Gery Woelfel: Bucks chances in East

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, February 13th
Our Milwaukee basketball insider Gery Woelfel joined Chuck and Bart to talk about the chances the Bucks have this year in the playoffs.

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This guy's on the inside. Hear from Milwaukee basketball insider. The only woeful don't feel like old places but I was full. Only on sports Radio One 057. Juggling going on a box Tuesday box. At home tonight against the low leads. Now without Marco Belinelli. Who the Bucs were interested in and then. He went to be sixers instead. Bucs could still have some moves up their sleeves we'll talk to a couple of people that may know about this the GM John horse. Is coming up at 835. Right now are in senator Gary wolf full. Would you say you're not as inside as the John horse or do you know things that he does and it's possible way that ownership group. The it is. Probably about one vote at the sort of been looking at some of these guys who've been getting buyouts. Yeah I mean you know they they looked in the Boca if got swept the weight body luckily David Bowman. They looked into Marco Marco Belinelli. Part of what to do you know they want backup and a lot of grim. These huge pick up where the Barkley go up there and score. They need perimeter shooting in the ability obviously fiscal lol well. He could yield probably you know 212 point gain. He's a veteran player let me just just quickly picked up four Philadelphia. Could they be looking at some point guard held by no there's been names that are rumored. I'm against Derrick Rose. I saw some people can regulate growth now now now I saw some people chatting online yesterday about maybe trying to get Brandon Jennings back here and a ten day deal. They've got injuries do not the point guard spot in Delhi can put all the funny training videos out that he wants that there still. Herself than that position over the next few weeks in do we see anything on that front. Well I Adams shouldn't try to plan some of them they must know that that you go up for grabs. You know that there is no definitive. Clear cut favorite I mean equal rates down to invite semen in each one of these secret until the deficiencies. So I get so little Brian Cook yelled at him kind. Somebody to give that extra look because I think they're legitimate shot. I'm not saying they're gonna make eastern capitals while there will be coldly the other best equipped I think the other the Dutch what again. This opened their two local through the bench. What is the best in the box. I door for them that you think they can happen. Well I think yep that's when they get going forward now looks like you on the courses return it to our Dutch party. You don't look forget how. If he can get back on track giving you just don't. You picked up by a point point per game scorers in the middle book treason and if it's virtually impossible. In you know unity don't come remotely close to that. You don't want to help. About Eric Bledsoe has been looking better as of late to his top two Gary willful obviously he's got a lot since he got traded here. But now they do is it the duke likes to shoot threes now is actually knocking him down man. Yeah I think that flirt with fire there because it's a that's not really who can't you know what you're in more than the grange are all there is give. Do you know in the open court first BP oil output. You know he could improve that aspect of gains of Leo so you close the book. Yeah you how that is that's sometimes fools gold Gary you know giant truly only guy starts hitting threes you like OK I hope he continues the shooter as he gets 13. You want to keep going out there because. That's the best thing you have for reported that the guy goes off there and hits that first three because the musical back that well five or six times as a fighter rapidly and. You have to replace cleared in the you know you have escaped caught up in that everyone so while you're dual boot Korea all critical sort shouldn't have more. And you still have refined that aspect of the game went that's in addition shouldn't super scribe. You should go pretty crazy Eddie he really doesn't for the most part but yeah you're actually Richard giving gadgets and that might trip. But there and invincible and that could make the Koreans. You know keep launch them. They Chris militants three numbers are down this year but overall. Since the coaching change I think he's taken his name his team to the next level spit in his mid range game I think has really reliving your. Yeah I mean he you know Chris from the prepared deployed urban and Kenny equations situation. Who are glad to hear could get the book. Would have had a better record you know at the break. He legitimately. Legitimately could there also are all sort of you could say eat eat dessert young adults thirteen wherever Kemba Walker. In should be the next guy you know although. I keep period from India people the next guy up here so we did it sort of would do you don't get out of political they'll give him. All these guys that have got hurt for the all star game as a tactic Gary wolf full. Our basketball insider have been on team LeBron for whatever reason. Team tartan skirt here Millar got a good and does there classic borrowing or Segway. Team old team LeBron. Is a completely new team. Things so we signed Sunday that new look cavs team I know it's just