Gery Woelfel interview

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, June 22nd
Milwaukee basketball insider Gery Woelfel joing The Wendy's BIG Show to discuss Bucks first round draft pick Donte Divincenzo and last nights NBA draft. 

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Joining us right now on the great midwest bank hotline. Is our Milwaukee basketball insider find his work and waffles press box dot com on Twitter at Garry. With an. I am burglary to Poland. Or. The EO. Yeah obviously on bastards is nice to be out the DL. Amen I second audio podcast nicely done and you don't lead guy on his podcasts and really press bust here in the (%expletive) about that. Well nipped it you know no question about it San Jose respond to listen to those viewers. Listeners now I'm not cheat but I'll join any time Gary in. Order. Where he uses the I've never seen up and hi Gary a first things first I I've I don't. Know where you want to necessarily decide who wasn't really listening to the radio station yesterday while being sick. But that is who I want at the bus and taken they took the kid out of Villanova. Accorded you want them to take. You know what. He met her I really didn't really care how illegal entry where it's sort of ground you look around you achieve that went good defender. So the wizards will be only seen him look more like oh. They be able wireless it's like seeing. Two occasions. He'll choose. In. That I proposed applicable would insert. You know I think the bore little like to get control Robinson. I'm trying to remember Oregon department thirteen at the clippers. But yeah I don't have any problem with Stevenson and so in order. We talk about him in and how he fits into this roster going forward and you talk about Tony's now amount of money you're paying him in. Is pretty much a flop last year in all honesty of how he did. But. Without being set you unfit as a bench guys can't give into have a scoring off the bench so his roles stills batters are probably as that. Defender on that first unit they're shooting our position and then let this kid still come off the bench is tied for sixth. Yeah I mean you know Tony Allen thought there under and they got it somewhere and dependent. You know what sort of man. You know that old tanner is there any Yahoo! and different to be a great when he wants to be but he does always want a billion. So. Especially in perimeter guys as a mean. They'll conduct of one team Korea need to shore at times so you know what you've got him when you can be pretty clear that the if he's in the right mindset you know the question. Is going to be in the right. Talking with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wolf for here on the Wendy's big show this morning on the chuck and weekly show I think it is odd check in went they're ready bill Michael's. I saw on Twitter that you said his top in the NBA as far as players were in the league now or have been in the league before. Is Kyle Korver don't you think he's a little bit more. Athletic and explosive than a Kyle Korver who really is just a spot up shooter who waits for the ball to get past to a woman that neat he shoots it at I think. You tell me if I'm wrong be content zone brings a little bit more to the table than that. Yeah I mean that that's kind of misconstrued that Louisa who's gonna host and player like corporal. I think you plug communities and thanks complimentary. So the people around you. Alex Rodriguez says at noon want it yet again. I computer him somewhat the civil Rex Chapman. I don't know because you know there are we watch our channel I absolutely corporate. You know but I I know little Rex Chapman but I mean obviously we're ready keep in sheep with calorie intake for the whole. Got some dirty similar trade. The only thing it's Rex Chapman's confidence level. We disguise every union in I'm not sure that it is you can advocate and to local shall. I I liked him because I think he plays Rosenzweig. That goes along with who he years I don't think he's afraid to take. So basically sort of you know rookie but it talked to have go you know sort of and that's the first thing bikini model and works Ito and that's where acre. Right underlie. And it I Saddam built show earlier this week in that was once these are really liked about me a look he's he's gonna take threes she's not afraid take a big shot no matter where does on the floor. He's gonna defending did he ever needs gotten outside the floor replace for a really really good coach in NJ right at our Sony positives and end. I said earlier in the show always got a little Joseph Alexander a little Marvin Williams and on the Joseph Alexander. Could not but it sure though I mean you can't hide the fact of the matter is like Joseph Alexander he didn't really pop in the first round it's although still the target that's kind of when he made his run to get into the first round. Otherwise he probably is going to be a second round pick it wasn't for the tournament he's got Marvin Williams he's got Marvin Williams and don't. Because you start menu is pretty much got it came off the bench and that's what to kind of go went so Bo dealt. Yeah you don't you get go that far back these could be cute teacher well that's even worse I don't compare anybody to him yet and all but yeah. I mean if you're gonna beat nick comparison because each we will. Know urban school so they interpret. He was on nobody's radar at that time they pick the media except the box right are pretty brutal weather worry and another compelling shocked. The books or tried to trade. Great. The Gerri welcome. Any thing by. Easily since he's bright and the drama that's seriously got here just attach him to