Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, April 21st
Steve Zautke is joined by Eddie LePine from, and Dennis Michelsen and Lori Munro from RaceTalk Radio.  Get everything Motorsports right here! 

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Start your engines it's time to talk about all things racing. NASCAR. And IndyCar. Trucks than Formula One. Show was Steve sorry. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes dragway in Munich. Gears Steve's talking. Sam welcome to the final inspection children Cuba I'd legendary. Greatly straight away. Jeff for awhile ski you know what. What they're runny and add greatly straight way as we speak of god is trying to do is they didn't sprain and we're finally. With. Just weeks away from summer fest. A certificate. Is here. Glorious it is glamour to get out there ever glorious two or three weeks a swearing in than neglect the NL you know be slightly traits yeah or at a this is one of them years it feels like it's going straight from the heat straight to the air conditioner so thanks so good but I can't wait to get out the Great Lakes and it's always a good time out there yes sir and yes they announced a FaceBook a couple days ago they are running in and a idiots its about time does in the passive. They've been running for couple weeks are ready but not this year. It's been a brutal one but thankfully we've though looks like we've newcomer and a quarter and a spring is finally here and also like to thank our friends at David upside on the 6100 screen bureau. Be sure to check them audit. David Hobbs that com. And so I can straighten out our Iraq story terrible with this he made it all away at held before that though. So we're voted agree it is radio show. In the history of the world and the sister OK this is official now at some. Yes somebody asked me was a Brady's greatest radio show and his shoe world us and of course the final inspection show. So it's official. Pipe bomber proved pipe bomb a that's our new I think that's at the pipe bomb proof. So. We're a toggle social media. And let him in here it is. Ol' Steve doesn't get up there utterly and says it's also looks sleek and I'm just what these guys the perfect schedule for me would be. They get up gently between 9 and 10 o'clock in and be up until two out that at some we have always been. Work third shift for a few years memory about the recent regional problems so boarding zone never never been a boring person. But anyways I saw a guy gave up in them you know to his prep work on the show and eagle it is different social media sites. What happens. It's the giant time suck is that all of yeah I'm just gonna check this real quick before bed and two hours later you're got Deloitte and yet you know what's worse is videos. Our videos are rulers and they notice. Our friends and up Palo Alto. Have been pushing videos more and more on their website. And it's. It as the first ever notice this is copiers go down in Indianapolis. And and I'm everybody's house. And now mentioned Danny Gurney so Dan Gurney. Did guy and mean in my body exit nine this porch he's got a report uses certain people. If you disclose the two tractors cost foot traffic. And we're just sit and chill and on on foreign ports. And there's some people coming in our house went up but it's primarily just three of us mean George Indian. Oral jet in jet and pre. Soon it's it's just state to pursue conversation. Day checks ease. It's a Georgia look yeah and is the first ever ever notice that. When you could in his cup two years ago or use our one video and the FaceBook hasn't been war. In glory to the next one or and he got sucked it that he. The world. It is there is nothing up them or. Stupid. Video after video and it's it's like crack. It's people. Tripp mean fallen over. It's PP EO it's. And and the worst thing for me and YouTube is these Russian are acts and quicker than I mean there's so many you just shake your head you're just shocked that. I mean the youth are at lake Ohio Illinois drivers are at a Florida drivers are bad this is an added and so far not. Doesn't matter. Russia and it is suggests that this is insane. Or any I suppose any eastern bloc European country is it's just. Just insane need these racked CC you'd you're seriously almighty advocate people that you just. The got a BS that you were drunk on dot com or. There are something because it is these wrecks you shake in you can see it coming out way right area you see the truck certain we've been and its prost in the center line and a guy. Who's who's. Who has the camera because he knows there's people that you know there's insurance scams and that's why everybody Russia as a camera under dash. You know you think. Do you think there'd be a little you know it will pour act of on earlier come to take dude. You better polar action on the camera angles fly in and you hear cuss in and Russia in the nose. Anyway so yet an important port an exit visas constructive use videos after an end its fifteen you know fifteen point minutes later it. Go out and all he's yelling he's kind of bears it is and that's what happened to meet today. And I'm just doing some prep were posted some stuff from decision sites are what nine at and it is now look up it's after 11 o'clock if I just slid into a time warp it's the thought. Well it's half an hour or use so really fast forward. Well I appreciate you letting me know because now. The next time we go to a barbecue and we're getting down to like the last steak and the dish I'm just gonna hand you and I and in sharp play in Russian crash video CU. Well Indonesia go for the last eight. And then I can to view yeah its its guards over at and nice good to know you when he entertaining maybe relatives in from out on just economic and promote. You know. Russian accident snow will be shocked you know be sucked and Ringo taken nap. A and yet now it enhancements to me allowed to IE. You guy I'm not big gun on the Russian accidents but I watch old NASCAR footage and races and stuff like that and I thought. Looked at two and YouTube Internet you don't eat YouTube is has become me before it was less stupid stuff in it it's amazing how old. Social media net changes any balls move because it. Especially you look at Twitter and and you'll FaceBook was for the kids. Read all the kids are her kids and I remember rose organ at the mile one of the interns toll of office. And Jews working on I'll call. In any of that debt time yet to be in a college. At that time and it's all okay and then. Makes six months later in the open it up terribly read the Dow's twelve years ago probably plan. It's it's was to sockets now. It's cry I would say primarily people over 35. Tea because that they do it's evolved now because all the kids in their bills and snapped at the other stuff. That's now kind of filled that void. In fat and and Facebook's BP is a great way for. This four of people our age to just stay up on what's happening with our friends and. My problem is now I'm turning into a video snob. Like when I I watch a lot of music stuff on YouTube is well. So I'll go back and watch old you know heavy metal concerts from the eighty he's a jockey early now he's in. And if the quality like the video quality is so bad ass now qualities so bad. And have some time out I'll get halfway through just I can't suffer through this could very well aren't you spoiled yet you do get spoilt it's great to see the old man's beckon her heyday and stuff but sometimes it's a little rough. Is what's really interest in now is when you come across on T Meehan that seemed for the and YouTube. Such as an old race or something which was taped on being a Mac machine even beetle is first and for a I have a friend of mine. Who got his first beta Max machine in lake. The and a 76. Coca when he is in his twenties and he's. You know he started to tape shows the races that's what primarily recently that it. And of the quality. Even for then is is really good as opposed to. The heat just up the came in the BB five years later my money in and listen Edwards Joan it but the situation wise. It was the link that tape. Right beta Max kind of put themselves in up in the corner with a two hour to wreck. It did that thing with a minute three. If you lose and any in any export hazard any X any person any mirrors these video geeks back in the day. That we're doing this stuff missed some. An assault on college football. And you can tell a different between beta VHS. By all the other record in some loan is really didn't really surprise. Its own but there's a lot of neat stuff on YouTube now. If here in two soft buttons puke or putting stuff on. Every single day and it's it's I. Forgot about this sort of Batman yeah it's addicting mixing notes to I mean. I've done that. This has to what the TVs now with Smart TVs it's a lot easier. Aria with the