Fast Passes! Do you need them?

The World According To Sparky
Wednesday, May 23rd
Do you need fast passes when going to Disney World parks in Orlando? If so, how do you get them? Do I get special treatment if I stay at a Disney Resort? Answers to those questions and more in Episode Three of The World According to Sparky!!

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Welcome into another world according to Sparky as we continue to explore different avenues of Disney World and how to do Disney World bass will give you all the latest news and Disney World. As we do this from week to week last week episode two we talked about Disney reservations. And how to make those reservations in the best way to go about it. This week we told you we are going to attack fast passes and how to do that now there are. Some people. As we mail though Gary L arson for instance on the big show who recently called anti Spitzer Cohen is here Andy Spicer. Thought his related to the trump campaign but you're not I'm not into politics and on line chat at all no doubt I don't know now. And so that that was fun I think Tim and house in the morning are gonna do something on our podcast with cable or San Spitzer myself see Sparky Pfeiffer self. Stay tuned for that tuba. We're gonna talk about fast passes. The best way to do it now as I mentioned when Gary Gary doesn't believe in fast passes Gary believes in getting to the park at the butt crack of dawn as early as possible being the first ones at the gate. And then going to whatever ride you wanna go to first and being out apart by 2:3 o'clock in the afternoon instead about a cigar have a cigar. Arabs by a pool having a cigar by a 34. Can't think when I was growing up my parents and we used to go. Act in the eighty's and ninety's. And that's how we did that we never had passed passes that was the way we attacked it. Have you ever done that way with all the fast pass yeah when I was a kid the first two trips one on one ounce for fifteen and eight. And they didn't really have a system and is when I went and is needed was during summer in his whole topic peak season in ninety now. You know I remember waiting for jungle cruise from like an eternity when your years arise like two hours of the times yes and you weighs a ton of time yet standing in line. Kate did you ever gold. With alpha fast fast when my mom and I went we can have passed patents and that was what 2002000 yeah it was January so there was no rights grind it wasn't even with bright and when we went growing up we would go over Thanksgiving every year and and the crowds well back then nobody had caught on. Yes really weren't that bad I hear now going at Thanksgiving can be. On a little bit more of a busy sites season four for Disney World but what we weren't. We never really had a huge crowds to worry about we went one other time. We had a tropical storm thank god in turn into a hurricane and that was an August where Markel island came back to Disney World the crowds were definitely more. At that point in August as kids are getting ready to go back to school. But it was now I would never ever ever. Go to Disney rolled about a fast pass again you Andy. I agree tea this just with over the years I think he get away with it like in their early ninety's but just as the attendance seems to go up every year you almost have to there's no waiting around no Washington what lets you would you wanna go and just wing it as you would say. I love to wing it. Not it is tank I sure. He's always gets out me about she just doesn't like planning vacations she doesn't like it she just down there and we'll does go as it comes right if we go to Nashville or wherever it falls part. I still fight it but I'm not as maybe regimented designed as a Disney World we got to get set and our ways heroic trying to figure out how to beat the crowds how to figure out Smart way around. As does Andean. That's how we have a podcast we're gonna try to help you find Smart way around because they're throwing away money if you're waiting around in my opinion and you have small kids you're gonna have no patience left by rim because they're just gonna be screaming mad at having to stand and wait half the time your Disney rolled you're not walking around the dining heat for going in the summertime when most people go during summer vacation. And Lisa baffling sought to explain a fast pass because this team opened Mitchell the other dates you. Then asked well but I didn't ass on a kind of as well get to pay for don't you. No you know you'd have to pay for fast pass is now if you go to universal star deals that you're gonna have to peck. Right a lot juju butts. And that's a whole lot of time regional today. As fast as I'm universal there's nobody that's that's why Disney World sometimes in the longer than standby line does your world depending on the ride in the day and time yet did you get those a universe that had a problem because they're charging Ford and not everybody wants to take it especially paying for another ticket. As much of monies are gonna pay to get past past month for when you're that but in the case of Disney role and their properties and in Orlando Florida you do not have to pay for fast pass. Now here comes the tricky part. If you are like Andy who is a Disney vacation club member and he is staying at resorts every time he deals right you're never renting a house universe thing at a hotel that top part of Disney filed. What I absolutely not but he pays commodity to be quite a soggy I don't I go that far. I'm so you're talking about a sixty day window. All of when you can go on the apple or on the site to give you more fast passes if you do not. Stay at a Disney resort. Or Disney property. Then you only have a thirty day window to get them. And it may not seem like a big deal to you listening to podcasts right now if you've never really done it. And as can I will tell you we are going to be staying at a Disney resort for the first time taking our boys. Coming up again in July early August for her birthday because. Moscow Times we've gone we have not been able to get on the top ride at pandora. Do because those past passes are gone before thirty day window opens and from those that are staying at the resorts rat. And if you don't get that sent fast pass you're going to wait 234 hours in order to get on that right which we're not going to do. The other thing going on is roping a brand new land and Hollywood studios Toy Story. We've seen abiding life and we seen pictures of that. And eighties Golan back what in October right yet to he's gonna get to go experience that will get their before any review Tom