The Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, February 17th
Steve Zautke gets you ready for the Daytona 500.  Eddie LePine from joins the show as well.

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The Milwaukee. Start your engines it's time to talk about all things racing. NASCAR. Or IndyCar. Trucks and Formula One and show was Steve's talking presented by the legendary Great Lakes dragway in union grown. Its stock. And welcome to the final inspection Joseph brought to you by of course the legendary. Great lake straight away in union grove make sure you check out greatly straight wade dot com. For all this season ticket info coming up on the 2018. Season. And yes it is the Daytona 500 show it's going to be a short show. On the air today only a thirty minute show because her being preempted by Ambrose hockey. Do not fret as we will be doing and a bonus. Thirty minutes off the air and that will be posted later via of course the 1057 FM the fan website and course iTunes. So make sure you checked in for that as Jeff and I go through the field and get our picks and give everybody expects actually for the this coming in. Daytona 500 up tomorrow. And that today we got a little bit of news of course and the couple. People get kicked out in some. Kind of a cool the situation in qualifying for expanded view this morning. Jeff what's the story with these crew guys now. Well this morning. We head as with Austin Dillon's car he had a rear suspension violation it was discovered in pre qualifying inspection. Because of that his crew chief has been thrown out of the Khmer takes trinity garage. With. With Harmon. His car failed inspection four times for pre qualifying inspection. So Hughes tossed out as well. You know this is the whole thing with NASCAR now about trying to penalize guys the weekend of instead of the week after. It makes sense talk today in qualifying this is a goofy situation. In this is that this is the kind of situation where you just. As a fan then and as if I'm the car owner and driver I added I am just. Is is kind of ridiculous. OK here's the situation. Met sift and it would as a Matt Williams. A blue debt to Mintz. Don't Joshua I'm sorry. The number two met tift in the number nine you Josh Williams and there are times disallowed for. For feeling. Balls off fine inspections are not okay. So what happens then. You get a shuffle because of the revision mills and then speed and whatnot. So what happened was so tift then Williams the the gets thrown well. But they both made to race on provision else. And then what happened because of that because two of two wins in Macon at speed doubles the bottom guys the next guy up on speed. That would be great ball team so he gets in and speed. Timmy hill who made it in and the last provisional. He gets thrown out. So here here Timmy hill OK I men you know Ira I run the series the whole year and everything last year. I owed on the Daytona my car passes in its inspection. Not the fastest. I'm doing everything by the world's. And I have K I meant I'm provision. Two guys get disqualified. I'm out of the race. Watt. It doesn't make it he says it's it's a brand is ridiculous I'm park in the car. Eight NASCAR. Went over comes around or some of these other races and ended June July and August and you guys are calling up car owners seem. Were gonna pay for your gas don't worry about entry fees we gotta get some. Cars to detract. You know. Yeah I tell middle screw it I know it I'm sad hero police say it's a sour taste in your mouth Daytona I know. I know biggest biggest purses so of the year which airs. Crap in the extended U series and truck series and it to other jolt it is. And it's like a you know now you're you're out to two guys because disqualified. In I'm out there yeah if I'm Timmy you know. Does not nothing to say except you know this just the sheer anger. That he's got to feel. And I'm just you know you gotta be set you fear all the crew guys car or car owner. If he's got some UI and yup team like that it does have a lot of sponsorship. So it's a lot of heel friends and and a Tenet pitch in so was over on the car on I'm sorry don't know was on the car but. Dobbs aluminum siding and her lover I'm sure they may be came down. To the Daytona 'cause it's Daytona and two meals by saying well we're looking at the numbers here we should be all right though we should get in and provisional east you know you know look in at all things. Because he if you run a series. Provisional are there to protect yet. And pulled the ego and I just. That he'll back in my day disqualification meant your oh yeah yeah and all our other race. And now. It's it's unreal it. You know it's it's NASCAR. It is just that it's an discarded it doesn't make a lot of sense to our its NASCAR. And yeah then and a start. And it it's just ridiculous. You know and it's hard not to be vindictive like you all that when they come to all I'm 41 cars we're exactly. Hello they they ran 43 forever. And then they cut it to forty they can't even fill that out most weeks. Run 41. What difference does it match. They have all they have a law you know EE EE FR I accept a rare instances where they can kind of you know pencil on what overrule they want get big and end this would be a perfect example you know what this is one of these things will be dropped the rules. It's an unfair situations Daytona first and you know first race of the year you know lot. We're gonna stick it you know what we're gonna stick you were up which in at the back in the field because we want to make things right now makes sense to me. Who's gonna lose in the complaint. I have no idea and you know. I guess at it if it doesn't make sense because aside this time a lap in all. By fifty Il fifty laps and they're gonna be don't have the field anyways because he's an idiot to me crash into each other so it doesn't matter right. So I mean that is generous I would say by left wanting a third of the field is out. So why not start 41 carts. I I can't answer I don't know. This is this is what gets frustrating for four. Me as a media member fans Sami has been watching this this is the kind of stupid stuff they use their use to and I grew up and walk him I'll. Some stupid liberal or some dentist and make sense everybody. Was against it in better the sport anyway and while Worrell and morals our world you know tightening Nnamdi. You know you screw up you correct it. You know if there. With NASCAR trying so hard you know with quote unquote play off some. You know a one lap race to figure out who the champion is the rollout the other 35 that you riddled season. You know it's act it's like football and not been able to tell what it catches and it is just. These stupid