Everett: PED Testing Program is doing its job

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Wednesday, May 16th
Seth Everett, our National Baseball Insider, weighs in on the gambling and Robinson Cano topics. How much will gambling impact TV ratings? Plus, why is offense down across the board in MLB?

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Bring him in now says severed our national baseball insider and I acts you are correct Seth. I did read your two regret regret that but it. Well let's let's start there are so that you know Supreme Court makes a rolling eat my question do you his what do you think it does is to not only baseball but sports and Jim. Well you know what what everybody believes and I had a good talk for a column are that the media is the first beneficiary. Because if people think. They can gamble legally. Because don't forget you know no states have actually in our interactive and laws and outside the ones that already have New Jersey you I guess new York and Pennsylvania are close. And that's as far as it on and don't forget. If congress hasn't decided to do you come up with any new gambling them. All of those things are possible. The theory is is that if I'm inclined to this football season to put money on games. I must become more educated on the sports. That will help Sports Radio you podcasts blogs. Newspapers like that what the optimism to me is and all I do is try to throw caution to it because. You know cord cutting it's still happening and I think the NFL has the best. Litmus tests. Because there's no secret that this is a well documented that that the last two seasons. The NFL has had a 20%. Decrease in television ratings. Various theories that in after 2016. But it would be election. Because the NFL at 12% after 26 team. The theory was that 2017 because the election with over that it would be not a 12% you know return but that it would be at three or 4% return and that. You know balance would be back in the force. Now that theory is that you know this big season for the NFL because even though they are still the juggernaut no one's taking that away from them any time soon. The period and in the NFL withstand the practice of having three consecutive years of declining numbers the first thing I thought about was. This is the only shot the NFL. The I I I believe the NFL. To be a benefactor I mean I believe all sports to be a benefactor from something like this and you could already dead on line you can do things overseas and that that's that's already out there but I I think. You're going to see some brick and mortars that are gonna become little more popular you're gonna see some more money pumped in the local economies because of this. I'll go into the Atlantic City Atlantic City, New Jersey my right back on the map. Right yeah I completely agree I think you're gonna see some additional money in that area that are quite Dan. But I I I agree with you and sports talk radio and the other aspect of this is I agree. That we would benefit from something like this because of sponsorships. As well that money then becomes very Dicey. Right you would you would think you know I spoke to Jerry Sheridan on mice which prince podcast and you know he. Immediately went to that that the advertising in Europe is that out of this world and visited Australia. There is legalized gambling situation is illegal to advertise. Forget you so they can hit just a very interesting balance we'll we'll see you know where the salt because I have always said. The NFL suspension and I've used the Green Bay market as the past market smacked the back and 20042005. And I said that the ascension of the NFL rating in the state of Wisconsin. Can be tied directly to the prevalence of the iPhone. Because Green Bay to be at the perfect market you are not. 88 new packer fan. People are either born packer fan they're either a packer fans and the minute they breathed life. Or aren't they are new to football and thus become a book about the packer you nobody nobody intent 25 years old says you know what I've never watched the packer game of I've never watched an NFL game and suddenly now I'm doing it. And if that I didn't think there. It's not it's not New York it's you know to me that night the New York a bad example look at the giant the whole thing with the Eagles both by. That's not the dimpled. It's pretty per sealer saying what. Same thing OK fine you've I use the David Packard but yet you commute Pittsburgh Steelers. But if you look at Wisconsin television football ratings. Big increase from 2003 to 2009. What was the one constant bit changed people can access on offshore gambling site from their Smartphones you. And the prevalence of the iPhone existed. But my whole thing about gambling and I got to have that I've I've made this point quite clear was. If we only have a finite people that do gamble. And they migrate from the illegal gambling sites to the legal gambling sites will be increase. Does that mean like the person who's thinking about gambling let's say that the new person to 1057 which is cute that's another example. That that person not already do humble. AKA do you think that there do you honestly think that somebody let's say. They're very a legal gambling parlor parlor critic I want to put it up thirty dollars on the box. One random not. Like it did in that person making his first ever bet. I tend to doubt. Yeah I yeah I I think that the numbering in when you go back to is saying it's it's a minimum I think the number of people that are gonna start flocking to these brick and mortars. Our our people that either. Either one they've already been doing and 9597%. A move already placed bets somewhere some shapes and four. Whether it's you know year old pit contends on the old you know cards used to get at home or are doing something online. I think where they'll gain a little bit of boost is that casual person walk in buy out and I go hey it's only ten bucks a throw on the Packers to win this weekend or something to that effect I think everybody else is pretty much. Mid day Dave big deal more than one way shape or form just now they don't have to figure out you know bobbed on the streets gonna placed their bet when he goes to Vegas type of thing. But that person probably already a listener. You are things like that where like I throw caution because. What person is saying you know I normally listen to top forty. But I you are I have a financial interest in this now I have to listen to. Milwaukee Sports Radio if that's that's my question and you know I think that there will be more gambling segment. I don't know actually you know I just say that I was just gonna say there's gonna be more of this is the line who plays well against the line who plays well against the spread that type of thing yes I agree with that. Brian I think back that that'll be very interesting and I'll be interested to see. Whether or not this fall. CBS and fox start to implement them you know the espionage well. You know start to implement that it if that conversation start to command. Did he certainly the point on the podcast he's you