Extreme Rules recap, results, grades

Cody Grant
Monday, July 16th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler discussed WWE Extreme Rules and shared their thoughts on the show. Plus, they speculated when Brock Lesnar will be back and if WWE wasted the Braun Strowman/Kevin Owens spot.

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They are wrestling fans are back again myself Cody grant Bart links are blossom banana hammocks podcasts extreme rules last night in Pittsburgh. Paper view Ford WBE. It was a good show was it not I thought it was part what do you think of it. Miss. I don't know WB paper isn't so hidden menace there so long. So used to judge a four hour show. The crowd got tired of it and even the center Rollins dolls ziglar masses ruined by them doing the hour countdown clock. I thought this show will be remembered for the bronze strumming Kevin only spot. Other than that. It was a shell I'm not. Impressed by and I won given a math. I wanna give it may mean I would I'd say it was as. Another one of these four hour shows nothing groundbreaking happens. A title or two switches hands. In its status quo on Monday I adjust. I watched a good portion of him more than I thought I would read I decide it was a show coney. Dallas five hours for me to thank you watch the pre show as well the two matches on there with on a commentary surrounding Booker T Renee young and Dave your tong and whoever else they have on that panel. I was a decent seller for the response you look back arguments in the terminal one spot like that Roman ranged in the main event. Another paper view literally work out for WB because. They still got bad treatment and the main event to set rounds dolls and their match house select the fact that Kurt angle. Actually addressed a Brock Lesnar situation saying if he doesn't show up to Monday night raw. And make a deal wins in a tennis title next you'll strip him of the title salt I'm intrigued. Now with that story line. On top of that yet a few nice surprises the B team won the tag team titles. I thought since day match was I thought that was executed perfectly I actually liked the fact that he beach party and make four seconds. Read your and came back as well now he's -- interest in terror attorney mourn his career but he's gonna be he'll there's a few moments I did enjoy. Inept paper view that trying to attack me entertained throughout. Well Lou Brock Lesnar announcement that than using the paper view. To. Promote free TV. Should it be the other way around blocked and I don't models change of the endorsement. By adding the model has changed I think that's what some would Seattle. Sammy gonna have to just kind of you know accept because it seems like it's managers more about the TV ratings now. Then he does not paper directly at him like that they sent Hulk Hogan's and attendance in the and then nothing happened. Yeah I'll say I'll call him an attendance you better deliver I'll call him there and do it. I think the bronze strumming Kevin Allen spot was a great one but it was a wasted. Mean that's a spot that's an all time stuff out dad's. Very high probability of Kevin open Owens breaking his neck. You have to do that perfectly and they did the why do it extreme rules in a feud that's been more comedy than really aggression I'd. It just it seemed out of place for me so I like that either. I love that spot in front of the spot in a vacuum. It may no sense why it happened when a dinner with two it is. So you're comic ups you're upset that they did that spot that situation. If you get into the spotlight the debts and that's a career risking spot. Due to edit wrestle mania do that at summer slam. Don't do it extreme. Rules so by that point then like you can't X gel into this paper view not expecting much because it is extreme rules is not one of the big four. When the big name paper view cell. You're saying basically that you don't wanna see them do big spots in this paper view that in the same time here. The paper you didn't do much for you like why are you expecting it to. They can do leagues that's all they want throwing Kevin Rollins offer cage on to announce table. Should be reserved for a big time show. I mean that. Corey threw him off a stage I know it was awesome Brian killed. Likely she it chills the soul save that for a better Scholl. OK but my point I'm asking you right now like you said you were this shouldn't do anything for you right. Now OK and you're saying that you don't want to see a spot like that on one of these shows right. You can do a big spot that was like an eighty plus spot yet Timmy B plus eight minus spots all the live long day. That was an eight plus spot save it for a bigger shell. Cody that was a huge moment no idea what you're saying cnet's. I had no problems and doing it there really Dennett. It's like our our show hot if I've got something