Getting to know your Disney friends

Is it a small world after all?

Episode 1

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And to the world according to spark DC Sparky Pfeiffer along with anti Spitzer and K Boris. This is going to be a podcaster JaVale to tune in for each and every week who recorded on Tuesday as a posted on Wednesday's each week and it's gonna be about. He for the most part now we may sidetracked from week to week but for the most part. It will be about Disney if you listen to the Wendy's big show you know I am a dizzy Disney dork I guess I could say and and there are several times over the course in my life on my fiance came Boris obviously Disney dork as well. And any spirits are is our secret weapon we utilized him for all things Disney and we couldn't do a podcast. Among Disney World without her secured weapon Andy. So any of us are with you how did you become a good Disney darken your Disney vacation club now or Disney vacation club so I remember the first time I lands. My dad said. Hey we're taking into Disney World and I had no idea what that was what happened to us and our kids and no idea they were excited at all. The next day after we told them they said so what do at this place as like what do you mean would you do with this place what is and isn't like great America like what what do we do. That explain why they weren't excited obviously that knows the exact question asked my dad it was like so what is this where you're taken me and he said I wouldn't come home from half day kindergarten I was five years old every day. Play Mario Brothers three. With a different world her son original Nintendo when he says it's kind of like that you're going to live action Mario Brothers three with a different lands in the world's. An interesting description I. That's a record of the fourth so at age five you go for the very first time yet and then how did their progress after that it was just I was hooked and went on. The people mover was way actually went out mean it's such a bore. Like you can't react. Yes except it's. Understand the whole point of the whole ride and Emma thing about it though at. Five results do not tall enough to go on space mountain National Assembly can get in. Ha so it to mean that was like what is this retired chief building and then I was the only way in so I was really excited about it now see that that makes more sense why do you like the people mover. Not just as light and people want people watching out there that that that's about the extent of art so how did you get involved in in loving Disney's so much. We and my parents had a video store I just love to watch on the new Disney movies admin and an end my parents I was talked about the Disney movies being in vaults right. And so. That you know it seems mysterious like why can only be out at a certain point sir. And I get in a way Brent and I wanted to watch an island south of mine and Nicky is just my gap. I'm making is sort of hurt a guy Edwards slightly obsessed it in our household. You know the other thing about Disney World is in I started off when I was younger I was spoiled as a child we see it is a role like every Thanksgiving. He has my dad's work so cool I was plenty of times are growing up to Disney World and I was there we want animal kingdom was first built I was there. Hollywood studios when it was MGM studios lets us go way back in the day when I MGM studios. So where their through all of that out but for for meek. Was just you know they say happy is place on earth is what they say right in. If if you're an adult you know I could be yes. Can be Hawaii. There is other places that a some adults would picked I would say about Chile not. Happ is vice America's justice in this for me. Tony what any man you get off the airplane in Orlando. And you start seeing Disney's sides and you start smiling or at least I do from now like yeah let's do this this is going to be fought for meat. There's just not a better place to go to. Then that now again each year that Disney guys punitive world and wind Cain I haven't been to the land aspect of a mobile both wanna go. But for you is it the same way. Yes I agree with you totally there's just as a kid it was hey look at only school ride tickets go on right. And then as an adult it was that's the only place I can go that is totally clears my head of all stress lake. Once he get off the bus and they dropped enough that don't tell years in. Randy kitty and you beef fat and it doesn't wanna relive their childhood really blind it's great too because it's. You can really act like complete dork I mean let's his eyes and a girl are kind of dorks Darrel Wayne a matter of fits us here in the tutor listening. It is not podcast we all have our own little door key moments in life but there I mean you can really aggregate or do you want you wanna Wear Mickey ears around the magic kingdom you go right ahead. People always get army world bower might Mickey Mouse dad hat. All around the radio station. Out here on my Mickey Mouse dad I complimented you on that the other day actually right after any torque so yeah it's understandable I think I'll I a couple of that it on that aspect. Of it eagle dosing to about a case is. Going to the different and staying Disney World the Disney World aspect of it. Each place is sold. Unique to itself like. The magic kingdom vs app can't vs Hollywood studios vs animal kingdom. That that really. You have dual all the theme parks every time you go play which you can locate the gap but what kind of SaaS and every ride there it you probably do magic kingdom every time. And then if you can do a two day hopper what are the case and be checked out of different parks that goes along with with the magic kingdom has a little different. I love mom right. I know there's some people that have like specific site only