Gary D'Amato: The US Open winner won't be a surprise winner

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, June 13th
Gary D'Amato of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel joined Chuck and Bart to share his thoughts on the US Open.

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Gary D'Amato joins us from the Milwaukee journal sentinel on agreement West Bank hotline needs covering the US open. It was all hands on deck for our station this time last year but now Gary weary we're depending solely on you when it comes to our golf coverage I don't. However that a lot of pressure and do well thank. They gear of our mission Cilic tucked. Has it this year but before we get into that I mean. And I'm sure you've been asked this before is Erin hills ever going to get another major. On that might get hurt be a question dessert ever another German government becoming there. I would say yes I mean I don't I haven't heard anything. That effect but. I think the question I come back at some point com. I don't know what that would mean I think it was a success on every level except some people complain that it was scoring was low. But I think you have to understand that it conditions were right sport that we you know green course up well week. Wind didn't blow. Well I have no problem with this or Andyaat. Yeah I think I think the comeback if so. And our Gary with Whistling Straits Kohler we've been accustomed for the PGA become their five years they the last for their 2015 that contract has run out and course Ryder Cup in 20/20. And with the PGA championship now moving to may does that mean no more majors at the that was the straits. No I don't although Obama haters but I think in the case the PGA. I think it would be difficult for them come back at me. Don't like what the players could Amylin Mayweather. You know Coleman may be green if not exceed all utterly quarter average estimate by. The problem is that they would of had a few weeks the course ready championship condition that's bad enough primary so appreciate gonna get up or. But you know the PGA of America. Are would you be surprised if a the other Ryder Cup goes on if they wanna maybe bring. Gary D'Amato joining us on agreement West Bank hotline. Would Erin hills the scores are a little better as you mentioned the weather conditions. Not what maybe we thought they'd be any you know that kind of course benefiting those guys that can hit it far along long driver stuff like that. I think give a similar case your show and a cac kills Howell how similar. Gary how different. Are the two courses because we got to know Erin hills very good very well with the US open or what's this course like this time around. Yeah that's pretty quick quick over a malaria. A Parker is that we of course look field. But the big differences Shattuck are chosen a course that was built in the 1891. So well over orders though. And when the greens were built back then they were designed for greens these are all order fights the sixty. Now green these are eleven at eleven the so. There's so much content for these greens. And or shall crap and we saw that in fourteen years that the greens got away he'll create their. So on the green the green complexes are much different but we're here than anywhere else. And then the wind you know we're should've blown out there a bit but the went all out there are so I would it'll be that the big difference. Okay obviously you know Dustin Johnson the number one player of the world. But you know for me of the tiger question is always there what has been playing some better golf as of late that he meter run a couple of weeks ago. At the memorial on Saturday email and a nice little run how do you feel about his team in what he can do it should attack. Yeah I count it what was that was about tiger. You don't see that a little bit this year. For somebody come back from a fourth record here I think it's just it's just amaze me stir that you give Williams driver. Again let alone and 125 miles per hour and yet the Kemper for patience the little but I mean he's only played him. 33 events LS side here but a lot of tournament. Having said that you act that well at times just as of late. You know good enough to win or is stretches of she got some stress is a great great great the beaches open on actual for tiger but it all together which he hasn't done. Especially with the putter when he hit the ball well as spotters on both so. What at least it I think we're all together I think what it. Did is this open Dustin Johnson's to lose. You know it's hard to say that this has so many of the great players but certainly people are two things current form. And how dire the US opens recently certainly destitute they were about a week. And you know having one US open a couple of years ago and almost won a couple more. Yeah like what. You know that's that's who are in great to win because there's going to be guys work. Or playing where are the guys decent stadium. For McIlroy even though Mickelson I think that the Virginia. Okay you elect fills shots Phil turn forty JE like Phil shot. I do I do I well first about the New York crowds while the U all the great road York. Equally well or six runnerup there's a New York so come in York. Including one here so I don't like that he loves it don't you love the challenge he still has a lot and out. Those are great short games so I don't see why he couldn't. Gary who else should I fill up my draft kings roster and I mean who are some of the sleepers. Opt for this weekend that's what I meant to ask. Yeah you know you know I don't think we were away I think it's going to be. It's got to be someone rips the ball a long way but yeah. The driving distance there and looked up virtual World Cup. Guys who have won mr. are playing well it's gonna come from that group so. I think realistically yours maybe twenty guys chancellor. Angela I in my opinion it's w.s or shot at all. The Rickie Fowler I like dat look that up their majors guys who went majors is that a long way and are playing well. Topic a topic we're gonna see the Chrysler. Okay because we're doing this to the date we rattle off some of the favorites and then. The field he'll think maybe you was some anonymous guy's gonna win at. Well I don't signing machine as. This week on the leaderboard but okay we're gonna. Altec although we. And you know you could shoot pretty bright and that is that gonna hurt in the Vietnam War well. And everyone who. So delusional today. Thought I I happily just you can't get two guys come up. You know redeem number one world ranking and it usual the or the credit for one guy or. All right that's on dust and Mickelson and I'm just filling out my line appear. For metals and real long shot that I he's 33 don't wanna got the out of your DJ eight to one cell still well Nicholson's in that top Tony like Gary was saying. Gary have fun there appreciated and thank you for doing all the dirty work for us thanks here.