Extreme Rules Pick'Ems - BBH

Cody Grant
Saturday, July 14th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler shared their picks to win at Extreme Rules. Plus, they talked about the situation with Brock Lesnar showing up at a UFC event and what they should do with the Universal Championship.

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They wrestle fans like you for tuning in to another edition of our pod cast new name change they did a landmark MKE boasts a banana panics is what will be called fast forward I am your host toady grant part wink are alongside no dating Graham. This week that's OK and we get to our. Extreme rules pick GeMS as that happens this Sunday at the PPG paints arena in Pittsburgh. The last interview before the biggest big review of the summer that summer slam. In a pretty large match cart of course received as moving forward as every paper view now is unity four hours long. If you're a Nathan Graham fan by the way. I get used to him not being here because of that kid doesn't make it to Hollywood as an ally Iraqis executive by the time he's 32. He's gonna look at his career as a massive disappointment so well appreciate Nathan for her as long as we have on. But don't get too attached to on. As I'm trying to not let myself get to the test on a four hours long this tired is it going to have some decent. Maybe decent matches in the middle but there's no. There's no main event to discard it you can count styles gruesome but Russa is gonna he'd lose yet soul. In less you say the main event is rains in Lashley which are probably will be. Dutch is there's no there's no there's no true main event here because the belt that the Debbie Debbie chairs is the most. Is going to be a USC during the Fortson Debbie Debbie hearing so this paper view. Is not one that I'm going to catch I 6 o'clock. Typically on newspaper views I don't go on right away I you know trying to catch up a little bit maybe 8 o'clock awesome watching live in definitely watch a final match but. This one just not not doing it for me and a lot of that is because. On the rings Lashley stuff. It's a throwaway paper view with a lot of throw away matches allow droll way. Rivals. There was a lot of matches put together kind of the last minute which we'll get to all those and we'll tell you why they were put together and why they are throw away matches and you mentioned that. Main event quote unquote AJ styles Chris Russo I mean it really is that staff you're throwing matches well and that's for the WB championship which. The WB look sack as he number two belt and you of course Brock Lesnar who is. Spend more time you have seed then that we to be the last two months. Yeah and I think dead Russa it's nice to see him get a championship opportunity. Live from everything that I've read and heard it looks like they wanna keep it on styles for a long time. Roos says I'm glad that they're at least acknowledging that there's a backing behind him and they're giving him this sort of push. Lied I just I'm not getting my hopes of their either because and I just don't really see chance of him winning so hopefully it's good match. Maybe these two can go at a for a little bit. But I just think this is another guy that Stiles is going to go through. If not camera had five chances. To take different styles in. How are they union terrorist Obama's first tries allies look at. I'm the same way and is it's we look at it as a major push for Russo just to be in the match because of his history. Into need to be here he started off so hot he was undefeated. And then John CNET happened buried him of course which jazz scene it does do and now he's with me in English in the Russa day is all over as far as other. Messrs. comic. On the roster mean reservist one that most over guys I mean he was getting chance. Against AJ styles and the Kmart snapped out people or chair and Russo day you don't see that a whole lot when you're going up against. One of the best dressers in the business and AJ styles and reserve has been doing that I think this is just a place holder to. Move ages Sowells onto any more worthy opponent like a Samoa Joseph. Yeah worse even as he hurts. Nice EI Hennessy if you smacked on this past week as he was in of course a gauntlet match to gain any security there Arnold thinks so. Why Stephen Ross I don't know. Yes Samoa Joseph AJ's the feud that I would think it summer slamming going down on because it looked. For a guy to take the belt off a styles it's got to be Samoa Joseph Wright ID's top keel on smackdown. They have to have the history yeah you can write a good story with that so it's not gonna be Russo of that's for sure. No but hey good for them for at least acknowledging. Mentor and now lives should be a good match I mean it should keep. Dancing tree and it should be a fun. Finished I would assume any style always puts on that matches and Russo this one of their top. And ambassadors on the roster as well so pretty good match I'd