Erik Kratz says "This team is about winning the ring"

Brewers Coverage
Monday, August 20th
Erik Kratz responds to doubting Brewers fans. Understands the panic, but.....

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Received damage up OK so I would have to say that yesterday's. Win against the cardinals was pretty big deal as it anyway. As anyway and if you lose three in a row as. Any 21 win in August Joe's they equal the same as the ones in April but. Fan bases radio personalities they get a little more they get a little more excited in August and September for sure. Well I'm going to be honest it's you in on Twitter. I've been Trent really art stay positive because you guys. You're through you're not only three in asking is that the vision your training camp games under the instantly and it program. In over the weekend a lot of fans we did it mean. Getting frustrated. You don't feeling like you guys are running not guess how do you respond to spotlight that. You know. I get it when I hear people say that you know I was a baseball fans now my baseball player. Some games in my and I looked like it. But it's one of those things that. I'd have a hard time believing we're getting tired. I'd have a hard it is the team gets tied it seems that have been on that and I'm tired in August and September. They're out of games. And we've had. Every game except for you know couple of blowout games over out of control. We've had. A shot to win again in this sixth seventh eighth inning hole and that's of this team's built to do have a shot to win one swing came when it one's going to tired. And it's not that we're waiting on that home run but it's something that where you know we do and we we grind out at bats. It's. There's times in the season when you go through stretches. And if you look up. How many teams have 69 ways of trying to pick up the time I had no there's let these 68. Re okay so. So have they all gotten closer. Actually they've definitely gotten close and that is not. That is not because. I think they're better teams and processors we've gone through a stretch where we haven't we have one baltics and I think the other day one of the guys in there estimated towards and they asked me you know everything's trending in this direction. You know my opinion would be. Did you like the brewers. In April may and June or did you think that we were. Better than we really work. So that's really only as a fan I get it like you ride highs and lows you know years. Your feelings your feeling of panic but it's something that is. I told him in there to us and I'm gonna quote Charlie Manuel and say that water levels out so either. You were fakes man when we were doing really good. 00 my god they're never gonna they're not good enough. And now or go bad. News. This is gonna happen there or. Two starts right in the other direction guys and art fitness. We're gonna start getting things distract Brett track records say they're going to. Pitchers and pitching well there are gonna. Based on health. They're gonna get them as long as everybody's healthy. We are gonna get better and if somebody gets hurt. Other guys step up this is that this is an. Tony climbing game you know today we have a torn about it roster and you don't know of anybody tomorrow can mean different zones up next. I didn't panic I get it. We still have more wins than everybody else and that's a you're trying to catch it it's pretty similar to other brewers catcher Eric grant. You know we've seen what this offense is capable law even with the additions of stock in its scope. Is there any explanation as to why this offense I think consistent. I don't I don't have an explanation other than. That it didn't fall but you know I'm honestly. Did we strike out more and cardinals series. I don't know you have to go back and look at that you got to delve into it and today. The hell is what everybody sees as we see we see the elegant and today. We don't work for the win over the loss we worked for each pitch. Grinding out a pitch as hitters. Making each pitched as pictures sound boring in the standard cliche. 1980s answer for baseball but. It is and it's no more important and it's something that we've prepared for a since spring training I was here is returning but I know that's what these guys prepared to do. And and we go out and win tonight are gonna say well a lot of really turned it around or that is the day. Monitor. Negative view just wait until they get shut out again. You can look at when he sees the Red Sox the greatest team owner says somebody on somebody don't nears the end says they were yesterday. They got shut out this is this the time when there and all of a sudden come back reality because they got shut out one game. I don't you know that's that's panic city that's a that's their business Twitter panic that's. The sand panic you know 1057. And panics. You know. I would say I would say I don't have an answer to it other then. It's now for a lack of Africa and these guys. Are going to give everything they have everything they gonna make mistakes absolutely. Are they anymore. And it may or exaggerated in. In a playoff pennant race yet there are. But you know what we're pretty good team. You are good teams do they win games. So everything we're doing bad now and you still think we're a good team. Stay on stay on enjoy the ride really win a lot of games and receive. Difference of their corrects I was going back through your career because you have played for so many teams played overseas. I see anywhere where you were a couple seasons is that right I have that right I was active for the 2014. Royals. And to steroids and not play in any of the game sees all that right. You went back through my career he must had a lot of time and enhancements along the long days. Long periods of mediocrity. But it's no I've been so I was on the Phillies team in 2011. And in play we lost a game fives suit cardinals. Is on the fourteenth team. With the royals. I didn't get an inning games we lost a game seven. Of them fifteen team and I was not active. When. Glenn royals when we won the World Series in fifty. Man last year. With the Yankees I was on the Yankees team is not active. I saw. Was I there. Yes so when you're part of one Eagles playoff teams. What exactly should be the mindset the approach. A similarity. To really good teams that play zone. The Yankees last year. City royals and sports is this team the Phillies. Went on in two games in 2011. Preparation preparation. It is. Focused preparation that is dedicated and it's on questions like it's. These guys are ready to go nobody's nobody's throwing out there. Hoping to win you hope to win the World Series. Planet and grocers. And those similarities here. Especially to fourteen and fifteen royals team. This desire to win a world answers. Everybody wants to win the World Series. But. We plan to. And you can't you can't just happened upon and I've always look at that. It's September we're three games out though you. Big plans and then you planned every day accordingly to make that happen and that's something that news. From top to bottom in the locker room you know you say it starts with player X. And that sort starts at player wise but. The whole mentality is suits. I have the best season that we can possibly I've been on teams that it really good but the whole mentality to us. Have the best season that aircraft. This season that. Watching sorted best season that might restart its path but you know what those guys they have good seasons. They don't get it rings that. This team is about wondering. So let us that is the that's not unique like you would ask but that is the similarities that of winning teams and I have had success in the playoffs like just made the playoffs. I just making the playoffs Sox. Winning this we want to do when when it. Brewers catcher Eric grads I could spend an hour talking with the U I don't get the job to do teams got a job to do what you guys tonight. Good luck trying to be positive on the sand you know to keep everybody keep everybody you know. Don't squeeze the Mike so hard it'll be good guys about it because it.