Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, May 19th
Final Inspection Show - Hear from Steve St. Claire, Tony DiZinno, Dennis Michelsen and Lori Munro

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Milwaukee. Start your engines it's time to talk about all things racing. NASCAR. And IndyCar. Trucks and Formula One. Show was Steve sorry. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union. No inspection. Gears Steve's talking. And welcome into the final inspection showed just for a loss gave filling in for mr. Steve Zaki. He's down at his second home the palatial estates. Down in Indianapolis. Is. They're getting ramp up for the Indy 500 next week. Obviously final inspections show brought to you by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union grove get out there. Little cloudy today but I'm sure the cars are still on the trek. Checked their website head out there foreign for the entire family and of course David Hobbs conduct. On Green Bay road in Glendale great sales going on get yourself. A new or used car from David Hobbs. So I thought last week was crazy with the amount a news would NASCAR be in for sale. And everything like that but this week is just as crazy stories everywhere before we get into that. Quick rundown on today's show. We're gonna have gonna be joined by Steve saint Clair he's putting on the Arctic cat all star circuit of champions tied night. At Plymouth dirt track racing that's at the Sheboygan. County fairgrounds. Up in plan if it's only an hour away Tony Stewart's gonna be out there Ricky your brain you'd Dave blaming. Tons of huge. Huge names. We talk all the time about how you know these dirt tracks are closing down and they don't have the support that they need you can't get. A better crop of true of drivers that's gonna be out in Plymouth tonight and get out there. Tickets are only 28 blocks. And I wanna say it's eight dollars for odd child seat so to bring a kid there is only eight box. And I think it's eleven and under. So it's just it's a fantastic deal get out there support your local dirt tracks. And had. I also interviewed earlier this week bill wind dog he's the promotions guy out at Plymouth. Dirt track racing. That's been posted on the final inspection FaceBook page make sure to check this out. On FaceBook just search TF five. And you will find us. We can't run it today because it's a jam packed show so. We've got Steve saint Clair he's he's put now on the all Arctic cat all star circuit of champions tonight. In Sheboygan area and planet that the Sheboygan fairgrounds. I'll we're gonna hear from Tony dizzy you know me and Steve both sat down with Tony earlier in the week. You know all his thoughts from Indy. An odd tone and Steve Zaki he's gonna join us from Indianapolis who are yet again he's gonna be a guest on his own show. The thrill of his lifetime I'm sure and that will close out to show what Dennis Michael C. And Lori Monroe from race talk radio talking all things NASCAR as well so NASCAR at Kansas last week. Scott me if you heard this before Kevin Harvick. Wins the race yet again. Martin Truex he ran strong. He'll the only lead about about thirteen labs in that race but doodle late pit strategy he almost stole a victory at Kansas Harvick passed him on the last lap. To take the win but that was that was a good showing for Truex. I'll let got Al Kyle Larson and Denny Hamlin round out your top five some notable names in the top ten though Paul Menard he finished that race. In sixth place Eric Jones in seventh. Kurt Busch eighth Emma Roland ninth Kyle Busch from that that runs archer top ten. But yet again another week another victory for the four car. Obviously this week is the all star race at Charlotte. And the weather hasn't been too two friendly down there for the NASCAR guys. They ended up adding happy hour this morning. And Kyle Larson he was the fastest in happy hour. And there was. Three of the Stewart Haas. Cars were all in the top five Harvick and Boyer. And alma role and Kyle are Kurt Busch excuse me. I wanna say he was like seventh or eighth so you had all four of the Stewart Haas Ford's. In the top eight fastest in happy hour today obviously. That bodes well for them in the all star race tonight at the biggest story. All of the all star to me and two I would imagine a great majority of people here in Wisconsin. Mad turns it. Parks sit com a pole for tonight's race. What a difference a week it makes Matt Kenseth you know he made his return. And Kansas last week where he came in 36. Out of 38 drivers. So who. And he was not happy. With anything. With it you know related to his car and everything like that last week Matt was not a happy camper. But what a difference a week makes now he's on the pole. And our Ricky stand house's teammate is sharing the front row. So. You know oh nice welcome back would be a cool million dollars going to. Going to match Kansas so congratulations. To him and his team that. That's fantastic especially like to say considering that horrendous race and finished. That they had in Kansas. More stories going on NASCAR changed it now where teams will not. Have to start to race on the tires that they qualified on. Obviously that helps the teams that. That do make qualifying runs. So teams that don't. Can't sit there and have an unfair advantage at the start of the race. So that's good news for the teams that. You know kind of follow the rules and get through expect. And and don't sit there and get caught up in and can't get the car through inspection. And then they start with a with fresh tires while the guys they do get through inspection inspection. Have to sit there and and start with you know attacked you know tires that have ten or however many laps at they ran on them. So that that's a big change I think that's a one of those rule changes made season in NASCAR takes a lot of flak for you know they do this every year where they changed the rules but this is one that. You know I would have I would think you would be you would be hard pressed to kind of come up with. With excuses why this is not a good idea. You know you want to obviously. Reward the teams that made qualifying you want to reward the teams that can get through inspection with a legal car. And aren't sitting there and trying to suppress everything to the absolute limit. So I I think Ted is a a good rule change now. Some more news coming out of the X mini series Kaz brawler he was fired. From his team and then I think two days later. He's backing and he's got. He's got four races that he's gonna be Ron infer for the fury. Our race card team which is owned by Tony Yuri junior. Is is part owner in man team. So can grow was out of the series. And then he was right back in so. A pretty crazy couple of days for him. Now obviously we had the truck race last night Johnny Sauter he picks up his third win. All of this season. You know good. It was an okay erase idea I'm not gonna. Lied he Intel is news thrilling but I've seen worse. But you know looking much congratulations. To. To Johnny Sadr that was. That was a fantastic finish for him and you know obviously just in aged veteran he's been around forever and with all the talk you know at the cup level about how the young guns and everything like that this is gonna be the year for the young guns. And you know you have Harvick who's got a handful wins in the right behind him is Kyle Busch with another hand has little smaller handful wins. And it's it's the old guys dominating in in the cup series. And it looks like it's the old guys so far dominating in any. In the trucks as well Kyle Busch he did start their race. And guy he ends up bring in they're truck home second he did have to. Pit road penalties. That he heads. Overcome. I hope you had her eye her pew heard his post race comments about his car. I I was I would love to play them I'd have to do a little editing needy did drop the a four letter O word that I can't play over the airwaves but he wasn't thrilled and down. Reporter asked him how he was able with the two pit road penalties. This still manage a second place finish and basically his answer was pure talent. His pit crew did nothing to help him all day long. His car drove like a who promote G. And you know he is complaining about this the splitter and how awful lead is and everything like that. And obviously Kyle. These they'll tell you what's on his mind he also spoke out about the fact that. For the all star race tonight NASCAR they the cup guys are running restrictor plates. And whether that's good or not an outside I was watch him practice. Yesterday. And done. The cars man they look slow. They look slow. Will see how how this goes but. I'm not. I'm not a big fan vote you know hopefully. Hopefully they know something I don't. And and the race tonight is just gonna blow our mines and so we'll see we'll see I'm trying to trying to stay positive. On this one the also raises one of those races that I don't really