like to see them avoid a situation where. English tries to interfere and actually costs Russa of the match and then they fight. I wanna see that I wanna see that Russa Dade together for awhile analysts a year and you know what to its funny you mention nick is already teased that a little bit. I mean about what three weeks ago like two months ago lot what standing sangatte a lot of talk to re seven sad. With eight in English not there and he's holding you back around and justices your standard booking story line and done the last you know. 25 years. Or guys holding me got back in the Aston mean dobbs are there to it would Jack swagger after what team Al nosed back now. So all these tag teams have done some Michael's. MR genetic yet the Taylor Taylor do it just don't do it now is ours and yet you got time to in this reserve day is over right now I saw that styles winning M textiles and you move our debt. Samoa Joseph most likely. Are you wanna go to kick off match yeah let's start there and then we're going back out OK because a tick up match I actually think it's been a lot of fun it's tables match to gimmick match. I think that these two teams should beyond actual show but you have. So many other. Superstars and a roster it's tough to fit everybody in new day persists sanity who just came up from an XT not too long ago. These two teams met on smackdown F five on five match in which stay in a Brian contain team held on the new day did beat sandy alone what the Brothers. We had tables match and tick option. I am not excited for rent it takes me awhile to warm up. Teams we can even watch this most likely right now and I do wanna say I am warmed up not a barrack Corbin and loved again. Still Adam I love home okay we'll get to Barack Portland are right. So we sanity it's it'd take me awhile to get into a mine don't watch an XT. Now if he goes after a swan which in my next year than costs are watching that time just. Picky that way. I'll take sanity to win. By the principles. He probably needed more. The last yet and they lost of course aren't. Tuesday night golf can and usually that's the standard booking as Jews on the smackdown Iran and you went in the paper view itself. I did see sandy winning this match. I'm surprised new days still below new day it is thought we were excited in a single run by now I'm there were you brought it up. What paper view was at about it was a big backlash. We thought they were possibly tease a big key. Leaving new day. I don't want to be a singles competitor nick has called Canada getting the money in the banks by Danny yeah. It's interesting. I must I mean really wanna be together and are OK with not having singles and I'd like to see championship I'd like to see and stayed together. And I'd like to see some sort of belt. On them at some point. Let's talk to me the tag team titles Missouri out of that picture yet of yet but I'll take sandy to win I got sanity as well kick out so they go at the faces. I'll take sanity I guess sanity to I don't see them. New team XT they need to win more than new date does knew he doesn't hurt if you lose sanity gets hurt me so I agree. Moving on to your constable Barry Corbin. And and then imagine Dan. He's basin sand dollar this match has put together at the end all I've done well a lot of aggressive fast forwarding this week not. Raw I think was the least watch rod ever. Com. Yet you would set a good note about fan before we got on his yes so I was watching raw on Monday would my girlfriend and it was funny because. Bobby Lashley and Roman arranged a guy into their segment and incurring all set up the entire roster. Girlfriend sent where's where's brought which prompts strong analyzing the authors and not help they woke up brought out there he's out of mid Carter. And she's on his left in dollar. Like. He had it's lots Enron you'll want southern charm. I watched it with their last night as dead no no it's not ended after years. I have no interest in southern charm. After years Patricia finally accepted cancer for pollution laws. This is Patricia leads. She does the Lauren she's in the us he threw the party and I don't wanna do southern charm podcasts when you although in my life. I'm gonna do with my life. You know on. Pitcher Dave. Hanna that you podcast together. An additional day of yesterday. Which they taste beer too you can find on our radio dot com map because. Why listen to just our station when you can listen to others. Radio dot com. Slow. Sorry. I've been a long day I meant. Why listen to adjust our station where you can listen to you dinners at RadioShack. So thin dollar pared Corbin. This feud. Basically a standard bearer lukewarm review which is still why don't like him. Still the same character I think all these policy and small he's half his size he's hashes rog hit it the same exact territories bear corporate before changes and whatever. He's got a purpose now what purpose did hold court angles down tin he's got a purpose to exist. And