I really wanna say. And some that really in India good statement. I'm going to do it very show and gonna do it during the show were more people are going to be listening. Rather than duel right away at 6 AM in Orange is way you know them away for some 45 what don't you want and all of that he's. PC shows. Yeah you can then went to elevate it is awake he's elevated with a Dewey. This is manic senseless thing solid accents what you're saying I'm just on the other side of it. I am fine with them doing big spots on these types who knows because I want. I watch these shows to mean more I want to have bigger spots on these shows like extreme rules like backlash like is not the biggest spots. He deputy spots like that that you could have wrestle mania that's violation management compound itself. Like he had a spotlight that the lower card I mean because it's a wasted heralded as wasted and I didn't waste at all and that is just the spot a big spot on him. I'm not so big paper view I think it's an a plus spot that they wasted on extreme rules and they wasted on a feud the data needed I don't get this feud. It's making Kevin Allen look weak. I get value out of Canada am a fan of haven't haven't always been a comedy feud where he's in a Porta potty we talked about. Our last podcast you can't acknowledge is one of the week that's all I know Puerto body IKEA and this week he's getting thrown topic to aged. There's something there under that doesn't make any sense. If they want wasted this spot if you talk about the field in general pretty broad somebody tavern on time off for that at a spot coming as ways because you want to have big spots are newspaper abused or know his paper is calling Daniel Bryan off the cage yeah that would be something that makes sense that something you want to have a wrestle mania but Bryant Solomon don't have an old topic cajun field like this that's fine extreme rules I don't mind that should that happen at this paper view in addition to happen in this feud. Bolt their true I think. You what you went from Puerto tightened. These. We don't even know these guys really don't like each other bronzes (%expletive) around. So it seems like but like right now what what I say into LeBron like. What do you do with him right now because he's the money in the bank holder he's supposedly going to be the next universal champion. Brock lesser but even there. That's studied of these problems yeah no outside things and be there. Animal sign on a Monday that Rossi is because it was tees on the paper view do you think he will be eminent iiroc Null. When's he coming back that never. Says SP stripped of the title yes you think so duet you to do you think angles and mr. from the title. You'll think proxy come back in and negotiate a timers indefatigable go to China. A summer slam. Now I think dole make a match from his summer slam and then the two weeks before he's gonna say he's not comment ask Jessica defend it. At summer signing a spot he lashed. OK go well and I hope that happens I'd be you know agreements. Don't be awful but then you had fronts from detection. But the net and which is good but it's too telegraphed. This so what should happen. I'm Brian. Right brock's at a loss as did the FC fight last time you have a sort of didn't let it happen now what should happen now so hot get a book this is to have a payoff. And he just strip monotone you strip on got a title. Yes stupid ass tournament or rain hysteria of wrestle three times in a night in Green Bay you're at that shelter right. That's awful. That's just awful. I just don't see them stripping lesser of the title do you find that does not want the title to be on raw every single Monday night blades is not happening right now because Brock Lesnar has is. You deal with. Nick man and WB where is at the show up every night you know good for Tammy gets paid to not work. But as far as having the title on raw that's supposed to the focal point of raw and it hasn't and since Lester spent champion and that's why we're all frustrated. With the universal championship because it means nothing because is not defended. And the rule says you have to defend and thirty days Lester has yet to do that well I don't like the universal title anyway I don't like it. I don't want to go back to one title only defensible shell some off for that. At the WB a champion had to be AJ styles right now example smackdown and rock and no I. Would I would and I'm fine with a tight on ball shows that I wanted to be the world heavyweight in the W WP they took them away they merged the titles which I never liked in the first place. And now the WW title which is the WB channel in the world heavyweight title. Means nothing compared to the universal tile even though that's only been around for two years and it's bred on my guys and means more. That then you've moved felon they're