rules and we we talked last year. Our top hundred times about how NASCAR's rule book. Is so huge convoluted. It's stupid. Aren't you know and they really need to give back to the drawing board. You know it it. There were. FS one they had some legal race these old races on and whatnot. And they and they were talking to own Richard Petty went when drag race in 1965. Does it and enemy wrecked. And you know situation war is in May to 64. Petty won the Daytona 500 by more than laugh what happened was Ford was dominant car. Plymouth and petty and now worth a young team common now Richard was he on this twenties his father Lee had just retired. And they were up and coming team. But the aid of Plymouth Justin never horsepower at that time. But the only short tracks there's a lot of short tracks on the schedule back then and whatnot and they would win a lot of those races but the big tracks. The paddies in the limits and then now on the mall are all animal part guys ilk didn't really have the horsepower 64 that came out with a hammy. Ball under more horsepower than an edit than everybody else well petty wins Daytona 500 by more than lap. And then he beats a piece swept all the super speed or races. Like Charlotte. And in and Darlington and almost. In both France like she hit him this and yet Ford Ford's bitch and complain and say you know what the to hack we're gonna plow. At that time there is more or supplements soul bill France's were banned in hammy. Well. Plymouth says well okay you're you're done Richard. Worry us and you drag race which he did he raced appear cooler in and drink recently pro stock breaks there type thing. And he went racing. And he talked about it and then also some of the other have. Chrysler teams they won USEC recent U sex are terrorists and which included tracks like Milwaukee. So guys that Bobby Isaac David Pearson those guys raced at Milwaukee mile on 1865. While then bill France chemicals. And then about the time of the firecracker 400 those attain world we're gonna let the hammy comment but only a one mile tracks and and lives. And so they brought the hammy bad compare these started to come back and then eventually. Four upped their game and everybody but. Yell it was like. Big bill France's trying to equal the Plainfield. And but he always Z in the and big bill knows him try to make everybody happy you know and and of the sport. Really excelled. Off of that trying to even the playing field trying to keep everybody happy and there's times though it at ill one when now. The bill junior took over and in the eighties and David Gale lol. It it did start to kind of get irritating. With all the complaining. Because everybody is Darrell Waltrip was the first one who went to the media of the complaint and he did his politics is through media. And so the only guys who complain about the Ford thunderbirds LE Cayman almost that are too macho than the Ford money Carlos and luminous everywhere those complaining about the aero. The Buick sills mobiles. I guess read in a hook to recast this obvious carries it out as and but they everybody knows politics in ill by the you know what it was. That was the deal and it was great reason I'm it was. Watching those blocks in those old movies or watch in the media EVE the tone of 500 in tires. Those cars or move around which they're doing I do I'll give credit they are doing that. I this year right. We got some cars the guys have to drive give so. But it should be great race I'm looking forward to a. I hope so you know the Washington the duels. Though the first duel man you besides a couple of accidents that happened that was just a total snooze fest out and you know I I didn't know if I was going to be able to stay awake through the second one but then the second one was actually exciting race. It's its season be it. It's it's until two races residuals they're hot there's always seems to be one there has more accidents you know is easier clean one and then there's one or a lot of wrecks. There's one little ought to pass seen as that one Mets snooze for us and our seems that way. Well there's what eight guys going to back up cars to start the 500 so. You know there was definitely some months and it bent up fenders bill on time but. You know obviously I hope that the 500 is more like duel number two have been duel number one right but there's tons of great stories you know look at the bubble Wallace and how well he ran. And that sets a good story absolutely I tell you Lou Lou let's talk about that when we come back we'll also talk about Johnny solders were in last night in the truck race. When we come back to the final inspections over to but I agree at least three way in union girl. Welcome back to the final inspection show rescue by greatly straight away in last night to truck race Jeff while skiing. What did you think of that. There's good graces you know it was kind of boring fervor at least the first half and then it picked up at the end in that finish was amazing. It could have been better though. It go to Scott legacy all guys don't listen or two years spotter you and you see that I mean either at some EST get. Blame there either the spotter was a quick enough CNET. Sec general come up. Or are lazy just in here armor some things but I'm thinking in Achilles and make your move make your move make your move. And any kind of does and then. When he making a move that late. Screwed up that second line and on now I know. And and they shuffle the meg I think he's right is what fifth he screwed up these screwed the pooch and and eat it was like. Can't. There's a perfect combination of suck and it gave out. Which it which is a shame because was I was it would have been a fantastic finish it wouldn't NM a sauter guy at this era for slaughter grabbed cheered for relate wanted to finish too though Allen on the fight for a little bit all I don't know. I know but that was why it was became a wildly entertaining race I like to. Now at this this kind of shake your head and you know Scott legacy is dad raced. Watch his dad race open road America trans am series and they switch over to NASCAR and he came up. You have believe he has a series priest a marquee couple times affair recall correctly. And in on his ways kids he just. Not a kid anymore but he's been kind of in and now busier season Cameron's Parcells a droll little full schedule and now he's. He's got to get a good ride Alaska truck last night the run and then it's like okay this is your chance to shine kid you know. OK so and then end the moment came in their plant. Well that's why hoping it was his spotter that that. Messed that up form because you would think especially with him you know like you said running a limited schedule and