look forward to. I watch every leopard NASCAR every year and obviously I have my favorite tracks like Richmond and Phoenix and breast colon and you know and knows Charlotte is nowhere near my top fifteen. But. Hopefully. Hopefully at some good racing. So we'll see so what we're gonna doing take quick break here to get death. Steve saint Clair on the line he's the one that's putting together. Tonight's race up in Plymouth. At the Sheboygan county. Fairgrounds as he Arctic cat all star circuit of champions. That is tonight they start racing at 530 now guys. You know like is set to start the show we always complain about how this dirt tracks aren't getting the support they need now is your chance. Okay eyes searched because I'm going up there tonight. And I eyes searched it is a one hour and five minute drive from my house to get up. That's it. So is it gonna take me an hour and five no because I didn't I drive fast Soto pride take me you know fifty minutes but it's an hour away. There's no excuses if you're not Tony Great Lakes drag away today which would be another fantastic idea in union growth. And if you're not by Anaconda from David how is. Getting your car and get up to Plymouth and see the Arctic cat all star circuit of champions. I will stop preaching now we'll go to a quick commercial break and led Steve's Steve saying Claire. Coming up next this is the final inspections show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan brought to you by the legendary Great Lakes dragway. And David have time. This this final inspection with Steve softkey present in my. The legendary Great Lakes drag away. 1057 FM. Welcome back to the final inspections show. Brought to you by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union grove and David Hobbs conduct joining me on a great midwest bank hotlines Steve saint Clair. He's the man responsible for putting together the all star circuit a champion showed Ted Knight. Out Ed Sheboygan county fairgrounds Plymouth dirt track racing Steve hi you doing today. You yeah one heck of a lineup that that you were able to put together tonight I know that. The on track action starts at 530 today. Only 28 dollars to get in if your bring in a child it's only six box. Six bucks for kids it's a great deal for the whole family. Like to tell us how how you got this all put together their Steve. Very well and I'm also took turns into the proper proper I area lust for cart series. In that in an orchard spur car world. Or blessed to have box. Pretty much the same rule package across the country so I'm pleased Arnold an all star circuit champions. Are several package we are. It's a great co sanctioned opportunity so have done the local national Wisconsin tried to send their home turf against that. Travelers solutions Tony Stewart and Rico April and checked Simon. Eight Bellini. Former robot chicken and NASCAR driver and somehow some that aren't blaming. So are. Yes it's captured in the past here tonight. Don't have to soccer and Orrin. Yeah that's fantastic and like he's like yeah you know you Rico bray you play any Stewart you know just a star studded field I I can't wait I'm had not there tonight. Can not wait for it now I know that the the track up bad Plymouth is a 13. Mile. Dirt track how's the lines looking for racing is a good to be. You know close to the bottom is a good to run up prior to how you think the race is gonna always out. Are simple and they're everywhere. That's only lives. It's higher than you do at least you know a couple groups in the top stop Israel on Iran but if you like to open net and that stuff up there and not. Keep an aroma and a mop so about the epic earned and the good guys stole the other guys arts you know meaning they can go down straightaway albums article. By super so the idea that Richard momentum. In. Actually because we got we get some guidance and her home to 2 o'clock. Help Lockett started most parts are almost a whisper curry circle got. Starting the orange or shall since starting Neitzel and we've just you have more curators bunched so far it's it's pretty neat deal brawl. And attract the same time there's a botched right here to. I know we're we're trying to send our own terms that's reaching enough to hurt a little bit. More experience and we do pit stop. Arctic Arctic will will will show well. Yeah we did build a log on the show last year and fantastic guys so easy to root for and obviously. You know I'm sure obviously me and I'm sure most of our listeners all be. Cheering for the the Wisconsin faithful instead of the the out of towners that are common and so what. How what is it like heaven Tony Stewart every one of these events is it just bring it. An increased level of craziness to the track you know more obviously I'm sure the you know the excitement and and though the level that you know all the guys that are that are going up against him. You know put a little extra owns trying to trying to get by him and race them hard and all that kind of stuff but. Overall what's it like Kevin Tony of one of these events. Yeah I've element of that at a funeral in. I think you know trust turner used. You can you understand the business you know you don't know the worst equally well in Ohio. And as hands and you ought to understand it's all it's a big deal brought tracks that. Look at him in you know sometimes additional opt. And arrangements like this. You know we have a generational we can use his name and then and an advertiser and it to actually brings more keep folders are no doubt about it. It notes are re so. You know. Past NASCAR fans you can people shall often. And it's just it's just got to probably makes great atmosphere can only hope to let the girl all call. How are also Uggla that are so you don't like collapsed on. I'm grandstands. You know he can he gets so bomb. He's been repair relationship policy if things are going well tonight she typically stick around adults in order to last persons. The last person is gone he's been really good about that. I am. Doesn't know obviously that would be about it too much will be sequential generation after church he's been he's been wonderful deal worth. Your period here not. Pretty need to look at it rates to be a graduate Matt TV. In creating it court sanction us and to my first time in my. Or start the TV package sources indicates that that's pretty cool have no Lucas Oil production crew here and you know they all star Rick was here yesterday and we're already to a certain chart looks great little battery LS might actually help. That same for burger track. Our. Burgers or cloudy overcast attractiveness to increase. You know but I might my understanding is dealt are difficult. Yeah it's fantastic and like you said Evan may have TV there. And even though you know it's not an air fur for a month or two that still fantastic can be great exposure. Eight for you wouldn't and your series and the track and just you know dirt racing and in Wisconsin in general it's it's a win win. And then I know I tomorrow RG guys together again in some prairie. Sync shall Mara sobering. The slot so particular that are here with you lost or to reaction grade out all the very same day and tomorrow Tony Burke. Stewart Bert state batch of some for tomorrow. In the you know is as good as to why it's going to be early and be more cars tomorrow because there to pick up some part of actual actually an actual races that's Saturday night's. So I would expect to securing Madson and Burke cap now while Australians at. That there are residing in actual area over the over the summer months culpability here and have a certainly feature McFarland got a big insult. There's going to be plenty of talent and Wisconsin yesterday's structure. As fantastic Howard ticket sales go on for tonight up employment these guys almost sold out. Audit well. You know it attracts around here typically don't personal art our our real big deal but we have done we've exceeded my expectations the first place so. There's funny general missions so anybody to come clean. Players to watch out. Great great that's fantastic so. On trek starts on trek action starts around 530 today. If you wanna reserve your tickets call 9208935751. 