about it but Toy Story land is off of the movie Toy Story and everything. Is gigantic in your kind of like a little boy want to run an adult world. OK so from that perspective they have new rights like the slinky dog roller coaster which everybody is gonna wanna do not. If you dossier at a resort you're I can get out that opens June 30 so let's they are going in July or August. If you're not staying at a resort odds are you're gonna wait in line forever and just like the other riding your probably not gonna wanna saline that long to go on a single writing ways Saturday rate his years. Hold Dayne will be sat there waiting in line waiting line. A great job exodus doesn't have as many big time attraction maybe necessarily as others do it's going to because her in Star Wars lion too that's coming in the next yourself. I have to go along with it because they don't then you know that everybody's gonna halted Allen right. Which should open up other rides for you to get on. Right but the one that you want again because it's new money correct. I'm over and over and over again and everybody's gonna go out and went to similar to animal kingdom and pandora because again there you don't have as many right. So going back to how this past testing works so yeah the sixty day when he said resort and that's the ball assisting in the resort. But you're gonna pay more stare at a resort a lot more vs if you rented a house or if you got a hotel or whatever we'll break down that hole deal to. Coming up in for the podcast which is the better value. So now you go online or you get the app app is the best way to god we all agree absolutely yeah right. So you get the apt to make your reservations on their for dinner and you make a fast pass als at 6 AM right now in the past. It was midnight or the time the Clark the park closed going into that next days when you could get on you to make your past pass the so. It's sixty days out too good day so it's 6 AM because we claims on. Classic stand central time yet so ads. The best waited explain this as you have to schedule out this plot you like this. You have to schedule what day and what park you're going to each day your vacation in order make this past past work for you. And I know that's a pain of my do you want to put out the match can in this in order to get got. Those days are you can't do those days if you're born to a fast pass those days are dug your old get over in the violent at times you have to move forward with your life okay. Gallagher I agree we can't do that anymore you we have the planned this out in advance secret right to gradually. Sometimes it's fun to soap when you're doing the fast testing to figure out the schedule. One of the biggest keys is finding which parks have magic extra magic hours on what days you're staying at a resort you're not singer resort you don't get that benefit. But if you are you might get an hour before the park opens to go watch animal king I'm one. You have to look at the calendar and see what day's lineup with what state and so what I actually do two playoff what you're saying I was actually look at who as the magic hour. And due to reverse this 'cause. Whenever park has the magic powers as can be jammed revolvers are people everyone's standards or it's going to go to that shark. So I always do there first of magic kingdom has extra magic hours sounds is code to map. Since I'm telling you we'd never done this before now so we may regret doing what we're doing but we're doing. What you said everybody else does I think so the idea that were thinking of is we're going to attack early in the morning and trying get on the rise and wanna get out early in the morning yet that's today and then play whatever we want play after that and have our fast passes later in the afternoon and rightfully so what time to go back to the pool at the resort kids can play our two year old can take a nap and get right for the afternoon and nighttime activities. And then go back and hit doubles rides a second time. Exit theories are mean your fast passes right now listening to this year throwing them away feared reserving style afraid when a parked car and traction mark on basically for an hour and a half to two as a salute and anything you not do that Brian and it later at night Tina Nguyen in the nighttime shows that are going on that's another time it's not your fast passes his correct and she gets about 8:39 o'clock they're gonna be wide open. Everybody zinni be getting a place to watch fireworks getting a place like the nighttime shows a Hollywood studios or it animal kingdom would like done a Mount Everest. It was came myself and two other people on Mount Everest what a night time show was going on there was nobody else on a roller coaster except those four people. I Caroline well this is stupid yes. We'd like this right 34 times in the show is going there was nobody and we have not Michelle already sound exactly so you know once you've seen in a couple time absolutely you don't need to see again so those are some it's it's originates now now the other thing that goes along with us. It is magic kingdom there are notes here off sections of rye. There are at the other three parks so the weight of the the tears work here 2018 Hollywood studios. Have rock and roll roller coaster Toy Story mania and Beauty and the Beast. I'm going to assume the slinky dog roller coaster will be a net here yet right yet tampons can work. I've got has frozen after ever after Sorin. Test track eliminations. Apple came a mass flight of passage. And I river journey. OK so those are the top tier traction you wanna go to at each park that you want to kind of look at. But when you goal I'm lying to get those fast passes you may only be able to get one in a surgeons here. And then you can get your other two are what is left silly you may wanna look at and say okay. Over to go there early in the morning. Where it takes guzzler for a fast pass later and this one we can't yet. We're to get their early in hit that right away are fast bats is up hopefully he'll be time to get on that one later. We are great yet that's kind of how it goes. There are certain rides. That's not working past passes I would just say like a rule of thumb even if he can't remember on its year information we just gave routers don't look at upper whenever. On his if there's new lands and stuff people always go there first also. If it's like a family ride that ever ranking deny Mike buzz light year if you feel comfortable taking Graham on whatever ride it is. That's probably going to be a bigger line to. No question about that and the other thing like for example small. You