everything like that it. You know he would sit there and be playing bumper cars to get to the checkered. And you know his move was whether he was paid attention to the spotter or not his move was way too late and he should've done and a half a lap earlier. But that's how it goes about you know fantastic news hopefully tomorrow's the same. Yes then and today to. Minus the I'm on team Timmy. Team Timmy in Timmy did not make various. Things but Johnny Sauter was that is it was a third. Third and seven BF three and six yeah I think it's three and 70. Words. Yeah I'm pretty sure it's realism. Not dead now be known I'm not bad about he's got good equipment you know and ease. He's in OK for himself he really is at this point I was sacked him a craft and was able to finish with the truck. And they it and when they were put on that Irvine nine cent for those who miss that he had it eat it was. There's there act a bit of. But try to remember exactly. What happened then. Get in the outside wall a little bit and it basically does in the field all the the bright side you know by the offer the back of his truck and they are able to appear binding on the on the old days you could take a mold. One of the mold and tape and an iron tan redo it now legally do that. And he put all that Paramount on their butt. When you have ten calico Obama depended sticking out their meal when you're at dental speeds of wind finds a way that this tear everything apart Mindanao held together. It did I was Shaq that's up for sure we were gonna get a caution. And is another caution I lamp after lingering. You know Iowa I have I have some beer bonnet on nice the end of one pockets. And got it to anybody who owns a share VS senator her GMC Sonoma pickup truck the rocker panels dollars and Russ thought Adam. In know we have the we switch over you have a some moment as game very long in the tooth and decided a greet him by another colleague Ali DS cents to agree. Utility truck to some cash camera on a 19 and and so we bought. And assess ten. And accord Lou it's in great shape looks good buddies is the only rust on the bottom rate this seem very below if you follow the beat color all the way down. Oddly rust out there for some reason must be in the design or why aggregates and there's something. If you look if you notice he just has they all have them now and site and want it only in the fixes and I. Got to bear bond loaded on an error in. It it's fantastic. I'll held off for two years and had to replace that once more but I mean it it's great stuff were in need decent incidental on leeward. That would bring great agony 73 in Pollock. Which was sister a land yap and I head holes on each side in my trunk. Read this you know like stuff rugs and stuff in there anything in my trunk would be fallen out on on road so. I wish it would a little bond bear bound for that. Well. Picks. There were will be pollster and we Yardley the whole station involved in picks so is it'd we will post those on Twitter. And also on the final inspection FaceBook page. Later this afternoon look at those on all levels up make worry heading for greatly straight way he's sticking Kyle Busch. OK but to get picked yeah yeah very good pick. And I am I I don't know I Connolly deeply neat summary. Ryan Moya Grambling and they say the plane if if Ryan blame me I could listen dale Blaine is on. Well you know blow anyone his dual Ryan yeah you did looks fantastic now he cut his hair you like them. If you know starts third so. When you know when you drive for the captain you once looked and I access. That's a very good pick that's a very good picky I'm I'm self let not my pick I went with the William Byron. I thought he was gonna win. In his burgers release William. All old. I think his allows he's got to speed and if he can keep defenders on it then look out and obviously he's aggressive when he needs to be. So don't put him put a couple and all bread and bring it home. We'll make sure you tune check out the FaceBook page final inspection show. And then Korea now also pulls him on Twitter follow me and Steve Zaki the ZAUTTE. Org Jeff Jeff underscore or a lot ski. But he spell that all our LO SK I know W know what happened at a W degrees a grandfather took it out. It's true story I and I. You're I guess try to make it sound less polish. Orlovsky. Isn't polish and it's like Brad Keselowski who became Brad Kassell ski. Gotta love it. And also make sure you check out of the rest of the Daytona 500 pit picks to will be output nose up on the Internet here shortly and iTunes and also. The 10 fight seven FM the fan. Decade. Go to the on demand section vital inspection show. Brought you back jump balls beauty and Seattle in 100 Greenfield and make sure each ago marquee Apple's hockey coming up next hearing just a minute here. One minute away they'd take on Texas today. And then we got the extended the series. Race coming up here and by an hour and a half yeah or 1:30 central time to think it is. Her right in time for nap time I'm means. All the excitement starts at 130 for the X miniseries coming how many big crashes. I'm the say three at jousting in three now. You know X trinity. It is a matter of if there were Roman you know have to run and Ed any trick on the circuit the last five laps or do you know about fifteen lands. Is just a total free for you're Timmy hill can needlessly drive about when when they start the race immediately get an F one star compared Oldman is trying to Alter. I hope he does I hope he does it at at at at. Four Timmy I think we should have a Timmy hill fan club now. May I men. Even listening to the final inspection Joseph brought Cuba legendary Great Lakes straight ways standby for Milwaukee admirals hockey and welcome back to the final inspection shall. The online version. Which are guesses is that's true. Course all of our. Chills are online and also so this is online only version. Agassi college over all scheme for you hardcore gear heads there absolutely. Aaron. From the Timmy hills do deals. Scorcher real 157 from the fan or Tim or Timmy. In previous hour talking about the week's Indy series and now Timmy he'll hold a total screw job. On tutor errors get disqualified. And because of the shuffling of the provisional and speed charts and whatnot Timmy held. Is out of the race because of that. Yeah justice for a Timmy hill the 383. Timmy. So while we're going to be talking about here and his bonus section it's our opponents actually it's it's actually still less than the usual two hour show blow Reagan in an hour show ourselves. Is a will be talking about the Daytona 500 of course it come up on the news. Both in the field a bit and the and the loss Kabila time in Chiming in Florida. Got to get his