Ep.1 - Airplanes, OJ Simpson, NCAA Tournament

Bart Winkler
Monday, March 12th
Bart is back from vacation and eager to get the podcast up and running! Guests include Riggs from 103.7 Kiss FM, Producer Dave from 99.1 The Mix, and Chuck & Winkler producer Cody Grant

2:18 Which airliner is the worst?

8:30 Mentioning Trump on the radio

10:31 Why does Dave show up to work so early?

14:52 OJ Simpson "confesses" to murder

26:22 Conspiracy theories

34:14 College Basketball vs The NBA

37:58 How many college basketball players can Bart name?

41:21 Who do you got in your bracket?

44:55 Nathan Graham cameo

48:17 Braun Strowman visit recap

49:29 Wrestlemania match for John Cena?

50:34 More NCAA Predictions

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Ways thinks podcast episode let's go with episode one match I was on vacation last week and I side. You know we avocation. You think of work a lot. And so you give backing you think I'm going to be go getter so wanted to Tiffany's I had. I mean in a shower. Maybe too much oh is now I wanna do my podcast more on there's a lot of people want talk to. There's a lot of issues that we don't exceed the cover believe it or not if four hour show. So I wanna do that now wants to people that are better interest and the cool thing is a lot of people that I know in this building are interesting people from other stations. Now whether it's 99 won the mix or even can set found. My station there's lot of people that I don't its chance to really. Talked to or we have a lot of good off fair conversations I think would be good. Down on tape similar so there's they're doing that a little more of course I now have this on record so I have to stay committed to it. You never come up the first time and say first annual. You because then what happens if there's never second once so. Gonna try to do this a little bit more I have done some podcasts as I pull up the WS SP app that you may be listening to this. On. And if you go to the on demand section again you've probably done this irony when stinks podcast. There's a couple Big Brother Owens on their ID is. I did duo would gel and Billy in November about the badger football team the last real podcast they did was in September. About sports gambling we did a couple WD BE ones which Cody has taken over. I did a bad interview DJ Wilson because they named him the recorder plugged into the right things sort through that up there so. Insert they give me mound channel on the Napa missiles are using it. So we'll do that. I've got back from vacation. I'll we'll talk about that for just a moment Dave Stein producer Dave's going to be joining us return about the OJ thing. On the OJ show on Sunday night where he admitted that he. Killed two people. Which is pretty messed up. Hypothetically shear but we'll talk to Dave about that and then Mac Currie Graham producer chicken wing government tactic camel bit. About. Of about the NCAA tournament and in who he might why. So before we get to that not rigs kiss FM yes. I I would I think that this would be better has ended is a monologue but since you're trying to get in here anyway. I into the studio I thought I'd talk to you about it anyway I'll share let's talk about a Bart. Flocked Trammell. We can curse area optical depth say like why we thought Dwight thought trap baggage out what I. Do you travel is there an airline that you don't like or don't like pop. Nice try to steer away from the cheap ass ones I did travel with the legion once while they have super cheap rates and a roundtrip from Milwaukee to Sanford Florida. For 88 bucks but then they thought that they did you want everything and they're like well. Yet daily bus tonight we're gonna charge you for your seat two bucks for water three bucks for snacks can't charge you for a baggage charge fifty dollars. To and from a hundred extra dollars to check my god damn bag. When you're going Aaland yeah. He's a kicker it's that bad. And you out of Israel how multi and a now of celebrating today and it it had traveled to I would go with like delta like a good airline I understand why like delta in Americana and united are more expensive because it's worth it. Did you get. Free drinks included you get a nice CT not dealing with a mouth breather behind you know. There's money in mentioned there was some front he's a local self worst. Now I've been a big southwest guy yeah now is give me to where I need to go yeah. But I'm kind of tired of and they've they've been what I've flown the most lately. Some on dialing known reason I'm flying a lot lately southwest doesn't assigned seats and I realize that that is huge. Because what it's like scattered light that I I want assigned seats site until because southwest so you do the three groupings. 24 hours before you fly got along and and get it yeah there's a one to thirty than a 31 to sixteen and be there and and so we had a little bit of issue we're trying to fight back from Mexico. And so I got bumped to see MI new plane Sus a signal from Cancun to Nashville yes to Milwaukee on Saturday and a and then the national flights have been delayed and delayed. And I was strolling down the airport is as bored out of my mind yeah and I am randomly overheard some lady at the other end of the year for murderers sitting saint. The national flights canceled what's. There was no one else that. We'll put sulphide it randomly hear this lady so I full spread to the other side of the airport death to get my life. I see the national flight's canceled we got to figure out what the hell we're doing I do I said I don't care where in America we are tonight I need to be in America I'll stay over anywhere I'll drive home. I'm not spending another night in Cancun known. We agree time. Soul I go to the desk he looks and my ticket it's kinda connecting flight Nash of the Milwaukee goes. Repel. He gets into Fort Lauderdale. And and in the Milwaukee. It only was like thirty more minutes is this why it was canceled by the way because of the mechanical problem Al given that and oh yeah and still aren't. Our entire day was pushed back thirty minutes. They gave us each 200 dollars in vouchers for plane and then fifty dollars for lunch let's are with us. So I know that part great yeah I got preflight and free dinner for not been elected to carry. But it's the part of the plane that was really bothering me suited to