values that that I think we can do much more and I I think that line that I had. You don't stand up pretty well. Talking with curt Smith he wrote for president George W. Bush has a book out the president's in the past time history of being raised on the White House. The heat were you with and he threw a lot of first pitches out another it's kind of been recently tradition to. Yes see you love baseball tie able bush 412 hours. Yeah I can I mean any Astro game. That's important I picture him right there. Man who walk a lot asset. You know walked away and only person they love baseball. They said well first time I've ever picked up and all baseball. Of course who wouldn't. And I said lie. And he said because of us thought that Indonesia and the saudis otherwise baseball has ever. And I thought what a lovely insist they're transcription. And description. Of bop based on the floor so well he's the president call W and he said I was five. So there you have someone pays five. We discovered who loves this game. Is all about turned 94. And he's still out as this there that says something in the hospital where ability of baseball. And it between. He echoed in the game. Men toward the game. Start of the game is it to record player Yale. Oh American. Led his team to two. How local series finals. It was a magnificent field. Skiles told me once that had given the opposition have designated fielder. In the game of baseball it would've made the major leagues he was that good. Seen video of him in his sixties. Making diving stops. First base so they kept. On his. Baseball glove. From when he played Yale in his desk Collins. In his desk in the oval office of the White House that's what baseball means. Now obviously his son died George W who would have a connection with the Rangers. Has a big connection in baseball. Would you say was those two guys in your research stent. When you think of a baseball president is that the bush family or what's may be another president then had a really strong connection in your research for the book. Well I think baseball family and certainly the way you when you look into the bulk of these you know presence in the past. And the family's collection. As it would rank in the top W we remember of course for his broad stroke. I think in the yen 92001. World Series stadium in the wake. It'll happen. Where he went to the mound. I've been a robber and threw a perfect strike cement an extraordinary. Vote back and vaults and raw anger and it stadium he became more hero that night W did that it ever been before. And in that moment I did goose thugs that moment. It's when you connected to things out that's insane you know. All of you remember him for that I thought Roosevelt on the cover. How could you not be saved baseball. Literally in the wake of Pearl Harbor Japanese attack on December have a 1941. I'm. Baseball quite literally clueless not unusual but again but it was in resolute about whether it should be out operative into dot in 1942. Or indeed any error during the duration of the war. So commission accounts some outlandish throat cut president Roosevelt. Asking expand overseas or guidance which simply do it in 42 the next day. Fifteen to 42. Roosevelt answered by the latter and this is so important baseball is to America. You read the contents of that letter at a presidential press conference. In the Oval Office now Roosevelt satellite. Satellite do I wish the baseball to proceed in the operative. I request that baseball. Severely requests of baseball play and it's. T op was as baseball finally as a president could possibly be. Given and then premature baseball to be played in every way possible. This is a statement that gun made sure that baseball would survive. He did not give that. That cart bonds to any other sport. In fact fund when of the sport quote board either indoors or request or denied it. Based Boston alone. It was a it was a definition of the country which is really no up. Is decoration. Wanted to base open you played for the morale of the home front and for the morale of folks. Because he believes and and this coup could be correct that not a buoyed. The morale of troops abroad with the exception of course of letters from Loveland. More than the breeding a box scores or game account. Abroad from home. It was around this country of the developed in this game but it. Which is what I'm suggesting. In the presence in the past time that the baseball hall of fame and museum in Cooperstown New York. Posthumously in docked at DR into the hall of fame is why. Baseball has nearly 300 plaques and also. I was there are speaking last week I looked at them. Now want uses that phrase saved baseball but her Roosevelt saved baseball. When everything you said I mean it's a no brainer why you should be there for terror. I think sell more to the point you could at best. The sixteen million Americans. Serbs to World War II whether their commanders she should be in Cooperstown. Honoring their favorite sport and overwhelming. Majority of them would have said. Baseball league you know I talk about all these different sports NC basketball football. Idol of for soccer we talked some hockey. Whenever but there is something and Adam may be it is as as I talk to you curb maybe it is thinking of you know these pictures of the first. The first tension in the least of from the stands and and George W. Bush in. Obama and these guys maybe it is that connection and it does make it feel like. There's a very romantic element to baseball but it also