feel for what's going on and forgo. Was the all stuffed Daytona down there and gave his pick to a possible through all OPEC's. I'm with you and the runners from the you know studio. Here. The team Eagles to. In the hill memorial so yeah they had final practice today Jennifer while skiing they sure did as was the fastest the fastest who has bubble wall your buddy. Number of 43 look came Walt good he has looked very good this week has me he's looked like a veteran out there you know. He's very composed he ran very well in the draft during the duels off. It's very impressive to showing that he's put an effective he sits there and posted the fastest time and happy hours impressive. And you know he should should equal good things to come for him in the 500. Did you swore as was second. Now Suarez lead he had the fastest times in both of Friday's practices. And then comes back with a second place. Odd time in happy hour now so. Swore as could be another got to keep and I. Enough third of those Ryan Newman of course Ryan Newman who hates. Race in at Daytona and no big deal with this rules package. But. Oz does usually does well. Knew either finish well. Or get into a spectacular accident you think he hit the either finished at five ever end up on the on the hood of the car. President. A guy that you originally had two was your pick William Byron and now on the 24 car now. Don't get confused. This is not up to 24. Car and crews though. Right this is the five car. This is the car that socked for beyond that under greasing the curb its car yes. He's he's driving around and get into devils following him so I don't know if the event. Now they've made changes than Hendrick they've kind of revamped how they're doing things and whatnot which is good. The had a down year last year. Be counted Justine to see though how Hendrick rebounds by Hendrick should put their five car for sale on eBay for just a number. You know though I don't think any great toll of more than five books and I tell you what to I am happy that she's so it is and in the nine. I am too I just wish it looked like his dad's car. You have bit the apple on the farm to the nine Izzo. It has the font rate. Nia is that's way it was. That this is sponsor stuff you know I know I know it's tough but it would it would have been nice if it would look more like like bill's car from Arlington chorus like a quarters rotor Budweiser rather blah has cars are usually rent. Well yeah they got a blue ones thrown in there than in the McDonald's sing for awhile but the blew the majority they were red cars from the I can't rolling the million. Car well smiling when Welling was sponsor to was red and the new at the coolers and that was read in the and they went to Budweiser. Read and then McDonald's bread. Is there with ray ever and am red. Many of the iconic red and white nine. It would have an you know it be nice if it looked like that which doesn't but. What about the travesty. And you posted it on on the FaceBook page. The final inspection shows are set on FaceBook TO five TF five fours so final inspection. No beer sponsors at all in the Daytona 500 are you kidding me right but they were unknowns the clash. OK so but what looked to us is world's biggest look let's talk about the clash is it. Is should be skillet heat out. That was boring as hell Elizardo. Illness it was horrible. The Clinton who was not our lineup got three minutes of that out of your race that was entertaining. I had a two TVs tunnels watch in the second TV more than the first one and now some map iPad more it was all those as soon. It's kind of knee once GO OK he's an act carries in this curry kind of give OK who's running you know what car what now and OK got it done and but. The first clash. Was twenty laps will nor should they just do that should they just run a clash. Movements. Keep it on Sunday it. Maybe after qualifying before offering whatever you wanted to do it is cool back to the original concept of a just at twenty lap race. You buy yellow planes he'll flags don't count. You might as well there was an Leggett said there was nothing entertaining at all about that you know and I forgot I think you might having Kevin Harvick who I was talking about. How the they might need to re figure how they do Daytona because. You get to do holes okay which hit have been fantastic and I look forward to whom every year. No one goes home. Hit forty cars for a forty Garfield Brent who is no Timmy hill that is gonna do you know it gets sent home and now. They kind of become what Indianapolis as where Indianapolis is to be a full month bank fifties and sixties have guys that. One hours and days and days for practice and whatnot. In multiple qualifying sessions and now it's pretty much gone too. A week you know than before the of the first week is actually the road course race and then there's practice in the news all Fineman there's a week of the lead into the race. I want Aristide told it would benefit from that maybe shortening up the week because. And now with the television package. When speed had it in that it was wall to wall coverage yeah you head. I would come home home from work turn on speed and nearest coverage. All week long nose is awesome. It word there is also they were showing all the practices lies the you're and indeed rerun arm and it was ball want to tone of coverage is really cool. And they did a lot of interviews on what nine and really dug deep and you really got immersed you after the tournament near ready for the year if you watched everything. But this year. You know with as a sanity I mean granted they have a lot of other stuff that they appear to have to show but it's kind frustrating. On the other wasn't allowed us to stop fun now there wasn't. It was crazy because it was an interview with Kyle Larson where he goes. You know I'm on my third car of the world of this week. You know he crashed two cars so for everything that NASCAR is trying to do. With I eliminating one guy over another guy over the wall. So now pits apps are going to be interesting for the 500 I'm looking forward to seeing how these teams deal with Evan. One less guy over the wall in the gas main can only do gas. But for all these things you know that they say he either trying to streamline costs and save money and save money. Oh you know Larson wrecked two from. Complete race cars that he's at his third tour we have an even hand are real racy. Janet and weird. Talked briefly about it in the first half hour that we did on here about the aero package that to have that seems to be the cars are a little bit harder of the drives. And then also we saw in the 2125. Uses if you get behind somebody it's really easy direct government we saw that word Ricky