Friedell: Mental toughness is key for Bucks heading into Game 5

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Monday, April 23rd
Nick Friedell, NBA Writer for, weighs in on the Bucks vs Celtics series. Is he convinced the Bucks have a more talented roster than the Celtics? What’s his take on Jabari Parker?

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Can we get you ready for the bucks in the celtics' box of finally. Got this series back into games apiece we've gotten past the taco tragedy that was the Bel Air cantina. Mishap. Christiane is ineligible according games five in game six is this series continues to move on nick Friedel. NBA writer for Now joining us on the Schneider orange Dalai nick I don't want. Glad to have you so look at most of us thought this bucks team was down and out and they were dead in the water coming out of that game last Tuesday in which they just played terrifically. Give me your thoughts as to what you've seen from this team and that in the ability to tie this thing up to two games apiece. Well I think Billy really really yeah. Within the Bradley. About it the way they came out or did so especially. Got a couple guys are on the page expected like you know or to see anybody get our. John parenting goes down your arms are major who has been. Really really good for them in small doses and dole looked over due to chance made a really dark place. 88 you're starting to see more from our parkers a particle. Play very deep thought you'd see probable for the Sunni speaking honestly I'm only now if they can get that type of energy. From the old guys off the bench back in Boston was in formal Shura ER hostile crowd you have to guard Ramon are. Well that was going to be my next question I guess the biggest question I have is can this team. Not feeding off of a crowd's energy been feeding off their own to be able to silence that crowd. In Boston very because it. Be honest with ya mean that we had Jason Terry on last Thursday he said the biggest thing about this this this whole series. Has been the first two games were very very physical in favor of Boston the Bosco a little more physical in game three and four. But they also getting getting calls against him I mean the officials haven't done many favors can they be physical vary in Boston and still get away with a. Yeah I mean that's always that poetry kit story nobody roads seem. In a playoff series in from what we've seen in the books throughout the news daughter because it'd be really. Say they can't because. They've got ya that's it is Mark Barton suggested that don't really. Really cute quotes from where they're he says no matter where the series goes we don't we have the best player. In it so that gives him confidence Middleton has been released solid majority change or did the same way. And when you're not giving the same whistle in the crowd begins you have worked are there are we so. This team news in the next few days here because if you come in to all part of it. Are you sure please we rocketed Milwaukee. On Thursday night so I'd have to get all come down to what kind of martz said they get to that they're getting help opened our roster it takes pressure off of yards they stretch there. Also Middleton but if they're not quite being more in those first double any parents and they're going to be in some problems and inside their. Right now the way the roster stand. And many nationally believe that the Bucs were more talented team does is still look that way. It it doesn't to me and I know arm and a minority leader I do since. I have not been impressed. With the heroin are on the roster. This season are have not liked what a scene after. Of course you artist and in knowing what you're doing most spectrum middle. Authority has now been especially off that. Political yes I didn't see much from mark consistent basis besides the you know you keep Tony Snow at all. The books it's forty seats from our billion dollars or are still can't believe that. They committed to hear that much for that or John it's or don't don't got beat deals. Are they big party players. So. To me is that our opinion I don't see he. All that's huge talent. I know a lot of national. Believe on our side it airport so deep difference maker for this mean. And takes some pressure all those are your guys. And that had been taped on the right. He's got to go out on both sides in archer what you're getting and when you're trading the first day or. And a guy who's on the current record in the next season that is a major major question mark. Are further thirteen to try to do everything you care debate artist therapy into the future. Were you surprised at the comments by your party Parker and then the fact on Thursday and then the fact becomes employees so well. In the game on Friday and plays well again and back to back games in the game on Sunday. Yeah I mean Jabari I'm not followed as are all while still a dark what's it. I know he's a really Smart guys. And just seat of frustration come out. Wait did it billed as a guy who votes are you talk soon. You know a huge delay or five word answers and that are repetitive and you don't mark. There's there's certainly. More depth in his personality and he likes to show. Publicly. And force him to hear. Think the way he did get a date it's surprising that to his credit came out. He played very well. In those next double teams Arctic extradition ski for Jabbar and there's so much pressure on to deliver now in with the transcript situation coming out. This summer he knows. The target now for him and he's got to do it game after game so another guys that are really interested to see how he. Some doubt it forms. Now on our show a couple weeks ago. When we ask him specifically point blank that the rumor out there was deuce some years or 54 million dollars and eighteen million dollars a year and as we fit as is my partners these party fight for finish the question he kind of look at this went on who wish. And if we can look them okay that's not the number recent nowhere near the number the box offered me so what is his value on the open market do you believe. That'd that'd threw him multi million dollar question. And you know you that's those questions that he walks and and you start bill or two people aren't leaking you start to simply we get ten different sort. We Jabari which is injury history. With the inconsistencies. Seventeenth at arm's. I can't tell you the writing I don't think there is one right now America started out for a couple more geared just in my opinion. Are not it would to invest in somebody who has had to. Those kind of of knee issues. What do what do you loved the game and I think he get better not give it to me and are running scene I'm not going to invest. That much money and certainly not many years. Because I just archer he can be opened. So knowing that. Make the boat seven incredibly difficult. Decision to make sure in the next couple weeks and I want to go back. But if it to me I'm not impact. Still think though Boston Celtics get the series. I do I do but I I'd be surprised disappointed that does it go. No no matter. You know how big deal. Tomorrow night here I think that these scenes are really good league match. It is certainly helpful books I read. He's not on the floor but you know they have found a way to although last two out it goes seven but they've all all. Mick great talking about we certainly appreciate and enjoy your time and being towel talk too soon okay. I'll talk to what are they unit Friedel to read his stuff he's the NBA writer for ESPN dot count. You read his stuff there you join us on the Schneider or challenge not our drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty plus years and getting it done. Call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs died cal.