if if you were to act what's the most Americans board. We hats is football is like the number once or right now that. They history with baseball I think that can't be rivaled really uranium. Well it sounds surpassed those of questions and you used the word romantic. I would add Paula. A lyrical. Certainly America. I mean you have it or two as Japanese. Soldiers are hard charging America. The American troops that are there screaming their outlook they've. Been in. Deval. Definition. Of America was based on. After the war the American introduced. Baseball it is Japan and the nation that we had just defeated. Time and again. You see baseball be on the side assistants who. An emblem. For the United States of America faces all the way. To white guys and now for example. Played amateur baseball. And he. Baseball more or less goodwill ambassador in. John F. Kennedy. Really the first president that I remember. Throwing out the first law and our purpose is how important the game west ham. Put this happened days prior to throwing out the first ball he practiced. Corporately. In the Rose Garden thirty minutes a day. Each day. Which is was is that aide who recall the undersecretary of baseball because they've polished as that man. And he briefed JFK is favorite team in the red. But he played catch the day's hours but thirty minutes today so that he would get it right. And JFK said do what two hours and want to do it well. I think I owe it to the American people there. Active in the president now whether that's the I'll leave that task it was a disciple of self improvement but we like to bot. He also recognize amounts are mapped to the US today to have the president respective opening act. With your blocked again has come the president in the past time the history of baseball on the White House. The two things are connected and in politics. In sports you know they're interwoven with moments in history and I think that always will be as a sports guy. I'm told a lot to stick to sports now I am minor in political science alive there's an interest there in in politics tonight. When people say six stick to sports is like. While I understand we turn on the radio you you don't wanna hear political race I get them but it you can't separate the two. Man I'd give you an example. That happened in Milwaukee. And I know lol on DB is it's hit the Milwaukee braves or capital baseball he talked about romanticism. I was a kid in upstate New York has brought as sad panda listen the Braves. Radio getting on the last day that was traumatic to pay later what I did talk radio simply isn't. Milwaukee it was like you know to me is coming home. Already knew what you ask hey this is early in 1960 I asked him. Is in Milwaukee. And the St. Louis Cardinals were playing the Braves instead case stopped in for president Wisconsin primary and 42 years old. Stan is it was 39 years so and JFK. Comes up to stand them. Muse who is the Democrats like Kennedy excessively is introduces himself on top of Hannity and mine as system in Israel. They tell me. That you're too old to be president. And that I'm sorry they tell me it's sure to old. To be playing baseball. And I am too young to be president that may be will pool but. And some years later. Me and Israel. Is is name of the National League team for the all star game which happen to be playing played in Washington. And John F. Kennedy comes out of course for the game. And saw the first ball and he's spot in the field based delighted of course to see him because Stan ad campaign. All during 1960. And Israel sees the president. He says the same set its press we pulled. Well and that that's a great story and there's so many of those great stories. Yet today I mean it seems like the president and sports. Are at odds with the each other. Baseball I don't think has gotten as much as the NFL or NBA and. Baseball has played it for one very Smart. I think I'd say you I look at this pragmatically I looked at that I look at the political. And this has nothing to do it with my feelings one way or the other cart president. Any sport gets into trouble when it becomes a Birtley partisan or political. And it's my view that the National Football League has become in explicitly. I'll political and partisan. And if I had to do to label I would say they have become. They feel global. Exceedingly up anti anti Republican anti truck. I think it's state. I think it cost some muscle crashes cost them in terms of television ratings. And it's this as a whole I think Roger Goodell is ill served. National football is these father Charles Goodell. As a senator in New York who became Berry Berry ultra liberal arts of the left of the rest of this state remember this is it. He had been a Republican moderate Republican he became extremist democratic liberal it was booted out of office. He'll have really in in in the in a cloud of shame. I think the size but he was saying mr. I don't think sport should become overtly political. And stand for one of philosophy or ideology not a if it does in vices past. Should we even scrap the buying the tradition of you know and I couldn't picture a follow president calling. A sports team after they went championship or an inviting them to the White House and the National Anthem being played is that should that even be happening. Well certainly the National Anthem should always. Always. Is one of the right. They could take investments. That unite us as America. The answer should be played the pledge of allegiance should be played. It is it