Former MLB catcher Sal Fasano

Faith in the Zone
Sunday, January 14th
Coach McGivern talks with Sal Fasano, former MLB catcher. Sal played for a number of teams including the Kansas City Royals, Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and face and held it to come together in widescreen touch. Right now discover how people in sports and walk in faith and. But host Mike may give burned and pastor Kim Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And welcome the faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 that from the fans. I might we give her find sold Logan this week. Open NetApp pastor Ken cal there be back in studio with me next week. Our special guest TI a major league baseball players a catcher for a long time. Major leagues in fact eleven years wait for number of teams including the Kansas City Royals try to blue jays Atlanta Braves Cleveland Indians. He is self is on how he self thinking so much for up for your time today are you bent. Armed and he's a grown up I grew up down in the Chicago area correct. Yeah. Hopefully that everybody's turn the station how cap Turkish tearing down Italy's huge Chicago boy he's appears fans. And the that's all right we'll will continue to talk to sell. He showed growing up I Don and in the in the Illinois area did you why it's you know an early age that tub baseball was something that you wanted to do. Yeah actually nose a young age. A quick story when I was. Nine we moved to a new output and make proud that my mom's than they want to try to baseball. So battered first game ever played a homer and some nice news from that area I was going to be with us. Can't tell geno hold you were at that point. 99 years old fuel over the fence where it was Shaq catch and something that you started early as well. Yet catching you know when your picked it and you wouldn't normally do at the but it is divine plate young people. I I caught a lot I was young. Guy. Was burned. My friends that Washington kept wondering why you can really catch. You wanna learn in lecture would be great name has done a splint and for really the next six or seven years. Third summer I want to root out every day we've worked on catching and hitting and based on general. Oh what was Dennis foot what was his background was she just a baseball fan. Don't use a big great all Cambodia Clinton. Played in college but. When he was in the military unit a barnstorming against Negro League players. So. He got a chance to play against some of the greatest of all time. Central pages Josh Gibson so. You get a real good background and no problem you'll grow and you know it paid off postal seats but it but it the same quote while I. And that's awesome. He did job you're doing a little researcher for the show. On today you see your parents were. Immigrants from from Italy is that correct. Yes sir they were they both. Immigrated Alina. They called Columbia. It's funny because their from the same basic city and he met here in Chicago really. But I was the first one the only border. And so when you win you have fair learn unions as as a kid would you would tell you got to speak English Italian wouldn't worry speaker back. Well. Back then it was a battalion and then now we're learning how to speak English and you know my dad was adamant about your in the country you have to learn how to speak English so he wanna meet at the back Kuwaiti Italian and starts speak more English but it. You know I don't understand took about everything. I can speak at my dialect is is truly. Pure Italians but most people from other countries that the pilot sure. You know it is something level they've been able to. They show you're your parents still with us. Oh yeah. I'm pretty fortunate my grandparents on my debt just the late last year. And they were 93 years old but he 293 so my club my other program prayer hall that. You know pretty good fortune. Did judge did your mom or dad come watch you play baseball and in in grade school and high school. Yet they always let's oh look you know maker early supported Meehan. You know my data will try to you know work in two or three jobs that are but he would go under way to get. Get the game and now about school mom should investigate. So and so there are crusher and watch record. He did she really teacher dead get on some umpires journey that. You know no not at all I'd. My dad never work in the game he would really bought him. They used nervous too we would price it pays more than is that any thing but. Unique in Alec you know when you go to a Little League game or screaming my dad is the year so OB green. You walked to the other side of the field I'm kinda the same way it. Ehrlich a Stanford and a. Yeah I went so when wind I either coached my son Ivan coach of Basque close my 36 year. In. I coach Milt will be an age you stuff and at the high school level but he would play a little leaguer play soccer. And I had to Selanne a woman and one of these these youth soccer teams that he played on I would drop them off cousy have to give her half hour ahead of the TARP. And I would I would go over the story newspaper cup coffee or whatever and wait till about a minute before the game started. And now and identify what's worthy of the parents' work in and go to the other end of the field. He would sit and read my newspaper and I don't yell out to him mobile bitter radio the line judge will become much he Elijah is like fifteen years old. That case you missed that one needs Q would laugh and and about midway through the season ahead a mom come down means sheets she said he edges candidates valued the most since sociable guy. That you know we've ever had a list. And I said you don't know me at all I've really. I was social butterfly. I sit I just you don't want I don't Blake Elena kids and only keel and the officials