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Monday, November 13th
11/13/17: Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'N Save Post Game Show - Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times joins Joe Zenzola after the Bucks beat the Grizzlies.

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No one bucks it's. Insider get a read. You want the law offices of tough. This is the Milwaukee Bucks and they can save post game show. Bucks when 1100103. And we'll get to some of the comments from inside the Bucs locker coming up for joining us now on the agreement West Bank hot line he is our fan insider Gary wolf all. Haven't talked to this man while hi Gary nor. Or I'm good the bucks went three straits against another Western Conference fall which is really cool and Eric Bledsoe. Three in all of course since being traded over. I do assert though what John Henson Gary because Henson. Had another just tremendous game tonight I mean just all around he just played really really solid and I think. So for the first thirteen games. John Henson this is pry the best John Henson I've seen maybe ever on the only issue I have is can John had to keep this up all season long. Let's play that you brought up John and maybe so thinking about him as well. Justin took it was easier and better game during the course of this corner he's got a monster. But he's never edit scheme. Like today where such a force down the stretch of age you will see huge. I'd if we bullpen war I mean I was looking at yeah platelet what do you get those. With Korman Fyodorov what do you that big blocks. You'd like that get them going. Many of five foot approach that yet another drive shot after that. Then he hit rebounds in another round in the third in command definitely. Yeah he'll walk out well. Look little coupons. On. I would RW SSP basketball insider Gary wolf full I think. And I've been asked in this here to Bucs fans tonight Gary about the offense itself because I I think with blood so common and it's really added another element I think I think you know that the strength of this team is going to be either shooting. With blood cell and weeds seem Bledsoe already fit in well. I had a caller Dodd you know just call in about communication. And it's something that they've been doing more of defensively offensively. On an Eric Bledsoe has been able to provide more energy to be pushing the ball to some of these guys. I just I think for the most part three game saying Geary I've employed pretty please of what Eric Bledsoe has been able to bring the table and it's helped this offense. Others no doubt I mean it's no secret in order. Sprint all star player. Leo. Long conversation. For the game and the after the game and it's all peace that he wants the at all. I guess it also you know what are you going to the table or you plug in the first release that was part. Tuesday view you'd normally don't think of these six foot one. Garrard. Talked mr. clean but he does I mean I don't think yet what seven rebounds. Yeah you know eighties journalists or Golan and group that will help. You know optimism that Melvin gonna yup books of the black unit. Some skill level we get told me up. They're pretty soft and you know outside of a couple of guys that you have to battle played grabs now becomes what. Or root reason there's a lot of people out there that think you have a box on the trust. Eric what's so that we saw. Do you think that this Bucs offense to be top five in the league. Right yet tough five. Went to work and then no question. He can. You've got a pretty big bad score obviously orbit scores. But you put all the starting lineup. You take off the bench and they bought this your sixth. Well I mean in my world and what's so off the bench I don't but yeah he's going to be willing to accept that all. But I think you would just unbelievable which number allotments player brought twenty to thirty achievements night. And that second group you know Q on the green light on shore property watch you look at but. My goodness immediate and short of that ilk he would support expect. We pair him with Yahoo! in Europe middle and ultra. You are talking about one yup more potent often lose weight so it's should be a lot of fun out full. That and just last thing for you Gary the defense itself and we see. In the first said the Bucs give up 65 points to Memphis and the senate have did they give up 38. And wryly this kind of just personifies what this defense is there's going to be nights where it's gonna go look god. Ever once following the energy is there they're communicating and then there's going to be other nights where. They're going to be leading so many shooters wide open it's to be three after three after three and you're done it's over. It can this defense be at least top fifteen. Yeah I think they clearly can't be especially with John Henson plays like you it's nice in specially. Eric Bledsoe play like you do at night you know I was taught to what to after the game. Well matched up in my title yet mostly up queen's yeah each other know for several years in the Western Conference. In and I'll tell you what you made quite knows Michael come on stretched. Herded to a twelve from the field tonight. Yeah exactly so I mean of Eric Bledsoe played excellent defense which we also skipped Walcott. John Hampton. You know you academics like this every night of course but it won't ball close to. That this could be a really dangerous thing. It's going to be interest in the C Bosco Beck get a against the tread on Wednesday night Gary thank you so much and old talk tool when she morning show DeMarre. I am Gregor one Aaron. What what what time again don't know we don't I think yeah. I'm working out so recruit Japanese snake you know that would require so holy crap what are out of policy rate up. True. Yeah its lucrative. Meg. Seeing him. Everyone's purposes are him or what slowed their deadline was but it sort of. Cool car all that's pretty that's pretty cool while leaving it to a Gary thank you so much. 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