1908935751. If you wanna buy your tickets before you head out there. But make sure you head out their fight on C I'm gonna come after you need as we all know who want talking about. So. Steve saint Clair wanna thank you so much for joining me and that you know. What a fantastic event you're doing a fantastic job I can't wait to see today and hopefully tomorrow out in sun prairie. Very good recruiters are only exporting here so La attribute it now so they'll inspire the worst of the fight dirty and we all science. I don't like these specific Hillary's turn to dirt track which sought so. Hot hot laps often in our own race. Fantastic. Well Steve thank you so much and I'll see tonight. Remark I'd take care as Steve saint Clair on the great midwest bank outline. If you look for is simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home. Construction or renovation loan call great midwest bank. Committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935. And speaking of 1935. Who we come back from their short break. Steve Zack he's gonna join us I don't know if he was born and 35 but you know he's got a car racing knowledge from back then. So Steve is gonna be a guest on his own show. Coming up next this is the final inspection my racing show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan brought to you by the legendary Great Lakes dragway. It David have time. Welcome back to the final inspection show sports Radio One 057 FM the fan brought you by the legendary greatly straying away in union grove and David how to conduct. And joining me Doug great mid West Bank hotline from his palatial estates in Indianapolis. It's the man. Mr. Steve Zaki Steve hi dawn. Under and I'll live in the drain man living the dream the studios not the same without you and your body. If it at. So. I'm sure you saw you know the big news for for me in in NASCAR was our buddy mad transit. Part sit on the pole for the all star race Ted Knight in Charlotte what a difference a week makes does god he was awful and cans at 36 place finish nothing went right for Kansas that Kansas. Can send it back at Kansas at Kansas easy for me to say. But just one short week later and now he's the man to beat what's your thoughts on nine Kansas start MP one. Well he admitted. You know and hear about could be you know what it is to go back to him. That we purchased from other teams that. Use when your path not the rock. They're really put you at a date is that your report it and you had a good week. When you're behind you know the back to treat it like they did in the detract you're lit up at the time for preparation. And it really hard to come back. And that in their luck. The outlook our respect. Now. Though I mean you look at that you knew from the get go that you know that we get it gave good weak yen. But elicited European. Let me know what yet made. Up the card that is two routes have been Antonin. Eat eat it at the Internet it you know they work better cart. And him and he basically had the pain in the general that debate the issue they've been at the car. That your Turkey and alkaline you know eighty current and that this this we need the orca that it vehemently in. Okay. The camp that comes support. Any cut the main thing and they cannot. That kind of bonded to two kinda like they're okay. Now he got respected opinion on the Ian kind of thought well OK well let them there to keep these changes. But now it here Jack wrote that the team. I've been at that you know we weeks that we we we Trevor being the Burton and everything but at the apple well we're a group of. Now know a dozen and you know I didn't know how to take what Ricky stand house said because. You know I was kind I'm offenses that one of those things where Ricki stern and pat himself on the back saying oh see I told you so. Or is this one of those things where Kansas start Salem and now Rick he's like yeah I told you guys. You know so I don't know but. You know. We both agreed that you know nothing bad is gonna happen by getting Kansas into these Roush cars is only gonna help that team get better and you know I think that at least after one week they realize that. They've got a lot more problems than perhaps having Trevor Bain as the driver. Right and it you know we we've seen that. Repeat as well. Beat the well -- color and but picked her up aren't in their situation. Probably the route even though is that there are only bet that her track that they let the kind. The other sports scene and Ian Stewart hot though. In all we know what would Trevor being. Yet the book you know a couple of years we eat that a couple of big couple and finish the year. You know between Emmitt bent out that I'll. Easily the number. Of interest in the me. And again that in the car. You know what now obviously what they viewed the night but you know what they eat you do it the other races. And if they're the people are noticeable difference between the electorate make you well. Well what you do want to unite the name of the game is. Are yeah. And if growth is committed you group be it PU and Florida that it acted. You know operate the it's going to be a heck of a lot easier. Now in partnership. With with back and that is your driver and that is Trevor being. Yeah and I don't think that there's any way that you could doubt the the package that Ford is bringing to the table when you look at the success and Stewart Haas and then you look at at the recent success from Penske also. In others they they can't hide behind the fact that. All of this is a down year for Ford because they're dominating you know that at happy hour today. All all four Stewart Haas cars were in the top eight speed wise. You know so they've got they've got some put a lot of catching up to do and they better you better get to it now. Obviously your at your palatial estate some call it does a second mansion I call it your your first home. In Indianapolis. Well what's the latest going on gunned down an Indy. Well we got it in elevator and while. They're arrayed with. The other it never rains in the Indian looked at number. And that basically been over here at the beginning in May. What do I at a made they add in all their record I'd been David. I think they're at it eighty degree like Andy is an hour hour something here yesterday it was only thing that mediate. Today it in the mid seventies and it got it done now believe at a the shower get beat you where rain we're about it twenties. They built it blocked the track and that he can hear in the background. The jet blowers on the track they're trying to track they're gonna put the car about it not the hour clock. And then add though what thirty all I'm going to rebuild. Yeah and with today being bump day you know do you see any. Any upsets as far as who who misses the racer you think it does Kana. Well we had a bit too late sooner earlier at Oriole Serbia in he's an apt Almonte. And it looked like he does meant one of the corners. Now he that something broke and the car you don't pop that situation where he's that Spain daddy he screwed up or what. Eat basically call up you now because the way. Often find it now you can do that. He did that take the time oh lead. And then you can go out again India to build but be you that it uses that oh to 23. Which. People are speculating that was that they be given great eagle so that situation. But the speculation that the two car. Well yesterday or video games they might be so but. Yet at Iraq come about her too. Or insert you and up the back straightaway. You don't practice that they were he'd be late than Bullard he raped and beat down that haven't worked on Nightline. Got the car back on track in the USC running in the 23 again. Right now right now that the garage though that could beat him back on track. Technical management match you up at the man then. In the 21 I think it was and that is the kind of struggling would beat that could be the Kuwait who work in a seat at the India at this point. And he had abandoned that car may be Leeward. Islands and now ladder now for now with the duke acted though. I've been here that it mattered the well the downforce there you know. But the cars that use the though they had either be what happened that none of these. It could be kite they've lead though. It from the betting man. What duke tired might it yet is one of the might be good volume that you did that story she's been. At that you may the last pick they're so Lola. I under. But the other one I don't know it could be you know it could be you know well I'm angry driver that that there aren't albeit in the Q what happened. Yeah it's hard to root against a full time guys. Honorees like this but I think you would add a another huge story line to you know obviously the all the pomp circumstance and urban legend of of these Indy 500 and like you said with Pip those a couple of other guys run and at 223 Spencer pig it's weeded out today. Solid first run for his car at that 228. So there about five miles slower. Than the pig. Now the that are buried in advocate package here in Maybin now in an app ball mark so. The interest in the B what happened it went down and what Danica view. So. Yeah how how she'd been run on this weekend. It's already by I don't think they're there at all. I don't part be a situation where you bet that the rate. But he'll let you know that rate in Q let. They've they've they that that though. They're all I seen that car repairs go all the races you'll vote but they'd definitely do put it the this race I mean. You know use the ease. The last guy ordered speedway the race here at the track and you know they'll make of all here. You know is it. This the group Omare in the it would be kind of ending the you know what the