I just wanna sit down here. You'll enjoy watching my son play it will soccer he caught up in the newspaper and and my wife would sit with the parents. I just have been I think unit coats now for me I I just I I've been very short fuse and it comes to that stuff. Yeah right I would tend to agree I know. Now there have been coaching offer. Nine years now one point along that never met a professional at it and temperature up any athlete that they'll on purpose. Though if it's an umpire whether it's clear everybody wants it called right at liberty and playwright. And so you're basically yelling at someone didn't want fail all the doesn't make work. So I don't mean I just don't agree. Took all of those things I wish more parents to be that way below on what you little. Yeah ID do you watch you guys have kids. Reported three boys how old are. Being woke. And that's I've three grandsons Sally live right across the street from me. And it out in the isolate the moo there that the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond. You've got John the old guy watching sports so it's not that's he in fact my right grandson I just turned eighty user attack at her house. Couple weeks are going in I said to when it won the won the big grocery stores here in the marquee marketers can stay. An icy Keegan do you see the word pick conceive anywhere on the outside in my house. And he should no problem but I love this might favor grocery store. I get free free food and get it get to watch cartoons. I should go home I just go home key and stay here you laughed he snow off your funny weird talk in itself is on now. He is former catcher in Major League Baseball he's. In major leagues for eleven years in icon who played for nineteen is that correct. Yeah and I've played for. I always say that in organizational book like three or positions poise overall so a senior special place. I basically saw just about everything you could say. Pave the if you could go back in and I promise we're gonna get into your testimony we'll talk some more about what faith in the zone is all about. I either at the end of this -- better or next segment but itself you could put on one uniform and and play one more game. With the organizations that you played for who would you go and play that won game four. Well you know the book. Our team I've ever played on an attempt to build on those lucky. But in 1999 and Oakland a's and mean it was a super talented team and never but he really got along actor credit for. I can colony but he from the team and go up to launch and every but he was Syria. Mean it was a tackle. And I mean adamant that you know small market team but he and the we're going up in order to always put Mendoza ball well the best team spent teammate those organization I mean those guys that really could care. Man who managed that team. Are out. So so when you watch him the the movie money ball. You know I don't happen. Really quick there that I live. Look shall we it was at the year. No it was we were they're yours or. Okay. Boy you'll see it's it's me it's a pretty inter press team. Movies kind of wanted to go to use with my wife Terri and I. If there's nothing I've we've taped and will go back in and watch and it's it's a pretty interest team. Interesting move for shore. You know that I I was I'm surprised by that answer when when you look at some of the teams with the Rockies and in the Kansas City Royals. Atlanta Braves and the Indians that that you said the Oakland a's I I like them and I'm surprised by that answer but I. Like you were some of the guys are on that team. Below the seemed so remote and and the other catcher Jason Giambi was her first baseman renewal party goes back. Miguel. Their job as a bird. And grieve and right person and walk on late summer match there are split right down. Yeah. John job OX more cuper idea he came through the more curious position he notes interest when he said how well you guys got one. As as a basketball coach gives the team doesn't do really well. And we don't win it's time makings with the kids get along in the coaching staff and you know it doesn't doesn't hurt as much. And if we're really good. And the guys don't like each other and people are looking each other off on the floor in the told you step as long. That's not it didn't work for a while we hear from me. Boat but like you said when when everybody gets along and no matter who you would call 21 have watched the it would go. I goes for me of the years I've looked back is a coach and say man those were the past years. Well sure I agree on a percent you know being in development for the last eight years I mean there's something. Not just teach in the mechanic or. But each in the social side I mean wanting baseball is the social game and you don't get all your guys they're here to go to war with or underneath AZ your. Then you're gonna have some issues and that's important Mecca that each other's back terrible one another and truly well. I I agree with that he we we've had gone down through UPI don't think Tom Roy for for pass along your name and number. On to me and and guinier willingness to come on to. In baseball you know they baseball chapel I think Vince moss is as good a job as anybody in in now professional sports. Did to be able to have baseball chapel when you played. You BD AA as a Christian that would be willing to get on the Mon top Wilbon talk about. You know where they were with their faith was that something that that some of the teams you played with. Arm were happy about and supported where they were they more he lets keep that quiet. Well you know it really good question and seeing the transition over the years and Olin at first came out the Kansas City rear burial. It was still. Considered your kind of an out to a story you and all these dueling pistols