Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, July 21st
A HUGE show today!  Steve Zautke talks to Steve St. Claire, Roy Henning, Eddie LePine, Lori Munro, and Tom Dulaney and Darrin Roth from David Hobbs Honda.

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Milwaukee. Start your engines it's time to talk about all things racing. NASCAR. IndyCar. Trucks and Formula One. Show was Steve sorry. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes breakaway immune. Its final inspection. Gears Steve's talking. And welcome back to the filers should suit walking to the violence in ago. Right do you buy of course greatly straight way and David signed up lattice stuff to talk about today we'll get rate in this guy and ask our New Hampshire. Yeah Formula One in Germany and via vintage cars up at Elkhart lake we had a theory Miller meat back at The Milwaukee Mile last week. So tuck the ball and of course trucks the director re an old Dora. So a lot of us dolphins things talk about the ouija yeah adds a busy time and I love it it's fantastic. But it's a busy time of the year everything is everybody's going place is going hear their vacations why America's heroes school. In he you know especially in this partisan in the country Wisconsin. Wisconsin. Is news today. It's you know you gotta pack a vote. A year's worth of activity in about five months yet. Or less as far as us yeah I was gonna say about five weeks but yes you have five months is. Is close and you know. Just all like you said didn't you know your that you just ran it down between the trucks on the border between New Hampshire and the vintage cars and road America in the mine ill and sun prairie out at Angel park is. Their run and Thursday night Tony Stewart's gonna be out there again it's you know it's just. There's stuff everywhere I do need to take ten seconds. And say congratulations. To my son Jackson his baseball team won their own little league championship there's relations yeah that was awesome so congrats Jack. But yeah you and other racing's gotten heavy and you know there's no better time a year and you know with all the races that we. We ran down and we'd be silly not to include all the great race and a Great Lakes you're actually going on to and so. It's just it's wall to wall and I can't get enough. Yeah it's certainly true. Egypt's. I just lost her train of thought here residency in the U blew me away with a Little League and it is now. But no we will be talking to. Couple foes and David China because we don't obsess going on this weekend oh yeah that's always been a nice very very Honda. Put on the hops festival final what exactly. What what is on involved with news. You know that there's huge sales on those cars so get down there and take advantage of the big discounts is so great Hobbs last night. Downtown though currently where they had to re scorers re scar concordes. In you know with on this sketchy weather in Nabil washout this and then on whether they Mitzi over the last few days. Wonderful weather little muggy you can complain though Somers Wisconsin would expect. But I know worked worked out their little rain. That track Friday morning a couple of sessions were wet. But not soaking wet. And it may be. Well lately sprinkles as seriously only passable five seconds meant he looked at while training in the business done so. But think bill offers hospitality you loose. Tutors don't have seeped in nice not to be and in in a couple tenths of his front in our audience of people there. Couple pollute period is a very. Put a cup one. And files section FaceBook page fairly friendly only was on the hand this shows there was an Italian. It's quite the Italian driveway. Okay it was we had a buzz ready Bora in the garage. In 1952 line chip or really don't really in behind that and then he Ferrari. Four ED eight. In any. Oh for me album 1932 off. Are you drove your Ferrari up there at all and yet you app so those three what you know what's cool about that. Of course he'll leave the serious errors in the town. So you have everything from. Can am cars up in the carriers yet formal. Formula all different types of formula cars open wheels cars a year a year. Porsche race cars the trans am cars like you're from their roles in postings are ones that come in on the to so wide array of race cars really cool making noise common in the town. But nano ended admitted that a seafood is too which is does the cars in the street in downtown a car. That in itself would have been local harsh. Which is what they do today the industry street show with but. In the Indy cars were just parked around and just became in the town as a joke goes. Do you mind my buddy back to his parents Joseph and innocent and elegant one out of five cars is like he is is like European W. Where receive either report shows is quite incredible so all is caused fun doing Ned in the Pacific the bill on this hospitality. And is funny have cause as it when I was a kid in place because as a fan of Roland tracked in Oz would read in his Ireland's. Formula One reports in the you know grown track but Dow's lead an off Ernie Peter Egan. And follows is a fan of Peter Egan. And the red is stuff funny funny funny writer won a more talented underrated writers on so. Was number one that really jumped and looked. Look to be in the spotlight ZEE was that talent is considered one of the best automobile automotive. That whole genre writers back then and still rates today. But those semi retired. In the EU is. I would use you would appear at to a contract tent up and Elkhart lake lake 101012 years ago and show up not Peter you dismiss them. Texas kept that ms. scene Peter. So I go to bill's place last night I walked in the first person I met. Peter Regan. Pretty colossal failure to meet Peter chatted for a bit and really enjoyed a wish of who could it probably could expanded by wooden. Gushed in women the fan Mota did what to do this so. A lot of fun a lot of fun and so we have New Hampshire this weekend. And the one mile track Andy it's. You know yeah if I gave. I don't know why and mentioned this before but I've never been that big of a fan of the him at New Hampshire. Ended its prime because it's so similar in weight to them Milwaukee mile but the one difference is that the radius on the turns are a little bit tighter. So sought the kind of screwed it up that they wouldn't widened it out. I mean if they would recreated them Milwaukee no no racetrack but with it be in the ovaries is Venus tide is there it's kind of hard to. The pass. In the Gaza the Joker up the track in with some stuff and and those will actually talk to a dead after a break so well would do is. Will do a quick break here we're talking NASCAR New Hampshire and then we'll talk above bit about how obsessed at the bottom of the hour with our friends at the would have signed up. In a lot more to come and a final inspection Joe Buck you buy. The incredible the best. Greatly straight away. And don't forget David how's kinda. Back to the final inspection showed rescue by the legendary greatly straight weigh in union grove along with the outside and a and we had NASCAR New Hampshire this weekend and is the big to beat once again is. He VH achieved a key PG one. Chemical that to put on the asphalt. To make second and third groove. Which is specialty. Important that. New Hampshire speedway another speed ways. And it it seems like just on the polish by upon chorus joining me. It seems like to lead the dude you're doing everything. In NASCAR. To me better he's seen except for fixing the cars. Yeah yeah the the easiest way to make the racing better seems to be the one way that they do not want to ago so. It's frustrating and you know there there's multiple tracks they've put down the PGA wall on these tired drag here they do all this kind of stuff. And fix the cars just six car. It's crazy it's it seems simple blood yeah it's like. Then. In a chorus I. A couple of different at close interest in the couple. Couple interesting are quotes here. In David Reagan. Edit in pushing quote here if they continue to put the PGA one Minnesota are announcing groove. I think that gives us some more options it reacts differently with the amount of mark mono low robber lead down with the temperature and asphalt. It's also different in asphalt verses concrete. So we're just serving your little more understanding now it's gonna react to knowledge changes throughout the weekend I think there's a place were in our sport in a certain types of tracks. As the New Hampshire is one of those tracks work. Wasn't happy that to put it down last year but I think it did give us some options and provided some more service or recent reduced learning how to fine tune and I think at I house get a kick these. Drivers who bitch and moan about some thing and then it seems like today. The the the the give and called into trailer and all the sudden there are zero for. The yak in all it's just that its corporate garbage you know. CYA a cover year you know what speed Internet and you know if it makes the racing better find the ball sat through so many. New Hampshire races that we're just got awful to watch. So if it's gonna help then fine in use it in I'm you know I'm not as big of a traditionalist that'd really bugs me that much. But fixed that game cars and you won't have to do it and a you know is is. You know what seems elementary demean you is like a rocket science to the quote on quote geniuses and ask. Aren't well AL was it was so much to do this weekend one of the things. Our listeners can do an actual on the Glendale. 