first court TV's you had to do this at us with some chords and swift you know the had to do all this stuff. Now on my on my Aminu Smart TV it's one button right when button push will YouTube working go to Amazon River Netflix where everyone it's a one. One touch thing and that's that it's amazing how much. Easier and how much. More your inclined. To jump to form. It's funny how far the technology is coming like he said with Smart TVs stuff like that it's all one button now. And then on the other hand we're going back. Because. I think this was the first Yi I think last year was the first year that vinyl. Records aren't sold more than CDs. And so you've got the huge movement bringing bags vinyl records. Because that the original sound quality everything it it sounds fantastic. And all they had so were making huge advances and moving so far ahead in making everything so much easier on one side. And then on the other hand records and stuff like dad is all coming back as well so it's it's very interest seeing how how that all works out. Beta Max like you said that the quality is just night and day over more access time oh absolutely absolutely. And you certainly see them. Andy it is frigid here and ask her fan or IndyCar fan or whatever motor sports. There is so much of it on YouTube you know it's it's surprising. And this. It's it's it's a lot of fun to look back on the on YouTube. And Julio YouTube was this people put up their own videos and obviously it's still is an aunt and but there are four. It's historic stuff it's really really guard men and they got like a lot of a television. Old. Oddball television. Shows under too like the old in search show member of that. Wouldn't. With Spock Leonard beam party I don't know really her mom as I look at. And the audio. Is it foot really out there and it's just like this this shows today. In search of big foot and asset ought to say about these reality shows that look for stuff the you know that speaks people get sucked into and they never find. Read that but what's the show what the guys looking for treasure on the island in insertion for this stuff for three years this sort of found in people are still sucked into that. A row of people that gullible. I guess I today I ever since her role dole is in Capone vault dress. So I will never watch that garbage ever again so that Garrett I was sucked in that they've found absolute squat. I'm I was done with there's the people looking for those though bigfoot searching for bigfoot that nobody. Now when I was a kid. There wasn't all the cameras stuff that there was now and in search of came on the had a saint. So when your dumb little twelve your kitty thing well maybe there could be a big foot I don't know failure here. Eli is a fifty year old guy I know there's no big foot because of there was Lotus Ian and while just like his no Loch Ness Monster right but. Z.'s people out there or hook violence in Peru wore it in the it'll spend forty hours the only you know 88. Television shows or an over watch in the as they look for this bigfoot or whatever search for a stupid. Treasure on the this island at they never find in. But the crazy thing is there wouldn't be out of there wasn't people wise to venture I understand why it's the it's the adventure it's it's how they get here to cite the one with the the gold for gold in Alaska and Nixon in the Amazon. It's it I understand you know it's it's. The interest inside stories this is like all the shows like survivor. And all these other reality shells which. I again or some are a lot more scripted than people. Think I'll be watching old NASCAR races there I'll watch the Yahoo! earlier dark championship this terrible accident it's on yet at it I would much rather you know watch the nineteen. 76 Darlington right under then well you know some I looked can force some treasure is there. So what we got a full show today. And it for Mitt for NASCAR fans in Jeff and I it's one of our favorite tracks course it is rich man's love it love it and we got Martin Truex on the poll there. We'll talk more about Richmond and the reason it happened last night Dixon to be race. In his Cindy do you raise as it should be it will expand a man in a moment and then also in the second half far will be talking IndyCar. As Indy cars are down and gamma. And I still arbiters so people going. And there's where Talladega where they could not at Birmingham it's a great track in surprise a link. What when you look at edit paper you go why the heck are they running their but surprisingly. For some reason nobody can explain why. But the Indy terrorists who have a pretty good show at Birmingham and hope hopefully that'll happen again. This year and then in the second hour will have Eddie looked Hainan from recent nation back out we'll talk about his trip to Long Beach and all the recent note happening at. In although the social stuff been. And and and parties and whatnot that happens around Long Beach talk to him about that and also get talk a little bit more IndyCar and then. The courts what's the finals fiction Joseph without Dennis Michaels and Lori Monroe down we have some interest in subjects it will. Expand on coming up here with them in the second half are from race talk radio you're listening to the final section Joseph brought Cuba and ledger greatly straight way. End it announced on. This this final inspection was Steve's talking presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag away. On 1057 FM the fan. So welcome back to defy the inspection show rescue at legendary greatly straight away and David Hobbs Honda. And just NFL schedule makers. Made there schedules official the other night in a course that's cause a big things this year at. Cities are fan bases like Packers Steelers cowboys whatnot. And now of course our friends down south in the Indianapolis. The colts released their schedule. Yeah they're mad at me. And it its interest scene because well for those who may not you know stay you know. Remember memorized NASCAR schedule. But the brickyard 400 Asman has been moved. It is now the kickoff for the the playoffs in the NASCAR series on September blues September 9. Which is a Sunday. And I guess what. The colts are at home that day. Among boobs and oops. And this is Ayodele I I debt. This of one of those things where. The NFL does and half two but sometimes I don't denied you know there though you know 800 pound gorilla in the sports world. And yeah we've had we had we would have this situation and the walking home where we would try day if possible. Talk to Burr is maybe have the brewers are out of town. How much of a difference that me me it was always you know and it is I know in the past in the sixties. It was kind of when when the Braves aren't. The old regime at the at tomorrow memory cheesy. That's arteries in. It was cause a kind of a feather in his cap when via would artist trying to draw on the Braves. Back in the 50s60s at once you've gotten which at that time of -- a good crowd asked the more Q now would have been somewhere between. You know when the two and 30000. And at that time Connie stadium. Was not as big is that it was new when he tore down that. Left field section was that. And dampen hadn't and I don't know if they had. For a few years is to have the bleachers there either an innate you know as he went and he kept an ad team rats a CD one but so was always. You know for a back then it was kind of a challenge. For the walk a mile then in the 80s90s. Hillary 2000 usually try to work out. And I find and nice you know you guys are on target. And we we we find this. Oh when it. The colts and we did and now Chicago landed do with the bears right they had so bases if flip flop detracts. Chicago land would cause was hoping that the bears would not be in town and a few times it had some conflicts. And so. I think it makes a difference and do what bothers me about that is that. You know a couple years back win all the talk was about the NFL expanding to eighteen regular season games instead a sixteen. NASCAR moved back the Daytona 500. By a week. Because they didn't want to conflict with you know the NFL schedule at all right so if the NFL schedule extended their regular season. NASCAR didn't wanna have to have the Daytona 500 go up against the NFL. So they move their the Daytona 500 their biggest race of the year the great American race back. To try you know to avoid a conflict with the NFL. Obviously. That. That those niceties are too. Reciprocated. The other way around the NFL just doesn't care. Yet they don't and it's do we interest in to see how much of a difference it makes. The because you're thinking in mower play out their mean IMS Indianapolis sink in. Maybe this is a better there's certain things are better it's posts should. Conventional wisdom says it's going to be cooler. Won't be as. Hot