Former MLB pitcher Gavin Floyd

Faith in the Zone
Sunday, February 4th
Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern and Ken Keltner joined this week by former MLB pitcher Gavin Floyd.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together inline speed. Right now discover help people in sports walking face the host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. A welcome to feed the zone aunts portrait of one of 57 net from the fans. I'm quite regular launch site pastor Ken Calvert for Brooke's side Baptist Church. They care industry found those glasses faster yeah there are hidden depths that right from a competitive here were afraid smacked. It. Your book you need your jacket your fielding all your pockets and I'm just smile and that's exact act some older and it take you know another another program that was O brother my hair faster and been unbelievable yeah go pestered you don't you don't that would that part of this are sure manna from heaven to skews the hook that reward doing the show with you manna from heaven and it's just gimme material fabric. Every week past you know just you know that's that's you brother preaches it might. I I'm excited about today showed. Tom Roy from UPI. Who's just been phenomenal frosts and and giving this really could guest. I'm sad too long our necks our guests to phone number and and neighmond. And when I got Gavin Floyd on my phone I went man. I know Gavin Floyd I was a big fan of his he was a really good pitcher when he was with Philadelphia Phillies Chicago White Sox. He's also with the Atlanta brace Cleveland Indians try to upload chased. And we have a chance to talk with Gavin today I defeats in the zone and I'm excited about it they Gavin de slot for a few minutes she time right event. Honestly no problem. Did did I they have that. All you got it where it's cold up here Wisconsin. Gavin I know that you're limited of Florida and I don't. Look I I would love to be a Clearwater Beach he'd eaten a French he's group were group percent would jets where I'd like to be right about now you're familiar that place. Uh oh. At a Rupert. It was or. Yeah outside anytime I'm down there my brother Tim who lose interprets braces. It would skewed overdue are Clearwater Beach and and get to French she's have a group sandwich and when it's 37 degrees and it's windy here and and you're kind of making fun of us you boys down south. You're right manage it it would be a lot easier to be hanging out with you guys down there hey let's talk global and if we can this first segment. About your upbringing were you were where you're raised in and a little bit about your high school career. I grew up in Maryland. And two Brothers. We are big sport Stanley. But my parents. Would witness rotate it around. Someone gave it to another. World sport and every season so we're big sport Tim in. And growing up we. I always picked up my brother you know it up on me and I'd return the favor on my younger brother is now. So you're in the middle. It was a unlawful so long. But it you know there's enough there is outpost motive other than my younger brother. My older brother we had. I was able. Rattled telltale little bit more than my younger brother to me but. We reached the outer belt goes on. Looking back. At the united way we have four boys my coach two months and he cultural almost all my guys and we I mean when you're talking about. In the Bible says of Brothers born for adversity. Rule we saw it often are so you're talking about. Beaten up on your little roses that their little brother now is and like 6422 warning he's army Rangers so there's no beaten. His parents and I don't know I don't blog code should birdie or bad I'm not telling him to give them replied yeah I don't. These two months ago I. Mary's. Oiler or your your Brothers Ehrlich. He can't do that anymore. Oh yeah so hurt yeah so when you retired I was identifying and thinking man until intent these lists in the fourth to the broadcast. Sunday because she's gonna blow that thing go. And exactly how was I tell mothers. That are haven't all they have all boys this and you women are just flat tough and they like him again now we're tired. Retire at age and I have three grandsons live right across the street. Keegan Logan impact that caused the key will be there for the three of them and it's I think it's 86 and four. And this youngest 10 yeah this youngest one I've man I'm telling you. He is just he is still ornery hicks said he just makes me lefty says things that. You just can I shake your head but he's the one that will charge of this group bent. A home I asked. Hate to do were you'll multi sport athlete them. Yeah Apatow. Certain point I played. Remarks. I tried everything to electing a didn't try I was are you. Those of one of China's usually expensive. Chicago. We. America back my son there's a very side. Orbit by I have a seven year old son and the outburst or you ever wanted to play it was those are really boatload yeah. It's. And and down in Florida there's user is or how much hockey going on in the area that your eleven. I'll order you know you have and bay lightning that are real popular there there really aren't. Building a brand down here for Florida hockey and I think there's a lot of followers and people better. Picking up the game early you know it's it's been get to the area in that respect. It's really hard to get IE and in ninety degree weather itself the. You needed indoors somehow yet. Or you can move up this wages squad to what extent I think that you can go to no worries no