6100 earthy bureau and beautiful Glendale beautiful Glendale it's beautiful the stymie you're here. And now they this affidavit have signed and chicken obsessed. Absolute zero so what is how obsessed. But I think we should find out. Yeah let's find out it's that chicken and a great midwest main cap line with a double again as they have spats over there yet and will we speak Hewlett. And populated directorate but I don't. Thai Rath director robbery. Very yen and a so so so tell us a bit about how Cecil what's going on. I looked great at being given out I've done that we at least until that law and two point nine we're hearing now three out of telling them look. Plot heavy perfectly. Process with painful print what you want April not ever grow up well right now to compete out. We have well the real that is being an element grapevine like. I won't in his car wash. Basically what it operative Condit is more than just selling a car pre your current procedures every parent usually does and I don't know any dealerships that they don't talk ourselves something. More that we do so that we can give economic community. We do various op programs like this. I'll we have lots of op community sponsorships. Indonesia are we think things through our past present and hopefully future customers. Well it sounds like a winning plan if you don't Jeff and I are big fans of of food so we'll what's actually on the grill. Right now we got glad. Hamburgers and done. Yes please. I'm our library and now about justice that you devote. Maybe up greeting is his minivan so I mean what what what's. The if if he's interested in an Odyssey Woodward will will win can you do for him. Well what we've got again some great special oddities we have a huge selection. And I'll tell you a lot for for you guys on the phone and hear your listeners. On commentator on Monday mentioned that I heard on the radio. And no I will not only give you a great deal in the oil changes for the life of the vehicle. Wow that's one heck of a deal now I'm sitting there and I wanna don't mind my mini me and I'm looking meant. At like the pilot they need a third row seat and stuff like Dell what. What kind of us election yap for me out there. Well. Long Island we have always applauding politely answered my aunt in Buena Park human point point I held my. Blind but we have old girl appointed by parent right now available. So not only in this election budget message in treating and we're getting 3000 dollars a week over Kelley blue book fair value right now so perfect I treated you. And so sick and deal gab and bay should he get down to David of Simon Glendale 6100 earth green B Rhode. And in a Jacqueline with the with the repels down on the ill definitely hooky up with a new or used car. And to burger and a burger are brighter not to follow. Forward to give him obsessed thanks guys aren't or. Are you too. And the court. Yeah they join disintegrate midwest bank outlined start your renovation journey with a simple and convenient three approval from great midwest bank. Dedicated to providing perfectly personalized home loans. That's the first time I didn't stumble through that the odd to those right here in our communities since 1935. So getting back to New Hampshire and and ask carries a meaty it's. You know I I guess. Is a little bit of jealousy factor with the with the miles they would it's just me that's the mark miles or better yet race at the mark him out. Mean Hillary salute him a little bit energized. Yeah it probably would it probably would it. You know New Hampshire is one of them tracks that you know more times than not it's kind of a snooze fest but when you actually do get a decent race out there then it's pretty good. But you know its view is kind of few and far between so what you're saying if it's not a good. If it's a good race it's a good reason and it's a bad races to batteries get over the bad races happen more often than any good racists you know and I mean. It you know we'll see you will see the IA. Final practices on now. You know Michael McDowell he hit the wall pretty hard in not in practice already today and there are under red flag conditions now. Yeah now we'll see it Kevin Harvick last MIA I checked was atop the except to chart and speed for happy hour. Going to be interest in what the forwards can do because injuries as of recently it's been basically. A Toyota track. Five of the last six races at New Hampshire real one bye Toyota's the Kyle Busch's two wins Matt Kenseth. As two lenses energy industries with the stamina for it in Denny Hamlin and choruses are defending champion. And if you look at the laps led in races since 2016. Toyota has led 97%. While of the laps chevys second two and a half percent and then forward. A whopping three laps I think it Soviet ill afford has been so strongly with Stewart Haas Penske is kind of. Canas you know showing some with EO you were you wondering when their minister rarely announce Windsor but it's been w.s Stewart Haas is increased on. And blue they have something in this weakened for Toyota at New Hampshire. We'll see you know three of the four Stewart Haas cars didn't even make the final run in qualifying so obviously Kurt Busch got the pole. But you know boy error non enamored role and Harvick were all on the outside looking NAND. He had Kyle Larson who suffered damage in practice already today. So you know you take out the tax Chevy driver there. Three of the four Stewart Haas cars in knots you know struggling to like is said Harvick was was pacing happy hour but. You know this is probably gonna be another runaway Toyota. After the Eckert motion for a course and Poland as he simmered Truex Toyota and also on the front grow. And then it goes. And Joseph Gibbs racing with Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin Ryan blading and Erica slow ski with two Penske cars. And then once again another turtle with air Jones are you pearl or nay and the as his new America. Ney and he's in a row I think so too I think it looked a lot better when I was a little bit longer. Attitude I would grow it longer than what he had to and I think you would look I think you would be cool. It would give people talking and I think it would give him actually more sponsorship. Seriously because it says there and makes him different it does then all the other nerdy look and you know Serbia. Down telegram blaming Olympia look he's Crimea which is surprising because Penske drivers are usually you know world but not tight. No facial hair which he did if she gave up but he still those of air but I guess that I think you eat. Blaylock who go to annum but Depp yes I added airy Eric Jones I saw that thought added didn't think it looked. Bats flush with a Hannah again exactly and then a friend of the show. But to get to friends or sugar Jones and Al Bowman was eighth in the first shabby. Swore is again in a Toyota in the chase though it who's just. Is there bridesmaid isn't Jesus he's he's hanging around hanging around like is that I think. It's going to be one days when he wins Reilly it's their first win its season when late. In a you know win a second win win Wendy's is he's gonna ran off. A couple but it it's I think it's warmer Hendrick slash everything is Julius jones' point. Well we'll see you know was weird about the truck race at el Dora. A guy named chase actually won the right generates in you know that NASCAR had to be shaken her methods and thank him. Oh great we got series Briscoe in Victory Lane but we couldn't sit there and get chase Elliott quote unquote golden boy burnt a guy who's gonna save us from the mass exodus of stars that we've had in the last few years. And he can't he can't get it done but here we got Briscoe. Well I definitely wanna talk about the of that truck race at the evil by him movement talks on either before or after dark this Steve Sinclair. Of Ares Brinker recent talking about their big event coming up this coming week. The playoffs clear report as agency early in the year Ergen a lot of single winsome in the the talk was. Well geez you don't we might get sixteen winners you know some guys might be on the outside looking in even with the win. Well that talk quickly subsided because right now we got Kyle Busch with five wins it Harvick with five wins Truex who's been on a roll. Would not be surprised off he won this weekend so is that four but on by Monday he could very easily have five could borrow Clint Boyer to. Yeah that's that's surprising look got home is fairly yet in a Victory Lane with one Eric Jones of course in Austin Dillon who won at Daytona. In hasn't been seen since and then just those roller hanging around in these are our guys who could very easily get a win right Kozlowski. Kurt Busch if you put something together this weekend and then out Kyle Larson a lot of speculation and eleven car who's an eleventh and that's Denny Hamlin. And I posted them FaceBook page on the final