new. Sentinels aluminum bleachers. And number two of the race should mean a little more 'cause it's a playoff atmosphere here quotes used there so well will be interesting to see how much because. A lot of the fans to come into the brickyard. That is from out of town Rezko. But still you know your your missing out on 65000. Local. Or semi loaded under an hotels to of course. Of course so grand and you know we'll we'll see hopefully they draw in Annapolis is a lot of hotels and he had the space but. What happens is there rejects. Races yeah the the B gouging but we'll see hopefully it doesn't affect the crowd hopefully it doesn't affect. You know excitement that going into the race because it is the start of the of the NASCAR playoffs. Movie and continued on in the world of NASCAR Richmond this week. And air here. Martin Truex junior number 71 poll is that only was it one point five mile tracks with the yeah well you know he's got the pole is a career results at Richmond aren't all that. Notable it and drag and it's pushing quote he goes out. Out of all the short tracks this is the one I feel like we should have had the most axis success at attention a one and now. You know so be actresses seem to seal of it transpires. Tonight at Richmond green arrow. I mean yes he's he's the best one point five track is champion a champion driver is one that overcomes. All that Brett when Al cool which he won in 820. Al was a short trek guy he really ran well in north Wilkes world Martinsville Bristol. Richmond. And that jas had some issues and the super speedway that was kind of his Achilles heel and and the road race. Or races. By the time 92 comes around. His program had progressed work it would he wasn't a liability to short tracks obviously last times he was in contention for the win. But he be right up there in the top ten. You push in the top five which in that time it at that time with the points was was very important same thing with the road courses he would actually. Become early. Comfortable on road courses. It's so Ahmard trucks despise and any debt that seventy team as itself has progressed to the point where they're just not a one trick pony anymore. There is there at the point now considered a champion. They can win any. Of course you can't count Martin Truex out at any race on the on the schedule at all you know if it's true X wins at. At Sonoma is anybody gonna be surprised now if he wins at Talladega is and again and anybody gonna be surprised it doesn't matter he you know. He's in contention no matter where egos and he's earned that right and he's proven that he can race on any trick. We'll see but I'll tell you this I. And I forget who mentioned it last week but somebody said that. A couple of these one point five mile tracks and should. Try to shrink him down to three quarter mile leg Richmond and you know where they wouldn't have to redesign the seating you know they can kind of try to work it out. Well Benny Parsons of the big proponent knocking on the banks there. You know and it was really kind of surprised when he did it when Phoenix actually put in pink at their trek. In on the past should be don't not poll. You know it asks to be. Yet to have the radius Brighton which was an issue with with the New Hampshire. For many years he's it was like to walk him out but it was much tighter access on it. Will more paper clip I moved in Milwaukee walk it's opened up Inca. Will either car on the lot and up. It's. Knocked on the banks. It would that would data all the time would tell but I mean AA no idea I and yeah as a kid growing up all of the things I love to cut in the look of the cars at the tournament held NATO it's awesome as a kid but. Now I can understand what Benny was saying you know like yen I've been in stone and you'll see Lou Lou route drivers there. Yeah as long as there's multi groups you know Monday yes yes because you've got Martinsville where you know it's basically flat all the way around. Instill those below the lows sides does decide to be done and you know if you can figure out attractive it's basically flat that has multiple grooves that people can run and run fast. Then then it'll get it. Isn't it true via a lot of people don't know this I'm relentless doing while you know in the sixties. In the six season even and says in the early seventies there were there is a big push politically the move state fair. They're trying to move state fair to and it's okay because I think Wisconsin is only one whose state fair is not in the state capital. Indian you know Indiana state fair is in Indianapolis. Illinois state fair is in Springfield. Never on any either good enough you will notice that to go on now I isn't the state fair in Madison. But it was because it was the big city in those close to I guess an important. But anyways. There was some talk. Two things 11 was if if they would move the state fear the possibility of taking some of that land expanding them walk a mile into a one point five Mayo it's cracked it would be more like Trenton no worthy. Did the talk was they were expand it to the north. OK so and they would bring in and then they would in and sub let. Probably get rid of west partial west west Purcell eighty fort street ilk I would solve that. But that would have been a privately held track boy things would change or the other one was. Before. Got to remember his name here and second he is a drag racer but they were gonna have a tract in Salem. Truncation in this group and explore. About having a truck at Salem Wisconsin which is right on the order. Of the Illinois border in Kenosha county in the western. Part. Commotion Connie and then. In the early ninety's that one away and then straight razor. And it is named later. You listen to sit next ship parts to. Some people. And then eventually that'll guide and Chicago Cayman. It is there's agency Martin Truex on the pole his third pole of the area also has held pole at Phoenix and auto club speedway. Course the other pole winners this season was of course elks Bowman in the Daytona 500. Kyle Busch is two polls that Atlanta than last week at Bristol so. Two X leads the list so far in Rio Grande Italy rang in the blini at Vegas and Kurt Busch at Texas. Let's take a quick break it's that time now for sports flashier and just a moment and will. Where are we. Yeah that's what would net trade it's the weekend. Rays are for the weekend except for Steve as you take a break now it is it is diverse. With the finalists try to show brought to you by greatly straightaway which is now open nature check out other details secretly straight way back out. And David have time to take out David signed up for our other leaders in new and used cars. The final inspection show for a few buyers legendary. Relate straight wave major trickle greatly straight way. They are open they are running cars get out there take a look Ron enjoy this spring weather as it continues CO warm. Are like to think their friends at David I've signed a 6100 or green vero mixture Turco all their new in use cars. Bristol last week or two days of Bristol did you like the other 48 hours of Bristol at the seat now Friday. I guess it was almost pushing eighty degrees out than Saturday assert cool off in the and it's a Marine One. They get and then Sunday. It got wiped out in again even colder with rain. They run the race on Monday. In. The thirty degrees and you don't know what mid thirty's yeah and the race finish is an asserts the snow. Yet it was great. It was great and I loved it I think a lot of the reason for my enjoyment is that it was. 72 and roof to in my living room. Where I had the feet up on Monday afternoon watch in. Watching a fantastic finish to the race who don't. Are the true friends those those fans that it showed up and as I wanna say attracted debt. The couple years ago where they had a rain out or something in the weather was ms. were I don't mean could have been Martinsville who knows Richmond Briscoe wanna and they gave them. If anybody who came god. You know some some puppet trinket or something is Democrats I was kind of cool for for them to show up in in in net may pick but it meant and that's impressive. It is impressive and all the people that showed up in there weren't many I thought it was a fantastic idea. That you know they close the schools in the in the couple counties around Bristol. And so that racetracks and any kids if you go to schools in these two counties common you get in for free. Fantastic idea to try to fill the stands because they knew that on a Monday the crowd was it was gonna be almost a wireless it'll close. I think it was the it was either dude the weather or it was due to the religious can't go to school looking on Hillary's of course the well what's more important Steve c'mon. But it was a fantastic breaks the action on the track two was a lot of you know quote