stand else. I have quoting here. From Rickie about that. One sick in here. It's a year but the driver of the seventy Roush Fenway eerie scene though four were shocked at how quickly you were and William Byron one of the guys CEO spun around snapped around. One stand holes poked the Knowles whose fusion to the inside of Byron scar the first 150 mile recent. Anderson tomorrow qualify and race. Of the Hendrick motor sport Turkey was the move aerodynamics. When some Austin house to tear off the car on Byron mills into the outside wall person to a backup car. And Stan also browser you surprise had 24. Bureau malls are on the back straightaway he said. Now it was a bit interest in NASCAR must have been that lose because we're in the tri oval and Beckham to a straightaway. And later in the unity event Yeltsin the decision to David Gill weren't. Where he'd discuss it kind of got behind it. It's kind of a way of and we solve this tool I wanna see a few years ago to. Where you were kind of you know what you would cause if your driver rigor cartilage and a blind spot and a blind spot shot. Where is the car. I need that's trailing in his on the port side or at least try to recited from anti towing it it has the Tennessee authorities thought the air off the spoiler. In this state are really snaps round will be interest in the seat and tech continues in the 500. Yeah you will because it looked like. Either very little or no context was made. And it just spun him right around into the wall into a back up car and you know two missiles and obviously. Byron is not crying about it being fourth in in happy hour practice. So his back of cars still his speed but but he had that's just another another another example of you know wide Daytona is great in Hawaii it's an exciting race and you know it's. I I'm I'm looking forward. Too little Beatrice and to see if that actually used as a weapon to resume the race oh why wouldn't. I would. You know Chaz Allen probably not a you know I think he's lobbying for turn signals are equipment that I would use it as a weapon absolutely. And then I this I toll menace of a Denny I am one. Denny Hamlin c.s used joking with 70% of the drivers he's girl. Yeah well yeah and it's kind of a touchy subject because there's a driver Erica suspended because of that there's sure lots of ailment there. And yeah Denny said that Denny I called into the NASCAR hauler. Got whisked away to right after he left so nobody you know he wasn't able the answer any questions about it now and later says he was joking so. You know it's a common excuse they use it with my wife all the times sorry bay it and I was just joking when I said whatever I put my foot in my mouth for. But you know if that. It's is one of those things you. We would probably be surprised at what really happens with some of these guys and it's like that in every sport. And so in my it's in my shocked about it no do I think he was joking that I'll. No I don't think he was either but I don't think easy is a matter I think he's seen them. They're idiots. Well you know NASA and if you take him earlier million of any. Any listeners on outer Mac on the Nydia but I'm just. I'd you know. Did Denny Hamlin is the last one that should. Be criticized and other drivers thing though is he's had his bona Serra the on his racing career ball and it's funny because he says there in an interview couple days ago said that the his biggest regret was when he dumped chase Elliott. I'll let yeah season on and always should have been you know and he did a joint Modano and Modano. Will breed remains to be seen if he would if he recovers from that by. Yeah it's it's not a great deal you have faith in the Donald this year. No no I got in my mind one Tennessee's pool. I'm I'm debating against her who says that today that teams are so any you his views of value per you know as the value pick now. Miles at a firm. For those that no one that we there's a winter hawks. Pool there war all Linda Sparky got me into by about ten years ago. And it puts it into it's a lot of fun because he just picked the drivers and the beginning of the year and that's in Vienna which are Osman and Yahoo!. Fantasy league and that's gone this year. Effect want Doctorow a dealer pine about that in cities and beach China and us into some few minutes Sify refuse even aware that that. Yahoo! co laugh there watery simple possession NASCAR pool. So. Yeah I was kind of interest CNET. You know on there's. That's that's an interest in that they did that parents it is and it was interesting because. When we first started doing. John we demand from recent nation back com and I bullet head competing leagues. And we'd have any words from 50s30. To fifty people in the in either league summoned both of obviously. But as years one on ago lasts and lasts and last and last year we had a hard time we combine the leagues and we had a hard time in twenty people. Well it's tough because you know daily fantasy. Has taken over a lot. We're guys don't join regular leagues like mean you are in and they just do draft king loser whatever you think it's for a serious gambling. Yeah well yeah you know I I am in the fantasy basketball. League right now that I haven't checked in three months because I don't care about it is a mile and a mini money. Semi league. I've made it might be a candidate. But you know I don't care if there's no money on the line it's not gas irresponsibility. We if you join a legally strike something I guess in all right CEO to be and I'll I'll check it today reshuffle my guys and then I'll come back in a month and do it again but. You know the you gotta have money on it to make it interesting so do I think they Yahoo! dropped and it is is necessarily you know a horrible black cloud no because. Draft kings and I can't remember the other one but. You know I'm sure grandma. You stand tool in dual fan ball as Nolan Oca you know I as long as they still have NASCAR and you can. Still gamble on NASCAR at the online casinos and also in evidence here. New that's why I don't know them until I hit it at that at. Errol let's go let's go ring up ideal time and then and now will Rebecca one moment. Are welcome back to the final inspection show or Daytona 500 adults nationally and join announce an agreement with speaks outlined it is. A new time for race in nation dot com welcome to the show Eddie. Hey you are (%expletive) I do it. Happy new year. Thank you know appreciate you coming nine minute course these Klein essence drama. Slower and nearby Orlando but Orlando's close enough to Daytona bulletin. What's the vibe down their fur. Further at Daytona 500 this year. I think it's exciting that started you know kick up as the new year. Lots of new drivers