I like I leg and a lot better than. Just some bland. He was basically remember the song. Headstrong by trapped loved that song that was him that's him outs. You love that song yes it's okay. Now my idols that sung before every gas volume or plant I don't know how much we can sing because I'm podcasters actually. I got on the radio I've from what I assume we play whenever we want and like a fair use law you on the time I just can't I can't even. If you were watch Conan show and he wants to sing. Song he'll have to he doesn't just an effort isn't pay for the rights like living. Lol got a lot knife it's is different enough that is not. I don't know if I can sing tramp by headstrong but that's a very courtroom was RC either. It's it's either. Or Carter was the human version of Bob adds either song Orel hot lips of an Angel by hander acts. Who bear Corbin laws. Hindered. That's on soc I heard hinder reference in like six years so when I was and find the NASA we did our request station that's on there's two people that would requested back and forth to each other and because we're so grateful for any listener we can replace their own time. Honey you come in COM. A menacing and hinder nor his decision only after eating dinner I'll get a she yet. There are happy for the attention that I. Haney. An ally of Colin me. So who's a acts. That's one thing about Korman though I like his entrance music. And resentment and then down. There. Talking to a listener. And I just dismissed everything he's sad because my ears just wit to that song and I've wrote you might is that Corey Burress on ocean I mean. Back at his own good our parent I said parent out there and birds know there are Lauren Bernsen Corbin Bernsen. Roger Doran. BC. Yeah so I don't go out and guy who wins him in San enough sand silt. Ahmadinejad but they're not do anything within neither comment on my heart over as chairman to Darren know and so we'll lose agree and so basically you're picking who you want to win. Is that yes dare him in who I am a fan of OK that's fine always think gonna do out smile him. And look 45 degrees off the camera. You don't wanna match that way. Now he's got no character yeah but I still like ten dollar repair Corbett in this match Carmen in his. So Finn valley got Corbin next match bronze stroman tavern Owens and a steel cage match. This has become pretty much like your comedy bribery last few weeks she's game I mean. They're really embarrassing Helena Kevin Owens in the run stroman. Their make it came into like a funny guy now where whenever he does you laugh. You know lately I haven't Owens in the Porta potty why it was just ain't enough. Is that how are disclosed blue ball I had the better if you Leslie and she yet. Well actually I'm but (%expletive) on them or they won't do Brown's stuff. What. For a guy at a Porta potty the joke is because there's people's (%expletive) in there yeah and then when he comes out he's just in blue paint. That's a stuff in the sport however is also turns blown around. Euro more bodies of those that won big turned it may be no problem to roll every day though and it. Not the joke with group. If you're gonna make a poop joke. Making it this man loves to jokes Dick McMahon. Dick (%expletive) him. He sucks yet he means I can't wait to triple H takes over now yet. Sweet. Two suite as if there's one guy who loves not very people it's Tripoli each up at least he pushes guys. NXT that it deserved to be pushed. It's out of a ditch is gonna come back to wrestle mania affording. Keep the (%expletive) out of. Somebody didn't. Finally signed since day one of the Japanese dudes. Al-Qaeda. Now whose the one guy ruined aussies in. And you Omega yeah. Don't finally get on May got my game was staying. I was efficiency out of bed at. OK next next match so we both got Ron obviously Allende had that adds disappointing I wish they would of stayed like friend I was there and actually been friends. I don't urban cool call Kevin can't d.s as the guys like having a friend uses all act. Terror does whereas Sammy Zain sweatshirt CU on Rock Island EC that knowledge that garlic tests almost elysees is hurt is how that's a good touch. Good for Ross are actually and continuity for once in his life it doesn't happen very often. Next a raw tag team championship the had a leaders are worlds Brey Wyatt and Matt hardy vs the B team. While if there was one that I would never. Put money on this one I'd. I'm actually intrigue is that who wins this really the out varying interest. I think that is the team hasn't lost but you can't the B team beat Knoll and I think with the authors of pain up on rod now. Intimate haven't done much with senators happen to squash matches I think there the next team to take aren't. Matt hardy and break Wyatt Mason is a good fit for those still. NSE zine I adults I I I just don't see. And warning the B team all the tiles are brave and party faces. Yeah right they are faces. Arctic. It's sort of became right