unquote chrome horn getting laid down and Elaine knows to Kyle's thank you at the chrome war zone and they all guide it was good man that was that was a heck of a battle and just it was exciting it was it was about time after a couple of whole harm you know races lately. It was great that the excitement returned it was also fantastic. That you know we talked after the Martinsville race got run on Monday. About how usually when the race gets run on Monday it's boring because the drivers just wanna get it done and get out of town. The race was thoroughly. Enjoyable. You know all day Monday you know these guys were going on pedal to the metal there was no just Macon lamps and put down labs and you know trying to. Make sure you finish in the top ten these guys were hall in the mail it was it was great I loved. And I guess. I should it should be a surprise but the ways we runny suffer this year was with the 43 place. Yeah yeah you know finally that's acting his first top five finish of the season. And you know. You know everybody wants to put the fork and Jimmie Johnson and I'm like I'm a wanna keep saying. Especially with the rules now all it takes is one win. And if you're Benton against Jimmy called me up and I will take that bet because between now and between the brickyard 400. He's gonna get one win and get into these playoffs. Why not I'm media I would I would definitely. How would that fork in me than against them because they resist. Well I mean me. If you look at what's behind. The resource is an idea as it courses it's Jimmy. EPU right yes. You could say Chevrolet is having a down year but the jury still on still way too early because real artists and oil a couple of years ago. Toyota is. Dominating. The first half of the season one champ vision Jimi yeah so I mean it the lotteries. And though yet. But I think that's what they're looking for uses. Is it seal they adage. You gotta get a couple top fives for yet their first win absolutely absolutely we certainly saw that with the Jimmie Johnson good strong run may Ricky stand house to. Laws seems like he runs well at Sampras he does run well bristle it was. I think he led some laps didn't I believe he did Eric Jones led some little bones collapse that was good deceit. Eric Jones had a very strong and we're certainly see why the switch was made. You of course us Wisconsin fans this series don't agree with that. But. If you look at drivers' salaries and results. And we adhesive but it is the the ugly you know situations. Race. The kick and drive it the Q can drive but the you know you need to make country can because sponsorship money is there. Yes that's true and you know like you said with the the salary dump that you know he's probably Macon what. A quarter of like mad and it made. But. He can he can wield that race car. And it's nice Sid you know this is one of the first. Bristol. This is one of the first times after the rays that we're not really harping on picked zones you know we're actually talking about the racing on the trail. Around Norris some rumblings yet again of course Hamlin was you know you've been about it but correction Houston Austin not. Progress and I authority level that you when he is running an Emmy news remains strong most of the race. A couple other notable finishes air camera Rolla. The ten car. Suddenly with a new drivers in top ten finishes. That's shocking he deserved a lot better finish than what he had he had a better race card and how he finished. I it is good to see him. Pet it's good to see him. Race well I was skeptical. Be NB you know Harvick and zero guys man was running well and only had some issues of Darrell Wallace. Yeah yeah he follows running strong. And did you see the video that he posted after the race where you know. Yes it was great to see this TP you know upfront know all this we had a great car. But you could tell he was he was angry about his finish current and and how his day ended. And it was true emotion it was great it's fantastic. The heat dad video alone is one of the reasons why he's gonna lead NASCAR. To the next level he's gonna help stop the bleeding. Between the low attendance the low ratings in. Aren't you led a five laps in the race it's good to see the 43 upfront. Again yes it flush with those classic become color it was it was great because they love the petty blue and the day lord I do to ideas. Yet there is a martian grows so you'll post a photo this'll makes me happy seeing those colors on me makes me happy agreed. And Ford is switching cars were going all pony cars are we sure are mulling it must think now. I posted a photo on the final inspection page on FaceBook pages if one of those there. It's if you search TO five for the final inspection and then the final inspection page. There isn't. In the extremely theories yesterday these it was a total Cameron pace car. And Michael Waltrip who will trip over himself crazy and everything NASCAR to a fault yet. I mean I understand your your get paid but he he kind of over does it mean to shut up just you know. I took it out back camera at salaries I. I'll just look what NASCAR did to a college of art. To shut. These sisters shell he's in the NASCAR shill. And he is he's so see through. You know I loved when he did like degrade walk in step in the pre race. Our shows back in the day that was that was cool because that was Jimenez element. He was able to sit their goal off the cuff you know he's a funny guy he's a nice guy in retaining but he. Tries too hard sometimes to us I don't know. Williams isn't equipped to meet these pads oh I don't hate me and it's not like a lot on its. And here's a shot of the camera. And it's the vote the street Camry and then there's a tight camera it's back are behind it do you see that little. I saw it's ridiculous. It up it's so there's a buzz this either mustang and Camaro is should not be the size of an F six feet. If that's the. And I don't understand now. Old Spiro Stevie unworkable and way back machine again. Because back at today. Stock cars were late model cars where did the term late model when it out came from the years it was made so. Than ever greater numbers to dive charged in a petty Dodge Charger memory that I iconic charger. That dodge came on 1871. It ran through 1974. Then came the Chrysler Cordoba. I aimed at infineon. And the sister car today a lot of people forget was diets charger. So he had to Chrysler Cordoba and the Dodge Charger and so it with the look the same Sofia if you look at. If you remember the Chrysler Cordoba which a lot of world. Listeners will remember the Dodge Charger too slow. The same because that's what auto makers American off. And so much of the market share they couldn't duplicate multiple models of the same car. It looks GM come out the same car under three different brand name the of my favorite was the in the mid seventies the Chevy nova yep I have ID adventure era. The Oldsmobile Omega. And the Buick Apollo. All the horror. Of this sinker that absolutely anyways so. 75. The Dodge Charger came out and little Stevie was crying because it was so. And in all the people are saying hey we can't run missing the missing is an aerodynamic wrecked. So but the good news was back then NASCAR road you can run of the equal right of for three years. So petty ran a card 7576. And 77 at the end of the 77 season. The Dodge Charger that I caddick charger was going away and I remember one of the last races. Was Neil bonnet winning in a deal materials speed we with or rare. For some reason was online BBC sports and watch and it was really sad that those last can be won last racism car. Now the last race won anyways. So it went away. And everybody who switch in Miami Carlos and then. I 97 need. Detroit it downsize the cars you remember this have any idea Grand Prix that big thing. Seventy Grand Prix with much smaller and all the cars are smaller in the wheelbase one down. NASCAR made a role shrink in the world wheelbase. And there's all sorts appease so if you look at the cars in 197. Nine it was 801880. And it made no I'm sorry 81. Was he will be X. I think nestled all the cars got smaller. But they were because that's what cars were at a wonder if NASCAR. Could tail and he tutored they're not gonna do it because of the price. But in hindsight should date when they went to this new car should be debated all of it small. Yes a. Yes they had that law had to fight for laborious but like I said he agrees with the yes very Smart well fantastically explained. Answers yes OK so we do next era have. This dilemma automotive key and have really big Merrill's and mustangs. And Cameron's. Yeah so yeah like you know what is Toyota may get there are right there's the call the camera either. You have the sport cam. Yeah I'm going for them to come out with a souped up Toyota Odyssey mini and there you go. It is time for