you know Ali. Are making your name for themselves and I think that which you're gonna see tomorrow. I think that changing of the art it definitely. A factor. This year. Yes certainly with all the young drivers O'Neil said the secrecy only our resentment kicked Matt Kenseth whose goal it via the home. The William by her friends join you know to join in up through the ranks and then in Il so I mean it's it's definitely a change. Here Jones and those guys. I he see it in my fantasy pick who makes him a Tennessee team we're. Before you joined us just an hour talking about Logan a fantasy auto race in the net worth where you were were you aware that is that Yahoo! would drop their arteries seem. Fantasy teams this year. Yes sir I really now why not get out. Big thing and obviously. It must not be serving its purpose and apple. Current. Now's got a surprise when a kid just just doesn't think it's a did that big of a thing. Because of the other Tennessee outlets that are out there Brooke outlook I am I am kind of light. It it's not lake hills Neil NASCAR's done inner but it's. It's a little bit of a crack in the armor I think it's his. It's. Deathly kind of changing news. And I you know I highly islands idea I'd light yet Yahoo! the way they were under Tennessee. Sports. I think their fantasy foot. Law. What sort of looking for just like plans former classic party that is as one of the best out there and hands. You know highlight these. There is there to observe how they did their race in Tennessee team zoo where you pick it every week you know some people don't like it. But for me. I cause thought it was a vanished as you know especially if you know what drivers do better at certain tracks he can use that to your vantage. You lose and you. Really shocked. You know even the demographics. And everything that's taking place you know even at eight or this year you know. Victory in oh problems. Which is kinda shocking. To see that happening now. Yeah I mean no one and you gotta give them credit for or sore redoing. The Daytona and house naked kick of up tick upon how they caught the Daytona stadium. It's a once again that. That kind of stick and ball and view that they have they want to cause the stadium Owen map put it is a beautiful facility at Eddie's our Ivan have not seen it yet. It's been a couple of years since I've been back on the Daytona and Eddie's been there. And and it is it's quite spectacular. Stadium could collect data over the world and Eddie. You know what which is there a few weeks ago reported four hour race and now is actually it was the first time I was. This year it was needed that stadium area up in the grandstands and we did historian racing nation about. Spotters. That are involved in racing and it was very nice up there. Oh. This week are ought I mean it is completely. Not the same place that it is really a phenomenal job with the sponsors. Having all their own suite and everything it is it compel yet. It's a great place the vantage point to watch the race from there so completely different from mental side. A few years ago there. SI mean you got to give you credit for Daytona in the don't speedway corp for hill putting together the money insane Hayward locate. Let's get the fans out here but did yell. The asked to be. All else full asked everybody asked to be on board with this including the I think the biggest reason why. Attendants went down is the motels Moore tells the whole tells a Houston college these stands in the past suspension of places like. Arlington in. A Bristol some of the other place where. You know there back in the eighties and that there were Stanley's an epic could go to two or three races a year and the price point got so high that the could only go to. O'Neal one race a year basically and summer of Mimi decided they can afford. Even a race here and maybe go every other year. Well I think being you're totally right I mean it even at that point or operate the trials. The board. Right now people. Because that was probably. A bit rainy. Report or tolerate that I've ever be. And I've been going there over forty year. And they separately at a price increase. Hotel accommodations nearby. And that's a real current law and you know he's been here. It costs money is it ticket and if you look at lie. Who looted. You see of stayed at home watching you know under high but it should he be. Yeah it is a turn off but it's not like the Packers don't do the same thing if you wanna sit there and get a hotel up in Green Bay and a game weekend you have to spend two nights. They won't let you just get a hotel first Saturday night or first Sunday night if you plan on heaven a bunch of beverages at the game you'd have to buy two nights. And our world you know that they raise their prices as well I went up there and this was probably. You know twenties. I don't know maybe 1518 years ago in a body. And we stated you know some crappy motel and it was a 175 a night off and that was that was in Green Bay and I was eighteen years ago so. It they do it everywhere but it does it it is bad and it definitely is a turn off. It's funny because you hear about like the the new stadium in Atlanta. They've got you know the the bargain basement concession prices. And they sold more and made more money. Having two dollar hot dogs in you know two dollar sodas than they did when they were selling seven dollar hot dogs. I don't because what people think there's seven Ballard there in where. In eat before they get there. Or have another option or by. It everybody trying to nap there. You know it they're money. And they should really. Has let them. It called that and be clear what the crisis are big debt. It's not good that way. Yeah I agree I think that's why you el Dora is such a destination. I'm the trek for all these people is now you know because they've got the same thing and the masters in Augusta for golf they do it too. It's gonna cost you you know a kidney and I have to walk in the door. But what's your in the air beer is two blocks a hot dogs a dollar you know they don't they don't just keep sticking it to the. 80. Well I did the light of a cover that beat you heated at all sports now. Where it affecting. Bottom line the attendance. And so you know it can stop the crap the spot here. Because it's going to be hard to. Eight innings sponsors wanting to ride out you know ten billion dollar check the com. And put their name on the car if people or paid attention. I thought it was interest CNET T Winter Olympics her amounts in the ratings which went down and they were. Voice and and the spin in and as these victory because the radiance and only eagle gone down a certain percent. Whereas in other sports and it has gone down more. Well