worries at all and that. He's looking at sites him do some research. You you were committed I think you're going it was a South Carolina the cheered you were ready to go log into college universe South Carolina. I did that you know the senior right committed in between junior and senior are committed to South Carolina. We. My brother was going there and my older brother and it was going to be edgy year and are you visiting here when I was a senior in high school so. We. I knew they had a really good baseball program and and that was kind of the ball into the baseball around those I wanted to. Our college crowd wanted to be deleted scenes and that some bit and you know challenge mean immediately put well. In and then it passer I don't know if you get to read this but he was the fourth overall selection in the 2001 draft and I think that kind of makes you decision. For you at that point Philadelphia Phillies selected him right at a high school. With the fourth pick in the draft and and go off to Minor League Baseball. Gavin Wendt gamma wasn't easy when you look back future years in in the minor leagues. You know we talked to a lot of guys again with the help from Tom Roy in UPI. Lot of guys that that played from the professional baseball. And guys and they show it on faith in his own talk about out differ cold. You know it was. Too timid to be in the minor leagues if they're trying to walk were the and they know that it was a little bit later on. In your life when you accepted Jesus Christ your personal savior but those days. In the minor leagues met there's a lot of it a lot of distractions. Lotta temptation when you're in in in the minors correct. Yeah I mean ninety. I was in the major leagues when like in the credit goes a little later than life. They don't get to eighteen. I know pro ball you know away from family and I mean with guys that have. Years of college another adult in. Europe and bureau and you're going to quite old who on her own it. There's a lot of down time and a lot of things. You get thrown in that you you learn new variant in. You know I was you know a believer time so I. No. Restrictions long a lot of pain I mean. I. It's a watts you know those cool OpenId when I was. In triple A and double play. Mainly AAA. I was what walking guys you know I was in a believer on. Problem but I figured out what the law you know I'm not. Who Cooper did start you know. You won't do little good luck charm that she don't there and I like to you guys. That happens. It's funny how you try to mustard button you know is based all your world you know. You try and they get did get a good. Good rule of those starts her guitar but. It was the wrong thing to do obviously but I. When. Well the triple wants guys. You know it around the bubbles over com. A girl at a time at my among white now. Let's see. They were walking. You know basically. You know and cared about then. Didn't you know love their wives you know it and respect that relationship but. I commitment you look at it all of them and. Now would. Them. Eye opening to me those kind of like men at. They got some special you know on. Obviously learn and so will the later what that was but those guys but you you play around that that lived. You know. Live their relationship outlook crisis in critical about an hour and a baseball works sitting at. It. Different you know it's very different and but at the same time you you look down you know it manners. They're the man of integrity of their men of character department of them respect you Entrust them. Unity there's just some note like man at Sutton I want to. Yes so that they were really great examples Tia. They haven't did so when when you went minor leagues and they send you I mean did you go right into. Single day Sergio double A what what what it will tell tell tell our listeners are a little bit of what transpired there with him. I when I was ecumenical and street view. A low lane. Lakewood New Jersey which is. In quite those low way at the top off the list. Lola and a couple of years that are com. I went to. I have been a it would in Clearwater Florida. Over that I that was a nice promotion. Yeah you know it it. I live here at the time when I guess eighteen you know you moved here and there's a lot of benefits. It's from not being and to be around local organizations that worked out. I'm not serious. Well on their program but it I would got a live all of you know I was totally cool all you know my new home enough. But. He knows looking about the possible local stores in the senate that are used in between starts you have. Don't understand you know decent shorten the radar gun. And and there's some big gains there. Look at the year in you're in solid shirt and shorts and and Beijing and ninety degree weather and and then the dying out there is letting in the Hewlett the son won't burning here the play. There's. Receptive. But it's. In the I had I guy that I coach young got a coach in. And age you basketball and his dad is really good friend of mine and he went to high school here Wisconsin. He got drafted. By the of their race. And he left handed pitcher get trapped in the nights rounded. And he went down to Florida and he was there for two years and and he had arm trouble he's now a Dutch toddler to Paul. On the university and his degree and he said I never wanna go to four again he should look at where you and he said the same thing you were saying look. You know I get done doing the work I have to do in that have got to go charred and I've got to do this and that. And I'm peaking in