Former Florida St Football Coach Bobby Bowden

Faith in the Zone
Sunday, March 25th
Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern joined ths week by former Florida State Football coach Bobby Bowden.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together and Weinstein. Right now discover help people in sports walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor camp Kilmer. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I'm Mike we giver alongside my cohost teased back. He's back in the saddle the front Broussard Baptist Church. Pastor can count there. Passer you do and kinda dangerous dignity dignity Beckham and hi how are lower your folks have always given the oil struggled in on mean yeah they're they're getting older and they're going through some struggles the the lord's anger until. It was good to spend Mother's Day with her mom hi sure it's been over 22 years that sentence it was good and in normal well when I talk to you since you were clean and I said. And Klain and I had now isn't everything out in the yard and I was busy sent Kevin Golan that's cute to have their son come back and take care while I've seen you clean you go to a very well so now I'd go online mark that are entitled her -- month that's beautiful. Hey I'm excited about today's show. A big fan of of coach Bobby Bowden and out all the work that he has done. And I know he's a coach but it but it is a Christian man. I tried to you know certainly talk to these these is student athletes at Florida State and throughout the country. With his message he's written a number of books. But the one that we're gonna talk a lot about today's the wisdom of faith. And doubt we'll talk to coach Bobby Bowden for the entire show he coach how are you today. Then you have got to talk. Well we really appreciate your time there's there's no doubt. Coach if we could start the show. On a talk a little bit about your background and in I know you grow up and in Alabama and and outplayed a little football let at Alabama and then transferred out. Are growing up coaching duel was football your sport or did you play multiple sports. I played baseball and ran track and college and played football. But you know that an alum Obama how football is his talent is that securing. And I was raised at a scenario where abolish really be. Ask who the battle. My house. I always felt like god led me into the football and this is now. I'm Hamas also up until I was spot is of the page backed up to what lawn. I asked Lou football fields. Suppose yeah oh what lawn been exceeded. Yeah yeah. But that it happened after I left there but I was right right there and so they have the perennial state champions back in those days. So evident then number. And I moved. Were my house was Ramallah affable blocks. From my Howard college football appeal and so bill that allows say it ain't so. All my lie about that around football you know and and so natural that plated ash in the amount plated in college at. But not finished top of its. The athletic director came them may have said look if you did you master's degree. Well are you back here assistant football coach so I got my masters and vote next day to seven years post college put. You helped coach Bowden. Indeed what position did you play in high school. Well what I want to ask school. They did not that that that these former patient and not commit digs distance everything was single aim at Notre Dame box. And or where the sitters out the ball thrown his legs back to a Robin back. As our Robin back until I went to college. Became quarterback in the two information. And so. Played quarterback. In college but we'll put him before year's that was there. And the course coast to wrestle my career. Hey Bobby how early in Indy in your life did you know that one day you you wanted to be a coach. You know I'm. It's it's funny out about all about it much. It it it just happened I mean just this picture this psychotic college. I go to college cup play football there and which. There what and graduated. Finish well last year. Athletic director. Told Maine says look if you could jamaat sister Marie will argue is football coach. Well can you imagine I am just their way. Don't even have a yeah but yeah I got one alternative. As solid run the football and really ever consider everything now. They encouragement when did you meet your wife band did you meet her college. I am better at asking yeah I'm not sure that she boot to Birmingham. Where our live it. And she attended what Obama asked to Wear out to end it as she came there at night change. 