yeah. They seem you've seen this happen many times were to face tag teams faced off. And they all team up and join a Foreman stable. Why because the B team has been mocking them dressed sort them. Is that we know Brothers you get the Abbott Britain cannot cannot cannot tape fade Brothers. And all. Oh by the way the last time we do I think arrange how great it was. I don't like to see every week now the B team now out like mocking. His funny ones yeah. That was the gifts I used to share our podcast done because we talk about how awesome the B team Seattle. UW needed to someone since let it be on. Reenact the same segment he they basically remake themselves like second Lechler. Do think one time. Do enough. And you move on. Do we. There are not really. Our next coming back next week. There's air Friday bolts. All day scattering them in suborn practice now running neck off in I'm chuckling car on 1057 FM the fan to worry about my dad. I'm an idea. I'm surprised economical for that I do I have your dad on the shelves. Which shocker without him. Well maybe he doesn't want to talk to your dad gave me told you straight up so gives little upsetting Paramount has since I was like I'm right here. The sister does my dad's on the show multiple times. So who would you pick on this this one party and I would go safe. Yeah that's our don't know brain Arnie. Leaders of world's day retain. Bulk bar and I agree on that smackdown tag team championship the blood Brothers vs team held now. That's a tough one zoo because it's all the things I'm reading my analogy of Brian this is contracts up September 1 right. So that's why they're not. Putting him in the main event scene quote unquote however I don't think they even want him in the main event scene right now they have a lot of guys up there already. Putter and change. He wins the tag team titles. You still have until September 1 you can drop them any time you don't next paper view whatever he'll be your summer slam. I also rad and possibly losing a tag team titles because of either the news or Cain and him facing one of those guys Summers. News are any GAAP book is that they do they're fearing that if they don't bring him back you miss out on that. You know also would you rather have it if you do you know Brian's going to leave stammer first. Would you rather have a base may is that summer slam or not based ms. at all. Wanted to see that have never seen in my life. Soul. I guess. Boy that's tough because I think they are I am like how they've been building that slowly intersecting a little bit than not. For wrestle mania. Linings if you don't know if you're gonna amorous I ultimately think you recently has again and do. We're zero ring of honor in Japan what he wants a letter work schedule. That's what he wants. Dunn's yeah. Holden just according to what I read it was take sides seats stock I'm sure he wants a letter works federal and it's WB is given that tube guys like Sina. Brock. Like he did today in a Bryant. Just say no to be cage side seats could be anything and it's on the Internet and wrestling. I actually believe it because. There's like one or two or three guys that do rumors. And then there's a should tennis sites like wrestled zone wrestle. News wrestle updates. Russell and now this copy the main guys and pass it off as their own but as you evade whatever it is it ends up. Being right is just copy and they take credit for side believe that I believe that for sure. Boy I decide. I. I think you re signs. Michael leaving them going rounds. He's already wrestling with a WB they cleared and wrestle why would he want my relief. Yeah he's gonna leave you laughter. It thinks are right he's been cleared by every other doctor separate bids are doobie doctor were to declare him that's why he's wrestling now. So that was like the one thing holding them back so not that he is clear why would restore law and Iowa ms. doing that feuds so. I'll saying if I'm Debbie Debbie. I would not have ms. bass Brian summer slam. Because if I do worst case scenario miss out on the match. Then I can have the mayor is saying for ever. I'm the reason Daniel Bryan blasts. And I can use it to my advantage. A dozen WB have a history of flight. Now mentioning. Guys once they leave. Like honk Yasser they probably. I don't know they would go with that story line you don't mean. You dear Brian's not there are not gonna advertised in a bright. I don't know man especially if he goes to like ring of honor. Dave Dave mentioned TNA recently our own what is up with them in the USC things weird which will get to. Bad at all I mean I think they would mention on. I like hey I would not. If I was trying to be a V I would take the risk that Brian I'll take a calculated risk that Danny O'Brien is McEnroe leave the WWE which he. Spent his whole life working to. Words. Not to get boring. I don't think he leaves either I think her resigning and they'll give them a letter schedule and you'll continue to wrestle. And