this day in the sun. Too hot for me right he he didn't enjoy being a Florida very much. Yeah your own borderline. Each he'd like exhaustion I don't know what you called for the life. And you try to hydrate and stuff but you take your shot and need to get showered on the day blah and yours Latin. Like Ewing go and should you drive off the play itself it's humid you know put. Yeah my brother who are so we did what time. That's for sure. We're talking to Gavin Floyd former Major League pitcher at the Philadelphia Phillies. A rod these woods neck of the woods at Chicago White Sox. Is is were you would remember him most. He had done a great career with the with the White Sox and he threw for Atlanta TI Cleveland and he's trying to blue jays he's our special guest. For the entire our next segment we'll talk to Gavin about his testimony. And I talk will be about his walk and you know certainly is faith and how it's affected his life professionally and personally this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Faith in the zone is. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner and fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 effort and I'm like we giver alongside my cohost. He's pastor Ken counselor from Brooke's side Baptist Church our special guest this week. He's Gavin Floyd former Major League Baseball pitcher Philadelphia Phillies Chicago White Sox and Atlanta Braves the Indians and the blue jays. Pastor do his research to show there's read a number of articles about Gavin Floyd and in. I dread one and then I'd rather the sect when concluded down rather third one here is a quote that that really jumped off the beach from me. And it seemed like it's like him and our twins have to tell him yet. He said this Gavin Floyd ended up isolated myself from the guys she used to hang out with and trying not to do what they used to do with them. I was become an affair seat for some reason I felt like when that field I lost myself patient. And then all I'm getting back and get back and focusing prayer and then I'd mess up again. United this week of my shoulders about tried to perform forgot I was trying to. Be perfect but that couldn't do it. And on our intelligence had I've read that and I read it again. And I've literally took the article made a copy went right back to the guy that yogurt station. Because I have are prior. We're just having this conversation and I said are you need to read this. Because Gavin Floyd I. I don't think I could ever his fastball maybe his curve it beyond what but I kept David Pryor like. Twist yet I'm only kidding with that I was talked this kind of smacked in any time please understand when when I read that you could throw it 95 or 93. You'd have to hate it create he slow for me to pick up the idea that's. So that oh that quote from him. Just it just resonated perfect wins with what I was going through while specially when I was really just dirty might walk. On as adverse you know with the lord yeah. When Janet island eat you. You know lawyer programs and bound and it's unlike any thing then that I know of in the country where we. Are able to us to talk to men like yourself Gavin who. Can I can tell us really how your journey of faith began you know coming Jesus says you must be born again John the ban to skip preach in the same message and I hear some anti fuel willow I'm always I'm always been a Christian. And yet now know it or not always Christian who we we need to counted to the savior and that's our journey how it begins as a Gavin. We'd love for you go to shareware this. Your story how that took place in your life. I think god I'm on the third. Meego partner. And trying to just. Acknowledge it and and and so surrendered soon but I at Bolton and welcome. You know hardships in baseball I think really I had baseball but I ID program. On a pedestal wanna spend. Before anything else than when I was getting Brockton and I was so. I below you know not sure what what might lose you know what is all done and you know what about it you know to always be questions and I kind of opened up. A lot sir around. Forgot. And start acting that was the question you know this. And I remember reading book a couple of books likely Robles. It right then. And I would call sacred journey links so utopia. And in 11 that when you heard that comment in that quote. One book called the cure. That really. Changed from performance degrades those displayed. I mean talk about week not to short illuminating but. God is so good and they display. There's a rejoices. The praise when it knows when I realized. That wasn't about me it was about what he's done you know on. We went out coming through baseball troubles. I got traded the White Sox then. And I did have an opportunity to to compete for a spot and I was able to. In a bigger a little bit out baseball and for the income came under censorship of making less than. The White Sox and in Scott Linebrink two's. It was an open guy you really aren't. You'd like hey you wanna get together and just do it did devotional you know and it sure he knows also opened two dollars and out of my own. Surging inside and in the house but all in. You know it it it and when you come to. We read and and and listen and and knowing nemesis and you in Ike into like that intellectual vote of the there's a lot of evidence here. You know and then he's reeling and what happened was real and when I came deposition. You know obviously. I think it's not ever and I look everybody gets to this point but you almost feel like you know. He's you know a