48. Up 1940. And and so. Our last two isn't mask blue (%expletive) that faded. And that I want the university alum bubble but I did stable once monster. Back and almost days if you got married. He could have a scholarship. That that rose partly true throughout the country but I thought it was through all rounder in this also and I got married. And so I transferred from Alabama Upton sent university where acted it's the most scholarship. That's that's awesome we are talking to our coach Bobby Bowden. An end he's always today named coach Bobby Bonds but ominously author Bobby Bowden. As coach did you know for a deferral while that she wanted to be an author because you've written some great books. In a mortar and how early on we're did you think about becoming an author. I'm the one that didn't think about it and don't get a bit write the book. My son wrote to a problem. You know it was so it's all he had all Bobble off about ten years after he finished college got as doctor Currie. And it helped Bobble it's separately averse to about it. Absolutely broke both books. He had a pretty good feel or it but it it was a case. It was a case where an asset now. He asked me questions at all he recorded a that he wrote that's where the books came about. Boy that's is that what a great bonding experience for you and your son. Oh yeah I've already. So like god put him here for a reason like got put media stories. That's awesome game we're talking to Bobby Bonds for information on on his books. And and how to pick them up you go to just go to Bobby Bowden dot com. Bobby Bonds dot com and information for that wisdom of faith in the Bowden way and called the coach reflections on life. Are all of their coaches the idea of of of writing the wisdom of faith book. Be it was used to look at it and into read some parts of that he really is it's it's your opening your hard and and in your mind. To two people to say look. I was a full ball coach but let me tell you all the things that I've learned out about being a Christian man through being a football coach. And ended just a really impressive I know it's done really well its first sales. It's it's touched a lot of hearts a lot of minds to it to coaches and and players and parents all over the country. Yeah well. My my son state awarded. You know it this property at least eight of ten books now that have been written about me. And they and they all are about football. And so if you wanted to write one about but I slate. And so jealousy is if they've talked about my mind Christian. Background as is different from a lot of people but I imagine it's also common a lot of alum. Some what what actually went out I am surprised by itself always don't Christ. I can ever remember not the one about kinesis. So I as far as Baylor crested and be in sight that's different thing. That I was raised by Christian mother a Christian problem. Who's salt that I want to church every Sunday. We it was southern Baptist down there and Alabama. And they saw that I went to church all the time. And and sometimes that long ago but whip it out so spiteful put the education that I got my church's. You know. So when I was two I'll have a conflict but so long ago. Accepted Christ as my savior. Publicly. At my church. After a preacher preached. He offered me Elmo at the invitation. And I got to happen when that message on the church and to base saved. And they accepted me in the church and that was bad. It's and it debt thought everything Motley. However of my life didn't change that much that was good outlook ahead. And almost 23 there are ways. Four out I've found out that Allah saved by grace. Is that's an idea. Somebody asked they want most of database say as a look at. It's thought that done. Though there's some out of accepted it so tell us what it's already accepted. Like gods. Grace and and this really well what that we've dedicated my life you know that they've tried tried to live for amateurs. Coach says a tremendous listening Mike and I often talked about. The journey of faith that. That the everyone who has a testimony they have their journey when it began when they trusted Christ and a look what you said about. It was a Philippine jailers say what must I seem to be saved and you know I knew that you gave the answer there it's nothing to solve crises down of forests and thank you so many people. They didn't bother religion and I and I often comment they get to the religion out of dues you know you gotta yeah there's she got out this year do this. But when it comes to Christ it's done. Yeah. Yeah you're exactly right I thought about detonated tabs. I think many many people core called Christians. Effect that they ought to be save because how good they are. Yes I just being good decide to speak. Out how difficult album. Oh let don't war that would outlaw country if you are the UK aren't your way to copilot. If you could prize would not have had that. Dot salvation in. And says we believe an ill. As of late getting ill man trusted ills and the bit that we that we may we can be statement has been made. I am away I am from apple ID and only the all through May get you get them off there. Now your chief. You're preaching Bible right there coach bell and allotted and I tea and one thing I liked it she said to. Coach about. Steve write in the book with you there about your faith. And everybody always when no football football football that you want to write some about your faith. And that's exactly kind of how does the the history of this program faith in the zone came about you know we you hear so many. That there you know Mike is put in front of them hey how'd you make that play and and they and they talk about they won a thing Jesus Christ and what he's done their life person in bloom as like their cut out and Michael says that real well last year. Tim Tebow everybody kind of states that you can't