is heinous to me. Simple almost to suggest that we cannot. Have sacrament which unite us as America. Are in terms of by inviting sports teams so White House I fully expect that whoever wins the World Series will go. If one or two players though and don't wish to find out there that there have you bought. I mean what the hook Christo were doing Philadelphia Eagles as a team they are in fact. Saying as a franchise. We just five of price United States because we don't like him. I mean that's how are different than one or two baseball players. And as a mark of their own personal code. Deciding not to go a world of difference between. I fully expect the FaceBook. Were ruined the World Series to go. I mean there were some top players said that like Barack Obama. When it was president and one or two didn't though I'm sure there were players who wins who didn't vote for Obama. But that's fine you can go and he could private. Private beliefs to yourself and you should because this. The president of the United States. He's a person because of the office. We deserves respect. The author. Not the individual. Is what we are paying respect to assist the flag people are paying respects. So then if I can't Schumer questioned that who with the NFL lets the Eagles and trump. Who who would it be on. To repair that relationship visit on trump or is it on the football. Oh I think it's. You know I think it. National Football League. Some of those tweets saying helping the cause. No it's not known side and it could you know he can do a great deal to work to increase the friction however. Looking at this clearly is as as a political issue as a factual issue. Trump as fronts circles around the national football. He into it. He has he has a feel for. Social cultural issues that the average. Middle Americans feel. This is going to Wisconsin. I mean I'd go out you know I'll my life and I have our honeymoon dork. I know striving to who who Wisconsin. Well Wisconsin Autoliv. And kind of people among whom. I grew up in upstate New York same kind of person that I am. And got trouble instead understood most people probably want Wisconsin. How he was elected president and I am not sure that Roger Goodell has a clue about those people better reconnect with. In terms of this kind of issue because. This and that damage that he has done pocket book doubt is needless and England they have brought a great deal. Of them it upon himself there are many ways to address issues of social justice. I understand that I support that America. They don't need to be expressed on the football field and many other avenues bad news by which you could advance the cause it needs to. I was bombed that trump didn't thrown a first pitch on opening day. All I took in my book the last chapter. I got I I'm quite severe in my criticism I think there's only one reason is done until he's afraid of being boo. I mean that since then why else would he not do. He's a huge baseball fan and I right. It's our first ball at yankees stadium Fenway Park and Wrigley Field before becoming president. Is that right yeah almost became. The big league ball player but he because you know it could debate it motivate the bases but he wanted to make a real money is. Yes how close was either being a big league ball player that's something had not known. Well it's very and I anti wealth yet at New York military institute. He didn't have any speed. Is very stopped is because they. A very strong. Much pull hitter 11 code so you like over our people like he does not assert that. Bought. I think could have done. Up first base in Philly is sort of that suck it a bit of terror Fenway Park pulling the ball over the law. As he said I don't want baseball Allan them in real life and he's dead. But he could have been a big league ballplayer. And loves the game. But he is afraid I am believe there's no other reason possible for us he's afraid of being booed at Washington and he would be. After all it only got 4%. On the voted DC. Against Hillary Clinton and placed sixteenth but you know every Republican president go to auctions. Is an overwhelmingly democratic city so my advice would be not that he's good he is. Stephanie mine by man. Their job and how. Were there any presidents that did like baseball. The other Roosevelt hated it. Load it didn't have enough violence. Blood and gore. Decisive things he liked and didn't detector. Baseball so spectacularly popular. Roosevelt was president. He didn't dare express. Is below. Because this man that was defeated by and nothing else in life we remember him writing on L. We remember him in the Spanish American war we remember and saint seven in the white fleet around the world. We remember him for all the promises he power before baseball but he pretended it like that ended. It didn't. But he never expensive clothing even after he left office. That helped awful baseball won every other president has liked or loved again. The book is called the president's in the past time the history of baseball in the White House. Fascinating stuff I'd card this is it's great to connect to recession a time when. A lot of people are saying don't connect the two but they are under rule then I think they always will be. And it's great to read some of the stories. About that and it's great to talk to the guy who wrote the Simpsons line. Imagine courage HW bush and yes. On my favorite she it's. Yes sir it. Go to the bush library just speed up the law. Has not them Kurt I do appreciate guy you're time mrs. Good conversation