priest or pastor note you know at certain you know. And you're like man I gotta be I got beat them you know I mean I'm gonna have this late. And needing some respect comes on and all of the light only to me also and I I tried to. I mean you do buy because the jesus' name but it but it. Eight indicated part of the life long process. Absolutely pictures. And a no obviously city year ride on were in Romans right now and it's three chapters that are about saint station that's really. Chip out the central edges of my life now is his child and a year absolutely right we do television as joint did you have any church background when you were growing up at all with you with your family here. I would say it was more late you know column on holidays ago. Christmas and stir this can't anchor. These are maybe a couple times in between you know they got a got a better like rhythm. Problem. We didn't practiced that Thursday no problem was more about being good people. And or you know. Does doing things right. Of juniper order. You know it was in the loving of loving family but we and I went appetite school. And I column but that. They had you know subtle influences as far as you know to being around it it's easy song on thing convenient and you know. Bible being taught the little Burton you know up. I had a little bit influence but not. I went. There has like com. I didn't know how to relieve walker in that order would that look like. What well at times you don't even like when then Mel Gibson came out with a passion of Christ. You know you and you you see the historical. Evidence of what he did the you know hey what he did on the cross and yet you come away from that you go. Whoa why did he do it now I mean distance like it never quite comes out. And Booth and so. You know people can can have I had knowledge of who Jesus is or what the Bible says I know Mike you talked about it before but. Kansas' head knowledge. It is isn't the answer that's not the face because you know I Kimberly I assembly and Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and and that that's not really making any changes. I that you know they talked to we had some Odeon said look I knew Jesus Christ. I knew him the same way I knew Abraham Lincoln yeah I knew all the stories I just didn't know him personally now at all yeah. If so. What at what point in Newton with the baseball when it kinda hit did you say man I am searching for an answer here and then. In his sounds like maybe it was in Chicago with the coaches that youth you said man I I wanna know Jesus personally invite him in in my life is that is that how that happened or when did that exactly happened. You know good recovery over a couple years but I would they'll with the cylinder I'm reading books and stuff and rate when I got treated I started really are. Seeking you know late let. You know put in my you know are we here. In the you know who is guiding knoller. You know what my future look Laker you know a lot of you know. So there's questions about the same time you know a lot of good questions to. What we don't know one thing the title is pretty clear on is if god says if you seek me you'll find me. Assembly this exactly what was taken place in your life. It was to look back you know you look at how god bring people and and even messages and and you know maybe it's all or some like that and Ebert I mean. He's bringing so much stick condoms will lead you along and when I. Problem into the White Sox I had Mickey let some of the chaplain for the White Sox and Scott Linebrink the big helped me in the knowledge of god. And and Nicky tell me. Tremendously will lift my spiritual walk but I didn't realize. My. Need first the year until like I tried to be my leader you know so I try to eat whole or try to. Try to fight the fight by the bootstraps you know. And realized yeah I had. You know. It's impossible I mean it's impossible to. Salute. That light by herself and and when I read that book it's your own. And I read Romans about justification. And it all came together and in saint indication that it all came together and I got. And I was just like you know I'd I need you any YouTube. Do and I I need you to help I need help and and and I I sold got work what I like go. There was. Very powerful you know when you when you little you know a certain amount in your life you know away from god. You know you try to be the person but you're still have a lot of I mean those choices that you Natan. They accumulate and eagle at the time C. The fact they have down the road. And when when I was trying to. You know I'm tangled as not being in incident masses. It was overwhelming for me and that's when I was like I introduce. I can't do it I need you and not. Received crisis and and it was late you know he is much bigger in. Given you mentioned some then you you know you said you're trying to do yourself and and and in the new city man blues here on blues here animals' sudden it's amazing how those sends Kessler mounting up. You know I try to tell people hey you know I'm a pretty good person. Let's say only send ten times today. Well at camp he's not listening to broadcast analysts and only chosen three times today uh huh I think you know I think you know I'm pretty good. You know maybe elegant manner one driver on the road today and or whatever might be a three cents on 365. Days of the year as well over a thousand. And a pilot to be seventy. My word I have 87085090000. Sends to my shame. And it only takes one send a separate me from guys so I mean we are desperate when god says