and got your. You know I remember having chapels. Should cancel it the same thing mean all the cloak of her over. Up of the that it over the years. Mean we stepped up or closet and nobody can Croshere. You know and then over the years that truly progress and you know Michael back Oakland in again in 99 I remember. You know. We really well the first shall we got that three people. And by the end of the year we have all seen better than indices are really where all started. We give the example we were accountable like apostles were altogether real came out together in the cities were good friends good teammates young and say. And then one day real sure. And lower so urban in the go to direction. Oh we all split up I think it was as part of the thing where we yep sure people the world. And in the baseball world for so it was street is pretty amazing. You know word got photos. But we were able apart because. What that's awesome. We're gonna get to break the separate we're gonna talk a little bit more sell about. You know your faith and ask for your testimony you know wanna talk to you by Keith Lockhart. Who is. Players I think who had introduced yeah a little bit seat to the Bible it's your faith when you were with Kansas City. And will get to that on the other side the break we are joined. After the entire hour today he's self taught Fasano. Eleven years the major leagues and I using catcher in the knees hold up by the well. Hey I have a brother in Florida it was done that Turkmen springs he is. 62 or 63 years old. Plane in in 35 and over 45 and over 55 and over he played at least on their. He's a catcher so. I said he can still throw guys out he's like. They're just not as fast as they used to be active one hop and gets over these voiced but his knees are hanging in there and he'll get asked Phil. Teams will fly him out to a tournament and Arizona there. You know in Atlanta and say can you come to I catch can you catch nine innings he's IQ IQ no no worries there so. He still hanging in there you laws put in put on the gear again behind the plate. Or walk. Well that the special breed right there are signatures are born not made. You don't want and we. He is a different breed a hundred tell you it was good to break this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Worn out of feet in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Faith in the zone is. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor came Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to feed his own on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might begin again flying solo this week pastor can count there. Will hopefully be back in studio with me next week by special guest self is on now. He grew up right so over the border no no word you go to high school by the way sell. Went to. The state as well. So. We do we knew when you candidate county stadium always think like he said dud during the break here's kind of a home game for you. Those nice tomatoes it was probably an easier ticket most Smart family get up there. It is a short trek you know some people are going up to Milwaukee that are on the doubt on Chicago so. There was it was nice for me it was always says people are some four million I was on the country's. Boy in there is you know Becky county stadium there some years that. You can walk up and and you know by by a tweets your ticket no skate down the front row if you wanted to crowds for some of those yours pretty sparks. But man not anymore now at Miller Park it's it's a tough ticket especially the brewers are playing well. Hey let's talk a little bit about how about your faith in and were peaking and for UN note again doing some research. It talked a little bit about your days with the keys city royals the one line that says unite have a lot in common is we need to win it says it's your feet. Bitch you credit your feats with current curtailing some or your desire to drink centric in a while ago as well and there's no doubt in my mind. Sal that say it was because accepted Jesus Christ my personal savior. When that when that part of my life. On stopped when I step Ted and that the tavern and a 100% Irish cell so like you. You know you to tell your boys you guys can hang on a par four will wallets this Irish forced him as well. Berkshire for sure you know it was those decree on you know first it basically trying to be on the quality and you know like I cannot explain like in the old days. There's really nothing open capture game slows opened borrowers and what you're on the road and and you know your teammates and restore power in the middle. And under educated bitter night. And I got a big league. It really did slowdown and I ended up at 23 having bleeding all. Loans you know great Nolan you know we talked little bit about she will keep close to consider on our team at the boat about Reuters that. And keep those you know on a remote city and around four million airs he's the one that struck out he wasn't going so just a good role player. And he invited me over and also few times now and please some babies were just really pay me so ironman. You know I remember just do one of the few times and only grow from it like now but you know like a lot which he. Well. Was good offseason happen I have to go back to the doctor intensity Czech culture he. You know they they over here and there were hit lawyer the doctor. So. Roaming and I'll see marketing. You know Kevin lecture Mike MacFarlane editing facilities that are. And in the batting two days ago he's now it's time and really sort. You know we are also there batting cage and I pray to receive Craig straight hitter and you know I want to go see the doctor said the law. You know people believe it Merkel on people don't bundle Merkel I mean and that was really burst. In the changing in