that's good spent. Problem is there's so many different platforms to watch it now you know the NFL when they first had their first game on. I'm I wanna say it was either Twitter Yahoo! now you sit there and anybody that went to that website during the game. And whether you were just gotten there to search something. And you know you didn't watch a single play he's still got counted towards the rating right you know so there's ways to manipulated and stuff like that too. But you know with all the different options and everything like that I don't think it's surprise anymore that more sports or are going down you just have to. You know hopefully have a parachute on. It ended is a future army and I I got a new TV. And they have this it's this real Smart TV and in passport TV's you know basically says and an Internet connection but there wasn't easy the announcing. But now. With this mark TV that I and then I got news it's at Toshiba is it's it is a one button pressed to get to where one ago. So when they have Loma on for you whether your Netflix Amazon subscriber. YouTube you know war or malice on subscriber so I guess it would come watch movies. What ever wants to Amazon or some of their series and ended the the road the real neat thing is YouTube. Was a lot of people are economists in the bold on. Where the don't really know and you to put could probably do a better job of promoting itself. Yeah I think it's try to catch 22 because maybe there's some copyright issues on nap but there's some people that have. I there and there are so many interesting stuff on the on YouTube. Not only from lotteries seen in a different Ole older races that are on their complete Greece's. Then people must sit taped on their old beta max's. Which surprisingly. Was were of it was really good quality. And you could tell which ones where early VHS and which ones who have worked and we're going to be in a map this severe Max was superior machine for for Teepen quality you'll act but also. Are all talk chills and that. You know I I'm not a big three stooges fan but it was. The elite member of the old Mike Douglas show my appeal that. He might be a little young for that but the Mike Douglas was tally the Merv Griffin kind of guy deep time. Talk show but he added. He had more Howard on a bunch of times and me in the mid seventies shortly before he died. And they were talked of this Suharto was kind of the last resurgence of The Three Stooges. And then the and I remember this announced a kid that's when I kind of discovered three stooges. Was an end in a mid seventies when they had this resurgence. It was really interest him while watching these interviews are more powered on on the Mike Douglas show it's really interest Steve. On the story of how this started and what nine and and and be easy to silly stuff on how to throw pot. You know he's he's shown he's he's telling Gil might Douglas how to actually when you throw pie in the summaries phase of the do it the right way in every state and it's it's it's it's corny. But is actually an interest in there's this. So many things work. Out of place that you two. And then they they they and when you when the videos over the is almost feel like this you might be interested in these two and it's that way of of which all web sites trying to do now. Is once again you until website they want you to stay there. And YouTube does an excellent job especially if fear I lovable NFL stuff. They have all these old and a solve this week in football game of the week's. Lead. When Matt this is Super Bowls but these regular ill games at around that they will focus on during the week and NFL films that. It's fantastic stuff it really is it here in these old players are you totally forgot about a one man. And all races to meanwhile the alias paean races are on there and early eighties but not only that the some of their early. NASCAR races there or so on ABC while world sports are what matter NBC sports world. Those are on their two. It's at it's a lot of fun I mean you can easily get lost and in the next scene all its. Yeah I agree to toss. I think you're total. Totally right Steve I think there. What's happening with with the new generation. I mean you turn the TV and I'm not a big TV person I. Don't watch a lot of that but. What do I do have bad and you know you can get lost and it really quick look at that audio video you know. I Eddie's so Daytona tomorrow. What what goes on in the lone pine household for the 500 do you have. You know be have a special menus that your getting together like the Super Bowl. Got your bodies come in all our. You don't want to walk us through the day in the life of Daytona 508. At at your police are wrong. Very exciting but I'm probably gonna get out very early and walk the dog and then Cody oh god. And probably come back and actual in. Chill out and watch the pre race. Yeah above and beyond. Sorry I know and above and beyond you know let him normal a normal human race weekend. I'm not really I think if I had to pick I think for the Indy 500 a little I have a little more. What does celebrations are media figured they it and they called out by. I'm excited to see what happens this weekend as I say it is going to be an exciting race tomorrow is going to be. If you saw that truck grace. I think you're gonna see a little bit of that happening. Where everybody's gonna wanna win. Right away. Is there users are. I'm sorry this is there's still an overflow from Daytona. Crowds to Orlando like there was back and eighty's and ninety's. Remember who it is funny because you know the order for our rate was born. And they had the other girl. Well. And it was it you know in the two completely different world people. Here burger or reason. I mean Orlando has really. The traffic it's gotten there. There are all they believe. If I wore. Nearby in Daytona. Race weekend has just arrived at the venerable early. That ball I can say. You do anything out of the ordinary Steve good like at my house I I do it like to suitable. I've got you know I had made my menu three days ago got to spread went tunnels aren't well I'm a big appetizer guy. So I've got chicken wings and got chicken wing dipped. Taco dip by huge veggie tray cheese sausage all that kind of stuff. Chips cracker you know just I'm making you know mighty. Meat balls that I make all the time and so. You know that Isiah. I think. Gap by Vic I wanna come here now. And army do I I. I'm actually invited over Ross sleek cells. Policy mum. Photographer Ries of photographer. For his Daytona 500 part about them Anderson not torn hamstring. So it's it's kind of hard for me to get into a comfortable spot in an oh with a win Diaz is parties by about 23 people there and it's