the point that I was yelled at someone because here's what happens rigs on southwest. People line up and then they will. Let's say you use your wife Sharon and yes I'd never been an angered by the way I think it possible I paid us a favor early bird check it was beat. Danny's cousin is possible. Tallulah not a confirmed and then artists need only be yet so some volleys you get a are even be in what the husband and wife will do. Is one will sit at the dial the and in the other will sit at the window yes and leave the middle open because they think if you walk but I. You can sit in the middle now I hate the middle seats they keep going to the back hoping to find two together me and my wife to keep trying to finance you know and you can't find it but. Does look and these people's faces everyone thinks they're coming up with this for the first time that there could some crafty mother (%expletive) yeah. Every one does this just a every wine does this. It's so annoying yeah and I almost yelled at a guy. I swear to god I almost yelled at again he should've. Well I didn't because this I associate. He was wearing an NRA shear. And the back of the flag. And Steve Helling fifty stars and stripes was red white and blue bullet casing Australia. And that's why I would find deltic has dealt delta sent again on stuff and the little story about delta. Milk how date delta said they were getting get this well again RA. And then Georges said or not gonna give you the tax cuts on your fuel anyone delta said flying (%expletive) off forest are our morals and police are for sale via an everybody's I love dealt them even more for that is there right now lord we're gonna go with our beliefs that you see the report. What two and the only people who use the NRA. Advantage for that how many thirteen. Not a general way he seriously cats like third it might be seventeen. That's coming lateral into wanting to make people really is it's a that's why they did and honestly Libby hurting a statement and it's not gonna hurt him. I mean I is there anyone that says I'm not flying yes there are these people are (%expletive) up right and it is not against. What is against always against Iran has done is like worse by Avis discount. Is against the NRA the NRA is not looking out for you now. Just like to Green Bay Packers right. They're not looking out for you know but yet you like me. I'm a share rather a pay out as money I support the cause they were other stuff I mean I'm a part of something I'm not now. That's at the NRA does the because that's a political thing. It's hard to approach it in the same way the good news about that is that the Packers should the bad you don't lose any money financially don't have a stake in early right. I do wanna say one more thing yeah. The brunt of trump on the show. Yeah the president and it states people rapist why. 'cause I guess can make jokes. As you said was a joke. Chuck and overtime what Tiger Woods yeah and I said I just don't understand I don't like Tiger Woods. And chuck said some deals like him because of the whole thing with his wife are each you know whose wife yeah I said so. There's people out there that don't like Tiger Woods because evidently voted for Donald Trump. And as we've got pissed off about as soon as I said trumped off the phone ring in twice. People started tweeting in all parts back five days up Bard's back this live starts back. I'm the snowflake because you leaving the president's name is mentioned. I mentioned the president's name any joking matter now is that it was at a political take I don't think so dole who's a social take. Put a lineup of the joke. What was the president's name in 1988 to now. Now. Yes I'll Ronald Reagan no. Well. What do you think analysts this wasn't Reagan. 19881988. Nancy Reagan was not accurate and confused. Well the president right now is hill Donald trounce from his name was Donna jump in 1988 so right the president's name in 1988 was also. Now trump own home state that was one of those dead jokes that is singular now worse than that the Briggs kids that found appreciated thank you Bart. I'll let you get double OJ Simpson now because. That's irrelevant although OJ Simpson has been in the news a lot. Over the last couple years released from prison again. And there was this thing on ESP and there was this thing. I'm now Mozilla on FX had one lot of different shows on OJ Simpson at double A days I humane on as. I'd deep not to ore producer Dave or whatever the hell all the good names of people calling you Dave is the producer win. Elizabeth and radar 99 won the mixed which is in the same building as my station and he's on the year. The exact same time. As me tell you guys go five to nine lead with six to ten and yet we get below that are there the bar Alice comes stumbling into work and have hardly been an hour and Matt workday. If so what time do you view it in. I am officially from Italy for thirty again like I have part of our show starts. Isn't and it's an iron earlier lot and I mean I think it's fun I Obama Margaret and ago. I'm an efficient worker I can get an F 455 and I think to be Grammy Emmy we started sixth but sometimes I. You know give her five of the yeah because I've Pratt the night before now exactly. I've learned. And I need to be here a little earlier second on my brain wake up. I get on the air at six answered I talked for four hours. I don't really understand why you guys at the music stations. Give him earlier than you need to think it's more of a sign and look at where here and a lower. So look at I'm here I must be doing where I'm coming up. I'm with the guy who I think you get your work done in the united time he needs a few. Show up a minute before you go on there and you're gone five minutes after all there but you got your work done who cares right. I just I think date I don't think you need to give him some early I don't disagree with you when I did a music show a six to ten would only show up that. I was actually info on the lack. And I live in Milwaukee. Which is an hour drive. So I would get to the station. At 715. To what he delivers our fifteen minutes I need you either had taped interviews the day before. I forward replay things I did 9 o'clock hour of the day before. He reminds final I've really drive times five minutes racket and then I'd get in the final like about seven I'd go to a quick