my street you know lead to the alcoholism now. He dropped under. Those. You know only god can do something like that is inquiries. But those started to change my life a little bit and and really what started the journey you know all. Shifting to an organization over eighteen your purse it all mean it was not split. I've always on January and it it. Boy it. You know I did I just in one day Amelie get a chance to think Keith Lockhart I think can end how awesome is that. Would you nasty sell when you when you're in the locker with him and end and at his house and did did you it was huge guy that talked really openly about his faith in what he had going on with his life. You know obviously you those. Anything that I think it was more. Is that actions no one of the greatest crimes are learning christianity stop trying to do just beat. So just him being who we load. I mean he would soon as pretty you know he was scared it was considered a sort paired did everything about his ability. Like Miller properties apple for guys who has a Christian. It was about that are you know bumping guys over at the Bible it. It's something you'd help you know there he was accountable and always available. Boulder two qualities that you know kind of what you try to the elect. What better at. And I wish we'd all be at all and sometimes has been there. The land and here is the greatest thing we can do. Yeah I I agree with that in and being consistent you know I I remembered the days. You know my wife had we have two kids and and they were little at the time in and in she was going to a Baptist church and the eSATA Milwaukee and she would get these kids all he abuses debtor wind turns she's warm up her car she Gator kid or kids. All dressed up and get him in the car and I would say you don't don't drink the Kool Aid at that cult that you're going to. And she believe and I'd open up the Miller Lite call my bookie gates and smacks a couple of these canyons and and I got to tidy it I got tired. Cell that's that for me I got I got tired of of trying to think what today seated this guy what'd they say to my wife and and for it it really was tied I went into that church and these side Baptist Church out to my wife. Said hey you need to figure this thing out. Is getting out of control. I I tell people that I have faith in zones sometimes is that the worst thing summer guests have ever done in their life is stealing candy bar. And then we have guys like zero struck birds are pastor Daryl strawberry who's been on the show and and myself who went way the other direction. And who were willing to accept us guys like us now. You know why all you have to do is ask. His desk for that free gifts in and out open your Bible and if your question when you're loose in this showing in I've said this before. I'm I'm here at Entercom Joaquin get all the me anytime. I'll have lunch with you and yeah I used to be embarrassed by my story sell I'd be really embarrassed like I'm not a good enough Chris look at this guy the worst thing year reduced to a candy bar. But what towards showing me is that because of all the things that I have done a nonsense that I went through. You know what there's some other guys that might be doing the stuff that I was too and that can singing let me tell you the path that I took. To save my marriage to achieve you know to start walking worthy. And so why are not embarrassed by the anymore. Now and you'd think it shouldn't be mean I think. There's a reason why isn't going to wait to be saved because there's so million people out there are. So I just know that my ministry right now take you need to know all the professional baseball. I know is that I am butter ministry in prison and I don't church. But I think that the people that we hang out with me you we used to think that identifies. Who we are now most people that we know where you think about. Okay. I was god can use me and there are light and I think. Being a believer. We still stand I think here you know your listeners kind of understand that sure. The worst part about it now as we know we're at Chris as we know worsening but we understand the road and in respect of the price that they got it. That we could sentenced will be okay. I wish we could looper. At all possible on the sports of others like inspect the work I mean you know people pulling you from every direction. The year you know you'll it was while your course or did and sometimes it's hard to understand god wants to be home losses to be simple. And I think at the end of it. Wanna think about celebration aspect of the one crisis apostles to come Marty said he follow me it and say it all means read the Bible for fifteen or sedate. Or make sure you're in just an awesome career. And you just follow the best you can and little by little get better and better. Yeah I agree we are talking itself is on a former catcher in the major leagues. Played with a number teams. Eighteen years to self by the Lou what are you doing nowadays there you're managing an area opened what where were you wet. Well I actually just got a job recently. I'm going to be touching coat from Atlanta Braves. In the big league. Helping with their pitching opened with analytic. All on a gentle maker organized so the try to help wall while their bench in the try to help them some updated their activities to make rice acreage of disease is equipment. Meant congratulations. You know they they say you can kind of go home Atlanta isn't. You played for the Braves that's it that's awesome I've got a brother that that lives in Atlanta and he and he's a big braves guys are grow from Milwaukee and and I certainly found the praises is easy for him. He wanted the articles that that did Jeff Perlman who didn't really towards you by the way he I think sedate things the world view and I read an