offer will be championing gimmick as far as like a world middleweight champion north then maybe later apostle is sometime his career on the line. So I will take. You know I think the bludgeoned Brothers retain. A big deal now no intent on any wind and then. Depending on what happens or Dan O'Brien contain moving forward against dropping back the blood Brothers next paper. I think they win now from in the style to feel. The drop back team hell no wanted to bring them back but not to win the titles that's the way I look at it usually when they do that may bring back a team. There's a payoff like that. But Dana are the best and chase mode yeah or if tame. Is some facts playing Bryan name. He's with the blood brother Chris. That seems too complicated for WB and Tony team. It at that unfortunately. I Etsy mound all you got blood Brothers the two matches we don't disagree on moving onto United States championship Jeff hardy the champion person's game Nakamura. Since day of course spent. All year chasing AJ styles after winning the royal rumble never got that title. I can't see him missing out on the US tied. I'm probably lives in my life and I know I didn't start early but it. I'm Jeff party Jeff hardy matches combined if you take every Jeff hardy match. Ever. Combine that time that I spent watching them try and up to a full day. How worst day in my Life Party does nothing for me Jeff hardy just nobody did you peel and a good deal allure. I did I don't indeed has absolutely nothing for me. Well did you watch divvied AB thirty about his live out now I didn't and I won't he does nothing for me so what's funny is like a all my friends that watch professional wrestling. They've never ever heard any of them. Say one thing about Jeff hardy in the ring as he does nothing for the stupid like rocky had these desert his arms. Our guy just talking nonsense I hate on a similar to what the brewers do after had a single ha ha. I hate Jeff party has let me just say I hate putting on my TV treason nice guy is the action and I don't know that. I just hate when he's on my TV when divided on my TV I say out loud. What I'll give this guy don't have I TV. I really doubt it you do that out loud and every time out tape that I don't like him I don't. Items Cannes prize the bottom vinyl like him might not as good I am guess seems like a guy you would like dean dean dean indeed he got that one arm up in the in the that comment and he's. Banging his head in these lag GA and he's got pain and then he's got like a little thing that hangs out of his pants than meets the blue and it's do you and you weren't be baggage delegate even wasn't all your brother. Jeff Hart so what about like. Asked wrestle mania has when he was in two latter matches and table matches and share matches were betting Christian and Dudley boys they that your party did nothing for you either. No I don't like Jeff hardy are not outside I just want to surprise but he's the most innovative good friend and only them. Are all so you captions it winning I am Jeff hardy retiring before the masters is a policy. Seriously since getting into a cyst is and you. United States you know but now I'm gonna say somehow for some (%expletive) reason party lines. I'm integrity I doubt it. They have to give this instantly and you party. It would through get bit by police stuff. I'm departing. I since it. Roman range Bobby Lashley how pumped are you for this match. So yeah I started to our friend. Can kiss FM. Brian Gibbons. Who I should just say given sorry. As things secret these guys they cannot the first name. Hi. He thinks. That it. Bronze stroman. She to use the money in the bank. For the W delete each championship. Then have that become the number one title. And the WWE she's doing you know it is Brock should (%expletive) on. Universal title is retired. And then Broncos humble shelves in the and one adult. And I think. That bronze. Should cash in any USC event. Whatever the next one isn't Lesnar zen. Rock and comes of the WW graphs. And ends a bronze comes intends Brock in the rank. That's and I think should happen if they're gonna try to be is connected like this is it seems like PR. And these are scenario is that we're talking about. Because who do who cares about this match what does the winner against. An opportunity to fight rock route so Raines is gonna win and fight Brock again or Lashley is gonna win a fight Brock who wants so much that. I don't want range can not have another chance against Lesnar. I'd rather see that and lastly vs two vs them. This matches so dumb Bobby Lashley is a bad face no one cares about them. Mission make him heal. And rains. His managers are intriguing because of how polarizing years. But even people that hate watch rains. There's no reason to watch this. So I'll take the reins to win because he's Roman rains. But. Unless they have the ultimate payoff of stroman pinning Lesnar. At the USC event. Are completely blend the two realities. And then. Strong