Gery Woelfel: Jabari's future

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, March 20th
Our Milwaukee Basketball Insider Gery Woelfel joined Chuck and Bart to discuss the future of Jabari Parker and Joe Prunty plus the Bucks' chances in the playoffs.

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This guy's on the inside. Bully insider generally won't fool on T go by the law offices phone call was mullah only on sports Radio One 057. Okay. Shockingly Blair served up by Perkins who replaced drew merry kill Gary lawful. A Milwaukee basketball and you have to explain the game gnome Dino it's true merry killer is scary. I don't know I didn't want to know capacity look at your gonna make it clean so are out there like on the show it's me check in Cody and screw Mary KO would be. You pick one again. Starter and then Montana Mary Elena Kelso a dire you. It's just a way to say what guy gonna be long term where it will guide short term and what guide you want nothing to do it so we're trying to figure out that with a box. Yeah this is safe so we're doing. Extends. Negotiate. And hide with middle sand Bledsoe and Jabari. Well would be in the box best interest if they had to extend the line is kind of flirt good line. And just move on from one. Aaron it act to bar it. Well I was not surprised there no browsers you ignored it and in front. Although I. At this very moment yeah Rutgers went. It's gonna happen. That led to our parkers they get extended. He'll be. Yours so you say slim to none that he'll be there he's going elsewhere why's that. A disc so you could sit there. I did bring this up in that but you know. Means do so but I haven't. He came very firm called the trade debt of their life. Indian. I think that spoke volumes of what they think it's part of our occurred you know whether he's a part of their future points. Is that because of he wants all the books one. Well I think it might be a combination at this point where you know for a long time it was that was the books and Quebec city kids. Give it it was not a fan in. You know he he was rock on Jabbar and his team is solid party. When the captain of pro the compute that but. You do commit. Told me otherwise. So there's an alternate universe where. Larry Drew stays the coach of the box and never bringing jays again. And Jabari Parker never gets. Traded elated I kid alleged. Yeah I have a I want the excitement. You get to meet you number two pick in the draft and their coaches. Down and you almost from day one you know. It doesn't happen and you've great number two pickle he of course or your foundation. You know maybe political change I mean you never ever say never in professional sports. Why that would be a big big loss for these guys to let him to slip away like this. Yeah I totally agree immunity if you have to two big time players. At the very memorable probably you know eaten oil from the hippie. Legitimate shot at the NBA title if it was real you know like you work but it is another player could tell. What if they eat traded out now on icy trees don't spots of they'd let him go on the sign another free agent. That would take his spot. Of if there's one out there like a Parker. Parker talent. Well I mean did admit that truth and everything worked so form an unsigned. But over the last time he truly. Start to all the players. He had to Milwaukee and he can take great Motorola I think you'd like fruit but he was never an all star. You know. If any players need this agencies that. In the future. I highly doubt that Milwaukee as he has stopped them with students. It licences of many. Scenario on agreed to have some work. While you're depressing today. I don't reported lower. A lot of people have been saying Eric Bledsoe. To move on from because the the fate may be isn't there with. We Dion as it seems like those guys get along bit. It it's this constant struggle of what kind of point guard do you want next to youngest do you want a guy who. Just facilitates the offense in its a three honesty you want an offense work yacht as does a lot of the heavy lifting. As the facilitator. Or do you want one of these point guards that it seems like every team has a shoot. Shooting. Sometimes first point guard a guy taken back down threes. Eric Bledsoe I like dumb as much as anybody but I think there's too many possessions where you it's the rebound comes on the floor. They're still seventeen seconds left on the clock and east he's taking his shot. And a lot of times at the three point shot as we saw last night. And he went 13 doing an act. Yeah I mean I'm with you and it was I think he's pretty clear they eat you slightly below is crucial error. My mighty. They can then you know it looked so out of me you know. So please super sit. Little walk dance and school work the local Barton was much more the pay up first street and that guy who do you point guard. In you want to accept further output corkum line up brought the whole milk off the pensions well well. Let you know pyramids doesn't make any change now doc Gooden who won enough. I I think I'm most disappointed in the fact that they have not gotten better defensively you know leave their score enough points. You know we I think the offense is fine I just think by associates more little bit more to my liking and he should but. Defensively this is they are what they are they're just not three votes. Yeah enrich game I don't know we get. The blogging it last night but I. Cold six NBA official Korea could each week it was great to have you spoke later okay. Yet there is a series that change I Bruins well well thank you I appreciate that she. So but it went below one of the interest and comment and more interest in common. Well on the subject people brought up was whether crooks know multiples all the way back. It and it is mind if you think Milken duke player about a critical the all you bet but EE recover couple years don't want you quoted him straight. Yeah just read that right. This guy calling in recent opinion that the open is always. This particular home defense standpoint. In if you watched. We even get our outfielder Nate seat yet read it by Korean ground. In you know tip them more than acute season could end up in Ankara. There are other guys that it put and certainly you know as well. But you know that they have an interest in point that we could yield. On account some pieces but we're not sure you know in Kelkoo clear what were you entry. Now what have we worked up that Joseph Prodi. I mean that he is probably not going to be the answer as the head coach in the offseason. Well again I think it all comes down to play out I mean you know so it's decent efforts have been a bit out of outlet Toronto. Not one team has been consistently. Good look he's all the other as a bit there a balance. In Netflix which seemed that you had to attack or below while the the other day. And it could do I can't remember that these efforts being so wide open. In that that you could yet toll agreements on eighteen Q2 chuck when the effects. Six NBA for. Felt. It is going to be very interest I think you're you know Joseph duke Oklahoma the playoffs certainly allegedly shouted that. The that you can be awkward talk with. The bottom line is they are political process. In. There are fit for an approach and that one in particular. We want the books show. In. Could I can't say sort. Tech later they have read. Our a game that you are they going to play that game always Derek mills Sarah. There there will also yeah. If that was the case. You've been Serbia quote you right now. Ivy just. Incredibly cute quote it's now we can get down to 48 now are. So -- it is yeah the point is that they're not real problem when coach though whether they. They're great coach in recent report don't question. We're seeing journal times hopefuls press box that Tom regarding the Jabari thing just one more thing before we get to Steve Novak. John horse on our show last week. This was his quote. If Jabari is a long term peace for us which we believe he is. We are going to figure out a way to have him and continue to build this team. You not buy that. No and also that the the big question is you know in W. Look at right now I mean you sell the plane or you wouldn't game. You know it could put to figure out where do you caliber. People and Barbara coming down stretch I don't know. What great. All right Jerry no loss the mayor the Bosnia clippers on the San Antonio home this week not exactly guarantees for this team and nobody's a gimme we saw over the hawks team. On Saturday night the stroke to win that game. Yeah in the league we get to that rivers. In you know who may have come already rumored to appear in the pro books what I've heard that each. Also this serious scare that could be a New York you know some as we get strong ties Milwaukee. You know Evan political market universities so. You may have obstructed view in the interest circulating that. I'd definitely gonna ask him okay Dario I will definitely else where we got to covered yeah but you know what he's gonna say they'll. I could they would docs gonna say well they're already got a head coach and you know with some on the head coach the only clippers yacht docked in puzzles things are very well yeah yeah well. Note note that Garrett is a rhyme with believe Kirk. I no I think another not a less. You don't want them Gary appreciate it we'll attack you next week man. Round if I get.