inspection FaceBook page about there's you know there's there's funny memo about I mean I should say but you know. Eight Denny Hamlin looked watching to Namibia Christopher bell on that car would you put Christopher realm Nektar yes absolutely. The more important question is with the sponsor. You know Denny's get a long relationship with FedEx so it's you know it would be hard but. You know you've got to sit here and and get better production out of their car I would put Kristin for. Christopher bell in there easy now if Toyota wants him in the cup series. I think you could see in those situations that we saw with their Jones. Last year with the 77 car. Suddenly reappearing with furniture row racing could give him the guy that's that's a definite option I would just think that. I think the equipment for the eleven would be better. Well obviously but if you Christopher bell you'd rather be being here on minute in if you if this would work out the 77 car. Which are Sharaud. Well yeah yeah you know either way bill has come into the cup series whether Denny hangs on to the eleven or not when you know will see but. That is one of the easiest question you've ever asked me you know I loan. Danny and don't let the door hit you yet now and Christopher bell. That kid is gets so much talent and you know maybe. I think this year is gonna help him you know get some of the growing up Don that you know there'd just comes natural that you need to do when your move and up. But. But yes I'd I would take a chance on him any day of the week. Thirteenth on talk about this to is the ten car here Emeril and no wins but running very strong much stronger. The net previous driver who hosted the espy's. Now those interest seen that. He would as he was either it's a lot nick or her dead spin or somebody. Andy. An article. On Danica. Was more of more so about. You know her how she did at TSB's which I understand was was pretty good yet missiles skit with Aaron Rodgers. And but. What they retire about is the vitriol. The the viciousness of the comments coming in you know come in after. And now I understand okay is near camp world a better NASCAR driver than Danica Patrick yes. And however you know five years ago put on the go carts I think there you know their pre close but obviously. You know it Erika as a younger driver Danica it just never really kind of get the feel. Of the of the cars and that should bode very competitive on the insert tracks better and other tracks and others lot of ups and downs. Fine. But. The is it. Are you okay is it because she's a woman and and people just the one area d'isere recurrent disease disease she is a good looking woman. Is there a jealousy factor what's going out quiet white wide. Why are these PI NIC is on FaceBook to this vicious I mean. I we had a couple I've had interactions that Danica. She's in find issue my favorite person favorite driver ever interacted with no. Issue the worse far from it. Was very laws laws cordial to be very easy to work with one worked the walk a mile whenever we asked it to do stuff she did it. No issues. And ice dollar interact with fans and that there's been situations where she hasn't. But when there's so many fans and situations. She she can't sign move I mean not everybody is Richard Petty. I think is just keyboard warriors he's you know tough guys behind the computer screen where. If Danica stepped up to you know some of these people make in those hateful comments and got in their guys faced the guy would back down. And you know. I may I made a lot of fun or her as well because you know she never met a car that she couldn't put into the wall. But. You know I give her a lot of respect and what the very little that she accomplished in NASCAR was one heck of an accomplishment coming from open wheel. You know she did. A decent to jab. She did better then you know any of these keyboard warriors could do if they got thrown into a cup car by far. So all you know as far as her in the espy's I have no idea I was watching Al Gore. So all right you know who have left. I didn't watch his second of that garbage but. You know and he people should cut her some more slack and should give her a lot more credit then. You know I should as well give her more. And this is this is quarter second careers and be. Two zone be doing media associate several businesses and when she is working on them is that Fineman is you know mrs. That's what America's all about often preach unity area occurred ash in this year going to be you know. Released these she's got a body of work of of something she's accomplished. I like her body works isn't it. Echo Leona. Danica Patrick yield. On Google and they'll be very entertaining for any teenage boy. That we got acute case they get Jimmie Johnson and Jason Elliot following in the air camera Aussie yen. Here you'd hear commission levees basically yeah. Johnson Eliot Coleman altogether. Moon moon and an a Rickey sent house that's he's definitely the he's quietly having one heck of the season in a decent year is seen. And easily could sneak a win. At a place like Indian temples of course but. Perhaps Talladega. Maybe Michigan. Noon. You know one those those one of the big tracks. He's had a lot of races where he was running in the top ten late and then had bad luck happened to him at the end any finish is eighteenth. So as good of the season as he's having he's wrong and better. So he should be even higher in the stains. And and Ryan Newman who just continues to be steady Eddy. Yeah nine you know for for a guy who's been who had maybe a equipment. For a short time with some and ski even that. And really Kline you mean he beat plus equipment. And now is in east you know good equipment buddies I mean you know forgives or you know but I mean ease. Got a lot of respect and as we said mentioned last week when the hardest guys to pass a dinosaur news. I thought Torres who's gonna pick a bowl win this year I had a lot of silly and him. Does just. When when I look at these guys with the playoffs comment and everything like that for me the aero is not pointing up with swore as it's you know. It's not down and it's not new troll it's just one tick above so he's doing OK but I thought he was gonna do a lot better seat I think it's a case. You know he can't have five. Joseph Gibbs slash furniture row cars in top ten right and and users should be that one guy. It's a site the historically speaking in the five car with Hendrick. You know part of deal 25 car. The other and that that fourth car in this case recently fifth car. It is. Always seems to be. On the outside looking in Canada there and running yet and I and I think you'd see that in. You know he of course in Carl Edwards as a it was a special driver by Soares could be a driver and I don't think. If time golden Joseph Gibbs this Russia from the sponsor point of view and and asked her point of view of these very important having Daniel stores in the series fishery would be you know. You know Mexican driver and in bad it's it's good seat. I agree and I think that. You know I I don't think it'll be all bad long. You know how X trinity series you know they run at the road course down and in Mexico and every I'll look to see that back. But the the issues though as I as I said on an earlier show is an an IndyCar wanted to run down their till the issue is not. That that they can't run while it's not that you don't want to run on merit but basically with the with the political and NN in the the against education environment are only one cause hated to see it's not really feasible right now because Mexican. The Mexican. The them in Mexico there's so many issues that they're having with the drug runners and that it's really become a free for on fortunately. Yeah it's a shame because I would love to go down there or watch a race and you know have a few gallons of margaritas while Toyota but it it's a lot of travel agencies are aren't booking any any trips to Mexico anymore because. Is that it was Oz situation of past war. The education areas draws left alone read either. And now that's not an AS entities. And it's unfortunate because I love to see Indy occurs. At at that track and I pause enjoyed when the nationwide slash exit. Busch Series back in the day went back there. And Meehan a pipe bombs we went down there were what two years ago wanna say and my wife said that the misses by bounce it she'll never go back to Mexico. And we didn't have any problems down there right you know she's off freaked out because of the well you know when you have headless bodies hanging from an overpass or use the it's just that bad he's yes that's that's. But at Iowa let's talk to does take a break and Louie target we targeted Steve's and Sinclair are to try to get them coming up next the Jaret Wright talk with Steve Sinclair had a IRA. Interstate Reese seemed association spring winks bring cars are common to some prairie. And we'll talk more NASCAR covered up facts on the final inspection show. This this final inspection was Steve's talking presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag away. On 1057 FM. Welcome back to the final inspection children cubic greatly straightaway and David outside. And joined Dennis on the agreement was being hotline