trapped. Not the universe title WB title OK yes that needs more and but not to the W not to the WB not to. Dumb ass eight year old Billy who goes and buys the red bell. Added Toys 'R' Us that doesn't exist. Too soon man I don't. My childhood right there. Did you ever go to KB toys now on an early Tuesday analysts think the competitor. We want in a mall. Toys 'R' Us is its own story and then how we had a Jaffray instead at Toys 'R' Us which. Was dom I ship collided at Jeffrey in. Didn't get the job I worked overnights at Toys 'R' Us allow yeah yeah you just play with a toy is. Pretty much the they come to life now. I did it especially how I met my body that works with a W I got in with like our first gig in wrestling. Right recast for eight W a sign that Simone Joseph. At annoying Eunice. I told you this on our podcasts mr. Massimo Joan yeah. And you were like. Silicon in my phone probably. Be doing right now. I actually Nathan Graham. I have for Nathan Graham business cards and I'm shuffling them they had their radio dot com on there they don't sensible honor. I am waiting to go back to Twitter to see what's happening with this presidential press conference. Where they are admitting collusion right difference face and no one cares. You can keep that in you know what's collusion now. Is that Lesnar has not been our rock. In like forty weeks. That's collusion. I know that's Knox that's (%expletive) so lie out all right we'll see if he's there tonight I'm in the cities and it's OK I must say he's not either I don't see him coming back but they're gonna have something where Apollo payment puts like a FaceBook. Article out that's like. Tony five paragraphs explaining the contract situation. Some like that somewhere Kurt angle will mention something or find out that's an iron rod and other parts of the shell to mention that the beach Seymour and I was shocked by that. I had to pull the women's matches are pretty bad. I think it's actually the hasta Carmela match I want Carmela anymore and I knew was gonna happen in the Rosie thing that was pretty straight for a rematch snap our prediction podcasts arouse we get involved obviously I know she's your girl that I don't. I don't care watch Alexa bliss. I just get in the ring during the Mike. I mean denied Jack's thing with her two days is today is for all year yeah that's true but they're gonna have drowsy now in the situations every interest in moving forward. Yeah I'll be more interest in was drowsy but I did not watch last night or just went back in you know. Looked at what happened. And then there was the jets seem hell now vs plus your Brothers Wear blue button Brothers attacks Dana brining came before the match. He injured change where he was in a walking boot. Does match Starwood dinner Bryant one on Su against the bucks and Brothers tame finally did come out in that. Walking boots but wasn't there still one I think that was a I think as a bad way to go about it because of anything it kind of it would ask tricks on the blood Brothers putting their match and made them look look the weaker O was a point of doing that. Well I think what happened was there's two injuries that affected the outcome of the show changes curtain realized. So they did that angle and a bad team Elmo. Was a novelty thing and Brian moves on the last. When I saw last night to damn Brian reportedly agreed direct contract. With WB. Yeah like we said if he did it agree I thought there again the titles two team town now let them have about one last run and then dropping the next day reviewed the bottom Brothers. Now that Daniel Bryan has agreed to a contract most likely that and have him go to singles action. And penalties can be a big star again are what their plan is moving forward cam on assuming he will he with a miss that's going to happen now I think we're for sure on that. With bludgeoned Brothers and on thing we need beating team that. Loses on picks and thank god loses and no I don't think so either I my my I went and lives and then I just not there to get team held other titles. If they didn't come to agreement with Dan O'Brien staying. Past September 1 sold. That that's my point is at southern give those guys one last month long Ron just earnest algae and had them drop the titles but now that dinner Bryant is staying on I. Think he's illegal back to a single competitor and be pushed. Into the main event picture of Cain was hurt so that's an event happen and then Jeff parties injured two yes so that was a quick finish and I love since day he'll allow fuel since day. Low blow about the rest seeing Jeff party starts to match. In on the need in the face and hands 123. Right and Orton came out. That was kind of weird when he first came on thighs and come after since day and you standing in the rain the package apart difficulties in our tail party is RKL and he's as. Take some balls. And