Final Inspection Show Bill Weinaug

Final Inspection
Saturday, May 19th
Final Inspection Show Bill Weinaug

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Welcome back to the final inspection shows sports Radio One 057 FM the fan it is now my pleasure. So welcome in bill Weiner are. He is the promotions and marketing director at Plymouth dirt track racing bill hi you doing today. I'm doing great college yourself. Are fantastic. I bet you're doing great you guys have one heck of a show planned for tonight. Some dirt track racing and Tony Stewart's gonna be there along with Ricoh a break you that's one heck of a get. Yeah outward revenue the IRL all star circuit of champions along with the bumper to bumper I areas brink are. Or the Arctic cat all star I very challenged night Saturday night or Tuesday night. All right and there's there's still tickets available. Doubt we have we have ticket that'll be available at BJP gates opened up at 3 o'clock in their twenty dollars a piece. And those are general admission picked up. Feel free to command and grab your seat anywhere you want in the grandstand and work every commercial between the ire the higher rated the art checked it. And then we will also have our weekly. Political dirt track racing street sixty sprint cars will be there as well let I. Nice yeah I was looking online and our child judge tickets for kids are only six blocks and that's one that's a fantastic deal. Yeah I don't in other alternate future or spark we need to get beat kids and their parents are willing to. Don't we make it affordable or they're willing to bring their two daughters well in hand we need to keep those trees there and started you know letting people go. Yeah I agree with you Rio is talk coach talk a lot about. You know the struggles in NASCAR lately with attendance with TV ratings. And part of the problem is that the the youth aren't getting into the sport like they should so. All you listen are you listeners out there head it's an hour away. From Milwaukee that's hit he seed Tony Stewart EC Rico Abreu dirt track fantastic action. I'm gonna be up there I can not wait for the races tonight. It. A go ahead I'm sorry. No it'll be a great show you know Alex it's one thing. One net in the our big scheduled we're gonna have this year we have four nights of the Iberia merger act we have the they're playing classic motorcycle group from and then up first of June. June 15 we have the years. We're gonna run a special Friday night chill out Saturday night shall and that's going to be the Russia where memorial tribute race. For the Milwaukee guys they'll recognize that name Russia where we agreed late model guys that. Joseph here for years and we're an aberration memory of him. The person we've got a couple of guys who own histories on how to money and I think. The winners almost a 3000 dollars and I think it's at a ought 300 dollars part that night. While that that's fantastic. You know we've moved to Friday night so that enables the shuttle guys shuttling models become boundaries alongside of our weekly guys in. The other tracks I've heard rumors that some of the part time Lucas Oil series guys and part time world golf blog guys they're also going to come in the column that night at all. They're expecting. Forty plus 45 maybe even fifty late models and frenetic and. Wall there as a regular turn out. Yeah it up and then. We run the world of outlaws late models will be let us Monday July there inept inept on their swing through the state that leads up to the nationals at cedar lake the end of the weekend. And then. Well we're an amateur injuries at the end of the year. Toward the end of the year in September and the F. And then the 29 of September. Is another huge night for us and that's the diary or ten. BI very winless spartans. PD TR 360 burns and Wisconsin Illinois many currents. Are all here that night in that championship site for all Oracle's class. Bob yeah that sounds like one heck of a show also. So are what are you tell us a little bit about the track you know obviously it's dirt give us you know some facts racing lines all that kind of stuff about. Plymouth dirt track racing. Where it occurred while Leopold and banks turn attractive redon well. 68 years ago we added a lot more clay in built about added some fencing in the wall. He's a 3000 seat grandstand. Where it backside receipt sort of pretty comfortable seat for that night. Board noted first some of are the best food in the racing area. Now you're speaking my language. You know outburst when he appeared on the assault and everything. A reasonable price. Nets that's fantastic so how many nice gee guess typically run a year. We hear Arnold. In between quit including special in her weekly show on the boardwalk 4022 nights a year. Nice and how's how's attendance spent. Well we only one of the regular short in the books and a mother nature not being rural cooperative that spring. Old bartender at a 107 hours in the pit area that site grandstand. I don't know exact number but we have pretty decent crowd the first night considering it was a little cool. And so we're looking forward to the hopefully this is the big kick off to the rest of the season a dry weekends Saturday migration. Yeah I hope so I hope so Milwaukee make sure you guys give out their we you know we like to talk and complain all the time about. How did the dirt tracks are are going away and close and up and the important you know stupid wal mart's and other huge box task goes in big box stores in there and we all cry about it on now's your chance to do some didn't get out there and support it you know. Dot like you said Tony Stewart Rico or break you tonight they've fantastic shows it just on their regular weekends. Out and limit dirt track racing so. Get out there and it's not an expensive ticket like you said six dollars for kids 28 bucks for adults. So you walk in there for less than 35 dollars for you in your kid. And you know what happened last Father's Day I brought my kids to to sling your raceway and you know they just had a ball they love didn't and ended up taking him out there like four or five times. After that and you know it's definitely a way to start the younger generation into liking motor sports. Bought it and that they corporation is need to either in person you can watch at all you want and keep the and until you show up at a racetrack it and kept the dirt flying you get the noise you can smell you get the forward. You get all their combined it's a whole different experience in and the key is again somebody yell the first time. And and their fan for life. It is the 28 dollar this weekend as the big ticket for you come over and one of our regular night and it's all our turn adult. Twelve to fifteen year old their five dollars and under under twelve. Is breeding unity and we don't charge for parking we wrong. I classes every Saturday night now at the grand national street sixty Sprint's late models being my incident 600 micro sprints. Soul we got a full also played every Saturday night Ford. Now that's that's fantastic this fan says who I can't wait to get out there tonight. He said gates open at 3 o'clock. Yet in open and three air and begin in lying Irwin. Because we're expecting a big crowd that night. Now so you know our show you planned it out perfectly built in our show is over at 2 o'clock today. Gives these Milwaukee maniacs here just enough time to turn off the radio getting her car and get there are just as gates are openings fantastic you. I love the way you planned out this this a night. But it it worked abroad than in the weather forecasters is great soul. Carmel and comer Shia. All right let's bill why no one dog from Plymouth dirt track racing. I think you for short in the final inspection show bill have a great night out there like this and I'll be there I can't wait to see the show. Thanks a lot and we appreciate you haven't let up and taken the time your Maria. Thank you will be right back but more the final inspections show here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragway in union grove and David how is Honda.