hey I'm not lowering the standard down. You have to be perfect. And though you what you discovered was anathema senator. And Jesus is perfect and he is the one who paid for me to know I can live with you on one day. And and I does what when you said man in the sense candidates they seem. The kitten out now by the well. I know exactly what you don't know about you so how many how many in the end I grew up in a Catholic school as Walt Evan they totally carried that Bible don't open it will let you know what senate. But I grew up ticket oppose is too good kid. Had I thought this through 80000 since. How many old ladies drafting help walk it across is true with bags to cover 80000 San that's a bunch much obliged him right down. Pedro for an hour to break outlet though. I this this article that was in sports spectrum that they did with Gavin that I just and again we're targeting Gavin Floyd. Former Major League Baseball pitcher we get one more quote from him and after EE talked about though the book secure. And it and it says turns out god wasn't Floyd thought he wants. And this is quoting Gavin Floyd the book is very is smell in my life because they have learned that I was justified. In Christ. A huge play Pokemon. Whose enormous for me and I feel just. I know exactly how he's feeling. He loves me through the things I struggle with. I felt free to live feed free to live with him without condemnation. Guilt and shame. I guess I didn't understand the full gospel until meant justification. Is so deep. You read Rome or you're gonna love this past year and it's so rich justification it was like. I just that they keys take you think you'd get this done according Gavin Floyd I ID. This article from you there's 45. Differed parts were right you start to laugh and I was like. Met here is just he's right my my whole life right there let's get to prepare the said the break we'll continue our conversation. Former Major League Baseball pitcher Philadelphia Phillies the White Sox the Braves the Indians. The blue jays he is Gavin Floyd. And we'll continue with him on the other side this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee faith faith in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can counter. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Yeah. Welcome back to faith in stone on sports for you don't know 57 up from the fan. I might figure alongside the head pastor at her side Baptist Church he's pastor can tell their our special guest former Major League Baseball pitcher. Gavin Floyd. Hey Kevin when we ended the last segment. Don't bet that quote for me and and and you we talked during the breaks in and said look I I haven't really thought of that article for awhile. But it's amazing how we choose it brings out two guys like me that when you win you you you when the light bulb goes on. And and you know that the board loves us through our struggles. It does is freezes stop catch it's freezes up from I you'd say. Look I am my favorite books a book infusions he try to put on the full body of farmer every day and sometimes you feel before Unita bad. And if I was back Peter young Christian I would get out of bed and and in my first sin would happen and I would think edges blew the whole deck. And he can't accept because judges and then once that light bulb went on for me and it sounds like for you was well. Boy it it just it frees you opted to live for him. It it's the amazing at you know I. When IA. Went through all this went from. You know to appraise you know I've prayed and those like almost like he. He wiped everything away and he liked radio and it doesn't like love me through my mistakes. And that point. I. Understand the way my it and I. Took my sin differently than before. It was lower than. You know. Free harder per day in Europe greet tickets at their news it was like man. Are you look at the picture of what you or the story of what you hear. You would do amazing line. Gruesome line who Saba and bad. I looked at sin we differ what I understood. How he just department. And up and everybody who will be. And AM com and then became. I looked at sin differently and I was able to understand these and that we talked to out of body armor they can not every day. And you know be prepared in. Because here talked about. Not just actions he talked about art is now. And that's the overwhelming when you try to sort of have your hardest hit return and possible seeing only by the grace of god. And and and you're on top you know physical issues or addictions or whatever it is that you it late. It's overwhelming so when. I understood the justification part it was it was a it was a joy on the news like celebration. And I looked at life. As an opportunity to hear him every very. Looked at my. My the club out differently. Oh I look at those guys that I alienated. Because I couldn't. Undue the simple way. And not be influenced by where I was told certain guys you know and I looked at those guys definitely is like you know malevolent you know because Christ's love me but those first on you know insurance. In the I looked through my lens changed completely you know. That's a great point that when you gave league pitcher lends. It I almost thought. That I have to avoid that not only in it and you'll get the women talked about it these charges that she had. But I've read the articles that are read the work of fiction came came up. And and I don't know if you're drinking or drug gonna ball but look I I was sort shamed by it. And I never wanted to really talk about them we asserted doing this