Everett: Brewers bullpen has been lights out

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, April 23rd
National baseball insider Seth Everett joins the Wendy's BIG Show to discuss the Brewers six-game win streak against lowly competition at home before their first three-city road trip. 

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Joining us right now on the great midwest bank hotline known toxin brewers talks in baseball he has. Our national baseball insider from Forbes dot com all fired about the man Seth Everett every Monday on the Wendy's big chart this afternoon set. What's going on August 4 ready. Let's head. We'll have and we got to get to the plugs in not here for your health says. Well. Hey come here. Some people none of murder in the studio might improve his six game winning streak because against two teams the likes of the reds and the Marlins what would you say to those people. I can't help what I'm federal that I went out and then you know the argument about baseball and though it about ten. But a lot of it is it in their baseball game you have unique. If you're playing the Marlins. They're only gonna capitalize on. That you're playing the Chicago cubs' order capitalize on seven. And the difference is that how big of an impact though they ought. It compared to unforced errors in ever. It's the best way to describe it. And when you're nineteen are. It doesn't mean you make mistakes for the other team can't capitalize. So good still have to execute our where they get credit and they cal. Yeah I agree with you on that for shore and the other thing about his baseball team is. Two there doing it with a bunch of guys hurt our CIA and that getting hurt many Pena has been heard no court can able stale. All I'm trying to give up runs and I I don't. I didn't want to belabor a point because they're not disrespectful. About. Our record enable but it not marry out of our. Can't think it got hurt at all Balkan well since that day they have been lights out all weekend and I've been against. So crappy competition and iron and the reds fired their manager and you know I understand all that but the reality of it is is that. Or well and it's it's. It couldn't come at a better time because wherever they were. Eric fire under the last time we vote and now you open as the much better record which gave you a question when you have Maury. I had you're actually right about that and we've got about does this brewers baseball team right now starting pitching obviously he's been the one thing that. Everybody kind of looks at Breyer and Souter I think is destined and habitable planet if if he doesn't that are out soon they've got arms interplay. Now our pitching fairly well to this point you know Gareth come up and has been OK if not birdie good up Pennsylvania's last summer reading get through innings is you'd like but. Overall what out Jimmy Nelson like you said to build this cushion and I was taking would you sell last Monday and I'll riled and all week and that is. Just be around five Underwood Jimmie Nelson and everybody gets healthy and then make your run and they they they made a little bit Iran earlier to help you get to Jimmy Nelson and still be around 500. You mentioned here is. You know he turned fail bringing eleven. Month. Are all things considered and also give credit to cursing so much for coming back probably are. Are are a lingering thing and he came back and you know you're the guy that he felt a lot of people questioned him and I saw you. Is your immediate scrum when when he first got back on the roster. And he was talking about how well. You know you know consider it well act. It ultra dark. Self what do you made. Of the cardinals or what would this be like a three team race like this for a three year. I don't know I didn't like the cardinals of the block. The thing about Ricard hopeful this year last year. I elect in public equity and the cardinals. Not at it defensively. But it's like for it I have a lot of respect for an organization. In a model. Arguably one of the franchise is in the nationally here during and you know I. Aren't part of equity. Seriously. But your question I am a national perspective is our. Race I'd probably would instead now months ago. I'll ever and I respect that our congress that would just because I didn't like them make a somewhat close. Talking with our national baseball insiders cent average here. On the Wendy's being shown you our national baseball insiders while we're talking about other teams. Let me ask you about John Carlos Staten of the New York Yankees what do you think is behind his struggles. Some people think it's it's that the weight of New York in the pressure that comes with playing in in the biggest market. In the United States do you think that's what's up with this or is there something more tangible and may be mechanical that that's up with with John Carlo stand right now. Well thank you lapses he turned around straight to the jars and the cart yeah it or not there first. And it showed that. And eat well. Aaron you're very eloquent it expects air and opt out thing is that they still haven't really played nicely target that we get our biggest night. For the Yankees you know the think they play more than a third game in less than 45 degree weather. I didn't. And I hear about the yankees is just spin I guess crap on literal the Federal Reserve back there. I was very encouraged lacked here. I put them in the state voters are rumors and the Diamondbacks Rockies and the Minnesota it's window we did that at com now from beyond that would work. And really emerged as contenders and sports editor of the Serb Croat and didn't all of sudden now there are the big bear yeah. I don't think that's good. OK there are quality but there aren't great. Field great Boston red. And I don't yankees as they ought Arctic thought about that but I know they gathered eat I think there will eat out. I think he's still a great player don't get it wrong but you edit 250 strikeouts repertoire over under. I love you guys sought patent great story Yahoo! some rights what are you retreated. But. That's inspect. Since all on tape. A record. Or strike out based on what your record like strike ginger or call it like the poster child well. Real quick before we let you go last week. I saw that that Phillip or not the Philadelphia Phillies the Oakland a's weren't given away free tickets for a baseball game and in Oakland. And that place is usually a ghost town. They it was full at 46000. People there out in every Major League Baseball team isn't gonna give await every ticket to every game that be ridiculous but. Everybody's talking about how you can improve and increase the popularity of Major League Baseball. Could the answer is simply be as simple as lowering the prices and getting more people in the doors and and involved in your sport. Well you know hire plot that are also applauding in the kid who root out that are I as a man yeah. Yeah record outlaw came back out because they are but support our troops. That were trafficking in our art every one of those cute knots that's cool I just actions to back or stop the Orioles. Arguing that an I believe we talked about a couple months ago. There are certain where anybody under now. It's free so you wanna take care Alley here by one pick. That's pretty basic Arctic and Arturo you know I was in Baltimore that would be something I would read. You know but. Also art art stock of people all are great conversation with Terry Collins about that I can't Al can't strike out. Up. I'll start making contact me the players do something. I agree yeah ticket prices can help I'm not try to raid on a parade in a market where does it's well. Asking it and no longer an accomplishment. When starting pitchers chart out. Not a big deal market everybody. An article and I tell you guys it'd. I. Hope there here as eclipsed it here well what we. Yet it's not unfortunately it that's not surprising that the I saw this coming at that most people like yourself we know baseball. Solace coming that's the direction baseball's headed and that's our national baseball insider. Seth Everett check out the hall of justice and sports with friends podcast and find his work at Forbes that jump and catch every Monday or right. I. Don't care that coming up this afternoon. Italian soccer legend Paulo Maldini. He would like see it Derek Jeter of Italy and is. Is an icon and then next week it is not a 100% but I effort in. Richard brand. On four super. Nice. Outstanding I would check that out thanks slots that African American. You just wanna go to his private island that's all you want I want I ordered I ordered the departure army Ireland and ought to get some. It's sad but it's dog leg goes to retard next week who. You gotta. 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