rate. That would be an utter disaster for IndyCar if Danica mr. race wouldn't. It would. Make a lot of speculation I mean it would be a big. It would definitely. Is does this mean that they you have a lot of people would that he ache. You've been that there mayberry but. Now. Look I don't now. Yeah I allocate utter disasters too strong because obviously. You know it's one of the iconic races it's must see TV and you know no matter what. You know they could be mean you run an out there and and I would you know I would set my ideal VR. Don't forget you can keep. You met this streak in 1995. Book bode well though. Well yeah yeah good point good point so utter disaster no but I think that would be I think if she mr. ray's that would be. One of those stories that you don't want to Wear the the main story is up about stuff off the track and not the guys Omniture. Elliot yeah up there with Iberia on the rate ninety sport heat and humid rate 95. You know we mentioned with with Colonia and a that we taped earlier. About. Ryan hunter arraignment. On eleven and yet combat was a boy aren't when it bought out route here. So I mean you know it sometime this story line is who who let the story. Via yeah that's true that's true all right well locking you hang around for refer another segment on your own show Steve. Certainly. All right fantastic we're gonna take a quick break right now and we when we come back to be more. Of demand. The legend that is Steve -- this is the file inspections show sports Radio One 57 FM the fan brought to you by the legendary greatly extract away. And David Hobbs Honda. This this final inspection was Steve's talking presentable. By the legendary Great Lakes drag way in. 1057 FM. The fan. Welcome back to the final inspection shows sports Radio One 057 FM the fan brought to rather legendary Great Lakes dragged away in new union grove and of course. David Hobbs Honda in Glendale. Welcome back Steve Zach he's the man the myth the legend welcome back to your own show yet against these. They have me and I appreciate. There are figure I could squeeze you in here on your own show you know I mean. Solos of news coming out of IndyCar this week that does some changes to their engine next season what's the latest on that. As did it out that this port is an outlet. Parity in it what you want you want them so use the Internet. That they're gonna they're going to be new into orbit though in the IndyCar that did it get winter looked certain these big engine. Which Soviet 2.4. Liter area. Right now the other 2.2 liter. And it. It's going to be able well more than 800 horsepower. Which other drivers that it would be needed a little more. What they have now. The end Google continued terror and had a Mac or 121000. RPM. And tapped in that third in the number 218. As the big. Lose the big news of well this is. And of course I'm the Chevy or both in agreement with the but they're also looking at or are there any accurate join theory though but the accuracy it has been the hit it here. Is third manufacture I think that the momentum that it occurred at over the last three years I think that the good probability. It just remains that the who that will be I know they've been comedy forward for a couple of years and ordered an M. On injured. That's her wide but there's. Light or the dot. All. In great IndyCar Series that they don't make the field champ car hire out wars. You're could be Evian numbers. One of the one of the many factors caused been rumored Hyundai. But he could be another could be it Japanese manufacture. And well. You know whether Chrysler. L or mailed been rumored to so the answer in the but I think. Green tree manufactures. In the series would be would deeper Rick that what the IndyCar period the group that reaches the other achieve that back. Yeah I agree and warm you know another manufacturer be used for the series. How are you are those engines and in my minivan. Well let the that you know what to do you deal with the duke configuration. That you know they've both. We like this Formula. One bit with that we we L they could they worked with IndyCar like IndyCar that they were at duke it. You know Indian yoga. What can look at all that with Honda and Chevrolet. And that the configuration that that that happen. They can use public technology. With the car that during the day ago. Yeah I would love to head and I'm honored nurses. But one advantage to level out there are some of these other series. Included in if there's about a lot of technology that Boeing deal between the track. The road and then actually dump that are wrote to track. Yeah that's true that's true let's see we get. Six minutes until we got to take a break here's Steve what what are we forget about down there. Well I'm on the port Florida and the media better and they're a little walkway around which I'll enjoy it. Because you're looking down and I think it's a it's been great late the people watch. It quiet MM and one of the cool things I did notice. That they have one at the air pylon. Those pilot of the equitable read all airy. Event that they have here in October currently the number and at that baby the all eyes. I buried I got one of the plate that that part of it that become down. Tuesday Indianapolis Motor Speedway. No it right off moment boulevard. Indian field yet that he Greer Iranians do you vehicle seat. And indeed this is it is needed detail what you see in person but he that preclude the plane. It's now what is your fan club haunted mansion. It added yeah there people wait. In not having their perpetual red carpet lead you everywhere it probably gives you way. People. There I don't know. Maybe it's finally. Here if it is. What are you doing your book signing is it this weekend. The book that the David. And it comes up next week yet. A Viet Hewitt David at the mute the third day. Those notebook side there that I met media that haven't booked with David early it would. And Wally bell buckle be there why don't like to add a book. That made Gordon Kirby here. And gone you come read the help if you could see him back in the Gordon Kirby. Looks in the path. Is did the he needed it and a few years ago and and her book. And OB I mean in the afternoon. There are bigger museum probably at one to 3 PM. And then also on Saturday. Victory. You if you're going to be in the area compounded the way. It's and I along with mr. hall. Albeit it would go to apply for probably the best. Memorabilia show. In the mid last at bat in the country. All locked the vendors will be there and it is. Your your your gonna be up there that you all the in other places and and there are a lot of stuff for sale and it is a lot of on and Natalie that. At the same time your opportunity to autograph. That's what that would become a legend. Of the Indy 500 and mr. Hobbs would be at other question number two but allowed a driver in the past. Will be there and it's the publicly local drivers like. It unique high eight gently part the Google guys are uses their about the get the mother reflect in the past. The witty and brother which. Are your candidate battery it and at a known now rate in the in the past who would need to order certainly entered these. Two Brothers Vanderbilt they're out they're put into it. If you I've under winners will also be due in a separate autograph session that relate Mario Rick Mears. Bobby under Al junior though to be a lot of fun. So much to do. On Thursday Friday Saturday before the race and of course oh the races under. Yet it sounds fantastic and if for some reason you can not get down to Indianapolis. You can see all this kind of stuff Steve does a fantastic job across all aspects of social media. Make sure you follow the final inspection on FaceBook. Does at the final inspection you can surged TF by EU cannot miss it. If you go on Twitter it's at SF tied 1250. Just search for that you'll find is fantastic photos inflows stories just amazing stuff it's on there all the time. If you get tired are bracing you know I heaven forbid. And you need an hour break you can check out this lovely podcast Steve. It's it's 1057 FM the fan back however if you go to the producers. Tab you can find green and gold and then and now want to tell us about this fantastic adventure. Ought to public debt at a regular entry into idol or upon yet so. If it's your packer fan. I've yet depth and guys started oh. And but it that only current views Oppo. But do little bit is that accurate view. This first I guess we did so we. Refute the the draft on the draft pick the match. But also of the Packard draft in the past that. That got it well though. I think it it took you kind of take out things and and you know we we. We we hit with a lot of younger. Well producers and they're out. Of the base in that. Yeah I'll Wear these guys the Packers have always been or. You know where the older guys that base in the demise though into treatment and app. Well basically in the same age bracket. They're blaming our childhood who would littered. It. Packer on that it history. Awful threat Vick. And horrible losses and and that you know is it on with Brett Favre and everything but I think that group Becker and throw one bit and dirt David whitehurst. And that Jimmy you know. And and Peter Brock yen in double guys Pittsburgh gobbled or a year and a court. And be right. And if it but of course now we only got thirty seconds left before we got to get out your Steve. Giving your pick who was a poll for the Indy five owner. I predict that. The Arctic is though will power. So my. While it created to pick would be only cannot or Marco Andretti what took remote view event for tonight I got to do back then why not. Absolutely. All right so can not on the pole Kansas for tonight I'm taken shark and will power and taken Daniels swore as tonight. I think he's GNU I think he's in a shocked the world and win a cool million Steve's day keys so much for coming on your own show body have a great time down at Indy. Banker have a me and a lower art in the tractor and a little bit beautiful. Start your engines it's time to talk about all things racing at. NASCAR. Trucks and four. Formula One. The show was Steve sorry. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union. And what's best for the final inspection show it's Steve's ideologue which suffer while skin joining us some degree mid West Bank hotline. It is Tony it is needle talk to a new show. Hello guys get to be back where it's been that you want to be honest. It it's a bit about a month I guess but for those who wonder we are. Full disclosure we are preteen penis because will be chatting live on the show from Indianapolis. Or may have already depending were Jeff decides to insert this clip it's so yes and we got tar. In Indianapolis we got Steve who's going to be in Indianapolis and I am the sorry septic gets stuck here. I'll tell thank you yes thank you this year. Got caught EJ this is. It does not cool you need to be down air how to form. Now hopefully next year rather hopefully nick yeah how that would be really coast that she last last week where was 85 degrees on the new Indianapolis and the ball looking to be forty year. That was very nice I was painful. So we have pole qualifying and it did some really certain now the reason season. Earthquake in second gear coolant in the third hour going up to fourth carrier with qualifying well what the Indianapolis Grand Prix last week and a qualifying this weekend and and already it's going to be. The Indianapolis 500 next week along with the world 600 and then were in the summer it's gonna be June so. It's really certain speed up visit Tony. I have more excited it was like what it's innate basically Christmas are racing and again you got all the NASCAR and Indy five under cover adult more between now. IndyCar April pretty wanted to Monica details that more than mean there's there's such a palpable excitement that takes the initial brief foray. The years OK this is when it really hit on all dealt. You know an adopted IndyCar career I'll bring it on but it's like okay proper proper bumped it comes back that we know ladies and make it. He got 35 cars and there's no way acres in 35 car so. I mean it's exciting. Eat. Be sure. What's the possibility of we hit 36 I mean is there a possibility somebody brings on another car. Or is because of the engine lease programs. Everything's too tight to. To take you know carry that out. I heard the Euro but I mean it's very slim chance because essentially where where you're out is somebody in the only entrant has been deal decrees. And you don't want to just you know throw a car together that were got a crew later I'd say auto parts. You're going to be mid six figures necessarily what put together extra. By ordered all weight program. Even though there's been drivers that budget that challenges that there rookie they need to complete rookie orientation program which especially for the earlier this week. In the situation at the elk point or exactly the so called all or is it true that all the so you been able to do it well like any other red it would do that they would be available if there's any patterns available they might have other commitments so. You know asking for 36 winging it materialize probably 34 weeks yep that was going to be realistic. And several Israeli elite and it may actually did you that because this. Sixteen artwork on. Nineteenth 21 more than they usually last year. Well let's let's say we have boats. Let's have some funnier but Susan manufacture whether it be sure overly or conduct. That has to two cars on the outside looking in. Down let's into the cars maybe crashed. On the same team same manufacturer should say. Is still would have been happy situation word they're saying well we don't want to be short. You know two cars or three cars or over. And and they have the means are in decent backup car put an army cadet pieces to you know scenario that could possibly happen. The parliament driver that is still want me Condit that you know aren't as worst case scenario is you pondered it a B. On doubt there are seventeen on the Chevrolet the basket there audit their 94. Seats early so either way on the war it adage. Turn that part yet. A term rates. However they're like Chevrolet guy yeah it is to be put you know somebody that is available war better driver needed. Recently you don't want a resisted if someone gets injured. Then you're running at you or grid square like you don't have a situation where your car is out of the shell there's been a problem this year Europeans that. Clock on Saturday because. It's on the call on Saturday as those Sunday so if you have a incident or mechanical issues there's. Very little relapse or very little under cover she beat you it's kind of the way to engage in the schedule. It. It's not it's yeah plug and play a replacement driver if that replacement cover was available for responded well Saturday. On. I wouldn't you know extra one but I'm not be disappointed that there's there's more. I think it can dish to more than Obi is the only one more that it got to this awkward. Welcome restart there were both 35 it's like okay there's 35. If you're not at thirty carrying out. How to treat or way it. I go one more scenario in stride yet how long it's it may eighteenth at. It's 1987. The yen let's say they they bump up the TU. And at 6 o'clock 605. On Sunday night there's 333 cars but then on Monday afternoon they announced. The two cars take up bomb Rashtchy an eleven start. I highly don't see that happen. It's gonna be water ski like worried volatility he Danica Patrick. Many of a nightmare scenario. A year look. You're old big situation where you're championship the center warrior 500 winner means that there is that he'll say that it is. War or major. I qualify. Or all the next day is that. They're able they're not they are out of the pack. Initials last. Com. However he where you know I go back to a lot proper thought they would shoot or that we're car for 33 spot. Big universe created a QQ run rate. By way back. On. Com. I don't know I mean. It really interesting because of the 35 partners now I wondered cutie looked like uh oh they're completely vulnerable because they're all all interest. Makes this year identical. A certain it's a. Interest in. Isn't going to qualify and who lose their fear it was very front row predictions that say. Is it gonna be a team Penske is again to be on noses at. Then it. It's been really hard to gauge this week in practice because. No talent speed at the early part of the week where they don't have been that there were going to achieve 21 to 23 range. All the women you universal air hit as word is that. In itself basically all car for the change back. There's not much room trim out there wasn't in the previous car so we really take to achieve this he shoot can really show you what they're able to deal. Not all sides particularly well here the last couple you'd think these struggle the partners nine. To he's been able landing yet they were poll actually Scott Dixon however they've been really struggling in their. Single car runs so they were only been it's a low twenties. On Saturday. A guy that I would look at it and get all credit card in there. He's been really strong book with a spec is authority could be twelve did previously the quarterback back pole here at thirteenth fourteenth. Who also really strong Sheila. Actually it political fights back yet. All of that the guys that I can look at the front row I would be shocked that they're not always wanted to keep her in the ninth off toward the question market he. But only cheap card they don't have the are really there Aybar in dry heat meanwhile six car so a lot of guys they could put it sell. You know I was a betting man I would say one haven't you want carpenter forty ready for a. RA and put you on the spot can you name all the cars for Andretti. Barking all is. We got in under chi Bryant