a break it sure is let's take a break your Lucy define those faction Joseph brought Cuba legendary greatly straight way. They are all that major should go greatly extremely back up rather PTL's. And even outside in Glendale. This this final inspection. It was Steve's talking present in my. By the legendary Great Lakes drag way in. 11057. FM the fan. The back to define us fashion show brought to you by the legendary greatly straight away. And of course David of sound we ousting them for their support. Last night of course that the night race of the night racing idea to dole wanted every week and Motley. This weekend it was a lot of fun lot of stuff going on last night we have extremely B race on. We have to burying on a million bucks game box that was really good schedule and elect a leader. Aux yep is right at times of Auburn game was pretty much in and the one was really nothing any zip yeah and so I was watching number game and it can transition to the bucks game communities in the U serious sin. It was very nice to us and will between three there for awhile and. Those are good Friday night man knows you know we'll. And how remote got to work out and that was the only thing that did you know by the two TV set up legal Stevie ordered yeah. Now I'm not making a big bucks led using alcohol. Now you're now when you're just a little you little producer over here you don't get paid enough to get to TVs. The bridge go race and and it's the extended he race. That the final one was even spark he's final inspection. Has been begging for for awhile and worst Pharmacia now with. The the it's it's the regulars you know it'd it's kind of a little more trinity start. Finishing second. In in there with sailor met two of Austin Cedric coal cost her Ryan Truex. Jeremy Clements. Ryan Reid in Brandon Jones. No cup guys and it's also. Isn't that nice it is nice it is nice you they can now officially go back to the names are made here slogan now they want to look. It was fantastic. As good battle. Four lead the last ten laps however. You were Cingular crawl mourners in a coma or did you all absolutely I was kind of I really was kind. But. Critics and just could not give up a novel slate belt is almost got to play with them a little bit. Of course aired Joseph Gibbs teammates. Now let's be honest. When he needs teams they're author of there's jets gallon series though they're running very good cars but still impressive with no brakes and I admit it I am I will steer right now. I am would be Christopher bell fan but following him through the use sex series and at the kid he looks like he's twelve years old too cute as a driver. And I feel real interest in to see just what Joseph Gibbs does with where's he gonna end up. Is he is. You know he's he's ready for cup is aero is point and so far straight. Up so her. Worry you know put on board do you do with Dane were expected did with. Eric Jones last year that's what I think is gonna end up happening with bill and the other sad thing is. Will uncles and sponsorship. All I know but I think. You know hopefully bell won't have a problem I think bell you know him and William Byron you know it's amazing Hammond guys. Basically in back to back seasons it does have so much talent. And are so fast they can sit there and you know Christopher bell if you was in cup series this year. You know I think he would be competing tab fifteen week in week out. I've been Imus for a couple of years because I think it's somebody is whoever mark and get this money is brilliant. And how high airman flashed explains the dash for cash. While I love it dead in that they do and and in this the second year that the doing it all short tracks so I think it's fantastic. Those. A penises. Does. The is. Trying to guy and a street. Or you or your race and our NASCAR. Does he know what dash cash now. No it's been around for. 78 years yeah it is at Indy keeps on this thing but it's it has a regain traction now. And it's good for the sport and not seen them not criticizing. That they're doing that I'm just surprised that it it's lived as long as it lived because it just. Doesn't seem to be. I mean. The Winston million that was he did dad now obviously it's a different time. NASCAR is really rowing in a million bucks for you know at a race was a big thing back then. But I'd just I'm really surprised that year after a year of him and he will book that continues which is good for the series Matt CNET. I'm just surprised that in news variables Seles. They need to explain it clearly and better and and make sure that everybody understands a how the drivers chosen be why it's there. You know but it's fantastic for those driver off. And up and those team. I solved I mean I am not mr. NASCAR. I'm not a meat grinder Sony's I don't follow the series. Percent to Gallagher. Was it. After a while I don't Spencer gal I know I Jericho but I was surprising you present and it's like I'd. Okay you need Steve Viet do your homework and while and I understand why now but I had a look it up and it's it's it's doesn't finish in. Britain. But it's like a gay Elliott Sadler concede he were it would indeed he actually won at by finishing third right. And then buzz into scene of the four guys error and at the results were third fourteenth seventeenth 29 now. Oh I know who one guy that was a minute now to say another thing I liked about the it's gonna be raised last night I can't as growl he. He finished thirtieth last night and oh yeah 08 Austin's in great I think he was fifth. Yeah so but you know I just throw that. Austin centric he did he can drive and I do like that he's driven a lot a different cars and he's been driver and a lot. He's a filled up a schedule which. I've been a big proponent for for these young drivers. I don't care warrior at what you should be. He should be driving what do reach and all the ties if you're a true race car driver. Absolutely he's doing at the right way I'd take his seat in any kind of car you wanna throw on man. And he performs. Not unfortunately there's a lot of guys Hedo and it's. A slushy some notable drivers in the IndyCar side who haven't done and to get it's hurt the workers. I agree. It's it's time now for a break and a sports flash and sports fans. With the polish pipe by Jeff for las T you're listening to the final respect shouldn't show right Cuba ledger be at least rate went. And David Hobbs not a coming up after the sport's fallen. It will be Eddie you apply for racing nation backed out or toxin IndyCar coming up next. I the final inspections. Start your engines it's time to talk about all things racing. NASCAR. Trucks that. Formula One. Thanks and show was Steve's talking presented by the legendary Great Lakes breakaway in the union. Here is Steve's talking. The site inspection Joseph rescue medalists are greatly straight away and David outside the joining us on the great midwest vague outlines from racing nation backed out it is and you apply welcome to show ID. Hey Steve hey Jeff are you guys to order that. Great. Can't complain it's it's it's. We finally. Got above the Mendoza line here and now. It's in Wisconsin it into warming up finally. Already had this kind of warm here today at least eighty I expect I have learned enter this article and I walked the dark topic right. It's it's nice being all of that. Now was the weather and no Long Beach heard this magnificent. Probably I mean it looked at all it like this. Extremely well share ought. And course Alexander Rossi. Winning in Long Beach Grand Prix over will power and Ed Jones. In the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach at Long Beach and it it's that supposedly it was the largest crowd in probably the 1015 years. I'll be out that with the reporting and op. I want. One of the bigger trot I've seen is going here for the last sector. It was. Great to see arm but as Long Beach as you well well. Yourself or their these they have ever they have something for everybody. Boy it's neat that it certainly is out and does so when will. Now with Long Beach it's a street course and it is it's it's it's a pretty nice layout and and whatnot news events in the in the convention senators a lot of stuff for fans that would did you notice an increase. In Joaquin like that mid way along citi's tract near where where were did you kind of noticing increase in of people at the track. I figure I noticed that everywhere because they have a lot of interaction gain since it'll fired our strategy at all. It'll Cadillac all the manufacturers. Have displays and they're giving away T shirt error and there's just a lot of fans there are experiencing. Com. That Daniel and all the things that go along with it. Well one nice thing about the track to end at Withrow courses in net. If the industry chorus you know peep draws moving. And it there's bleachers sort of place and there is always