trip. By kick start. By a breakfast sandwich get a Peru with coffee so I can't eat better really at stake not an ad. And then I'd get an at 715 go right on the air and do my Alley would segment which is at 715 every day I don't and that dagger the I think it's. It lies your planet like you know again general. Generally weigh gonna talk about like you donated beat an hour and a half to four and you could come into the appearance that you guys are ready to play stuff the first hour and old are you live we live we're live from 59 ball is live. You know reclaim any thing from ever natter nine more we used to not in Iraq at. We netted him. Why if it's good. The knows what's. Don't you guys do a bit unlike toothbrushes and toothpaste and nine or any other authority even duty in my mind that there might be that person whose lives now 8 o'clock and then also listen and at 5 o'clock in the declines ahead Alan listening to you that he had the same conversation Graham learned about those TiVo's humorous saint. And those are the people we hear from sending you think everybody's that way dollar but he listens for fifteen minutes right. The may reset the cycle. Neon for another fifteen minutes so I guess yeah I mean. I'm not. In the world I think. I try to not post anything on FaceBook or anything even make from that post it over a year ago I feel like once that post and I don't wanna talk about it in Narnia recycle and I know I learned I learned in. Because that's a David's good yeah I mean quality stuff will keep on breeding more quality stuff I feel like but I'm glad you like also. In my mind as a producer. Wanna be creative enough to not be known to have new topics generated were talking about topics. In a bid it maybe send more time working I'd like yours is different as you guys do like four up fuhrman's account and show. I've got four hour Le Mans the content but I have to have more hours to fill. He know that in our targeted against a little India is all of their time in our target demo you is actually did get a better rating than we do. Look at that wow why why are men. Aides Tony thanks indeed for listening to. Colby callais eagerly got producer Dave on their hands I had some good stuff they're Green Bay Packers because we got producer Dave there it's (%expletive) As women's. We both watched the OJ Simpson thing fascinating day holy cow so this is an interview fox Saturday and Sunday night. The Los confession they were supposed to air it. Ten years ago and then in 2006 affiliates said to have me on and do this or we're gonna drop it. And this is such a fox program fox the network that gives you when animals attack. That kind of stuff when buildings collapsed. On even know which of those are real or what I mean I think those are both real ones. So fox did this to our thanks well OK then they lose American Natalie needs some competition against it so they put up the OJ Simpson special. Dried out twelve years later when seemingly everybody sensibilities of vanished how different world is now. Analysts on years ago so on this OJ thing. How old are you a 25 we. And why so fascinated me because I don't really. I don't live there and evident and really live through it consciously you know like I wasn't watching the news every day's now what's going on and OJ case I'm getting this off after the fact. You know my first real light. Didn't involve the hall there OJ case was watching the show on FX Alice so super all that cash which was great. And I really enjoy that and that got me into another rabbit hole of doing all the resurgent fine I'll these things. Watch other documentaries and not seen this in a deal. Guess he's so heated up on a huge fan only chew crime and conspiracy theories Mac can stop. And watching this gives me so heated. Because this should they came out twelve years ago right 2006 in a row was. Here we are and it comes out but nothing can be done about this like how much I from my perspective watching it a 100% a confession from OJ Alia. Hypothetically. Right it's a confession and so to me. You know there's the double jeopardy rule that he can't he can't be tried for this case anymore and how we got this guy literally confessing to a murder. Who can't get put in prison for this confession anymore and I knew that silly. C. I I I'll read the quote that he said in a minute but with OJ I was skull as I. 96. I was twelve ounce for says so we were in I think sixth grade. Mean in fourth. Whatever grade I was in there would be days. Where. The next hour as teachers say all right we're gonna turn on the OJ trial and I would watch the trial aimed class. Would then go home. And turn on then court TV. And watch the trial. Until like 6 o'clock when Simpsons came. So I would watch OJ Simpson Simpson's Wheeler watchers who taco their friends. When I was animus and enforcement and I would have intent I got a cartoon published in our local paper on an Energizer bunny hitting a draw on that sent OJ trial. You are not published cartoonist who you are brilliant humane I'm now so. I can idol I mean it's ten but I lived this is that the first real gripping cable news thing. And I wash all the time in and I mean my friends there's talked about it. I dean dean dean to start the FX series and finish it. I tape the ESPN thing that they did and never why it was hard for me to watch the is Jen thing honestly there was an. As much focused on the case as much as it was close and this is OJ as a person and I don't care about the killer case she Brian is a very interesting case. At time I think a 170 million people watched. The verdict which was I shocking I thought it was going to be guilty man and I think he's guilty now of the murder. But I didn't get into the new stuff because I cannon I mean I handed right firsthand this confession I am. I wanted to check it out and wanna watch it SI you snap chatting about it that is very interesting to Dave's into it. You being torn five. And then I thought YSE and Africa's I saw a Twitter at one point just go right he confessed Charlemagne the guy that was doing about it. OJ in this interview saying hypothetically hypothetically hypothetically but then at one point he got lost in. It turned from hypothetically this is what happened why it the he'd like turned all the sudden for the rest of it to beat first person could get there was a block. Called if I did. Where this. Somehow