attach him to some of rip one year because they know it's not all. Work or work for some other team in three years or something but at this point in time. We sat when they drag him last year that was a bad day it's clearly a bad pick ever watch what he did this year. And fines or you would so move up from DJ Wilson in eagle full. But he but he didn't make mistakes like that you know I mean three years go to Russia on you know actually I like the were shot on tech Allison animal. Yeah but I mean bottom line is it even in an idol will sport. DJ welcome quite pupil. In you know Arthur Branch is like the boxy too and they look. I may want to know the deal or shot ball and I that's what I wanna know because I. I heard different things on bond like I've heard that. One Vaughn was here he thought he was better than he was and kind of didn't even wrote a book some people in the organization the wrong way in the coaches the wrong way. That kid is very very talented not I don't know what does work ethic as lie aching everything else that goes along with it. But he isn't NBA player based on the god given talent that he passed. And if he doesn't bigger guys inaudible one of many players. That you know should have been in the league should employing a high level and did indeed is cared about everything else too much. You know I mean is he is maturity level was not certain that felt it was entertaining on Nancy Graham. Well of course you know except pretty good it was that bad singer. Unfortunately you will never been on the floor you know also. But no I mean after it was before she went to what the other and eighteen you know and you're you're into like a couple within a couple site thank. They went away and one of those scenes was Andrew Burnett yup. Which brings up to explain and I think that weapons of rob youngster. Did you lose in the mix would be GM job. What GM job. Does separate systems are what you wrote Jamal. Well there should only be one GB David Griffin and call of the day I don't know why would be anybody else out there. They that he has stepped in front runner but the name might hurt last year to. John Hammond. Hey I California. Going down or gone that route is Jon Hamm is generally the right. Right but rocky. President of the operation and so. She'll. It. That's pretty well yeah well I eat if you don't believe you well I doubt the amazing he got that job but I think your encrypt and when we're gone shall. Did. Well my point is Obama who they took. Yeah at five they gave him dirt they gave him more by what I picked up or they're right they gave him Jersey number 50 okay. So they have oppressed Albert's today. Not even in the picture. It's it's it's well. Bond and Clifford those are the guys taking the pictures with the press not Hammond. Well you know I mean. We were collider won't you but we will. You know jokes will live in John Muhammad. Go to land. In it and the work good around deserves a little pension. Always tension ball John why is. I have no idea immediately into very cute yeah I got along with ham yet. Around you know I com and yeah. They're weird or yeah some people that. Are so well and that. You know perhaps it's rally and children like that. You know bigger hill to explain it when it was an important. Harry get a job like sacramental give them on the east I don't wanna deal with him in east. I had no interest in that whatsoever Gulbis president of the king's Lynn your real body I don't he will be present at Philadelphia's can get himself in a position to win a ring. They've had a way to that you're you crack Wyndham International earlier today you bet. If you have Milwaukee Bucks he would've picked Michael Porter. I would have moved up to get Michael Porter once he got close was once he got close Kerry nugget I don't know the extent of how bad is back is through through the medical's eased into it Martins I'm no idea. But as far as short talent he might be the most talented player in the draft. Totally agree totally agree I mean you know what you're dealt. He was just we was gonna be. Yeah yeah immediate legal record couple weeks governors parks circle that went liquid to melt right but what I inherited that they had. They act is bad. And I mean it's pretty obviously from the wait wit you always do what you end up again. Think fourteen out I was gonna say fifteen yeah fourteen for fourteen to do elaborate and you know you get you know story. While and so attention you know that recent. Craziest thing today is that one Jarrett told you at that. He thinks it Michael Porter what is you know it's Campillo in this case. He won't be shocked if he didn't worry at all it's like as a whole lot ever were. But that's. Non Null white that would explain why he felt past Philly because that was. A potential diver filly that could have made silly hole he crazy dude 23 years this in a position where they've got all this cap space anyhow. They go to the red shorted it this year not I don't what it lost anything added a star player in free agency. And now and added it into the mix next year with what they already had apparently are trying to move mark health faults so in to meet out of made all the sense liberals feel. Well up to clippers in cape order you know one other cheek exit well right team. In when they pay a all marker. A bit that this could be a sweet little but there are I think you Wear insect attack you. Two guys that played with a book I don't know we consider dogs they've got the swine. Like you and yucky here you know talks to me and yet people workers there are skeptical. You know how much political play at all. That's why I slept obviously didn't. That is our Milwaukee basketball inside Iraq Gary well plea.