really talk I gotta be kind of quiet about this. And Mike and I got tied and we said you know what let's solicit some more where guys can come on and share their faith and our weight when you say dad my parents. Took me to church or remind me what Tony Dungy said he said. He was a drug he he was a drug kid very early in life 'cause his mom and dad drug aimed at church at Paris and I he added I'm not there would teach him. Sunday school lesson on Thursday night that she was gonna teach on Sunday morning in and he says it was demanded that we began their analysts and that Sunday school lesson that we're gonna also hear us so why he's here watching you all the answers that few. Yeah let it show you the importance of family about and that's a big thing we're Miss America right now. That is that is the break up of the American family its AdSense where well I must Cogent. The last few meters of my coaches I mean safeties David devil eyes fifteen years. Can't they get more and more boys. That it did not happen at that age. It was Colin had almost kidnapped and is they had. Do you boys and had a family and I realize that those bullets have missed out. Not as hard for me. It I was raised by Christian mother Emma Kristen Bubba. Who had prior every morning we had prayer for we went to church every Sunday with whatever wedge in which they attempt failed that don't work we win. You know I learned all the stores. About David about stamps of about. Paul on the and Jesus and all the disciples. And an error I am coaching policy that are on the other. And saw my I get sucked them that hope for coaches then put up. But probably Islam that the that you don't hear much about I was determined what coat so boy. A boy and I was not a lot best receive as the best player he could be. Number two I was pretty sure it got his degree. And number three when he left maybe. Where they accepted that. He knew about Jesus. Talked about Jesus ever ever went to the private before ball game when I would. -- last bit instructions for the game I'll always start with a devotion. And I would give them a bubble story might tell about slams that I might tell you about all I might tell about. But anyway it was sort of our policy Kiet debate and yes I got it when asked six MI is old. They didn't get it to highway eighteen Kinect when it had to thank goodness so a lot of cases it is stuff. Man we're talking to coach Bobby Bowden. He is an offseason. He Jimenez and his son Steven written some books that the one that target most of but today it was to Maffei eighteen go to. Bobby Bowden dot com to get some more information. I just wanna read one. How one person that a bit that I read who was talked about reading this book. And and she said fantastic book by one of the finest men on the planet. He got only talks the talk but he actually walks the walk which too few Christians to these days. I've tremendous respect and admiration for coach Bowden in which there are more white Kim in the world this is a wonderful book about a man and his faith in god. It's of that for me you know to reach somebody that that that read the book you wrote that I think is just a wonderful testimony. To this book will continue our conversation. With coach Bobby Bowden on the other side of the break this his faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. More now of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone. Is brought to you by brook side Baptist Church back with a host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. There. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports pretty of one of 57 up from the fan. I might be given alongside pastor can tell there for brook side Baptist Church our special guest shooting terror showed today. He was the former head coach from Florida State. And Dag museum his son I have written a book that I would highly recommend you take a look at wisdom of faith. And he is the winningest all time coach in NCAA. College football. And we are just blessed to have coach Bobby Bowden when that's. He pastor if you could Condit talk a little bit about how we were able to get tech coach Bowden and and reach him to come on the show today. Oh well he's always been a fan around our house. And hide today which Mallon winner lose you always had tennis and you know they show that Mike in your face you know right after a small game at that field goal you know didn't quite go in and I don't know I knew you had to be disappointed or don't don't we rift in the media now that's part yeah. I've got a pastor cannot cut off the show got out. Of service. And it was only so gracious and and I thought I'd tell him a couple of times there and you know our theaters that. My my second son was born in Tulsa Oklahoma weaker on the Oklahoma and Schoen Oklahoma plays Florida State championship global game. And he brings all his buddies over and everybody's are in for Florida State you know but me and I finally hands on the deal there's a different things significantly. Tomahawk. He liked Italian bank and its online job and this man but anyway. So a doctor Bob Jones the third contacted me in Sydney. We had coach Bowden down here Bob Jones and I know you have that faith in the zone program at their organize