it is Steve Sinclair from the I Ares precursors welcome to show Steve. Her. Was caused Pataki sprint cars under on the show here and of course those I'm not familiar they are Aries this spring cars. Well those are the year you're here for ten wing sprint cars that you see in the world of outlaws. And the the ire is as a regional series. Will lot of talented drivers and in Steve well who who are some of the the that the drivers that are the top runners in the area now. Armed. Well there. Harry turned champion bill pay a lot is are the most work this all I goes by that the named art form nightmare. Years and from North Pole, Alaska. He's also offers one a while Apollo search when he died he academic leaders don't called science thought. Those and actually no doubt sturdy steel. Mister Boykin is our consulate leader. With their chairman Schultz. That Beaver Dam area chip lakers' soldier and sort of responsibility or lawyers everywhere each shot. Up and coming down Yorkshire some much tension in order to I haven't done a pretty am so armed. The gut on any given directors to be anywhere from you know twenty or 32 cars Anders probably. Ten guys that think you know rights situation to win at any given night probably. And of course hear your theories seem tonight implements and looks at the weather should be okay. But there's also another event Thursday at some very talent tells about that. Saw him for tonight and make a gates are originally earlier in May put itself is sorry. Court sentenced with some sort Stewart's. All star circuit champions such. Probably a little bit bigger regional series to our east they participate mostly in Ohio and Pennsylvania. And I am a coroner is so combined with SARS. It all sorts of muscle cars to support the port plus cars in total insult to terrorists that are along with such skateboarding or former top. At start sir you know what spurt terrorists and so are a bit secret jail engine are dispersed. He has reached a brave you gonna be out there as well. I think yes I am I don't have a count of racial and I'm only yes or not. When they also are leaving our. They're going to check some Minnesota started in Knoxville analysts then. Well it's an analyst sunny cypress forests and prepared I think Rico trip yet again I don't have a confirmed but I. I believe he will. Yeah when you guys had the all star challenge up in Plymouth I went up there and that was fantastic the weather got you know. Got to the trek right before the Maine started and I give you guys critic as you know may have TV was out there is it was a fantastic event. And you guys said to her. And tried as much as you could be geeky dad trek ready to go on and eventually mitigate called due to rain so. And then I've the next night was when you were supposed to be down and at Angel park so this is the make up for that but. What a fantastic show and then you know. You had one heck of a crowd out there and in all it was it was great it was a ton of fun even without seeing in the mains it was a blast. And that you job deftly be there on Thursday as well. IE what I can't get over the prices it's you know thirty dollars for general admission. If you got a student between twelve and eighteen it's only twenty bucks kids under twelve are free. With an adult. Ed that is that's fantastic. Her he asked. That plot involved pretty apparent. Yet to go to Tokyo and quality are. You know let it took some actual accord there are some sort of a special dish for courage that your I think in our. Yeah between the quality of the of racing in the huge star power that you guys have out there you know. Everybody listen and get your kids bring him. To these races that's the only way that you're gonna get them excited and you know you bring your kid to a race he has a ball. What's the worst significant heaven he wants ceded to go to more Erica it's a beautiful spring that is a beautiful thing. And told him in a lot of our guys to the vehicle turtle personal auto builders but he won't and wicked rain a clinic at night those judgments that are colonel trailers and commercials and instant. I don't think the stands you know our I would anybody get short change you can listen to the main event and actually Paramount to both thought that you should. The three grams and there are a lot of guys whom. Yeah and the major check off for more information make should check up by Ares Sprint's dot com and also there are not FaceBook page opera ball primary Sprint's. And Steve EE eight it's. Again I guess with with. Lou with tonight he'll weather looks a little sketchy but looks like we we should be able to get though the race intimate deployment Shimone. I just hit chips even do an interview I just pull them so I got here and personal totals anywhere. I had a little bit embarrassed you know maybe nor small occupant started so capture it is no. More assured in this dual air right now so the track looks great. Or dry. You know to take a little bit reduce to notes that the timing of it all but as knowledge or converts going forward. Hey Steve will run your Twitter account. I've got a family supports. Tremendously out. The tennis and Stanley sold at auction the score. Tom in their time and chipped it so much more mental functioning one appoint Jarrett as error. There are FaceBook and Twitter. Can I tell you that it they do a fantastic. Job. Because when when our outer limits in the rain started common. There were updates all the time you know is sure there was a pretty good exodus of people you know run and their cars but. You know I just sit there and follow along on what are. Hang with us you know we're doing everything we can't hang with us their principles is Stafford doing everything we're can't Tryon were trying to it was. It was fantastic and I just want you know make sure you tell those guys that what I was. Is very appreciated their duel one Beckham did you. What we'll pick some plants were canceled realize that technology trek chips tacked right but later in the white you know. You start out and I'm a muddy track and you know executes. Harder packed from Carter's. It doesn't take a lottery in some packages decreasing mass at you know it's sometimes it takes an architect a job in sports partner sort trying to run back here again. Towards its shape of the race cars and in October that Turkey would stop -- sorts you know that diapers it's a shame but there was no way that was gonna we're going to have been done on time. Yeah but they were the first ones out there. Oh Tony he's at his merchandise trailer signing autographs come on down meet Tony Stewart Rico bray is down years sign autographs come on down meet Rico. You know just unreal it was great it was absolutely great I can't wait till Thursday. Our should be get our report as well thank you. Talking to Steve Sinclair president of the Gary sprints and Deb make sure you get out you get two chances the seas sprinklers run in LB tonight and and Plymouth. And and also Thursday course the big show in some prairie. Steve anything else you can add. Yes so we were actually and Thursday announced extraordinary we headlined a winning late can only share a Americo. And then our particular national shortly. Actual national break we'll be a Wellemeyer. I'm on August for bush torture rooms and LaMont that's most retirees instruct it's Gary winged cars. It's just the power IE. War. Not only charger that'll Placentia with what was gasoline web search is forty when most are with Syria as well. Or something many sprints Salzburg cars. And it should be pretty big deal while monarch sport. Cause a fun time Vietnam will want to so. Yes fans lots opportunities sees some good church Erik Racine. In Wisconsin in the next few blue weeks Steve we certainly appreciate you coming on the show have you on again. You sort of our Richard Barrett says Steve Sinclair an agreement was vague outline. Start your renovation journey with a simple and convenient pre approval from great midwest bank dedicated to providing perfectly personalized home loans to those right here in our communities since 1930 far. When we come back we'll talk some a truck racing and on the dirt speak English as we continue on their years or track in here in this half hour. The dirt derby and old are coming up next on the final selection show. Those questions show brought to buy a course. Greatly extra rate weigh in union grove mixture Turco greatly straight away for all the things that happened with them. And jostled to stay in tune with the weather this weekend. Now Roy Henning will join us in the in the 1 o'clock hour today looking forward to that too and then now also. David I've signed them issued share Gundy and I was on a for cops fest going on a city until 5 o'clock. In ninety look at some cars and might even get a burger and a brat down there so and made sure to mention a final inspection show when you're down there. And then after the top of the hour will will be talking with. Look global leader from Maury Monroe one lap down get the latest news and NASCAR from her. Talk more about El Toro in the dirt there we and then occurred on one's innate and should the cup cars. Race at. Owned Oro or amateur track. Or even. It's trinity. So rule and give just thoughts on that coming up. In then