dance write the book about how he would've killed in the Cole. And broad. Did he kill them which is what this interview was supposed to be a promotional for those of us to be that will be released with the book of the person interviewed and in this interview was the person who wrote the book with him deaf which is even more frustrating. Because how can you sit there. Having someone out reading about this woman and she said that they pitched a terror as a confession but is going to be in the hypothetical because OJ couldn't. Couldn't live with his kids knowing. So though the hypothetically get to look at kids in the face into need. Right there is admitting guilt like I gotta say it's a hypothetical just a my kids don't get mad I mean it's it's hypothetical. I'm still telling you exactly what happened if you dean do the murder you wouldn't you would never. Sit down and explain how you would have done it and the only way you're gonna do that is if you actually did. The murder as your crazy have to murder of these people get be crazy not to talk about it. Fox and he's saying hypothetically hypothetically Vinny goes in the first person he says as things got heated. I just remember Nicole Fallon herself. And this guy eight. This guy kind of got into a karate thing. I said well do you think you can kick my ass and I remember I grabbed the knife. I do remember that portion that's all. You can go on it is taking a knife from Charlie Charlie Wi and Charlie is then yeah. And I got us after that I don't remember except I'm standing there and there's all this kind of stuff around. Any trailing off and she said what kind of stuff and he said. Blood and stuff so I'm glad you rather squawk of this is literally what got me as how can it be a hypothetical situation the time hypothetically that all that you say. I do remember actually taking in that take in the night but then. I blacked out and I came back to and there are other valid blah column of them like. I remember. Yeah in spite of the hypothetical situation that's not true. Remember this exact thing that I did but I blacked out and then I came to play about telling a story about hypothetically going to the grocery store this morning mature enough. I would say hypothetically. I grabbed the bread to put in my car I do remember putting their bread in my current. I bet you know eliminates the whole premise that a being diabetic exactly once he turns an. To me shame on anyone who's in the room filming this interviewer. Anyone who is there and not do they wait a minute this just turn in the first person this is no longer hypotheticals you're telling the story as it. I did did you you not tell on this as it is a third person so you wanna someone a column on. Oh I think you gotta keep letting him know letting people about it after the fact like. To say we're not gonna release this interviewers and not like Ben show that confession to somebody. You know nobody had seen this interview for these twelve years and has just been shelved that fox and now no one CNET but how. How can you feel good about yourself as a human being knowing that you just witnessed OJ Simpson confessed to murder. We're not gonna say anything about it. Right like yeah I understand that is work in this your job you do an interview that. At one point you get past working go to real life pins you can keep you gotta murderer confessed theme right down front you and yet. We're not gonna say anything about it emerged gonna scrap this interview because. You know all the family of the Goldman's and Nicole fan I don't want this to get out and another thing about the thing they'll hold their loss confession yet on Sunday it was. Chris darden's there you know who's been the lawyer who lost. Sitting next to Nicole Brown Simpson's best friend. Had she says she's crying crying do all they think you're making her real live this well you're making her relive it you're making her relive it next to the guy who. Lost the case and having a look at you emulate cash without a known this I would push harder hornets fell expects. But after after this quote you know Qatar into the that's a 100% a confession they looked at Nicole Brown president powers known this back in 2006 I wouldn't of objected to this interview coming out this like well. No one told you because shame on all those people were not saying he literally just confessed to. On out he's out he's out on knowledge charges like Heisman charges is robberies strategists in there. Watching this interview just soldiers and he's out of prison he has the ability to watch anything you want you know I think judges pretty demented man had a I don't know if he knows that he's alive I don't know if he knows he's in prison. I think there may be he died he died imprisoned in this is have been 'cause there's no way you get I don't. OJ I don't know understood Alan you understand space and time was July believe that you be watching this. And is DeLia Gallagher Batman and ask me they're my interview the gimme just smirking that the little Smart Guinness says the all time like. Mean clearly out again this is our opinion but to me clearly he did it in clearly he knows that he did it clearly he wants the world to know that he did. Yeah since he wrote a book about it and then do an interview about it but in the hypothetical I just don't understand how you. Let you get pusher of the hypothetical because once you've turned a first person has not hypothetical got pretty user ratings. Ought assurance I was gripping television. American idols ratings because that's why fox aired it again to count her idol. 2.3 rating in the eighteen to 49 demo which is the only one that matters anymore that's pretty good aiming over a two is actually really good now. Ten million people watched it idol in that age range. They'll for OJ got a one point two. Good in the demo four point four million people. Ones in the demo. But better than reruns of Bob's burgers. I think Abbott your a lot of people turned it off to Danica I think. There was those promoted in a way where it didn't seem like it was going to be this panel discussing you know I guess in the go to does Gilligan. Unedited raw this was the interview from 2006. And it wasn't it was parts of the interview that would then. Be. Interspersed with this panel discussing it. At direct link the first time that happened to kind of took