under an out later Nazi art in a perpetual wouldn't make it. But. Is. This market here spree. Story. Yeah attacked each unit at 26 car looks awful lot like clothes mean uses old car for his year. Light yellow orange unit that is a little bit for the year. I actually did get cheated on a note from the show he's been on on. I don't you know that contaminants. Have been you know the they need to wild card after world. Back after years it is. Opportune trigger and it. Carter Karl yeah. You do and you wake me up all the acting out like where eco. Union sic. Were so I think. Yes he did very good. Danica. You know I I'm. I would look let's let's chat and Jeff feel the feel freed up the plane then I I I think it's it's great deal c'mon c'mon in grace. Well last race it's I think it's it's fine. And so far now granted. TV to go yet but I don't think it's been tune too much. You. There are pleasantly surprise that Annika both in terms and he'd. Media attention he got but also the understanding and how different IndyCar is now compared to what should this year. Seven years ago. She noted the different. Got a lot of good people on the team sheet that partner it. And I'm on record saying I don't think shall when it's probably a lot of issues she'd been impressed and that's part of the practice week because you're sitting with their. She's Smart and really cracked. You know bring in helmet on peace. And she brought him or hit wherever it is only not OK if it becomes fuel while it carpenter has nothing to lose by saying hey. You know I look back try to try to make it now you can make it. So. The date the catch with Annika it is very simple. She winning the race of the excellent work are boring and it would be terrible for our beat it like. Believe it has been one of your current said that your Walter try green thirteen which. You know that would be sure of race car. In somebody's day she showed up your tired every unit of one on that went last year Ingrid. Kurt Busch digger solid top four finish they'll be like. I expected Hackett but you know I'm not I'm not overshadow a race I think. I think the Turks that's kind of the balancing act in Joshi a lot of similar people back. What did I don't know I mean I rate her a lot higher than it egg industry expert and ordered teammates. You know because she knows how to race this is at the front sponsored bill lot of talent and maturity but it never really been able Butler while it. Bert Cooper and where did that nobody knows how to run this race and I think I think he's approaching it with the right. Now real quick Tony can we got to get to break but say Danica. You know we go to bizarre land hell freezes over say she wins the Indy 500. Will she have a ride for every race the rest of the season. Now I think it would be very simple I'd be a very simple deal worse it's that I won the race. And you want me or with you all the typical way it what he could do it could prolong your career beyond this may work like. Oh great I've won the race there on the deck and come back in the that it they'd get in the two time winner self. I think I think each year back in deep in subsequent years however I don't. Think that it would leak anything. Or see I don't think she wanted number one. And number you I don't think it would it would be to her as a boring it. Is that it. We're talking to Tony museum on the great midwest and Carl Edwards committees sharp break and when we come back we'll talk more. Indianapolis qualified with Tony Xena on the final selection show. And and welcome back to the final selection show brought to you by. I greatly straight way and given how Simon join in us an agreement was Bangkok land it is Tony disease you know and Tony. Course you're down in Indianapolis but you work into our new. Yeah arms over the past. The final inspection listeners quote my work with that. Sports web site. Couple. (%expletive) and that there over the top seed in an opportunity yet to sports car attic which is our primary role. In the entry because our court it would crack down on which. Subscription service budget for twenty maturity year it is a smorgasbord of information. That April the cart path except my college you what did you. The colleague Patrick it's that it does Colorado. Where that event is. Now to get accommodation is. Yeah it treats being able albeit were the course. Yeah and you think this year but. God yeah. One of the best buy is in re seeing trackside on line make sure you look them up. Tony what's your first Indianapolis 500 qualifying memory. No this is really cool year for being because or 2018 in the first Indy 500 ever covered 2008 and I covered qualifying. We year. The first year ever off spot start for sure ever all. All corporate. First here I ever covered qualifying which would vote Dayton that year. Which was boy who's here. Rock yes allies backed out this and Mario Dominguez had all day. Oh yes. Unification here. So there are. War five extra car or for worse spot so you were posted you know Saturday got app is that at all yeah peaceful out. The competitive. That you want between market naked body here. But that your car built it all week it would await entry the only guy that earlier Friday animal caller. Was on that used to be good you are so but the virtues are awful entry. When you're like. Google going back three or five victory didn't know that they were eat steak he'd throw them a unique start to nineteen to eighteen you know yet in the field. And yet. It is currently quicker on the first second with a quicker first and he in terror on the second. Like it was it was. So I'm sitting on the plane now want security here at buddy and it was it. It really close it will be close to careless here but it. You know that back and set the tone that like. In know what they're raised to qualifying thirty stack in beat this. By it would skiing. The other the other the other vote in Korea Israel quickly it will heal it's like graduate from Marquette University or. My college apartment in college or mercy on you want to claw and of course I was brought upon where are not for third spot. It is there I will forever be grateful that I saw on TE Alex late brigade. What it bumped out when he had already or is it leave them. Off this year where like. Own no underrated Marco or it is what it. Chewing okra will vote on the outside or in type thing. And more ago it finally back to vote radiology uttering oh my gosh. That it. And Lucius. In no other races qualify thirtieth 31 heard that did that dramatic in and that's what I love about the fact we have 35 this year because. We're gonna get something you know later this afternoon word like. How did this happen why did it it going to be scrutiny gonna make something happen that nobody at Everton in the dark about yourself. Cocky or if you. Flashback like yeah you've finished fourth in the race you're reform that I remember what you squat by the record 31 the next year like that. It's it's at so but that is so true some of the best. Runs that are driving in that some of these tremors have done this stink you know sticky into some. Box in the show already Vettel on the last day. And it's funny that you mentioned that that you know can we were standing in probably mere feet pop hearts. Oh but 'cause I was down there but you lose here and they lose your watch you could see it Dominguez is trying to. Everything and you knew it was a good and well you know lose this fight. Let that. Either earlier may get Ernie and and a walk and you think in view saying an analog that's exactly what he did. And yeah I mean these the can just feel the tension and have Al all of these these these the I. I is in the lows of emotion out there were world. It insists it's it's amazing to to be there live. One a vital part of life. It's our favorite memory but it was kind of it was a funny memory is when the Tonys dirty. What do if he is an offer they couldn't see eco car. And I mean. At the earth times or. EA you know Alley looks like he made then you read but he kept us save yourself now he's a Chevy driver and it's a Toyota that he got to work in this. It never did work it would have been a lot of fun seeing them. Trying to qualify of that car put. My and my actually my first memory is when I'm seven years old and I Yahoo! and on listening to a new qualifying was happening in its is when I really started to understand race in an N. And it's 1973. And I come up for army bedroom or somewhere in my mama's gonna cry and and don't like what's wrong and she goes art Pollard was killed. And I didn't really know our power it was a bit Judy they knew they they they had good you know they were close friends with them but that he donated this year of two Beers with some. And he was killed that morning and I'm pulled in 73. Year old grisly accident. And those laid out notices. Yeah it is that was kind of the start of it to. You know in deal then with Cisco worsen there. And that really does the first MM receive