comeback as the champion. Of raw. This whole Lesnar thing. Is a waste of time and new concedes ruining the product because you putting on a three hour show every night. Where the ratings keep decreasing because there's no top prize. Not to mention to dealing of the World Cup was played an adult time in the World Cup there was no title to land. Well another dimension to seal on Monday night. There was even a mention of Brock Lesnar. Yeah him rain since Sunday night it's happened in this weekend. As a reference. Again and only mention his name. We're not stupid we know what Brock Lesnar is doing we know where he is by the way can be at USC was at 226. I don't know I don't watch your seat did you watch the clip now. I want to get into the cage yet. Did that just look like W dvd you you now like stage just (%expletive) yeah just Brock Lesnar. And who's got a guy Cormier. Or air. I don't know I don't I don't pretend and all you have seen but it just looks staged. Like they'll look like Adobe to be of that they'll look like Vincent man wrote that script. Yeah and an excuse importantly to off course and Brock less. Yeah and I don't know it's Italian. It feels like this is on purpose. Which dividends. Kudos. But the payoff better be great because each passing week yeah you're products such a war zone man would love to seat. Brock Lesnar BA champion. Of the UFC and be the universal champion the same time. That would be cool. Well you know why can't the universal type he should it if they're gonna do this he should add the universal title at the US CNN totally could fight until January. It when he was there the other day you should have been holding it. Yeah I don't know why he wasn't. Immense dignity cross promotion like those. I mean I mentioned in the restaurant arousing. Yeah Michael called measure on arouse you be inducted in the UC all fame on Monday night to. I'm trying to. And and if you file slice wrestling now on this guys really get. On Twitter yet slice yes slice rustling. He's Z he knows stuff. So I'm trying to see the last thing he grown on Brock. Users report the latest in the situation of Brock is Debbie here he's advertising and for the raw after. Summer slam. Brock's next fighting UC is tentatively scheduled for January or February 2019. So you do do that stroman scenario that's slamming tilt. When he nineteen yeah that's why I don't like about that. You can't have rocked continue to hold this title burning and it's much longer ANC and optimum. New entity and off I agree I mean I don't think he should have had it in the first place. It then if your. It was gonna be there that's not gonna show why you have a polling Strom and should cashed in on Lesnar at the event last weekend. Now I don't really cash in a USC event would just be all that we are an insanity so cool. So they should've done it as when dole was expelled why would they do that simulate. Like there were never never never happen. I love that idea that would never happen now and and the WB guy I'm not gonna spend a hundred bucks for the possibility. Unseen bronze stroman. I did there and agony anymore money confidence I don't. I don't know I I I'm taken Bobby Lashley in this match just because of the last four times epic Roman when he lost. One another on the line this time no but also taken Bobby Lashley. Slice says W every. Officially plans to make smackdown the Asia. Listening to fox right Demi hardy started and smackdown has been getting better story lines and more attention. This last week's Roger it's lowers lowest numbers in history. State and a better story lines. Are still on Carmela arresting for the title. That's so stupid James Ellsworth and ask yet faced off. In a battle of the sexes spark to match. Which was a lumberjack match for all women surrounding the ring. Lumbered GO. Sorry. The student at lumber Jill match. (%expletive) you Michael call Ellsworth will be. In a shark cage. Want above the ring. In the last time I did that it was and Zell in a big show vs. They Tass match. Someone a W he's trying to get fired I don't know I just made a always trying to get fired I really had no interest IIW. To be so stupid deal like Ollie. You know Joseph Lieberman really coming up with a great idea these last two months. Just signal I'm trying to get fired man. And to be so stupid. 