me out of that on this panel came on. And then they came they went back to be interviewed a guy doesn't I want a lot I don't wanna wash the panel discussion but the panel is very interest in a while that part but also is. It's hard to watch trip like Chris darted volley love and love and all this press he's found again and again Mike. Obviously is for the wrong reasons but even with the two black casing Augen all this new. Documentaries in this scenario Astaire wanna raptor write and I watch the and bridge or Chris Darden within that one and you know if you had NL either that was Soledad O'Brien now on tissues the one who read allies have you love this kind of stuff fan. Fascinating. Dynamic has done and he's probably just think like man at least against them pressed again. There's nobody knows who I am except for the OJ case had low holing those who are my guys I love this stuff this fascinating and make. You lineup any sort of true crime things the watched a toll on it a whole list. Do Audrey is on YouTube and stuff as much. I YouTube is in trouble. They I have cable now. Not YouTube videos NN YouTube team. YouTube videos. YouTube aimed who all are like together YouTube found that the videos people watch the most. Are the videos about like extreme. Melissa long is very you've ever watched on YouTube for me it's probably like. Los Vegas shooter conspiracy right so then when you're watching that for fifteen minutes. Then other ones pop up on the side more conspiracy and you know online videos in looses their ad rates so YouTube actually promotes. These really awful videos on these conspiracy videos. And so they're part of the reason one of the many reasons at the country's own Xia. Conspiracies I feel like. It seats are you the only you have big conspiracy fan Nancy I think those that he has agreed ideas I don't amnesty well might not what you're saying this person and then at sandy hook is an actor called right back at the solid gathered deadly some conspiracy that are fuel watched the game. Alumina idea back of a dollar bail right then whether I'd ever but if you are looking like. The same person is that all these shootings and Lance comer. Adam and I just. This fascinated by the fact that. Somehow we can have these species is clearly there is there's a disconnect in. You know the justice system and losses to amend the general public. That all these big controversies in cases have these conspiracy theories that are even able to be made about that you know all that. Someone took something that was missed during this case you know and made a conspiracy on and that athletic that ghost it. Show how there's still Sony flaws that the fact that these conspiracies can be made in conjured up and become so believable. I managers dark and I still think two pucks alive man shall. Now but I don't watch in the new to the action off on that is fascinating man knowing Andy Kaufman. Comedian yeah at but he was alive for a long time we'll Jim Carrey is IndyCar in the centers and so yeah weird. Did you watch the documentary and Netflix the Ginny Null Null I love that movie. Actually reached out today again outsider again. And try to talk to him a little bit I'd love that movie man on the moon like Andy Kaufman. He died three days before I was born to I used to try to pretend and I was standing there reincarnated. Living Jim Carrey did its sole. And as we talk legendary resort incidents I don't. What do you think your daycare early Jim Carrey's crazy legs look at him he doesn't care what he's doing and he's so weird these interviews you know the other later viewing is like circle that are around ago the hope I just ought to I think he's brilliant I think he's just sick and Ireland. Put him in this box and he's like listen well then wait smarter than all you guys I mean when you do a thing like any confidence thing that sticks with you. I mean she was a method actor for the tennis it is crazy to see because you know he's this. Big physical comedic love Jim Carrey's I think. He's probably one of the top comic actors. Of all time he's made some of the best movies and to some of the worse which Brett good that's how you know that you truly are good actor like Lugo. Will Ferrell and it's and horrible movies and also make some great movies Adams San has made some horrible movies he's ultimate agreement I think that shows that you can have fun and be that. Label on an idiot look at me just make money but you can also get into that realm of being a real actor do you like yes man yes that's great I just wash it again. You don't like. I don't. That came out at a time when. There are a lot of movies that came out. Where there is like a middle aged man going out there they're right we are there are weird comedy and there's a quirky girl. Who's forty years or owner is you know and they follow Lotta there really bothered me. So that movie. And I was okay. It was I mean like when he saves the guy from the ledge I'm Matthew liked led light years as though there's only a lot of finger. There is there's definitely a pile of comedy movies out of like is this really counted as this like a coming of age story. Task. Of this middle aged mid mid life crisis. But I guess Arafat's union midlife crisis is it. I just add on like when like when guys get girls that are battered and and they don't deserve. Sitting he'd end is there. Will come and Jim Carrey is like 45 and dime she's like point eight. And these couples are on our on nowadays. There's like thirty year age gap between these couples. Weird man I agree to it's weird evidently to manage yet but who are you to say heated as ever there's people could you imagine right now. That you're gonna Sunday get married to someone who's now a born. There's people my age you are gonna do that 33. Very good way to think he put an ally that is so is gusting. I have been born. And then you've been made. And had not made that name that. Thought yet. Even anyone's mind biggest. Problem in you know. Shot out and they've already gone through the whole cycle of being a sperm honest Berman and the good news firm and toilet somewhere. Float and David Stein and deep that produce a day which Jack Collie when I have you on. You can't you ever you want them to give you as a shameless plug enough for my podcast idea which you're gonna get on sometime Bard is called dish with a day of and I think