and we should not some of the best. Well it's a great opportunity stock deal Linda and of people in the state of my wife I'd vote. Oh thank you very much. The is that so bad. Not MI think sticker sniping and check out the book. And yeah that's it I think that should please most people. Because I gave someone a platform. And it interject whip my thoughts so can we I'll be friends again. Italy are gonna bring in my brother now. Boy color my brother and star of the podcast. On Brack was on the podcast we did about how we don't terrible the World Cup. And then I get a text from Brock that says. He's trying to figure who to root for in the World Cup so you're coming around a little bit rocky. Yeah ask me that such a big event in the owner for years. I got by somebody. Involved let. But gates' soul I a got a list from you this is eleven teams you could root for. Now I was surprised that a lot of these laws are spread by some of the teams that were off so I wanna route with few. So I will go on this list that you sent me Switzerland Serbia Portugal. Sweden Peru Denmark. Iceland Croatia Nigeria Senegal Columbia. Where is life. Englanders are Germany are those teams. Well I went I went up for teams that have won the World Cup for and I don't want to root for somebody who wanted to but all. The England wanted to you know others not and you go well they can be it under or at that time. They still won it before. I didn't wanna pick them and then saying we Germany in Brazil France Argentina they all want it before. I don't want it he 10. What about what who how did you eliminate every else. I didn't want any tax cap teams because I just can't root for them after what happened. All like Mexico and Adam Brock I still I don't know the 32 teams that are and it's now. The only reason I know because I have but let up in front of me. Okay what are the parallels from Condit camp man Costa Rica hot coat period are Mac 1 am. Hannah Montana and Canada and audit and then Honduras and they play New Zealand. Yeah they were. Raw underwritten and so I'm not of course is New Zealand then. Now they have in New Zealand paper plate Australia Colombia. All. Yes he had blacked out alliance. Now RNC you whittled it down to there's 32 teams that you got it down to eleven. And I wanna try to pick on here with you I'm just gonna go right off I mean it be easy to root for England. Because like three lines I can go there and Ruben does guys that I I would kind of feel like oppose her. Writes Switzerland. Why should we root for Switzerland. I have no tigers Switzerland we have no family ties with Switzerland we don't have any a lot of it but. Yes that's one thing about Brock and I we don't like we don't know what we are. I. A vote from from what I know is we might be German government the other I think we might peak early and I really I'm really not share. And English. And make your order number is like every our own gold does. DNA stuff and like every time it's a new thing and now that's what really that's a really bothers me is these DNA web sites that followed. Figure out what you are like that just pisses me off even more than the USA is in an area that. Figure ol' you know what sixteenth we are Europeans we can root for their team. Yes I really didn't try to find got that either but it is don't know we are we could be. We get these slipped out. Campbell on the ball partner and here's I don't want a rouge for a few list. I don't want to root for Switzerland. I don't think I wanted to root for Portugal. The only reason I put I put toward the gondola at the if they didn't win one yet. Their favorite to go far but. They didn't win one. Like Allegra now although but. The USA playing them a few years ago I'd I don't know. At Roland and the same thing with England that we root for Portugal are we just banned late in Portugal and the because or no though and I'm paid in my. I don't want her for Sweden. What the reasoning and we then. Tunes like robotic. Now all Swedish I don't know offend the Swedes. I just don't feel like the Swedes. How I'll agree him. I don't wanna route floor. I gadgets I think goes on to list so let's take off. The list was Switzerland Serbia Portugal Sweden and Peru Denmark Iceland Croatian Nigeria Senegal Colombia. And I'm taking off. So it's a lens. And Portugal and Sweden. Much yeah. That narrowed it down to. So now we're on the Serbia. Peru. Denmark Iceland Croatian Nigeria Senegal or Columbia put in for. High water. Byrd even though America. We do. Do it. All he ever really done a one because I guide I am starting to have three that top dog that I am willing to root for. What are your theory on well not Iceland because they're gonna be too sexy of a bandwagon. I would root for Denmark. Obama to pick a country from Europe. I just read a lot of cool things about Denmark has a country. Denmark's the little guy hanging off their eight rent the top. Yeah I think it's by Norway but it's also like by Germany's is like a little guy I think yeah yeah. Like Denmark not Nigeria I would root for one of the guys that I interviewed. On the podcast and you last week told me to root for them. And then I could root for Columbia. As like. Like out and ends firm when the USA beat them off an own goal in 94. And there's a guy or from Colombia and I can get into with him. The gun Nigeria over Senegal. You why do I root for Senegal. I mean. There are there more respected in the African and that I can and I know can I got to know them off hand a little bit. When was that for eight years ago. You add hours. And he's out Simon's. View. Oh man. Which is so vast World Cup a halt time older you then. Ten. 14. I am again and again. Yeah Europe's leave America pretty. If he's got size that about I would take underdog and here is that because it. It 2002 they've played in Japan and have games or 3 in morning and we got up and at thirty people over the house. I was Abbas. Yeah that was. And it's like Mexico India vol man. He doesn't choose the best. On where you and Denmark or Columbia. I do it Denmark over Colombia. And all man I feel like I wanted to for Columbia. Garner for Columbia. 