know the fact they think they will be the metrics for the Cleveland brown to get the New York Jack. You and that in the third quarter does that audience hold forums what is essentially to crappy team. I 80 this is fascinating I wanna stay on it but I wanna talking about Robbins Okinawa or out yet how Colin Powell's son and I said it before her before want to tell the you can't be this stupid. To sit down and NN at you look. We had Ryan brawn who gave when most impassioned brilliant speeches ever of denial. But other any thing barrier reported very end and then ended up getting busted anyway which made its choice we trudged back. Run zig you know to go I didn't know what it was a Doctor Who in the Dominican Republican you can pretty much stop right there are just say stereo bed. So does anybody even take. A modicum of grain of salt with what Robin's you know has this. Well what can take away that I had worked number one. Miguel Cabrera I was very impassioned he gave him Ryan brought asks. Speech saying that this is the citizens should have done that Robbie clean. And the keys here and Miguel Cabrera sphere. Okay loyalty is a wonderful thing and Miguel Cabrera is eight fantastic caterers. You. My big thing is he tested positive for a diuretic. Which is used as a masking agents. So don't tell me what he talks you because you don't know that putting masking agent is. And I'm sorry but that you've got picked to draw the parallel to the gambling is you're just to draw the parallel. You know various. I Wear a do this work with this seat all sports poll right and this poll that every year they ask these questions. He would do you gamble do you know someone who gambles have you ever give them NCAA final four you know things like that. And the numbers are always ridiculously well because no one bullet bit. All lying but but okay that the underlying this this same circumstance. If it Europe testing positive for a masking agent I have to assume you do it every. Yeah that's the problem with this whole thing but what it proves that I think this is the great thing number one it proves that the testing program is the best in sports. And it works. And just because you have one cheater and I have said that for anybody you're listening audience and I said that for years now. If you're office if your company has 750 employees someone. Is stealing state. Usually it's no one is this somebody is cheating at something you and so that is not a crisis. This is not the steroid era is rearing its ugly head back it no doubt that. This proves that the testing program is doing exactly what it was designed for. And they are sports in this world that would would do well. To follow baseball model and I am a huge credit to baseball if you didn't know me that you credit but it bit. They have this nailed. It has been. Testing program and look I do I know people wanna give Bud Selig much agree for a lot of different stout but when they finally got around to humiliating Donald Fehr and putting him in front of congress and saying OK now well yeah. Who will come to this testing program making it do you know have some teeth. One of the best things ever happen I mean. Again for everything if people wanna come throw at the defeat of bugs in Georgia think a lot of that just a Roni answer just you know angering some way shape or form a career that that's that's been correct I mean they did what what that did for baseball. And trying to clean it up has been fantastic. Well I think you know the big thing about five is that you know the big accusations that he looked the other way and all I can say is number one. If you go back to the ninety's and realize that this trust between the league and the union at the time and all but do they were trying to do was get the game on the field. He didn't care guys were smoking dope on the mound. He was trying to get the guys on the field that's the first and the second thing it's as soon as he saw the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs he bandit in the minor leagues. Where they do not have a union. And for those people who say that for the years that. Steroids are banned in the minor leagues and not in the major leagues if people wanna look in point of Bud Selig he's not a problem. That was the union and the union would not I view this from a top union source is not there obviously anymore but he said. If Bud Selig called the union office they wouldn't be useful call. Now that's some people don't realize how bad it was. And how much I mean even though there's a respect between Donald Fehr and bud it did there was there was no real loss on either side. They're not real I mean they might have been publicly kind to each other but they couldn't stand each other and it was the underlings it was the the G horses and they and Andy and in the guise of that that unions. And I'm like you obviously are very pro union person I am a union person just inherently and in my philosophy. And in this circumstance they did what they did to protect their players but if we wanna talk about integrity of the game don't put but he would name in the. Yeah it was it was something that everybody knew you know already guys some guys try to hide it but I mean when you have. Candy dishes in fifth in club house of green these Vizquel brought Yunel. Well I had a lot of people have said that you know it here on the did did did we get the ball in play line. From the statistic from day to start that OK so the so I hate to piggyback from lat let the conversation but. You know I do think that baseball suffered when greed for band. I'm not saying the greens are healthy and that they should be used. But I think the product that the quality of play suffered. And the injuries that they came after nine games. All things increased. Ticket start of this article in the athletic they're at some empirical data to just go back. Of a couple of things that we've been talking about with the too many strikeouts and distributed through numbers. Number one as of last week. Baseball had 400 more strikeouts than hits. Right or. Hundred yeah we are talking about dead last last week there. But I have I have been that the other one the other statistic that I thought was amazing in this is again I'm giving credit. Jason start in the athletic I do not get a paid by the athletic we've read his article subscribe do whatever you want. But he the other statistic is. If you compare this year's pacing. 22009. If the numbers hold out and project over a 162 games baseball will have hand and a thousand. Less balls hit he played in 2000. Doesn't bode well for the sports south and our way at that time yeah. I know we're not talking about this is not get off my lawn making every putt like 2009. Mean I'm now. It ended doesn't like Issa doesn't bode well for the sport as far as they're worried about pace of play and you can even make the play exciting because of this so I. I completely get to settle pick up where we left off next week Matt appreciate it yeah out of our but it talked to sit and Josef governor baseball consider joining us for a couple of minutes on the shatter or in child I.