I organizers knots which is Tom. Become a theme in WB that they like low blows which is let's cool back man yeah. It's funny once. They've done and now how many times. Many wells that we mr. matches. Really styles are Russa there's a good match I actually thought that was the best match the night. Did at one point they say this is a once in a lifetime Corey Graham says a one's lifetime moment for Roussel which really pissed me off because it's like. So you couldn't just put this guy back in the mid card right after this I think he proved he can meet main event dot all I've sought Corey Grey's. IE the guy they were doing some balls she did the ziglar Rollins match sharp. Cole's not as bad as. Polls not terrible. Be careful there on. He. Needs to step it up in bigger moments sometimes. And any time he's in a feud it's a waste of time but he's okay. Coach men's brutal. He's Darby she doesn't know what he's doing I don't remember him being in this bad when he was first and W me so what do they do they have Michael Colby the middleman. And then they have. Coach me and take the side of the faces and grace takes the side of the heels yes and graves is on both. Smackdown and raw but there was a point where. The Rollins match got re started. Ending Corey graves. Was like. Excited. That drew McEntire was back you could tell you is is really for saying it because he asked to be in a certain opinion. And I hated that. All cola dramatic attack AG that's great days out here but also throughout the need to figure it out. You now. Figured out I hated every bit it. And they think Graham so we officially change the name of our podcast. But what bombs and banana hammocks. And therefore your business cars and so I've been shuffling them why. It is there in here and on all this US favorite you. Know now is not the author of nefarious yeah I haven't. Well there's a spot with Kevin on and Ronnie have to see but I don't think they shouldn't on the spot in this interview. And surprise tag team won a title us because it was so good and if so that I always on natural gas and his feud. So I'm not authored that amber was amongst The Sims that's not yes my way to the element. I don't know I you coating like paper view because I think Tony's trying to justify sitting and watching it for six hours. But what I think about it at like 5 o'clock yeah I was. Good you have to pass out now does do and I was not until I start to favorite 50 yeah I watched the whole pre shell. On top of the main show. Houston did you leave my couch. It was a gut except for the one time went on to pizza which I ordered him gaming is like a yeah I liked it overall you another results. It is a quicker it grades that they reveal a great quicker would be. It'd be a deep flaws. Yeah aren't dealing early learning series so for you Astride a horse of the year. Now let's try wanted to veterans it's another he. Maybe theme highest those words on the are so far backlash backlash and evident now daddy that's exactly. On on the Warsaw was the Saudi Arabia 10 I don't count that night at last count I count I watched that whole thing now after that don't count and I guess armor to the morning you're gonna. Yeah because I am address show that night is like the masters design and and the Greek row rubble and the NFL draft. Lashley and rains. That was actually better than expected. Enough for what was the that was an inordinate number one contender La wasn't an official. I don't initially ask because it didn't mention that coming up who on the last month at wrong actually want to yeah clean zero. Wow yeah and that's the people Austria that's part of the people are now. I am Washington meant a season that's what Lashley is trash. I'm not gonna blindly he looks better. And what we've seen from actually it actually wasn't all horrible match. UN and that not expecting anything that's something crowd adult and set camp the show but the Croatian Oliver. This is the last match and then the crowd kept going. 1098765. Portrait you want and it. No. And a little bit. It's burned it's very the ground. I would think cell right. I would things not expert but it works again they weren't good crowd they were an awful crowd now then the other way different. Yeah others you know. My mission yeah want to tonight via Twitter is a great. Now a well you know the units are. That's a first out watching is golf video yeah. You're swings the election. Reality as I don't it's sharks. Again things and I encourage a stock it was like he is a great golfer and golf until it was 35. Alina. Fifty. One body still may yet when you first talked to charitable golf amazingly he grueling on his strap on a course. He's the hate golf yeah used to say why would anybody do that to himself spend four hours a day of course. Nonchalant yeah. I suck I suck I did carry the team. All you're not a minute you're not making