and share the testimonies. And I got a roundup about Tillman as he said can he is a solid as any preacher yield a year round in the catcher I said sounds like I'm really need to give him a call. And so loud that the athlete director Neil rain there Bob Jones get in touch with ducks got. And Doug says that give coach Don McCall he loved him on your program. And yet today and I'd love to have just mobbed as it was done again about and I told my anger we need to get done on here to Italy and shares testimony that. He aegis. Was this so complimentary. The way that you just. I love the lord and serve the lord on the football field from yours your language disease and how good it was at the young man how do you. I taught you train these young men and I sit down like I think I watched it on television now what even closer and I can say yeah I can say I could see there is a difference. In coach Bowden. And an ally and I love what she said the last hour that you want and all those guys in nova Jesus. And that is that that's the message it can change the world it's Jesus Christ and Jesus there's only. Well that's what got criticism for not not just coaches and not just procedures. But everybody. You know they got to ask this acerbic until of people. And I saw little spread the word is but thought but to emanate and people. And you know when the when you tell people. And it's just part of who you are part of your life you see how guys. You know enlarges your platform mean Tony Dungy talked about that was this but I I think in the platform. That god gave coach Bobby Bowden. And and the nanny lives of guys that you influenced. You know and and I got to believe if there were players their Florida State with you as a coach that. That they they're had a bit sun came to know Jesus Christ for the first time in their life. Go through that ever. There I thought there were not some there were many it in you know what that they also. Every time it would play on the ball game. They would they would use diamond club at a ball game. They would always have an FCA breakfast debate before the game. And and so I might not toys go I can't do any of that might administer some. I've been there. And I try to. I can't speak a lot of sound NCA groups before ball Opel bowl games and has some coaches don't. Example is going oh yeah and it might be killed apple there. Like coach might make his lawyers go but it might be at any level there is no but I just felt like. God has given us coach a great responsibility. And a great opportunity. Just like panic announce they had a coach can influence more people have a peer. The then let them to kick tea you know I mean in the book that they be members to camp because the ball as. They all this sort of act coach cause they all they want it and so I need to tell my coaches as sick as. We got below that is. We gotta be like follows these vocalist. Because you might be the closest thing to the public facilities. You can actually you know I have a lot under the vigilant as it. The fact this is steady in the world beat that yup it that's 64. And and soc. It's hard they're actually got bought that ball and not have an LCQ. You know on proposals fleet. Well almost a source when he dropped out there are hard to say they can do is dictate to. And that caused so much good at their bench Alamo. Went up to element that is something they have that they let the public may like what do you itself without Elton this. After the state but for years such as dull and but but but they can real so well that's probably got a America that the okay. Is there's some minutes. And now. I assault that they were 11. Had. He had to have children about that act effort women. Ought to have a source children who took them. Because people will want to but wanted to be home but that America is full of that today and and I am right if we don't get back to Christ and about put god first. I'm afraid that nation as a relaxed. Like Israel or with whenever it was when they were cat taken over by the Babylonian as a bit. Taken over about Syria and then take it go about it and it missed because they disobeyed. God they did this but he got. And America. Until they were quick note this is a great teacher. Because history repeats itself you know bit if we think we're in desolate god and and and act like we want to Sicily two losses to be careful. As a patient. Yeah that way and we're gonna get discipline dislike Israel then I was thinking of Israel when when you're given that analogy there with the with the United States say I don't believe this year daddy had to be a disciplinarian has won. Yeah. While 88. Some people might not appreciate just put out there. Included in the bill should not. How does so let's not. That is correct in my bed probably about four in my lifetime. But but but what I got somebody. Did it ever on their border crossing. Yeah. Momma momma what's what's been hallows which is a look at it. Let's let my daddy said he'll bend over. Put glanced down and and it got me out bill but it. That may not want do it again whatever that. There's no doubt we're talking to coach Bobby Bowden. Coached by would you retire to but these these kids in and and that your coach and a lot of them. Do