Favre back in Green Bay

Packers Coverage
Friday, August 11th
Hear Brett Favre, unedited, as he talked with The FAN's Mike Clemens and others about the Packers chances of reaching the Super Bowl this year, and about Aaron Rodgers playing until he's 40. Favre also discussed his future plans now that his kids have moved and gone to college. And Favre talked about long time Packers reporter & PR director Lee Remmel who covered the franchise for over 60 years. 

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The outcome over there. Oh just those. So the picture FaceBook. This dorm. They are lucky you were. Curtains drapes. Or Deanna vast if you were here. Come on do an interview tomorrow. It. Questions. Yeah. You. He. I don't morally stories and I probably have anything and all the. All you who knowingly and go go way back with us you you know those stores and remotely was all about. Just remarkable man. Tons of knowledge. Obviously football knowledge and Packard knowledge like no other. And really that's why I'm. Martin asked mean it's a different. Well and of course Liu will always the hold special place in my heart so well yet. And it did it's it's nice to come back in it and setting like this laid back and not too serious. Till few stories. Have few laughs. And I believe would be grumbling. We'll frowned upon that. Here. You know it's. Funny hearing you say never. And I guess I knew it I never really thought about it that. This guy actually get to watch dog out of Hudson. Whether it covers it was the sheet to watch Don Hudson Bart Starr. All morning Jim Taylor will do it Willy Davis. Jim Taylor and the list goes on and on knit ski. Brett Favre. Jeff. Well. That's that's pretty special. Mean that Lombardi. Well. Just. A tremendous career and I have always had such a wonderful time talking with him understand most of the things he was saying his way above my analyst. In the words cities were. Were. Definitely out of my repertoire. Well words but I had a blast. In just listened to a talk about the history. I thought he was such an asset to. So this organization. Really to the style and in so many ways. To never to never play it down. You know I think that says a lot of Utley. It. Workers go into its time you wanted. It is. My wife inspectors who knows their story worth worth while yellow jacket. You know off tried to give it to take it out to dinner she just. Confuses what we're. Actually I think it's an. Through her closet I think. Have not worn it since. The ceremony. And I think there's. All joking aside I think there's probably two ways to look at it. Kevin Greene actually. I've got no very well more so after. The someplace other business there and has for a fair amount actually he's coaching now again. He he went to the southern miss football the bowl game last year rules and we're still just. And I personally would Wear. I kind of feel like you shouldn't Wear. I don't know that makes sense that. Within a month or argument Kevin Green. On why should Wear. So. It's like the Super Bowl ring youth. Every time I see people who who have never been around the embassy Super Bowl. Him. I don't have it it's put up I don't we're. Not that I'm product. I'm pretty careless so vote the gold jacket can easily get spaghetti solved solved. And that might be taboo. But it's put up. Of course the Monaco. May surprise you that I am. I'm not tied. So world models of some and so word here real. La admin you never know to change. I'd go we've. We were moved briefly in the world. Which was. Pretty painful. News Houston is ten miles away it's like files and you know. So I was she was cleaned and cleaned the ones I was movements though back. Life retired football player. Didn't want. How harmful it. I don't think it's. It may be harder than odd thing but I think. I think we're seeing more of the solve. And I may be wrong but I I think we're seeing more of that today but more importantly I think you're seeing more productive. Not just play I think there's a difference right to play here 404344. Put the quality. I would I would think. There was. What's up with forty you know me and he. He moves around as well as anyone in the game right now let's let's let's do it. Well election hit. You know Tom Brady is a different player but that protect him. Well enough that you know he's not scrambled from march. But I see no decline. And Tom other than. He's getting older than he does look like I think you're. I don't know was there 3334. I would think that the barring any injuries. And he knows how to protect themselves. 67 years from now has a long time facts before dumber group. But there's no no reason why he could play and play global for. More than. Mayor Michael so forcefully 44 minutes is up to the individual but. I don't see any declined his game that would unless he just doesn't want play. Close to call her that's pretty easily at this point in Italy finished with a wandering and cars. You've written us and them as war. Whom Andy who for awhile and as he was now. I don't think about it much now lose. And it's it's war. Kind of directing my focus to something else because. When Els play and you have something. That you could do about you mixture of change. Is always next year we. What you're done. You know it's done. Then so well. Not always think about what Marino did. This first year. We're Richmond this year those Super Bowl and I think everyone knows in this for an even Nolan the outcome. We're still shocked that they never went back. Like that that can't be true but yet it is true. And someone is good news Dan Marino. You'd think would reforms are horrible but yet he did. And I think that that is so just how hard it is to do so many factors going to winning losing. Other than the individual performance itself on its sphere of security team for a long time on C one that that's not change. That in itself. Is is not enough was that hasn't. And has been reviewed. So well. It's as good as he has. We're. I would of thought they won more than one by now. I don't know if you do anything else other than what he's done at this point so. You know it's always. Seems like one peace proposals missing and you don't know what that is until you do like Reggie White. You that's what we needed him. Remains to be seen what that is what is right it freeagent. Letting someone go a coaching change you know I don't know. Somebody hit it will be interesting but I think thank all the pieces to. Some what I can tell from the outside looking in all cases and employees. Well they don't score a lot of points. I don't think so he's sensible Dom Capers is. That is excellent. Making defense opportunistic but give up will be. Pretty crafted so the interesting to see him. You know bold prediction committee. Would be. The rams won miserable. About Sobel would be the Packers and that's what's the that's not a popular choice which is being realistic I think it would be changed. And a so when talk about it. Time plus. The good thing is. If she's close. Battle that's good for her good for. But. You know it's it's tough. As it. All of us who left home when college or whatever. Or have had children leave. You'd like try to tell your kids going what Cotto breathing. Since you know. For a mission to go Adams school right down the road so when you leave the house. For do it. If you know you'll come back disclose lost. They work its breakfast or but it's never missed. One. When you're in the house full time full time so. Well I know that I'm now know what would mom and I were talking about when we left there was a big deal. But it is a big deal so. We got two grand kids home we don't know one on the way. That could come any day now. And let me tell you. That helps to be what we want what's so much 11. Get out of breath pretty quickly. There. Once aboard a China shop Yellowstone. Or full boat was with him which he didn't get that for me. The globe in the all the other one run through crack of windows that's more like me before we don't know what he's going to be like. So we've got enough to keep as it is. And now we really start all involved. Nontraditional richer future. Mice we've seen next couple weeks but she's play and they were going to be. Reported that we will. Will be trotman. Wherever watchable. And enjoy every minute. Well we're the first precision and do. I think as far as NFL's concern I think it was. In Fulton county stadium. And we played Tampa but I don't want once and I just remembered in the worst road rational second base. That you could ever do it and I thought to myself. This pretty cool yeah. A new level curriculum that no one else. But I knew. I couldn't tell you who played first. How remote play in Tokyo. So. We never play precedes Milwaukee. Might. Have some beauties. That Tokyo. Always I'll always think. But because it was Hasselbeck for pre season. And I gotta tell what Hasselbeck story Hasselbeck sort. There you know we do it for. He's. Count was but. It's. Not fit. We mean. He said you know like the ones that snapped and animosity here. Yeah answers to rumors of book where it. Was that was kind of knew what hopefully no one. No one war. Things. All right. We just we hurt. His tale ball. But like the only time in the history of ever play hurt just helpful. And it just happened be in the game that he's asked me do that we're. But oh so he had run at home fifteen hours on this side of this to end their lives. A whole time what. What they're worth the risk. The yeah. Movies.