now with Honolulu with Eddie the pine talks a Formula One once one of the that the German ground pre. So one of those let's dollar best better Formula One circuits on the series and look forward to argue once so. Lot of stuff coming up on the final inspection show dad's going to be great hour coming up next so well it's not over so Jeff you know I mean it's. If it if they would still loves that I. It. So and then coming up here and is among a minute we got this sports flash and tap the hour. He Yuri is pressed panic button and if your over for him. Yeah I know I thought it seven in a row while last last night additional when memories. Then then efficiency game because he heckling Kershaw on the mound tonight Mon. But then again. Jason Anderson pitches well at Miller Park he does in the LG ill Clayton Kershaw is not infallible he noted that could be is the dough loot. You know when when we're in the playoffs he could Syria Clayton Kershaw who. My worst game was Miller Park. In July when he gave up zones and know Sony runs so I mean. It could happen well maybe they say and then the NLCS when the brewers are battling the Dodgers here you go so we'll talk more racing coming up after the sport slash. Start your engines it's time to talk about all things racing do you NASCAR. Trucks and four. Formula One. Show was Steve sorry. Presented by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union. Peers Steve's talking. Welcome back to the final stretch issue over Cuba legendary greatly straight win of course a deal would have signed a measures should go and I'm stressed at the wood house Honda. In talking truck series. Now. And Al Dora ended her after reading and now's a heck of a finish was that your involvement that was awesome that was awesome. Even the heat raises were fantastic at first he race that they had. John Hunter anemic checked or wasn't a thing on the trek that he didn't run into each and he's still. His truck was instilled good enough condition for him the battle in tin and score top ten. Finish in the race and you don't watch and watching him struggle in their first heat race it felt like watching days of thunder. You know go out there and hit the pace car you know why it's Jolie do you haven't hit yet on the track aren't yet that's sort of felt like and man that was it's it's so much fun it is so home and it. And having Michael Waltrip on the broadcast. Is like putting them in the middle of cricket match busier doesn't know anything about either one now know he does he and he is just awful. Mean just it was a bears yeah yeah it was it was days they'll Warren Newsom prep work talk to some people. You know just. I loved it when he said to the conversation talked about owning a team well as a team owner for awhile and let me tell you like c'mon in really. You know cork. No if you're you're finally monies for Toyota. He's good at the grid walk you know like on the pre race show that they ripped off from well yes it's you know it's obnoxious and annoying but. What he's doing that I can stand them. But all man he should not be anywhere near a dirt race ever ever again. And understand I mean. Why Fox's forces. The waltrip Brothers on us continuously. And as it its server class action lawsuit. A man Ayman you know does. Five years pain and suffering and hearing damage engine. Just mental anguish well because they are buried the lead here yes it was jays Briscoe who under his. If photo finish over grandin finger which is down interest in is there. Two guys. That word you're talked about somewhat monotonous Raj in finger for him to be. You know finishing second very impressive. A couple other drivers so that really they're really kind of impressed. And they are popping up in by Logan CB which is in the air and up and a midget he's a midget series right now. And it definitely and got a nice endorsement from collars and over the wow or do you mean. This kid's got soma and then that's might be another reason why you're looking at Christopher bell. Possibly going to. You know two cup because I think Toyota's. Looking at Logan CB sane and scooped spree here at the knees he would in his truck in the need to move some people you know. Early move up one position. Well with the way that he ran an el Dora he definitely opened up everybody's. Eyes and so. You know now the spotlights can get brighter on him and and it's CV consist during continue to perform. Good things are gonna happen and they're gonna happen quick I don't think Toyota's gonna sit there and and sit on their hands and and take a long while with him like you said I think that. You know if he continues to perform at the goods he's looking at a sooner rather than later on the trajectory of his career going straight up. And met Weaver on a credit him for this and is our week of talk info of the notes from the from the dirtier re. Period choosing and I totally agree what he mentioned here about Todd gill and I'll just reading your repeal don't. Todd gill Lin missed for the first five races and needs a win to make the playoffs. Having only racing street stock race once appears auto speedway which is dirt California. Gillen didn't think you would be contender until the silly was he qualified seventh when deceit. Running inside the top five for march to race including in his eyes second. But his day ended with a crash once a top five wood five laps running and finished 22 as one of these we look at. I've scored. In them but that doesn't ruse to the whole story no it doesn't and it was kind of heartbreaking for him you know they crash rate they're so close to the end and for him running his kid is as is he was and you know there's a lot of guys they ran good you know off my it's Snyder ran really well. Well you vented gill and because. Yeah this is a kid who is. And mean it is if he came while I mean is the father is son of David Diehl and who who won a race and and usually serious kind of propelled him his career up but I also grandson of butch was a Winston west Trevor back in the day. And this is a kid who. I mean would be a lot probably. While he's gone pretty well what I mean he would be snatched up alive earlier thing if this was 1015 years ago. Because of the but because of the situation. With the lack of money in racing across the board. You know it's going to be tough for him but he's definitely you know a lot of attention from the people I think in the on the cup side in and something hidden. Mean we Samie suits Nash is gonna mourn and we just talked what three weeks ago. Oh a month ago about when you know the race when. David was in there as well and you know father son battling for positions and stuff like dead it was it was it's just fantastic it's a great story. The kid's got he's got the tail so the money's got to get in line and and and he can he can create some have taken its series book. It's pay to play. But for a kid who's you know you hear about these son of a sudden now son of the driver this and then okayed you know euros. That take ought to grain of salt yet because you know me. Is debts paying for his way up until to a certain point. And then yet in the cameo on here on the little bit you know it while he's Osman and great equipment so there's laws that. Well is he. Winning races because his equipment so much better than they really else is and he's got his dad handles everything of Hillary seemed is that why is way mean. Apatow and that same antibody in in in general. And you see this with. You know you saw this was Mick Reynolds the mic Reynolds kid. And yet. The Burton boy is coming up and then news you know these kids are winning a lot of races but is it because talent or wide. But with Gil and definitely. The kid is showing. Song will talent and his and in. If this went to future of those looks pretty great. Yeah it definitely does don't forget the Dylan's in there with grandpa when he would talk about that ahead. And then we have my its nadir. Yeah he's another one that's been he's looked good in America but then again these are pretty good equipment and the Erica side. But stormont and a truck in the dirt Mitzi is it's it's a scene with with Al Dora. It's actually a finesse track there's a good quote in here too that. That we were wrote. And basically saying that but here it is if you was see you mentioned this. He said the trucks are hard to drive the track is a figure they will work with that before the race they didn't. I thought they would play in my favor my truck was really good on the slick. In a figures showed today in overall experience is good as I think you're gone through the locals. Those last couple cautions there at the end he says with a in you also mentioned earlier today you really have the finances is retarded you drive the story yet and I think we see we saw that a couple times the guys. You know you'd dip and dive in in the term one earned turn three you trying to decide job and guys sometimes it works sometimes it wouldn't put. You know ye it is kind of a finessed you have a drive with your fingertips. There was another eggs. Ample of the awful broadcast because they mentioned. A couple trucks that you know all these barely getting into the gas he's barely hitting the gassing flying around the track and so whatever they didn't