seems to be some type of contract slash on trek action. Whether it's practice or qualifying or the race itself. And the multiple series they had their course in IndyCar Racing in there on on Sunday hitting him as a sports cars zero previously. On Saturday but also some of the other events over there toss about that. While they had early challenge was there and that Robby Gordon struck off road truck series there and Cheney. Very entertaining and it was our it guy. It out yes the bachelor is running Derek and Chris a recent one by Matthew grab one of my. One of my fear young stars who needs to be an element and a series full time. Ball and as you were talking about drivers. Need to get out of the box try different things this and that. The kind of series that it alone in its its giving them. At least the opportunity in the other seat and it trouble happens what better event to be at Long Beach. And if you don't know what we're talking about. And his or YouTube is it is a big help to go to stadium super trucks just put that in your search engine. And they've raced in fact they were earlier years they were in Australia one of the Australian. Super cars dance but they've also race in America there are common at road America in late June some excited to see them. But there it's it's it's excite you mean the watch as they race on a road course. And it put ramps it. And out and in these cars these trucks issues here flying through the air. And it it it it is absolutely. Entertaining these huge trucks. Racing general cores is as visually and is especially in person Eddie is it's fantastic is that. All totally and it is like he's better at it give. Everybody. Dumping a lot Jeremy you're using your Porsche on the track IndyCar all the majors series are. Where they have these awful truck and people are just amaze what makes your job but perhaps this streets of Long Beach. And dusty. Last Sunday for sign and pay as you know who got drop kicked by grammar at all and it is it's. For some reason there's there's there's a small minority of people would just heat Ray Emery L. It mills people surely were certainly were on a social media during her raise saying all her grammar area. And the LEE apologized for it but what's what's what's Eddie Royal pines though version of that with with grammar notes on repairs and Omar are lack. A good partner. If you're cyber you know. You're and you know the first turn in the first lap and you know. At all a little too late in the pot and basically I beat. Totally upset if I were Simon. You know it's not away and race and race in the first term. And back. Graham went on to have a pretty decent Iran and you know I mean. Everybody's gonna have an opinion about it actually social media as it would draw an ally and it. Any I don't believe it believe me got a piece for two albums that. Trying to remember now if he did get a drive through and I think you dig a drive through penalty by. Or you I think you did what it. You know I mean I can see both sides I mean yeah. I don't think he did it on purpose. But I mean aren't I had a good ambience is one of those anxiety you know the thing is. And it doesn't do it somebody else probably a year. Ago. I mean it if it happens every honor and now targeted. It's a racing incident order the last lap what are the bird in first laughter it is just brain fade. And just be an overzealous. You know I mean there are these guys are professional. You know Graham told batter. You know 85 it looked a little early part. Now grant went a little later. But the rest is history and it just get somebody get. Saw a lot of people talk about social media and voice her opinion about it. Give me give me one thing from the weekend and he said why it wasn't expecting that her. And was hinting here she was there or something celebrity anything Libya. While I mean on the IndyCar race I think and it totally archaic policy. Could have basically want the first three races. Are you sure don't want PX he was out the car out there. And you'd put as our product right now are and where can I thought he would love a little better there. But you know I mean I'd say you're gonna see this weekend at barber. Its a totally different places that. Lot of action are ready they're now last practice sessions with several. Fewer drivers going off the track. And what we have to wait and see what happens this week eight record yet outerwear. Man. LB interest in the C. Will talk a little bit more about now. Ma'am on moment to moment. Also George farmers reform was about the area and. Well yeah that was one big thing that I cannot it's put on social media. What is George Ballmer apparently children there. Celebrating. Our historic trans am series had. Their cars there racing. And it was really. Unbelievable to be able to. You don't get many opportunities and how George Ball or are telling all and there are little frail by they've made it there error. Actually our rally wave the green flag. For the start of the race which was pretty cool and they were you know as a different perspective. Or that fuel as well seeing a lot of cars they drove back in the day. You know. There is that the stories started the irony chip in at ease hospitality. It was pretty cool it I think they kind of made it a reality show. Definitely it. He had Jordan Georgia part earlier certainly to iconic figures in artery seen in whenever there an event that could scanner uses. The status of it any event there at. And it analyst got a coliseum the Dan Gurney formula 5000 current Germans are previously driven by rivalry Unser and James Hunt. And the what's what was cool about that but that was actually the first car. To laugh at the Long Beach Grand Prix back when I was a formula 5000 in 1975. Really special I mean we locked out. Earlier this year and to be able to see that Ron and I would. I was at the road racer driver but you know last year. With hand and an eight. You know I mean there's special guy he's going to be there are. It's not just a little. What it is today and to see the guys there. That these are cars just like you're Tran ban RA. It would off from about one quick funny story and it is. If you have a factor. Real classic arcade so I take. George wants to go watch the transit for. All legal order in Georgia get a little. You know I'll dehydrated are trying to find a lot locker. And I try to get into the hospitality. And it all and yet they're guys that are where George Ball aren't are like. Door to. Them like this guy is like alleged Coke break a long story short we walked over AJ Foyt a rule as. You want some engineering keep everything else. Practice. And I expect that. Water for George fault where they were like oh sure sure it'll bite that the water older ice as mr. ordered setting it a bottle water from. Eight people white guys they gave it all. And George goes all lies Alltel eight Yale probably charge or. If if if if. All I mean they're still there now is a little meets the I think they log any other. You know I didn't want definitely. Wrong by C. I want to witness that he couldn't make it if you break at all. He showed me it is battle scars from fight not the the be all out a way out hundred C. And he said he's gonna get back. He. Yeah enough to know or unless. Nice oh and oh against them already might as well go for the right is that it's time for a break kitty if you can you stick around for one more segment with us. Her Ari word document you appliance from recent nation that common agreement with speak ally. Will we combat we'll talk. The IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama coming up next on the final selections. Stretches over Cuba letter greatly extremely dot com they are open today. Pictured going greatly extremely dot com Chicago latest in fun and greatly straightaway and breathe a slew Deborah specifically. At. It also like to think your friends that David Toms on a major Chica a new Condo or use 12 at David Opsound a 6100 north can be avenue in. Re in Glendale. It it joined as an agreement was being outlined it is as you look I'm from recent nation dot com what convicted to show itty. Say thanks guys I got to segment. Yeah Arco. And as courses coming up. Tomorrow it is the IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama. And eat you know that Berman Jimenez is when they first announced they're gonna go other rays going they're going to be awful there. But they they they certainly have put on a good show last couple reasons I wanted. Cause got a dollar and I think it's going to be you are good short track actor allot. I think it's proper that ought to be. I think so too have made would agree. And are expecting rain to the forecast like a 100%. Share Lilly are. He learned later. Barrett saw each instantly you know expert opt home or they're. You know we could maybe a first prior quarter. I'll limit