my mom cried. Up from something outside of the Stanley type thing. In on its site while this is kind of remarks. Russ deal here and so I was. From their idols like I've kind of hard Mia growth quipped he hit politicos jury's seen but yet qualified native India is certainly special. And it I remember 1982. Was really special. When. Gary as he goes the first guy was cured that house and who break track record that was really exciting. And then I think Q what is its. Roethlisberger. Ryan. Crawford I think was one of the guys. And then. And then eventually is Guerrero and Guerrero of debt broker who ended up what to Paul and as if just so that was a crazy year to. Lot of stuff happening but I was so happy when your bet a thousand. The record I didn't think he was gonna can't keep the poll I'm thinking well the laws he's on the front row and darnit he ended up qualifying force Sony did make a frog grow by. At Alice have those are pretty cool deal. Our first European. Only four years old without poignancy in ninety Cuba. I remember right that yeah it's a seat that yours or is it. I don't know we are converted to eat eat eat but upon our look back on it you know year. Between the hold a doctor. While they are. You gotta get it and the but under orders he'll Ayers or right now are all all the opportunity that they want to go further he would win as vote. For the idiot out of rookie equity LP EG early age is a bunch of guys you know they wonder you rate from readers. All what is the order a good years you know that you think that race. On that back up car. You know it was four or 500 in a short out gainers. You know you don't wanna be all congress he's for a the. True story. First time limit Jimmy vasser a freeware. Or route meant them. And listen I wasn't a credentialed media person near Bozeman last year was a credential on there. And down there with a bunch of guys and there's a lot of drinking going on Iowa bits. And we see Jimmy vasser it was he was signing stuff you I don't know for the Sousa played the Calder something but I know one of my body says hey break a leg and well he went out their in depth during erase it broke a leg up but at though. Yet on yeah ID EDT that day actors but don't say that the racecar drivers this way CNN 1990s. Gap solution and ninety's. So on what Tony and we certainly appreciate you joining us and give us a quick prediction. Pole winner. I I I. Friend in my head I have it creepy in poor we take our. Our winners and that we take the pole winner for eat so I think as partner got pole winner create unity so stick with. To get picked Ed carpenter I will go with. Oh. If Rossini. It will give Jeff Danica. Yeah I'm very that I like debt update will power. Welcome. Welcome Janice. Mills associate Danica is better will give Eddie Danica house yeah there you work with parent. Tony OC down there and a few days and looking in four to have fun weekend. And aren't. Thank you appreciate it's Tony does he know joining us on the great midwest being cut line. And we'll have more final expression coming up after this. Welcome back. Apocalypse backs it when I examine them them them man Dennis Michaels and Lori Monroe and just aren't ready or not count that's means it's time to go in depth. You're asking our target and Lori Munro. Sat. And Kevin Harvick again getting that were there any doubt in the sky just gonna win every race for the rest of the year from look at that. How can one Ford T be so dominant. In the hero we're all the cars are supposed to be so equal. Well obviously Ford has an advantage everybody knows that but it and you got another advantage of having Kevin are the real so yeah it got the double whammy a look at it by. Here's the scary part is how it's been able to do this despite his pit crew. Operating about at about 80% like they always do could you imagine if they ever to finish pit stops. Get up all right this guy would never lose again. Well they could work on Madden and just keep go like where's it gonna end. The problem that I find here in the early frustrates the hell out of me. Is the fact that Kevin Harvick and go out there and win. All these races what is he on race number five or something. And then the stupid. Chase playoffs whatever reset formula comes along. And say they sort of a bit of spider in their step towards the end of the year. And basically erases all of that good that they Don again another issue I have NASCAR south. I don't know IE. NASCAR thing in an on I think we talked about it last week its wholesale sang a NASCAR it just. It just looks like they're not even serious about it and they start changing things so again you've got a guy who should be consistent and go out there. Win accumulate all these points. Out it's wonderful and then. By some weird stroke of bad luck ends up not getting championship because of some student. We keep hearing the rumors about the sale of NASCAR at what I first heard this I thought. Well this is some sort of a ploy. To get up value. On the sport or some other reason I really. Think it was serious that they'd be selling but the more I think about it and the more I think about that name Goldman Sachs being involved. The more I think it's really real. We're going to see it sold. If we Doocy asked are sold to another entity. Is that possible that we could do you all the crap that we don't like give NASCAR get back to the best racing on the planet. It just depends who that entity units and it's that entity is somebody who actually. Understands. Racing stock car racing the history of the sport all flat so I don't know it'll be interesting to see what happens if it does happen. One thing that I have found area resting this year is which sort of all the people in the sport sorted new murdered over the last. Five years or so. Where there are very reluctant. To speak ill of the sport in any way. And once again this past week with cold hurt in the 78 team bring in the knicks are out. Makes some adjustments they're after a crash damaged it get the car back on the track it masters right now. Don't know all league battery operated things can be used. Call hurt lit them up on Twitter. I'm really amazed at how outspoken. Some of the people with it NASCAR. Have gotten over all these rules that keep being put in place. It's about time there's got to be a tipping point year hold deal affect huge cut off soft I think is just. You know where where's it in the end I don't understand NASCAR I mean have control over every single. Rich it's being used at the racetrack and it caught up Sox. I don't know it just it's something that every junkyard it's it's it's it's something that gets the job done but now known NASCAR asked to speak out. Use that. And they're gonna have sole or operated jump back step venture. It's something we've seen. At NASCAR races for ever. It was like to think there wasn't like this was something to that team invented I just. It's so funny that means that ask are hit this to enforce and the stuff that they don't force it it's just. I wonder who's in charge right now. It's back to my point by some last week is well it just like they're not serious. They're not serious about what's going on major ski they tweak this a little. Well. Maybe that didn't solve the problem just tweak it but now they're just sort of Willy Nilly or you can't use that if you bring an orange site eighties and orange shot asked to be. Has to be official NASCAR collars and. It's just crazy. It fitted bit monster energy green I think they would have gotten the probably I'm mobile but again NASCAR tweaking a rule because the teams figuring out that. Hey if I don't make it through. Pre qualifying inspection and I have to start from the rear. At the start up brand new tires so NASCAR has now changed that rule. Now everybody starts the race aren't brand new tires. It is so funny to watch these NASCAR crew chiefs constantly outsmart. Ask there. Speaks to it. Because this whole deal load starting at the back it missed. Qualifying. Sneak east fresh tires. Is that the started her race don't want fresh tires towards the end of race this is what I don't get why is that such a big it managed. And I understand probably one RT tracts that might make some. Some certain percentage. Of difference but to me it's nothing. Nothing that anybody should be getting all crazy about because. To meet the started her racy got fresh tires for your packet that act. It's a 400 mile race for primacy sakes it's not a sprint. Very weird. Also mascara volley to get tougher. On the rules is that they get any tougher because yet another year window collapsed this type hunt Tyler's car. Yeah out Hampshire death penalties coming around the corner from whatever happens next you know they'd. They say time and time again open next a next round penalties will be very severe and then nothing really happens. It out just sort of like raising kids I suppose it's just don't do this. Spill in union ever disciplined kid so he just keeps