really explain that. And enough if you're like hey now this watching it to know what they meant. Fuzzy opposite oval wings for in car where you go in as hard as he can. Crank it beyond to the right. Near opposite wing to give up on the cushion and teller says talking about that because there's eight. While do you want a little cushion airing of arsons in gas I do I want only that you don't normally they're right we're right on that cushion right on the Rio or about. High wide and handsome Izzy says oh yeah. And of course there was at times during the race it was a much of pollution in the U get sucked in the law that would happen on the arson last year. You. It's. You know. I I miss not heaven Larsson in the race I you know that would admitted. They'll automated entertaining but it we has one hell of a race that finished you know. They need to run more races on Wednesday night they need to run more dirt races. Cup series needs to run the dirt race they should do it on a Wednesday night as well and having normal track on that same Sunday. You know if you if you're a cup team Steve and you have. Like you know 34. Restrictor plates. You know track so you have your restrictor plate package cars. Why couldn't you do that for a dirt race. Where there's no aerodynamics. David you know they don't really come into play in. You sit there you beef up the bumpers and everything like dancing you can beaten bang and still keep going on just like to trucks did. Why can't you sit there and you know have these teams build two or three of these. And and although there trying to save ID yet as a bunch of garbage a bunch of garbage. Because you run three of these Macomb points races you know on Wednesday and then you go to pocono or something on Sunday. But he's sit there and you get these going that way you shorten his seasons you know are going up against Ciena fell. And you AM more highs and more attention on your sports. Start making sensibly it's a street Louis hearing I'm sorry I should know better. I tell you allege it's time now for one leapt out Laura Monroe in and submit to C news they came up there was in this. What I like about the segment she gets in a lot of ration Sherman with time your votes for issue with. I've our energy drink in this news. Few other notes in from NASCAR cited salutes to listen to a lawyer Munro one left now. This is well let down for the week of July the sixteenth I Lorena grow and here's what's making news right now. Five hour energy is announced that after this year it will no longer sponsor the furniture row racing number seventy car driven by Martin Truex junior. It is also leaving NASCAR altogether. Just this week tricks was awarded the twenty TSB for best driver at the awards ceremony. Nominees included Joseph new garden Lewis Hamilton and Brittany force. Goodyear is reassessing what tire it'll bring for September 29 and thirtieth race weekend. On the Charlotte motor speedway of road course following chanting issues with its primary tire. During two days of open tax attire had a slightly tougher compound in the original tires used the open test. And it had been that controlled tired during a tire test helped in the spring. And it's that weren't enough news from Charlotte. The speedway is now installing more than 88000. Square feet of synthetic turf on the front stretch of the infield to do so they Hatcher is an eight inch layer of dirt grass and replace that with that aided slayer stone. Sand and chirp along with the new drainage system. All in time for the September's Bank of America row full 400 race weekend. This past week filled Dora truck race went on without a hitch after a very wet start of the week. Chase Briscoe and source or teammate grant and Boehner had that fans cheering as they banged doors across the finish line earning Briscoe the wind. In the closest finish in the event's history. Track owner Tony Stewart hit it at the prospect of getting a cup race at that facility. Seeing if he can do it tracks he can do with X vanity with cup with any thing. He went on to say that he'll have the track ready at NASCAR wants to schedule a cast. NASCAR vs innovators this week at NASCAR to an innovators hero. X vanity team number 22 Paul Menard and truck series team in the 24 adjusted Heatley both have their crew chiefs fine for what that infractions. There were however no penalties handed out on the upside. Like food like race. Like racing at food. That you'll love this weekend's taste of the speedway is held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend during the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 cup race. And again this September during the full throttle fall weekend. That taste of the speed waste combines all of NASCAR's favorite flavors under one roof located under the main grandstand. Unique concession items from other semi tracks across the country that New Hampshire is lobster Mac and cheese. Crystals buffalo chicken Mac. If she's Pitt team. Charlotte motor speedway stroke back double cheeseburger in so many incredible choices like peanut butter and jelly milk shakes. Racing hot chicken sandwich even some healthier items like now for edgy caps you know. Yummy yummy joy every one. In birthdays this week at beaver because it did Dakota Armstrong Glenwood camera Haley and good old body here Hart hit you're celebrating this week to have a very happy birthday. In panties news this week. Last weekend's panties Grand Prix of Toronto saw Andrew ranger victorious for the third time that the exhibition stadium road course. Giving that Quebec driver his second consecutive wins this season next up for the series the July 25. Velocity prairie under 2125. That wine group raceway in Saskatchewan. And planning on making his sixth in AD debut this weekend in the Natalee reaching 200 X but it erases panties driver. Donald teach people drive the number ninety entry for king not a sport typically piloted by Josh Williams. And Brandon brown in this after bringing funding for the ride. IndyCar Scott Dixon won last weekend's Honda Indy Toronto in the series will be back on track until July 29 when they threw the green flag for the Honda Indy 200 at mid Ohio. In Arkin news Berlin raceway hosts are because preen mayor up plastics 200 on July 21 at 9 PM eastern. Last weekend's races Alco speedway it was won by gusty now like to South Carolina. And a NASCAR this weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway the extent it late. Regions 200 is on Saturday in the green flag flies approximately 4:15 PM eastern. And the cup race at foxwoods three outlining New Hampshire. That green flag will be flying at roughly 2:50. PM eastern. And the weather forecast according to race whether dot next Saturday's accident he races looking good with the highs 75 degrees and sunny skies however Sunday's cup race has that chance of rain and thunderstorms. Possibly more isolated in the afternoon hours with a high of 72 degrees until that changes for race time. Social media madness if you're name is Lee Carroll. Your alma Rolla is looking for you this week I'll merlot tweeted that is a stack of fan mail signed sealed and heading to the post office but. One special piece of mail arrived that had no return address that air wants to send you something absolutely get better direct message your favorite driver. And for the Danica haters well you catch your night to after Danica Patrick coast at the SB awards this week. Some of the comments on Twitter Weller will just pretty spiteful. Something like this Danica Patrick's monologue to open the espy's went over like flat tire at the Indianapolis 500. Danica Patrick telling jokes is one of a long string of flaming crashes she's had in her career. She has the charisma of a wet mop added data could do in your opinion this letter pull that race talk radio FaceBook page. That's all for one lap down this week I'm Lori Munro enjoy the races this weekend whatever races you enjoy the most. This this final inspection was Steve's talking presented. By the legendary Great Lakes drag way in. 1057 FM. The fans. Welcome to the final inspection show. But to think all of our listeners who needed and then. Be sure you get out the cops vs David I've signed a 6100. North Greenville avenue and give them a call 351. 