article that. You know he said look we were really ticks me off his guys that have integrity like self is on though. Our disposable. But are buys more inquirer still work in Major League as visually hitting coaches. In your tar connect you two guys in in in in Jaipur Roman size who disgrace to game. You know who who looked at the legacies in records of paint current B Ruth and Everett we jurors who said heck with that. I I knowing nobody on that's old news and so Isa look I. I love a guy like self as I know I can't say anything bad about. And I I like that sell yours you know I'm looking at a picture. You look like a tough guy Matt he can go get the big mustache don't want them and you're behind the plate. But here's a writer that says nobody. You know is nicer and in baseball in this can infect. On on the one page that that I grabbed it has everything you know Wikipedia. Jeff Perlman said. Went pick itself is not a lover right I think your greatness. Out of Willie Mays or Ted Williams greatness but equally exit actually human being. Were class and decency. The most valued standards of Kurt he'd be the easiest hall of fame inductees of all time. So you gotta you know I I love reading that stuff is specially today's day and age. You know you need to be able to find guys and be able to take to read about him and hear about it. You've picked up the newspaper turn on your ESP NU girl lied about you of this guy got to wrestle last senator this guy did this. But to be able here by itself was on how you know I think we need to hear more about guys like you. Well I wish I wish they would mean 90. Under the players a platelet good upstanding people you know all and unfortunately. Being a good guy being humble guy that spoke papers and Ella. So you know of course he has yen would always go to the bigger story below guys like grace or. They've over the story in my day in the middle of the steroid era. Mean they're worse stories and human that would bigger than life of so. You know at the end of the day you know what do they mean most people look doable little bit harder and our. You know not and I always looked. I was on Mike and based. To be the regular guy I want to get more real change those people one carpenters union guy I'd bust on. You know all the old school in politics they called moderates but. Our workers that's what I among blue collar guy yet. Over stride. Meant for you you know I wish you'd shoot this venture Kerner and walking that. Is it love guys like you sell this you know what that's those are our kind of guys Korman Thomas. You know guys like that run into the wall rob do your Rupp played outfield for a while here market those kind of guys. Other guys at this community just falls in love with people could match the other guy. You know he she I don't know future he was. He I think he got a little bit of trouble there for a minute but he he owned apart on the south side of Milwaukee that this couple's boys here and hung out way. Quite of quite a bit I think in that in that bar on the south side really get too quick break of the set to break. I'd go more questions for self was on oh yen eleven years in major leagues as a catcher. And I wanna take you get Tom Roy from UPI. For studying set this up and introducing me to sell this his faith in his own odd sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Thief in the zone is brought to you by Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver. And pastor can kill you turn on sports Radio One 057 FM yeah. The fans. Mean. Welcome back to feed zone on sports for anyone of 57 up from the fans I might figure refined soul of this week special guest south is on well. You former catcher in major leagues after eleven years played with a number of teams he shall. We we've had again a number of former professional athletes on and NT I like to ask if it's. You can be a strong Christian and still be competitive wanna win we we have that discussion and and I've had a town with parents over the years. And I think. For me personally I don't wanna answer few but I think you were showing. The best side of being a Christian when you play hard and your competitive. And you're trying to win the game. But there's no doubt in my mind I think if you know I know they changed some rules. And based vote Jesus Christ on first base grumbled short. Chrysler a guy out clean that shortstop. Only object to the right way over try to say well. You know on. Or one out catching news on third base and the winning run I expect the home. He's not just gonna lay up and seal a peace pact mean am I saw Christian went up. You know christianity. Is more of being soldier forgotten then it is being just doormat for people walked. And so we don't honor. A little bit. All the so let them win that's not the lead as we honor gotten into the bus or ability play caller would play as though he's playing right next. I meant I totally a group that we've had discussions both. You puke live agree with beyond that and people live totally disagreed with me. I said no actually united and they'll go into that the king James version and an and you'll pull scripture and say look this is what this is what I'm back in my. Self up with and I should look at I just think if the words given us the ability. And and we've asked kids to work really harder to be successful. On the basketball court. And then anti into the team we may ask the other team to come pray witnessed. If they beat us by 45 on the basketball court. You know in and we laid out and we don't we don't go through picks we don't box out hard and we don't to all the things that that I think we need to do. Well what do we stand to these guys aren't I think you've we've beat good team by tent. And we do it correctly we play hard we play together as a team than we thought. The senator that