Ferrin: Braun's decline may put Brewers in tough spot

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Tuesday, May 15th
Host of Power Alley on MLB Sirius XM Radio and the Arizona Diamondback pre and post game show Mike Ferrin joins the Wendy's BIG Show!

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Joining us right now I'm the great midwest bank hotline he's a host of power Alley on MLB Sirius XM radio also pre and post game post. For. I'm. We're good we are trying to figure out as the birds sit with with 25 wins at the quarter mark of modern 62 game season. If they indeed are this good and if they can keep up this level of play you got your first up close look at them. Yesterday are are you buying that the brewers are this good second best team in the National League right now. Actual target Jane I mean you know I don't know they're gonna what are the right. On May ninth I don't know there are some things that are looking at probably gamble. Restore order a pitching injuries have now CJ Anderson going to be homestand and that'll. Help but. It seemed Alice a timetable yet for. Maybe when he's gonna come back and lomb did it don't agree. At all or breakage sixteen they done a great job starting pitcher. A lot of bowl and beat the top popular a lot of especially is pretty good. You know and I need to see more sensibly to see weren't ready you'll defense that's an older you'll defense was great and I know. You know you've earned runs scene they've been are aware of that team in baseball. Where we're deep so our so and there are but it sucked. So I think it's tempting to think the one that's been eaten and are sure that the tight worries. You know really we're Chicago Milwaukee Saint Louis and you know I'm not to go to Pittsburgh and keep up the debt debt debt not. Walk over to church. Sought on line up construction and so forth is the Burres obviously have Brian moron who hasn't played all the while had a couple clutch hits. While letting games Foreman over on base percentage weigh down average of weight down and they continue to back in three when he is in the line up. Behind McCain and yell which slugger would you go with him in the three hole. I mean it's really a couple of what are they mean like that's a serious. Party unity and declining star. That's the spiritual conversation so it was and we that you may not be what are they view. War again and I don't know that one you necessarily need out. A neat it's neat now you're a dog bite. And it August 15 then I think it's probably guitar and Dutch auction action but. Yeah there were some of the soft side to side of it comes in deploy more so than those. Certainly analytic Benson and from me it was armed army in labor pitcher best hitters and so mortar the top you know I don't hear you want to bet. Bolt but it burst yet because you're gonna get the most appearances over the course of the game. And I want my best at that spot. So I'm all in an at and plot when you have to have a little bit and he'll do it. When you make those changes and I think that. That might be part of what curt council recently added. OK how much of this is wrong is related Arnie how much did. You've got off to a cool start we so we expect to be you know 83. Just beyond these percentage of navy port and airport where it sort powers there anymore. You know take it live that bottle. I was listening view and urgent care earlier of this morning Tom Gordon Beckham who's coming up to play in the big leagues again in. We all the time obviously muted too and I'm a B radio get calls in about how everybody thinks they can fix said there Faber baseball player in. That people calling in saying about Walt brought needs to re do you know these swing because of eight DNC and you talked about back and coming up in him having redone his swing. At some point do you think you're too far along in your career to go through that process. All but I think in the western great chip operations of the B thirty years old. Japan about the number two forward of course there's greater. They're workers were changed and try to get better. What's funny about that immediate like racial soul like the patient. In a lot of discussions street murky right. And Portia de or Regis College one of them. We kind of decided they did what we're. Talked to guys. Slug on the ground you're trying to get the ball in the air. Well one got a JD Martinez starting it went well and how are you speak you don't like it back but it'll. It would deal hitters that was looking so I'm not sure bet it'll. What you want in terms of what app captives and. You know what what we're trying to emulate I think raw was probably at the forefront of that. A good bit. I'm still under the right you bet so what we're dealing with this wind though of a significant and percent of our ball and still productive we're all here Buford at reporters know it. In Iraq didn't get beyond all seasons at this point because. A biggie and you know it certainly should back issues and it can't shoot but he all of those things. But I don't know that you'll are not swing adjustment. Is Ryan brought me so much. You know you can beat out beyond and really that you'll meet at this point C like to watch all Walsh reports. Want what's really changed our. OC. Approach it well and you know it was an at bat we know it. And we hardly thought he can't yet and I'm your number one and you when you start seeing on wall but it really bolstered Tikka. You know mark how do you feel about the west of resentment if you keep look committed deeply to dodgers'. Was expected to be that team and they're struggling a character. Yeah so I don't think it's quite strong and is in the so what you're. But overall it's not a lot of that is you know. Injuries to some of the personnel there already. You know the giants were gonna get better really great battle. They brought in more rhetoric you certainly are producing. A better in the production last year. Well there are still not retention is at which such an anymore I'm more or net or more Buster Posey probably isn't really bolster old Morton's agree so. And that's part of it. The Colorado really such as well and it's not a great offensive team in their Wada has dragged down by. There'll coast and cultures struggle on concert nearly two years and Ian Desmond whose nots well about what society are curtain went Colorado. So I don't know that that's necessarily mean that's a great team and the index that some issues currently. That they're trying to work group and in the pitching side and and I began at the other thing all seen. It. Are being done beyond belief with the exception call. Me you're a little help. That's a big loss programs and top wanna catalysts. But for the most part open and they've been the one bunch. And I think we don't injury as well some actions certainly a political side. And energy fortunate side awesome I think. The overall isn't quite the same global once you're on. So it was one additional thought the National League is great. Overall. Our readers that means you know a distinct thing. It is only nobody below hole of person of the Yankees or Red Sox are going to there's a lot of OK he's in the National League in Tennessee. They help. I got to ask you this how are you enjoying having Zack Greinke on that club. Wallets all the watch him catch me you know Ole Serb. Am I thought he wore out you know against Washington last week was the best he's had each year. Don't Dublin. Such knowledge or were such 91. Two but he puts us fast forward to watching. It still got a changeup so gonna great slider to see. You are out there recess today I mean you know he continues to get out. You become more short terse in older he's used this secondary. But it significantly more the last couple years in a change in order re. Working slow are a lot this season. Bomb on the watching go up you are to being a degree heat that he can get out of it it runs off the board. How surprised were you see Jason Anderson do what he did last year and and do you have your reservations as to whether he can he can duplicate that consistently in the future. Well it's probably been here are three you are sort of chase are. Are well lots tempered from a distance. There are written resort saw him hours during the so called. And it was little false starters in the all star game are all. There did you or did you started and we looked at each other actors to enter like. Got a big lead changeup like Bob Dole really edge. I think junior Abby and the walks out of last year you know like the Charlie Morton and that's what we're able to really get secondary it's important. Great ball. Also. It's tough to make and I think that was changed since when you don't sort of bullet was like. 190 to. Ninety Warner are repeat it mostly. I'd like that really helped separation legal entities and all he knows yet so. I think our starter I don't know it at that level to meet. Just Richard Saul C industry also renew sort certain. In Milwaukee last year when it struck out general what are some work in just one. Mary asked all hands with high velocity and really really stir up. And that means the loss of the worst out in note one that. What do they want notes and be back and went to summer not a trick you come back from. It's gonna be relieved of all we were switching over the course of the summer internally. And Danica will be able last year that happened. You'll Woolsey went back up disabled list distributed to street spec that was needed to. We deeper stirred describe it is. Arms stomach illness has probably not believe we wanna get it. Ali now know. But what do you regain strength if you're seeing a lot Padilla immunity at which. Re packages to be able to be solid middle of rotation starter. That is Mike fair and host of the power Elian MLB series sex I'm radeon pre and post game most. For. 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