94. Yeah the guy and all Gilani a murder. Yeah. Though you referred in that it does lead out and murder. Think we all too long. Think we owe it to make it look a murder. Now. Are we picking more than one. At all. But they're like we have got to pick one. So do you agree that through his own kind of what I held my normal Peru. I well. Agreed for threw it out if you agree that Serbia and now. Awe and Croatia main room for them and let's we are Croatian hourly. I I'm from what I understand and went from. Our mothers. We are part Croatian. On her side. Yeah. All and Italian but they're not in either. I'm not her but now at the year that's crazy. Are there want it like. Italian Barton broccoli are talking about. Probably the same thing they ruined forever art now what do they get. Mean the action. That. Is interesting. OK okay so now I koehlke Croatia on the fence. Rock I can't to Croatia are on a map they gain and. We deal. I. I burned out because they're. Janet that's gonna be like to popular. Gonna be too trendy. That leaves us with Denmark Nigeria. Senegal on the. It. Mike how hard earlier rooting for this team. I think it is going to be our team for the World Cup. I don't wanna like go crazy for a room now. They don't plan that is traded to edit the rap man bill batter than. Rooting for. And the normal game. Who you picked a lot from its the adrenaline when these teams play. Peru plays Denmark Croatia plays Nigeria Erin away. Yeah apparently. I slumbering Costa Rica back Brack into the mix. Yeah. Why aren't there. Like a bad one. In my heavenly pick. Panama. Who beat us all the home. Are all all courier and you go well Psycho like is Tunisia because. When I was at a World Cup not a World Cup when I was a soccer camp to Mary university. And I these I brought up Tunisia and one of the soccer coaches said they're not even real country what do you mean there in the World Cup. So we're gonna bring back a period Anthony's. And he. Cracked through. Then that he news that we have would be Senegal and Colombia that are in the bank group. All. We got rid of Croatia. Nigerian armed group but I went in Argentina. And Croatian. Losing Denmark's group. Denmark have. Australia. Yet France Australia Peru in Denmark. All they did not a group. They could get out of anchor of Italy and Denmark. I. Don't have any opposition Kurt and mark. Can you do on a convincing and a different team. I think they. I'm a dollar average and we got a call in Colombia and and there's a Denmark in Wisconsin that we can bite go to. So are we going to commit to Denmark. I don't Denver can't sucks. I'm only put up the chance. What let that chance are gonna do but the corn. No manure what sickle random dot org. Random that learning now all are we let's say we're down to four teams. Look I have Denmark Nigeria Senegal. All right so that's the foreign in the order therein. So write a one next to Nigeria 234. How many generate a number random dot org who uses the giveaway prizes. And this is gonna generate a number randomly between one and foreign NASA team we're gonna go. Parents so. Who is one cute Syrian board just put them randomly. Whatever oh yeah yeah I had. Put numbers next to randomly and don't tell me. Aaron I will see that. As a Zardari and this is broad there's gonna decide Errol month. Edit all that there randomly. And now you agree this is your room floor. I am completely okay with any party court. I. Mean drum roll I don't as the sun machines. Late rack and I actually think that I have. A drum roll. Don't know if you're here. Here it. Here yes. Number line. OK. Ed. Senegal. As their group. In other hand. They are in group H with Poland at Columbia in Japan. All that's who you want an all time I can. Here in your voice. I kinda dead and a million dart on. Wow. And so it's meant to be Senegal will be our team that we are going to root for. In dull World Cup. I'll Russia. There and applause. Even. Right when this Senegal play. That's a good question they're each group aged. I am playing right away. They play. The nineteenth. A nineteen what you areas. Two. Games at ten hour time used as you'll be hearing you know yet. Yeah early and were on. I don't know if I can get to you by 10 o'clock. Now. Willow watched on TV person. Senegal OK. We should affect your dad and when rate ever. Yemen then we'd be looking at an afternoon games and either read Tunisia England. Russia Egypt. I ran Spain. Argentina Croatia. Now we're in we're not Senegal. We're in the network and Senegal. We are in and Senegal. Their second team is the 24. It's Sunday. 10 o'clock per effects. And then they play 9 AM. On the 28 against Colombia right. Senegal is fraph we are rooting for Senegal. Our enemy and CEO Jim made as did the United States soccer association. Your mother (%expletive) Randomly pick Kennedy and her group are. All shift. On not safe for work I Brock go Senegal. Senegal. See would soon. Yet.