the court in San media guys wanna pray it was after the game I think we're gonna get a lot more guys to come witness at that point. That if we laid out and let them be despite forty and and don't put a much of a fight I just think that that's the that's the wrong message he your kids out. A 1612 and ten. Baseball players. LM one baseball player my oldest on what Kabul early school is an honor student perfect. Make it grow. My middle one is the based quote use. He's built like news. He's twelve years old or five of them like one. Of these while going to be. My youngest one is my little miracle and through the most. Actually he really is you know borderline genius that are right next on that occur. School and it would be a genius. He's got a lot of special skills to. On a lot more gold albeit. There really aren't. That. A salad and in doing the research of the show I didn't know if we're going to be able talk about. I don't know if you view he would allow me to talk but that time in your life but when you. Set your. Your your youngest is your miracle baby that truly years. A fat. You know I read I read a lot about that. And keys it truly is a miracle baby that that he is he's doing he's doing good on. Are on unbelievable. You know for the listeners are probably don't know foreign. What what's called article plastic or. Was on Ottawa so basically it was dormant and never never grew as body. So. I've been sold. He has that burst open heart surgery three months and a second open heart surgery in the net years about mr. archer. So deserted and through the ringer. And if you look at mine now that picture you and you would never be able. Well Gaza. Got those. All that goodness really treated us very low yeah he's the mayor went through everything. At that time the experimental surgery what the mortality rate of probably one person I know that sense. Gotten even better at the surgery but. You know when people. Theory but for young people young families here haven't they. You hear about global symbol yes but that's basically what. Or if it goes misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. They've just. Read that they cannot think blah. So they end up passing ward. While. Santo Santo is his name current. Santo ban. That's that's awesome weight will will if you wanted to play sports is is he able to do that resents of the and that is not recommended. You can play certain sports we just set the Beecher or any. Immediate impact in who has just gonna play football now actually. In February up baseball because you can feel the grumble about what you. You know there's just certain things that think eventually and capitals start playing golf is and he'll play golf. You. He will or will it. He had golf was perfect tell him if when he learns how to play become a Joaquin teach me his every night. I tell you what everything and it goes in the right and I I. We played IDC do you these celebrity golf tournaments we used to put the month before Serwer give the readers ceasing years ago. And some of the some of the guys are comfortably Geneva degree in Geneva. I'm relate Kyrie Carter and Johnny Bench and boy these catchers these baseball guys can hit the. Long long way oh. Yeah I can't Rupert I think mine go more left than right. Otis kept. Don't we could figure out how to pitch you're going to left to my going to the right. And and put those down the middle we win we're intently to you one time over indie band slight. Yeah so these guys that were planned which with the ideas there celebrity's. Did the day before the tournament. I pulled resize it looked I've never seen but he hit the ball like these he can't puddles let. Oh boy units of about two miles. In house of big Pittsburgh got urged fans site went up introduced myself as one of the guys that was that was run in this thing and and I Sid. He him the governor should use the ball blew open studio will be at all said they or they were cell there on a par four. 345. Yard tended to public to left. And he got a pretty blasted one over the trees. And I lost it and he should pick him up for his routine Hanson. Icing and icy tomorrow magnet the Hanson usage yet we are. And they said are you kidding he goes now we're picked them up let's help. Should hopefully become witness so I drove up third churn up middle of the green. Now give you can't you couldn't put it licked. But boy oh boy he chi he had the ball a mile it was really fun silly Gary Carter. Was an in and certainly he's he's. Got to rush is silly pass to wave not that long ago. I always thought that he would not be one of the nicer guys if I ever met him he was about as nicely guys you're you're forgiven me. Well perception of the audience. Because there are some of the greatest putters of all I'd like your result framer and were hurt too many people that are crossword. Ever yeah. Johnny Bench on the other hand somatic you know he was not the dice is the Volga. She quits he was a William and Jim McMahon will typical for for me to deal with. The other guy that that I had some fun with this Mike Schmidt. He he was cute guy since I have to drive him and his wife that he ran three of these tournaments had cringe and Eva for three years in a row and I would drive him and his wife really early in the morning the Sunday of Labor Day weekend back today at the airport walking like at 5 AM. And there's a jury going to the airport his wife was an ex teacher. Interest is really entrusting they have a lot of fun to marketer and were talking in the front seat about outcome based education. And Mike who's in the backseat and he kept going on. And he would eskolaste he's tried to try to sleep. And we kept pocket and he went up. And his wife city to me she said met cold last second she turned drenching should be quiet back there she's turning yellow banana. And