we do not have a father figure in their life. And an end as I told you during the break out coach ask what for a long time. You know it's it's win win win one of those kids in and there's only twelve to fifteen kids on the basketball teams that I coached. You're talking about a hundred on and Florida State team. And would have one of those kids gold goes goes astray and don't sultan. It eat it hurts like insure all. And that's fine but people will. If you approach it a hundred boys got a hundred kids the other other children you know. And and and and you know I had the reputation that here and and a lot of it was negative from the breast. OK so Asia's second chance coach he gets a second chance he'll just that it boys. I'd do just that. But I did not want kicked off the team. Because now they're back on the straight and don't have any other that it took the punishment that teach they don't always track site or that they got in trouble. That sometimes it would suck so bad. They they put delicate thing you know that actually a disabled man because there's there's some mama's boy and they have also. Yes it amended were you able to take him to church some to when you're on the road or where you guys always backed back home on the site. It added every year and it if that was part of my program well a little more can and and it just let it while watching the Florida State. The first week that they got back just due to start to season. I would take tip of the church the first Sunday at ticket until white church. In the next Sunday I would take until black church but do you bad to show them no matter what their race is. You're welcome here. There's a church is that (%expletive) that that will look down if you if you like to go there one of missile light one up his act which you're you are welcome to bulk you know. And oh some assay or you have no right to benefit though it got dead. Let it wouldn't let us well animal that what our prudent that boy. So small asset a little. Jerusalem comes to harvest by apple taking a charge. Apocalyptic in my church as you'd think if they kept on props like ul but I almost second to eight to Christian church a wide one animal taken until black. It took just one time. So McCain knows that aid test charge to go to. If you look just go. And not mention others. And grandmothers that she talked to loves hearing that. As you say that you know I don't. Basically pull it out you know it would it's the mama and daddy are bad. Still Walter's son the peak. I don't doubt they had failed car. They still Walt there's going to be good so you're right that was. You know and it'd. I'm glad study is coaxed I had to stand as an SP not to include there's and I compliment or an adult level but it. And say hey you know what they were both Christian damaged. I think they thought out try to get under my church well up. But but most. All of I got 8% of the analysts agree with me. Well that's that's awesome we're talking again to what to Bobby Bowden go to Bobby Bowden dot com. And the latest book that time Minnesota Steve. Have authored the wisdom of fate I just give you a couple of different chapters the wisdom of fear of the wisdom of trust that was to have a courage. The wisdom over responsibility. The wisdom of my of humility. The wisdom of patience discipline contentment suffering and the wisdom of lover of the ten chapters in that book. And IE you know there's a number of them that jump ball speech I would love to it today and I will come to pick the book up to wisdom of courage. The wisdom and humility of the two that jump off to me that he that I wanted to. I wanna read in the wisdom of fear I just never you never think Bobby Bowden has a fear for it and I don't underwent what viewers who coached. Early on your days at Florida State coach that was not a there was not a football program. And the only losing season you ever had there was your first one did you know early on at at Florida State that this is a program that you could. You could turn the corner and and to have that kind of success achieved on back that. Tell us that's a very good question and my answer will drop it they differ what some other expect politics coach at West Virginia University. I was effort Cheney years our state calmly and ultimately the job there are the state was Owen elevenths. One and two and three and eight and coach got sides. There lest it it did it really we it was a vote games and so at the last minute. And the other side it would it would take the Florida State job while we don't go back home that's where we're from we're gonna go back home. Her mother still living at mum mother's live at. Both about bad so fast away. But we can't spent eleven years of their life will but we've decided to go to Florida State. Now when I went to Florida State did not go with the Abbie in a stallion. But anyway the winning football games on eagle eye to winning you know and I went data that they uncle at a college coach to Syria for years. Couldn't go back to. Alabama. It's all over to Alabama and told stale I doubt disfigured as a wake it was don't work out. But it looks like go to Florida State and welcome. First and we absolutely inner but Mossad it was ten ball games and want to