show and I tried to really you know just kinda like on the surface maybe touch a little bit. And then I talked to pastor a tart some other guys. And they said look would you make that comment about some guys worst they've ever to lose to a candy bar and then the things that you've done if you're willing to talk about that. There guys that are so Alter struggling with the stuff they use to struggle with. And we can't you know us guys that the worst we reduce or we can are we can't go to those guys and see we know what you're going through. Put a guy like you if you're willing to open up and not be ashamed and not be embarrassed about your past life. You can reach some guys and I absolutely yeah I know there are some coaches. You know I got a bit about spoke coach for 36 years I know some of these guys and they've listened to show. And and I know that they know. And if they ever call me say let's talk about this is I know what used to be like yours ago. And I see you walk you will differ right now and I listen to you and the things your sand. Maj other Jews call me now have this conversation. Is I'm not ashamed to run and then she endure barest. It's what I was doing back then and then not do it anymore. Repayment and. And and and then there is also good that we need men like I needed and then like that. That would be open this year and and help who cares about them. And be like that you know. We're on the same boat here you know and no matter what we do you know what we are at our you know. We would have the solution and the relational crisis you know and how could walk through that would keep would command. From me were was crucial. That person. You know they did the theme music for the show pastor Borland Locke is is a pastor here in the city walk he. And did I'd there Zale line in the song that says I'm not the man I want to be but I think god I'm not the man I used to be. And we we use that music for that line for that specific wind because that I can't see it any better than that. I'm I'm not merely the man I wanna be. But boy I think god. Like every day and not the man I used to be and the guys eight can't and another quick question forget to break. We've had on some some some. You know former professional athletes that says look. David there was a time in my life that I thought I had everything I want. I was I was do you know higher open my career one of the better players and our league. I had all the money and needed my wife was at ten Mike girl from was at ten I hit two cars three house's. And now Alice sat. I wasn't happy and that couldn't figure out why you go in it and you don't need to talk about my wife is Italian quake girlfriend is a tad but I'd stay. Did you realize don't you were at the top of your game. Did you realize at one point late in I've been this is everything I've searched for and and still not happy. Who did it it was it's a reminder pretty much every day that you know. This thing when when that happens is your world changes you know your perspective your so. You'd. People look at you differently relationship Stanley everything changes in the and so you're spear you know and it. Keep people calm I would work everything you know I just played a lot of things your attention and the acceptability that things then. It's amazing how. It. It is just sad existence in the sense that it. It it can be but it's very anti action. Don't. Sell the existence of very entity in the distance. Very much so. Yeah you Livan for the next big thing in and it's over and O brother where I go again. Yeah and you and what if you're if you're aware of the temper audio of things and even that purchasing or. I'm. Pleasure seeking or you know what are now caller or tobacco or order. You know. The Internet you know whatever it is it's. How simple aloe. I'll bet cyclical. It is and you're like I'm this. Going circles right here is late night and I you'll the same even when I purchase or one night when the computers you know it's like. It's very anti it's. The Spiller and in Dunlap. It does not he is Gavin Floyd former Major League Baseball pitcher. Philadelphia Philly Chicago White Sox win a braves Indians try to blue jays. We get to break other said the break. We've got one short segment Latham and ask him if he's if he had a chance come up to walk Heathrow. Either Eric Kearney CAD or Miller Park. And then we'll find out I know you love asking Neil Moses hi all highlight Ireland both legs up and there will wooly weather is high schooler whose. You know single label all the professional baseball. When he thinks back whose career. You know what's what what was the greatest highlight form and then up and ask them GQ pitch one more any more uniform Marty put out. Your Phillies and White Sox. May we would be as high school team will find out yet he is Gavin Floyd our special guest. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Baptist faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Thief in the zone has brought T by hello windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host might mean giver and pastor came cal learned. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to feed can zone on sports for anyone of 57 FM the fan. Mike we your life size questioning him on the right side Baptist Church our special guest Gavin Floyd you I said former. It might not be former piston he might be making a comeback he has pitched for with the Philadelphia Philly Chicago White Sox Atlanta Braves. It is trying to blue jays and he start its role yet. Maybe I should fly around a shorter in the batters schlock two bit pitiful helpless people it's Canada you better have a lot of audience applause these numbers start losing you. Among Obama. Very early here are renowned. You were damaged and you'll remember that can win at Iowa. Since that August I can't be good news though prince toppled Richard softball we use anymore I'm Michael lefty and you just try to pull one. Just that talk a lot of smack up that are Malarkey that men go out hey we got him just a short segment so I've got a couple of questions for you. If you if you for the with the teams you've played for so far if you could go right now throw a couple of these what uniform would you put on. They didn't the one that played Florida. Man. I hope that there is one that I wouldn't one of played for you know on. I have a lot of memories and Chicago's. And I'm really beginning memories with the Philadelphia. Out of Chicago the beautiful cities and and Toronto we really enjoyed Toronto and I mean. Lay out of Cleveland I mean. Bandit part artists say this. I'm Ivan it is that where I'm looking for now it is up Eddie Albert is great. And to be able to going to be image. And did you get a chance at set to pitch against reverse your Milwaukee. Yeah I did. I put out this against them and all of the facilities and the White Sox. And I think I did with the Braves. Yeah I would think Miller Park yet yeah. You have no apart several times don't they. Are you the. Tell us in La and the kitchen yeah Clark Gregg your well hopefully we roughed you up a little bit how would it. Hopefully my brew crew boys you know rough job the bulletin Erica you don't hit a couple of big gap that. You have the tightness the government for a guy I've sort devil I know you big kind of give us some time but my loyalties with a more cuper. Understandable aren't there overall. Outlook back but I think there was spring training game that maybe like you wanted to act that should gain a page at me a little bet the. Again what was your most. As you think beckon in baseball. Or sports in general what was the most exciting. This ruling fulfilling. Either gain pinch. Hit. Bucket lol whatever you did and can your team thing mega. Rare and armed. You know I think the most on the top list despite marked the first game I ever was able to pitch. Citizens Bank Park. In Philadelphia I think just 21 year old senior there were split the September call up an excellent group Randy Wolf to be injured. Yet you know stopping every fifth day. And that that 11 inning artist and it is remembered but also overwhelmed I got done for spinning out late. I'm done you know yeah its. Like. I'm like hold on you know I had kept myself knows poses like so excited and then a little women I figured a back up their stay focused you know like it's a. It's a solo. So how did you pitch that first inning. And they don't want you to read the my first strike out was with or. Offshoot. Who is. But it's all right Ari. It was. Yeah it was from the mat disappointed that the that memorable right includes. Boys clip. Yet oh in the thick of it. Now and he. You you don't want your. Lawyer I call one. My whole life at at golden boy going to county stadium and going to Miller Park about one foul ball. Cliff Floyd the clubhouse leader in Ottawa and that kid. We're sitting there in that seat for the radio station a my son Matthew and his body time we see Peter. And and tear he said. Boy when lefties come up we will be careful and my son said I that's protect your mop Cliff Floyd hit a TV right manner. I put my idol on the side of her. And it hit me great in the hand and it dropped to that picked it up. In my study that dole by the way it was and so we are outside and it. And it was Cliff Floyd and a man mr. hey I got really well before or give out good news bad news pastor that we read this good news. On the July 24. And it was the blue claws he was pitching for gathered he threw a no hitter against the Lexington legends. That's a good news gender the bad news. You lost one up them up enough putts to keep the truth is there are no hitter laden is there a period aired in this sixth that it. And you loses one got in the first time since 1966. A pitcher. I don't want us to the no hitter Matt Gavin sometimes the luck to us and it isn't so will this mean I really future time brother. Don't wrote quick to take them on that. And I collect the new orders in Egypt and even. And high school and I law. Or if they're both so you haven't general low and they're hitters. Now and then I had a no hitter in double. And I got taken out and need a ninth inning. Order the nine or so I don't know if they were evident behind it but. I don't mind while it it's fine nine. Of the united school. And we law respecting do. So don't hitters. One hitters are good we went with those. Well that's awesome. Hey if you talk to Scott library Q can you tell we sit thank you that he took at the time in Mickey Weston that we know well. On every time Roy with UPI wanna think those guys again it. That's awesome Gavin Floyd takes so much good luck with your comeback. And that there's anything that she need from those boys are pure and walking please don't hesitate to call. Thank you is great company does. You guys thank you masters gives you can see money that relates to this his faith in his own on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Ernie and pastor can help now. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find pat show's exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah you know saying soon. Our service. Noted.