any putts are way. Not I Cody. Over exaggerated I'm in 2009. At putt putt came over here not making any putts flowers and the and I'm not all that is another masterfully uses Bruno. There is truly. You are you added of course. Liberty and the reason they did agree John Allen ordered my phone. Are you. Movie maker of what's imovie imovie there. Well done and I love hearing from this area would not Cody Cody and I like galleries that I'm on and it's it's a lot of fun aside 24 hours has weakened and sick. Luke OK so what's your excuse next week. What yeah I don't say surprising. It's it's. You see him in our outing. Will. Play a place. It pretty good yours as a you're low on celebrities that we years ago and Diana had it's that pain at doubling your head on his FM. Oh honestly if you guys need people that you discovered can beard come for our owner exactly but the source uploaded. That. But it. T Nathan Graham and I and I golf outing. I think you might be working. On the Michael show. That is a discussion for your bonds. Did you put the podcast of online. Was podcast what did you title or did you change it's that you put deviates. Nominal then is. Will we announce it in the show it to Didier practiced deviates yeah. Not what is titled the end of it. Known as the BVL you know as a terribly they're gonna find out out of us and then they had changed and you know that I clicked on it and I you put bombs and banana. And that's too long I'll get that change I think you should just put podcast bombs and banana hammocks and I'd be better. You be tied cam I'm an only effort heavy duty in there. Now that's and for easier. Good luck thanks. A lot of the mess that we mention I guess the dolphins I mean I don't it was a decent match. Yet golf swing was fine. I I. I ticked off to win because I want except rounds to be in the minimum pictured I think with Dolph winning. And beanie IC champion set browns can move on to something else. Also surprised Jason Jordan hasn't come back yet. I am to hold on what else would says Rollins moved pseudo if he's neck and go to the main events seemed. That's I think he's gonna go to but that moves to do want. To compete today universal title. But. If I was on Brown's gonna win then I still do think bronze in a win that the primary challengers. On Graham once he once he does when it. Assess not even when subs not pulling the IC title he's not doing the weekly open challenges he is how guys coming after threatening cart title. So now he's and a half two is a bronze gonna win the belt and his first challenge is going to be sat. May be yet. I actually the universal belt has gone into bad territory or you gotta be a big dude. The best man likes as they did not ask you a championship. Smackdown to maybe maybe smack downs a better place for south. Train set to smack Sampras motor show just have to universal title be between Roman Bobbie Joseph in bronze. Mean that's what it's come to an analyst for big guys. You any other match a new day in and wash then yeah on the pre shelves sandy looked decent they want of course. Yeah I think we covered pretty much everything constable Barry Corbin lost which I said in dollar would win the what's the point of haven't seen when. When you're trying to build Corbett as an eagle and ten dollar of that when does nothing for him yet Tony anything withstand one I want to have I want them there are carbon Russell in this role. Known at all now I don't like it you gonna have a wrestle if you gonna have you get in his new role right. He's appointed vice and I love actually love what he did when he came out they announced canceled their Corbin he said naral. Say it again if she said sentiment man's appointed possible there Corbin he has that really stupid Grammy smile you know I actually liked that part bottom. But you got to build the masses he'll end. As someone that was appointed by stabbing the man that you want to be. A little bit more. Believable as a as a tough was higher level pilot like the chaos to deal heads she never appointed them. Just like he said that are like I don't know where now yeah. We never Sar appointment not true talent like that to be the payout. I'm but in the meantime. I don't think he's your wrestling and he can eat he can take a loss 'cause he's in this weird authority year old quote unquote. Is similar to laws that don't have the time problem for fan I don't think so he's already is are already down next supposedly seeking gain you much further down at ten dollars. Is a first or not they're trying to get between about a lesson from entering its bad. Arrive tonight against seen on gonna give relying treatment or the DVR treatment of I want to live tonight. What else is there home run derby. Live many golf league. Okay what else is there for me to do. The point yeah. Well have fun things on track and attacked some time and take care.