Everett: Don’t worry about comparing rosters during a pennant race

Brewers Coverage
Wednesday, August 15th
Seth Everett, our National Baseball Insider, looks back at Game 1 between the Brewers and Cubs. How impressed is he with fan attendance at Miller Park?

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But he said that international baseball insiders at the rave reviews for your participation yesterday man thank you so much. People believe they're not have a Blackberry or Brian did a great job. Let the thing one of our code real mutual friend Ryan McGuire also helped that together yeah we had a black we have felt. You know how I will say you know I do not over height age. But the with a stepped up today and it was important that they do exactly what they did. There's no rest of the we're why are they claim. But nothing is better at sports from the trauma of efforts because it's every day and there's you know. It is not I look I'm not an art critic of baseball that you know you but it. But in the senate race is the best thing that's for chat that date the best drama that we're because even if ought once a week. But in baseball every day so there's literally no time to celebrate yesterday he's got to get it back and do it again today yep it is now. So the one thing and I walked back to the brewers in the cubs budgeted if you look at the rear view mirror here come the hard charging cardinals now we know usually after firing teams don't want to direction they either begin to pick up paced. Or they completely fall part. There's always a bomb there's a bump up some time we saw with Cincinnati we're seeing now is Saint Louis how long do you think this last or the cardinals for a. Well I mean at this point that even if here I bet you're real I mean so locals you know. And department that there all the Mariners. You swept the exit earlier as a couple but. The Mariners swept the Astros. Went into Oakland and the hot scene and had blocked two straight. So it literally there's no such serious moment. So the cardinal a pot there and legit but at the brewers they stick to their plan. They will continue to look at that who were there for the cardinals are going away and you can't look at next week is your game. The one team that did make a big move that we didn't think was going to make a move is a Pittsburgh Pirates they went on got Chris archer gave up a lot to get him. And other sitting eight games back I I gotta think if I'm a part of from a Pittsburgh Pirates fan or even somebody walking around that front office today. You can't help but feel like you've failed. No I could agree I don't I don't think Chris archer was a trade deadline move that was just a this year. Are they knew it was a long shot and pick up in the chase in the key of her work out. Just the fact they were not in workplace chasing the outs is enough to say it was a long shot anyway. I think the archer situation lot of eight a move. That was supposed to be a move that they've made with a lot here coal. And figure out a lot and they capture him are only 21. But only probably by her and I think that you know this war's huge risk. That the people on the disabled list then what did you get your huge investment. I when that when the deal was made. I think you'll what you might have had with chairman. You know brilliantly. But I called the move bolt I didn't call Smart. And what our parents should be reliant on. Is the fact that all the time they've been saying something bowl jinx something ball the other players in the game. They're. The United States and got it exactly what they get. And you know I said. I know right at you when the trade deadline was going on I wouldn't talk Chris archer not for the part. I guess but because of the years that he had under control it was going to be too expensive. All we're sitting here talking earlier today Iran Ron who started to heat up in the month of August he now says he feels. Completely healthy I guess my question is when guys are to put a really solid numbers. What does the length of time that he has to be able to do news. Consistently for you to go OK I combine in the now what are you selling. Well. What all I say is. But I'm murky and sitting and saying the called up there what these effect Sunday day game after a night game. And he knows it body. And you talk a large adults. And yet today in view that they. In you teleport network. But the game. Could he sustain that for an entire month I don't I don't out of the speak to his career but Tucker knew that there be a big component we've talked about wired broad assault saying. They're hoping that as long as you temper your expectations. He can create major contributor he stepped it up each step up the game Orleans yesterday. I thought that was great I really I thought the first inning take the whole game you try to never recovered it gave. I mean that the boat though a Christian Nikki so desperately need. It's not a secret when users you know step on the ground for the first time with a real quickly you can act well especially against a great lineup like that. Do you look at the Jonathan scope dinner today he's playing shortstop and you look at him in the month of August. He said he won fifty stores and mail to get up to Schneider really and it has been a struggle at times even to watch him and that you're hoping that he would come over. And do what he was doing in Baltimore Baltimore had a tremendous month of July finally started hitting got the 360 at one point and up that average at 244. Bush just hasn't been able to find his niche in the National League so far are is this a major concern you know at this point now that he has a forty at bats under his belt. Or is this just hey you'll be okay. But it's not a question of either dictate to it you're you know we're catalog are. Either China or you have to get up and admit it or negate. Yep just you try. Forty at bat not a huge sample size and you know there's a lot like a tree being traded IDR had a long conversation with firecracker. 