going. This is what NASCAR Stein and I actually don't know what the next step it is I guess she just send everybody home. To appoint or NASCAR product the send everybody home and not even have a sport to have to worry about because that seems to be the rent that they're going. You know we're gonna we're gonna out obliterate all of our starters because it's because we say so well that's the reason. People are showing up to attract the few that still aren't going. Is because they wanna see their stars that are their sports heroes but NASCAR again is still going back to the old. The old adage that. You need the sport more than sport EG two that's certainly changed. While folks it is time to take quick break will be back with our NASCAR talk elicit the final inspection went 057 app that album I. Welcome back to the final inspection what a plot to seven app spam doesn't lowering. On Saturday afternoons I'll get. Asking aren't. Lori and grow big ball we get to the all star race yet this is sort of half way point of the NASCAR season. Sort of you know little early but. The same idea with got enough races under our belt out to know who is doing well who is doing. Poorly obviously Kevin Harvick opening. This 2018. Season but. As. Our days to Ulysses. I the surprises. In my opinion are not it surprises the one good surprise I would say probably would be Erica on a roll up. But I expected him to cute pretty darn good met ten car what is surprising me are the guys who are having. What I would say exceptionally eight years. You know you got chased Eliot once again not getting a win. And just surely not doing much at then again all Chevrolet is having issues all of Hendrick is having issues. So you know it's it's just unfortunate for them but. But if you wanna say just 11 bright spot would have to beat. I would have to be here all my role lights. Who's the biggest disappointment for the 2008. Season so far. Biggest disappointments. Gosh I don't know I probably because the expectation was so high. And that would be chase sell it because everybody assumed he'd win they had all these statistics out there well. His father finished second eight times for god as win. And then they start pump that up. It's again they're they're following that same bad script. Nick came along with Dale Senior and Dale Junior. All these suns have to Mir or exceed what their father did and that's just so unrealistic. And it gay you're seeing that placed upon chase Elliott. I almost feel as much this year is like a last year course but. The hype around him being in the nine that has sort of faded away to use so hopefully that given it some space so let him just. Just develop on its own. His own pace. Sits it's just been a little bit crazy with him. I pedal little surprised how good for it's been this year because they were doing a good job wine before the season. That eight there were you know second team that it that Toyota teams and all this. And my biggest disappointment. This year has been Hendrick Motorsports I just have not but we help add the hall teen lesbian. Relative to where you expect that be accurate in Europe. Well the loss of Jeff Gordon behind the wheel and in Dale Junior. And then bringing in the young kids you know we've got Byron which you know still should be running exponent in my opinion. It's just. It just doesn't seem a strong. Driver wise as they have been in the in the last. How long last two decades out. It I guess stands to reason it's like they're almost growing their there they're just like in a growing phase right now heard a standstill maybe. The other big surprise for me this year is in the lack of caution flags throughout the race. We sought out we sonic get it can't swear it was just about eight the only cautions early on. Were for the end of the stages. Well we don't need all these fake cautions anymore we don't need to debris cautions that. Everybody was screaming about it because we have all these stages now so they don't have to have these fabricated. Koch at such a sort of tells you how many were. The ice still lean on each other and cause wrecks back today. All he did you don't necessarily tuned in watched the Rex eat it like the race we see in the heart racing. Lead to any cautions late. I'd like to really get in touch with a statistician because I truly believe that the state to precautions are really outnumber legitimate. Hard. You know door to door bang in wrecks as cautions I relief and now we. Terror our sites to you that the fund race of the year this is always in the race that I said. If you're introducing somebody in NASCAR get up to watch the old Winston. That was the that was the race to get somebody but because it was just. All exciting wreck for the getting. This year for the all star race all kinds of new rules. Listening to Kevin Harvick talked about this out happy hours. This week nobody understands what these rules are gonna do for the race. Does that really matter for this race so all it is is entertainment. This is all we really have with the all star race it just comes down to just pure entertainment so. You know sit down have your popcorn and as a driver just go to there and and turns some laps right. You know idea maybe to get a handout flyers before the race and let everybody know. 45 minute practices. Are all these guys will get a chance of having these cars on the track because there's no no testing. They take it the cars wind tunnel that tells you so much. They can only do so much with computer programming so it's such a lack of preparation. Time. For this race I'm not censure any but he understands how these cars current race. Does that affect who you would hit for the big race this this evening. Really because I kind of feel a lot of this year's been very unpredictable anyway to a certain victory. And you know this this whole deal about these guys not really known what's gonna happen isn't that again. Come back to what NASCAR wants they want everybody sort. Haven't been paying on their fee in not really you know land and all that and their probably and a you know we can't copy Wheeler he proudly in the field. Cart wants everybody show up sort not known what's gonna happen and just to throw the dice and undergo. It's going to beat mania and opened his can alert a single thing for all these cars getting him deal. On the Charlotte track with a 600 so that goes way. All their chances to win this thing. Lori Munro who is your pick to win the 2018. Star race Ryan Laney. Ryan Clady is a solid. Solid check. Not go out on the limb. I am going to take a guy who's really good in the short segment tight races I'm going to take. Mr. Kyle Busch well folks is gonna wrap it up for the ask our segment elicit a final inspection went 05 set up well. Up plan. Thank you Dennis and Gloria wanna thank everybody who tuned in ten day. To the final inspection show and now LaSorda thing to guests Steve saint Clair. He put together the fantastic show tonight out at Plymouth through dirt track racing. It's in the Sheboygan county fairgrounds. Cars on track action starts at 5:30. PM two nights. It's 28 bucks to get in the door if you bring your kids there are only six dollars bring your family out there. Tony Stewart Rico Abreu Dave Laney and a lot more it's gonna be a fantastic show. Out and Clement the dirt track racing in the Sheboygan county fairgrounds and head out there tonight I will be out there he's seen me. Say guys let's have a beer. He got the all star race tonight NASCAR. It. Leggett said well we'll see how this goes with them run in the restrictor plates at Charlotte. I I hope this race turns out a lot better then what I'm thinking it's going to be. But you know Leggett said hopefully it works out fantastic and and it's thrilling and and there's a lot of action we shall see. You GAAP bump day continuing to go on now hopefully the weather holds off. And and they can sit there and and get bad in and and everything like that will know who. Is on the pole for the Indy 500 tomorrow. And and good luck I've got will power. Steve what would Tony can and so. We shall see we shall see but were you know getting closer to the Indy 500 just. Fantastic so obviously thank you to. Steve's jockey being a guest on his own show yet again from down in his palatial estate in Indianapolis. They got lives down there in the month of may. So. You know I mean I know he's busy and. Olympic track and all that so thank him for offer for joining us Dennis Michael send Laurie Munro from race talk radio. Fantastic NASCAR coverage like always. That's at Milwaukee thank you do a Great Lakes dragway head down there there are obviously in union grove. Fantastic food bring the family down there too it's great for the whole family. And David have conduct the aegis of the new Honda fantastic sales going on all weekend long. Thank you guys. We'll see you next week's final inspection showed new mid June. Next Saturday's sports Radio One 057 F I am the fans. I'm again.