talking about just basically any thing but every episode ends with they have recipe because I'm a huge duty there weren't Soledad some way to Ali back to talk some food with you. But I got a dish with Dave is Dave suns ought to encrypting saying it's a waste of time. Part see how can that be a waste of time to cook your arm for us the conversation for another day Diana I appreciate you let me and you podcast the buyer. Well policy ally keep it that day. I'm here whenever you need me so additional day of sonic at the final casts now on you know having us on Google played two state cheers that a thing. I don't know stitches winner of that footage sent I have my won the knicks back out and out so fun stuff Oded. Hypothetically. And realistically I did you do so listen the day about from 56. Infant over to me the sixth ten. Just open a push button you know cinema the two buttons next to each other and assigning them Austrian. Song we put the most. Our plan a lot of thunder. Split a lot of imagine dragons and sounds good like two years ago. People like stealth. Bartlett who I know you're at the ideas I know it. I did that station in a different we're doing great so I know you're gonna keep we're gonna keep on doing what we've been doing. And I guess the at the top. Now. High here higher than non switch who's known Dave think you'll talk soon and let's I wanna talk NCAA brackets. Yeah but this year I don't know why they are combat bonds than this year so I don't know how much valiant brilliant. Who were you taken any on the now. How many today. Duke just because Powell posted gonna do it Grayson it really isn't that popular enough that you know there are nearby cedar fires people when they are due cats apple where do clothing but also they're gonna win. The hell out of here I did I did win last useless I did when last you were bracket will you say that I do in this list Tony granted in Santa. The hell lot of air and don't you gotta be Marconi grand producer of odd check in wing clarity got to be more in tune determined and Dave I would Albright. It's a little bit more than days now a whole lot more college basketball really is a Matt Forte. Among the sports I watched at the bond analyst. We'll contest to a that's kind of sucks it sucks as bad basketball. I've gotten in arguments this weekend trying to tell people how bad edits is bad it's so bad it's fun to watch. The college basketball's not good and it Carl Anthony towns is at hand this just not a picture. He would be a senior right now at duke he would dominate or Kentucky Kentucky yet that that's on top vessels good when you guys that are with. The you know teams for four years that's a couch vessels good. Now it's one and die and you know you guys may be a Malcolm brown and stays for four years. That the war of the level of play. I don't understand how. If you're a fan of life and sports wire Monday night you would rather watch Texas West Virginia play cows basketball. And you would pistons hawks in the NBA. It makes no sense of people say things like. All they play better defense in cal basketball which is not true you're obviously blind because. You don't understand that there's more talent offensively in the NBA in there is in cal basketball you're not Carter LeBron James every night regarding. So oneself from Texas and a more you know this guy from Michigan and it's the difference in talent is just. Astronomical. On Ambien accounts basket and I just that's collection at best in the world understand and you hear people say you see people on Twitter you see people on FaceBook you hear people. Call our sports radio and they say things like. I'll watch how fast Lubbock is a better brand of basketball no it is not the only thing he did say is maybe the fans are more passionate about their teams. That's about it. Right but just did the media if you say I washed out best books like upsets and it's exciting for me that's fine like I'm not ripping you for that just you. Rather watch bad basketball. Now the NCAA. Is like a Tony five game season. In on the NBA's 82 and I think his Monty and don't like bats I think a lot of the people that are still hunkered down in cows and as well over MBA our life. They think that it's twenty years ago they they look at the NBA and they think. Big. What you Wear before David Stern did the whole thing in. You know maybe there is not in tune with what ever. They think because vest cause there was Tony years ago but is is this is now and I understand every game's not great. In the NBA and certainly every game is agreeing college but I would rather. How much straddling duke UNC Dave mentioned duke duke UNC. That's supposed to be a good game idea acts I can't I can't I can't watch it I'd rather watch even without Samuel it without fantasy. I'd rather watch. The trail blazers take on the grizzlies and I would duke UNC. Boy that's star power you have Damian Miller gives each image column you have Michael Conley when he's not hurt of course she's hurt this year. But on the same way duke UNC date is they talk about is the greatest rivalry in sports staff leaning college basketball. But each year to it's a different team Anna grace and Allen yet he's been there for what four years now but he talk about. Freshman in the one and done rule. I think that's really hurt cal basketball and as you mentioned just a little bit Delhi would be nicer to seek a four year player that we can follow these guys at their careers they get better and they get smarter. You don't see these super mistakes of the inning games which. In tournament time. Teams below eleven point leads with a minute left owning every college basketball player that I can right now a stab my had this now Wisconsin Marquette let me just to be under ten. Terry Young. I just mentioned one like. Thirty seconds ago. Katrina crisis now. I'll grace and Allen we know him now why do we know grace now because he's a bitch yeah exactly not because he's a great. Basketball player you know yeah it is Michigan State has a bridges. And sodas Villanova. Idol Villanova point guard Jim and Bronson as he played high school bond Chicago hoakea Branson I solve Vatican's isn't. Got beaten from Arizona 'cause of the 100000 dollars allegedly. All who's that kid from Xavier is bitch I'll. Murdered in. Coaches can you name in NCAA. Way more than win more than the players right there