Everett: To me, baseball games are won on fields

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, June 12th
06/12/18: National baseball insider Seth Everett of Forbes.com joined the Big Show prior to Brewers-Cubs Game 2 to talk rivalry, talent and which Brewers could, should, or won't make the All-Star game and why. 

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It is time to check in with bags guys whose work you'll find that Forbes dot com funny hall of justice and sports with friends podcasts. Then there is Seth Everett on the great midwest bank hotline what are you chuck Lynette over their Smart guy verses what is Matt Albers and Leo well really. Bruised ego but full foray Lopez or call for blood are right. So far this afternoon a friend. Our. I'm looking and you got caught on that I was doing well. You know I'm glad I wanted to go to bed. You know emotions run high around here when when the brewers. The cubs play in and that emotion tends to tends to be anger when it plays out. The way that it played out last night when people are angry about something like this. What we do in sports Seth is point fingers and ask. Who's that lost son. And that's how we opened the show this afternoon a lot of people upset curry council's handling of the bullpen going to Josh cater to earlier keeping him in too late. Going to Matt Albers at all not keeping Jeremy Jeffers in their long enough. Lot of people up upset with Jonathan VR for dropping the throw from Lorenzo Cain at second base. It's a if you're gonna pinpoint it who's that lost some last night. Well I I would love to always expedient hindsight is that he should have expanded Beverly sisters anytime an extra innings. You know jeopardy if another situation where the brewers scored a run. Earlier in Italy there in the ninth but in the pan. You know you you're he had all the open perfectly that probably has. They're not built to have a guy to go long and you don't wanna burn starter so. If you go to kind of a last resort and you know Albers is not the guy wanted to Matt's situation but that's. That's kind of the way it happened and you know the reality of it is it's one game gets played it ought to tight. You know chase Anderson about that. As a spokesman Gil butter home odds colors in May but it's baseball I don't dwell on one lost you're not. Now I do not want caught off Jose losses are there one in eight not. Sure that if your competing with two windows division I can you win the division had an Auburn win out of nineteen hot. If they don't start winning against the cubs win it cracks. Correct and that's why everybody's freaking out and they don't start winning their product and when the division and time's running out to replace him nine times out. We're excited came right and by ethnic urged. And in this band aids I don't make promote gay but that's a big game the bikini got into the game he got to listen to the engine built. And when you negate where the crowd should be electric. Well both cubs fans on but. There are dulled the a lot of tonight is out now as well worn out before you came on we figured Eric things would get a stark tonight. And he did get a start tonight and he is leading off for the Milwaukee Brewers tonight. Christmas. A it has the report I think I read our before so it's dames yeah Alex Kane. Sean Santana DR Pena RC I don't know chase Anderson that's a lot tonight no brawn no hagel. And a lot of tonight against the cubs. Well let me ask you that's our youth. That would correct yeah that's who wants a bunch of guys so hopefully along completely SEC RE 3 I I am getting a little bit concerned about the bald bald bullpen usage as regional to further into the season here in the starters going now last figured out six but. Going all four and a half strong and get through five innings to go to the bullpen and are you worried about that urge you think they can keep all this bullpen usage all year. Well I just don't think it's something that there there that that problem is you need to band. There are a lot and what I say a lot of teens and apple an issue. And there's already talk about in a relief pitchers there's already talk about converted starters are they want rumor or. Jack dealers being shopped around at the setup guy he's been a starter you know Korean government relief pitcher but their. OPEC help especially in this thing where it micromanage the silly you're Catholic or do the same problem. With starters only go for instance if you get into the time of the season where guys start to get fired. And the problem as it gets worse because we haven't hit July yet. It even batting an app over and out a lot of a lot of teams have what 98 games last. 98 games that. Sort of a finger at. So as we were two days you know breaking it down put to bed together analyze and we did a lot to do Packers. Yeah. But. I think for me he could be a little simpler maybe you can hear me out with the is there are the elite talent separation. Between the cubs and the brewers. There at the cubs are more talented. I don't go on the radio station in Spain that it up and I can because. I don't think there's any relevance in in the answer to that also the one it's not that it but it's also the reason why. At the end of the day IE. I'd pick the cubs to win the division and I stood by that I. Never got. October I think their mortality seem I think they're better baseball. But you know the games are what unsealed and radio stations and not on print. And not on blogs and on Twitter. You know to me baseball games are won on field and that Milwaukee Brewers have shown a crook well they have shown. Did you read up on his. Don't know blogger has done a lot lower blood you used as you become enemies. Yeah yeah it is. I op did you guys heard that if you're depressed it's that type compliment to me could ever give a baseball. And that is just that the ability to take a punch. And the ability to take a punch and respond. And be able to continue to fight the next day and that's the Milwaukee Brewers general. The brewers have actually demonstrates. How many scenes that are of course place sort of era firstly I've had greens that constructive. I meant the Cleveland Indians actually came off the top my ad. And when we talk about the elite teams in the nationally. Watched Atlanta Philly Milwaukee Chicago. Arizona Colorado on the dot. As a. Brewers are in perhaps not perhaps not. Be active at the deadline. In the race. And nothing was what last night like I said all I I turn my game on the ninth inning and while I was there it was somebody and that I wanna go to bed. What do though don't say you're Cecil. What would they have to do so now. Being