Gery Woelfel: Bucks are still trying to make a move and they should be

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, November 14th
Our basketball insider Gery Woelfel joined Chuck and Bart to talk about the addition of Eric Bledsoe and if the Bucks will try to make any more moves.

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Amount from broaden Milwaukee's best Bucs coverage here on the fence. This guy's on beach day. Inside. Basketball insider I guess we won't fool on T go by the law offices phone call was for a only on sports Radio One 057. From the right strength. Netflix videos as Gillick Malcolm brought him took voice lessons there from Tom brought about. Naw don't ever say that lets them that's Tom Brennan missed those voice. I'm Malcolm broaden Milwaukee's best Bucs coverage here on the fence. No monitors all alone now all he sounds more like Obama didn't group or the other video. Pathetic old the president guests. I'm I've gone to give more or less the monotone. Well look at catch a guy that is far from that. Our marquee basketball insider Jerry willful Racine journal times. And now hopefuls pressed back stack. What's not white eerie how are you figure. Gentlemen the circuit you go what standard you go right to space. Went right one. Out of Europe relate. All was a late night on and off. It was a late night covered the blocks last night as always is there last night and they're Gary result there is always. We can down potential trades a dollar jury. On the survey respondent item that we had Steve Novak normal while it going Heath you're almost Lisa is she going to get themselves look. Another body old lizard good right now but do you think does eventually gonna happen with a box and giving another center in there. Yeah I don't have he does little to say. You know there was some credit yep looks good trade epic that so pretty apparent leak. One another break in and out so matter which they go in. And so they're concerned little blue book one trick some. I'm not overpaying them you know I keep hearing from the people idea part two around the league that. They have interest in the to illegal Okafor or. Of the six or fixes that are pushing harder to look Trey don't. They didn't extend contracts took a token worthy we keep that in her toes and in what now. So I think that's got to keep an eye on. End than those couple other options so. I would fully expect him to look portrait grow another deal at some point. They pull the trigger we can go on the air at Bledsoe DL how impressed have you ran the outward Bledsoe and really what's been a shock to me is just. Oh it seems like he yeah honest. Have already have them working together for years the chemistry between them as very impressive. Yeah I you know there Eric. A different player he turns 48 X one he's been around weak U whip fiscal years. The of course look Phoenix and stock to watch Lleyton. He says you know he's certainly in your preceded locally that or what are you wearing a brace still even. It took a slightly Llosa. Or I had asked them what we're we're we're between the books that and yes on until we actually won plays here. Oh yeah. Do you know. What are created the order order and go on yeah I talked about all of also mean both went elsewhere and Donald there that he was so disenchanted with the Phoenix Suns. Well I think politically and expect the biggest part of that. You know oil well once you open the table of Milwaukee Bucks. End you know I expected and say hey you know scoring number one. Are you quickness threesome defense. Because Frederica and we know they're because my confidence. This would gather at 641 okay that's probably you know even charitable. What he is popular and they saw that last night. Aren't there achieved from me when he looks got 56 re well. In for a guy that size so that's tremendous that's more believable or girls they're doing here so yeah obviously you. Operate in the development. The other thing that threw me up as well. Fred talked to three NBA people yesterday. In every one of them stood Bledsoe is that bill and every defender okay. Was one just my brother. He was not. What did he say he lessons are still courier creditors. Let though he sit oh well you can all agree that terrorists could rip out all last night. Yeah we're locked up will wake commonly used pre Daryn good you know people don't regard that you don't maybe in the NBA. And you know more than a little unique currently play freaks talks were actually don't screw it so. They can get picked in the defense of Lou well look so there's going to be a big plus. The other thing with the last three games that they won is that they've shortened up their bench. And in Mears has been hurt. I don't wanna first dog I Mears a broad. I think that's part of the reason why there are waiting to read that you not look at that all the minutes they're getting off the bench now it brought into the bench. In Delhi Asia's third string point guard Don off the bench and then what you're getting heavily against. There's like these are productive bench minutes is not just some guy out there. Chalking shots. Yeah I know you're wrestling right. Kitty then point includes quotation and that this title your usual for him you to replace or recording. At the end of flu season but you know there's couple practice round one and you know roster and he's got the exclusive gave Beckett Lester okay. The number two it there's pressure on him to win and I think the word is so well except where were all season. For him to retain his job and all logs and told me and if the people media event. You know he's got to play you guys it's no big minutes because he wants to extend their corners look at you know which is. Atmel admirable and it's an extensive. But yeah this is averaging 38 at Middleton averaging 37. They brought in every 33. I know most also prompt 3032. So. Local or particular target major minutes in now let alone the minute you know between you over thirty so. A whole different locations that you can get. Rodman has ninety minutes last night his playing time is going to decrease obviously because the congestion at the point guard spot. But if anybody can handle with Kelly brought does not gonna cost problems. Yeah no I actually agree checked in Scotland and you know I really do it that by saying that I think. Meant to go toe could be yet Gary out. It would shot me one bit they move soon. Bertrand later. You can don't mean. Right now what you. Minutes that are not even being cut because of the trade. But. All the all the could not swim team interestingly enough. There must have been anywhere between eight and ten NBA scouts were in last night. In usually there's water to victory yet back. And they're usually you cook when that duplicate. Somewhere he's on the trading block okay. It won't power. You veto the boxer than a very conscious. Well I mean it could be brought was stupid but doctor if you people and sent in if they don't go compute. You've yet I don't mean John Henson newsman. In the boat now I mean you don't for a long time grin back blustery. Or that. In. One of the big you know rumors say current team John is that. I'd give it might actually be showcasing them remember Scott Baker has been extremely well sees them play out early this really. In doubt China except in the lineup. There's going to be people wearing their notebooks are showcasing and Sweden. Tried to look rebel whose value were to eventually trade him. I just still don't know who's gonna want. Like I think any trades at the box moved and sane or moved all of a dove. If they win because they get out of those contracts and these guys are under contract for. This year and then another two after and with the bill worry I have with a box is they gonna have to pay all these guys especially. Jabari this summer and they're gonna go over the attacks and there's not going to be enough money. To go around so there's just so many of these contracts that are nine and eleven million dollars. If they can move any of those guys that think it's such an obvious win tonight I'd I'm skeptical that it would actually cap. Yeah yeah I mean you know contrary to what John Morse says publicly. That they were trying to move guys this summer the slow boat key achievement sack in industry is garbage and and we saw that you speak to create great good role you know Hubble data you know we want to see exactly damaged and as the starting center. Yeah you know I thought that so ought chemistry right. So you know I mean he's the book and put in east if they want but that is so tribe was an initial you know the salukis. Still in progress. In. You know together we got a couple issues that they have to address and you talk well you know. The last few minutes and respond. In the what did you look all the dole also. Gary all fall like Gary the master. The other nicknames are he's the master man he's the master for thirty years or thirty years. That theory. I don't think I've talked to anyone who chuck is more Fonda and you know while he's he deserves it and well what do you think Bart. And he is well. Yeah I'd like Manny likes you I do you listen here friendship no. You real or liberate where she's so gone. Look like you out. I remember I probably don't. It was after a couple years that we had a doubt receive hall of fame banquet. We'll do these valuable Bart Houston all vessel was art. Or is library will organize their residency bark in Houston gas. That it hit partly. Or are at it and that's it that's guess Gary appreciate it all tacky next week. Ground yet but yet.