don't need now fast bass for small world right. Peter Pan and magic kingdom is busy it's hard as you ride it's been the same right since the eighties nothing's ever change in that ride but yet. People stand in line for our nation opted to. Will move. So that would you may get a fast pass for OpenId you're talking about giving up fast passes for space mountain war. The roaring out thunder railroad big thundering on around him that want. I you've got an irishman slash mound and that's another one those three or an earlier that one or the seven Doris my train them so those polls are for you could pick three of those four. To use your fast passes not and then trying get another one later. Not it was meet I think depending on time you're you're going out you're going in January. You jogging you do water rights probably but if you're going to the data summer I would do the water ride ID space mound and and I'd probably do the seven horse and then roll the dice. On big thunder railroad if you can only way that I would skip that is if you only have small children traveling. Correct decade go on strike that Jen the rides then I just need to read prayers if current. If you get their in the park opens you can basically go on anything and fancy land for the first URC just got a mixture there right away and then there's the throw grads are basically going to be busy all day long. He had is a good idea to go after anything at that looks exciting book your fast passes well that's it and I think the best way to go body begin news. You get there in the morning. You hit the ones that you wanna hear it right away that you may not have to asbestos or maybe even if you do just hit it right away from then go back to the resort. Get the kids and nabbed two every have to do and come back later in the afternoon 3 o'clock whatever the case 3:4 o'clock. User fast passes then and then like he said. Once you get to the fireworks that talent night and you can book it and get through a lot of these rides a lot quicker to include space mountain that includes a lot of home. For the most part that yeah I say bright I had like half. Yet it may be last easily on right now where you're avoiding it there's kind of an afternoon Russian on the Parse his people sleep and and you know probably like blonde 3 o'clock is by the busiest won him the parades and stuff people come and those of the poorest. So you get three fast passes. Once you use your three fast passes than you can get your additional pass one at a time throughout. So some people do it and he doesn't want you to do which is they booked their fast passes in the morning right away. And then they can go one fast pass additional every time. Now just remember something. Once you get that third fast pass and had your band on route you'll Nikki had died or whatever and you get in line for the ride. What's that. Happens as soon as you're checking your third ride you can now go on your apple you're in line and get that fourth fast pass right like you not sit there wait to get off the ride. Before you get the fourth fast as you can do that right why you're in line after you check in for the third rye. That's what's your gun at four fast pass same thing. Want to jacket and I can go online book another fast pass as soon as you check yet so it is one at a time you'll get three more after you get the first three threat first or get three more now. They're only like two album one at a time and you can't split your three between two parks is only one par correct sneaky route to a magic kingdom a one day. And at Kyle later that same day you our hopper right. You have to use all three at the same park now after you've done using a three if you wanna go let's check app kind of go they're denied all test tracks open it's not a clock. You can do that. You can then add to double the park later for that night you can deathly due to Delhi to sell. Lots of stuff going nine we did it to the tricks of the trade with fast passes we danger TV tricks of the trade of parents slop. Anaheim manipulate that your bad either. Lower odd timeouts that's all there we don't have time for anything else Dudack yes it was due to partner partners and other witnesses who goes to continue to do episodes that I can do much as we caddies in Spitzer. I K -- myself see Sparky fight for time for our Disney factor T and the episode what we have our eyes so I'm runs here has heard of typhoon lagoon in blizzard beach the two water park absolutely and then there's no. You mean knowing you why. It is style like water parks. Me and you need to go to typhoon in the U missing now I wanted to voice stifled the did you. Parents are now I think that one is having some globe party when where there are now it's an extra events are now now. But actually they had eight original water park before they built typhoon lagoon in the eighties called river country. And it was located at fort wilderness campground a hole. And they closed in about fifteen years ago and they just abandon that they left all the slides up there. Basically how the music was piped into the rest of fort wilderness was also piped into the river country park so. Even money was abandon and fenced in and data in much you go and you could actually hear the music that's still has that tree so this kind of abandoned water park. And up until a couple months ago you could actually poke your head do defense and see like where the sides learn all the plans for over cries stuff. But they closed it and there's again put a Disney vacation club. Hotel there. Sox and project axes that secret now holiday now relax. Now now the Nazis patterns has got filed for for Disney building and all that other stuff coming up the different parts app that's obligates him gold undergoing you to make over coming up now. Stinks. And now it's kind of stinks should be cool to have that other water park or reopen in. I re imagined I just don't understand how they just leave it there for twenty years now they do that a line I haven't played great that you gave those northwest and a couple million. It's just that letter Russert on what happened. Yeah there has literally throw away money and Spencer cave or C Sparky five thanks for tuning into the world according to Sparky and next two weeks. We'll go back up the fast passes again we do some. Tips of the trade I guess you could say if you have kids are definitely a wanna tune in for that. And there's a new way of doing things. At Disney with fast passes that none of the three of us have Don. And we're trying juveniles through I don't know will be able to Bo were gonna give it a shot next week here I'm think who else.