she's had to listen your series every weekend here's again it was talk about something I wanna talk about. And you're gonna almost knocked it up and have the tease her through Bernie just put his hands up and shrugged his shoulders. And I thought man I just witnessed. The best third baseman ever play the game he yelled at from his wife I don't feel so bad. Of a scope at a Bobby get yelled that. Weird talked to his self Bazardo in the Major League Baseball pitcher a catcher excuse me eleven years. Pay as as a catcher did you like calling calling your own game. Of course and that's it's part of on when you get new. You know sit down buyers so for room and those created game plan for starting pitcher then. You know the talk to him Hewitt is game plan was and as you know on the same page and in particular with the pitching coach should be. Basically every game plan was done you know and individually at first and then combine together okay be about options that we. I think you know it was a lot of work when I was younger than older. Lot easier. Bodies. Those are. Control in the game while the oil like such and so should. I'd like illiquid singers sound economic picture do whatever well right. We want more we lost so it was okay. That is all right we're targeting Guinness self designer we're gonna get to break a short segment are coming up at Amon asked sell the best pitcher your cover up ever faced. And the biggest hit or biggest team he's ever been more than just the best memory that he has from playing baseball. And again we want to think Keith Lockhart. He was such Kansas City Royals that so I really helped. House Allen who's walking him when you talk about as strong testimony. Cell has that been in some of these guys and that he played with the rose we got to thank because. Before wasn't for those guys not quite sure where cell would be in and he's Walken worthy as we speak. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike and give Herndon and pastor can counter. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Well welcome back to features zone on sports Radio One 057. Stand. Mike figure it with my special guest Sal Fasano is ruins the entire hour. He has he's a good man and I love the stories about says some of the teams that he played for. I'm Seles if side. It's you can think back who's out who's the best pitchers that you either caught or you hit against in your in your. In your mind. You know it again that analog only have trouble with that Alex on the city. In the league about it should it okay so. You know I was able to pitch at the time Troy Percival on Obama hour fastballs on the first. Germany Europe the lighter than ever so what holiday a banker. Cole Hamels had unbelievable changeup. You know mark is everybody has something really really special you know all. If I had one game away yes one it would have been probably Roy I'll. Even those. All right what about competitors on the bus stop. Overseen. And he just yet that will most tenacious. I mean he did did everything in the artwork hour. No stupid are we lost them this year but he didn't really. Yeah via unfortunately passed delays plane went in the Gulf of Mexico and I don't know they're probably not but in the past so. One we watch I watch that the the YouTube video of the guys that were in the ball. Or Canada were speeding over there is try to tell it to help emirates that she take an assistant. It there that was really tough that was so that was saddened. Lot of people thought very highly of him is as a man as a as a baseball player. He win when personal through that he go up over a hundred did dad that sound different when he that you're meant. Oh yeah you can hear you can hear the scenes come mean you can. You consider it and it it feels like this and were. Really the you know they're I mean that was a bit on it again and it took me like probably ten years ago that an off Randy Johnson. I don't know I ever got one. David Wells. You know playing against Roger Altman signal as work unbelievable. People are able to you hit it 35 on never met the old guys. As you know the starting naturally take that they all. Right Jack thank you very much. Hey you remember. First hit first home run sounds like that in no Milwaukee got is that your first hit that he had here marquee. Up first sip Ricky bonus. My first home run was chasing grimsley I was an Anaheim. And funny the next year I played football on the triple and a sad am am sorry coupled that talkies will be in the big league. You look at what's you caused he thought oh that's a that's awesome. Hey I think he's so much for your time Yotam Roy said they're great things about Sheehan and and sell like. I I agree. Good luck in your land and hope you guys that I have a great year and you enjoy. You Jerry your experience as. On the staff with the Atlanta Braves. I certainly they that's very equality organization and in I'm sure you'll enjoy your your with those guys. I'll let hopes so like I really appreciated. You know a tomboy you must it though good man who's so there really appreciate my time and thank you for having me out. You bet child we will be in touch maybe throughout the year willow will reach out and and I talk a little bit more of god. Only got about 102 hours were the questions that I did not get too so he itself does not know again former major league baseball players catcher. For number of teams now with the land of braves. Our organization with the big club is there there catchers are coach and again thank you very much have a pre 2018 cell. Well. Thank you this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with post might mean give burn and pastor can help me. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. Just trying to patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. The games.