there. And much Ike and I can name the way more NBA coaches and only has no Xavier guy. He was the one that like flipped off the badgers. All my dad. Xavier basket. All. Player X may just be saint John's roster but it. I again on how are you maybe is that it is not even there a team sure everything is someone else. Wow. Okay well occur occur or I yet never heard others name my character Aston. Jay team a Kara gin and Reynolds Seattle is a energy team occur from the leg film and it's OK there it is. Bombs. Bridges against the bridges but not sure which ones where it's. Did I say tray young yes you did occasionally get one for that. Islanders secure land should do he graduated. Yes I don't know. Peter Jack. He graduated from Ireland now I don't know. I 'cause vessel sucks that being said I'm come from March Madness meat soup because there's money on line how beginning in a variety of different schools. Last couple years at a critical I was guns is not and there's less cavaliers I've taken Wisconsin. Will want to than last year they analog earlier. If Scott's going to be duke Baylor made 15100 bucks. Wisconsin what do into the final four. Last year now if Wisconsin what is. The years that they lost in the final four they wanted to add to the final. Then I would of 1000. Non secular camp winning based and so on you take Wisconsin. Because of your heart rate. Well when they were good I would do I can I do like. Eight different pools. Now that's a question. When you do a different pools if you sign and in a different. I do any different brackets are wonderful and everyone on donate differ Brack and because this is an incident why as Bryant is exactly you need to joining apples are putting in what may be five to 25 dollars. The chances of winning that signs the same bracket you're not going to win it just feels. You only get one broke all the USA. You can say that you had every absent you can say you're doing routine. Don't talk about your bracket and realize and the biggest thing too is when it comes to practice time everybody is an expert. If people wanna know what your bracket looks like they will log in and on the website and look at which racket everybody says all men I'll watch Wichita State all year this year they're gonna take it home mark. That Villanova alleged rape in their turn meant. Stuff like that it's slight now you've you've you really didn't watch Cal's basketball this year. Not like Providence I saw the last five minutes. On the big east tournament as an hour plain bored to tears meets may do 'cause they're nationally televise all the time but you're not watching. It's naming its name Mila ascendancy there. Nevada who's watching Nevada basketball Arkansas who's watching Arkansas basketball Texas say and down didn't you watch a text saying nobody. All right so we need is there somebody that you like so far. Al I was Kentucky's legal final four every year even them as a five seed and don't take out her wedding when they go to if the champs of game and played UConn has a seven seed. As sept several years ago I was picked Kentucky to go deep. I think image taken beat Virginia. So in that in the top laughter tire referred to them. That's not allow east region who cares. The top seed their Virginia Cincinnati Tennessee Arizona Kentucky. Miami out like Kentucky. I might take Kentucky or Virginia thinks Cincinnati's MB team that a lot of people want to because nobody knows any amount on. All right Kentucky or Virginia governor. Virginia now so than on the other side its top right it's. Those following in home no lock her do. Texas tack. Which tests state West Virginia Florida. I like Purdue that I am and on the big east salt like nova. I really like no but they they want what little wind they want last year right two years ago in adding his 22 years ago. Who won last year I annul I don't know I don't know where North Carolina. Wasn't. As I Eric Google's slogan I am British airlines and think it was. NCAA. Championship. Even even an eye on the format or we can add a he's isn't gallery scene that is the least favorite part of my show with chuck is and we do Google races. Revolt no wonder I wonder Doug K we do good or reasons on the budget really bad at Google races. But right now. NCAA champ basketball Tony seventeen and anti Janet know it did come up from here gal North Carolina wagon Villanova won just sixteen duke doesn't fifteen. You can't 2014 is that dumb that I almost on a taped Mel because they did just win recently. How many teams went back to back. All I never not many right now. Butler went to back to back the gospel tears. Now they learn both gathering data together here on a play duke and Connecticut just intent chosen eleventh and eyes Herman Hayward shot OK let's finish this bottom right Kansas duke Michigan State Auburn Clemson and attending Michigan State goes down. The one I'll never pick Michigan State tickled the final four again because of the year I had them winning that title was a year they got knocked out the first round. Had Denzel Valentine. Yeah naw yeah I do that too because now is avoided them in that matter are finally like was okay is Annie had a great year muscle take them same. Thing for me. I like Kansas actually out to Kansas they got a few games in Kansas something Kansas Kansas duke. Michigan State Auburn you like any of those all as people are starting to figure out outside their player is Kirk higher coup. Played for Kansas. Loss in the title game to colonel Anthony Syracuse back in all three. Nenad seems rumor time and wants kansas' lose one duke is that true I think duke. Like duke. I'm in the bottom lasts is Xavier North Carolina Michigan and Nathan's testy these were doing on WB podcast we're doing cal basketball podcast. We're not doing that he'd have me. What joint town. We'll come on Ali can. What are you a sailor Debbie getting anything Graham can send them that it was very average last that's about it if you went on disagreed Friday night Friday. Friday Cody desert than he did he time cans the united. Not gonna with them already do that price Friday. Uns is shocked Eminem and I I T I've come amid a nasty like. Anytime you want let's now it's nice to see that's what we called the open invitation which is actually like and not in details can also do an email me like and Wednesday it all the email that said economic common Friday 11 o'clock