one game. If you look at the demeanor of LeBron from any time this season to Sunday. He looks like he has this team raring to go and if he goes in the finals with. This rate take group of misfits adding that you can rank up there with any of his other accomplishments on any of his other teams. Well you're absolutely right I mean what LeBron doesn't look rejuvenated. They actually get guys that depends who you believe that. Like he looked like you well over selling how happy he was a little bad. On Sunday I mean all the senate majority Clarkson is is his best body ever does is lay off my Donald Brown we get it's very happy we did a man. We have let me admit they really made some really close and now last week during the trade deadline and like Churchill where. And he would based circuit that is. Again I mean. I mean NBA guys paltry two years ago that to Wayne where he was done you know I mean couldn't moment. Well especially in the defense then he concurred and the board you know. And also delivering some young guys go bear fruit. More quality either they're good perimeter shooters and Rodney could mean my goodness he could help that he too. So log bombed reduced couldn't penetrate. We'll definitely sit on the program that can you a lot of good luck. Restaurant also did. Boise some. Odd Smart tool to know. That Lori. Yeah and enlarging that you know you got what windows. Or so I mean their windows could really tight reminiscent of the year maybe next year the trial will make you run deep into the playoffs. In Serbia they get shot I think when he keeps you earn it coached. I think their chemistry is so clearly. And you retired what looked into the sea captain Colleen would shock you trying to won the wall. A franchise that's never really taken that next step up to. Absolutely. But I mean they get they get share what you know. That fighting you know six even in the Eastern Conference let me what is cool wizards. Get direct I think their talent to do you any talent in the Eastern Conference. But they've they've had issues from injury issues it's journalists. But you know there at this point plenty of time to turn that around. Jerry wolf all are seen journal times hopefuls press backs that camera Milwaukee basketball insider. Last night seat colonel warriors trying something a little different Steve Hurst today I essentially. Didn't coach his team last night gave it up to the players they went by about forty. I think that's one of the first things you have to. Consider as a coach Snyder team it's not Bob Myers team is not Jolie could seem a lot like I told Joseph that. That's some players teams their team and they have to take ownership of its. That let me to wonder well if the box. Play your game. Without a coach how would they do and then I realized essentially. They've been playing the entire first half of the season without it sure NBA head coach right. Soon. Yes. It is good leader all Margaret or 280 deliverable UNH rather deal. Yeah yeah exactly. So I think that what didn't do that theoretically you know would be the head coach right. All I would say Bledsoe. Where is it worth. Jason Terry. Jason Terry I mean you know that I don't know he's still what would you will coach. You actually play out here and the coaches and beating Terri did. Jason Terry did yes so we won't. He wants to be assistant coach when it deep in the worst way when he gets out of this thing yeah. Yeah it wasn't gonna leave after can get players. He said if kids was there is argument secured him. And so it media he has hung around stroked a LC say he's got to stick up for his body. We can't hey Matt and I mean you get me. That occurred here in the lower than you know when you're quoted a little closer. That that was kind of silly bogeys actually. You play better now they just gone. Well exactly to get more court time and so you know it can't be altered images and data and equally ardent greens you know compared couldn't let table for the books. Then those of some sort term. You know now I'm you might have just been saying it just as well although he did I mean I said I would say let's not take everything Jason Terry says seriously. By Jason Terry on the guys who did on media they say we're gonna win fifty games and I keep referring back to and so. He told me two years ago there are gonna win these copper for. May be I don't they and straight let the Iraqis under George ailment. You can just be optimistic you know the. Do you think that I mean. The fact that they did not make a move on draft mattress that tree did Monday at eight that's gonna hurt them. I don't know didn't know what it's important to talk and so what I mean right now Cleveland got those two columns I mean foot problem that don't have their chemistry and it's really tough to integrate players in the middle of the season I mean much what Juan Miguel or or guys they gather. Our changer rule who have. Well but again you know who knows what we have to do was Suzanne I still there they're mostly look at these. Yeah wal beatle. In. A pretty solid front court you're with that they they could be dangerous well. Yeah I think you got the votes don't get to the Eastern Conference final at the sick and their combat the played. Gary appreciate it we'll taxiing next week or at the box picked up Brandon Jennings will have an emergency phone call. Sounds wonderful. Material and it limits and you know Christine journal times hopefuls pres by snagged out.