414352. Issued today 6100. Nature check out. All the best that they have a new in use cars in the consulate to think their friends that greatly straight waves that will be talking with Roy handing here. At the top the heard about a million would know the end of the hour what's the term. Did you see last segment of the show last segment. We'll be talking to Roy handy from greatly straight wait what's what's gonna greatly straight with this this week in. There's some fantastic racing going on. The the only bad thing about six hours ago they said that the the rain juniors and brackets were canceled. But. But definitely you know check out their website for the most up to date info and you know located at our two days in a weekend Saturday and Sundays you know as you know after termed as an item the weather source we much better. Yeah absolutely so. Does have in fantastic time foreign for the whole family get out here. You haven't been out there on the radio station house Latvia and make you go back. So looking forward. Jockey to or any of greatly straight very little bit. In at about any hour will be talking to a deal applied for racing nation now account get the latest on what's happening in Formula One from Eddie. And then. Who is our friend David Hobbs. He's actually it's over saudis in England this weekend. Just jolly old England jolly old England for the Silverstone vintage weekend out there which is when it's detected probably only second a good would. For that with the amount of Garcia had to the good would've festival of speed last week. And if you wanna see some cool stuff go to a YouTube once in you to a lot of cool stuff on there. As good would. FOS for specialists speed on a cool stuff about equal cars up there. Yeah be careful what web sites you search good luck I am I'll get. Make sure your eye on YouTube where you might. He tight end up a little traumatized at a picnic at at at some time in IndyCar is now clear Scott figured privileged dominated. Toronto last weekend. This is this just discuss your shirt did not your shirt did miss that ethics. Good word can mean if you think that would. Canada. Scott Goodyear has got the Jews in the of course and from the Toronto area so. Yeah -- low with that. Any Al's tell C argued he does that exist and slack but you know on the cigarettes for. Then. Showing and yes skeptics in his bio. Over all in all part of the best drive regency in arguably the best drivers in the IndyCar Series today and he showed why last week in Toronto. Dominating that event. And a lot lot of talk though is focusing on the twenty and eighteen this upcoming season. And there's been some talk about taxes. Maybe dropping taxes and what what's going out here. Is Eddie gas did you had a Texas Tech disputed is always been. He is special Michael Andretti came up your with. With more you mile. In death quit sweetheart deal with those sanctioning fees. In and he gases to annihilate them because of although all the tracks he price paid the highest sanctioning fee. In so there's. In the industry and a recent industry there's been quite a few that have thought that. The IndyCar Series Ender sinks and sanctioning fees have been a little higher than it should be. And for it. Eddie passage you say hey. I'm paid the most here and unfortunately the crowd sizes and kind of going down down down we're not only NASCAR Russell IndyCar. And so he was es he's got to plan our growth hasn't committed to a race next year however. He did release a statement here through the Indianapolis Star. In Indy cars have been here since we opened our doors and I suspect they'll be here long after around on gossage said in a phone in new phone interview on Thursday. What over revenue reading in here about people tell me Bob on the social media notes it's kind of funny and UA needs to relax. No big thing cannon image to. Aaron Rodgers of course eighty gas it. Live to Milwaukee for a short time and work from deliberate and PR side so. IndyCar error Indy motor speedway wants IndyCar to return twenty and eighteen and beyond. NASA says in the care what's race at Texas world speedway that is true both those. Though both those troops obvious who is come down to is. How much of gaseous makes financial sense of course is is as Tony Soprano today were running a business. Yeah and I hope they get it worked out because Leggett said I love Indy cars on the ovals and I find it just wildly entertaining and I hope that that they are run an ad tech well and video what they about it. Guy acid cheese's own you know he's his own. Fevered fan but I mean the guy's Smart you spied oriented blow one of the best guys when it comes to promoting. Is that this is pure love Eddie tacitly does this kind of stuff. Speedway of motor sports. Which owns TM us as did a home in George family just shy of 100 million dollars Gustafson. I would wager everything I own and nobody with the exception of perhaps he BC as. That's more than any other promoter more than any other sponsor more than anybody. Anybody period so you feel like you use you paid for consideration I think from the company's standpoint. It was disappoint in that it wasn't considered more. With Sonoma another estimate attracts so. Of course that news is. With the season finale moving from Sonoma to Google and a cica. And there was a Robin Miller had a fantastic article. That erase amazingly basically says well. Yeah I'm Caleb the goodness sake of the non. You know on the schedule this maybe not word is on schedule with the season finale. But as he said. Talked to some car owners and that they wanna wine and dine at sponsors. And it's easier to do it in moderated that it is sometimes Sonoma you know you need to wind at Sonoma and at what. It is a pretty much a remote. Location. Given Laguna Sega is known as being a boring track. So Sonoma. What exactly it's kind of lateral move. You talk about them on track product so yeah that's why it's it's confusing. You know you would think they would sit there and try to as you know especially to close out this season. Try to have it a raise says entertaining in that you can sit there and and try to drive the momentum going into the next season. Yeah it's it is now William duke I mean it's it's it's done sponsors stock look at the extra B series with the in NASCAR. Yeah. Yeah it. You know I NASCAR they close that at Miami so which is an A drilling trick either so you know I definitely see the point and and all that but. You know like you said it's a lateral move it's not it's nothing that you know. Is gonna drive headlines and drive. It really too much excitement. With the amount. Meant so while there was a push for gate way to be the finale because there's. Consider robot of people. In the media side and Russian affairs said it would like to see. The season Indian race eleven noble like it did in the past they get homes that and gateway. Which hasn't seen full fall grandstands which you wanna see it looks good at TV via. Season finale here over a picker champion double points race yet. But. It's in the east Saint Louis. I don't it's not exactly location that was the issue basically and that's why. It's gonna be next here at Laguna sick and well and that's why you have people snoozing during the race and you know it but it really points Alex the very best in. Bryan herta now of one payless which would be oh legal today. You know it. They need to get over the hole location thing if the stands are full if the excitement is there and the quality of racing is there. I don't care if her race in you know. Picked a worse place you know racing in Wyoming. Right you know if that's how you want to finish your season. Well we'll see how it plays out that's Iowa let's sucks the Formula One coming up next though with a mile drive from recent Asian neck got real since it did to the finals fiction show virtue by greatly straight way and David knobs on the the final inspection children jubilant that are strictly straight way and of course David outside death. Join in this island agreement was being outlined it is Eddie the pint summaries in nation to act outlook when the show ID. But hey guys ever do that day. Excellent fantastic no rain here but we may give a sprinkle or two off the as deceive but tomorrow looks fantastic. And this week Formula One series is an. I can Haim in it and one is everywhere this story to one of the more storied. Racetracks in the on the circuit and Erie area in a Mercedes backyard. Sebastian Vettel and Ferraro ran a poll in Lewis Hamilton did not have a good qualifying session ditty. Now supposedly had a hydraulic problem. Engineers told that the cart around and get back at bat. Com I'm sure they'll. Be back on the podium tomorrow after last. Laugh oh did. But not a good way you start to weaken again. Be it art could make it entertaining and like it did that the last race where he had issues and opening lap then now. At a low bass lead to almost the back of the field has worked his way back up through. Her. Yeah I didn't really boring after you know having a couple of weeks of bad luck Cowell is. Personality and attitude his whole. Demeanor changes you know I mean after were waiting for a championship always races which are these are. I've had a couple bombs in the road and you'd think it was like in world war. Well it is it's Mercedes easy you know the that's why you went there because even one meg. Get those you know ovals Ferrari pit stops that you hear about that they've known been known for though a lot not Bream not lately but over me you know passes stream mad and and you know he's he saved his career way in which. Leaving her McLaren was on top of the world it's time for Mercedes and Andy's give a lot of money is like what I thought hey. You know the wise is happening to me this is gamma stuff they should be evident to the number two guy isn't it. Clark's body last week after the press conference and Howard going in the right it and our tactics and taking. A car. Are you kidding me well I mean a lot. You know I mean it's rated ROK that's slightly rate. You know nobody can get near Lewis on the arteries. Actually got to stay away because it's under that should. You know it's racing. And you know that's golf that's gonna happen and I