vote wanna. And then of course. Two by a long story short. Let us finish there with well over a boring other ball games at Florida State which has been done by anybody else suburb of that joke term. Did it and state and so. When it away which started women and sell out their Kamal go back to Alabama Auburn man. You know what people would plant animal and I was laid out here. That we win it would it be debuted yesterday you know. To play anyway out. Alice I felt like. I can I thought as to what god or. Stated block stepped psychic led me here. Now we are we're talking about rebound Marie get to break before we get there every step in the pastor Ken this is awesome. Bobby Bowden is still the still has legendary game. In golf a lot of retired Florida State coach made a hole one on Monday that golf club. Quincy using a three which is a 121 yard par three on the twelfth hole. This is preached that I never hit the ball very high rolled in the gap to win then I dirty war two way I saw road towards the hole and thought oh boy. Got a good shot I hope it stops. And that turned around and everybody says it's just went at it here's my favorite. At the would you hit a hole in one you're supposed to by Iran to Trace for everybody and he said no I'm too cheap and I don't visit bars so he talked jobs to golf course. I love that coaches you still hit them pretty well. Iraq and it strike but I Kate hit it it didn't didn't go anywhere you don't play outplayed from the red today just let me. And I got debt park parade. I was really embarrassed they say want to Q and yet that is what about a 120 yards. I don't really will look. And tell us say it's about us typically let that it had been added it. Then it forward coming back. Yeah lets kids who have break that's coach Bobby Bowden will continue its use faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee faith and faith in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Your host might only get burned and pastor can kill man. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports or do you want a 57 up from the fan. I might be given once I pastor Ken Calvert from brook side Baptist Church our special guest who's been a blast. Coach Bobby bar Bowden at Florida State. And that would talk a lot about his days for a state we're also talk about the wisdom of faith. Both attest Steve Bowden and and Bobby wrote you go to Bobby Bowden dot com for more information on how to pick the book up. He coach Tom wanted to talk a little bit about college football in this segment. With the with lead the playoffs and in the way that they do it now is that something that that you think you would have enjoyed winning your coach and. I'll probably could would have benefited from it in all my life there was no play off the business wants the result playoffs. Associated Press UP another. Other estimates of voting and and as I told you we we were in the top. We were at top four are really. Well for fourteen straight years which of playoffs we've we've we've mother had more chances at that is that we do it went too well. And laid it out awful. And so. So anyway. Well they said they don't go to a playoff with fourteen its first ascent while we don't you do that they always take one verses to always get it right. The question is about to reimpose. Though it wouldn't he decided to go to playoffs and it's just they have not like it electing. Make it worse. I have dashes though one win and did that tomahawk chop start. Because whatever game I turned into it I knew it was a Florida State game because it seemed like they kept at them going not a whole cotton picking game. They do it is only when it when did that start I can tell it hit about a year I think it was about eight it is. We played like Gator Bowl against west Virginia university. And somebody started that chop. Just call them. You know as a person you know everybody at stance was was chop them and and saying that Indian song that that I thought. That that don't a couple of words on. This brutal. And it stuck in and they've been good at recess like to drove me crazy. Org you must you heard that your sleep when you're playing big guy with your eyes closed door yeah. Oh yeah all you have said that it just it just don't go to apparatus they don't play it to go to banquet that they got a date. That was Florida State's all. I eventually too you just a lot of great football players. You had a couple that just standouts either or just a joy eight. For you to be around and to coach and now you got probably ties them and there are other couple that stand out Tia. Well you know what my favorite would Warrick Dunn. Douglas from Baton Rouge Jews. His say Asia and ask him his mother got killed she was a police officer she got killed or operate so he had no mother. They had no daddy. So we live what this grandmother Annie had six. Brothers and sisters younger than him. And so his mother had told him she wanted to go to our state. So he came to Florida State and hero with each other or. Teleport us same here Charlie it was ice central to one day here. And Charlotte on site much and why don't say much there was like a lot better. So obvious nobody speaks you know. And those two got along good solid hit to get