change up my prediction. Speaking of predictions. Let's go to the world of NASCAR and talking cup series of course there in Richmond this weekend tonight in fact. Eddie what's your pick for Richmond. He had been doing so well and apt world I think I'm in nickel a large I think are sick if you're going to be as we count. I'd like to see you at. Public use the polish pipe bomb. Ski. Well if he can get over is picked up on issues. Give me a little. That's good pick too. I'd like to go Kyle Busch a year you re going to hear you know I their road Martin Truex. He's has been running it so strong in. I think this could be you know is dubious first win at Richmond this stuff about an alleged take the polls that are yeah. And then let's go out talking and alum Alabama. Bam a ground pre. What says you Eddie Levine. I'm Obama. They met through active I think he's. Break out of her straight. OK and when I think Alabama. I think has you know. I'm a measure up so. It's supposed to rain during her race right. The record outbreak well our great burger rain as this issue on an out what the heck out there is since I took shock and in and ask carries. A glove on a limb for this one. Array means chaos in the new IndyCar Series I wanna go I was a little bit of European recent experience and where go to Jordan king. All right our boundaries and now there's a limb. You are it will target is he correct fashion. And abnormal you saw. You pretty crappy. Our practice. There is to wait dollars and while you're a bit more now they have not set yet but is it going to the guardrail. Gloria greater oil. His name is bad luck of the layer les and spirited down and it. Was that does rain here that you want Rossi and pumped. European experience. You love and shock so John. While local king lashed. Out. Yeah Steve take the field leads they've wanted and used to feel. The exact card. Thank you as ever we certainly appreciate you coming on the show we will chat again. And oh. Coming up next on the final selection show it is Dennis Michael CNN Loria Monroe for race talk radio will be talking about the weather. And just kind of review the race from Bristow and is that Kyle Busch about short trek racer the awesome talk about Herschel McGriff. Who will be running at ninety years old. That's awesome and then also given their Richmond previous coming up next on a final inspections show it is. Lori and Denis of race talk radio you to listen to the final inspections over Cuba legendary greatly straight weigh in new new growth. And David have signed. Welcome back into the final inspection. 57 app and the man that. Remember oh firmware based on radio that count them games it's done you leave them that you're NASCAR docked it. At all. I am feeling very. Very very sorry for NASCAR NASCAR brass today. Hey why you still aren't soaring forum. It had sort of one of those seats swear they've done a lot of things wrong. Dan the race has beens are average the tendency is at issues televisions at issues all of these seven issues. Bristol Motor Speedway. Was supposed to help us forget about all of this. NASCAR is dealing with rain. Wins any positive. Momentum that they. Could have got out of this race. Alt country air IE I totally believe. That this entire weekend at Bristol the rain everything going on starting the race one day finishing the next day. The fact that we. Actually had a really really exciting race the rain couldn't dampen Matt. Having held over two days couldn't dampen that. I was so thrilled with what I saw at Bristol could spread and over three days with a plague of locusts and a monsoon. And I would have still come away absolutely thrilled now of course you gonna feel sort of the people who actually were at bear. The people in the stands at people who had the and and couldn't come back. But my god what an absolutely entertaining event that was cut to heal story. I'll explain it matter may be. That same feeling like the race was not so. Like it wasn't just can't get the heck not so good either it was typical short track racing where I got off to a 32 lead. And that when he comes up on the lap traffic. That big old you know Robert band is back up you know raise rates again everybody's in the in the fight it's all exciting again. But here's Larry I feel sorry for NASCAR not great show that they put on. Not the fact that they put on the show despite the most brutal weather that we've ever seen this time of the year for Bristol Motor Speedway. But I feel sorry for mascara because that not what hell they show. Entertaining race that I give any ideas to buy up at grade. All people are talking about is. Escalation betrayed their rigs and maybe this game should give up flicks noted a recent Saturday when they see that pork as big as coach. As big as it should do that. That would support gets lousy. As it hurt the fans. Pitch shot up already. NASCAR can't patrol the Weber. They can't control what happened. With the titans were actually able to get racing in. Why not celebrate. That I always always always I know I'm. Guilty of this too hopman. Why can we can easily just joined the show. People looked to complain and by the way that whole airtight and deal watching them on the track. How well they tried that track I'm ordering one to dry my hair because it takes me eat I don't know twenty minutes to blow dry my hair. I needed near tightened for hair drying. That is the slick is saying and we've seen them for a few years yeah I can't QB when you actually have to sit there and you wait for the race to start. What a fantastic job those things do whoever invented those they need and they need a trophy you're something. That person that it and it knows. If he didn't ancestry DNA Tesla. Yet I wagering that even better up the air tight. It's up about related to smokey. Now I'm not the truth. Is absolutely. It's the most Mets are right thing. Thing to watch it you're in person watching this thing do its job. I've had the pleasure. Of standing like I need to wait for them as they come rolling icu. It is the most but a nominal sound. At the optimal she eating up water opera racetrack that I've ever seen in my life. I can't leave it up totally wet. Go to almost totally dry if you ask Kris. Yes but he but you are right fans will despite something to complain about I can't believe again. How many people complained about the lack of people in the stands and you know why there was no people on the stance. You know why so. Come on people just just enjoy it for a lot of god just enjoy the race. And here's the thing as far as black people presently over jail during the hate eighties like when a lot of tracks up. Night racing created a height. It just doesn't exist as we get to opening night races back when it was only one night race. Then a 158000. People wanted to show up. At the buy tickets to every single race to get those night race tickets that they operate. Now that night race is no longer exciting. Think on its get people out of their houses off their couches speak outs yet NASCAR race. Even if they built the place half way at 75000. People it's people go to the Super Bowl every year. So if it's half full looks. Like TE. You've still the biggest crowd in the air and you're doing so it does any. That's right I cannot stand here at these negative ops like him. BP. And if it is it's it's it's now available at ball that's always carry. It. Get back to the racing after our advertisement for www. Hot coffee dot com. It's back to racing Kyle Busch is an animal. That's what I came away from this where that guy just uses two leaders when he has the power to. Oh yeah he does but I'll tell you the guy who absolutely thrilled you're reminded me why this is such exciting racing was bubble lawless. I got such embassy in him races way to the front of that pack end. Yeah now of course he finished sixteenth or something but it just it felt good because. You can appreciate Kyle Busch and his talent you expect him to be up there but when somebody else who you're pullen horror that you hoped as well. Actually. Just puts on a show that. It's throwing. On old tires. It's real racing against guys that newer tires in Q&A fantastic job. Kyle Busch though is he the best short track racer right now in NASCAR. Absolutely hands down etiquette Kyle Busch you don't believe me just ask. That we expect. Good finish every once while I like Bob Wallace when it's a plea tracked it everything's equal. For hip put ons that you show. Up one of the toughest tracks. On the circuit. I guess. Any doubt about this kid's talent that it might look at it got to wait and now all this is that. There's so many guys out there that given the chance given the opportunity. Given good equipment. As good as anybody else out there. And that's what it always comes down to this is why there's people out there that don't even have rights that probably been