Everett: Sabermetrics Have Diminished Players' Value

The Wendy's Big Show
Monday, March 12th
National baseball insider Seth Everett joins the Wendy's Big Show and talks about the sluggish free agency period and where Alex Cobb may fall in a contending rotation.

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It's a pleasure to welcome in national baseball insider said the average hour this afternoon set what are growing armed. How likely border were doing while we finally have some movement in Major League Baseball free agency and only took until the second week of spring training before Lance Lynn. And our annual locker him and Milwaukee that's right he ends up with the Yankees. Still those seven you are you surprised by the V market value that was deemed for these guys after a long off season. Well 88 you don't just throw back to I apologize to them down repetitive do you prefer listeners it and get a chance to hear last week segment. This is a bigger problem is a big problem it is something that the union is digging their heels in four and there is going to be a fight about it. The wave of metrics have changed the way players are evaluated. I mean there's been such an emphasis on prospects and that designing guys that can build specific roles and it's specific position that once they become free agent eligible there are no rules but welcome. And it's it's something that's gonna continue. I thought Jake area that was gonna have to include upper right there that you guys and they've on stand by that. A three year deal. That's surprising. Because he had one at four with an option for pets he conceded. And the Phillies are gone for it I give them a lot of that the Phillies beat the biggest competitor a couple of teams are going to make. Headway this year and they're taking advantage of this new metric. And the union that likening him. That's too bad for them. Bob it well you're. Is that I have that kind of be a problem these do you know that. If the union if the union in the league did not get along does it's going to hamper growth and they have had labor peace for you to bear out. It does Matt look these next offseason harbors and get paid a ball low Kershaw is any of paid a ball low and everything and go back to whale was that that's what this is I. And about brought all that wrong of Bryce Harper is author come spring training and always wanted a guy a lot of money. Kershaw south they're all this other stuff that Og OK while they're gonna there there's you know a big problem is going to be a strike but strike over. None I don't know if it bit but it it dot. All I'm saying is look at the bigger picture they they beat the conversation that we have had about the emphasis of home run strikeouts and walks. Has diminished the value of Neil Walker. Certainly has diminished the value of to carry that has happened but the deal might Stamkos got. He had to send off in Kansas City. And now he's back for one year just to sing for a separate the Rockies are reluctantly. Bringing back Carlos Gonzales who two years ago was at all. I hated it at activating change it's not jut Bryce Harper in Manny Machado clinker. If you are the brewers would you have given the same money to area. Sure. New Year's three outlook I wanted to with a club option. That's what I or I think that studies show two with a mutual option is it the type that my offer you know if he comes back and there's three guaranteed. I didn't want him for more and that's what he had been asking for his his representation it's sad at the very beginning of the offseason he was looking for five. And then they changed it writer in the winter meetings before and I had been on your show back in November I wouldn't touch for four years. I don't want him for more than two. But I think that if you have to give on the third not that that's the nature guaranteed money. Yes our our thought there was little bit too much money for the Milwaukee Brewers aren't most of which are you look at your they had last year. This start off well and I think India and it should have played well. I just don't know how much you can what all these 32. In a DO UB 35 we still haven't at 35. I don't think you know. I'm here I'm on record as saying I think his best days are behind them. I won't actually well which is given certain of arming and answer. Because I think he's a different maker a team that's a contender. He did carriers impact on the brewers would be greater than his impact on so for sure. You know it is still bat that the logic that's why and and they say if you work separate private market. I see that you athletes with the utmost respect yeah what are in the of these guys for. I don't we've discussed work because well we're talking about that. Here it is a small percentage or what owners make on these franchises. Well what's up with it's it's now like women in and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I get so nervous when you go there but okay is everybody else did you hit it. What Alex stopped because we heard we're debating house Connell a bit earlier in the show it is as far as what he is in a champion sign a rotation. He's too. He's intuitive and it and it is a good rotation I think I think he can help. You know I think I think we're broke the brewers are are looking at and they they think that. Jimmy Nelson will be their mid season acquisition. That would he's back. You know what are they saying June an optimistic June July I think that bear their midseason move. And they are counting on the weight bio he's in the US just seems they're counting on those guys to be consistent. I think that this is going to be a question mark going into the season and there's been so much talk about the additional often. And I'm not I'm not trying to do raid on that parade I've I've loved. Both moves I have sat on the record I loved the galaxy move and I'd love to have Lorenzo came. However. Every team in baseball scores. So you're gonna have to do something else that differentiates you from the rest you're division. And the cardinals are good. Cubs are still the class of the division it's a fight. And that's why I understand winds fanned the all these freeagent there are things but we just get one of these could. That this is what I think this to my interpretation of the brewer fan. Screw the rest of baseball let's just win because a lot of people for a lot of years thought the NBA had two good teams but no Oakland all they cared about what that one of them was that. Except when he's what do you think of of Alex Cobb because of I looked at his numbers after a couple people said that he might be good enough to be a number one or number two and you drug nation series the number two not a World Series Sharon rotation do you think is that a good number two and a World Series championship rotation. I think they're World Series champion SM number two on a contending SI. And in baseball and you know with the addition of the second Lockhart contending is anywhere from 85 plus what. And and we you know because he's in Tampa Bay and they're never on national TV and really who's trying to watch rays games I don't think that we really I'll admit grasped how how good a pitcher he was can you compare him to somebody else's in terms of the the style that he takes the mound game inning game out. Well he's got he's he's got you know nice stuff he's more of a command guy than anything else he's a guy that you know the only pitchers. Ahead of the count. I'm trying to think of a little rotation guy that. Caromed you've Alex Cobb. I would I would say he's not as committed Gary Cole. He's probably committed as good as you look who look. You know the picture in Seattle. If he's either he's a solid. I'm probably being generous when I say that to our interior rotation. Better than Jimmy Nelson or not. Yes my debate I think they're very similar as far right now. OK so I'm. Yeah but I don't know I Jameer Nelson response you know so how fast he gets his it is in our children under debate injuries so. Let's let's just say for the sake of the argument. Pre injury giving out and I take him post injury came up. We don't know right. Not a bad and that's very that's why my weight just and assaulting what they needed somebody better than Jimmy Nelson if they were gonna have a chance to defeat for this division. And they're not going to be able to get that right now doesn't look like not your last two looking at the version on well may be a wild card. No I let let let's see what dvds this year that you adjusting his this year. I do you think that is David Stern's. Knows better and I know he's just being politically correct or not really trying to rip on them but don't mention gay I don't know commitment conversation. They're moving into the bowl and they said to get him ready to profitable but but I I thought Stearns I guess. It was a fox interviewer or something where he did in the EC comes out and says he says well you know we think these vision therapy had a veteran presence and politicians much. Here may be on the airplane. I don't know but on the ground out. That's our national baseball insiders Seth Everett again follow him on Twitter. And Seth under our average check out the podcast the hall of justice and sports with friends podcast and catch him every Monday at 335. Are right around there. Right here on the Wendy's big shows up I'll appreciate it we'll talk again next week for an. I just think about this way Richard Sherman to become of the Packers you're grateful for that. That's what we're talking about next meant thanks for setting and up recruits in America and Europe are reared its Brcko the exact. Appreciate it it's the average or dissolve the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for a simple. And convenient pre approval process for your new home construction. 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