this is what we do and you know he's now Friday eleventh. Yeah our. And in the SE there. You're being very mean Chicago for the ninth time to him that. Connect. By. Art seized it and Graham will be joining us on Friday. For our WW podcasts are fast lane recapping our raw smackdown we can't ever happens on those shows. Yeah Teradyne NCAA. I want to ask you a bronze stroman. All he was so cool like you missed out man he Tom Zandi was very polite huge dude by the way. I know you already knew that six foot 8380 pounds from slowing her. Funny thing we've learned too as well. Ryan Ron is the reason why his name's Brian Strom did you guys get down I know we dance and I'm very upset suckers I saw let Alan because I brought up the growers because I said. On this frames originally brought up that he was screw up it's like a response and he toppled about that I said. A growing up Boris Johnson as well in Europe ever stand right because you had suitor yeah names and Phillips come in in Phoenix for shell. And start talking in my eyes again I guess you know baseball I would send a perverse and and Essex all he really had to say about it. I didn't think says. Ask him I want to honor went to send it out because I brought the brewers like a sad I wanted to do that but yeah I I didn't think about doing that only their Kennesaw myself to do is saying you know one time last year. They faced the blue jays and it was cool to see brine. In stroman yeah but I don't think it would have actually sent are you drawn because of Brian brawn now I would love to mention. You know what do you think about Ryan brawn coming out with your will. With your entrance music is a walk up sock hop that would have been a crush question I was thinking about asking but. I wish I pulled the trigger on that because if I did. He would have probably told the story of how he became the day and I don't think we'll see if we would get that out of him because that was all over the W do the exact publications. If we got them out of them. We would put up the tweet maybe maybe. And then nobody would leave and then he would have went to wherever he told and that would again main story yet. So so we would have been the youngest up our Bryant. Yeah I Mary it's gonna go back and and heard the full thing that I'm a listen to it and put down our best of shows assuming that doesn't suck I will say this though I am sick of the fact that he has. The backup plan. For Roman and brought closer here than manage you know the funny thing about that not really funny it's time depressing actually. So Raines was involved in this whole steroid scandal. It wasn't Roman greens it was Luther rates. Numbers Luther Raines. Former wrestler so now. Exactly so he was a former wrestler dad apparently did steer writes this guy sent out this is crazy suspend a real milk is it wasn't Roman. All it was he wanted the hero when WW on like Roman but when WB put that out saying that. Rains may be involved this steroid scandal. All the hell is the last name so this guy whoever sent out and off he was trolling or if Arnold he was dealing but. It would turn out to be Lou terrain so Romans is not even involved in that anymore. So now there's no point of having a battle plan for that match is gonna be Roman Brock so knowledge and two bronze from. So you get two high profile guys that need to match coney. Ron stroman and alliance. Know who's gonna how much I like alliance Russo of you was at the paper view last night yeah. He was at the paper view last night. I profiles can be talking about. John scene yes OK I can see that scene abroad had any good but it broadcasting all trying to cast casting go over. You'd have to have drowned when their match. Not begun. You take it doesn't come back and I would much rather seem proper Sina than taker perceived damn don't take yet. I like take her mama spirits of all time now he's way too old public this match I thought economic scene against American bad ass undertaker. Patrick at a seat. Never give up Sina against bronze Romans now. I will again I suppose that well done Marlon then on the WB podcast we do that as well back to the lower left arson do and then. Xavier North Carolina machine game can say stay. He assumes the one seed Xavier who's the two seed North Carolina. I picked its usage in duke and a five Sunni Kentucky don't want seed in no million it was a three seed. Three seat is Michigan giving Michigan okay I'm gonna take North Carolina eventual final four. So your final four is why Kentucky. Michigan. Duke and nova kaine and I'm gonna go Kentucky. No Obama. Kansas. And North Carolina. I'll say can North Carolina and Melba. There we go there's a story line last two champions. Face off nova wins by six outs or Kentucky and no buck. I am no winning as well. I am Latin got a grant producer. General Michael are you here now on six to ten. Our nephew down listening to producing days. Morning mashup. A Shia figure a widely and so early assignment they don't they start earlier Yemen. You play songs. But stayed got to be there for. Some day produce a show. You know I try to sell Abbas producers we don't. And I don't know I kind of I don't understand why music show any sign of full five getting your four. Yeah we we we DOS are gonna start at five it's fifteen minutes of music for your first break at 515 yen lest not I get that has had sex and unique in nearly 545. Not plus thirty now by thirty day and and honest as legal house fire thirty all last week laws in the year because I was you know I'd had more work to do. But usually you know 545 humorous stories up in. You don't. Great. Good stuff. Go to grant Al is pleasure. We'll talk to you. I mean. I CO around yeah yeah and almost a year there were in the same studio. And technical live closer each other actually and I can well apparently never really invited me out the final and now I don't go America thank you thank you. That's let the links things podcast back for all law allowed just depends aren't I wanna work but I do plan. I'm doing this not much much more hopefully once a week if not more. Thanks today's Stein producer David Duval ever thanks to Marconi grand thanks to rigs stinks to Nathan drama. For barging in here as well. Will keep doing their share this there'll ever be married movies do it in our lord commanded this card now you'd tell people about an hour and a lot of it on.