better than Kyle Busch. We're never gonna know their names I'd accept this for years. Just because they don't have a shot at getting in good equipment there's some good drivers out there Kyle Busch right now essar currently the best. But you gotta you gotta give a tip of the hat that. A bubble lawless at at the show that he. Well folks it is time first step out take brief break but laureate I will be back with. Or ask our Tokyo listen the final inspection at 1057. FML. Man. Welcome back to a final speech in about 57 FM mountain. Are you Dennis snaps Saturday afternoon talk getting nasty aren't. Married men row we were talking about how great Kyle Busch is that. A while ago he set something. It just made me. Laugh out loud. Right now well got a real tickled go. LO well when. Up out being concern. Some racers at some level of the sport. Are racing. Cars. At two young age. Like guys that hit. Ask Eric sixteen for crying out loud as he forget is he. One of those angry old man in his thirties. Who shaking his business they got hot. I really don't know all it's this is such a unique sport and there's gonna be kids who are really really talented. And you don't know how good they are until they basically becoming history lesson page in history but Kyle Busch's one of those guys. But would you have like cats all your older eleven year old or whatever kid driving a big car. It is a little bit unnerving it really is so. You know there's going to be instances where others kids out there who's who drive better than than people ten times their age. But at I don't I really don't know it's such an individual frank. Here's the thing I used to think that way. That oh there's got to be at age restriction. Because. Up a fourteen year old couldn't possibly handle that big of a car do a good job it's not state of the emotional make up to Davis. That I've met a kid while doing a story back at my front stretch days. And Alex Kennedy. And when he broke him two full size stock car racing. At the short track level it was all of thirteen years old now what for the test. That he did. Not airfield. And that it Iliad the next day. And it both tracks. After a couple of warmup laps he pulled off the track because he didn't hear something right in the engine or transmission. And all times he saved the car. From destroying itself. As they went into the to the test and both times an older driver had been out in that same car dealer at laps didn't notice the same thing. So I learned that age. Is not a factor. At least not. On the young side. But the question is can you beat too old it's to be racing. And no I'm not. Saying it at a but you shepherd. Well Dennis Herschel McGrath. You know. It's very quaint. And it's. It's very much a feel good story. But I can't help but slightly concerned now I don't know peace in a row hold racer when he's in two. But it really see you know there's a lot of attention going to this people are hearing a lot of bad everywhere because who on earth. Ever hears about it ninety year old race car driver that that is that's a hell of market H Dennis Michael Sony and drops. I just like to now breathing doing a radio show at night well that I just don't know if your. Your senses. And your reflexes. And you're just you're the issue. Who cares about hearing it the youngest restart her case here anymore anyway but there's a lot of things against you go against you when you're ninety years old I just. I just don't have a good feeling about this so what happened with Larry Pearson. Several years go on that race with all the alzheimer's I just. I just. I just don't know that we really need. To see. Here's the problem that I hit out it's not at ease at a certain age. It's the fact that he hasn't been racing. For quite some time. So I kind of wondering. If we get your license to race at that particular level of NASCAR. Shouldn't that license. Someday expire. And you have to qualify for I don't care. If Europe twenty year old kid coming up the ranks. Yeah and all of a sudden you're crashing every week. Our weather Europe ninety year old man has not been in a race car for a while it's getting back in shouldn't you have to re qualify. Should there be some process in place. To keep you from being. Able to do this if you're not quite ready because the guy's got to ask your license. As long as ease breathing and passes physical. It'll let it race. Because they want the story. But is that story. Word. Out and a potential problem because at nine the result be accurate 100% health. You're not going to happen reflexes on the road. Or the ice that the rotary anything else. As remember driving with a grant park area he'll pick up truck you scare the heck got to be when he was in his eighties. I can't imagine being not a race car forty other cars at that age. In elvis' just us coming up a conversation talking about how young kids should all be judged on an individual basis to forget now a large errors so. This could totally shocked SE could go out and do well hold his own. Not getting into trouble not cause trouble we just don't know I suppose we should just sit back. Enjoy the show. And again it just take all of this it take all this different ages of people on an individual basis and that's how we should judge and they probably 35 year old so there. Shouldn't even be behind the wheel we know we see that every day on the wrote. So again. I guess I shouldn't judge and two heart pitchers logically thinking it just doesn't. It's out. We see that every week in the cup series which some of the role she campaigns that are out there on the track well. Grant it there in bad equipment but they also a hectic out. Yeah look at those accidents that happen. On a weekly basis you see the same cast of characters. Involved. Boroff. Yeah you know could be partially equipment though she'd say it the equipment but it could be an issue but. What a crazy story because of doing anything. At nine years age. That's pretty remarkable all right Lauren Rowe head and terror rich men the first night race let's put it this way the first schedule. Night race of the year. And a we should have a heck of a show under the lights at Richmond. Yeah I'm I'm really looking forward to it I absolutely love Richmond let's hope it doesn't snow or or sleet or something like. And we have expanded via guess on Friday night as well so good good doubleheader this weekend. I think it get lucky. Whip the weather later tonight in Richmond it is going to be a little chilly beef worth her race ends. That it will be hot at Victory Lane for one driver who is going to Victory Lane or human growth. You know I really have a good feeling about Clint Boyer again and client. I hit it a long shot this week I am. It an it guy that we've only seen little embers. Up racing from this year. GO Li. That I have put money down on this race I would take Alex Altman this week you know. Seeing that. About I think the short track is unique even up the equip a little bit and I think we're starting to see. The Hendrick motor sports guys get a handle on this car and I expect big things from the she'll. Expert to get that adds Garrett segment out inspection at 1057. App fans. Are right eyebrow Beck here in the studio we wanna say big thank you said he looked fine. From racing nation back com for joining the show Dennis Michaels and Laurie Norman Munro. Race talk radio as well make sure you check out the final inspections show on FaceBook. If you searched TF IA for the final inspection show. You'll find it always great articles great pictures posted by Steve and Eddie and every now and then I'd throw some stuff up there as well it's fantastic you'll love it. Check us out on Twitter as well. So obvious to as we've been talking about Richmond is ten night green flag flies at 544. We got about a minute left so I you're starting lineup Truex is on the Paul Trace Elliot starts second. Followed by Joel a got out Denny Hamlin Kyle Larson Kurt Busch Eric Jones. Jamie McMurray qualifying eighth he's running well this year William buyer and in that one before he starts ninth Kevin Harvick. He starts tenth. Now Alex Bowman Dennis Michael since picked to win the race to goes off eleventh Stan house. In twelve Ryan blame me he starts thirteenth Newman fourteen David Reagan Clint Boyer Jimmie Johnson starts seventeenth bubble lost. Eighteenth other notable drivers. At Bristol he's rolls off 25. Brad Kozlowski. Not a good qualifying effort for bad bread he's 28. Kyle Busch 32. Outs where back next week more of the final inspections show would be back at JM 1 o'clock next week it's a late start due to the up tell windows and doors. Of Wisconsin on deck show. That's sad taken an hour of our time next week. So on behalf to Steve's Archie I'm Jeff for a lot ski thank you for listening in the final inspection won't talk to you Milwaukee next week enjoy the race.