not. In 04. I don't wanna be that guy that you know all I need to sit here could you please move because I am a bomb legs this week you know outside and the empire united told us empire in the past by. So that means get to sleep in because he Saturday nights I've. I'm on. YouTube or whatever watch Sheen stupid stuff on TV tell 1 to 3 o'clock in the morning. And then crime on a bed jump and in the shower and hinges. Poured myself into the recliner so yeah I did no special menu may be some leftovers. That's in the all split. Yes trying to trying to you little more healthier. Maybe maybe bring you also install with chili and cheese softened its. Steve I don't think I've ever gonna look at it that they have now. Let them know you're watching priest who is old movies at 2 o'clock it. She seeks to dessert or some stupid. Trenton 300 raise from 1979. Or something you know this. A Lotta Lotta stuff do you hope this is hopelessly laws and that only that is saw a man Xbox loads Mike. On that grants original deal one. I'm remembering for Grand Theft Auto now on non on the other recent ones. Oh. Yes. By the you know I mean I I used to be a big video game I'm not not as much as I used to buy is still do once a while and I mean at Italian follows. If files late 1819 the result is I remembered. Being the only fifteen years all we've played in television all the time zone we did in. Now of the games so much better IBM IB one of these kids Engel into the basement my parents Aussie would see me for days. I don't think you have played video games besides the occasional races of Mario Kart with my kids since college. But really never got into Marilyn. Marilyn. And it's. It's hard especially now because they get this the controllers are so big the and so many buttons you know. You don't have cocktail sausages for fingers Atari was great he could sit there and do the joystick on one hand and all the beer with the other. You know so I I'm a big multi cast yourself I can't play in and have a beard the same time Olympic problems. Over let's go to the Daytona 500 picks we have all the pics here and loss will be pulls no room on line and of course the final inspection page on FaceBook to unify. Final inspection and possible. At asset size 1250 on Twitter and also like we said before Steve's RTZ UT TEE. Than just thought he spoke that last same years OR LO SK guide Jeff underscore or lots and Eddie is on Twitter to bed Fast Eddie photos it's the I EU and photos I think when enough the orient. Totals with the now so. Let's that's cooled rule our picks in IE item Tiki and Brian blini and now the overdue plane you Ryan blini. Jeffrey allows you to break Kozlowski. The asks Andy what says you. I'm I'm going would chase Sally. She's so it. As I'm of people. Let's go through the list here that I have lost Sparky. Steve Sparky Pfeiffer taken his favorite driver. Kevin Harvick have America this current Lorie Butler packer hall of Famer he's taking in Martin Truex junior. And now Ramey is taking bubble Wallace. All right so Ito had a lot of value. In bill Michaels the big unit he's seeking Brad Kozlowski. Radio Joseph former producer of the final selection show is taking. Eric Jones. Tim Allen thinks like eighty helix chase Elliott chase Elliott Forrest Tim Allen. In. Art wing clerk another former crude producer the final inspection show now on more greens. One authorize seven a from the Fannie stake in Denny Hamlin. In bill Schmid. Bibi tell us also previous producer of the finals section Chile's taking breakfast slow ski Anthony Mondello who said it for you last week. Produce in the show he's taking chase Elliott as anti. And Dennis Michael century stock radio he's taking. Maarten trucks and his partner in crime Lori Monroe is taking Kevin Harvick. Tony dizzy you know is taking enjoy really got Ali's the only one taking him. While the comments from the Joaquin journal sentinel has taken Brad Kozlowski. Clarissa Fast Eddie is digging cheese Elliott as his Mitch Ross and other former producer. Of the final inspection Jolie's tig she's so it might wicket member him yeah. Wake yet. Wicked cricket wicket Mike wicked who's now in Kansas City sixty point gap that the he's taken Jimmie Johnson. And rallied John close but close finishes dec damn he's taking Kevin Harvick. Does a lot of the same luck Jason it's a lot of brand K a lot of heart fix. Couple true exes so you know. Not a whole lot of people think about. You know besides those few Eric Jones those surprise a hole I got one more I forgot summer. Yeah who she's solution as a pusher. This summer Santana. Media did. Owen and of course are worried Horry Henne and from Great Lakes. Greatly extremely he's taking in Kyle Busch. Well me and Roy disagree on a lot of things that's I thought we did some good Twitter wars he's fantastic. As is Great Lakes. So Eddie we appreciate you joining in this show could be here for me Lynn we look forward chatting with you about Sebring coming up what is a Sebring Obama how many weeks is that way. March separate team that's coming up. We. One month exactly from today. Just. Loves seed order. Yeah we're. Going to be over. Would who could is. Eddie do you think Jeff they would just have the ability just to survive he Sebring weekend camping. Or act aria. But wait that's approved thank you. You hit it perfect. You would. You would love Sebring as I caught the west als slovo Florida now. In the eyes figgins is fine but. It's it's a bit of a dump the bullet. It's. It the you have fantastic. Champion facilities in champion parties under for Sebring twelve hour. See I don't know partner's sleep in the car. It spring break I think the first your winter or what the board are and it. I haven't done the same sense. I don't campers startup start late. Showing up on Monday of the other. Out Monday Tuesday argued went in the real good like I mean it's. And believe or eat you out to where they're at work and the guys what goes on. Well if you need me is area on site reporter for racing nation dark comedy I. I'm open my English isn't that well but I'll do my best since the content at a. If you could break upper scripture from medical barrel on your hand. Yeah. The food yo bro you get that. Are now thought. And with a good. Dario thank you gentlemen certainly appreciate then appreciate you listening in and the imminent in. Mean shared this ascribe to the final inspection showed he can do that via iTunes and appreciate. All the support from all listeners across the nation. For our show on behalf of Joseph for a while skiing and Ed you up high and I'm Steve's got Keith thank you for joining us senator Daytona 500 addition. Of the final inspection show brought to you by greatly straight weigh in union girls.