guess. Leading a reminder there. Are came back and apologize. I just can't understand how a guy has been getting paid millions of dollars a year. And as a personal misuse of personal this personal this can feel entitled I just don't understand that. Now while. And he I don't know I mean it's it's should be exciting tomorrow it's it's possession battle. On hole and you know maybe Ferrari. They definitely are it's swinging fairway now there which is good. Good for the sport to get something this type of Mercedes. Winning every weekend well chewed it should be a great race tomorrow. Talking with an ideal time for racing nation dot com targets and for a wide. And at Tel that team that's really can I have an uptick over I think will last four races I think. Is the Haas team in once again yet Kevin Magnuson qualifying fifth in remained rouge on qualifying sixth. And even was the talk there is speculation or grow Jon leaving in which personally I wouldn't mind seeing him going to is his antics have gotten pre. Tiring to my liking. But with. With the Haas team ahead. Started off pretty ross' was not looking good and off they all of the burden barely were and all four of four image in the construct yours championship. They the in the of rattled us some very competitive races over the last couple of rounds Avant de. Oh definitely and and there are conference press conference after Kevin actually said that about car. So I mean and that's what you need. Need some confidence. And needs some good rock and taken on. I mean both cars as good as Iran. For tomorrow all I mean forget about race and all fine today. It looks really good from the Arctic is they can put it away and have a good race tomorrow. Built up some confidence for the teens and mechanics and the drivers. Are mean. You know it's great I mean it's good to see him finally doing that again. RA it's time for predictions. Course we have NASCAR in New Hampshire Kurt Busch and the pulled. Who do you like for New Hampshire this weekend. Margot are our cabinet our rec Kevin Harvick. In Jeff looses you. And adored Jimmy Johnson a great deal the winless streak here Jimmie Johnson. Yeah. He says Toyota tracks I can't go Toyota. I'm gonna go Toyota then. Both spirit I'm Wendell Truex and Aaron. And another German Grand Prix Eddie. What do you think. And I got hurt our art or. That'll. Well I will take. You know looking at this when I think Germany. I think Sergio pariahs. Sergio Perez are aren't act column from apple look up on our. It is it's at the upset victory well wait white the upset victory Al billable tests. And just to be the other side. And what's the latest series in Asia index down. I'll formulate US weekend in New York. Liked it and it was a great weekend and you know I mean. Upcoming Elkhart lake road America. The weather tech series and if you see. Does the fastest car at the good wood trestle speed last week was an electric cartoon. And I talked Roma on democracy kudos I was reminded today airline Dumont and it. Remarkable mock and I like to hamas' sounds better things. I call on that because he called me up eighteen. It is that this series cause you any loopy when let me ask him you. But he was there with a Volkswagen. Are carp from pikes peak and he says he told me quote. He cut up broke the record but he was worried you're gonna destroy their car. All that's that's a good strategy it's okay to win but you don't have the you don't. Robin in their faces a Eddie we certainly appreciate you will be in and the show. Is that coming up nets ago Roy handing from greatly straightaway coming up next on the finals fiction show. Uses. Well the final inspection show Reggie but I of course the legendary currently strangely and David dobbs Honda. In fact to join in us on the great that was baked ally and it is Rory heading from Great Lakes right where Walton is short right. Thanks guys thirty years ago on. Axel asks us if I can't complain and what what what's gonna greatly straight week today now it's a little sketchy what the weather is that true. You yet we call that sort because there's reports that very thing it was Iran directly from last night and they those be rain and again and I it. So it's not a not like. And we don't have the majors guys all these are all today regret. Little bit rough going the last few weeks the now whether it's but I think can be be nicer the we go to our. Very what about tomorrow. Tomorrow looks tomorrow or and as long you're going to rain all off you know tomorrow. Will be years ago we track we call it until the day. Both tables or and minutes you know certainly by degrees on well. We don't wanna you know turn people away until there's no way it could. And then of course not only are you open on the weekends we also opened during the week and Wednesday night is a lady's night tilt also at that. Yeah Wednesday that lays it pretty cool we hear a lot more email racers then you're saying it's. And ladies racecar free. Every Wednesday. A lot of you guys know all boats one of DO one of the new scene and I don't have everybody's name. One of the new planetary teams as the first any character he went three female drivers race. And so it's definitely you know up and coming thing for the women get out there go faster and nearly 100. So okay so I love fast cars it's a Wednesday. Say. Are and I'm not in the market now biz say I was looking for the next mrs. pipe bomb. There would Great Lakes would be a fantastic plays out and especially on ladies' night to go try to find the the next victim right. Doleac does not only the girls driving by you know they're down there with their friends and you know I'll see if they're not driving near the bar the orca attack Evans. You know doing doing what they're doing and yet and we get a pretty good education out there Wednesday night so. Does not Alter the Arctic you'd sit there around you know drink it all out war. Can I reserve my bar stool now it's at especially with that at a at a if it. But no we got a good stuff coming up we got in the next few weeks beyond all our we next weekend but actually pretty cool here in Serbia urgently and stuff. And that you week you. Our economic outlook the real street drag via a local street racing event I'm not so. In other been a lot of talk around town of racing on street then. That's the kind of thing that we specialize in the attic really regulate specially. We're trying to if you dedicate in the event where you can bring your street art though. Rate them will turn the clock stops so that that people don't know exactly how fast they're going because they like to make very friendly wagers between themselves. About who's you know generation and on want to know I'll ask their cargoes. We got back a monopoly and then I'm meeting with pretzels. Are obligated to begin next week to finalize our hands. Pearl who exactly is going to be coming down for our run much wrong Harley event that Friday of the 150 anniversary. And that there had been some celebrity rumors possibly some of the Davidson standpoint possibly some other celebrities are gonna meet in an appearance somewhere private sole heir of all let me also add up by the end of the week he'll make you know. And the way that you're able to keep that all organized and run you know the fantastic news and salt every week it's his it boggles my mind right. Does listen and use their idea egg. Just got overwhelmed. Well let's just say that you have most of the credit all goes to my father who. Pretty much spends every waking moment to size me up how the media my job. Making sure that the tractor either go to ground are readied ago. He talks all these different people on the phone every day. We've got you know more groups coming out people expressing interest to bring their group are out of 403046. ERR. Couple weeks ago we had 300. Trucks out there from the in the midwest trucks association. And the older trucks that look like. Camera crews are right I just like our first commitment and it's got these huge monster struck. They all looked like yeah and it's changed. I was surprised obviously and probably won't complain he I would have been out there that are. Trucks with players that they use your you know oh you are and you know just looking at 300 OC in the field is pretty cool. Excel log. A Roy who certainly appreciate coven on the show will have BI and again before Labor Day. Talk about the big Labor Day spectacular coming up at a lot of sup. That's cool you'll thank you again and yeah maybe you left you have a little conversation about having you guys out that weekend. Are appreciated the other book it will we'd we'd love to be out there Oslo on my fear weakens or Troy handy. From greatly stray we let the thing everybody who is on the show today the course the would have signed that Tom Delaney in Darren ross' for joining us talk about obsess and a lawyer Monroe fur for what she does and in the NASCAR. News in do you look I'm Teresa nation neck down Steve's saying Claire's Steve Sinclair from my area sprint cars make sure give out to. Some curry on Thursday it out it's gonna be a lot of fun and I can't wait and really even listening to the final inspection shows Steve Zaki. And Jeff allows you Misha look this up on social media FaceBook and Twitter.