1000. Will go to the problem is championship match flexibly as first nine A jacks and run a route he suspended. But she bought a ticket in Europe should be sitting ringside during the match. Slice wrestling says Iran is expected to get involved. All really in the man cheers C Ackerman. Not you buy Diggins she's gonna that exceeded the Nazis and into the bathroom to bet that at them. Well then we're Milliken and DQ. Yeah I'd somehow list leaves with a title. No lacy tops time she just one. Yeah Allen agreed that all but I'll be taking Oscar. Yes okay Nazis wanna make sure I want to check back on. And it's like something stupid happens I'm not antagonize okay. Some bliss we both gutless leaving at least with a title. Yeah panel browsing she gets involved I'm assuming she has beat football for them right means not just like some less ESP from nine Jack still. Yeah it is going after both of them so I could see a scenario plays out where the official gets back down somehow. And Rouse he comes in the ring and attacks. Diana while Alexis down maybe now's about to win or something relaxing at sockets are with attend a sticker. That's what an investment in raw and then an Alexa and goes and covers nine jacks and an official gets up 123. A practicing planet's gloomy turning the exact same venues and yet on same page there. Yes all right which the WB writers in the same page isms or violence. He says yeah. I this was pry me the match the night to as far as pure wrestling dose is the last on. Odd yeah that's her talk about is very pop out styles of republika so tossing their efforts. Sap arouse a thirty minute Iron Man match which I would like to seen sixteen retirement match that's sort of real Iron Man matches but. Of course I restraints on that. Not thirty minute Iron Man match it's whoever has mostly been false submissions teco cues now all counts or is the most points at the end wins. Also drew can just interferes much as he wants bulls is a thing of drew interferes. SDQ Libya pt percent routes. Ole time so now the last tyra match Iron Man match I can remember. Was. Was. The last good one to remember was hurting offers broccoli as parents smacked down like in 2004. Orton Sina. And Iron Man match which match was that like a hundred sunny fourth of their career losing the ball lofts. And they like they made their great video package that's on my civil twilight that I liked. Civil Twyla was from the sky. You add these days this can do remain and anything governance and they'll zen. The wrestling movie that Johnson has started. Gay blockers is good I heard you talk me. I you know it's funny I I saw the rock and interview last night. And they asked him I have to it would show is on my girl I was watching now Laura Evans Lye yeah I ascent at that at some. And analyzing the it's not a big bet that they asked him about. Just Sina. And like Emily beef between two and if you're gonna do a movie lieutenant rob mentioned a's actually. Producing a movie scene as star and he's looking forward to. Workers seen in the future cap on the moon is just awesome and Dumont he's talking good do you see skyscraper. I want him GAAP elects our accession. He jumps from a level and then into building. In the previous. Yes I wanna see it takes place in Tokyo I would never watches and theater are you kidding me now is down. I don't like on a theaters anymore anyway. It was last movie sought the year. It was recent. My name. Girl's night. Set about with Tiffany Spanish. Who. Regina hall who. Have been. Less when I solace. Daria is like galaxy to. Well as that's a wrestling Sigler problems I got ziglar retaining. Because I I can see them push and Rollins in the main event picture again. Yeah and they actually seemed to have a thing was in Vernon doesn't suck so yeah handles it blurred black tar like that team. He didn't demolish those two together I like to MacIntyre he's I mean he was in WEB four. Mary is a part of three NB and a beat him before that we are still on the same show things likes drew McEntire when he was first brought and let. Just didn't have to let you know he he had to go to CN day when he had to do this thing over there anyway back to an XT announced backed up the WB he's better than I've. I don't need them them really even say the words dream diva like a bag states segment where. They at least they're all like walking on look at each other and like. Luckily some I don't know just acknowledged that there are all there they're all they're they're on the same show they're all there yeah while they are there. Heath Slater general Holland. Drew McEntire so as of now I'll be honest I have no plans to watch those any of the show. I'm maybe on Monday well I have plans to watch it until very cavalier terms around. And I watched that show. Don't go back to. This year. Posits I'll stay up an hour later. Wasn't a senator as the summer slam after this summer Saskatchewan. That's to be a jam packed show brought lesser disposed to compete. Least the reports say I saw today slice edges says not to the day after just now. Or he's booked for the raw after. What NC Sudanese now booked for summer slam I saw you independence title that summer slam. Moon. And maybe you can. Here reportedly confirmed to return. Summer slam CBS sports. Everything sucks. I'm talking among analysts thought it's hard not of course the Sunday extreme rules. Texas next time I just next. I'm on the radio dot com podcast network that step out there and make sure to also download every episode Zach Gelb. Why she's still up there Zack Gelb. Make sure to download. Zach Gelb. On the San. Zach now. Can still subscribe link. Exactly Gelb.