monitor that pattern they only wanted to magic kingdom I Paula it. For you how would you line them as far as your favorites gul and then why. As far as magic kingdom is probably one Imus in now no now. Honorable and didn't deaths there so that magic penis probably want to tie Africa animal kingdom the animal kingdom really why. I love animal now wanted to go but it's not public zoos so like if you've ever been animal kingdom it's not really like Zune arcades gonna tell you what we just found out that we missed no it's like. There are places breathing a pack animals we haven't talked Stan now and we remember safari and that has banned ire. Experience we had never been to that part of the did you know there were places were in the pat animals and everything else yep we've never done. Over not an extreme. I guess is a train and train ministers CT I don't know. I don't know how emit sound that high that the petting his own thing and am looking to not then there will probably like ten times and never knew existed. Yes it's easy to lock by its kinda off there's tennis I'd like to get there so. It's easy to lock by but it is definitely not a zoo. And that's the one thing that if you have kids you're like all right gore animal kingdom of Disney World is like also it's kind of like Milwaukee County zoo. Now it's nothing like the Milwaukee County zoo and it's very hard to describe it. They have a roller coaster there behind expedition Everest that you can ride which is a very cool roller coasters we get into more specifics of these different riots and so forth you've never been or have been there. Speaking of jazz uniform but there's a rollercoaster. Day talked about the safari which is. Essentially big vehicle that you ride in and there's a group of people final thirty people whatever to withdraw or whatever is. And it's it's open air. And they're Arnold sentences for the animals or anything of the sort. So they literally as fierce park they can walk right up to your vehicle they can walk right in front of your vehicle and we have that happened right where we were sitting there waiting for like five minutes for an animal to walk in front of the vehicle before we can rate didn't see different things. Depending on what amity is now one yeah sunset line. We try to hit that and it's time now on yet the sunsets so safari is always a cool and to pin you -- anything crazy happening you're safaris and animal kingdom we had a draft come kind of Ryan by the side and then he just canister in front of us and has back and out I think we have like three jeeps behind us to always really isn't there for a while yeah just didn't wanna move yeah that's crazy because you need your really you want the thing you do is. You know they give you some of these fun facts are these different animals Michael rhinoceros there there's things like the most vicious animal yet another day of animal kingdom I'm sort of thought a rhinoceros was all that missions in a row or to hit ball was yeah you're right temple I'm 41 email I'm MS thanks. But it from from that aspect you learn to N'sync with Connie you can learn different things about the different countries and a kind you can learn by just different things internalize science. And a cut all the different food and drink but at a cut right at you yesterday. And like alcohol and then you also have Hollywood studios. There are some warning that I think in angles and Hollywood studios and answer some old school so with the Indiana Jones show that happens there the rock and roll roller coaster of the tower of terror. And then of course there's a magic kingdom the original. Which again for for meat at night on main street. What's matter. I don't think there is anything what's what's really better than all main street little. Right fireworks going off behind the castle to castle all changing of all the different things which they never had back in the day by the way this is all this newfangled something health computers. But they never adding that to me that that is the perfect. Park the perfect time the perfect place for me I always. John Kane a boys' I want to beatle last night at magic kingdom every year. A wanna walk out without in my mind the last thing I see frank get on the plane the next morning. To fly home what's your fur favorite place and time. Of all the place at Disney World I agree magic kingdom and denying. Fireworks yet ass will be in lit up with on a different scene yeah I think that's it does you agree ominous sound of an air again but with your vacation clubs. You can't access to a lounge at the top of the contemporary you can watch the fireworks and they play music in and you avoid the whole crowd. Now I would be in the crowd and contemporary is is the hotel where the monorail goes through yet and that's been there for ever and today as yet and I don't believe with the crowd but I wanna be in the crowd yes. Yeah now there's some to that gives you idea kind of what does Disney World below podcast is going to be like as the world according to Sparky sees sparked a five from the big show. Came Boris and anti Spitzer as well and as we go line. For our second. Edition of this we're gonna talk about. Kind of Disney for dummies I guess to certain degree you know how to do the fast passes should you do fast passes how to make reservations for the different restaurants do you have to make reservations. For all the different restaurants where some of the most popular places to go work he probably should make your reservations how does the busing transport system works saying at resorts verses. May be renting a house and getting a rental car how does that work out financially vs the other wants. All the ups and downs of it will do all of that coming up in our next podcast next week thanks for tuning into the world according to Sparky. Here on the fact though.