cute catch. The coach in that what what what what will be the brewers deficiency use. Different. Which a positions. That they need to improve. I don't I think your concept here for all started at the brewers don't have I think the cubs have. You know starting staff that it battle that one World Series. I just think they're better baseball and I don't think that you're gonna fix that. In 18. I don't think that all the all the ill or you're late in the game tomorrow. You know art and my brother or at tomorrow for that matter you can win any game and go or I I'd love to see it. But I don't think they're the brewers. Eight or their roster is going to be greatly affected by the results of tonight tomorrow. Yeah and tell her Cobb that you talk to the big actually let's ago. You know Bob I blame is all of our Jeffers didn't roll you know flawed and I blame this on all the bad stuff to stir garage show all about. Brian Hart. All this guy's stuff did you just get out their system. Because to me how mark question was quote you think a good at the best chance to be an all star is a Christian yell is amazing McCain I mean. Hater Jeffers I don't know I make a bachelor fans look at games like this would they wanna vote. You know so you guys step up in big games like this. So what is guest can have a big gala you Alex no Ortiz who know him McCain that's when people start divorce specially and other parts. So what do you they had the best chance at this point to make it. You know that we're boys right yeah you all right yeah there are active armed and has some very condescending and Arctic. If all star voting is not a barometer for how good of baseball in me. It is no doubt a level below our notch below. Americanize. And the bad American Idol remake like not even the good American I don't with the Rubens. Uttered at home and non American Idol Sparky sitting right here man handled it here again I have uneasy. And and why. Why American Idol would vote. Put them purple haired woman or as a bit of the black dude with the beret like. Any of those reasons that the chemistry going and a matter of fact the most recent all star balloting update came out. And believe members of the Atlanta Braves. Are winning. It is why height. All of I mean there's no primary reasons for the all star balloting. The brewers will have representation. But I'm worried just sit in the player ballot. And I'm more registered in the coach's ballot hammer and the fair and balance I just don't think the parent. Fan vote stupid and I think that. And out of it all on like he used to be a growing up he used to be that you had to get the ballot at the ballpark right yes yeah and got art would be. I remember gas station I remember these to have also Belichick gas stations. Nice to go to my parents from a develop their cart and I would get a bunch of ballots. And I would fill out that many of knighthood and stuff the ballot box before. The bank wishful like you're a bit fat that I remember growing up well now it all online. And it's all you know some twelve year old kid mezzanine real accurate in Billings Montana. And what players he has seen on Twitter. Is that stupid and I I had him by a little that little war. With the official MLB account I don't know it's here account did not that MLB account. All they meet our home. Are all states are home run never like a web job. Could you give me any adults and seven nights playing or Archie can't and I catch in the outfield. And that was. In Lego what you know get the most to reach were like. Given our target given. So all of saying. To me I would not be surprised if Christian Milledge gets it. Came to edit or starting pitchers to edit it ought to do it making sure that everything is represented. Which is a positive because. There's a twelve year old kid for every team it means so very modest even work out I'm going to be all star game this year and you know are my favorite part of the whole thing at the ceremony. But once. Once we start talking past the band once we especially collapsed forcing him when that went entirely online. All I can say it and boats to. And sun this has nothing to do with baseball talk with our national baseball insider Seth average here on the Wendy's big show Forbes dot com you you mentioned. Voting for the all star in stuffing the ballot box and gas station there reminded me of a short debate that we had earlier here on the Wendy's big show our I have have you ever come across. Pizza from a gas station that was worthwhile my friend. But okay all right thank you could buy guys gives. Are your thing. Go ahead of all if they dip from a from a gas station is like one back but if you can get resolved yet. No Klondike bar that would be the thing I would and I would try to you so bad for the health and I don't want evident when I get a hold. Like drips some assurance I was struck with a club. My guys dean's party Pfeiffer yours now making yet I'm happy to have a gap they see him gas station pizza for breakfast home man regularly as a slogan on countries he break it apart right. The wells ultra edit the little salty but Matt is so good I actually just with a bright as the like all know we. We are all brand you can buy frozen if you want to get all the make it yourself its neighbor it's made right there in the message that is made right there in the GAAP and dollars. A lot of you. Are you overpaid. It's it's. It's smells like unleaded plus but its own lives and it's still Asia yeah. That is our national baseball insiders that the average bodies were hit girls dot com check out. The hall of justice podcast the sports with friends podcast and every Monday normally hear on the Wendy's big jump he's busy man so we had to get on Tuesday this week. Yeah go ahead. We will be yes I would have an event with Eli Manning and at this week I will be covering the US open the other golf nice there it's been a cock. Yeah it's becoming a pilot now I get there an eighteen hour. Mark how standings blurry up than that the I work to do. Bingo this single lane highway. Normally get out there that the only way to get there. And 30000 people are expected this weekend. You gotta get on the road my friend sounds like a traffic jam waiting to happen. Waiting to happen I'll be listening to a lot of projects. You're you can stream the big show alive on the radio dot comment to say Nelson. I know you do there is our national baseball insider who says Seth Everett. The great midwest bank hotline start your renovation journey with a simple and convenient preapproved from great midwest bank dedicated to providing. Perfectly personalized home loans to those right here in our communities since 1930 fat.