0%. But what conversations about how it rattles you. Let you know the one thing I would say is Jonathan scope you out. He knew that he was going to be an average of really funny thing about your. You know all I you know Britain has struggled you know and since you are pure they got comfortable where being in relative anonymity. And out of light commodity in the pennant race in the unit generation's time for them to put up or shut up. He's in a lot of that they've played shortstop good move. A final that I you know I said you know. She went when they had this there's glut noted Gilbert they're apt bigger worry to get everybody at that than. You know kind of electric green right in the top. I don't let you shoot yeah replied I don't think too much about light up. I think that in this circumstances Garrett can give them five don't forget. Oprah has now left the off yesterday. I mean that it well yesterday. It'll all look at forest fire at a era when you look really low expectations I'm not looking for the change in performance. I'm looking five innings out of era and let that opened do its job. The did the cubs when your time this early and so when he asked me is pound for pound player for Politico actually better team and you look at brawn heats up it may dictate a few things but for the most part I still think short retaining yell it's. The generally solid team I think the brewers' bullpen has been taxed in I still think that there are probably a better bullpen but. For the most part the cubs still are the cubs are still pound for pound probably better for a baseball team to record correct. Yeah but you know when you say that I say at this point that people are apt to be good discipline. And it if Paris is not the iron to start looking at law. Is it ER said that yes there what do I expect to retard the callers on the carpet show yesterday. If you ask. It. Don't ask. You know I mean I don't wanna I wanna. I'm Paula here I'm working here I wanted it to happen go out and meet the key. And don't worry about the lineups don't worry about the rosters don't worry about it the he'd better if he's not. Because if you pull it if you clutched in you right here on the rosters if we look at the 25 Iraq is pound for pound the Cutler better. The brewer and no solid. And it means nothing that the burden can they want that target or. Look at the cubs moving forward I mean schedule wise that he's pretty much the same the brewers have a few more off days which I think could BR yeah. You know I mean it down the stretch so it may may well a little more open. Am it didn't amateurs what the law now so you know that that thing about it is you lose ground or is he gave ground and not doing it. You're definitely not a 100% in your own sentence you know there was a great story I don't know you heard it. The great Edgar Wagner did a great story for. About how. The attendance is down well based on huge glaring numbers about how out there. And yet the brewers are gonna have their expire and then they're upping television rating the Milwaukee. In the trend which is amazing. And based on that and one of the things that such Europe's Ariane liberty source they are the direct from the first with Rick option. He said in the story is that having the certainty of the lose it depicting their candidate. Well also a big thing because if you look the kind of art of the twenty integrate all the record. All the calculations. And have a public I have to play better here on the update. The brewers have every Thursday off. So over the month the September issue I mean. That's absolutely and and the cut claimed that because they don't have over. Which still has mind boggling why the people just north it was over Minnesota do not put a roof for their target field I have mil I. And I don't and I don't understand that you know but it public money without and I'm in Seattle right now right up aria altered one. The they are pitching 700 million dollars or remodeled Key Arena to get out expansion hockey Q&A prayer deductible. And yet the Mariners will not our way by purely because the government won't give my 180 million dollars stadium. Well who. Way to go so the Mariners are in the last year belief that did not get a a lot of traffic report Soria. There's no threat coming. There really is up at the end of this year they're gonna try to fight your pension and hope to renegotiate. You're gonna eat UK you walk up after all you want to go down that road. I couldn't believe. I. It's amazing to me that saved cozy even that old. And ethnic here I I covered the opening an accurate picture that is then you sectors. The construction at the when the but fairness I started taking pictures on the par ought during the construction. Which is off the great I'm last. But the problem as well hard pictures we're not there. And the weird part about it that stadium opened in July of 1990 ya feel like it was yesterday but it's just so you have not be young men Kramer. While that's that's amazing I can't believe it's acres total that's a cool while lemon yellows and you really really real really old. Seven it's always a pleasure buddy thanks for yesterday was a great time and I always look for a jam when you pal okay. We had a black and that terms you know we enjoy and came back and Paris is that the best way to go in the game. Naturally you're a man we'll talk is Ilya Josef ever national baseball insider joining us on this matter or jolly Schneider our drivers right now you work or they preach fear eighty plus years. Maybe getting it done call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs and dot com. Truckers are needed it now all there's too many trucks and not enough drivers called shattered they wanna get you trucking gauge on the road. And get to work and get GA get you some cash along the way good people over there. And Schneider.