off the right foot in. It was got a discount favorite put on its all in all football fumble a couple of children you know better than others. And sure it's all down Charlie was the strong believer to let me. OT out but not that they chocolate have a strong mother and daddy Christian mother and daddy so he had that benefit in. Another boy who did a good job was Deion Sanders down. Dion came to Florida State is firstly yes just like him helps the table so they want to like coach Dana well firstly in black in. You're in no definite buy at the Olympic ambition at all. You know I think some some NATO summit convinced they can make a lot of money to do that is through that and so but not but the went by about that is a very strong Christa. It is a very strong group of any command talked about came in a lot of casualties and down you know and it he'll surprise you. The glee that. All of let you know that but the based leader of that fact young man. We're talking to our coach Bobby bar Bowden from Florida State he coach you know at the radio station I work yet a LeRoy Butler I'll work here. Aren't out there are yeah I get a chance you'll run a quarter of bits during the week he he's on our afternoon show quite a bit with the kind of material are sent. Who played he's from from Atlanta they for the badgers played for the Packers puts up. Lou Roy you who's the Royce here in the building and I he's a he's a good man. Is a very good man and is a good Christen. And was never any problem whatsoever when he was singed do here he was quite a football player of all American. Is a lot of Motley resilient people people last year and the membership favorite player of your favorite player. Actually you know that's like asking me who my favorite child is about six that's our resale at one more. What followed the most wanted sick. When it pays the most. Yeah that's. He did he can so if if if coach Bowden was it was in the your liver room and I was you wouldn't were recruiting your sons who. You think they'd come to calvary Baptist rose coaching I got to go out and Florida State you know I IQ without recruit. You know I I think QQ well I mean the reason we went with you Mike was because when you impact our boys and impact and for good and I appreciate the and the same coach Bowden I think their parents as parents they look and say. He he's had his guys that he sent just anecdotes and the Opel. He's got to coach them and teach them. How how to live to be a man handle Africa and and an even more importantly. How you can know that you can live with done Monday because we're not going to be here forever. Think that limit important deadliest act a hotel Villa coached 57 years. I can't let us some all as a coach fifty years ago forty years ago thirty years ago twenty years ago. I don't wanna meant just football a one off they'll they'll Wright State coach married I have grown children. They both of them go on a college I want to thank you what you said about is what you said about bad you know and and and make it we have accepted tries you know it. And it's not about mentioned football. Ball as pop. The most important thing in the world this just why that god gave me in England mr. Michael Rubin you know to witness spam. Thank you coach your wife and hadn't been a great blessing not only you but to all those players I mean you talk about you you said it was a I have under the ball player I had a hundred kids. And I mean so she's like going to be a mama. Are out of so many of those kids. And I'm sure she just champ dried and it and help choose all all along was. Sure it did I think any successful coach has to have a good life. Has to have what I call a coach's wife you know because like there's talk of a coach is life. But to get published publicity is all the apps on the actions. People haven't. Palin that it come out and I'll let. And she had to stand back and backgrounds so it is that is special woman thought they had it. And was ideal for them when and it Marmol has had problems and it is one of the first to come of that risk. Of this stuff I gotta ask you this this question no we did did an ever. Talk any did she ever say mommy wide and you run this play or anything along that line. Are quite in you blitz at this point why did you play this kid who says that (%expletive) is you know. Yeah. You know ask it also an important. Component right oh yeah he's thought up the Beirut but it was also our biggest critic out earlier this. Oh my wife says how could your boys don't block out that I gotta box out about it. I'm exit Gordon and she's say are you are you guys shooting drills or practice for boxing out and ankle are out quickly. And that's that bad out there are a lot. I that's us here. Hey Bob Dickey so much we we just appreciate your time and and it's certainly your your willingness to come on a secular radio station. Unfair in the zone and talk about your faith and how it's affected your life professionally or personally or do we just really appreciate it. I thank you for what to do that I'll finish by a slim as. And just just like us I must say that I just like everybody else but I have been say. Noonan it meant is that can go to Bobby Bowden dot com Bobby Bowden dot com the wisdom of faith is is a book that I highly recommend. Could out coach Ron and and and his son Steve. I wrote the book the next time we get a month we're gonna talk about his boys and and and they're great coaches. And doubt we will do that sometime down the road but right now coach again picky so much your time and have a great week. I can avail appreciate what you're doing. If they keep this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 halftime. The fans. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Faith in the zone is brought to my home windows and doors it was constant. Here's host might mean giver. And pastor can kill you turn on sports Radio One 057 FM yeah. The fans. A welcome back to faith in the zone. Sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I'm Mike we your room thugs shut the very southern past your coach tell Geithner to curvy girls I sound perhaps it's a spirited. I'd as the soon to Bobby proud mama that's excuse today I your his life I'm sure it was a great yeah it definitely taught us out I know you're here that we can send your kicker fifth. Now they have got a document. At what we're wired now he is gonna have a ball with this. Well for a cellular one of the two segments tree it now is usually the same person if it was great meant. How good was that in. I mean I was jaws of fanning as well I have to I'm so I'm a bigger fan now that I was back there. Well you know and I remember. Remember when he was tot went when they would Kim on the news and call in the second chance coach. Ya I don't do you know what though I think it's a great. A great title winning and they didn't they didn't do what is a good thing though now I know. But you know I mean. You have someone. I'm thankful of the lord he he's given a second third fourth this six chances all immense Tonioli golf you know and I. I think man. One what daddy would not give his son a second third fourth chance and that's exactly what coach man he was like a father to these. To these boys yeah he was and a heck of football coach yes men a success he had and what I I wanted to try to get into the modest speed and talent down the seat of sport. Does he had some. You what there's some semblance humbled and I'm evil he has some big guys though Liam gorgeous absolutely fast and I think that's when people start talking about you win with speed right. Yeah and those games with them or Miami and then open and supporting guys and then Florida got good. And Florida State against border and then Oklahoma got in there I don't remember that at all but I don't needed to call and tell me what happened in Atlanta for football or basketball this year Oklahoma. I knew we can't talk about if you it was embarrassed because at southern accent is gone yeah just talk about that. It's your case you can't charge southern through crying but I know that you cannot can you imagine the amount of the amount of young men. And the impact he had on their lives and just how he you know he when he said many. Received many accepted Jesus Christ. As their personal savior. At him as you know going through the good the Florida State program with him as the head coach you know I don't know if you. Heard that song someone wrote it in regard to their pastor it was just in a song entitled thank you. Analysts thank you for given to the lord because it was it was picture ring that person coming up to their pastor and heaven. After they met the lord and Christ finding that person there their pastors say hey thank you. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of young man and even their children. And maybe their grandchildren are going to be going up after Amy rice and and the lord and go out to coach balance they only tell you thank you thank you for giving. And given me the message of hope they can change model. And that's that's a great. That's a great thing to say I think you're right away I think there's going to be so many people come and him when he's up there Gisenyi and they Q. Turn to read this book go to Bobby Bowden dot com the wisdom of faith and there's a couple other ones called the coach reflections on life. But their their winning only part of the game all football related ones but this when the wisdom of faith. It has some football and then but he really does I think Steve does a great job on in the parts that I read. About really talking about this man as in some of the things he is believes his soul his heart and and and how he. Took that as a coach and and utilize that platform now that's good stuff. A pastors could see it was gets a yell and yell it's great to see you. Hey you know do I I can get that Golan because I I dislike mean around people you know that you your great man that loved the lord and that holiday here. I always like to hear coach about Neiman on television I got to pick it up click me and I was the Obama on the southern Manama in ways counts your good man. But even these past she can't tell her I'm Mike you're thanks to listen that this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Ernie and pastor can help me. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find pat show's exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah you know fans and our service. Noted.